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Secrets Out {Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

When you made your way to their dorm later that day with the hat that you had taken, you were nervous to say the least. You wanted to ignore that gut feeling you had yesterday. ‘I’m just being paranoid’ you said to yourself quietly ‘they’re my best friends they wouldn’t just do anything to jeopardize that’ you kept reassuring yourself.

When you got to their dorm. you placed the hat on the countertop closest to you and right away you heard whispers, you couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying but from the words you did hear, you knew it sounded somewhat serious? When you closed the front door to get their attention it immediately went quiet. You fought yourself so hard to not overthink it, you crossed it out of your mind. Gone and forgotten.

You walked in to where they were all sitting, and sat in between Jungkook and Jin, you didn’t know how to explain it but it felt different, the whole atmosphere changed, Jungkook felt uncomfortable around you and Namjoon seemed to have sat straighter when you sat down and you saw it. Remember that pit in your stomach from yesterday? Well it was back and deeper than ever, you wanted to bring it up but you couldn’t seem to find the words and there was an awkward silence before Taehyung stood up making everyone jump a bit. “hey y/n! Let’s go play video games!” “tae-” you couldn’t finish your sentence before Taehyung pulled you up and dragged you to the living room where all the video games were. Taehyung got your mind off everything happening around you, but those slight moments where you would look around to see Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi standing in the back whispering amongst themselves made you sink back into the depressing state where you question everything. Taehyung quickly picked up on your pauses and brought you back to the games. You felt him trying so hard to make you happy and get your mind off it, he knew about what was going on and he was trying to distract you?

Jimin came into the room being his giddy self but you felt it was forced. Was he forcing himself to be happy around you? why would he do that? Jungkook ignored you at almost all cost, something was eating at him and you were determined to find out what it was. What have they all been hiding? Usually you wouldn’t be afraid to speak up, ask them, but now it seemed as you were the source of the problem. You excused yourself to the bathroom to pick yourself up. when you came out, you must have been really quiet because none of the boys seemed to have heard you. Before you turned into the living room you heard voices you stayed behind the wall determined to find out what they were talking about, how you could fix it. “hyung I really can’t take this anymore every time I look at y/n I feel like crying” you recognized it as Jungkooks voice. “Jungkook you can’t say anything, she’ll be so hurt if we told her” a voice you heard as Namjoons said. “what we did was cruel and I’m also hurt we did that but why now Jungkook? Why suddenly after all this time you feel like you need to tell her now?” “Jin hyung please see where I’m coming from, I like y/n more than just a friend, but I can’t ask her out knowing what we did” Jungkook said he sounded as if he was so close to crying. “guys shut up y/n…” jimin said quietly. You’ve been spotted. You just stood there almost frozen. What have they done that was so bad? You’re going through all these years you’ve been friends with them in your mind. Wondering what has been happening behind your back.

They knew about your problems with trust and ‘friends’ in the past, they knew how you overthink everything, they knew about your anxiety, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore. “y/n…I’m-” Jungkook mumbled. “I don’t know what you did or what it has to do with me but you better tell me… now!” you were angry. That pit in your stomach seemed to have dropped to your feet. Your mind racing with thoughts. “y/n I think you should sit down” Jin said softly following a mumbling in agreement from Jiimin, and Hoseok. You didn’t know what they did but you felt like crying again, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your surroundings turning dark. you sat down in front of them analyzing each of their faces.

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Namjoon looking like at any second they would burst out in tears more than you were, Jin and

Yoongi just look worried like they were thinking about what you were going to do and not having a conclusion. Hoseok is clearly upset with himself he looks like he’s mentally punching himself, he has that triangle mouth that appears when something is really upsetting him. What was going on? Why are they acting like this? What did I do? What happened? Can I fix this? Shit. You were breathing fast while not breathing at all. The silence was painful you were losing your patience. “well someone speak!” you said loudly making them all jump. You looked around once more and all of them seem to be either in tears or near tears. Jin took a deep breath, he grabbed your hand as if to make sure you won’t walk away. “y/n, we….”

A/N: ok so idk how much i like this and i feel like i rushed it and its getting to the problem too fast? idk but there is a lot i want to write that works with this so we’ll see a lot of you have been asking for a pt. 2 and i was so happy a lot of you liked it since it was my first time writing a series type thing, but I’m happy and thankful. i forgot to put the title of the story on the first part but i think ill be calling this series ‘Secrets Out’ what do y'all think? ok i hope you liked this part~ pt. 3? (ps i feel like the angst was weak with this one so I’m sorry)

When You Fail To Be 3

*Clears throat* Hello.

Been a long, time, how are you? Good? Yeh? Ok,done with small talk. Part three of this fic and please remember that this is basedon @kaxpha​ ‘s Humand Healing Pod Au (that it is still my baby and fave) and yeah! 

Part one ( ) and two ( )

That’s it from me! Kay, bye! 

Ps. Oh my god I really hope it’s good enough at least to read. I mean, ugh, whatever, take it, bye. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the AU.

Four weeks and a half.

That’s how long it took before Lance could be even able to stand up without anyone’s help.

The entire Team has been in high alert ever since he woke up, one of them always close enough, “just in case” as they called it. Lance would scoff every time someone told him that.

Everyone except Shiro.

The head of Voltron has been keeping his distance for weeks now. He had settled himself into watching from a distance the interactions between his team as they fussed over the healing Blue Paladin.

Even now, Shiro would stay behind the group whenever they trained or tried a bonding exercise. He knows most of the team had noticed, especially Lance if the confused and hurt glances he keeps sending him mean anything to go by.

Shiro doesn’t pick up the bait. He continues his way and keeps his distance.

‘I know what you’re doing.’ Keith’s voice from a week ago echoes inside him as he walks down the hallway, ‘And I’m telling you right now, this is not the right way to address the problem, Shiro.’

Shiro had ignored him, saying that he was the leader and he knew better. He knew what he was doing. Keith had only huffed annoyed at his answer and left the room without a word.

Shiro shakes his head, trying to brush those thoughts away and continues his way towards his Lion’s haggar. It is only when he hears muffled complaining near him that he raises his head in confusion and his eyes turn towards the training room door.

He can easily catch through the clear glass the two small figures inside the room and it’s not long before he recognizes the bright colors of their blue and yellow gym clothes.

Shiro’s changing his direction before he even acknowledges what he’s doing.

As soon as he steps inside, his gray eyes immediately fall on the two teens in the middle of the room, both of the on the floor and their training clothes wet from the sweat dripping from them. Hunk is pushing Lance’s hands away from the superficial cut on his right shoulder and Lance’s finger tips are barely glowing, only increasing when the fingers get closer to Hunk’s dark skin.

Shiro can only react.


The snap is so sudden and sharp that makes both teens to freeze on the spot.

Lance blinks, surprise and confusion filling his tired blue eyes as he stares at the sudden gloved hand wrapped around his wrist, faintly noticing the tight grip on it.

The brunet unconsciously tugs his wrist away from the hold but Shiro’s grip just tightens. Lance then offers a smile, small and unsure, as he meets eyes with his leader.

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Fresh Start - Part 9

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Iris West, Julian Albert, Laurel Lance (Black Siren from Earth-2), Oliver Queen, Thea Queen,

Words: 2632 (I got carried out again. Sorry haha)

Warnings: meta-attack, Arrow spoilers (if you haven’t watched season 4)

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian  @gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms  @kindfloweroflove @dejewskoo @castellandiangelo@moonlightbae14 @jade-cheshire @captainboomerangsunicorn @yohoyohoafandomlifeforme

Request: none

Notes: sorry for taking so long! We had a long weekend here in Spain so I spent it with my boyfriend’s family and I didn’t have my laptop with me. Thank you for your patience and I hope you like it!

PS: thanks for all the support I’m getting with this! Means a lot. Xx B.

PS2: if someone wants to be tagged and it’s not just let me know!

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8

That night Barry took you home when the sun was showing up on the horizon. You had spent the night by the bonfire laughing, joking, talking about each other’s lives and, of course, cuddling and kissing. It had been just perfect, like it should have been from the very beginning. You were tempted to ask him to stay over but you didn’t want to push it to far too soon, so you two just kissed in his car before he let you go, which was also hard for him. By the time you both fell on your beds that morning, nobody could erase the smile from your face but, of course, you fell asleep immediately.

When you opened your eyes, you found out you had fallen asleep wearing the clothes you had used for the date so the first thing you did was taking a long shower. Actually, you should go to the university since you had class, but you had already missed three of your classes so you just decided to take your day off and go for a run like you haven’t done in a while.

Meanwhile, Barry arrived at STAR Labs still sleepy but with a huge smile on his face. A smile that everyone noticed and of course, they all teased him about it. He didn’t mind though. For the first time, things with you were fine and everything seemed like it was working out.

“So how was it?” Iris asked with a huge smile on her face.

After everything Barry had gone through, she knew her best friend deserved to find that someone and maybe it could be you; so she really was excited about things working out between you two.

“Good. Really good” Barry told her smiling her back.

“But what did you do? Details!” She exclaimed.

“We didn’t do much” Barry laughed scratching the back of his neck. “We…ate, talked, laughed, kiss…a lot” he admitted.

“You kissed her!?” Iris asked.

“She kind of kissed me” he replied as he remembered how he teased you until you kissed him.

“That’s great!” She said hugging Barry as tight as she could.

“Guys, as much as I love hearing about Allen’s love life, we have a meta-attack downtown” Julian said looking at his phone. “Black Siren is moving again” he added looking at the team.

“I got her” Barry said before he speeded out of there.

You had no idea what was going on. One moment you were running downtown and the next one everything was chaos around you. A breach had opened just in front of you and a woman had come out of it like it was the most normal thing in the world. You stopped on your tracks, shocked as you saw the woman opening her mouth and screaming, causing you to cover your ears. It was the highest scream you had ever heard.

Once it stopped you could hear the police sirens coming your way so you decided to turn around and start running but before you did it, you saw the face of the woman and your heart literally exploded.

“Laurel?” You mumbled.

You knew you had to run and get away as far from there as you possible could but you were frozen. Laurel Lance, who died almost a year ago back in Star City, was now in front of you, wearing black leather and being chased by the police. When you said her name, she narrowed her eyes at you before she smirked.

“Silly girl” she said.

She opened her mouth to scream again but suddenly you were caught by something and the next second you were behind a building, away from the scene, feeling confused and disoriented.

“Are you alright?” A voice asked you. You managed to look up to find The Flash in front of you. The scarlet speedster had just saved you. “Are you alright?” He asked again, somehow his voice full of concern.

“I…I think so” you mumbled, still trying to understand what you had just seen.

“You have to go to the hospital” he said.

“No, I’m…I’m ok” you frowned.

He sighed and picked you up again, a couple of seconds later you were at the doors of the hospital and The Flash was nowhere to be seen. Since you were feeling okay you decided to go home instead of going into the hospital. If you went in there, they would probably call Oliver and you didn’t want him to worry about anything and, of course, you didn’t want to tell him you had just seen Laurel Lance in the flesh.

When you finally go to your apartment, you took your laptop immediately and started looking information about Laurel. It was painful to see photos of her and the news about her when her identity as the Black Canary was revealed. But it was there. She was dead and there was no way you could have seen her today. But somehow you had. And you needed an explanation. And there was only one person that could give you the information you needed: The Flash.

You had to find him.

But you didn’t have time to start digging about the superhero since there was a knock on the door. You imagined it was Barry who would have heard about the incident and was there to check on you but you were shocked when you were left face to face with your brother when you opened the door.

“Oliver?” You asked but there was no answer. All he did was grabbing your shoulders to look at you up and down before hugging you tight.

“God, are you okay?” He asked not letting you go.

“Eh…yes” you frowned. “You heard about the attack?” He nodded and pulled away to walk into your apartment while you closed the door. “It was an hour ago, how did you manage to come so fast?” You asked.

“Being the Mayor has its perks. Owning a private jet is one of them” he smiled at you.

“Oh, that jet you don’t let me borrow?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“You want it to go to the Bahamas. Of course you’re not borrowing it” he said with a smile that disappeared immediately. “What happened? Why were you there?” He asked turning into ‘your older brother’.

“I…” you sighed. “I’m alright. I just went for a run and all the mess happened just where I was. That’s all” you shrugged. You wanted to tell him about Laurel but you knew it was a soft spot for him so you didn’t want to say anything until you knew for sure what you saw.

“How did you manage to escape?” He asked leaning against the back of the couch.

“The Flash saved me” you shrugged as you walked to the kitchen to grab something to drink.

“The Flash?” Oliver asked following you.

“I was as shocked as you are” you chuckled. “That guy is indeed fast. He took to the hospital in less than three minutes” you told him amazed.

“You’ve been to the hospital?” He asked freaking out again.

“Calm down, I’m fine. I didn’t even go inside. I was feeling okay and I didn’t want them to contact you” you said as you handed him a soda which he took. “Obviously, they didn’t even need to do it” you added with a smirk.

