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i'd be a hoe for some jimin neck kissin if you're still accepting drabble requests

wow I’m so deep in my feels right now, this ended up being so fluffy. also i wanted to add smut to this but it’s 1:30 am and I honestly have just wanted nothing more than to kiss and date jimin for the last two days i’m so emo

word count: 620

You’ve gone away for the weekend with your boyfriend and his friends to a cabin, but you both decide to get a little time away from them early in the morning when the sun is rising and you’re both still tired.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

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hi chash! this is for your holiday prompts! I'd like to request a bellarke angsty au where one of them gets into an accident and suffers from memory loss, in whichever universe you want and you can make it go however you want it to, thanks, can't wait to read it!

If anyone had asked, Bellamy would have said he’d love a second chance with Clarke Griffin, but no one ever really thinks about what a second chance means. What he wanted wasn’t a second chance, not really. He wanted Clarke to change her mind about him, but that’s not really a second chance.

A second chance, in its purest form, least desirable form, is when Clarke has a skiing accident over winter break and comes back to school with no memory of the last six months.

No memories of him at all.

Campus is small and he and Clarke have a decent number of friends in common, so he finds out about the accident from Raven, before he actually sees Clarke, and it sounds like, if not a joke, at least a hoax.

“Does that really happen?”

Raven shrugs. “Amnesia. It’s a thing. I guess the head trauma knocked the last few months out of her brain. She’s got a doctor’s note and everything.”

“Fuck. Is she okay? Have you seen her?”

“Not even pretending you don’t care, huh?”

“Seriously, Raven.”

She sobers. “I saw her, yeah. Not like she forgot me, but she’s pretty freaked out. The whole last semester is just–gone.”

“So, uh–what should I be doing? She won’t remember me, right?”

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AMY BABE ok i have a request - do you think you could maybe write a story about the reader dating harry and spending time with him and his brothers? and the reader is good at basketball so she helps paddy, and harry thinks it's really cute, please i'd die

a/n: hehe you would request this, wouldn’t you 😉 this gets heated at the end, i accidentally couldn’t help myself sorry lol but EMMA! i love you, my fave harry gal ;-) hope you enjoy this babe x

she’s a baller - harry holland x reader

pairing: harry holland x reader with appearances from sam & paddy

requested?: yes, by my girl @officialreject !

word count: 1570

warnings: cussing lmao and it gets steamy at the end oops

summary: you teach paddy some basketball moves out by the hollands’ backyard hoop and your boyfriend harry is extremely impressed.


you slid open the door and walked outside, handing harry a mug filled with hot chocolate.

“thanks love.”

“welcome,” you rubbed his shoulder and turned to his brother, sitting on the steps. “you sure you don’t want one sam?”

“i’m good thanks.” sam smiled gratefully up at you, squinting in the bright daylight. “i got a date at the pub this afternoon and i need my bladder empty.”

“oooh, a date!”

paddy skipped across the grass to join everyone, holding his basketball under one arm. he crouched down and picked up the cup of hot chocolate you’d brought out earlier for him, taking a sip and wiggling his eyebrows at sam from over the cup.

“sam’s gonna get a girlfriend and then i’ll be the only one left without one.”

“gotta catch up pads.”

harry laughed and wrapped an arm around your waist, gently pulling you down so you were sitting in his lap. he intertwined your hands together, skin warm from the english sunshine. afternoons like this, just hanging around and being lazy at harry’s house with his family - these were the best.

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Hellonio👉 I saw that requests were open and I'd kill a man for some headcannons about MC totally DESTROYING all of the RFA members + V in an intense game of Monopoly. Pretty please with honey Buddha chips on top?

What started off as an innocent suggestion to spend time together slowly turned into an emotional bloodbath. Your opposition didn’t seem to think their decisions through and almost all at once, you owned the board. Victory seeming so close, yet so far. Yet they thought they still had a fighting chance and charged on…

He wasn’t entirely confident at this point, but determined to see it through. Although he made some terrible decisions beforehand, like selling you his shares of the railroad. He let his love for you interfere and that was a naive move. And it was evident to him when he saw you buying house pieces for your empire, then laughing maniacally. He really just thought it was cute, until your competitiveness was getting the best of you. He still had a few hundred dollars so he held out hope, thought maybe you’d have some mercy on him as he bargained for even just one property you owned.
“Even just one of the first few,” he pestered, giving you puppy eyes, knowing full well that was your weakness.
“Fine,” you said, selling him a small property for an outrageous amount out of pity.

Little did he realize that he basically ended up with nothing but a stupid little property that wouldn’t bring back enough money to save him. It’s no wonder he ended up losing right after that turn, landing on one of your properties and having to pay for more than he had. Although this bankruptcy wasn’t real, it sure felt like it was when you started gloating.

Or so he thought, owning at least some property in each section, but not enough to build on. He thought that could at least stop you or stall some time while he thought out a plan to take you down. But while he was thinking it out, you were slowly taking all his money. Soon enough, he was only left with a few hundred and still no solid way to stop you. That is until he remembered your only weakness.
“MC,” he said as he took a hold of your chin to look directly into his eyes, “why don’t we put this game to rest.”

Your mind clouded for a minute, thinking of all the possible things he could hint at, but knowing that he’s just trying to play you like a fiddle. You can’t allow this, you can’t let your hard work go to waste. Immediately you pull away and continue your treacherous take over, using his same dirty tactic to take his property. Before he knew it, the game ended with nothing but absolute tension between you two, making the next few days difficult and passive aggressive, until you two decided that it was just a dumb game. To you, however, you’ll always remember this win and use it against him.

She tried to play it off, pretending that this wasn’t gonna get to her. But as the game kept going and you were gaining speed and property, she knew she had to put an end to this. She had never seen you so competitive, it was almost frightening to see what lengths you’d go to win. At first, she wanted to let you gain some momentum, since she had played and dominated this before. She did not, however, expect you to gain almost all the property and build on them, making it so that at every turn, she had to fork over a large sum of money. As the game went on for hours and her patience running low, knowing she didn’t have enough money to go on, she thought that maybe you’d lighten up.
“MC, can we maybe call it even and end it here?”
“Hmmm,” you’d hum, hand on chin with fake thought, “no. Now keep going and accept your fate, unless you want to be a loser by default?”

She definitely wasn’t happy with what you said, but your words definitely got to her. And as she soldiered on, knowing her fate, she accepted her loss. She was glad that you seemed to soften up, but definitely didn’t appreciate the gloating that came after the apology.

He didn’t want to lose like this. He wouldn’t really care for winning a game, but he was the heir of a big company. If he couldn’t win this, then how could he successfully money manage and make business decisions. As he saw the end nearing closer and closer, he only kept turning on the charm. Trying to cut deals with you for property with his seducing words and touch. At every turn, he’d inch closer to you, whispering in your ear about how good you were at this and how he wishes to end this sooner with another activity. But his offers were weak, absolutely nothing compared to the defeat you were about to see on his face, but you decided to humour him.
“How about,” you said lowly, running your fingers up his arm and to his chest as you paused, “you suffer the consequences of your bad decisions.”

And with that, you ended your turn by buying out the last of the available property, successfully owning the entire board. You watched the rest of the game in comfort, knowing that you could see that glimmer of hope in his eyes diminish and frustration taking its place. After what felt like forever to you, but too soon for Jumin, you won. You noticed that he seemed more upset than usual about losing, which you thought wasn’t normal for any other game.
“Hey,” you almost whispered, placing one hand on his back and the other on his inner thigh, “how about we do that other activity you suggested.”

Saeran left the game in the first hour, knowing he couldn’t take you after seeing how fierce the competition was. Saeyoung, however, kept on, thinking it was cute that you were so competitive. And cute that you thought you could take him on. That was until you started claiming territory. Soon enough, you had an empire (a monopoly, if you will) on the game, ready to claim everything that was his in every turn. He tried to do the only thing he could think to do, which was cheat. Pretend he didn’t see how much he owed you, steal money from the banker, lie about his own property tax. You weren’t buying any of that and called him out every time. And soon enough, he accepted what was to come, but not before completely throwing the board off the table, destroying everything you worked so hard to gain. You stared at him, mouth agape with disbelief at what he’d done.

“Oops,” he shrugged, faking innocence. And you two didn’t speak for five days, having Saeran send messages between you two until you two finally decided to be adults about this and play another round for true glory and honour.

He intentionally threw the game at first, knowing that it would make you happy to win. But you caught on pretty easily when the first game ended in half an hour. It wasn’t until the fourth game that he had started taking it a little more serious. But as soon as he saw the determination, he knew suggesting the game in the first place was an absolute mistake. You were sneaky, only taking some property at first so he wouldn’t have a chance at building on it. And although you had some mercy on him and gave him a chance by donating some property to him, you quickly shut that down by making him pay your property tax. And soon enough, he was left with nothing but loss.
“How about next time we play something less competitive,” he paused to think, “like Jenga, or Scrabble!”

You scoffed thinking about how he didn’t think you could turn those as competitive. V was left to think whether he had opened a can of worms by introducing a weekly game night.

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I literally love your account and I'd like to request something if you're taking any! Ok so can you write about y/n being a celebrity and she was a child star and she has issues from growing up in the public eye and she's dating harry and she finally has a breakdown backstage somewhere and it takes her hitting someone for everyone to realize she needs help??? How would harry handle this???

I would love to take requests like this and maybe turn them into blurbs so if anyone else has any requests just send them in. I don’t think I’m the best with angst but I hope you like this :)

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Figured this might be a bit specific for the Althing, so I'd throw this in an ask. I hope you, or anyone you know, have some spare words or resources on the Gullveig figure from Völuspá. Most of what I've found follows the "vague feminine entity = Freya" trend which seems unfulfilling and doesn't jive for me in this case. Been working my way through Rydberg's compelling arguments in "Teutonic Mythology," but hope there are other theories I can't dig up on my own. þökkum! (Thanks [i think...])

