remember when i used to do this like every day

I have a journal, but what do I write in it?

Look no further! Here are some ideas for keeping a journal.
•The daily journal. This is the stereotypical diary where you write everything! Write how your day was, your secrets, your friends, everything!
•A dream journal. Right when you wake up, grab a pen and start describing every detail from your dream. Doing this helps you to remember your dreams, interpret them, and studies show that it makes you more likely to lucid dream!
•A prayer journal. If you’re religious, this one is perfect for you! Use it to worship and write bible verses, prayers, and keep lists of people you need to pray for so you don’t forget.
•A daily log. You can choose to keep track of your sleeping patterns, exercise, what you eat, the medications you take, and if you have any health problems, you can also keep track of the symptoms you get! You can combine all of these in one journal or keep a separate journal for each log.
•A bullet journal. This is one of the most common journals that people keep. In these, you write your to-do lists, your plans, calendars, upcoming events, etc. This helps to boost your memory, keep organized in life, and gives you a better sense of control.
•A quote journal. Use it to write down your favorite quotes, or just make up your own!
•A weight loss/gain journal. In this one, you can keep track of you weight, your calories, and your exercise habits to make sure you get to the healthy weight you desire.
•An art journal. Use this journal to draw, paint, or create collages or scrapbook pages!
•A travel journal. Take it with you whenever you travel. Whether it’s to another country or just to another city. Jot down your experiences, your road trips, plane rides, cruises, and destinations! Remember to include photos, used travel tickets, a coin from a different currency, a postcard, a souvenir (like a shell or leaf), etc!
•A poetry journal. This is pretty self-explanatory. Write down your favorite poems or create your own!
•A journal for studying. If you’re attending school or a university, you obviously already have a notebook for school stuff. So why not make it more fun? Add stickers, color, and things you need to improve on!
•A journal for your career. This is especially useful if you run a business. Here, you can keep track of important dates, meetings, finances, and more!
•A journal for bills, taxes, and your house. This might sound boring, but it can be very useful! You can write yourself reminders, when you paid for utilities, etc.
•A journal for your sports/hobbies. If you enjoy soccer, swimming, gymnastics, biking, knitting, or art, this would be perfect for you. Whenever you do your sport or hobby, you can write about what you did, what you learned, and how you’ll better your skills. This is a fun way to keep track of progress and achievements!
•A pregnancy journal. It’s okay if you’re already 7 or 8 months along in your pregnancy. It’s never too late to start a pregnancy journal (unless of course, you have already given birth). Write either to your baby or just for yourself. Put in pictures of your ultrasounds, your baby bump, name ideas, etc!
•A journal for your children. Write down everything and give it to your child when she/he turns 18. Keep track of the dates when they lost their first tooth, got an award, broke their first bone, made their first friend, etc! Document everything! Include pictures of your child, schoolwork and drawings created by him/her, and more! Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a journal like that from when you were growing up? You could find out the exact date when you lost your first tooth, or took your first steps or said your first words. Even if your kid is already 13, start one now!
•A journal shared with someone else. Get a journal and pick someone to share it with. Whether it’s a sibling, parent, spouse, cousin, or friend, this will be a great way to keep memories. Write notes to each other, attach pictures of each other, write down funny conversations, and more! Did you get married to this person on July 7th? Write it! Did you meet this person on Christmas Eve? Write it! If the person lives far away, you can mail the book back and forth instead of using individual cards.
•A journal to your lost loved one. Keep a journal where you write to your friend, family member, or pet who passed away. This is very therapeutic and it can help you through your time of grief.
•A journal for lists. Keep lists of your favorite music, movies, books, places, and video games so you can see how your preferences change over time.
•A journal for signatures and autographs. Keep a journal full of signatures and autographs written by family members, friends, or even celebrities! It would be awesome to have a book full of their own personal handwriting to you.
•A journal for your budget. Keep track of your savings, spendings, and earnings!
•A journal for reviews. If you read a book or watch a movie, write a review of it in your journal and rate it.
•An heirloom journal. You can be the start of it! Keep a journal and pass it down from generation to generation and allow your family members to write whatever they want in it. Imagine if you found a journal that was written by your previous ancestors who were your great great great great grandparents? Way too cool!
•A journal for wish lists. Write things you plan on buying in the future. Whether cheap or expensive. Keep a list of songs you want to download, books you want to buy, and more.
•A vent journal. Use this journal whenever you’re feeling a strong emotion. Extreme anger or sadness or fear? Take it out on the pages! Scribble, rant, write angry notes you’ll never send, draw dark pictures, or just vent. SCREAM on those pages and let it out!
Happy journaling! And if you know any more, just comment it down below :)