“I’m your brother, do you really believe I was going to stay in Star while you had been attacked?” He asked. You shrugged with a small smile before something popped into your head.

“How did you know I was there?” You asked.

“I saw a video on the news and I recognised you” he explained immediately.

“Oh…good” you nodded taking a sip from the soda. Then, there was another knock on the door. That was for sure Barry and you wasn’t ready for Oliver to meet him. Not just yet. “It’s unlocked!” You exclaimed praying it was anyone but Barry.

Suddenly, your sister came running into the kitchen, wrapping her arms around you, taking you completely by surprise.

“What the fuck?” You asked trying not to drop the soda.

“I was buying pizza down the street. How are you? Are you hurt?” She asked looking at you up and down like Oliver had done previously.

“I’m fine! Don’t worry, really. You didn’t have to come all the way here for god’s sake! A call would have made it and you had just been into the hospital!” you told them exasperated.

“You could have lied” Oliver shrugged.

“And I’m alright” Thea assured you.

“Thanks for the trust” you replied rolling your eyes which made him laugh. “Don’t worry” you told Thea, “I’m alright. The Flash saved me” you shrugged.

“The Flash?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

“Yes” you laughed. “He’s kind of the superhero here, it’s his job to save people” you laughed at their looks.

“Yeah, you’re right” Thea laughed as you walked to the fridge to grab another soda for her. “Now that you’re okay…shall we have lunch? I bought pizzas” she said.

“I love you so much for that” you said. “I’ll grab the plates, you go and opened the boxes. Oliver, take the napkins from the left cupboard” you ordered.

The three of you sat around the table and started eating as you asked them about things in Star City and they asked you about college. It seemed like everything was working out for everyone now and you were happy about it.

“By the way, Oliver…” you said when something came to your mind. “You’re in contact with the Green Arrow right?” You asked.

Just like every time someone brought that up, you could see how he tensed a bit. You never understood why but you always let it go.

“Barely” he said looking at you cautiously. “Why?”

“I need to contact The Flash and…I’m sure Green Arrow knows how to do it so I was thinking-“ before you could finish your sentence, your brother stopped you.

“No” he said. “You’re not meeting any of them. I will not have it” he said immediately.

“Why not?” You frowned.

“It’s dangerous” was all he said. “And why do you want to contact The Flash anyway?” He asked you.

“I want thank him” you lied. Well, it wasn’t completely a lie, you did want to thank him but you needed to know who you had seen earlier that day. “He literally saved my life today” you added.

“He saves so many people’s lives and they don’t try to contact him” Oliver shrugged.

“No one has ever tried” you shrugged.

“Let it go ok? I’m not giving you a way to contact the Green Arrow, let alone a meta human. Period” he said serious.

You were about to say something back but when you saw Thea’s face you knew it wasn’t the best idea so you sighed and let it go. You would have to find another way. A couple of hours later they finally left. Oliver had some things to do before the day was over so they said their goodbyes and left, leaving you alone to rest.

“Aren’t we going to visit Barry?” Thea asked Oliver when they were finally on the street.

“No. I don’t want him to know I have a sister, let alone that she’s here” he sighed. “I want her away from all this” he added.

“I agree” she nodded as they made their way to a taxi.

Once you finished cleaning up the apartment, which was a complete mess, you locked the door and laid down on the couch with a blanket over you, ready to take a nap. But, for the third time, someone knocked on your door. Obviously, the world had decided not to leave you alone that day. With a sigh you got up and walked to the door, unlocked it and opened to find Barry on the other side.

“Barry!” You exclaimed happily. Definitely, you didn’t mind if it was him who knocked on your door. “What are you doing here?” You asked.

“I heard about the attack and I saw you on the news” he said coming in to wrap his arms around you. “Are you okay?” He asked not letting you go.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine” you smiled hugging him back.

“Are you sure?” He asked pulling away and taking your face in his hands.

“Positive. Don’t worry” you smiled at him. He frowned a bit before sighing and crashing his lips against yours, taking you by surprise. “What was that for?” You chuckled when he pulled away.

“I was just too worried I needed to see you, check if you were fine and kiss you” he smiled a little.

“Well…You’ve seen him, you’ve checked that I’m fine but I’m not sure that kiss was enough” you smiled.

He smirked and pushed the door closed before kissing you again, pushing you slowly until your back met the back of the couch. You were already an addict to his kissed, you didn’t know why or what he had done to you, but you knew you didn’t want to be left without them ever.

“Was that enough?” He whispered pulling away again.

“Not even close” you smirked.

He laughed and kissed you once again, picking you up this time just to lay you down on the couch, with him on the top of you. You wrapped your legs around his waist to pull him closer to you as you played with his hair and his hands ran down your body, making you shiver. After a moment, you were forced to pull away to take some air, but all he did was moving his lips to your neck, immediately finding one of your sweet spots and attacking it, making you moan quietly but loud enough for him to hear it.

Barry smirked and pulled away to look down at you. His face was red due to the hot, just like yours. Still, you smiled at each other and sighed before he laid down next to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“I really got scared today” he whispered. That confession really made you smile.

“Did you?” You asked and felt him nodding behind you.

“I…” he sighed. “Look at me” he said. Carefully, you turned around so you were facing him. “I care about you. A lot. It’s obvious that I like you and it’s obvious that you like me” he said making you smile. “So…we’ve been messing around, playing around for three weeks now and I’m tired of that” he said.

“What are you saying Allen?” You smirked.

“I’m saying that I’ve learned that life is too short to let things go so I want more with you, I want us to be more” he smiled. “If you want, of course” he added.

“Is Barry Allen asking if I want to date him officially? Isn’t that old fashioned?” You teased him.

“Oh alright. Now you tease me” he laughed poking your side where you were ticklish. “C’mon…what do you want?” He asked looking into your eyes.

Biting your lip you allowed yourself to lose yourself in him, in his eyes and his smile. You couldn’t lie, you wanted more too but at the same time it scared you. The fact that last date was amazing didn’t mean he wouldn’t leave you alone when you had the next one. Still, you wanted more. And he was right, life was too short. You had to take the time you had since you never knew when it would end.

“I want more” you said back.

Literally his eyes smiled when you replied. He pulled you even closer and kissed you again, feeling somehow relieved now that he had you officially in his life.

Roll The Dice


“So what’s your plan?” Veronica asks, raising an eyebrow. “Fake date someone so you can learn how to be a good girlfriend for him?”

Betty looks at her in wonder. “Actually… actually that’s a great idea, V.”

or Betty is oblivious, Jughead pines, Veronica spills the tea, and Reggie finds his One True Bro™.

This is from a prompt I saw a looooong time ago on Tumblr. I even have a Malec fic based on it, but I decided to give it a go with Bughead. :)

As always, thanks to the bae @itstenafterfour for being the best beta and friend ever. Love you!

PS. One Tree Hill is my favorite show so Juggie/Reggie roasting it is just a joke, don’t hate me lmao. 

Also this is freaking 13,005 words so it might crash on you. In case of that, here’s the link to it over on AO3.      

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anonymous asked:

Are you still taking prompts? If so, could I get a starkquill get-together fic w/ alpha!peter and omega!tony?? Pretty please with rainbow sprinles on top??? (ps just want to say that you are such a pure human bean, and i love you and everything you write)

A/N: So this is less of a “get together” fic, and more of “they hooked up” fic set in A/B/O Universe. For whatever reason, I can’t get Tony and Peter to stop talking about sex. 

Learn the ABOs 

Tony rolled off of Peter and sank into the mattress of his bed. He was covered in sweat and he needed to thoroughly clean himself after the fantastic round of sex he’d just had. At the moment, though, he just wanted to bask in the afterglow of sex. It had been months since he’d last had intercourse. He couldn’t even remember who his last partner was before Peter; they had just been someone to help Tony numb himself to the pain of his break up with Pepper and the loss of half his friends over the accords.

Tony screwed his eyes shut and forced himself to forget about such bad memories now. Instead he focused on how loose and warm he felt. How content and perfect he felt. He focused on the way Peter spooned him with an arm wrapped snuggly around Tony’s waist.

Tony chuckled. “Wasn’t expecting you to be a cuddler.”

Peter popped his chin on Tony’s shoulder, his facial hair teasing Tony’s neck and shoulder. “Oh yeah, major cuddler. Just don’t tell the other Guardians.”

“Oh? And what will you do to me if I do?” Tony wiggled his ass against Peter’s crotch.

Peter moaned. “Dude! Not fair. I’m going to need…” Peter trailed off.

Little Peter though had perked up quite nicely.

Tony hummed in appreciation. “You were saying?” Tony patted Peter’s arm. “You might not be a teenager or a young twenty-something, Spaceman, but you’re still young and alpha. You should have more confidence in your ability to get it up fast. Especially when you have me as a partner.” Tony rolled over so he was facing Peter and smirked before pulling Peter into a kiss.

The kiss was cut short by Peter yanking his head back. “Wait. So it’s normal on Earth for someone like me to get a boner right after orgasming?”

Tony’s thoughts came to a screeching halt. Worry prickled along Tony’s spine. “There’s a lot of genetics involved, but when omegas and alphas partner up, omegas release a pheromone that not only attracts the alpha but it increase the alpha’s stamina, to put it simply. Alphas in general tend to have a shorter recovery time.”

“So that’s why you smell so good!” Peter burrowed his nose in Tony’s neck and took a whiff. “Man, I thought I was just crazy picking up vanilla and cinnamon off of you. There’s also a hint of oil and metal, but it’s nothing compared to that spicy and sweet smell.”

Tony sat up in bed. His heart rate skyrocketed as Peter’s words sank in.

“Spaceman,” Tony said evenly, “you’ve had sex before, right?”

Peter shot up. “Are you saying I was bad? But all the sounds you were making, and the way you-”

“You weren’t bad. Far from it.” Tony shuddered with pleasure at the memory. “I’m just trying to figure out how far your sexual education has gone.”

“Oh.” Peter flopped back down onto the bed and shrugged. “I was abducted when I was eight, so most of the stuff I learned was by winging it. It was awkward the first couple of times I got a knot. I thought I was dying or that my dick was going to kill my partner. It wasn’t until I ended up on another planet where knots are common, that I learned it was just a regular part of my anatomy. Also, did you know the whole double gendered thing is actually pretty rare across the galaxy? I’ve only been to a few places with the alpha, beta, and omega genders.”

Tony buried his face in his palms and groaned.

“Hey. What’s wrong?” Peter sat up again and held Tony’s shoulders. “Are you worried I have some alien disease? It’s okay. I got tested after my last partner. I am clean.”

“I feel like I just hooked up with someone who told me they were twenty then the next morning revealed they were seventeen.”

“Okay, now that is just mean,” Peter said.

“You barely understand sex.”

“That’s not what you were saying a few seconds ago. Clearly, I understand sex. It’s the quirks of this whole secondary gender thing that I’m a little sketchy on, but whatever. Not like we’re suddenly married or something, right? Plus, we used protection.”

And Tony was on birth control so it was unlikely that he’d end up pregnant from the experience, Tony’s brain supplied.

Tony reached behind himself and ruffled Peter’s hair. “You’re still way too naive for my tastes.”

Peter smiled as he batted Tony’s hand away. He leaned into Tony and kissed his cheek. “Then educate me. We still have plenty of time before I have to leave.”

Tony mulled over Peter’s suggestion. “It will be a challenge, but it is a challenge I am willing to accept for the greater good.”

With that, Tony pounced on Peter and began his first “lesson.”

The Bad Trip - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: In case you can’t tell by the word count, I got really into this imagine and was really anticipating it and I am really proud of this writing. That said, while I want people to read it, I do not want anyone that could be triggered by reading about drugs, suicidal thoughts or feelings of hopelessness to read about this. Take care of yourselves and if you do choose to read it, I hope you love it! (Also, a quick PS, I ended this so that if people want a part 2, I can definitely write one)  

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Suicide mention, death mention, drugs mention, hallucination mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

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Never Let You Go

Request:  Hi honey can I ask for Sidney Crosby imagine, please? where he gets jealous and end up making it up to you kissing you not to let you go and he cries and stuff, please?💛 ps. Don’t stop writing you’re doing awesome 🔥

A/N: First off, thank you!! You’re very nice to me. (And every time I say, type this I think of Goon, anyways…) But seriously, I love you guys. 

Second (and please don’t hate me) but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really a Penguins fan so if I ever get anything wrong let me know. (Side note, I actually really enjoyed writing about Sid…IDK why because I’m really not a fan. Let’s not tell my main team or side team or other side team this).

Lastly, I hope this fits what you were asking for. 

Word Count: 1570

You had been dating Sidney for 2 years. You met, by accident, at a Pittsburg/Washington game. You were trying to find your way out of the PPG Paints Arena and got lost. Ok, well lost is an understatement. Whoever directed you down the hall and to the left needed to be fired.  Amid your confusion, you ran, literally, into Sidney.

“Lost?” He held a hand out to help you up?

“What gave it away?” You asked sarcastically. “The deer in the headlights look or the jersey?”