Velkominn, vinur minn,
(Welcome, my friend,)

I MUST SAY that this is a huge topic, and it is one that I feel unworthy, or rather unprepared, to take on. It has also taken me several attempts to properly answer it. As a historian, I study aspects of Icelandic law and society, not mythology; I am far more familiar with the sagas of men, rather than the sagas of gods. I am well-acquainted with the lore, of course, but not nearly to the extent of others.

Still, I have read the words of a few others who have pondered this problem. @thorraborinn has made at least two posts regarding this debate (here and here), both of which I have carefully read through and put much thought into. I have also read a bit of John Lindow’s Norse Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs and H.R. Ellis Davidson’s Gods and Myths of Northern Europe. I have even considered the footnotes of translators Carolyne Larrington and Lee M. Hollander.

Now, I do not have nearly the same familiarity with the subject as they do, but I will still do my best to place my thoughts and impressions on the table for discussion. I just hope that I do not error along the way, and may I request forgiveness and patience from others if I do manage wander astray. With that said, I shall continue, and so here is the text in question for us to review before and while we discuss this matter:

22. “She remembers the first war in the world,
when they stuck Gullveig with spears
and in the High-One’s hall they burned her;
three times they burned her, three times she was reborn,
over and over, yet she lives still.”

23. “Bright One they called her, wherever she came to houses,
the seer with pleasing prophecies, she practiced spirit-magic;
she knew seid, seid she performed as she liked,
she was always a wicked woman’s favorite.”

24. “Then all the Powers went to the thrones of fate,
the sacrosanct gods, and considered this:
whether the Æsir should yield tribute
or whether all the gods should share sacrificial feasts.”

25. “Odin hurled the spear, sped it into the host;
that was war still, the first in the world;
the wooden rampart of the Æsir stronghold was wrecked;
the Vanir, with a war-spell, kept on trampling the plain.”(1)

WITH SO FEW WORDS to work from, our troubles are many. As Thorraborinn has said, gold meant many things to the Norse, especially given that they saw the world through a different cultural lens than we currently hold today. He also mentioned the problem of the name Heiðr (translated as ‘Bright One’ above), which is often attributed to many other vǫlur (sg. vǫlva). Furthermore, as also noted by Thorraborinn, there is the issue of seiðr being the only quality beyond gold to define who Gullveig is.

After all my reading, most of the interpretations put forth have chosen to merge Gullveig and Freyja, for there are many parallels that can be drawn. I have a feeling that this is due to the limitations of our material, because we simply do not have enough to safely pull the two apart; Freyja is the only figure whom we are able to evaluate Gullvieg against. She is the standard upon which we can base our conclusions, but even then there is more to be desired. Perhaps the problem is that we are always left comparing Gullveig to Freyja, when we may be able to see more clearly by treating Gullveig alone. Who is she, why did she come to Æsir, and why did the Vanir go to war over her? The problem in answering these questions, though, is that we have no evidence when we do not use Freyja as a basis; we only have an argument of logic and plausibility.

Yet, I do have one thought to share, although it has little evidence to defend it (as well as having plenty of problems with it). Usually I make a great effort to provide various sources and notations, but I do not see that as being particularly helpful in this situation.

Let’s assume, despite the ‘evidence’ to say otherwise, that Gullveig is not Freyja. Instead, let’s say that Gullveig was a minor Van deity. Even Thorraborinn played with the thought of Gullveig being another daughter (or other degree of kin) of Njord’s, and this is not a heretical idea to ponder. After all, there were other Vanir beyond the later counted three among the Æsir. Time has unfortunately chosen to devour their names and memories. In better words than my own, “the most likely answer seems to be the vast assembly of gods of fertility from many different localities, or which a few names like Ing, Scyld, and Frodi have come down to us, while many more are utterly forgotten.”(2)

Thus, I suspect that Gullveig is a Van whose name has faded into a similar obscurity, and that we are now left here to our endless pondering as a result. I then believe that Gullveig’s roles were ‘transferred’ to Freyja after memory had confined the Vanir to the three that we all know. After all, Freyja’s ‘character’ is fairly complex; her realm is not flat, but multifaceted. She takes men from battle, she taught the Æsir seiðr, she is a goddess of female fertility, and even of love. The situation is similar to how Odin took over the role of ‘Warlord God’ from Tyr, who held such status in the time of the Romans (see Davidson for more on that, if you’d like). In other words, she is the Van who took on the roles of those who were slain by time. Now, perhaps I am utterly mistaken. I have no true evidence for such a claim, rather logical assumptions. My argument does not necessarily clear any gaps in the narrative, but it does serve to explain how we managed to find ourselves in such a mythological mess.

In the end, both sides of the debate are correct (assuming that my perspective on the matter has any grounds to actually stand upon). Gullveig is Freyja, or rather aspects of Gullveig came to make up Freyja in the minds of later authors as Gullveig’s presence continued to fade from memory. Yet, that also means that Gullveig is not Freyja. Gullveig was and is an independent entity that only later became merged with Freyja (where Gullveig was perhaps once a local, regionalized cult). Gullveig continued to live, and so did her power. Her power just came to be expressed through the surviving names of her kin, like the battle-victorious Freyja. Either way, the answer never seems to be very satisfying for us.

THAT IS ALL I CAN OFFER, at least for the moment. I am sure that my theories have plenty of holes in them. As I said before, I am no expert in this realm of understanding, and I therefore do not have the depth of familiarity with it to fill in the gaps of my own narrative. My words are not meant to be absolute. Rather, they are meant to enhance and encourage further contemplation and discussion. I do not expect to be ‘right’, yet I should not be condemned to utter falseness either.

Regardless, my words have not answered any of our missing details, such as how Freyja came to be among the Æsir (though, if the Vanir merged with the Æsir after the war, that alone would have provided the opportunity), nor why Gullveig is so strongly linked to gold (however ‘gold’ was being invoked here, that is). Answering those questioned requires substantial digging, which is something that I suspect others would be far better at than myself (especially since I am so often preoccupied with other aspects of the Norse realm).

Anyway, I will stop my rambling. If I don’t, I will never be able to answer because I always find something to edit, remove, or add. That said, this is not the most organized answer that I have ever produced, but I hope my various thoughts will spark some sort of intriguing discussion or other revelation down the road. If not, I just hope no ‘damage’ has been caused. I hope this is what you were looking for in asking me about this topic. I am terribly sorry that it took my so long to respond, but, as I mentioned earlier, it was quite difficult to manage. I just hope I have not erred too much in my ramblings.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

1. Carolyne Larrington trans., The Poetic Edda (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014), 6-7.
2. H.R. Ellis Davidson, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe (repr., 1964; London: Penguin Books, 1990), 124.


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Hi! I have a bts request! so the "prompt" is y/n were love at first sight for him, but y/n's life motto is "love is blind" because y/n is actually blind. this is just for fun, but I'd really like to read your take on it!! you can pick any of the boys. :) I'm really enjoying Sugar on the Asphalt btw. love you!


Blind!Reader x Taehyung // 1067 words

Here you go, sprinkle! Thanks so much for the sweet words. I wasn’t sure exactly who you wanted to fall in love, so I just kind of ran with it. I loved this idea, so I hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by 4cyphers

She was sitting in the window of my favorite cafe. I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know how long I sat at the table across from hers while staring. The way the light hit her skin as her fingers danced across the pages of the book in her lap was mesmerizing. I was lost in her. Lost in the way she smiled when something cute happened, or the way she let out a quiet giggle when the characters did something funny. I yearned to know what had made her make such a heart-fluttering sound, yearned to have her fingers grace my skin the way they graced those pages.

The obnoxious click of my camera shutter snapped her out of her fictional oasis and made my cheeks burn. I hadn’t been able to resist taking the photo. The lighting was too perfect, and her smile was captivating. But suddenly being the focus of all of her attention was terrifying. Should I say something? Does she know it was me who took the picture?

“Excuse me, Taehyung was it?” Her eyebrow raised, her head tilting slightly as if she wasn’t too sure I was even there. My cheeks burned even more as I softly admitted to being caught. She knew my name.

“It’s rude to stare, you know?” But she was teasing, her eyes crinkling into crescents and making my heart pound even harder. “Would you mind keeping me company? I think it’s the least you could do for taking a photo of me without asking.”

I scrambled to join her. Picking up my camera in one hand, my coffee cup in the other. I’d be a fool not to jump at the opportunity to speak with her. “I’m sorry. The lighting, and your smile, I just couldn’t resist.”

“Hmm, I bet it’s a soft yellow right about now, right?” She closed her eyes and tilted her head to face the sun fully, soaking in its warmth. “I’ll forgive you, just this once.”

She asked me if I was a photographer, her voice soft and sweet like the abandoned honey next to her tea. I don’t remember what I said exactly, something to do with it just being a hobby, but it made her smile, and I couldn’t help to smile in return. “So what are you reading?”

“It’s one of my all time favorites,” she gushed, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I’m a sucker for a good love story.”

“Ah, so it’s the dark and mysterious heart-throb that’s got all of your attention. I see.” But she denied it. She said her favorite was the boy next door. He was sweet and always seemed to go out of his way to be there for the main character when she needed it the most.

“The bad boy falls in love instantly, you see.” She was talking animatedly, her hands moving in excitement with each word. Reading was something she had to be passionate about, and it just made me fall all the more in love with her. “Love isn’t instant like that, that’s not real love.”

I silently disagreed. “When you really love someone, well love is blind.”

She must’ve known this for a fact, considering her condition, but I just couldn’t bring myself to agree with her. I don’t feel like love is blind at all. When you love someone you notice every little thing about them. It’s the only emotion that I think allows you to see someone with remote accuracy. “Why do you say that?”