i’m falling for you more and more every single day i think about you, and trust me, i can’t get you off of my mind. i never knew i could get as many butterflies in my stomach as i feel when i’m with you and i had no idea that anyone else could understand exactly what i’m thinking. i used to have the idea that love is nothing but pain, but with you i want to make sure you feel loved every second of the day. there’s so much i want to say to you, yet when we’re together i’d rather listen to you talk forever because i love the sound of your voice. i’ve had trust issues since i can remember yet i trust you with my entire life. they say people are never perfect but anyone who could make me feel like you do is obviously flawless. all i can do is hope that you feel the same and i’m not left swimming without a lifejacket in the middle of the ocean.
—  i’m taking a big leap and i just hope you’re there to catch me.
Maybe It's The Drugs

Imagine being Evans childhood best friend, and he’s over for a smoke session that turns out to be more.

  “Hey, Y/N. What are you doing tonight?” Evan spoke into the phone, almost a whisper. Maybe he’s on set. “Um, nothing actually, I was just going to clean up a little and watch some movies. Why?” Evan was your childhood best friend. You grew up together, and when his career took off you kind of drifted apart, but you both made sure to contact each other every so often. You always picked up, he barely ever did, but you knew it was because he was so busy. “Well, I’m shooting a movie like right down the street from your apartment, and I’ve got the day off tomorrow. Wanna hang out tonight? We can do movies and stay up all night, like we used to?” You smiled to yourself, remembering an adolescent you and Evan, staying up all night, trying alcohol for the first time, smoking cigarettes for the first time, talking on the phone for hours. “Sure, Evan, I would love that. When can you be here?” “Around 8. Smoke?” “I don’t have any.” “I got us. See you then. Bye.” “Bye.” You put the phone on the receiver and leaned against the wall, a familiar feeling growing in your belly. You smiled. Guess I’d better clean get to cleaning sooner than I planned. You pulled out the reusable rubber gloves and your bucket of cleaning supplies, and got to work.

“Jesus Christ, how does this house get so dirty?” You were scrubbing the bathroom floor on your hands and knees, a la Cinderella. In retrospect, it wasn’t even dirty, you just had a thing with germs. You leaned back against your heels and wiped your sweaty forehead. You looked at your phone. 6:45 PM. My god, I have to shower and stuff. You put your cleaning supplies away and walked into your bedroom, grabbing a pair of yoga pants, and your favorite plain pink shirt. You grabbed your bra, and a pair of lacy panties. When you turned the shower on and got undressed, you looked yourself over in the mirror. You had definitely grown up. And so has Evan. He’s not a chubby weirdo anymore. You shook the thought out of your head, it was weird to think of your best friend while you were naked. After thoroughly washing your hair and body, you stepped out onto the cold bathroom floor. You dried off and dressed quickly, your belly getting steadily more uneasy. I don’t understand why my stomach feels so weird. You didn’t like it, it felt like anxiety, but in a weirdly good way. You brushed your teeth and let your hair fall around your shoulders. You walked out into the living room and called the pizza place right around the corner. The time was 7:22 PM and you started to get nervous. 