“Both of those are very good points, but neither.” He smiled. “You’re headed to the locker room and unless we added someone to our roster, you’re not on it.”

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A New Life - Chapter 4 - Jaebum  (Got7 Mafia Au) (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Exclaimers: This story will contain violence, blood, profanity, severed limbs, maybe sex, and a lot of other things that may trigger some people. If you know that these normally have a negative effect on you, please don’t read this story. I want you to feel happy and comfortable. Also, gifs belong to their respective owners none of them are mine.

“Well uhm” you scratch the back of your neck, “If I had to pick one person out of everyone here… I’d choose you…” you look up into Jaebum’s eyes. 

Jaebum scoffs turning away from your gaze “Of course you’d choose me.”

Something wasn’t right, you could hear it in his tone and feel tension in the air. You raise an eyebrow “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jackson crawls in front of you trying to hide Jaebum from your vision “Nothing nothing it means nothing. Just uh, pick someone else.”

You narrow your eyes “I already made my choice Jackson.”

“Jackson” Jaebum says and Jackson returns back to his previous seat. Jeabum looks at you with an expression and a posture that seems mocking. “Now Y/N, tell me why you chose me. Hmm? Is it my money? My power in Asia?”

This man awakens the small volcano in your heart, for now there are only earthquakes. No one in the room moves or speaks except for you two, why? Because if your volcano erupts all hell will break loose and no one will be safe. There’s one movement though from the corner of your eye, Jinyoung is picking up your ax and moving it away from you. 

You take a deep breath before looking at Jaebum with an expressionless face “Why would I want any of those things?”

He smiles, oh he is definitely mocking you, “To have all of the riches you’d ever want while you live here in my domain, to combine our family’s so that you have more power, or maybe to gloat to the other mafia families that you have me wrapped around your little fingers.”

Contain it Y/N, contain your anger you have too. You cross your legs and lean back into Mark’s legs and the couch. You say in a calm voice with closed eyes “I already have all of those things but I want a life with none of them. If you don’t understand then there’s the door.”

His voice is now deeper and menacing “Are you trying to give ME orders little girl?”

Too late. You laugh a laugh that hasn’t left your lips in years, you sound insane and dangerous. You stand up and slowly walk up to Jaebum with a twisted smile and everyone’s eyes on you. Jaebum’s expression isn’t mocking anymore nor anything at all, he’s expressionless but his jaw is clenched. You bend down looking him straight in the eyes your face centimeters away from his.

You speak but your maniacal smile never leaves your face “You know what! I’m sooo angry right now but I’m holding back. Why? Because I care for everyone in this room, that’s why I saved all of you in the first place. I even asked you to leave me alone and now you accuse me of wanting, what? Power? Money? Bragging rights? Who gives a shit about any of those things?! Not me! Because if I gave a rat’s ass I wouldn’t have left my family, my home, my comfort to come here. A place where I have to start from zero, so guess what? I don’t want to start from whatever number you represent, I want zero. Now get the fuck out of my apartment before I lose the little sanity I have left, and do something I’ll regret the rest of my life.”

You turn around and skip towards the door, holding it open and motioning them to leave. Everyone slowly gets up and filters out not daring to look you in the eyes except for Jaebum, his eyes stay glued to your own the entire way. You smile as you slam the door in his face quickly locking it. You slide down the door onto the floor clutching your heart. It was beating so quickly. Of course it was, you were scared. Scared of yourself and what you… You look over at your ax on one of the seats in your living room. Thank God you didn’t reach phase 3… You have to calm yourself down. You walk into your kitchen seeing the open cabinets and scattered fruit, Jackson and Bambam are such children. You smile but then sigh. You should have remembered that they’d be here in South Korea… tea will help calm you.

After making a nice cup of tea you sit in your living room slowly sipping it in the darkness. What will your life be like now? Will they let you live in peace? Will any other mafia families find you? Why can’t you just live a normal life… You place your empty mug on your coffee table and lie down on your couch. Caffeine always makes you feel sleepy; you don’t know why. Slowly your eyes shut.

You feel a weight across the middle of your back and another across the back of your knees. There’s a hard wall like surface to your left and it feels like you’re moving. Are you dreaming? You try to open your eyes but your fatigue keeps them shut, so you groan in despair.

“Shhh everything’s okay” Jaebum’s voice is soft and the wall to your left moves with his words, it’s his chest. The pressure on your back and behind your legs must be his arms, is he carrying you? “Go back to sleep Y/N.”

What’s going on? Why is he being so nice now when he was such an ass before? You feel something soft against your back and lose the feeling of his touch, he must have placed you on your bed.

“I’m sorry…” he sounds sad “I shouldn’t have said all of those things to you it’s just… women only approach me for the things I have; they only see me as a scary mafia boss… they don’t care about the person that I am on the inside… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have put you in the same category as them. You’re my childhood friend and were never phased when I told you I’d become a the GOT Father some day. You really don’t take shit from anyone” he chuckles the last words.

Choose one.

  1. Keep pretending to be asleep.
  2. Respond.

Links to choices do not work yet because these parts of the story have yet to be written. Please come back and check them out when they HAVE been written. If I don’t post in a while this it why.

Ps. You can check my Master Post of everything I’ve ever done Kpop related, including the other parts of this story.

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Are You Ready?

Happy Sunday!  Here, have some wank!lock smut to celebrate. 

I wrote this in a somewhat belated attempt to add some wank!lock to the Sherlolly/Loo tags, to help drown out the other kind of wank.  I’ll be posting this to Ao3 and around the 24th, so consider this a Tumblr exclusive until then.  (PS - Thanks to @lilsherlockian1975 for giving this a read through for me.)

Are You Ready?

Six months.

Six months since that phone call.

Six months since she and Sherlock sat down and had a very long, very emotional conversation about their feelings for one another.

Six months since they decided to give being in a relationship a go.

It hadn’t been easy, but Molly had never expected it to be.  

He got distracted by cases and would forget they had agreed to spend the evening together, which would have been annoying but understandable (she was well familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the man she’d fallen in love with, after all) if he would only remember to call her when he wasn’t going to show up.  Molly had been left waiting at a restaurant or museum several times over the first four months of dating.  He always made an effort to apologize when he realized what he’d done, and it only ever happened when the case was time sensitive or someone’s life was at stake. Twice, she had gone to Barts as soon as John called to tell her they were there and offered her assistance at the lab.  A missing child and a poisoned heiress were much more important than dinner at Angelo’s. Eventually she’d learned to text Sherlock to make sure he wasn’t on a case before she bothered to get ready for a date.

After all these years, it was still a little odd to think of herself as Sherlock’s girlfriend—for want of a better word. Lover certainly didn’t fit because it had been six months since their first “I love you” and they hadn’t progressed past passionate kisses and desperate, over the clothing, above the waist fondling.

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Daughter - Tyler Bozak Father Daughter Imagine

Originally posted by dallas41chicago88

This kinda came to my head and I love Tyler and I can just see him being very close to a daughter if he had one and Well Tyler always been a leaf since I was little and always mean a lot to me so I really wanted to write this one SO I hope you guys enjoy it!

Ella sat beside her foster mom and foster brother at her foster dad Christmas party. the whole team was there along with their families and girlfriends and wives. Ella was the oldest out of all the player’s kids at sixteen no one got anyone presents but Ella had gotten something for her foster dad. She wanted him to open it around the other part of her family the team. so she sat drinking her hot chocolate talking to her foster mom Molly.

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#122 - For donnerhall-darling & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “Could you write something about a secret relationship with Van and your parents finding out and not approving of him/getting mad because you’re both too different or they want you to end up with someone of their choice” and “van but him sneaking through your window to see you when he can” from @donnerhall-darling, and “a story where you don’t talk to a family member and van tries to build bridges between you both and reunite the family”

Technically you were an adult, so your parents didn’t really get a say in who you dated. They should never have anyway, but now that you were nineteen their opinions seemed particularly invalid. So, when they invited the neighbours and their twenty-one-year-old son over for dinner, you were well and truly fucking pissed. You knew it was a setup. So did he, but he was clearly a part of the scheme.

“So, Y/N, what do you plan on studying at uni?” he asked. You finished high school the year before and had spent the last few months looking at courses and being indecisive. You didn’t want any of it. What you really wanted was to follow Van and his band around the country and watch him play to the audiences of ten people. You parents knew Van but didn’t like him much. They were terrified that you’d end up with ‘someone like him.’ You weren’t dating, though. You were friends that shared smokes and would sometimes make out if you got drunk enough.

“Don’t think I’ll go to uni,” you answered. “Probably will become a roadie. Like, for bands or whatever?”

Your mother looked mortified, and your father shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Your older brother, who had come over for dinner, chuckled.

“You think this is funny?” you mother directed him. “Her just throwing her life away?”

“That seems dramatic. If she’s happy, fuck uni, right?” he answered her. Moving out of home had made him unafraid of their parental authority.

As you said goodbye to the neighbours after, you avoided eye contact with the son. He looked like he’d listen to EDM music on a Saturday night but have his best Church whites on in the morning. You hated him out of principle.

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Mad City

Hi! This was probably not what you had in mind but I was craving for some so this ended up happening! Anyways, thank you for sending in your request – I tried sticking to most of what you have requested in the prompt and thank you, I will continue to work hard! I hope you will enjoy this!

PS: Requests will no longer be accepted for the moment.

Tim had been minding his own business, typing away on his laptop when he first heard it. He frowns at first, wondering if he should check it out or not. But curiousity got the best of him so Tim glances at the clock, frowning when he realizes the time. There is no way that could be you: you were supposed to still be in school but why are you back at home earlier? When he hears it again, Tim’s suspicion is confirmed so he stops typing altogether and sets his laptop aside.

Tim pads out of his room and follows after the loud ruckus. The moment he arrives at the kitchen, he honestly wished he had stayed in the safe confinement of his own room. He freezes by the door and stares at the sight in front of him.

You have your back against him – this is something Tim is thankful for because he is not going to get in between you and the rest of his brothers – and your shoulders are tense. Tim notices that your body is starting to shake slightly with anger and his eyes widen when Dick catches his gaze, causing you to whip towards him. Tim wills his body to move away but before he could, you had grabbed him and made him stand beside Dick.

“Sorry, bro.” Dick tells you sheepishly but judging by the unapologetic look on his face, Tim doubts Dick actually feels sorry.

“Who are my pudding?” Your body has been shaking with anger and you could feel annoyance starting to bubble viciously, causing you to become angrier by the minute.

You had arrived home early because your classes had been cancelled and you had been looking forward to eating your pudding too – only to find out that your pudding is missing from the fridge (where you had last seen it) and eaten too (you saw the pudding container in the trash can).

That pudding had been the last of its kind from the supermarket and they have only recently announced that they will discontinue making those puddings for sale and you had really wanted to savour the pudding after school but no, someone ate your freaking pudding!

You glare at your brothers. During this time, you wish your looks could kill! “Where is my pudding?” Your voice is starting to get louder by the words. “I left it in the fridge last night and it was still there this morning when I went to get my milk before I left for school!”

Dick exchanges glances with Tim and Jason. He wonders if Damian took your pudding with him but he normally would not take anything of yours without asking for your permission – somehow you managed to tame Damian easily than the rest of them did so Damian is always going out of his way to make you happy.

‘Did you take her pudding?’ Dick mouths to Jason who rolls his eyes and shake his head.

‘Are you crazy? She hates it when people take her food!’ Jason mouths back. The first time he accidentally took your slice of cake, you had taken your training session with him up a whole new level. It is honestly a mystery how he left unscathed from the training session – the training room didn’t survive after all. Jason nudges Tim. ‘Did you?’

Tim shakes his head vehemently. ‘No, I didn’t!’ His eyes widen some more when he realizes that you are starting to lose control over your anger and voice. ‘We should do something!’ Tim motions at you and the two of them immediately look at you. You are definitely looking like you will burst anytime soon and that is the scary part.

You are literally hell hath no fury like a woman scorned personified.

“That pudding has been discontinued and they will no longer be selling those pudding – I was saving it up for me to eat now!” You want to cry – that was the extent of how angry you currently are. You also feel like punching someone. You have always known you have anger issues and at this moment, you barely even remember the exercises your therapist told you to do whenever you get too angry! “I really want my fucking pudding!”

“Y/N, we didn’t eat your pudding – none of us did,” Dick tries to soothe you but you shake your head. He steps toward you and you almost snarl at him but let Dick hold your shoulders anyways. He rubs soothing circles on your back, trying to calm you down. “We are really sorry but I honestly don’t think any of us ate your pudding.”

You whimper at the thought of no longer able to eat your pudding.

Tim whips out his phone. Maybe he can do something about this. He knows how much you enjoy eating that particular pudding too. Even though he hadn’t been the one to eat your pudding, he still feels somewhat guilty because he had been the only one in the manor – as far as he knew – and he couldn’t’ even stop anyone from eating your pudding.

“Y/N how about we go out and get something else?” Jason asks. “You like sweet things right? There is this new dessert shop that opened not far from my apartment.” Jason offers and you sniffle before looking at him.

