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Falling like leaves (Not a Request)

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Note: Pure fluff! Fall fanfiction! Yay another Thor one! Idea came from the lovely @senpaiweird who helped me write something! This is dedicated to her!

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader

Words: 1515

Thor Odinson was a very curious man about new things that was in the world of Midgard. He questioned everything, tried new things just to see what it would be like. This world was strange, because they had things he had never seen before and Jane never really showed him the world. After Thor had come back from being gone from Midgard for almost six months Jane told him that she found someone new. Thor, being the good man that he was, respected her decision and allowed her to move on to bigger and better things. Still he was slightly in a depressed mood due to losing her, but that’s when he met (Y/N). She was included into the Avengers while he was away for her powers with the four main elements of water, fire, earth, and winds.

Thor found himself caring for her more than he had ever cared for someone. That’s when he decided to ask her out and much to his surprise she agreed. Now here they are almost a year later in the cold morning of October with the other Avengers eating breakfast. “I have some community service to do today. Rake up the leaves in the park.” (Y/N) said while sipping her glass of juice. “Ew, have fun with that.” Tony comments, looking up from his second cup of coffee as she rolled her eyes. “Jeez thanks. I hope I won’t jump in them like I did when I was a kid.” She chuckled as they others nod. “Jump in the leaves?” Thor asked quirking an eyebrow as she looked back to him from the living room. “Yeah, jump in the leaves.” She grins.

“Why in the world would you do something like that?” Thor questioned with a confused expression on his face that made him look adorable. “For fun..? You’ve never jumped in leaves?” She asked when he shook his head. “I have not tried this jumping of the leaves.” He said as her eyes widened before she stood up. “What! What kind of childhood did you have? A crappy one if you ask me.” She tsked, crossing her arms. “My childhood was just fine. I was fighting off enemies who dared to take foot inside the land of Asgard with ill intentions.” Thor grins as she stared at him for a moment along with everyone else who didn’t know what to say. “Um… Okay, anyway you’re going to come with when I go to the park.” She said excitedly.

“To partake in this jumping of the leaves right?” He asked as she nods. “So you can experience what it means to be a kid.” She chuckles before walking over to him as she offers out her hand. “You will not allow me to do anything else will you?” He asked as she shook her head with a grin. “Of course not, and you love me so much.” She said when he took her hand and stood up. “That shall never be questioned.” He said before they walked towards the elevator. “Have fun, and be save!” Steve calls as (Y/N) smiles. “Can do Cap.” She calls back before the doors closed when she immediately turned to him with a grin. “Ready to have fun?” She asked as he looks to her with a quirked eyebrow.

“You’re definition of fun to my definition of fun are two entirely different scenarios.” Thor said, chuckling softly. “Right sorry not all of us can be Gods.” She comments when he grins. “Snarky. I see why I like your attitude.” He said as she winks before stepping off the elevator. “Now, wait a moment my Lady. Are you not going to this park to clean the leaves?” He asked as she nods. “Yeah, but nobody told me I couldn’t jump in them. Besides afterwards we’ll clean them up and get them out of there.” She said, grinning which caused him to chuckle at her excited demeanor. “Come on.” She started to drag him down the street.

“I am moving my Lady, I am.” He said as she acted like a kid who was going to an amusement park. “Not fast enough.” She huffs when he rolls his eyes before throwing her over his shoulder causing others to look over to him. He started to casually stroll down the street as her entire face flustered when she looked to the people who were staring. “Am I moving sufficiently enough for your standards, my Lady?” He asked with a grin of mischief. “Shut it.” She mumbled not struggling against him, because he did this a lot more than she’d like to admit and he would not put her down until they got to the park.