At 7:45 PM there was a knock on the door, you knew it wasn’t Evan, because he would have just walked in but you still were disappointed when you opened the door and it was just the pizza guy. “Hi, your total is 26.67, please.” You were looking over his shoulder, anxious to see the familiar face that you hadn’t seen in months. “Here’s a 50, keep the change, thanks.” “Really? Thank-” You took the pizzas and shut the door. You couldn’t take the feeling in your stomach any longer, you felt like you might be sick, but also wanted to sing a song. You wanted to sit down and relax, but as soon as your butt touched the couch you shot up and started pacing. You wanted to eat something, but at the same time you wanted to scream and panic. It’s just Evan, Y/N, calm the hell down. This is the geeky boy from next door that you’ve seen in the weirdest stages of his life. This is the chubby boy who threw mud in your face when you were 5. Why are you freaking out? Your pep talk wasn’t helping much. Your front door creaked open and Evan peeked his head inside.

“Honey, I’m home!” He sang out. “Evan!” You jumped up and ran towards him. He held out his arms and you jumped into them. “I missed you so much, Y/N! How have you been?” “Oh you know, just livin’.” He looked you up and down, you felt self conscious all of a sudden. His eyes analyzed everything about you, lingering for a moment on your pushed up cleavage. Your face turned bright red, so you turned around and grabbed the pizza box. “I got us some dinner, I figured if we’re gonna smoke, then I want something good and something I don’t have to make.” He giggled. God, he looks really good. Puberty hit him like a fucking truck. He was no longer chubby, at all. He was wearing sweat pants, and a brown T-shirt. His hair was disheveled. You turned back around and it was your turn to eye him up and down while he took his jacket off. Your eyes stopped at his crotch. Gray sweatpants. The ties came down in front, hanging there, like an aisle way to the bulge you could make out. “What movies are we going to watch?” He asked, smiling. His dimples made your heart do a flip.

You two were seated on your couch, eating pizza and watching a really horrible movie about zombies and strippers. “You know, I’ve seen 5 pairs of tits in this movie already, and it’s been on for like 30 minutes.” Evan laughed. “Yeah, you’ve always been a fan of horror movies with lots of tits.” “If there ain’t tits, it ain’t worth watching.” You mumbled. He pulled out a little baggy and some papers. “Let’s do this sleepover right, shall we?” You nodded your head and watched him as he broke up the green substance. The earthy smell that you had come to love so much was filling up your apartment. He sprinkled it into the paper, and smoothed it out evenly. He worked the paper around the drugs and rolled it up, licking the top and sealing it shut. He pulled out a lighter and lit the end, when it caught fire, he blew it out and put it to his lips, inhaling. He passed it to you, and you did the same. You felt the smoke filling up your lungs, and you held it there, letting it set in. You blew out the smoke and Evan had already taken his second hit. You took it again for yours. “You know, I really miss you Y/N. Like, when I’m filming and haven’t talked to you in a while, you’re all I can think about. I just go to your Facebook page and make sure you’re doing okay.” “I really miss you too, Evan. You’re my best friend.” You said, handing him back the joint. You got up to get some water, but he suddenly grabbed onto your hand and pulled you back down. You ended up half on his lap, half on the couch. Your faces were inches apart, and he opened his mouth a little, blowing smoke out onto your lips. You looked him in the eyes and you saw your reflection. You could feel the effects of the weed taking over. He moved his face towards yours, closing the space between you two. Your lips touched.

You moved your head into his, pressing your lips against his. His tongue flicked your bottom lip, and then traced the outline of your entire mouth. You opened your lips and let him in. Your tongues explored each others mouths for a while. He tasted of marijuana. He had his arms around your shoulder, and a hand on the small of your back. He pulled you into him, and laid back at the same time. You were laying on top of him. He moved both hands down to your ass. One hand lingered there, and another moved to your waist. He pushed your hips into his lap, and you moved your legs up so you were straddling his waist and leaning over to kiss him at the same time. “Evan, what are we doing?” You asked in between gasps of air. “Something I’ve wanted to do for a while.” He whispered into your mouth. You sat up, he was still laying down, and pulled your shirt over your head, throwing it onto your floor. He looked at your chest. His one hand still on your waist, and another traveling up your belly. You reached around and unclipped your bra, throwing it to the side as well, just as his hand grabbed onto your right boob. He squeezed and you leaned back down to kiss him again. You maneuvered your hands down his body to the hem of his shirt, and pulled it up over his head. You were skin to skin, and you pressed together, harder. He was kissing you as if he’d never be able to again. You could feel the longing and the hunger through his lips, and sighs of pleasure. You moved your hand down to his sweats, going to touch the bulge you’d eyed earlier. He grabbed onto your wrist, forcefully. “Ladies first.” He growled into your neck.