“Ah,” she laughed, picking up on the tone of my voice. “You disagree.”

I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by crossing some invisible line, so I kept my mouth shut and waited to see what more she had to say. “Infatuation is a fragile thing. What these two feel for each other will inevitably shatter, leaving Min Jun to pick up the pieces. And he will pick up the pieces, because he sees more in Yeona than Seojoon ever could. NOT because he’s oblivious to all of her faults, but because of something much deeper. ”

“Deeper?” I asked.

“Of course, haven’t you caught on by now?” She laughed, “You feel their heart, memorize the feeling of their skin on yours, and read the Braille that their soul bares to yours. Love is blind, because being blind allows you to love someone not with your eyes, not with just your heart, but with your soul.”

I was hooked and she didn’t have a clue. As her words rang true in my head I couldn’t slow the beating of my heart. She was beautiful in every way- mind, body, and spirit. And even though she may not believe in love at first sight, I knew it to be true, because I fell hard in the cafe that Tuesday morning. I fell hard and I didn’t even know her name.

“You must be a poet,” I teased. “You’ll have to give me your autograph.”

Her light brown eyes saw right through me. Even though her eyes didn’t work in the same ways my own did, she saw me, and I felt on top of the world. She smiled as she pulled out her cell phone and motioned for my own. “I’m y/n, by the way. You come in here every Tuesday, but never talk. I was starting to think I was imagining the feeling of you staring at me, but I’m glad I finally caught you.”

I was glad too. Otherwise I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to come over and start a conversation with her. “Promise me you’ll call then.”

I wasn’t going to be coy. I wanted her to know that I would be the one waiting desperately to hear her sweet voice again. I didn’t want to play it cool, I didn’t want to play it off- she’d see right through it anyways. I just wanted to hear from her again. I wanted to have coffee here with her every Tuesday for the next year. I wanted to get to know her, to know the way she laughs when she finds something genuinely funny, or the way her skin feels when it brushes against mine. She was unlike any person I had ever met before, and there was no way I was going to be able to pretend otherwise.

“I promise,” she smiled.

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Can I get a request? Everyone wants to see drunk Sasuke and noone wonders how drunk Sakura acts toward him. So I'd like to see story with drunk Sakura who is hitting on Sasuke. Sorry for my English. ✌✌💛

No need to be sorry, thank you for your request!! :)

It had been weeks, months, years, since Sakura had gone out and actually enjoyed herself. Tsunade had made her way back to the village, and after crossing paths with Sakura, she’d declared the two of them go out for drinks.

“I’m not sure,” Sakura spoke hesitantly. “Sasuke is home, and I don’t want to become a problem, ya’know?”

Tsunade’s honey eyes held fire, and even the way she smirked told Sakura that there was no way she could refuse having a good time with her old mentor. “You’re a big girl, you can make your own decisions! Besides, remember how long he was gone for? C’mon.”

Sakura had already caught the faint scent of sake on her breath, and the more she tried to refuse the woman’s invite, the farther along Tsunade drug her. 

“Fine, but only one drink.”

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Blame it on the Alcohol

Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Smut

Request: Hi! Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are friends and he is all shy, literally just being his typical self. One day you go out clubbing/partying together and he gets really drunk and turns into the complete opposite, suddenly full of confidence . Somehow that night you end up sleeping together ;) Thanks in advance!!

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4

I just stared at him, willing him to speak. Just one word, that’s all I wanted. He tapped his pencil on the table and stared at the empty space in front of him.

Knowing that I was watching him, his eyes flickered toward me, his pencil froze in its actions, then his gaze quickly turned back to the space in front of him and the pencil started hitting the wood on the table as it had done before.

I sighed, I hate partner projects.

I looked to my professor who was leaned far back in his desk chair and his legs crossed on the table. His thin framed glasses were balanced on the tip of his nose as he blankly looked at an old newspaper. I silently cursed him for partnering me up with the shyest person in the class. No, the shyest person on the planet.

I side glanced my partner again, “Sooo, we need to come up with a topic for our presentation,” I tried to encourage him to come up with something. Every idea I came up with had been met with a meek shrug of his shoulders.

“Mhm,” he hummed as he was now twirling his pencil in between his long, thin fingers.

I pursed my lips and squinted at him, “Got any ideas?”

He chewed on his lip and shook his head.

I sighed and slumped back in my chair. Every other group had come up with their topic and started their projects yesterday. We were already behind the other groups and I couldn’t figure out how to get through to him so we could catch up.

You know, he’s lucky he’s gorgeous because if he just looked like every other Joe Shmoe in this school, I’d be furious with him right now. Every time I felt myself losing my temper, I would look at his profile and would suddenly feel calm, entranced even. His name was Jungkook. His features were soft and silky. His had a faint hint of a scar below his eye and I wondered how he managed to get it. His deep, inviting dark brown eyes were surrounded by thick, long black eyelashes.

“I was thinking we could—” just as I was about to pitch another idea, the bell rang.

“Pick up from here on Monday,” I finished my sentence.

“Okay,” he said without looking at me, gathering his belongings and standing up from his chair.

I followed his actions and grabbed my stuff, then walked toward the door. I just wanted to get out of this class and temporarily avoid the stress that this project had brought to me.

“Hey Y/N!” a girl shouted my name before I could get through the door.

I turned around to a girl who I’d spoken to a few times calling for my attention.

“Are you going to the party at the bar tonight?” she asked.

I cocked my head to the side, “I didn’t know there was a party at the bar tonight?”

“Oh, well… you should come! It’s gonna be a blast!”

I debated her offer inside my head then my eyes found Jungkook who was stood close to me and I was reminded of the stress of our project and my desperation to get my mind off of it.

I turned back to the girl, “Yeah, okay, I’ll be there! I’ll bring a friend too,” I told her with a smile.

She clapped happily, “Great! It starts at 8,” then she turned to Jungkook, “You should come too!”

He looked at her with wide eyes like a deer, surprised that she was addressing him directly. He let out a long breath then nodded, “a party could be fun,” he muttered, quickly looking down at the ground as he addressed her.

So he’ll speak to her but not me? 

His eyes flickered in my direction once more before he bowed his head and ducked out of the classroom.

I took my time getting home. I decided to grab a coffee from the campus’s cafe and take a stroll through a nearby park. I walked until I naturally headed down the path to my apartment and unlocked the door. I called my best friend and asked her to come to the party with me tonight. Of course, she obliged because that girl loved a good party. By the time I got back to my apartment, I only had a couple hours until the party started.

I went into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of ramen and slowly slurped small mouthfuls of noodles. After I finished my pre-party meal, I put the dish in the sink and filled it with water to soak. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, waiting until the bathroom was filled with steam to peel off my day clothes then slipped into the shower. I lazily lathered my body with soap and scrubbed my scalp with shampoo, not being in any rush to get to the party. I stood in the shower, letting the water run down my body until it went cold. I turned off the water then wrapped myself in a towel and walked into my bedroom.

I jumped with I walked through the door and was welcomed by my best friend sitting on my bed, fully dressed and ready to go.

“Why aren’t you ready yet?! It’s already 8:30!” she spoke shrilly while flapping her hands around. She wore a tight sparkly strapless red dress that perfectly accentuated her womanly curves and voluptuous breasts which I had always been slightly jealous of.

I shrugged, “Just taking my time. No one shows up to parties on time anyway.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, “Well hurry up.”

Brushing off her bitterness, I walked over to the closet to find an outfit. I dug through my underwear until I found what I was looking for: a padded black lacey bra with underwear to match. I always put on my prettiest pair of underwear before a party, not because I was looking to get lucky, but because it gave me confidence. I picked out a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans and paired them with a black sparkly top with straps that crisscrossed in the back.

“Aren’t you a little dressed down?” my friend asked me, looking at her outfit, then mine.

“It’s just a bar, I think this is fine,” I gestured to my appearance, “come do my hair while I do my makeup,” I ordered and walked down the hall to the bathroom. My hair was curled and left down to frame my face. I stuck with fairly tame eyeshadow colors— just a few shades of brown which was dark enough to make my eyes look bigger and more defined but not dark enough to make me look like I just got out of a fist fight and lost. I applied a soft pink lip color and a pair of black high heels which made my ass look fantastic. Then, at 9:30, I was ready to go.

The bar was just a short walk from my apartment. My friend was already complaining about her feet hurting and her dress riding up and I just rolled my eyes and laughed at her. I could hear the bass of the music blasting from the bar from a block away. When we got to the entrance, there were lights of various colors strobing through the windows. The music was deafeningly loud and pulsed through my body, filling me with excitement as we walked through the doors into the pool of people.

I turned to speak to my best friend but found her already attached butt to crotch with a smitten stranger. His hands were on her thighs as she ground herself onto his hips sexily. My gaze wandered from her to a man leaning against a support beam with a half drank beer in his hand. He had a sleazy smirk on his face as he raised his glass to me and winked. I groaned and my stomach churned at his hungry expression.

I need a drink.

I struggled to make my way through the crowd to the end of the building where the bar was. When I finally reached it, I slumped against the cool wood of the long bar and took a seat on one of the open bar stools. The music was significantly less intense over here, now I could actually hear lyrics and some sort of tune rather than just bass.

Just as the song was ending, the bartender began to walk over to me. Just as I was about to tell him my order, the sound of a guy laughing loudly caught my attention. I turned my head to where the laughter was coming from and my stomach lurched in surprise.

On the bend of the bar counter, my partner in class, Jungkook was smiling hugely with his hand on a girl’s shoulder. He was wearing a black leather jacket which he paired with a white v neck shirt that showed off a bit of his muscular smooth chest. He leaned in close to her and whispered seductively which made her melt into a fit of giggles and playfully push him away, letting her hand linger on his chest much longer than it needed to.

