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I love Ampylier and Septiishu but I also ship anti/dark because to me they're actually fictional instead of intensely shipping straight best friends regardless of their partners.

it’s like jack said in his stream, regardless if you ship amyplier and septiishu or not, they’re still going to be couples nonetheless. but i personally love them because they make each other very happy, and seeing them all happy makes me happy too. 💛

and exactly! and you gotta remember, anti and dark started off as fan creations. dark came abouts when mark posted videos of himself in like 2012 era, of him acting strange, and his fans took it that it was his ‘dark persona’. jack with anti is very recent, since anti came abouts in 2016, but jack grabbed as much as he could about the character online to create what anti is today. 

so yes, i agree! they’re just fictional characters. in my opinion, shipping anti and dark is like shipping your favorite tv show characters. like, you ship the characters, not the actors. and the dark and anti ship is not for everyone, so i completely respect people’s decisions. 💚

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How long have you shipped RM? And are your feelings for them just as strong now as it was then??

Hi nonnie, that’s a great question!

I remember I started shipping Rivamika right after I came back to the SNK fandom when episode ~5 of the anime aired. I caught up with the manga in a week (”I wonder who’s that overpowered shortie called Rivaille?”), and the shipping feels hit me hard when I first read chapter 37. It was May 2013. (’; By June 2013 I was neck-deep in Rivamika hell and I didn’t even know we’d be blessed by something such as the Uprising Arc in 2014.

For me, shipping is much like falling in love with someone. It’s a feeling that always starts out strong, it’s euphoric, you daydream constantly about them, you thirst for any fanfiction you can get your hands on… by the time I created this blog in July 2014 (when the Rivamika fandom was exploding because of the Uprising Arc) I was only starting to slightly come down from my high.

Now I feel more like I’m in a committed relationship with Rivamika, and managing this blog is much like being married to the ship (lmao). I don’t think about it 24-7 anymore like when you ship something for the first time, but I still draw great pleasure from it, and every time I find any type of new material about Rivamika I still freak out and fangirl like there’s no tomorrow. I was practically trembling with glee when chapters 83 and 84 (Ackerbowl) were released, and season 2′s release is making me high again! Plus, with the release of the databook and the recent interviews, as well as the manga timeskip being confirmed last chapter, shipping Rivamika has never been so… easy, if you know what I mean. 

My love for Rivamika (and my dear followers <3) kept me updating this blog long after the Uprising Arc ended, when we had almost no new content. I still love answering asks and writing new meta during my free time, and of course seeing so many new people fall in love with Rivamika is always a great motivator to keep shipping it. 

The feeling hasn’t faded, it’s just… different. More mature. I’m sure many of you are going or have gone though this shipping phase.

Thanks for the ask <3

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i was going through the ereri tag, waaaaay deep and remember when eruris told us to not make a big deal of the tissue scene or where levi is visbly worried about eren during the meeting? yet they were the ones going batshit crazy about the "heart" on levi's cheek and started flooding the ereri tag saying that ereri's dead and their ship is canon blah blah bleh. that's the one thing i'm dreading this season, the ship wars are gonna be a hella intense especially since ereri's the biggest ship here

I feel you! With the second season the ships wars are probably going to be WAY more intense than when they were in the manga. Especially with the fact that a lot of shippers don’t even read the manga. And I’m dreading this too.

If there’s something I can’t stand in the SNK fandom is the ship wars. I mean, fine, you ship eruri? that’s great, don’t go bash on other people ships because of that. What does it bring you? enjoyment?
But if there’s something I’m excited for is that Ereri’s goning to rise with this second season even more. Since like you said, it’s the biggest ship here. And the most popular slash ship in the franchise.