He wrapped his arm on your back and sat up, flipping you onto your back, him over top of you. He kissed your jaw bone, your neck, your collar bone, in between your breasts.. He stopped at one your boobs and kissed your nipple. He bared his teeth and lightly bit down, causing you to let a little moan escape your lips. His hand traveled down to your yoga pants, pulling them up and slipped a hand inside. His fingers grazed your cloth covered clit at the same time that he bit your nipple. The pleasure was growing. He pulled his hand out and went back to kissing your body. Under your breasts, your abdomen, your belly button, the band of your pants. He sat up and pulled your pants off, staring you in the eyes. This is so hot, oh god. He leaned down between your legs and kissed your thighs. Maybe it was the drugs, but where he was leaving wet, warm kisses left your skin tingling. He came up to your panties. He kissed you through the fabric. It was a hard, hot kiss. You bit your bottom lip. He hooked a finger around them and tore them off. Holy shit he just TORE MY PANTIES OFF. Is this real life? If I wasn’t dripping wet before, I am now. “You’re so wet Y/N” Evan muttered. almost as if reading your thoughts. He lowered his head and kissed you again. You were sweating with anticipation. You felt his warm, wet tongue touch your skin and you gasped. Your hands found his hair and his tongue danced in circles around your clit. “Oh, Evan..” His fingers found their way into your entrance. The feeling of his fingers inside you, and his tongue expertly flicking your little nub was enough to push you over the edge, but you wanted it to go on for as long as possible. You opened your legs a little wider, and grinded against his face a little. He took his fingers out and wrapped his hands around your thighs, pulling you into his face. He growled into your body. The vibration from his mouth felt really good. Your fingers tightened in his hair and your heartbeat sped up. You could feel your release coming, and Evan sensed it because he started eating faster and harder. “Oh fuck Evan, I’m gonna come.” You let him know, and he ate like it was his last meal. It pushed you over the edge and you felt your warm juices flow, your body was trembling and your breathing was ragged. His tongue moved in large, slow circles until your breathing returned to normal. He popped his face up and smiled at you, that big goofy smile that suddenly became the sexiest thing you’d ever seen. “This is a great sleepover” He said. You laughed. Your high from the drugs, and your orgasm mixed together. We need to have sleepovers more often.  

I left and it hurts. Saying goodbye to someone, even if it’s the right thing to do, will always be painful. I can remember all the good memories, all the times we laughed together, every time we danced. The beautiful moments will forever be etched in my mind, stored away like a book I’ll always be able to open and have a glimpse of what used to be. That’s what’s hard, when you leave, you tend to always remember the good. It’s so difficult, but sometimes you have to. I was living in a constant confused state of who I was; being told day after day about how he perceived me made me begin to believe it. Slowly, I was letting his thoughts of me become my own, and that should never happen. I am open-minded, easy going, positive, happy, generous, excited, energetic, adventurous, loving, intense, emotional. That is who I am and I know this. Never again will I ever let someone tell me different, much less believe them. Sometimes, you gotta leave a situation to find yourself again, sometimes that means leaving someone you love. I think back to what my mom told me once: ‘Love isn’t always enough, sometimes, love holds you back, and that’s when things get hard, because how can something so beautiful be what brings you down? It’s not easy when you’re there.’ I understand what she meant when she said that. So today, I made a choice for myself, the memories will always be there, sweet and real and honest, but now it’s about me, it’s about remembering who I am and doing what makes me happy. I’m confident the sadness I feel right now will slowly be replaced with a feeling of a weight lifted. I’m ready to be myself again and surround myself with people who love me for me.