Just as the opening chords to a new song blasted through the speakers, Jungkook’s eyes found mine across the bar. I froze unsure of what to do next. Should I look away? Wave?

His already dark brown eyes grew even darker as he turned his head to the side and rolled his tongue across the inside of his cheek, a devilish smile grew on his face. He leaned in close to whisper something in the girl’s ear, never breaking eye contact with me. He stepped away from her and he head snapped in my direction. She shot me a glare as Jungkook moved around the bend toward me.

Before I could react, Jungkook was standing extremely close to me, looking my body up and down, “Hellooo,” he drew out the the “o”, “you look ravishing,” he flirted.

I stood there stunned, there’s no way this was the same boy that refused to even make eye contact with me in class today.

“I–I didn’t think you’d show up to this,” I admitted in a fluster.

He turned his head to the side, “Why not? I said I would in class today.”

I shrugged, “You just don’t seem like the party type.”

He smirked, “I only came on the off-chance that I’d get to see you.”

His bold confession made his current state obvious to me, “Are you drunk?” I asked him, brushing off what he had just said. There’s no way he meant it if he was drunk, right?

He looked off to the side like he was debating his answer, then he looked back at me with a single raised eyebrow, “I’m not sober.”

I nodded. Shit, maybe he did mean it. I turned away from him and tried to let my curls fall over my face and block my blushing cheeks from his line of sight.

“Do you want a drink? How about a beer?” Jungkook asked and before I could respond was shouting at the bartender to get him two beers on tap.

I was going to interject but I couldn’t find anything wrong with letting a cute boy buy me a drink, so I said nothing. Especially after this cute boy basically put me through hell during class by refusing to work with me on our project. If anything, he owed me this drink.

“Are you here alone?” he asked before taking a long drink from the golden frothy liquid that the bartender had just put in front of him.

I grabbed my glass and turned my body so I could see the dance floor. I scanned the crowd until I spotted my best friend, who was now grinding on a different guy than she had been earlier, “That one,” I pointed to her, “I brought her,” I also chugged half of my beer.

He leaned closer to me to see who I was pointing at, “Red dress?”


He laughed and took another huge drink, essentially emptying his glass, “She looks like she’s having fun.”

I scoffed, “You could say that.”

Jungkook put his empty glass on the counter then tapped the table with his fingertips as he thought through something.

“Can you take shots?” he questioned playfully.

One corner of my mouth raised, “I don’t mean to brag but, I am excellent at taking shots,” I found myself sending out flirtatious vibes without meaning to.

He raised his eyebrow again, “Oh really? Prove it,” he baited.

I leaned back and put my hand over my chest, pretending to be hurt that he would ever doubt me, “Maybe I will,” I called the bartender over and ordered two rounds of shots of tequila for both of us. He poured the poison into shot glasses in front of us. Jungkook and I both grabbed one glass out of the four sat in front of us and clinked them together before downing the liquid and feeling as if it was burning a hole in my throat since I had no chaser.

I tried to play it off cool and pretend that the shot was nothing but I lost it when Jungkook became a laughing and coughing mess in front of me. I followed him quickly after as my body tried to reject what I had just consumed. Without pausing, we did the second round, having the same reaction as the first. Jungkook called for yet another round of shots, which we both did easily since the damage had already been done from the first two.

“You’re right,” he commented, “you are good at taking shots.

I shrugged smugly. Just then, a particularly loud song started playing.

“I can’t believe this,” I screamed over the blaring music.

“Can’t believe what?” he shouted back.

“You’re actually fun!”

He laughed and held up his shot glass, which the bartender had kindly refilled, “Blame the alcohol,” then the poured the shot down this throat.

I grabbed my glass and held it still for a moment, knowing I needed to slow down before the drunkenness hit me like a ton of bricks, “You’re just so quiet normally, I’m surprised,” I said before opening my throat and allowing the liquor to pass through without touching my tongue.     

He shrugged, putting his mouth to my ear so he didn’t need to yell as much, “I like to think that tipsiness shows my true colors.”

We continued talking about nothing for about thirty minutes until I felt the five shots and half a beer beginning to set in. Just as my mind started to get loopy, I heard the opening to my favorite song.

I gasped and aggressively tugged on Jungkook’s arm, “Oo! Oo! I love this song!”

He looked around at the very full dance floor then looked at me suggestively, “Let’s go dance!”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the bar, onto the dance floor. We both began to move our bodies to the rhythm of the music. The alcohol that was tracing through my veins allowed me to forget about any insecurities or embarrassment that I may have had if I were sober.

This song wasn’t exactly classy. It was definitely a booty shaking, boob bouncing song and I did just that right in front of Jungkook. A huge smile grew on his face as he watched my body move and swayed his body left and right.

He put a hand on my hip and helped guide me to the beat of the song. His hand moved from my hip to the curve of my lower back, pulling me closer to him. Adrenaline coursed through my body alongside the alcohol. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed the gap between us. Our hips rocked against each other as Jungkook looked into my eyes and smiled seductively. I had no idea he had this sexy and smooth side to him and it was making my body get very warm and my breathing heavy.

I wasn’t sure how this dancing was making him feel but I knew I was started to get very turned on at the feeling of having my hips pressed to someone else. His hands were skimming up and down my back, getting very close to my butt but never actually resting there.

The song faded to its end and Jungkook and I just stood there, hips still pressed together, just looking at each other. His eyes were dark and hypnotic, making me yearn for him even more.

A new song started playing and Jungkook leaned his mouth to my ear, “It’s loud in here, let’s go somewhere else,” he grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward the exit of the bar. I frantically looked around for my friend and found her making out with the guy she had been grinding with, in the corner of the dance floor. She seemed occupied, I’d just text her to let her know where I went later.

Jungkook lead me outside into the cold, bitter air. He aggressively pushed me up against the brick wall of the bar and crashed his lips to mine. Drunk and extremely turned on, I immediately began kissing him back and spastically rubbing my hands all over his body. He grabbed at my upper thighs and ass, not being shy about grabbing it anymore. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I tangled my hands into his hair. I ground my hips on his just as I had done on the dance floor and he reciprocated the action.

“Hey, take that somewhere else!” the bouncer shouted at us, causing me to jump in fright and push Jungkook back.

He looked at me and smirk through his panting breath, “My apartment,” he said simply then grabbed my hand and pulled me down the road away from the bar. This is definitely not how I saw my night going.

We walked quickly down the deserted street to a tall apartment building. Jungkook led me through the lobby and into the elevator. He pushed the button for his floor, then pressed me against the side of the elevator and kissed me again, this time less harshly but still just as urgently as outside the bar.

We made out until the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Jungkook grabbed me again and led me to his front door, opening it with a shaky hand then pulling me through the doorway.

I was once again shoved against the wall and Jungkook firmly pressed his lips to mine, unable to contain his desire for me. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel his hardening dick against me. I ground against the bulge and his breath hitched at the contact.

I grabbed the collar of his leather jacket and pulled the piece of clothing off of his body. He helped by pulling his arms out of the sleeves and cupped my face with his hands and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. He kicked off his shoes and hiked up the bottom of my shirt and his hot hands grasped my bare waist. I also took off my shoes without breaking the kiss and grappled at his belt and tugging it open.

He broke the kiss and led me to his bedroom where everything was neatly lined up on shelves but the bed was unmade. He pushed me onto his bed and I landed on my back. He jumped onto of me and leaned in to reconnect our lips.

I put my hand on his chest to make him halt, “I don’t normally do this with people,” I informed him.

He smiled, “I don’t either,” then crashed his lips to mine. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt again and this time he pushed it up my body, breaking our kiss only long enough to pull it over my head. His hands grabbed my breasts and I silently thanked myself for wearing my nice bra.

He popped open my jeans and slid them down off of my hips, enough to have easy access to the hem of my underwear. As his fingers played with the top of my underwear, I pulled open his jeans and slid them down his body with my feet. His hand dipped into my underwear and let his middle finger run over my wet fold.

I hummed in pleasure at the feeling of his long fingers on me. He brought his finger up from my opening to circle my clit. I jolted, feeling relief from the pent up desire and moaned into his mouth. My hand cupped the bulge in his underwear, rubbing it. He ground his hips into my hand and rubbed my clit harder.

Sweat gathered at my hairline and I panted, already feeling overwhelmed with pleasure. He pulled his hand away from my center and tugged his underwear off, letting his dick spring free. He pulled my underwear off too as well as his shirt and my bra. His mouth left open kisses all over my chest as he lined himself up with my entrance.

He easily slid himself into me and didn’t hesitate to start rocking his hips. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper into me. He thrusted roughly and quickly, desperate to reach his release. I clenched around him, increasing the pleasure for both of us as he pounded into my g spot. He had me whimpering and moaning his name, knowing exactly what to do to make me unravel under him. He grunted and looked into my eyes, his brow furrowing and his mouth hanging open.

We both reached our highs quickly, the desperation for each other made it easy for both of us to cum. With one last grunt, he rolled off of me and laid on his back on the bed next to me. I rolled onto my stomach and looked at his sweat drenched face. He lazily brushed his fingers through my hair and looked at me through half lidded eyes.

It was then that I remember that this was the boy from class who was so incredibly shy that he couldn’t even look at me. How was it possible that I was now lying naked in bed with him.

“I honestly had no idea that you were like this,” I admitted, “you’re usually so shy.”

He chuckled, “I’d like to blame the alcohol but the truth is… The desire, the attraction for you, is real. The alcohol just brought out the confidence for me to act on it.”

“I didn’t even realize we had the same attraction for each other,” I shook my head in disbelief.

He smirked mischiefly, “Does that mean we can do this again sometime?”

I laughed and nodded.