He finally set her onto her feet at the entrance of the park and much to their surprise it was empty aside from the different colored leaves that littered the green grass. The wind was gently swaying the trees like a dance that caused a smile of awe to spread across both of their faces. She grabbed the rake and the garbage bags so they could start when he looks around the park, frowning. “Strange to see no a single soul is here.” He comments as she nods before shrugging. “Probably posted a sign saying that it was getting cleaned today and to not go in there unless they are the cleanup crew.” She suggested as he nods.

“That seems reasonable.” He comments before she started to rake the leaves up. “Wait a moment my Lady, does this not seem… impractical?” He asked tilting his head as she looks to him. “What do you mean?” She asked. “Well you are raking all of these leaves up… just to jump in them. Will they not spill out and make a mess that you must repeat again?” He questioned as she laughs. “Yeah, but the jumping part makes it all worth it.” She said when he shrugs. “Alright, I guess I shall support your reasonings behind this.” He mumbles as she chuckles going back to raking up the leaves into a giant pile.

Thor looked around the park and before too long she was done considering it was a smaller park. “There.” She huffs in happiness before looking to him. “Ready?” She asked when he shrugged. “As I’ll ever be I suppose.” He grins causing her to roll her eyes before she turned him around from the leaf pile and stood next to him, facing the same direction. “Alright, on the count of three.” She said taking his hand before counting back when she jerked him back as they both tumbled into the leaves. Some flew up into the air as they scattered on the ground when Thor and (Y/N) were laughing beneath the piles of colors.

“That… That was enjoyable! I have never felt such excitement for something so simple!” He exclaims with pride and happiness swelling on his face. She covered her mouth laughing at his adorable expression when he stood up and helping her from the ground, dusting themselves off. “We must do this again!” He said as she giggles, watching him beam like a child getting a new toy. “Yeah? See I told you.” (Y/N) nods when he picked her up by her hips as she gasped. “I shall never question your stories of amusement again! This has been ecstatic!” He bellows before setting her back down only to pull her into a kiss by cupping her face.

She chuckles, kissing back before pulling away as she picked up the rake. “One more time?” She asked biting her lip. “Another!” He demands excitedly as she giggles before they collect the leaves while some of them were crushed from the fall most of them were fine. Once more they raked up the leaves and fell into the pile, laughing like idiots over something so small. Yet it is the small things in life that people should enjoy the most, small little moments in time that could mean everything. Thor had helped clean up the leaves and picked the leaves from her hair with a chuckle of delight. “There is so much that I have to learn from Midgard. I love it!” He grins.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat. I’m cold and starving.” She said as he nods when she looks to him. “You ever have a snowball fight in Winter?” She asked when his face once more held confusion. “Snowball fight? What is this?” He asked as her eyes lit up. “Oh. My. Goodness. The moment snow hits the ground of this park Avengers are having a snowball fight! It’s happening! I’m serious!” She said when he chuckles cupping her face. “You are adorable when you get excited.” He chuckles. “You’re adorable when you learn new Midgard things.” She resorts as he laughs. “I have you to thank for that.” He said before they went out of the park, throwing the garbage bags away as they started walking down the street. Oh, an Avenger snowball fight will definitely be something to remember.

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Psst! @ask-lendry! Remember when I said I swore I was going to make some fan art? Well, here it is! Bask in it’s penciled glory!

Getting serious, there were a few mistakes when I inked it, but other than that it came out quite nice. I posted a cleaned up pencil version before it was inked so it can be seen without color.

I love reading your stuff @themarginalartist and I like reading the interactions in your ask Lendry blog(I may or may not have been the anon that head booped Lendry). I live for angst, even if it tugs at my heart strings I simply can’t get enough of it! As for you @nyrandrea, yeah you, you are getting some love your way too. I love your head boop series and marvel at your watercolor skills. Your sona by the way is actually pretty fun to draw and is extremely cute!

Enough of my ramblings, I’ll finish my whole compliment essay. Just know it’s thanks to you two and your works that I even got a tumblr account in the first place. I look forward to what you put out in the future!