I don’t usually talk about this on the blog, but I may as well.

There’s a reason that in the  relationship section of Cartman and Kyle’s wiki it says Arch-rival, instead of Bully and Victim like some of the south park fandom likes to refer to them as. 

It’s because Cartman and Kyle’s relationship isn’t a bully-victim relationship. I’ve had my good share of bullies growing up. I remember distinctly what the bully-victim relationship is like, as I’m sure a lot of us do.

When you have a bully you don’t go up to him every day to go hang out with him or play video games with him or smile at him. Ever. Most of the time if you have a bully you dread even going to school. You skip some days of school just to avoid him. When you see him walk into the classroom your stomach knots up and you keep your head down and hope to god he’s bored of you.
That or, when he confronts you in the lunchroom you’ve already known the moment was going to happen. You’ve thought endlessly about what they’d say to you and what you’d say back, and when the moment comes you jump to say it, your heart wrenched tight and your teeth gritted, hoping with all your might that your aggression will get them to leave you alone.  

I’ve also had a different kind of interaction with another person, that can’t even be remotely described as bullying. In Elementary school there was always this kid named Lorence that I would always come over to and argue with, about absolutely anything. We’d have pretty heated debates about anything and everything and always try to show each other up. That’s how our relationship was. We had a lot of pride and were constantly competing against each other about anything we could think of. But a lot of times we’d just stop arguing and work on a project together or chill out and draw. Because even if we didn’t admit it, even if I never wanted to call him my friend, we enjoyed each other’s company no matter what we were doing.

Lorence was not my bully, and I was not his victim, or vice versa. That is not the relationship we had. What we had was a rivalry.

There’s a reason Kyle and Cartman are never referred to as bully and victim in the context of the show. Because their interaction is not a torment session, it’s a competition.

In Fat Camp, Kyle MISSED how Cartman acted. In Stunning and Brave he ENCOURAGED Cartman to be himself. If Cartman was Kyle’s bully he would’ve done no such thing.

Cartman and Kyle are both rivals. They both seek out the argument and they both keep each other around for the simple fact that they’re entertained by their rivalry. They’ve both gone too far with their competition before, (Tonsil Trouble/ Fatbeard ) and they’ve both wanted each other back. (Smug Alert, Fat Camp, Stunning and Brave.) The reason their going too far has always been extreme is because it’s South Park.

Out of the context of South Park what Cartman does to Kyle obviously sounds pretty bad. But within the context of South Park, honestly, it’s just Cartman going a little too far with his competitiveness. It’s just Cartman eager to win and rub it in Kyle’s face.

I mean for fuck’s sake, Stan pointed a gun at his best friend’s head and nobody gave a shit, and all of the boys gave their parents herpes and their parents were just like “oh you kids.”

reddedwoods  asked:

i always feel incredibly depressed around valentines day. do you have any tips on how to feel better when you're single on a day that revolves around love and people in relationships?

Well I definitely don’t think you are alone in feeling depressed around Valentine’s Day. It can be an incredibly isolating and depressing as a holiday if you aren’t seeing someone. I mean, you can’t really escape it, it’s in every darn store for weeks on end and it’s just rubbed in your face constantly. 

Honestly when I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day, I do fun things for my friends, like making chocolate or cards. Or another thing you could do is just buy some really good chocolates for yourself, take a nice cozy bath and watch your favorite tv show or movie. Treat yourself to something nice because you deserve it:) 

But I think it’s really important to remember that this is just a commercial holiday that companies use to exploit the insecurities people feel about themselves and their relationships. This holiday doesn’t define anything about you, you don’t have value just because you are dating someone during this holiday. You always have value, whether in a relationship or not. So my advice is, get yourself something nice and treat yourself like you matter, because you do:) 