“Good, I’ve got a lot more I want to do with you,” he told me and pulled me close to his body, wrapping his strong arm around me.

I sat silent for a moment, savoring the feeling, “Hey, you know something that you could do with me?” I lifted my head to look at his face.

He looked at me curiously.

“Our project,” I said.

He threw his head back and laughed loudly, his eyes scrunching closed, “Oh yeah, sorry about that.”

“It’s due in a week. I’m begging you to help me with it,” I jokingly begged.

He rubbed the back of my head with a smile, “should we work on it right now?” he suggested.

I contemplated his suggestion and shook my head, “Let’s just do this right now,” I rested my head on his chest and snuggled into him.

He hummed in agreement and pulled me close to him.

We ended up falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and come Monday, we finally made headway on our project.  

I changed it a bit and made it a College Au, I hope that’s okay?

I’d love feedback on this! Also, requests are open but you’ll have to forgive me for writing SUPER slow.

Thanks for Reading! xx

anonymous asked:

are you planning on doing a sequel for the sprace hunger games fic? it was absolutely brilliant and i'd love to read more

Okay I got some requests for a Hunger Games AU sequel and I asked what kind of ending people wanted. The response I got was exactly even between all the angst and a happily ever after, so all I can say is that you brought this upon yourselves…

A loud siren pierced the air and had both Race and Spot jolting awake. Spot’s first response was to check they both had all their limbs before trying to sit up, hindered only by Race’s arm pulling him back down as he grumbled a complaint that he’d at least thought he was getting away from early morning wake up calls when he’d become a Tribute.

“Nuh, Race, up,” Spot protested, scrubbing sleep from his eyes.

They were alive, that was something. They’d made it through the night just as he’d suspected, but now it was day and nothing was guaranteed. Grabbing Race’s hand tightly and kissing his cheek, Spot looked down from their tree shelter, half expecting the floor to have been turned to lava. Everything seemed normal.

“We dead?” Race asked, groggy and still mostly asleep.

Spot just rolled his eyes. Considering Race had made it so far into the Games, and been through the same survivalist training as everyone else, it took him a good five minutes to become fully conscious in the morning.

“No,” Spot said, poking him in the shoulder. “But they want us awake for some reason.”

That reason couldn’t be good. He couldn’t see anything to be concerned about, but this was the Arena. Everything was something to be concerned about.

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winvhesters-deactivated20170905  asked:

yaaaas bitch! you go mads! so proud of how far you've come! (and what kind of friend would i be if i didn't request a drabble?? i'd like 8, 9, & if you don't mind me requesting a third choice, i'd also like you to use 20!) dean x reader of course 🖤🖤🖤

B!!! Thank you my love!! I’m so glad you could request, you always combine the best prompts! Hope you enjoy

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

You sat on the couch, watching whatever channels managed to connect to the TV in the bunker. It was so quiet without Sam and Dean home, you were willing to suffer through the soap-opera reruns just for some noise. You smiled to yourself, thinking how Dean would probably enjoy these shows, but the thought just made you remember the ache in your stomach. You were sad and worried and nearly sick; Sam and Dean had left two days ago for a hunt, and had yet to come home or contact you at all. It was normal for hunts to go on longer than usual, but not without at least an update text here and there. Suddenly, you heard the loud thud of the bunker’s metal door. Your heart raced for a moment, until that familiarly gruff voice called out.

           “Y/n?” Dean shouted, a slight strain in his tone. You jumped from the couch and raced to him, not wasting a second before wrapping your arms around him.

           “Oh Dean,” you murmured against his chest. “I’ve been so worried.”

           “Woah there,” he laughed, his footing barely steady. “I’ve missed you too, baby girl.”

           You pulled back slightly and gasped. You had barely even looked at him before entering his arms, but red poured all down the side of his face.

           “Is that blood?” you exclaimed, already running to grab the med kit from the wall. He had initially teased you for putting it up, but it came in handy more times than either of you could count. He raised his eyebrow, a smirk on his face as you returned to him.

           “Is that my shirt?

           You blushed, looking down at the oversized tee you had thrown on. It was so nice when you had first put it on; it smelled just like him.

           “I missed you, okay.” You rolled your eyes, pulling up a chair for him to sit in. “Just sit down and let me take care of you.

He obeyed gratefully, wincing as you used a cotton swab with alcohol to clean his wound.

“Sorry,” you said, grimacing at his pain. “Where’s Sam?”

“He didn’t get hurt so he stayed to clean up a little.” He shrugged. “I just wanted to come home to let you know I was okay.” You smiled, thankful that he knew you so well.

“It doesn’t look like you’ll need stitches, but you must’ve banged your head pretty hard. Some bandages and a few days in bed should do you some good,” you diagnosed, continuing to patch him up.

“Please,” he scoffed. “You know I don’t do downtime”

“Well you’re not going to be of any use if your passing out every two seconds, now are you?” you insisted, still working on him. He was quiet for a moment.

“Yeah, I guess,” he huffed, crossing his arms like a child. You smiled, rolling your eyes as you knelt to be eyelevel with him.        

“I promise, we’ll find some way to keep it fun.” He smirked at your comment, grabbing your face to kiss you softly.

“Oh yeah,” he laughed. “I’ve definitely missed you.”

Wanna request a drabble?

minteyemc  asked:

Hey can I make a request? Saeyoung and MC cuddling but Saeran feels jealous and inserts himself into it and eventually the three of them end up getting in a huge blanket burrito? I'd love to see what you'd do with that idea

Here you go! I hope it’s okay!

Saeyoung fell down onto the sofa with a loud sigh. He had been busy working at keeping vengeful former agency workers at bay for almost a week straight by this point, and had only took little naps here there and everywhere. He made a quiet whimpering noise, before stretching his arms out. “MC, I need a hug! God Saeyoung needs a hug!”

You laughed, and jumped down next to him as you threw your arms around him. “Don’t worry, Saeyoung! I’m always here for cuddles!” He grinned as he returned the hug, before he then used one of his arms to stretch out for the television remote. “Oh, are we going to watch a film together?”

“Yep. We’re going to watch a film, but I’m just not sure which one yet…” He muttered, starting to flick through the channels. “We could watch a cool family film, or a soppy romance one… But maybe, seeming as Saeran isn’t about right now…” He then pulled you closer to his body, and then whispered down your ear. “We can watch something a little dirtier…”

Your face started heating up as Saeyoung said that, before you hit his chest. “We’re cuddling! Cuddling means that we watch something light-hearted! If this was a make-out session, then maybe we could watch something a bit dirtier…”

“Fiiiiine…” Saeyoung went and put one of those new lego films on, before pulling your head close to his chest as he moved his arm back around you. “I’ll put a dirty film on in our bedroom tonight then~”

It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep leaning against Saeyoung whilst watching the film, and your quiet snoring was enough to induce a light sleep for Saeyoung too.

About twenty minutes later, Saeran had returned from the outside world. After over a year, Saeyoung trusted him enough to visit his therapist on his own. That allowed Saeran a bit more freedom, and he would go for a walk and an ice cream break before returning home.

Saeran was not prepared to have his ears filled by really loud music though, with lyrics which made his head hurt. He ended up pulling his scarf up to try and cover his ears as he stormed into the lounge. It was then that he noticed some sort of animated film playing where everything was made up of that stupid kid’s toy which hurt your feet if you stood on it. He couldn’t remember the name of the toy, but he hated it anyway. “The hell…?” He seriously could not believe that you and Saeyoung were able to put up with this sort of crap. “Everything’s not awesome… And fuck being a part of a team.”

Ironically, he said that to the tune of the song in the background.

He then turned around to face you and Saeyoung to yell at you both to turn the film down, and realised that both of you were asleep. “… I am not surprised at all.” He then noticed the way in which you shifted in your sleep to nestle your head into Saeyoung’s shirt, and he felt his stomach churn.

Not through his typical annoyance though… It was jealousy. He only realised that he was jealous of yours and Saeyoung’s mutual love for one another a few days ago, when his twin had been going on about what it felt like being in love to Yoosung down the phone. Saeran felt the exact same way towards you, but had assumed from the start it was him being sickened with regard to the way in which the two of you would act. He never realised it was love.

He wanted to be able to hold you close to him like Saeyoung could…

He wanted to be a part of that hug…

He wanted you.

Just to keep himself under control, he stormed out of the room to put his coat and scarf away, before standing near a window to take a quick breather to calm down. That had been what his therapist had said earlier, after all… “Saeran, if you ever feel frustrated or annoyed with something, excuse yourself for a moment. People will understand, everyone has times where they need to be alone to calm down and sort themselves out. Just take some deep breaths, let your heart rate slow down to something more relaxed, and then return to the situation. Things are likely to have moved on by the time that you return.”

Moments later, Saeran flinched when all of the lights in the building turned off, and anything electrical seemed to shut down. “Fuck… Not a power cut.” He remembered that Saeyoung mentioned there being an emergency electricity generator in the basement a few months back, so he then made his way over to the door to the basement. “And of course, there is a retinal scan and a voice activated lock on the door… It’s too cold to hack into it…”

Eventually, Saeran went to return to the lounge just to ask Saeyoung to turn the generator on. He heard voices through the door though, so he pressed his ear against it to listen in.

“S- Saeyoung… It’s really cold…”

“Yeah… Brr. Soon, we’ll be able to re-enact that film with those two princesses and the snowman! You can be the snowman, and me and Saeran could be the princesses!”

Saeyoung. Please… I just feel really cold… I’d rather be warm than suffer hypothermia because you want to have me be a snowman…”

“Okay… Sorry… Do you want me to turn the heating on-“

“No! Don’t move! It’s too cold for you to move!”