Have two dumb exorcists sleeping leaning on each other (probably waking up will be awkward)

An anon asked for Yullen months ago, so I finally drew it, although it isn’t really romantic, since I’m not high on Yullen nowadays like I used to be years ago lol

I think a lot abt the Katsuki-Nikiforov household being a multilingual mess, especially when they start raising kids ;;u;; <333

Viktor has already picked up a little bit of conversational japanese from living with Yuuri in Hasetsu, and when Yuuri comes to live in St. Petersburg, he starts picking up a bit of russian. before long, their usual english communication is intermittently sprinkled with japanese and russian words, both as a means of practicing their vocabularies in the other’s first language, and bc they can’t remember the word for something in the other two languages

in addition to russian, english, and japanese (to some degree), Viktor is also fluent in french. he uses it mainly to speak with Chris, but sometimes he likes to flirt with Yuuri in french just to see his face bloom red, so that’s another language thrown into the trilingual mix that already gets tossed around their household

when they adopt children, they try to immerse them in mainly english, but with decent exposure to russian and japanese so that eventually, they can understand and speak all three as well. being a multilingual family isn’t without it’s confusion–the kids are actually better at juggling and pronouncing all three languages than both of their dads bc they’ve been learning since birth, so sometimes Yuuri and Viktor get lost in trying to translate 

Yuuri and Viktor’s accents are especially strong when they speak in russian and japanese respectively and when they mispronounce the occasional word, their kids can’t help giggling (only to pull faces when one dad starts affectionately doting on the other bc they thought it was cute)

there’s a lot of pros that come from being a multilingual and multicultural family. for one thing, they don’t have trouble differentiating which dad they’re talking about: Viktor is “папа” and Yuuri is “otōsan”. meals are never boring, with both parents having various traditional, authentic russian and japanese food to bring to the table (literally). visiting extended family usually means a flight out to Hasetsu where Yuuri’s parents fuss over their grandkids and give them little gifts to bring back to St. Petersburg. they get to experience both their home in Russia and Japan fully, knowing how to speak the native languages. their holidays are rich with traditions as both dads impart their ways of celebrating to their kids  

when you’re in a really tiny fandom/ship a really rare pairing and have already read the entire ao3 tag multiple times so you have to start looking for fics on other websites with lower standards of quality: 

but me @ all the newbies you don’t understand for the past year, we’ve all been joking about alex being gay and how great it would be if she was, starting with alex and astra and their chemistry and alex’s reaction to maxwell lord was p much like any other lesbian in that ew and now she’s talking to maggie about not realizing that the reason things never really clicked with men is because maybe she likes women and i’m just remembering like early last year, when we all thought that alex danvers with anyone we wanted her with would likely be a crack ship brb i have Emotions

Why Fanfic is Important

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to say this, because it’s important to me. It’s long. 

I’m turning 33 in 2017. It’s my hobbit coming-of-age, which is something I’ve been looking forward to since 4th grade when Mom started reading Fellowship of the Ring out loud to my brother and I. I’ve grown up with Tolkien in my blood. It has always been a huge unifier for my Weasley-esque family. LOTR was one of the few books that my dad loved reading, and I remember watching and re-watching the old Rankin-Bass cartoons until I could recite every line in elementary school. Boromir dying was a crucial moment in my discovery of how much reading could touch my heart, and Frodo and Sam’s relationship was a gateway into the discovery of my own queerness. I shipped them before I knew people could romantically love someone of the same sex.

My parents have never been comfortable with me being queer. I came out to them in high school, and again in college, and again in grad school… and recently had a big blow-out with them where I nearly left the family. That was a couple years ago on New Years’ Day. I ended up taking the step of setting up Skypes with them where I explained what it meant to me to be pan, and why it was so upsetting to me that they were anti-gay. We ended up in a sort of tentatively ok relationship, though I didn’t have the courage to ask them how they felt. It was a rift between us, even though we’d stretched a thread of a bridge across it.

This year, my parents have been visiting my state in order to help my grandparents with the next stages of their lives. This April, they drove out here. My dad had to fly back, so I ended up driving back to my parents’ home state with my mom. I had brought a couple audiobooks, but I was also reading @determamfidd‘s beautiful behemoth Sansukh at the time and thought– hey, maybe Mom would like this. 

I don’t know why I thought that. I don’t know why I started reading it to her. Regardless, she ended up crying over how beautiful chapter 1 was, and made me keep going. I read to her over the course of the next two days as we drove across the US, and I kept reading to her when we got to their house. And then for the past few months, I’ve skyped in and slowly continued to read to her. I was absolutely terrified to read the part where Thorin discovers that Bilbo is his One, but all she said was, “Aww, that’s so cute.” 

