remember when i thought he wasn't that attractive

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but of course it was a pick up line! i thought it was implied? honestly, i've always thought louis was totally hitting on him with the 'you're gonna be famous' story! that approach wasn't platonic at all -remember how louis always says that, when you like someone, you just have to go for it? that's exactly what he did with harry. no doubt in my mind louis was attracted to harry the first second he saw him. he just waited for the right opportunity to approach him, that clever bastard.

Imagine him talking to Harry in that soft flirty little voice of his, and I’m going to throw this out there but he probably touched his wrist you/know/the/way I mean because he’s done it to Harry before and Harry was all pink cheeks and bashful and scared and Louis made him feel better and he definitely had a crush too seeing as he caught Louis in his arms without even knowing him and I’m distraught.