And with that, Saeran found an opportunity. He had a chance to get close to you… That was good. He ran into his bedroom, and grabbed the thickest, warmest blankets from his bed. He then proceeded to laugh for a moment, before making his way back to the lounge. He noticed that you had pulled your legs up into your sweater, and that you were shivering as you leaned against his brother.

“Well, looks like I’m saving both of your asses today…” He mumbled with the blankets over his shoulders, before settling down on the sofa beside you and adjusting the blankets so that you were covered by them, and Saeyoung was barely just under them. “Don’t think that I’ll do this every time that it’s cold though.”

You smiled, before doing something which made Saeran feel like his heart was about to burst through his chest and run away. You leaned against him. You were making the physical contact with him which he was craving just minutes earlier. “Thank you, Saeran… I feel much warmer now…”

Saeyoung then pouted, before he then pulled himself closer to both you and him so that he was under the blankets properly too. “I need to hug with my brother too… Thanks, little twin bro!”

Saeran rolled his eyes, before he realised that he had started moving his arms to wrap around your waist too. “By the way, idiot… You need to turn the backup generator on. Just as long as you’re not going to watch that stupid film again…”

“Aww, but everything is-!”

“Say awesome, and you lose blanket rights.”

anonymous asked:

I saw that you were taking prompts and I'd like to request a kanadia au where kanans in a soccer team and dia's being a useless lesbian <3

Sorry for the wait! I hope you enjoy this ;u;!

@ Mari when will u stop teasing these poor gays?

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Um, hi, I'm new to this imagines thing... so, uh, before I request, I'd like to say that from the few posts you made I'm already in love with this blog! And uh, if you could, what would UT! Gaster's reaction be if a human fell into the void? Or What would UT! sans or US! Paps do if it was his soulmate or s/o who fell into the void? Sorry if this is long or not understandable like I said I'm new to this ;; bless u!!!

Ahh thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog and my writing! <33 And of course, anon! Take some angst! I just did Classic Sans and Gaster for this, if you don’t mind. (Writing from Gasters point of view in the void is difficult oops)

Putting it under a cut cause it’s kinda long

Surprise bonus: here’s the songs I listened to while I wrote this! Warning for the second one though, it’s pretty unsettling… I wouldn’t listen to it at night if I were you
[song 1]
[”song” 2]

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anonymous asked:

Well it's already been some time but congrats on 1000! You guys deserve loads of followers for your amazing writing ♥ I like the game idea too - so I think I'd like to request something and see what happens. 26 with Woozi, please? Ily all + well done

26. First time threesome + Woozi

26 was also requested for Seokmin, so ;)

“Shit, I’m so sorry,” you yelped, covering your eyes in shame immediately. You couldn’t believe you had been that careless and walked into someone’s bedroom without knocking on the door,  when even you yourself hated when people did that. The worst part about it all was that you had walked in on someone changing, your eyes landing on their bare cock instantaneously.

“I’ll never do that again I promise! I’m so -“ You turned around swiftly and headed back to the door, ready to forget about this whole thing and not even think who you had just seen. However, before you could do so, the door was closed in front of you and your mouth was covered by a warm hand.

“Shh, don’t be so loud,” a voice that you could easily recognise whispered. You could feel the warmth from his body radiating around you and his clean, fresh scent almost turning you on.

“Seokmin?” you mumbled into his hand, your eyes wide open from the initial shock of realising you had just seen him half naked. You weren’t very close with him but you had definitely spent a lot of hours playing video games together and what not.

“Don’t you remember Jihoon is here too?” He scolded you, rather than actually asking you if you had forgotten. He let go of you and took a step back after realising that you weren’t saying anything and it was pointless for him to have his hand on your mouth anymore.

You turned around, facing the now dressed Seokmin, whose cheeks were flushed pink but you couldn’t blame him as yours were burning just as much or even more.

You looked around the room, trying to avoid his gaze. You felt awkward that you had just seen him in his full glory but you could also feel his gaze on you, meaning that if you would look right at him - you’d probably burn even more, and this time it wouldn’t just be your cheeks.

You couldn’t help but to admit to yourself that what you had seen was indeed quite impressive, from his thick thighs to the nice curve of his ass and of course, his decently sized cock. You unknowingly licked your lips, now unable to get the image of him naked out of your mind.

“You know what, just stay still for a while,” Seokmin said, shaking his head and marching up to you. When you finally dared to look at him, he was just inches away from you, hands ready to cup your cheeks. Surprisingly, when his warm hands were met with your skin again, you didn’t mind because it felt nice and the way he was looking at you caused you to freeze up completely. Soon after, his lips were on yours, head slightly tilted to the right. He was moving his lips on your softly and it first you had no idea how to react, but you melted into the kiss when you felt a small smile on Seokmin’s lips.

You broke the kiss after a few seconds, your breath heavier than before and the room feeling stuffier as well. Seokmin looked a bit confused but his lips slightly swollen you thought he was hot. You didn’t know what to say though, I mean what do people say after kissing someone for the first time?

You decided it was for the best to just leave the room and collect your thoughts, not sure how you wanted things to go. You opened the door and as you were met with the brightness of the hallway, you also bumped into Jihoon. “Oh, what happened there? Why were you in Seokmin’s room?” he asked, of course not knowing what had just happened. But you were too shy to explain or in fact, even meet Jihoon’s eyes.

You had a different relationship with Jihoon than with Seokmin, definitely. With Jihoon, you had tried things a few times; you had kissed him, or to be more exact, made out in the bathroom of their dorm multiple times. You had never gone further though and you weren’t sure why, because you did find him attractive.

You flopped onto the big couch in the living room, wondering where Jihoon went as he was just in the hallway with you. It didn’t take long for Jihoon to come out from Seokmin’s bedroom, with Seokmin himself next to him. You gulped loudly, watching them talk about something quietly enough for you not to hear what they were actually saying.

And at that moment, an image came to your mind; what if you fucked them both? No, you tried shaking off that image from your mind immediately. You didn’t want to think about that but at the same time, that was the only thing that was in your mind right now. Would it feel good? Would they like it? I bet they would, they’re both naughty, especially Jihoon.

“I told him,” Seokmin said and interrupted your thought, sitting next to you on the couch, keeping a small gap between you two. Jihoon on the other hand was standing in front of you, bottom lip between his teeth as it usually was when he was contemplating on something. You didn’t know how to answer to what Seokmin had just said, so you just let out an “oh” and nodded your head.

“I’ll tell you what babe,” Jihoon bent his knees and leaned his elbow on the armrest, “I also told him about our thing and we thought of something and I also know that with your smart mind, you’ve already thought about the same thing too. You just need to tell us what you want.”

“What do you think I want?” You managed to stutter, your facial expression remaining emotionless, trying to work out if they were actually suggesting what you thought they were suggesting.

“This,” Seokmin said and inched forward, you raised your eyebrow at his cautious approach, at least he was asking consent this time, kind of. You willingly let your mouth catch his in a quick kiss before he moves his lips to your neck, sucking on your sensitive skin harshly.

Jihoon slapped Seokmin’s leg, making him sit back straight on the couch, leaving you utterly confused and visibly turned on as you could barely keep your hands away from the bulge in Seokmin’s pants. “We don’t have time for all this lovey-dovey shit, princess,” Jihoon said, pulling you up from the couch and pushing you down on your knees.

He had his hand sturdily on your shoulder as he walked around you and took your spot on the couch, leaning his head to the wall. “Now start sucking,” he commanded and at first you wanted to refuse but you couldn’t deny how turned on you were and this was the quickest way for you to get some ease to the burning in your panties.

Jihoon’s unusually rough words were definitely having an affect on you that you weren’t proud of, you rubbed your thighs together to create friction and some kind of release where you needed it. You would be lying if you said you didn’t want these boys.

You moved a bit forward, deciding to go all out and please them both at the same time. You started rubbing them through their pants, gaining a hesitant moan from the both of them as they didn’t expect you to work them both at once.

After figuring out that they were both hard enough, you first slipped Jihoon out of his shorts, pumping him a few times before quickly moving to Seokmin, getting him out of his sweatpants as well. You grabbed his shaft in your hand, pumping what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. You sucked gently, letting your tongue run over his tip.  

You had your other hand still on Jihoon’s shaft, slowly pumping him, squeezing him as you did. Jihoon was a lot more silent than Seokmin, who wasn’t afraid of getting vocal when you hit his sweet spot right under his tip. Jihoon instead let out quiet whimpers and moans, sometimes they even sounded shaky but it all was like music for your ears.

As you pick up a sluggish rhythm to sucking off Seokmin, he slides his fingers into your hair, tightening his grip and earning himself a muffled moan from you that vibrates around his cock. He exhales sharply, and then unsuccessfully tries to suppress his grunts.
You love to hear him make noise, though, so you start to hum, making sure he would feel all the vibrations of your voice on his cock. You look up to catch his gaze, but his eyes are tightly shut.

“Fuck, you’re… I love your mouth.” He grits out breathlessly, trying to find something else to hold with his free hand. He takes a hold of Jihoon’s shoulder, causing Jihoon to jolt. “Don’t touch me,” he said, clearly unsatisfied that Seokmin had interrupted his wonderful mindset. You tightened your lips around Seokmin but got distracted as Jihoon’s hand came in contact with yours, he halted your motions and rose up from the couch. “Let me take care of you alright,” he said, walking behind you and kneeling down whilst running his hands down your clothes sides. You guessed that the reason he got up was Seokmin but you didn’t mind at all that someone would be taking care of your situation down there.

Jihoon lifted up your skirt and pushed your panties to the side to slide his index finger in your slit, feeling how wet you were. “Oh, you’re ready,” he said and guided you to lift your ass up. He held your panties to one side with his hand as he slowly pushed into you. making sure he didn’t go too fast yet. You were out of your mind as Seokmin was moaning your name and bucking his hips up as you sucked on him and Jihoon as on the other hand was painfully slowly thrusting into you, hands tight on your hips and ass.