“Do you think they have pudding?” You ask him and Jason shrugs his shoulders.

“I haven’t gone there yet but Roy and Kori have and they love it.” Jason recalls Roy telling him about how soft and wonderful the desserts at that shop tasted like so he might as well ask you. “We can go right now if you want?” He stares at you and yu slowly nod your head.

“Alright.” Dick rubbing soothing circles on your back has greatly helped you to feel less angry. You also remembered how to do your breathing exercises so you are starting to feel at ease now.

“Hey, Y/N – check this out.” Tim bounds over to you before handing his phone to you. “So it seems like they aren’t really discontinuing the pudding production – just taking a break at the moment and they will be back with a new name and face for the pudding!” With a little bit of digging, Tim manages to find the most exciting thing you have ever heard in your long years of living!

Dick sighs in relief. “So should we still head over to the dessert shop?”

You nod your head. “Yes! I want my pudding but I can’t have that now so I will settle for desserts instead.” You look at Jason expectantly and Jason nods his head. “Can we go pick Damian up and go out for some bonding time?”

Jason rolls his eyes but nods his head. “Sure, why the hell not? Let’s go then.”  

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you accept headcanons asks? Can you please do something like RFA + MC in a college setting???

um hi!!! i did put in my desc that imma start doing mysme headcanons after i finish seven’s route but what the hell, alright i hope you like this!!!

this is my very first request omg i hope i won’t disappoint!

here goes~

RFA + MC in a College Setting


  • zen is that popular guy in college who is most probably a jock ( i can see him playing basketball since he’s got the height and the strength due to workouts ) and a theater kid combined
  • everybody watches his shows and tickets always sell out a week before the performance also he’s got good looks
  • he is a cheerful guy who is the friend of everyone literally everyone like whenever he passes by somewhere in the university building he knows someone
  • but deep down inside he actually feels lonely because he got family issues and all and he works to his bones and he thinks that nobody can understand him really deep inside and most people would just probably know him or befriend him because of his looks or popularity
  • the professors adore him
  • he is a good student with bad habits
  • hes very chill at the classroom and at times can be really loud or pranking others ( i can see him doing this one with seven to yoosung )
  • he is the big brother figure of everyone
  • you can actually see him vandalizing the chair with something like “jumin han sucks furballs” like umm zen that’s illegal inside university premises???
  • if the subject bores him he falls asleep but still got something to answer whenever his name is called
  • he has a spot inside the university like the back of a building and he smokes cigs there to ease out his stress or just relax or take a break
  • then he meets MC/YOU
  • you actually meet at a very corny way possible
  • like since your first year in college you were borrowing books from the school library and one day you were borrowing the book “phantom of the opera” and out of all the students only you and zen are actually reading it
  • but you are only allowed to borrow a book only for 7 days in 2 weeks so that’s just only twice a month
  • and you return it, you actually VANDAL on the book card your name and your favorite line from the book
  • and zen borrows it after you and he sees your writing on the book card and he writes his name too and his favorite line just below yours
  • although when you borrowed it next you smiled because it was cute and there was someone who likes reading these stuffs as well besides you
  • and you continue this on for months and you laughed when at the end of the line exchanging you see a ps. “meet me at the back of the laboratory building. 4pm. -hyun”
  • and you actually HAD no idea who the hell is HYUN so this was gonna be your first time seeing him
  • you had no idea it was actually the popular guy ZEN
  • zen found relief from your little note exchanges
  • and you literally gaped when you saw him leaning on the wall of the building where youre gonna meet with his leather jacket and all
  • and you were like “umm? excuse me? did you see hyun?”
  • his heart skipped a beat
  • because since you left your name on the book card he searched and asked for you so he knows what you already looked like and he was happy that you were kind to him without you knowing who he really is
  • you were like a rose among thorns
  • he saw the light at the end of a dark tunnel because of you
  • you two chatted about things you love and you ask him about his performances and hobbies and you said sorry because you had no idea that HYUN and ZEN is the same
  • but you two were sent to the prefect because of vandalism on a book cover since your line-exchanges filled the entire back cover
  • he’d help you to any subject you find hard and will be very supportive and attentive at your needs
  • he’d walk with you around the campus while holding your hand or sometimes your waist and your things as well
  • he’d wait for your classes to finish and he’d take you out to eat street foods or get ice cream in a park and walk you home
  • he’d sing for you whenever you feel stressed coz ‘college’ and you two ended up having a singing session
  • he looks at you like you’re the prettiest woman in the world with all your curves and all your edges
  • and god you feel lucky to have someone like zen by your side


  • yoosung is that guy in class who is so chill he falls asleep at his desk at the back
  • and he has no clue what’s going on in class
  • he’s the one who the professor loves to call whenever a very hard question is asked
  • he’s that guy who asks for paper and borrows a pen because he forgot to bring any
  • he’s that cutie pie who loves to give hugs whenever you feel sad
  • he is often the target of pranks and actually fall for the same thing over and over again (seven and zen’s doings)
  • he is a very hard-working team member (also innocent lol) in a group activity you can actually make him run errands for everyone poor yoosung
  • he is soft-spoken and always cheerful
  • he hates the cafeteria food but eats it anyway
  • he is the little brother type
  • he is that guy you can run to whenever you feel like you need to remember that the world ( college acads ) is not as cruel as it is
  • you met him because he was playing LOLOL at the library’s computer
  • like what the hell yoosung really??? in the library???
  • you were a student assistant that time and he was raging and everyone can actually hear him screaming and cursing the monitor
  • and you’re like “excuse me, please get out.” and you drag the headphones away from his ears and points the door
  • and he was so embarrassed his face literally turns red
  • he was so cute you just want to pinch his cheeks
  • also you’re an inch taller than him
  • he can be a bit c l i n g y though
  • and since then he has been coming back to the library for no particular reasons
  • you often catch him sleeping and you let him out again
  • he purposely does something to catch your attention
  • and suddenly his library visits became a routine for the both of you
  • you bring him lunch and you eat together
  • you help him study and you quiz each other
  • zen and the others are like where the hell is yoosung going these days and why he is now awake at classes???
  • he helps you arrange books back to its bookcases, you wipe the tables, you throw garbage and both of you talk and have fun whilst doing so
  • you play games to make the after-duty clean up more fun
  • and he don’t mind staying late at the campus so he could be with you
  • he helps you with book inventories and waits for your dismissal
  • he walks you home but of course he buys you food first!!
  • he talks about what dishes he can make and that you should come over or he should come over to your house to cook you something since he noticed you don’t usually eat dinner since you get home late
  • he is very supportive of you and what you want to do in your life
  • you felt like you want to be better too since he wants to be better for you as well
  • you make goals together and it is so refreshing
  • your view of the world suddenly becomes clearer


  • she is very stoic and scary at first because she takes everything seriously but deep down she just wants someone to understand her
  • she is well-mannered and is very hardworking
  • she is the rumored candidate for the magna cum laude of the university for the upcoming graduation
  • she is very good at whatever things she does
  • she does not take jokes lightly
  • she completes all her requirements
  • she passes her term papers on time
  • she is a devoted fan of ZEN and is always present in each of his league games and stage performances
  • although sometimes whenever she looks at herself and at everyone else she suddenly remembers where she stands in this world
  • and that makes her sad
  • she is also a bit hard on herself like she doesn’t believe that anyone would actually notice what she does for everyone’s welfare
  • but when you two met
  • when you were delivering examination papers to be scanned and checked and the professor told you to bring it to the student government meeting room
  • you see her there, sitting and already checking a bunch of papers all by herself
  • she has this tired yet deadpanned face while doing the job
  • you cleared your throat to make your presence known as you gently laid the papers on long meeting table
  • she ushers you out of the room with a small thanks
  • and you have been doing this straight for a week
  • and you’re shocked to see that no one’s actually helping her do the job??? like why is she alone?? where are the others???
  • and you discovered that all the other members have always relied on President Kang on everything so she ends up having to go home and work late
  • and this fumes you in anger
  • so you go to the meeting room one time unannounced and you just sat beside her and start getting some exam papers yourself
  • jaehee was actually shocked and confused and a bit pissed because you cannot just barge into the student gov’t room like that
  • but she sees that you were holding a paper, a stamp and an ink pad and she immediately understands
  • you start helping her out with her duties
  • you both were able to go home late after finishing the last pieces left
  • and when you both were about to part ways, she utters a small ‘thanks’
  • and you smile and say, ‘thank you for everything’
  • and that actually makes her heart flutter a little with joy because someone recognized her efforts
  • she will often assist you in every academic aspect
  • she will tutor you in any subject you find it hard omg jaehee bless you
  • she will prepare you snacks and give you small, encouraging words while going through an exam
  • she will listen to whatever you want to say about college and life because she’s just like a big sister or bestfriend you never had
  • she’d share the umbrella with you when you go home, it’s raining and you forgot yours
  • she’d always have your back
  • she accompanies you to the things you wanna do and you do the same for her
  • she is very supportive of you but she wants you to make a clear plan for the future so that you can be happy and you know what to do with your life
  • she will encourage you evaluate things first before making judgments
  • because jaehee ‘noona’ kang is precious bunbun


  • this guy will be the death of you
  • he is that one where he is so damn rich everyone just wants to please him or get on his good graces
  • he’s had a pretty lonely life struggling to find someone who can accept him with all his flaws and understand him without any conditions
  • and he’s pretty much given up that idea now that when he entered college, it was just another same scenario he is overly familiar with his entire life
  • he is respected because of his family name not because people see him as just another average student or human
  • he felt isolated with the others
  • girls flock over to him in high hopes that he might notice them and would actually take interest???
  • when he walks people would just want to lay down a red carpet for him because his shoes might get dirty
  • he always hangs out with V and other popular and rich kids
  • he’s the third wheeler with V and Rika
  • he actually feels alone inside
  • his mouth has no filter
  • lots of bad mood swings at first since going through a rebellious phase
  • he says whatever the fuck he wants to say without minding whether you’d be offended or hurt
  • and just states that it’s the truth umm??? ok
  • he can mask who he is properly without failure and once you talk to him he faces you with his “business-only” facade
  • he can smile at your front and tell you you’re an idiot in your face
  • he’s that extremely brilliant student in the business department and is very popular in terms of good looks besides Zen
  • girls swoon over the jumin han
  • he is so used to this that he actually has a jaded view and opinion about people and women in general
  • he knows how to manipulate women to doing what he wants by using his good looks and smooth mouth aka sweet talker jujubean
  • ** i also have a theory that he is actually not a virgin anymore?? like he actually gets laid occasionally and is pretty good at it but he never actually made love yet but i just couldn’t picture him christian grey-ish. jumin isn’t the one to fancy having sex partners or sex slaves
  • since it is canon that he uses his looks to get what he wants in business deals
  • he had flings and he can often be seen drinking in exclusive bars together with V and some of their friends
  • the longest base he can do to a girl if he’s a bit drunk is only the first one
  • he is expert in using his tongue ;)
  • he cannot drive for the life of him
  • the two of you meet because you both have the same course and you’re the only scholar student inside the prestigious university
  • you both majored in business management
  • you two met when he was stating a joke in front of everyone in the classroom and you noticed that everyone hesitated to laugh at first because its damned corny
  • but you burst out laughing hard
  • and everyone was??? uh???
  • and that caught his attention. he never knew you existed until just now
  • he slowly walks over you and you were still recovering from the joke when he clears his throat and asks what your name was in a very deadpanned and low tone of voice, almost cold
  • and you were literally stunned
  • you blush and excuse yourself because what the fuck jumin dont surprise me like that
  • and while he watches you scurry away a small hint of smile escapes his lips
  • V notices this
  • and he looks for you after class and drags you and you find yourself standing in front of the jumin han
  • you fidget because you were afraid he might kill you and dump your body in the river as he motioned you to get into the car
  • and V whispers to you before you go that he always noticed you were the only one laughing at jumin’s jokes wholeheartedly and had always looked at him like the regular human he was
  • like when you didn’t hesitate to offer him a sandwich in the rooftop without caring who he is that one time because you heard his stomach grumble and you had no clue it was him???
  • and that was the first time that someone approached jumin without taking advantage or having any malice that he’s the heir of a huge business empire
  • you helped him with genuine intentions and he was extremely happy about it
  • but he was also upset because he never saw you again???
  • and it happened like a year ago???
  • and you still had your hair in a different style back then compared to now
  • and V explained it to jumin
  • because V is a matchmaking cupid
  • and jumin invites you to meet his still a kitten elizabeth the 3rd
  • jumin is still oblivious to a lot of things but he will make sure he learns it slowly over time with your help
  • like you teach him the value of thanking and recognizing others first for the man that they are and not because they’re potential business partners in the future
  • you put up w/ a lot of his shit especially when he catches some guy staring at you
  • you cook for him and strangely he prefers it more than the one he’s eating back at home
  • you notice him change around you and become a nicer person
  • he never failed to make you feel beautiful
  • every morning when you go to your desk, there is always a fresh bouquet of flowers, a note that says: ‘stay beautiful, my sunflower’and a smile from that raven-haired guy gazing at you intently while sitting at the back of the class
  • he will always put your interests first
  • and will discuss his goals regarding their company and what he wants to do with you
  • you cuddle together in a blanket at the rooftop during lunch time and just talk about each other but he would most likely want to hear about you
  • he will care for you like how a husband is to his wife and make sure you are well-pampered
  • ps he might even offer to pay for your entire college tuition


  • the class clown
  • the nerd
  • the prankster
  • that one guy who is extremely noisy because he is hiding something sad within him and he’s trying to mask it because it is easier for him to fake his facade than show his true feelings

PS. I just started on Seven’s route soooo i will just add things here when I come to finish it. Sorry for this! This is by far what I have observed of him and what I can see him to be.