Happy birthday to the one who left too soon

I just wanted to say happy birthday to a great friend of mine. You don’t have to read this, but I would love if you could just hear a bit about her wonderful life and how she inspired me.

You were basically a sister to me and when you passed away I made a promise to your mother. I told her I would live the life you wanted, not just for her but for you too. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and I miss you everyday.

You were young, free, and accepting of all. I envied how passionate about life you were. I don’t understand what someone so young and beautiful could have done to deserve the ending you got. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you, but there must have been a reason I wasn’t.

It was a cold February night when your life was taken from you. Before you died I was in a really bad time in my life and you helped me through a lot of it. When I heard that you died I just couldn’t believe I was never going to see you again. All those plans we had to drive across the country and listen to our favorite bands on replay the entire time became just a fantasy to me. You would have been 16 years old today and we were supposed to bring up the topic of a car to your parents. You knew they would say no, but why not try, you would say. I just wanted to let you know I did try for you. I texted you mom this morning with just what I know you would have said. “hey mom. let’s talk about that car you wanted to get me. Jk jk, but really can I start driving?” she replied to me with a “I love you so much and I can’t believe how much this would have been (my friend’s name). Thank you for living her life for her. I know you miss her and we do too. You made my day adn you always made my daughter’s days better. Love you (my name), thanks for everything you have done to make this easier on us. ” 

I hope you’re listening to all the Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! at the Disco you can in your new place of happiness. I still think back to the times you would sing on the top of your lungs all the lyrics to every My Chemical Romance song until your parents told you to calm the hell down. And all the times you would say “If I ever meet Brendon Urie I’m going to boop his nose and call him a hot dork.” Only if you could see how hot he looks in high heels best friend. 

When Twenty One Pilots releases a new album I want you to know I’ll be remembering all the nights we spent together discussing how much Tyler and Josh mean to us. Also what color Josh’s hair should be next. 

All my followers have this amazing girl to thank for me starting this blog. She always said I had a talent for writing and she asked me to write her a My Chemical Romance fanfiction (she was a serious addict) and when I did she told me never to think I wasn’t good enough for the world. She loved it and maybe one day I’ll share it with you guys. I also wrote her a few others and if I post them they will be dedicated to her. She gave me a notebook of ideas to write about and I hope you guys have liked past things I have written because some of them are from her notebook of ideas. In that notebook was also pages of her dreams and I want to live some of them for her. One of her top ones was to just be herself and show the world that she will do what she wants even if they don’t like it. So that’s what I do on this blog. I write stuff I know she will like and what my followers like, and mostly what I want to do. She also had pages of just how much she loved life. It was truly beautiful reading all the positive things she took away from negative situations. I think we all need someone like her in out lives and I’m happy that I have become like her and I have spread positive to many. 

Anyways so long and goodnight my dear friend. Stay street and keep good looking in your band merch that you owned way too much of. I carry on everyday because of you. You inspired me to look at the positive in life and make the best of what I have. The world is truly an ugly place, but with you and the inspiration you have given me I see it as a beautiful place with tragedies.

I love you always and I’m thankful everyday I have all those wonderful memories to keep forever. Happy birthday my little jumping bean of joy. I miss you but I know you’re with me every step of the way. 

When your friend wont get over her ex

nuh uh girl, your ex just texted you..

Friend: well….

NO, we are not doing this again

Friend: Well , he said he loves me ..loook

the hell

ooooohhhh he gon get it this time!!

Friend: Nah, its not like that… I love him !


Do you remember what he did to you !!

Friend: Thats the past ! Im serious, I love him and he loves me 

….. *in head* is this biatch stupid

I mean, do what you want 

*under breath* Just dont complain to my ass when he breaks your heart 

mood board creds have to got to @jackwangsus,  follow this blog .. she posts some of the best stuff


supernalrealm  asked:

Ooo how would McCree, Hanzo, and Junkrat react if their S/o was sent to the hospital after a serious injury during a mission--causing a coma. When they wake up, they have amnesia and can't remember (said characters) I love your blog. Thank you!

oooooww my heart

Thank you for your support! (also i love your icon!!!)