-Mom Em


Seems like just yesterday you was that shy girl that was hesitant to be seen on tumblr….now look at you …I am so proud of you omni and was honored when you asked me to do this shot with you:)

I remember when I first started Lowlife and it was rough for me…you used to always tell me to have fun with it and stop taking it so dam serious big head lol…Thats a lesson I keep with me to this day..Its crazy how much you have grown and every time I see you on here I smile a bit …you taught me to have fun, and to always smile through it…You could’ve picked any group to join but you joined me and I am soooooo glad and honored you did^_^

So without further delay I present to y'all @xomnikhyleex in her latest shoot ^__^

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someone replied to one of my posts, telling me that she was sad that she didn’t see as much makoharu on her dash as she used to:

It also saddens me to see how many people have essentially abandoned ship (literally and metaphorically). I remember when I could see MH like every other post on my dash and now it’s like 1 every 300 posts.

…why did everyone just throw MH to the side?

i had been feeling the same way lately, but i wasn’t sure who else agreed with me. i thought that most people would not feel this way and maybe they would have moved on to other ships. okay, fine… it’s not a crime. but i do miss those days when i would just see my dash spammed with makoharu. XD and scrolling through the makoharu tag would be like drowning in a pool full of candy and rainbows and happiness. because there would be so many posts!!!!

maybe i’m not the best person to be talking because there were times when i was busy and inactive… but whatever. that still doesn’t mean i didn’t feel sad when i read that comment. a lot of the people i follow are makoharu shippers. so i used to be able to go on my dash and see a lot of makoharu-related posts. now i see a lot less of it though. this ship that stole our hearts… what happened here?? things aren’t the same now? come on.

but i told that person… we can do something about it. we can reblog makoharu artwork and read fics and stuff. we can create new things too. if you’re feeling kinda sad about it like i am, why don’t you do something about it? you don’t have to be the most skilled artist or writer out there. you just have to make something that shows your love for makoharu, and if you make that, that’s good enough.

I stopped writing about you all the time and stopped thinking of us as much.

So why is it that when I do, it hurts so bad? It feels like every single mistake I’ve made crashes down on me at once until I can’t breathe anymore.

It feels like goodbye.

But babe I miss you so much. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet…

—  I guess this is it.
Do you think EXO left hidden messages for EXO-Ls in their songs ???

Dear “My Lady,”

Do you remember when we saw “the first snow” together on “Christmas day”?

You looked so “beautiful” like a mysterious “black pearl” under the “moonlight.” At that moment I knew I had to “run” to you and make you my “angel.”

From that moment on, you became “the star” I looked for every night, my “miracle in December,” my “first love.”

I used to ask myself… “What is love” before I met you. Now “my answer” is …

Love is… wiping your tears and whispering, “Baby, don’t cry,” because it’s “my turn to cry.”

Love is… waiting for you to “call me, baby” so I can shower you with “kisses and hugs” and keep telling you how much I “love, love, love” you.

Before I met you, I didn’t know it was possible for me to “overdose” on your “tender love,” but now I can’t get enough of your presence “3.6.5” days a year.

“Baby,” we can make “history” together, so please, “don’t go.” You’re the “lady luck” who brought me out of the darkness and into the light, the one who became my lifeline, my breath of life.

Remember when your “mama” used to tell you fairy tales? I can’t be “Peter Pan” and freeze time, but “what if” I told you I can take you in a time “machine” back to “December, 2014” when I asked you… “You ‘love me, right’”?

And you finally said yes.

Normal people would have had butterflies in their stomach, but all I heard was the sound of “thunder” pounding in my chest like a “heart attack” waiting to happen.

I “promise” I can take you on an “exodus” to “El Dorado” and show you how all the riches in the world, all the beautiful things you deserve, just to show you how “lucky” I am to have you by my side.

Trust me, I’m no “playboy” and I won’t “growl” at you like a predatory “wolf.” Instead, I’ll be the “transformer” that will protect you for the rest of your life.