“Please, Jihoon…go faster,” you begged because at this point you were desperate. He grunted and began to pound into you, relishing the feeling and letting high pitched whimpers fall from his mouth.

“I’m close.” Seokmin moaned as Jihoon angled your hips slightly and rammed back into you after drawing all the way out. The new position forced a moan out of you, Jihoon’s fingers digging into your hips harder at your uncontrollable noises.

You saw Seokmin’s abs tense as his moans were becoming louder and more frequent. The room filled with desperate whimpers and became humid, the smell of sex surrounding you.

Seokmin warned you he was close before releasing into your throat, forcing you to swallow.Your legs were shaking as Seokmin pulled himself out of your mouth and flopped back in the couch, breathing heavily, beads of sweat running down his face.

Jihoon’s thrusts increased in speed and your swears became incomprehensible. You tightened around his length and your orgasm washed over you, your whole body shuddering at the intensity. Jihoon groaned and pulled out of you, you felt him cum on your back, which he found out to be surprisingly hot - your ass covered in his release.

“That was my first time doing anything like that,” you sighed, catching your breath.

“I think we can all say the same Y/N, that was amazing,” Seokmin said, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Jihoon was cleaning you up with a few tissues, his signature smirk on his lips, “I didn’t expect anything less from you.”

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p-o-box-7  asked:

hiii :) i love your imagines so much ! they are seriously the best pietro imagines ever ! if you accept requests i'd like to make one where the reader is a burlesque dancer and pietro sees her becuz 1 day for a mission they have to go to the place she dances and then he keeps going there and the other avengers think he is hiding something. And basically lots of flirting and heat and tension. :) :)

Thank you so much! So before you requested this imagine I actually didn’t know what a burlesque dancer was, so I looked it up and I think I can write a character like that. But I wasn’t able to find much info… From what I was able to gather it seemed like a burlesque dancer is a sexy actress kind of a dancer … So I guess I can just write the reader character as a body confident person. I’ve seen a lot of fanfics where the reader doubts that Pietro would want to be with her and thinks she’s not pretty enough so I’m going to write one where the reader is more confident in herself and knows she’s beautiful. So I guess we’ll just see where this goes. I found a way to add some fluff by the way. I’ll do my best. 

Warnings: Mentions of smut because the reader character is a sexy dancer… But no actual full blown sex will be taking place in this imagine, just a lot of heat and tension, as was mentioned in the request. I actually found a way too add some fluff to this too so it’s not too bad. Viewer discretion is advised.

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I'd Really Like That - Sam Winchester One Shot


“Hi was was wondering if you could do a samxreader where the reader is nearly as tall as Sam and he’s been following her around town and they end up going in a date and it gets really smutty”


“Hi just wondering if you could do a samxreader fic where they have kind of a one night stand and he leaves the next day and they meet up again like five months later and she’s kinda knocked up or something like that? Also some fluff and smut? Please and thank you”

Word Count: 3,800

Warnings: Just fluffy smut, and some pregnancy :)

Author’s Note: I decided to combine these requests since I felt like they fitted together quite well and I had them both in mind when I wrote this :) Hope that’s alright with both requesters! :)

I’d Really Like That

You ran your cloth over the surface of the bar, before throwing it back under the counter, running your fingers through your hair and taking a deep breathe. You had been behind the bar all day and were in the final hour of your shift before someone would come to take over at midnight. You had been running the bar for a couple of a years now and it was like a second home to you, but as much as you loved all your locals and regulars, it was still very exhausting work.

“Excuse me miss.” You heard a voice call out softly behind you and you spun around and looked down, expecting to find a face, but instead you were greeted with a broad, plaid-clad chest. Your gaze trailed up to a very handsome face, framed by a gorgeous mane of hair and you gave him a flirty smile as you leant on the bar, always pleased to find yourself in front of a gorgeous man who was actually taller than you.

“Heya handsome, what can I get for you?” He smiled as you spoke, and checked you out particularly unsubtly before responding,

“A beer and some information? I’m with the FBI.” You turned around and sighed as you got retrieved two bottles from the fridge. A few men had gone crazy and beaten up their wives in your small town recently and a couple of them had just come home from your bar at the time, so naturally the police had already spent the afternoon quizzing you suspiciously.

“I already told the police everything this afternoon, but sure, what do you want to know?” He asked you a bunch of questions about the nights that the guys were in and if you remembered anything strange, but honestly you couldn’t really think of anything special.

“You’ve been very helpful, thank you miss…” Sam said, placing the money for the beers on the counter and letting his hand rest on top of yours.

“I’m (Y/n). Can I know your name, or is that classified information?” You teased, winking as you gave his hand a squeeze, staring into his deep brown eyes.

“I’m Sam. Listen, I, um –“ He started to babble but was cut off by a shout from the other end of the bar.

“Hey Skyscraper! Can I get served?” You rolled your eyes as you recognised the voice of one of your regulars who always tipped well, which was the only reason you didn’t smack him in the face for calling you that.

“Sorry Sam, I’ve got to get back to work, but good luck with investigating!” You dashed off to see what the other customer wanted before he could reply, and didn’t notice as he scribbled his name and number on a napkin with a little note; ‘In case you remember anything else’ but it certainly made you smile when you found it later.

Sam wandered back to his table and handed the second beer to Dean who took a long gulp before leaning over the table and muttering to his brother,

“Do you reckon she’s the Siren we’re looking for then?” Sam watched you moving gracefully behind the bar, smiling as you chatted to your customers and he couldn’t help but grin himself as you lit up the room.

“She does seem charming and she is beautiful, not to mention model-height. It’s certainly a possibility.” He stated, feeling a little disappointed that the hot girls where usually the ones causing all the mayhem.

“Careful Sammy, sounds like she might be working her magic on you already!” Dean joked, slapping his brother on the shoulder and turning his attention back to the journal in front of him.

“Shut up Dean.” Sammy spat, although he couldn’t help but think that if a siren was going to try and lure him in that is exactly the look he would fall for.

“So tomorrow you need to keep an eye on her; follow her and see if she does anything suspicious and I’ll go talk to the cops who investigated and stop by the holding cell to talk to the men who did the attacks. Sound okay Sammy?”


You were thoroughly enjoying your day off, having spent your morning take a leisurely walk through town, checking out the farmer’s market and generally making the most of the beautiful sunny day. There was something about strolling through the park in your favourite sundress and having the sun shining down on you that just made you feel like nothing could go wrong. As you sat on the grass, flicking through your favourite book which you were re-reading for the fiftieth time, you didn’t notice Sam leaning against a tree a ways behind you, watching you contently, really hoping you weren’t the creature he was hunting.

He almost jumped out of his skin as his phone vibrated in his pocket, snapping him back to reality and he answered to Dean’s voice,

“Hey Sammy, Bobby is still looking for a way to gank a Siren but I spoke to the local sheriff and from what I can tell all the attacks seemed to have happened at night, so see if you can keep her busy tonight and that way we’ll know if it’s not her?” Dean explained, not sounding too convinced with his plan, but Sam quickly agreed and hung up on Dean, grinning from ear-to-ear. He took a deep breath and strode towards you, trying to make it seem less like he had been following you, by just walking past and hoping you would notice him.

“Hey there Sam, how’s the investigation going?” You smiled up at him, finding him a little more enticing than the book that rested in your lap.

“We’re making steady progress, I just thought I’d take a moment to enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air.” He replied, settling down on the grass beside you and letting his eyes trail alone your long, bare legs.

“It sure is beautiful today.” You agreed, looking out across the park and feeling so glad that you weren’t cooped up inside the stuffy bar for most of the day.

“And you look beautiful today.” He remarked sincerely, and you blushed, feeling suddenly very warm under his gaze. “Sorry if I’m being too forward (Y/N), but I was wondering if you’d let me take you out for dinner tonight?” He spoke quickly, like he was nervous and thought if he didn’t ask immediately he might talk himself out of it.

“I’d really like that Sam. I’ve got to stop by the bar later, but you can pick me up for there at 7?” You responded, fighting very hard to stop yourself from grinning like an idiot as Sam nodded his head happily.

“Perfect. I’m sorry but I should probably get back to the case now, but I’ll see you tonight okay?” He said as he stood up and almost tripped over himself as he headed out of the park.

“See you tonight Sam.” You smiled, waiting until he was safely out of sight before you let a huge smile creep over your face and blush spread to your cheeks. It wasn’t like you struggled for dates or anything, but Sam was so gorgeous and charming that you were very excited to get to know him better.


Sam pulled up outside the bar in the Impala, nervously fixing the collar on his button-down shirt and playing with his hair as he checked himself in the mirror. He took a few deep breaths, trying to get his nerves under control as he climbed out of Baby, completely forgetting how to breathe as he saw you waiting by the entrance of the bar. You had spent your afternoon picking out the perfect outfit and getting your make-up just how you liked it. You wore a red body-con dress and a killer pair of black heels deciding that this was one of the few dates that you could wear them on and still be smaller than your date. Sam feasted his eyes on your gorgeous body and felt incredibly glad that he had got the job of keeping an eye on you instead of Dean. As he strode over to you he had to remind himself that this was business and you were still a suspect in the investigation.

“You look amazing.” He beamed, as he wrapped his strong arm around you, pulling you into a quick hug, praying that you weren’t the Siren he was hunting.

“Thanks Sam, you look pretty great yourself.” You smiled back as he took your hand, gently interlocking his fingers with yours and leading you back to the car. He opened the car door for you like a true gentleman and you happily climbed in, your mind wandering as you thought about where you hoped the evening would lead.