Cookies and Cream

lol i really only had to add one line and then i was finished! guess i was closer to being finished than i thought! anyways, hope you enjoy! it’s their first date!!! i don’t own anything😊 ps—can you guys guess what my favorite line from this fic is? hint: it made me giggle lol
“I cannot believe you did that.”

Sylvie couldn’t help but blush when Antonio brought up her sampling all the ice cream incident. It was impulsive, she knew that, and it could have possibly ruined the date as it was also slightly catty. But he had found it to be hilarious, so all was well.

“I can’t believe it either.” She admitted with a laugh, taking a bite out of her cookies and cream ice cream. “He just made me mad.” She looked up and shrugged her shoulders at her date. Then she self-consciously wondered if she made it seem like she had a bad temper. During their date she has felt comfortable, but like with every first one, you have to have a few nerves. “Well, not mad. More irritated than anything. Like did he ever hear of the word patience?”

Antonio didn’t seem put off by her comments. “Apparently not.” They continued walking down the streets of Chicago, eating their ice cream. They had nowhere in particular to go, just decided to enjoy the nice evening weather. They had actually walked from Sylvie’s apartment. They had plans on riding in Antonio’s car, but decided to walk to the ice cream shop. “God, that look on that guy’s face though…..” He shook his head in disbelief, a wide smile on his face. “Completely badass.”

“Well, I’m flattered that you think so.” She took a bite of her ice cream. Cookies and cream was definitely the right choice. “You learn some things when you spend your time with Gabby twenty four seven.”

“I’m sure you learned some on your own.” He tried to give her credit, but Sylvie shook her head as she began to recall when she first moved to Chicago.

“God, you should have seen me when I first moved to Chicago.” She couldn’t help but cringe at the memory of her younger, naive self. “I moved into a bad neighborhood, because the rent was cheap. Should had realized that safety takes priority over cost of an apartment. And that I shouldn’t leave my money on the dining table.” His eyes widened at that comment. “Anyways, one day I left my door unlocked, and a burglar got in. Honestly, I’m surprised it took that long for someone to get in.”

“Okay, that is pretty bad.” Antonio told her. “But I can’t tell you how many situations I’ve seen over the years like that.”

“Oh! But I can give myself some credit.” She remembered the rest of her story. “Chased him off with a baseball bat.” She said proudly.

He nudged his shoulder against hers. “I don’t think Gabby taught you that in that short amount of time.” He complimented her.

“That is true.” She conceded, fully aware of how close the two of them were walking, their shoulders brushing with every step. With him not complaining, or making any motions to move, she assumed that he was just as fine with it as she was. “I guess I always had it, maybe.” She thoughtfully said, wondering why she was having this realization tonight of all nights. “Maybe with me living in the same small town all my life it was hidden…Had to get away to find myself….” She mused. Antonio was quiet next to her, seeming captivated by what she was talking about. Why, she had no clue.

“Sorry,” She apologized, this was a night for the both of them and she was talking about herself. “I tend to ramble when I’m nervous.”

“I make you nervous?” He asked, but said so with a tiny smile. Clearly her response had pleased him.

Sylvie couldn’t help but make a face at him, knowing what he was doing. “Yes, you do.” She said, then directed the question right back at him. “What about you?”

He stopped walking, turning himself directly towards her. “I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this nervous.” He truthfully told her. “And I get shot at for a living.”

His sincerity sent her into a slight loop, she wasn’t expecting such a response. “I wish I could say the same.” The words stumbled out, as she tried to regain control of them. He seemed so eloquent compared to her. This thought made their age difference come into mind, something she normally didn’t besides herself over but she was in a situation of vulnerability. “But honestly, I’ve had a gun pointed at me before and that’s pretty nerve wracking.” She rambled, becoming more flustered by the fact they were standing still and not moving forward. She was looking directly into his eyes, and God were his eyes beautiful, not helping her situation at all.

Antonio clutched his chest, acting offended. “You’re bruising my ego.” He said, but didn’t seem to mind at all. Had he stopped smiling at all tonight Sylvie wondered.

She reached forward to lightly brush his arm, pretending to comfort him. “I think you’ll be okay.”

It took a rude glance from a passing pedestrian for Sylvie to realize that they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk. “We better keep walking,” She said, gesturing for them to go.

They began to walk again, strolling through downtown Chicago. And as soon as she threw away her ice cream cup a block later, he took her hand into his. She could get used to this, she thought gleefully to herself. Here she was, 30 years old, but she was acting more giddy than when she was 16.

“I don’t find myself getting to enjoy the city anymore.” Antonio brought up, as he looked around at their surroundings. “It’s kind of hard to when you’re chasing criminals all the time. Can’t really stop and enjoy the view.”

“I get what you mean.” Sylvie agreed with him. “Except the not chasing criminals part. That would be replaced with patching people up and keeping them alive until they get to the hospital.”

“Much more noble.” He complimented her job, causing her to blush. Yes, she loved her job and was extremely proud to be a paramedic, but over the years she has been constantly compared to other medical professions. So it was huge to hear from Antonio that he thought her job was superior to his. He might be just saying it to make her feel better, but it still worked.

But she couldn’t help but voice her surprise. “Really?”

“Absolutely. You and Gabby do amazing work. Yeah, I know being a cop is great and important, and I help people as well. I’m not dogging my profession here,” He made sure to let her know. “But having to literally save a life, right in front of you…”

“How about we just both agree we work some pretty incredible jobs?” Sylvie offered, squeezing his hand. “So you can stop cutting yourself down.”

“I’m not cutting myself down,” He corrected her. “Just rising you up. Two different things.”

“What happened to the guy who replied to my magic hands comment with ‘I bet’?” She tilted her head at him, feeling victorious at the sight of his cheeks turning red. “Ha! I guess you are human!” She teased.

“I can be nervous and also comfortable.” He told her with a laugh. “Even though that night was under totally different circumstances.”

“How so?” She was curious to hear his response.

“I was taking a chance approaching you at Molly’s. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“And so you’re confident tonight?” She rose an eyebrow at him. “How are you sure that I am not having the worst time of my life right now?”

Antonio took her off to the side, getting out of the way of passing pedestrians. But to her amazement, they had reached her apartment building already. Had they already walked for that long? He leaned forward, his face only inches from her’s. “Are you having the worst time of your life right now?”

Her eyes couldn’t help but look back and forth from his eyes to his mouth. Plus the fact that she could feel his breathing didn’t help at all. “You’re a jerk.” She complained, making a face at him.

He, somewhat impossibly, got closer. “I didn’t know just asking a simple question makes me a jerk.”

“If you don’t move—” She began to warn him, knowing that if he stayed for another second longer, she wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to kiss him.

“If I don’t move, what’s going to hap—”

Sylvie cut him off, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her lips against his. He eagerly responded, his lips tasting like the chocolate ice cream he was eating minutes prior.

They only separated seconds later when she heard an obnoxious catcall, reminding her they were still very much in the public eye.


“Do you want me to walk you in?” He offered, gesturing to the tall apartment building.

Tempting, but she knew she had to decline. “If you walk me up to my door, I think I’m going to end up pulling you inside.” She told him seriously, giving him a look. She then took a deep breath, about to become more vulnerable. “I know this is going to contradict what happened a few days ago, but um, at least today, I think we should end here.” She then made awkward hand movements, trying to gesture to him that she meant right in front of the building.

“I think that’s a good idea.” He softly agreed.

Sylvie couldn’t hold back a smile. “Thank you, for today. I had a great time.”

“I had a great time too.” He repeated, and to her surprise, leaned in and kissed her cheek. “See you soon?”

She held up her phone, waving it slightly. “You can text or call.” She told him, but then wanted him to know that she could as well. “I mean, I can too, I just—”

“I get it, Sylvie.” He stopped her with a laugh.

They parted ways, and after she traveled up to her apartment, she couldn’t hold back her glee when her phone vibrated, signaling a text from Antonio.

Friday? The text read.

She began to smile. I’m free:) She texted back.

When he texted back the word perfect, she had to prevent herself from responding, not wanting to seem to eager. But God, was it Friday yet?


“Well you’re in a cheery mood.” Stella commented as Sylvie was putting away her clothes in her locker. It was the beginning of their shift, but she was still riding high from last night, this early work time was definitely not getting her down.

She shrugged, not wanting to be too gossipy and open. A part of her enjoyed knowing that yesterday’s experience was only between her and Antonio. Also they weren’t alone. Severide, Mouch, and Herrmann were in the locker room as well.

“Any reason?” The female firefighter continued to press when they were leaving the room. But Sylvie refused to budge.

“What are you trying to get out of Brett?” Gabby was now approaching them, a confused look on her face. Sylvie then knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret for much longer. She had to have known about last night.

“She’s in a really good mood.” Stella was getting frustrated, she certainly didn’t like to be kept out of the loop. “I’m trying to figure out why.”

Gabby frowned. Hope soared in Sylvie’s heart, maybe her partner wouldn’t put the pieces together and she would be able to go through the day without being constantly asked questions.

Stella continued talking. “I was about to ask if she got laid or something—”

“I didn’t get laid—” Sylvie protested. And that was the truth. They had just made out outside of her apartment building.

With that, Gabby groaned. “Last night was your date, right?”

Sheepishly, Sylvie nodded.

This intrigued Stella even more. She began to hit Sylvie’s arm in excitement. “What the hell, girl!” She exclaimed. “You had a date! Why is this the first time I’m hearing of it??? Who was he?” She threw tons of questions at her.

“It’s not a big deal, guys—” Sylvie tried to brush off the importance. But who was she kidding! That date with Antonio was definitely the best one she had ever been on.

“Don’t you want to hear what he said about it?” Gabby asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sylvie immediately turned towards her, with a dropped jaw and widened eyes. “Really? He said something?” She resisted the urge to grab onto her and start begging. “Did he have a good time?” Antonio had said that he enjoyed their date, but he could have been lying to not hurt her feelings!

“Do you really think I talked to my brother in the timespan from last night to this morning?” She laughed, as Sylvie realized her friend was only teasing her. Her face turned red. She had acted like a school girl with a crush.

“What!? Antonio Dawson!?” Stella yelped.

Sylvie’s eyes immediately went around the break room, seeing if anyone was listening. At the outburst, a few head’s had popped up, but then went back down, showing no interest.

“Shouldn’t this be talked about over drinks?” She tried to end the conversation. She would feel much better about discussing this at Molly’s.

“Who can wait that long!” Stella wasn’t having it. “Seriously? Antonio freakin’ Dawson. How did you snag that piece of—”

“Hey! Sister right here.” Gabby butted in, a disgusted look on her face, guessing what Stella was about to say. “Please mind your language.”

Sylvie used Gabby’s uncomfortableness to her own advantage. “I don’t want to make Gabby feel weird, so—”

“Come on! Gabby can handle it.” Stella was not giving up. “If she can’t, we can for sure go somewhere else to talk—”

“Oh, whatever!” Gabby sighed. “Even if it is my brother, a part of me still wants to hear about it! Just don’t make it too gross, please.”

Didn’t anyone need an ambulance???? Usually they had an abundance of early calls. “Okay, fine.” She conceded. “We went to get ice cream—”

“God, that’s freakin cute.” Stella interrupted.

Sylvie rolled her eyes. “Then we just walked around the city, talking and whatever.” She tried to make it sound vague, but couldn’t hide the big smile appearing on her face.

“Anything else?” Stella asked. Gabby was staying silent, but she was intrigued as well.

“Um….we held hands….” Stella didn’t have much of a reaction to that, it was clear she wanted something more juicy. “…and we made out outside of my apartment building.” Sylvie added.

Gabby made a face, while Stella waggled her eyebrows. “And then….?”

“Please don’t go any further!” Gabby moaned, starting to cover her eyes.

“Nothing else happened!” Sylvie quickly assured her two friends. “We both agreed that since it was our first date, we shouldn’t jump right in, you know?” She explained.

“Like how you jumped him the week before?” Gabby dryly said, which made Stella let out a shriek.

“Okay, that-that was—” Sylvie stuttered, knowing she had no way of explaining that. “That was a special occasion…”

“You going to my brother’s apartment on a random Tuesday night to seduce him was not a special occasion.”