Our journey together hasn’t been the smoothest road, but I know that if you give me another chance, I will never “hurt” you again. We’ll become inseparable like “two moons” under the starry sky, shining together, forever.


The fact that BigHit is giving us all these amazing MVs (they honestly could pass off as movies) after not being able to afford anything luxurious such as a car to be in the video- makes me tear up every time. I’ve been with these boys since day one. I feel like such a proud mother that watched her sons grow and climb closer to success. This is just the beginning. They have a long journey ahead and I will be with them through every step they take.
I cannot even fathom what I’m feeling right now after what they’ve given us. I’ve been with many groups since their debut, but none had left such a strong impression on me as much as BTS did. I remember like it was yesterday when No More Dream came out. I remember exactly where I was at the time and what I was doing. And I’ll never forget that day.
Thank you BigHit.
Thank you BTS.

P.S. - I am regretful that I won’t be able to see them perform live when they come to the US. But I told myself that there’s always going to be a next time.

OC week day 1 - The first OC

I told ya I’m gonna do it :D This seems like a lot of fun especially since this is finally some drawing prompt event where you don’t have to draw a new picture every day but you can actually reuse old ones :D I learned about it only like yesterday so I am going to do previous days first. @draw247‘s OC week

Warning: Bad art ahead!

It’s hard to tell which one of my OCs is the first one. I’ve had characters in my head and stories for them since I can remember. Of course, I didn’t know they were called “original characters” and that other people have them too. Anyway, I am pretty positive these are the first characters I still have on paper. These were characters for my story. I still keep that story as well. It was inspired by various children books and I think it is quite a cute story.
Well, at least you can see how my style used to look like when I was still a child and before anime took over it :D (Believe me this is far better than my first anime attempts.)

When I started it was like yeah OK I wanna get a leaner, more muscles body.  I can do that, do some cardio and use some machines, eat a little better, more protein, maybe a shake or two.  It’ll just be somethin to do in addition to all the other shit I do, reading and writing and drinking with friends and watching movies and TV…

Somewhere along the line that changed, I dunno exactly where or when.  Don’t really even remember how many months I been doin it for anymore, I just go, day after day.  I look at my closet and I do a doubletake cuz I dont remember gettin so much gear.  How did that happen?  Seems like every clothes I got has a Nike or a UA on em.  Dont even remember the last time I wore boxers or even boxer briefs.  Its been compression shorts every day for my whole life.  Was there ever a day I went to work I didnt have my gym bag with me too? 

Sometimes I think about the future and what could happen.  I keep pushin myself at the gym and it’s not enough.  Need more.  Ive been searching the internet for more things about muscles and sometimes I read so much about muscles that I kinda blank out and then come to and I’m in the gym again, and I’m counting one and I’m counting two …

Like just now haha I just looked up and saw football on the TV.  When did I put football on the TV?  I was watching some Netflix thing, wasn’t I?  I remember watching the game last night maybe I fell asleep with the NFL Network on.  I do that sometimes.  I got a pretty strong fantasy league this year.  But that’s not enough.  Need more.  Gotta play football too, I think.  Makes sense, with all this gear I got.  And this like, grittin my teeth shit all the time, like I’m gettin ready all the time for someone to just ram into me cuz I got the football.  And I have this weird feeling that the minute I hit “post” on this I’m gonna look up and I’m gonna be at the gym again, counting one and counting two and counting three and just really muscling through my reps and I’m gonna be sorer than fuckin hell but it’s all fuckin worth it, cuz muscles gear football is all that matters now.

Other shit just kinda fadin away.  I come a long way so far.  When I think about where I come from, it’s kinda fuzzy.  I still get alot of “smart” comments from people and sometimes it’s still a reflex but it’s harder to remember some things now.  Harder to remember the smart times.  The gym is so clear, muscles burning is so sharp, wearing gear feels so natural.  It isnt even gear anymore, its just my cloths.

Is this what I wanted?  Does it matter?  Cuz its happenin and I’m counting one and I’m counting two and I’m counting three and I’m counting four and I’m counting five…

31 Days of Halloween:Day 19-22

Christine (1983)

Ever since I first saw this film I have been obsessed with it. I even read the book. It’s an annual watch for me in October.