Today, I read to her the second Helm’s Deep chapter, where Legolas reveals his love for Gimli to a long-suffering Aragorn. I was so worried. I’m currently sick, so my reading voice wasn’t as strong this time (and any pretense at accents that I ever had went out the window), but I wanted to read it anyway. My stomach was in knots. But I read it. And Mom was enthralled. She said, “Ooohhh,” in this relaxed tone like it was the best love story she’d ever read (let’s be frank, it’s pretty amazing). When Thorin was comparing Legolas to his own lost love for Bilbo, she again was making sympathetic sounds. When I stopped reading, all she could do was praise the writing and say how much she loved the story. 

To have my mom accept and enjoy a story with not one, but two major gay pairings was huge to me. Huge. I never thought, ever, that she would feel this way. I never thought, as a baby queer kid reading and writing fanfiction, that this would one day bring about a stronger bond between me and my mom. 

So this is my love letter to fanfiction. This is my love letter to Sansukh, which is huge and amazing and worth every single second you spend reading it. This is my love letter to Frodo and Sam– my OTP before I knew queer love could exist, and to Legolas and Gimli, whose love story is undeniable.  And this is my love letter to @determamfidd, who changed my life with her writing. I cannot thank you enough. 

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Hey Ship, I'm kind of terrified of moths. My evolved brain sees moths and says "oh yeah, that can't hurt me, and it's kind of pretty too!" However, my lizard brain says "oh shit! No! No moth!" And I feel the need to run away. A few months(?) ago, you posted a drawing of a moth-human character in a coat and cap. Now, I think of moths in tiny clothes when I start to freak out about them. It helps (thanks!). Do you have any cool moth facts that I can remember to make moths less... alarming?

Ohh man, I’m glad that helped! That’s adorable! I know a lot of people with unexpected moth phobias. I wonder why they’re so common? Moths don’t get the bad media representation that spiders do, and they can’t bite you.

Hmm… moth facts. Well, there really aren’t any deep, fundamental differences between moths and butterflies that should make one creepy and the other cool. They’re closely related and only differ cosmetically and behaviorally in a handful of ways - like frogs versus toads. Most survive on a purely liquid diet, while some do not have functioning mouthparts at all.

Saturniidae moths are large and spectacular - you’re probably familiar with Luna moths at least. They’re docile, have soft fuzzy bodies, and typically live for only a few days - all that time as caterpillars and in their cocoons was saving up for the Big Day to come out in flashy disco suits and find another disco moth to hook up with for one last wild dance.

i miss orphan black. i haven’t seen it in 84 years and it used to be so Good™ in early seasons

hey guys could you say in tags when and why you became a larrie? i’d love to see how you people have found your way here :)

What literally happens when you find a new Haikyuu! rare pair.
  • you: -walks in-
  • the already shippers: Ah, welcome to hell.
  • you: That means...
  • them: Yes, we've been here for a very, very long time. Nice of you to join us. In. Hell. Now let's start talking...
  • you: -cries- Why does this always happen?
  • them: -so into the topic of that ship-
  • you: -smoothly enters the convo- So like...
When your supposed to be working but you start to think about your OTP....

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Anya 😎

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: Slytherin as fuck.
best quality: Her cheekbones double as weapons. (also her cunning)
worst quality: Her lack of breathing.
ship them with: Life (also Raven. I don’t remember how that ship started)
brotp them with: Gustus
needs to stay away from: Skaikru
misc. thoughts: I firmly believe she was never more proud in her life than when Lexa became Heda. YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS FROM ME.

I just remembered that I told cheriiart I’d draw her OC’s when she started posting her comic rockandriotcomic … which started like two weeks ago.

This is Gene (left) and Clyde (right) who have only just been introduced but Clyde has been my fave since before the comic even came out SO I’M EXCITED TO SEE MORE OF HIM YUS. 

Go read rockandriotcomic!