As God specifically was coming to safe her, the alarm went off above them, calling for ambulance 61. She let out a sigh of relief, dashing out to the garage, knowing that Gabby would be more than happy to drop the subject.

But she knew that she had to at least acknowledge the whole awkward situation Gabby was in, how her partner slash friend was with her brother. “Sorry that you had to hear all of that.” Sylvie apologized as they got into the ambulance. “I know this is weird for you, and I appreciate that you’re handling it well.”

“I can’t lie to you, it’s really weird. Like really weird.” Gabby confessed as she pulled out of the garage and onto the street. “But if you two are happy, then I can’t really complain, you know?”

Sylvie nodded. She couldn’t complain either, about anything really. With her great job, friends, and now a new relationship, things were only looking up for Sylvie Brett.

Pro-Stelena meta: you can be friends and in love with

- English isn’t my first language. You’ve been warned. -

Stefan simply says he THINKS you can’t be both in 5x18, except he’s just trying to be a good brother and help d*lena, because the truth is: he called Elena as his friend in 4x14: yet he kissed Elena’s hair in 4x15, was clearly attracted to her in 4x16, said he can’t shake her in 4x19 and called her as the love of his life in 4x23.
He dreamed about Elena, probably everyday to not turn off his humanity in 5x01 and 5x02. He was falling in love with her all over again without memories in 5x04. Katherine says “I think you’re still in love with Elena” in 5x09 and later Stefan replied she was right, but he feels like he needs to move on and he failed, because Katherine realized in one night, an eternity, Stefan would never look at her, the way he looks at Elena in 5x10. He kissed Katherine in Elena’s body in 5x14 and he only stopped the kiss because he thinks is wrong for Damon. Stefan is selfless, but he was still heartbroken when he watched the d*lena kiss in 5x21.
Stefan called Elena as his friend again in 6x08 and he says “nothing more” (deleted scene/ biggest lie to himself) for Damon. He says how he was in love with Elena and because of that, he wanted her to know everything. What is interesting, is that he’s still telling her everything. There’s a deleted stelena scene of 6x04 when Stefan says he’s sorry for telling her what Alaric did to her, because she was not supposed to know and Elena asks “So why you did?” and that’s because Stefan still is in love with Elena, but he’s trying to move on.
Stefan! Cooper proposing to Elena! Williams called her as his “best friend” so of course you CAN be friends and in love with someone. That’s healthy. The same way Stefan can call Caroline as his friend and kiss her…
And then Stefan with humanity off says “Take it from me, Elena Gilbert never really goes away” and that’s just prove my point. Stefan died loving Elena, not in a platonic way. Stefan hides his feelings, like a decent person, because the girl he’s in love with isn’t single. That’s why Cade had to say for him, “i can see why you both love her” while Stefan is staring at Elena’s coffin.
Paul Wesley about Stefan’s feelings for Elena in season 5:
“I think there is ALWAYS going to be that residual i’m in love with you but i think he respects her as friend”
So Stefan will love Caroline forever, but he will love Elena FOREVER and ALWAYS too.
“I love you. I will ALWAYS love you” (3x18)
“I will ALWAYS love her” (4x05)
“I will ALWAYS love you Elena” (5x18)
“I have ALWAYS loved you” (6x04)

Now i’ll talk about Elena’s feelings. Elena also called Stefan her friend in 4x14, yet she was putting her leg on his shoulder in 4x16, she tells him “you look good, i remember our sex and it was good sex” plus she told him “i’ve turned it all off, including my feelings for you” that means she has feelings for him. She was jealous of him in the same episode. 4x19 she tells Rebekah “you RUINED my relationship with Stefan”, she tells Damon “you know what else blew? being sired to you…” while Stefan is listening. 4x23 she gave what Stefan always wanted= the cure.
In 5x02 Elena says “Stefan’s been… he’s been suffering for months while i’ve been rolling around with you a self-proclaimed serial killer” she called having sex with Damon as “rolling around”
In 5x03 Elena runs to Stefan without even noticing Damon. In the same episode, Katherine tells Elena “deep down you know that he was your one true love and breaking up with him was a big mistake” she was right.
In 5x04, Elena touched Stefan’s chest and that scene CLEARLY shows she’s attracted to her friend.
In 5x06, Elena was jealous of Stefan and Tessa. Canon. Tessa to Damon about Elena “I used the oldest trick in the book jealousy of Stefan! Thought you should know”
In 5x11, Elena was ready to give up on Damon and she was jealous of Stefan with Katherine. Stefan trying to help Damon makes him not available and Elena saw that when he said “Just remember that you never gave up on me” PS: Elena stares at Stefan’s lips in THIS moment.
So Elena finally reveals what she’s been trying to hide. “I will ALWAYS love you too” (5x18).
Elena asking Stefan if she thinks her and Damon will be able to talk like this, that’s her asking Stefan if he thinks her relationship with Damon can be healthy as her relationship with Stefan. Stefan being subtle replies no.
She knows you can be friends and in love with someone, that’s why she didn’t reply Stefan’s tentative to help Damon. She knows her relationship with Damon is toxic, because she says it in 5x21:
“If that’s not a sign that we’re in a toxic relationship…”
just like Nina Dobrev said Delena is toxic:
She pretends to marry Stefan in 6x04 and she never did this with Matt or Tyler.
She smiled when Stefan said he came back to Mystic Falls for her and she smiled again when Stefan said he was in love with her. She kissed Liam, because Stefan made sure he wasn’t available when he tried to help Damon. Plus, Stefan had a dead girlfriend Ivy. Elena telling Damon Stefan’s doppelganger is hot is Elena admitting she has feelings for Stefan but trying to be subtle… And then she tells Damon that Lily gave birth to her TWO epic loves in 6x17, that means Stefan still is Elena’s epic love IN 6x17. She flirts with Stefan in 6x21 and she tells him “i love you SO much” in 6x22 just like she said “i love you so much” in 2x06 and 4x06. She tells Stefan he knows her better than anyone in 5x07 and 6x22. Elena can love Damon forever, but she will love Stefan FOREVER and ALWAYS too.

Julie Plec about 8x16: “It was very important that we get to have a beautiful final emotionally romantic moment — not romance in the way that you understand it, but an emotionally romantic moment — between Stefan and Elena. And a goodbye that did them service as a couple that we had loved so much.”
Not romance in the way that you understand it= with kiss, etc.
But still an emotionally ROMANTIC moment between Stefan and Elena. Contrary to popular belief, you can be in love with two people at the same time and settle for someone, because the circumstances are fucked up.

Elena and Stefan are the love of each other’s lives, true love and soulmates. Circumstances didn’t allow them to end up together. The fact that Kevin and Julie implied Stefan and Elena were going to be endgame if Nina didn’t left proves that. Anyways, Stelena got the best non-endgame. “NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, it’s the best choice i’ve ever made” and she owes her life to Stefan. It was good to see Elena, one last time and he couldn’t think for a better reason to die if it wasn’t for her.

anonymous asked:

That Akashi drabble was a really good and unique take on his self that is behind what other people see of him. I really liked it. I hope you don't mind doing another Akashi so soon? Something angst that involves 'bokushi' and the hardships that his s/o has to deal with because of this other self?

Thank you! And no problem, I love writing about Akashi! :)

ps: sorry this got so long! I think I got too into it so I apologize if it’s not what you wanted!

As much as you loved Akashi, sometimes it was really hard to get along with him. Although you didn’t blame him, he couldn’t help having an alternate self, that was a result of copious amounts of stress and trauma, no, it felt more like it was your fault for not being able to help him. Granted, even Akashi himself was not quite sure how he could be helped, you were his partner, dammit, and you should be able to do something.

It was frightening the first time Akashi’s personality had slipped despite the explaining he’d had done the first time he’d properly opened up to you, telling you about his other self and that it wasn’t really him when he reverted. He’d explained how the Winter Cup had affected him, brought him back to himself, but still, just that alone would not be enough to cure him completely. It wasn’t enough to chase away his alternate self that lurked at the back of his mind, waiting to take over once again. You’d been extremely supportive of him when he told you all this, you assured him that it wouldn’t change anything between you; the two of you had hugged as you reassured him, stroking his hair in a way that he would allow from no one else.

When it had happened, he’d been studying. He’d been working for hours on end and it was getting late. He’d had basketball practice earlier too, so you knew how exhausted Akashi must be. However despite his concealed struggling, he refused to take a break, much less stop working. You brought him food and tea but it remained barely touched, you attempted to massage the stress out of his shoulders but he shrugged you away. Eventually, you were struggling to keep awake and you wanted nothing more than Akashi to retire for the night as you still needed to get home but you didn’t want to leave him without knowing he was okay and resting.

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Can You Keep A Secret? - Sehun (Part 5)

Originally posted by wooyoung

A/N: Guys!! it’s here!! sorry for taking a little longer to write this, but you know,I was on finals week and everything was falling apart so , hope you like it (no way this is part 5 already :O)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 /Part 4

“Why are you not coming with me?”, Sehun asked you while pacing in front of you.”Sehun, I can’t just leave everything like this and travel with you and your parents, who are pontecially dangerous”.”But you’d be with me”.”I can’t Sehun”.”What do you want to come with me?”, he asked while placing his hand on the book that you were reading, you slapped his hand away, “nothing, why do you keep insisting?”, “we’ve traveled together so many times before”, “yeah, but now it’s different”, “how so?”, “now your parents think we’re dating”, “there’s not gonna have that much difference”.

“Y/N! At least for the weekend! You can get back on monday”, you looked at him considering it while he tried to ask cutely, but falling it while he shaked you, “Sehun! Oh my god, stop it! You’re such a kid, seriously.I’ll talk to my parents”, he stopped immediately and smiled “I knew it”, “uhum, sure”, “what’s wrong with you today? you’re all intelectual”, he said while grabbing your book.

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Fic: Don't Leave Me Now

For lennongirl44. Here’s this! Also, this is a reminder to people. Don’t drink and drive!

PS The request list is now empty :) And this is my first fic of 2015 :D


Title: Don’t Leave Me Now

Warnings: Car accident, drinking and driving, mentions of blood

It was New Year’s morning. You had spent the evening at a party with Tom and some of his friends, which included the likes of Benedict and his lovely fiancée Sophie Hunter, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, and several others. Tom had been drinking and you hadn’t, so it was your turn to drive, not that you really minded. You just wanted to get home in one piece. And it wasn’t like Tom was over the top drunk, but he was a little tipsy.

“I love you.” Tom said in the car. You glanced over at him and smiled. You grabbed his hand.

“You must love me a lot if you’re letting me drive your Jag.” You joked. He laughed.

“Well, you’re getting it washed later.” He said. You smiled and stopped at the red light.

“Wait until its warmer. I’ll wear a bikini and wash it myself.” You joked. Tom looked at you, his eyes shining with lust.

“Really?” You just laughed and started to drive again as the light turned green.

And that’s when your world changed.

Someone else had been drinking that night and decided to drive home. They ran their red light and hit your side full force. Your car spun and rested finally, with the car that hit you sitting a few feet away. Sirens were already blaring because someone called the police. One of the people who were walking home instead of driving. The driver and his passenger, both relatively unhurt minus a few scrapes, stumbled from the car.

“Shit.” The drive said. “Came outta nowhere.”

“I told you the light was red.” His friend said.

“They dead?” The drive asked as he peered into the car. You and Tom were both unconscious, but you were covered with a lot more blood than he was. His wrist was broken, because it was lying at an awkward angle beside him. “Holy shit, it’s that guy from that movie.”

“Which movie?”

“Ah…Avengers I think.” That’s when the ambulance showed up to take care of you and the man couldn’t get away before the police got to him. You and Tom were rushed to the hospital, but one of you had a greater fight than the other.


Tom woke up two days later, sore and confused. He groaned as he tried to sit up, and instantly his bed was surrounded by his mom, dad, sisters, and Ben. He looked at them, trying to figure out what was going on. Then he saw the IV attached to his arm and the light blue cast on his wrist.

“Oh my baby!” Diana said, hugging her son where she could. “We came as soon as we heard!”

“Heard?” He asked weakly, his throat hurting. “Heard what? What happened?”

“You were in a car accident.” James explained. “Some drunk hit you.” It all started to come back to Tom then, only he realized he hadn’t been driving. You had.

“Where’s (y/n)?” Tom asked. Emma, Sarah, Diana, James, and Ben all shared looks. “I know she was driving last night. Where is she?” Ben sighed and set in the chair by Tom’s bed.

“I’m afraid that (y/n) is in the ICU.” Ben said. “I’m not quite sure of everything the doctor said, but she had massive injuries, because the car was hit from her side.” Tom paled.

“A-and?” Tom asked, easily able to tell that Ben had more to say. Ben sighed.

“And…it doesn’t look good.” Ben said. “I’m so sorry Tom.”

Tom looked away from his friend. Did he just say that (y/n), the love of his life, wasn’t going to make it? The girl that he had just proposed to at midnight in front of that whole party wasn’t going to get to see a wedding? Tom set up.