Evil Dead (1981)

When I first really got into horror films I blindly bought this movie at Circuit City, I was like 7 too. I remember loving every second of it and I still do, even if it feels a lot cheesier than it used to be.

Scream (1996)

After watching both seasons and the Halloween special of the Scream TV series, I decided to watch the movie that started it all. I’m pretty sure Scream is one of my most watched horror films, up there with john Carpenter’s Halloween and Halloween II. It’s such a great film.

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

It sucks that when I originally watched this film I already knew the ending of it. It’s such a great camp slasher film with really cool inventive kills. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, especially if you somehow don’t know the ending.

It’s almost Valentine’s day and y’know, I get to spend it doing nothing as a single person just like every other year.

But I did just remember something that happened in college. I was hanging out at a friend’s place and the three of us who were there were hungry and there was nothing in the fridge. We must have been craving friend chicken or something because we looked up a place on yelp and drove over. When we got there, I thought ‘huh, this is a pretty fancy looking place–lots of people out for date night.’ Then when the waiter gave us our menus, it was a pre-set menu. For Valentine’s day. None of us knew it was Valentine’s day lol

anonymous asked:

I love the fact that you are trying to be closer to your followers 💕... I think it also reminds people that you're a human being and not a writing machine without feelings or necessities (because that's how some people see writers who post their work online). I remember when I used to write on Wattpad and even one comment made my day so of course I tried to answer to every nice comment or request. But you're way more interesting than me haha -ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Haufjbsjsjdhd thank you! It’s good to know that someone likes that hahaha I do understand why they did get annoyed but oh well!! I can’t help it!!! I get what you mean actually. I don’t see them often but they do exist hahah! I remember wattpad!!! I used to go on it so often wowowoow but I definitely prefer this to wattpad though! More variation! I’m not interesting! I think everyone is more interesting than me hahha (are you joining our family bear)

So many things remind me of you. Every day, there is some memory that haunts me like a ghost. And I can only hope that things remind you of me, too. I hope when you hear your phone go off after midnight, you think of when I used to text you everything I loved about you so that you would wake up with a smile the next day. I hope my favorite songs come on the radio, and you have to pull over because it hits you so deeply. I hope you think of me every time someone new sits in your passenger seat and they don’t sing to you like I always did. I hope when you run your fingers through your hair, you remember how it felt when it was my fingers. I hope you remember everything I do, and more. I hope that you miss me as much as I miss you. I hope you’re only better at hiding it.
—  excerpt from an unfinished book #32
Karen and her two "older brothers" aka Matt and Arthur
  • Fan: What was the funniest moment on set?
  • Karen Gillan: *turns to Matt* Oh, do you remember when you used to hide in my trailer with that shoehorn?
  • Matt Smith: Yeah. *nods*
  • Karen Gillan: Ugh, he'd wait for me to come in with the biggest shoehorn you'd ever saw, and he'd scream absurdities at me.
  • Matt Smith: Karen would like cry.
  • Karen Gillan: Yeah, and I'd be like laughing and crying. Backing off and sliding down the wall. *laughs*
  • Matt Smith: Like every day was funny for me and Arthur. It was just like, "Right, let's go bug Karen."
  • Arthur Darvill: It was pure screwing up.
  • Matt Smith: It was like two older brothers just 'euhh' *pokes Karen*
  • Arthur Darvill: *pokes Karen*
  • Karen Gillan: And then they never eased up!
  • Matt Smith: And now, I've realized when I've not seen you for a while, I can't not do it... And it's really simple.
  • Arthur Darvill: Like do it.
  • Matt Smith: Like this. *pats Karen's head* And then I touch her *puts arm around Karen*
  • Karen Gillan: Oh, I don't like that!*laughs*
  • Matt Smith: *laughs* *touches Karen's shoulder again when she's not expecting it*
  • Karen Gillan: Oh!