  • His heart shattered into a million pieces at seeing his s/o in a coma
  • He doesn’t leave their bedside for anything but to use the restroom, and even then he only goes when he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t want to miss the moment when they wake up
  • When his s/o finally does wake up, he cries out at wraps them up in a warm embrace.
  • At his s/o’s confusion, his heart sinks. He slowly gets up and leaves the room.
  • No one sees him for a few days. He’s locked himself up in his room and refuses to eat or sleep he’s so heartbroken.


  • Although he’s incredibly worried, he wants to respect his s/o’s privacy, so he only visits for a few hours each day that they’re in a coma
  • He runs his hands through their hair, and silently hopes and hopes and hopes that they wake up.
  • They wake up before he’s visited one day, and he’s the first to find out.
  • He rushes into the room on the verge of tears, but stops in his tracks when they look at him in fear. 
  • He realizes that they don’t see him as their partner, but as the head of the dangerous Shimada clan.
  • He leaves quietly and collapses in a heap of sadness outside their door.


  • He practically has an anxiety attack he’s so worked up over his s/o being in a coma. 
  • He can’t stand losing someone else in his life and fears for the worst with his s/o. So he has Roadhog sit with him in their room.
  • He has a really hard time sleeping because he’s plagued with nightmares about losing them.
  • When his s/o finally wakes up and fails to recognize him, it’s worse than anything he could have imagined. 
  • He becomes very reckless with his explosives so everyone has to watch out for him.
  • Please protect him.

anonymous asked:

I don't remember you saying your age but I just thought you looked something around 15-16

I said it looong time ago, when I opened this blog, idk, I think in July … it was one of the first messages that I answered XDD

I look like a child, but when you get to know me better, my real attitude is soo much serious

((((Psssst, btw, I’m 17 in 19th October, you know…. if you want to congratulate me or something (???) -runs away-)))

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What did you tell jules ? Like whats the thing he said it was a lie. So cool you got the chance to tell him! Good for you! Cool blog btw

I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was when I asked him to sign my comedown machine I was like “are u ok with signing this??” and he was like “of course why wouldn’t I be” and FOR SOME REASON I was like “well due to uh…recent events u know lol” but I wasn’t like serious I was laughing and he was like “wait what do u mean” and I was like “uhhh well like those dumb articles on nme but I was just kidding I don’t actually believe them” and he was so confused and he was like “wait what articles??” and I was like “omg I’m sorry have u not seen them I’m sorry I brought it up!!” and he was like “dude no… what did they say I said??” And I was like “it’s so stupid!! they said that you were like ‘I don’t feel anything when I play with the strokes’ or something like that but seriously no one believes them” and he started laughing and he was like “what the hell I don’t remember saying that” and he was like “I never said that??” And he was just like laughing and shaking his head and I felt SO BAD but he changed the subject after that and didn’t act upset or anything but I felt so dumb omg

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You need to take a chill pill. You take this site waaaaaaay to seriously, lol. Why are you so grumpy, and defensive all the time? Life when you shut down your PC isn't treating you well? It's Chris's life, not yours. Stop acting like you know all the answers and getting attitudes when people have an opinion or question. Bitch.

I’m the one taking this site too serious??? Pls,some of you take this blog as if it was the CNN website. My life is wonderful sweetie,and I run this blog for fun and to show my love and appreciation for Chris,but people like you who clearly don’t have a life and stay analyzing every single little thing on what’s said or posted on this blog. And please enlighten me,because I don’t remember ever saying or even acting like I knew everything ,that’s why I always start answering with “I think” or “I don’t know”,unless it’s something that I’m 100% sure. And btw,I answer the questions the way that I want to,so sorry if I hit a nerve and keep your opinion to yourself because I never requested it. ;)