“Tom, honey, you need to rest.” Diana said. Tom shook his head.

“Take me to her. Now.” Tom said. When no one made a move, Tom growled slightly. “Either someone get me a wheelchair and push me to her, or I’m ripping this damn IV out and going myself. Your choice.” James sighed and got the wheelchair. Carefully, Tom got into it and let Ben push him to the ICU.

“There she is.” Ben whispered. With the nurse’s permission, Ben pushed Tom into your room. Tom gasped as what he saw. Bruises covered your body. You had cuts from flying glass that might leave scars. Your right eye was swollen shut. Tom just stared at you.

“(Y/n)…” Tom whispered. He reached out and gently touched your arm. When you didn’t move, tears filled his eyes. “Please no.”

“I’m sorry I showed you this.” Ben said. “We should probably go back. You need your rest.”

“No.” Tom said. “I’m not leaving her.”


“I said no.” Tom said. “She’s not gonna leave me. So I’m not going to leave her.”


Tom was released from the hospital, but he didn’t go far. He stayed in your room with you, reading and talking to you, begging you to wake up, and just staying with you. The staff noticed a slight change in your health the more he stayed with you, and soon, you were moved to a normal room because your condition was no longer critical.


It had been a couple weeks since the accident. Tom was watching the news on the TV in your room when you woke up and groaned. Tom immediately picked up on the little noises from you and rushed to your side in a heartbeat.

“(Y/n). It’s me.” Tom said. “I’m right here.” You smiled weakly at first but, then you remembered what happened and you started to cry. “Oh darling, please don’t cry. Are you in pain?” You shook your head no. “What’s wrong?”

“I crashed your car.” You whispered. Tom looked at you in surprise. Here you were, lying in a hospital bed with an IV attached to you and at least 50% of your body bruised, and all you cared about was the fact that the car was wrecked. Tom held your hand.

“The car isn’t important.” He said. “Not in the tiniest little bit. You’re way more important. And all I care about it that you’re in one piece. I can take cabs the rest of my life as long as you’re okay.”


“Shhh.” He said, gently kissing your cheek. “The car I can have fixed. I can replace it. But I can never replace you. And you mean more to me than a car ever could.” Tears streamed down both of your faces, but right then, neither one of you cared. Because in the end, you were both all right. You were both alive. And you had each other. That’s all you needed.

Pink Stripes

hey guys!!! i think this is the longest brettonio one-shot i have ever wrote! definitely plan on writing more pregnancy stories in the future:-) i have to write one where he finds out about her little incident that happens in this specific story…..a direct sequel :-) hope u all enjoy! Happy Chicago Fire day!!!!! hopefully there will be an antonio mention tonight😍😍as always i don’t own anything! (Ps i know NOTHING about natalie manning from chicago med so just a warning if she seems OOC or whatever she was just a filler character haha)

Was the first word that ran through Sylvie’s mind as she viewed the two light pink stripes on the plastic pregnancy test she was clutching in her hand. The first one that she had taken was on top of the toilet paper dispenser.

This couldn’t be happening at literally the worst time in the entire world. Was this a joke? A scam?

No it’s not. She told herself, still staring at the test. You’re having a baby.

It was only a few days prior that Matt and Gabby had made the hardest decision of their lives to return Louie back to his birth father. The emotional turmoil would stick with them forever, but the wounds were still fresh. Gabby had only started back at work yesterday.

She was dealing with the loss of her child, and now Sylvie was going to have this news thrown in her friend’s face, that she was pregnant? How could this get even more terrible?

Gabby would be happy for her, she definitely knew that. But it would naw at her insides, reminding her of the boy she had just given away. Sylvie didn’t want to be that for Gabby.

And then there was Antonio. The father of the baby she was know carrying.

Yes, they were pretty serious. She had just met his kids a couple weeks ago. That has
to be the biggest sign of ‘we are in a serious relationship’.

However, they haven’t reached the subject of kids yet. Yeah, he already has two kids, but does he want more? Personally she had always wanted kids, but honestly hasn’t been thinking of them during her relationship with Antonio. It has just been so new, different. They had a considerable age difference, plus he was divorced with two kids.

She continued sitting on the toilet, staring at the test. Yes, she had to worry about how she was going to tell Antonio and Gabby, as well as if she would continue working as a paramedic during her pregnancy. The job wasn’t as dangerous as being a firefighter, however it wasn’t a safe desk job. She had a lot of things to be cautious about.

Most the important thing of all, she was going to be a mother. And when she thought about it, she technically already was, to this little bean who was living in her body. Sylvie lifted up her shirt halfway, gingerly resting her hand on her stomach. She knew it would be months before she will feel her baby kick, but just the realization that there was a human growing in her was enough to bring her to tears.

The opening of the bathroom door brought her back to reality. She wiped her tears away and brought her shirt back down. She then stuffed both of the tests into her pocket, making sure they were deep enough so no one would see them and they also wouldn’t fall out.

She exited the bathroom, trying to ignore the strange feeling that was taking over her entire body. She then realized that 'strange feeling’ she was trying to suppress: pure joy and excitement. She was going to be a mother!

“What the hell is up with you?”

Her thoughts came into a screeching halt when she remembered that she was no longer alone. Cruz was sitting at one of the tables, giving her a puzzled look.

“Did you just get some really good news?” He pressed, leaning his chin on his hands. “If you do, you should share it. We could all benefit from hearing good news.”

“Er.” Sylvie dumbly stared at Cruz, not knowing what to say. Ultimately, she did not want him to know before she told Antonio. “Uh, my sister had a baby.” Not a total lie. Her sister did have a baby. Three years ago.

For some reason Cruz bought her terrible lie. “Oh, cool.” He said, looking a little disappointed by her news. He returned his attention back to the newspaper in front of him.

Sylvie quickly left the room, her mind still whirling. She couldn’t keep this to herself for forever. She wanted to tell someone so badly. But she was only in the middle of her shift, and wouldn’t be able to see Antonio until tomorrow.

In her distraction, Sylvie ran into Stella. “Oof!” She began to fall back, but she was able to maintain her balance. However she immediately grabbed hold of her stomach, thinking of the human life she was now carrying. I have to be more careful. She reminded herself, returning her attention back to Stella, whose eyes were staring at her stomach and the hand that was resting over it.

She resisted the urge to quickly take it off and instead just kept her hand there. “Stomach ache.” She explained, hoping Stella wouldn’t be suspicious.

“Cramps?” She asked, a sympathetic expression on her face. “Had mine last week.”

It definitely wasn’t cramps, but Sylvie went along with it. “Yeah, my time of the month.” She pretended to look annoyed and also let out a little sigh.

“Sending prayers.” Stella squeezed Sylvie’s shoulder as she passed.

“Thanks.” She mumbled, trying to keep control of her nerves and excitement. How was she going to keep this secret? She never was good at keeping them anyways.

But it was like God had just answered her prayers when the alarm went off above, calling for Ambulance 61, Truck 81, and Squad 3. Hopefully the distraction of work would keep her focused and preoccupied.

Gabby was already in the driver’s seat when Sylvie arrived to the garage. “I hope you don’t mind.” She told her, starting the engine.

Sylvie shook her head, she never particularly cared if she drove or not. “It’s fine by me.” She responded. She sat in silence as Gabby pulled forward, leaving the firehouse and entering on the main road.

The address that the dispatcher gave turned out to be a location of a lake, which was now frozen due to it being the middle of January. And in the middle was a trio of three teenagers, one already in the water and the two others struggling to stay on top of a block of floating ice. To Sylvie’s dismay, they also were clearly intoxicated, at four in the afternoon.

“Jesus.” Gabby sighed next to her, as they observed Truck and Squad getting to work.

“I know.” Sylvie commented, anxiously watching as multiple members of 51 carefully walked on the frozen ice. She wondered how thick, or thin, it was.

“You have the blankets ready, right?” Gabby asked, before becoming quiet when she realized that Sylvie was holding them in her hands. “You’re one step ahead of me.” She complimented, grabbing one of the blankets.


Sylvie squinted her eyes, trying to visually find out who was calling her name. She noticed Herrmann waving his arms in the air.

She handed the blankets in her arms over to Gabby, approaching the frozen lake with caution. “Yeah?” She raised her voice so Herrmann was able to hear her.

“Can we pass the victims to you?” He asked. “You’re the smallest, it would be the safest way.”

Sylvie ignored how her stomach was now twisting at his request. It would be fine, she was only going to be going about ten feet out onto the ice, and this was her job. And not only was she helping the victims, she was helping her fellow 51 members as well. But her mind couldn’t help but immediately begin thinking about her child residing in her…. But she shook that thought away. She would be fine, she had nothing to worry about. She had to do her job and in order to do that she had to push those type of concerns away. Right now she had to focus on getting the three teenagers safely back to land while also making sure she wouldn’t fall through the ice herself. “Sure.” She gave in, taking a tentative step forward, visibly cringing when she heard the barest of crackling of the ice below her.

“You good?”

Sylvie nodded, trying to keep her anxiety at bay. “Yeah, I think so.” She kept taking cautious steps towards Herrmann, unable to hold back a sigh of relief when she was able to grasp onto one of the teenagers. Sylvie realized that he was the one who had fallen in, as he was soaked and wouldn’t stop shivering.

Sylvie retraced her steps, and once she reached Gabby, she wished that she didn’t have to go back on the ice. But without a second thought, she headed back onto the frozen lake.

The second trip went as smoothly as the first, but halfway through bringing the last boy back to safety, the ice began to split.

“Jump!” She screamed at the boy, pushing him forward. Somehow she was strong enough to cause him to move decently forward, only one of his feet went into the water, but he was able to pull himself out.

Sylvie has been out in the coldest weather during various work calls, feeling like she had achieved the ultimate level of coldness. Living in the Windy City she thought she had felt it all, the hot weather and the cold. But when she fell into the subzero water, she knew this was an experience that she has never gotten close to. She felt like she was in the cold version of hell.

Time felt like eternity in the frozen water, but it was actually only seconds later she was pulled out by Severide and Capp. She was feeling slightly delirious, still in shock from what had just happened.

A blanket was thrown over her shoulders. Gabby’s face was suddenly in front of her, her glove-clad hands clutching her cheeks. “Are you okay?” She demanded.

Sylvie nodded, her body unable to stop shaking. “J-Just a little cold.” She tried to reassure her friend, but when she spoke her teeth wouldn’t stop chattering.

Gabby grabbed Sylvie’s arm, pulling her towards the ambulance where the three teenagers were residing, all huddled up under blankets. Sylvie tried to protest, but Gabby wasn’t having it.

“Get in there.” She demanded. Sylvie complied, knowing that fighting against a stubborn Gabby would be a lost battle.

She sat down next to one of the boys, bringing the blanket tighter around her body to try to warm herself up. But she new that until she got her soaked clothes off, she wouldn’t be helping herself much anytime soon.

Horror filled her body when she realizes that she isn’t the only person that she should be worrying about. She has a very, very small human being growing inside her, one that is certainly more fragile than she is. Yes, Sylvie logically knew that the few seconds she spent in the subzero water probably wasn’t enough to hurt her baby, but she was a mother now. And a mother’s job was to worry. Her own mom used to tell her that all the time, but now she finally understood what she had meant.

“Hey, you okay lady?” The boy next to her spoke up, words slurring together. Sylvie tried to appreciate the concern, but he was breathing directly into her face and it was making her feel nauseous.

She tucked her head down towards her chin. “Yeah,” She muttered, trying to keep her composure. When she got to the hospital, she could ask them to check her baby. Just for a precaution. The stress of not knowing wasn’t good for the baby as well.

She lifted her wet shirt slightly, just to reveal her stomach. Her blanket was covering the majority of her body, so she knew she was having a private moment between her and her child. She pressed her hand to her skin, and closed her eyes. She leaned her head back, wondering why this was the longest ambulance ride of her life.

The next thing she knew, she was being shaken back and forth. Sylvie’s eyes flew open, and blinked a couple times before finally seeing Gabby come into focus.

“Here.” She handed Sylvie an extra pair of their paramedic uniform. “I’ll get them all situated inside, but text me immediately if you need anything, alright?”

Sylvie nodded. “I’ll be in right after I change.” She reassured her.

Gabby began to get off of the ambulance, but then stopped, unzipping her jacket and throwing it at Sylvie. “We don’t have an extra jacket, so you wear that.”

Sylvie opened her mouth to complain, but Gabby didn’t let her. “No arguing. You just fell into a frozen lake in the middle of winter. Now get dressed.” She then finally left, shutting the vehicle’s doors behind her.

Sylvie had a little difficulty removing her wet clothes, they were sticking to her skin, but felt relief when they were finally off. To her disappointment, there weren’t any spare bras or underwear, but decided to just go commando for the time being. She was only going to be in the hospital for a short time, and then would be back at the firehouse to put on clean undergarments.

After pulling on the jacket Gabby loaned her, Sylvie opened the doors and stepped out of the vehicle. She shivered, her body still cold from earlier. Picking up her pace, she entered the hospital, sighing with relief when she felt the warm air hit her skin.

“Are you better?” Gabby questioned, examining Sylvie with concern. “You could go sit down and rest for a couple of minutes.”

Sylvie spotted Natalie Manning a few feet away. “Actually, I’m going to go to the bathroom.” She told Gabby, keeping her eyes on the pediatrician. “I won’t be long!” She then made a beeline for the doctor, making sure she sped up her pace once she was out of Gabby’s line of sight.

“Natalie!” She managed to grab a hold of her lab coat, getting the woman to stop in her tracks. She let go quickly, not wanting to seem rude. “I’m sorry for disturbing you…”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “What’s wrong?”

Before she revealed anything, Sylvie wanted to make sure that Natalie wasn’t busy. “Do you have anywhere specific you need to be right now?” She asked.

“Not particularly—”

“Good!” She blurted in relief, and then took a deep breath to try to calm herself down. “Good.” She repeated.

Natalie grew more concerned. She grabbed Sylvie by the arm, pulling her into an empty room. “What’s going on?”

Sylvie’s hands began to cradle her stomach as only just began imagining herself telling her the news. She realized that she didn’t even have to speak out loud, Natalie’s eyes followed her movement and widened. She realized what was going on. Sylvie wasn’t surprised, the woman was a doctor after all.

“Wow, congrats!” She wholeheartedly told her. Sylvie now had a permanent smile on her face, she had someone else to enjoy her news with. Natalie wasn’t the ideal first person to tell, they weren’t really even friends, merely acquaintances, but with the circumstances she knew that she had to let the cat out of the bag.

“Thanks.” Sylvie warmly told the doctor. “I’m actually here for a specific reason, though…” And she explained her situation to Natalie, that she had fallen into the lake, only briefly, but wanted to make sure the baby was okay.

“Sure, I can do that for you.” She gestured for Sylvie to take a seat. She explained herself as Sylvie sat down in the chair. “Total coincidence that this is a room with an ultrasound.”

“As quickly and efficiently we can do this, the better.” Sylvie couldn’t help but squirm when the fluid was placed on her stomach. “I need to head back to work. Gabby thinks I’m in the bathroom.”

“When are you going to tell her?” Natalie asked as she moved the device over her stomach. “Are you waiting?”

“Not really, well not in that sense.” Sylvie admitted. “She just gave up a child that, while wasn’t biologically hers, was hers in every other sense. Letting her know I’m pregnant would be a slap in the face.”


“So I plan on not letting her know for at least a couple more weeks.” Sylvie explained. “It’s for the best.”

“Are you able to continue working as a paramedic while in your condition?”

“I was planning on just for the next couple of weeks, but then today happened. And I don’t know anymore.” She confessed, letting her head rest back against the head cushion.

But Natalie was looking at the screen above her. Sylvie’s eyes followed, as her heart began pounding faster than it ever has when she viewed her tiny bean.

“Wow.” She breathed, staring with amazement. “That’s…..that’s amazing.” She was finding it hard to accurately voice how she was feeling.

“And the baby looks perfectly healthy.” Sylvie couldn’t hold back a grin when Natalie told her the news. “You’re at 8 weeks, I think.”

“Could I get a picture?” Sylvie asked. Natalie nodded, heading out of the room briefly. “Actually, could I have two?” She called out. Antonio would probably like one.

At this, Natalie turned around, an own smile on her face. “For the father?”

Sylvie nodded. “Yeah, for the father.” She repeated, but the smile on her face stretched from ear to ear.

When Sylvie headed back to the front of the hospital, Gabby was sitting in one of the chairs, looking impatient. Sylvie gulped, wondering what kind of excuse she could use to explain why she was apparently 'in the bathroom for the past 20 minutes’.

“Sorry I took so long.” Sylvie apologized as she approached her.

But to her surprise, the annoyance on Gabby’s face cleared up right when she noticed her. “It’s fine, you probably needed the few extra minutes to yourself.”

“Yeah, I feel a lot better.” But what Gabby didn’t know was she was feeling better for an entirely different reason. Knowing that her baby was okay, and getting to actually see it has totally flipped her mood around. However Sylvie knew she couldn’t let her emotions show, Gabby would certainly become suspicious.

They left the hospital, preparing for more calls once they got back to the fire station. Luckily for Sylvie, the rest of the shift went by smoothly. She didn’t have any risky situations like the frozen lake scenario, and was able to put all of her focus into her job.

Sylvie had just changed out of her work clothes and was grabbing the remaining stuff out of her locker when Stella appeared over her shoulder. “Molly’s tonight?” She questioned. “After that hellish experience earlier today, I think you deserve a drink.”

Too bad she couldn’t for another nine months, Sylvie sadly thought to herself. “Another night.” She promised the firefighter, shutting her locker door. “I think I want to go home and get a good night sleep.”

Thankfully Stella didn’t push any harder to try to convince her to go out. “We will miss you.” She told her, leaving the room. “If you change your mind, come straight down.”

Sylvie laughed, following her out. “It’s eleven at night, I don’t think I will be changing my mind.”

She wasn’t planning on telling Antonio about the pregnancy until tomorrow, but with today’s events and the two photographs carefully tucked away in her purse, she couldn’t wait. He was probably getting ready to go to bed, or could be already asleep, but he wouldn’t be mad when he hears this exciting news. At least Sylvie kept telling herself he was going to be excited. She wouldn’t let herself go down the path of negativity.

Stella seemed to have guessed where she was heading to. “Going to your boy’s place?” And laughed when Sylvie’s face started to turn red.

They exited the building, heading to their respective cars. As Sylvie got into her car, she hears Stella call out one last thing. “The offer still stands!”

Sylvie stuck her head out of her window, laughing. Stella was super persistent. “I’ll tell Antonio you said hello!”

She didn’t wait to hear Stella’s reply, or maybe her friend didn’t hear her at all. Either way, Sylvie started her car, trying to control her nerves as she headed to Antonio’s apartment.

She had both pregnancy tests and the two sonograms in her bag, definitely planning on using at least one of them when she revealed to Antonio that she was pregnant. Or she was going to use both. Honestly, she had completely no idea what she was going to do once she got to his place. Would she say a long speech, or just blurt it out? A part of her was worried her emotions would take over and she would start hysterically crying. She probably was going to end up winging it, but trying to have multiple backup plans was helping lessen her anxiety.

She refused to let herself come up with a plan if he didn’t want the baby. She wouldn’t let her mind enter that territory. There was no reason to freak out over something that might not even happen.

Still, Sylvie knew the knots in stomach wouldn’t be untangled until she would see Antonio’s reaction.

After pulling into the garage of Antonio’s apartment complex, Sylvie took a couple minutes to herself to try to calm down and collect her thoughts.

“I can do this.” She told herself out loud, the overwhelming silence of everything else making her focus just on her voice. “Everything will be okay.”

After allowing herself a moment of silence, she took a deep breath and stepped out of her car.

The walk to his specific apartment seemed longer than usual, definitely because of the added anticipation she was feeling. But she soon made it to the elevator, and then finally was on the floor his apartment resided on.

“Well here goes nothing.” Sylvie muttered, taking one more deep breath before knocking on Antonio’s door. He had given her a key, but she honestly felt like she was still barging into his apartment with it, so she preferred knocking.

Minutes passed, which made Sylvie realize that he had to have been sleeping. Good going, Sylvie. She thought to herself, bouncing her weight back and forth between her legs. She knew if she had to wait any longer she would between pacing the hallway.

But the door opened. And unfortunately she was right, Antonio was in his pajamas with bed-head hair, looking exhausted. Sylvie racked through her brain, trying to remember what day of the week it was….

“Oh no!” She cried out, her free hand going over her mouth in shock. “It’s Wednesday, isn’t it?”

Her tired boyfriend nodded, letting out a loud yawn. “Yeah, it’s Wednesday.” He repeated.

Wednesday’s were his worst days at work, for no particular reason. He always seemed to have the hardest cases with the most difficult of families. And countless other obstacles seemed to show up. A couple weeks ago, his coffee maker broke on a Wednesday. And a few weeks before that, he got a flat tire.

Sylvie had no idea what happened this particular Wednesday, but judging by his exterior appearance, it was exactly the same as the others.

“I’m sorry, Antonio.” She gently grabbed one of his hands, allowing herself into his apartment. “But I have news that couldn’t wait until morning.” She directed the sleepy man to the couch, eagerly awaiting his every move.

“It’s fine.” He yawned again. “Is something wrong?”

“No. I mean, you could possibly think it will be wrong, but I don’t think you will—” Sylvie was realizing exhaustion was getting to her, as she was finding it difficult to articulate her words accurately.

“Sylvie, just tell me. We both won’t know how I will feel until I know what the news is.”

“I think it might be better if I show you.” She told him, bringing her bag into her lap. As she searched through, trying to find one of the pregnancy tests and sonograms, she could feel Antonio’s confusion grow.

“What do you mean show me?”

Sylvie didn’t answer him, her attention on her bag and what was inside it. She unzipped one of the side compartments, gingerly pulling out one of the sonograms. She removed it from the bag quickly, yelling “don’t look!” to Antonio, who claimed he wasn’t, but Sylvie knew he was trying to get some kind of clue. She tucked the piece of paper underneath her thigh, making sure she wasn’t going to crinkle it.

She found the pregnancy test a few seconds later. This was it, the moment of truth. There was no reason to delay it for any longer.

She reached for the sonogram, making sure the plastic test was in her other hand. After taking another deep breath, she plopped but of the objects into Antonio’s lap.

She dug her nails into her thighs, trying not to freak out over the anticipation of his reaction. She doesn’t remember any other moment she has felt this anxious and excited.

He picked both objects up, one in each hand. But Sylvie was intently watching his face, wanting to see every emotion that came across his face.

The first she was able to distinguish was shock, which Sylvie was able to understand. Hell, that was the first one that she felt herself.

But then Antonio directed a question at her. “Is this–Are you really–” His eyes were wider than she had ever seen them, and his jaw was on the floor. He was completely caught off guard.

Not sure if she could trust herself from having an emotional breakdown, she only nodded her head.

She let out a shriek when Antonio suddenly pulled her forward, bringing her onto his lap.

“The sonogram—” She warned him, not wanting to damage it.

“It’s on the table, it’s fine.” He mumbled into her hair. He kept his hold on Sylvie, but brought his head back, making eye contact with her. “This is real? One hundred percent real??”

“It’s one hundred fifty percent real.” Sylvie reassured him, resting her hands on his thighs. “You’re going to be a dad again, old man.” She couldn’t resist the tease. At the beginning of their relationship, she knew their age difference was a sore spot to him, but now he only rolled his eyes and scoffed when Sylvie decided to throw in the rare dig.

“I’ll keep that in mind when you’re 9 months pregnant, begging me to go out to get you some specific kind of ridiculous food.” Antonio dryly told her, shutting her up. “I won’t be able to go out, my joints will be aching.” But even he still had a big smile on his face, letting Sylvie know that he wasn’t serious.

“So you’re happy?” Sylvie couldn’t resist asking, wanting a confirmation.

“Hell yes I am happy!” He told her, reaching over to pick up the sonogram. He stared at it in amazement, tracing his fingers over the picture of the tiny fetus. “Holy shit.” He mumbled, only awe shining through his eyes.

“Holy shit, indeed.” She echoed his words, as love filled her heart while silently viewing Antonio examine the paper, one of the most amazing sites she has ever witnessed in her life.

my mind, it travels

a short fic, modern AU ft. internet friends having Feelings™ - the title comes from lyrics from the song “north” by the family crest. PS - i’ve decided to keep writing bellarke fic out of spite. bellamy + clarke 4ever. Bonus points if you spot the Dawson’s creek reference.


“Just imagine them all in their underwear.” Bellamy’s voice is loud through the tinny speaker of her laptop.

Clarke rolls her eyes. “That’ll help. Will you let me get on with this?”

“Miss Griffin, are you going to keep harrassing the audience or are you going to give a speech on feminist politics?” 

“Bellamy, I swear–”

“The crowd might be rowdy, Clarke. I’m just trying to prepare you.”

“Okay, okay, seriously. How does this sound?” Clarke asks, adjusting her legs so she’s sitting cross-legged on her bed, facing her laptop. She reads out a speech that she’s been working on for her political science lecture the next day, feeling herself blush when, after she’s done, there’s no reaction from the boy on the screen in front of her. “It’s that terrible, huh?” She tries to joke, but starts chewing on her fingernail, her anxiety kicking in.

“No!” Bellamy splutters. She sees him move around, trying to get comfortable, adjusting his glasses on his nose. “It was good! Really good, Clarke. I was just surprised – you quoted me.”

Clarke blushes again. “That study you told me about fit well for the topic.” She shrugs.

Bellamy is grinning now, the smug idiot. “So I’m your primary source?”

Clarke scowls. “Shut up.” She’s smiling, however, like most of the times she talks to Bellamy. 

Keep reading