You told Sam about your favourite little restaurant in town and he happily took you there, very grateful that you had suggested somewhere since he didn’t know his way around at all. The conversation flowed naturally between you as you talked about everything from your families to your favourite movies and you found yourself laughing along with him and generally feeling very at ease in his company. Sam felt his phone buzzing in his pocket but he ignored it until you excused yourself to the ladies’ room, when he saw that he had a voicemail from Dean.

*Hey Sammy, hope you’re having fun on your little date while I do all the work. I spoke to the guys who attacked their wives and it turns out that the all visited the same strip club before heading home, but they didn’t put it in their initial statements because they were embarrassed. Anyway, long story short I checked it out and found out the same girl had been seen going home with each of the men and I managed to gank her in one of the private dance rooms of the club. So you’re welcome and the hot bartender is innocent so do yourself a favour and have a good night okay?*

The message ended and Sam couldn’t fight the smile that crept over his face as he slipped his phone back into his pocket, knowing you were actually who you seemed and he could genuinely enjoy his date with a beautiful girl.


He pulled up outside your building and shut off the engine, leaving you both sat in silence, trying to phrase what you both wanted to say.

“Thanks for taking me out. I had a really great time with you.” You purred, doing your best to sound seductive as you unbuckled your seatbelt and leant across so your face was just inches from Sam’s. He smiled sexily as he closed the space between you, pulling you into a deep kiss as he placed his hand on your thigh, softly rubbing it.

“Do you want to come upstairs Sam?” You mumbled as your lips hungrily ravaged each other, letting your hands trail through his long, soft hair.

“I’d really like that.” His voice was deeper and more gravelly before and the intensity in his eyes only turned you on more. Before you knew it Sam had you pressed against your bedroom wall, his hands caressing your curves over your dress while his lips devoured yours with burning passion. You made quick work of unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders, letting your hands roam over his incredible, toned torso. You began to grind your hips against his and your lips moved to his neck, sucking and nibbling along his jawline, smiling as you drew rough moans from his lips.

He grabbed your ass and lifted you up by it, carrying you over to the bed and laying you down beneath him. He bit gently on your bottom lip and took your small gasp as chance to slip his tongue into your mouth easily dominating yours. He slid the straps of your dress over your shoulders and then slowly pulled your dress down your body, kissing ever new bit of skin as it became exposed.  The feeling of his hot, wet lips on your stomach was enough to get a wetness pooling in your centre as he kept his eyes locked on yours.

When the dress was completely off he leant up and took a moment to drink the sight of you in your matching, lacy underwear in. A smirk grew on your face as you saw Sam’s eyes widen with desire before he crashed his lips against yours again, his tongue massaging yours. You arched your back, pressing yourself against him tightly as you undid his jeans and pushed them down legs until he kicked them off himself. Sam reached behind you, unclasping your bra and sliding it off your arms before darting down to begin kissing and sucking your chest. While he licked and kissed one of your nipples, one of his hands massaged the other breast eliciting soft moans from you. His free hand trailed over your stomach and into your panties, rubbing circles into your clit which had you bucking your hips into his hand.

You could feel his hard member grinding on your hip, straining against his boxers as he ran two fingers over your sensitive folds before plunging them into your wet centre. You moaned at his skilled touch as he massaged your walls, his lips climbing from your chest over your collarbone and up to you neck where he sucked and licked, no doubt leaving small marks, but you couldn’t care less about that now.

Sam shuddered with pleasure as you reached into his boxers, smearing his precum over his tip with the pad of your thumb. As you traced your fingers teasingly lightly over his tip he groaned and grunted, his eyes clenched shut as he focused on keeping his fingers going and not coming undone at your soft touch. He began bending his fingers forward to hit your sweet spot with each pump of his hand and in response you took him in your hand and rubbed the length of him. The guttural groan that came from Sam’s lips sent shivers down your spine as his hot breath and kisses cascaded over your neck.

Releasing him momentarily you slid down Sam’s boxers and pushed him onto his back. He frantically helped take your underwear off and pulled you onto his lap, his hands holding you firmly against his chest. Your lips locked again as you hovered just about his tip, rubbing him gently over your slit to tease him just a little before you slowly slid his length inside of you. You threw your head back in bliss as he filled you completely with his aching manhood. His eyes glistened with desperate lust as he began thrusting into you, holding your ass in place so he could get deep inside of you. He hit your g-spot every time you bounced on his lap and you clutched at his muscular back and broad shoulders, feeling your legs turn to jelly as the heat inside you grew.

“Oh god (Y/n)!” Sam moaned, his words muffled by your hungry kiss as his thrusts came stronger and faster. He released your ass with one of his hands, cupping your cheek with it briefly before trailing it down over your chest and stomach until it reached your clit. He rubbed over it roughly with his thumb, sending an extra wave of pleasure through you which sent you crashing over the edge into paradise.

“Uhh, Sam!” You screamed, digging your nails into his shoulders as your walls clenched around him, feeling your head spin in ecstasy. Hearing the way you moaned his name was too much for Sam, who spilt his warmth inside of you with a loud moan, his face contorting in pleasure. You rode out your highs and then crashed out on to the bed, panting loudly, both with huge grins plastered on your faces.

Sam wrapped a strong arm around you, pulling you against his chest, so he could plant a loving kiss on the top of your head. You drew soft circles on his chest with your finger as you listened to his thumping heartbeat, shifting slightly when Sam reached down and pulled the bed covers over the two of you.

“I think it goes without saying but this is easily the best date I’ve ever been on.” Sam laughed, as he curled up behind you, spooning you affectionately.

“I’m glad to hear it. Maybe we could do this again sometime?” You ventured, already kicking yourself for being too keen and feeling relieved that Sam couldn’t see your blushing face right now.

“Definitely,  I’d really like that.” He quickly replied, snuggling up against you as you drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning you awoke feeling particularly cold and as you rolled over you realized why; your handsome, warm giant was no longer lying beside you. You sat up and saw his clothes from the night before had vanished from your floor and there was no sound of anyone else in your apartment. You sighed, feeling pretty disappointed that the first nice guy you had brought home in quite a while had disappeared before you could even say good morning.

You pulled on a t-shirt and were about to go put some coffee on in the kitchen when you heard your phone ringing and saw Sam’s name on the caller ID.

“Hey (Y/n), before you say anything I just want to apologise for disappearing on you this morning because I really did want to spend more time with you. I had an amazing time with you last night and I wish I could see you again, but my partner and I have to head out to investigate another case on the other side of the country and we had to leave town this morning. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are so funny and smart and beautiful and well, if things were different I really think we could have had something real. So I’m sorry for leaving you but I hope you can understand why I can’t stay.” He took a deep breath as he finished his speech and you kept your tone sweet and sincere as you responded,

“I understand Sam, what you do is important and I totally get that. I had a great time with you too, so take of yourself okay? And if you’re ever swinging through town again, you know where I’ll be. Bye Sam.” You put down the phone, feeling let down but happy that he had at least explained himself and you really did appreciate why you two couldn’t happen.

Sam stared at his phone as Dean finished packing their stuff back into the Impala, and he clambered into the front seat. He hated this part of being a hunter; it was lonely and isolating enough anyway, but when he met someone truly special like you, sometimes he wished he could just drop it all and start a normal, straight-forward life here with you.

**** Six Months Later ****

“Just a Second!” You shouted to the knocking at the door, heaving yourself out of your chair, still getting used to moving with this extra weight throwing you off balance. At least you had enjoyed going shopping for a bunch of gorgeous maternity dresses and every day you grew more and more excited to meet your little girl.

You opened the door, expecting it to be another delivery of old baby clothes from your family but instead you found a familiar face looking down at you, his eyes widening with ever second he stared at you.

“Sam?” You honestly never expected to see him again after your one magical night together, and although that was disappointing at the time you had very much made peace with it. “What are you doing here?” You asked happily, feeling yourself relax as his expression of pure shock turned to one of joy and excitement.

“It’s kind of hard to explain, but I quit my job and I’ve been thinking about you and I needed to come and see you. I don’t know why but I felt like I needed to try this again because, I don’t know about you, but I felt like we had a very real connection and that’s not something that happens every day so I want to make the most of it.” He was speaking so quickly that you could hardly understand him, his eyes flickering between your face and your swollen belly.

“You quit your job at the FBI?” You quizzed, trying to take in and understand everything he was telling you, your mind racing as you tried to find the best way to address the elephant in the doorway.

“Yes, the FBI…” Sam mumbled, sounding unsure of himself but you didn’t notice as you finally stepped aside, ushering him into your apartment.

“Also you may have noticed that I’m pregnant…” You said sarcastically, gesturing to the enormous baby bump on your front. “But before you panic or anything I am not expecting you to do anything you don’t want to or take on any unwanted responsibility…but yes, in three months you will be the father of a baby girl.” You said firmly, having decided long ago that you would happily raise this girl yourself if Sam didn’t want any input. What you hadn’t expected were the tears of joy that streaked down Sam’s face as stared at you in disbelief, his smile shining bright enough to light up the whole town.

“Unwanted? Are you kidding me? This is the best news I think I’ve ever gotten! Can I..?” He beamed, kneeling in front of your belly and raising his hand up to your bump slowly. You nodded happily, excited that he seemed so overjoyed with the news as he pressed his hand and ear against you. He rose back to his feet and very gently held your waist as he looked down at you with eyes full of hope.

“(Y/n), if you’ll let me I want to be a big part of your life and our daughter’s life. This is such a blessing and I really want to do this with you, more than you could imagine. Please just give me a chance to show that I would be so good to you and even better to our baby, just let me show you that this could work.” He pleaded, looking like a man whose whole future stood in front of him.

“I’d really like that.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling his lips against yours.

anonymous asked:

I'd like a scenario with Suho where his powers some how effect his abilities to have sex with his girlfriend. They find a way to their sexy night a success. Thank you & lots of success with your blog.

A/N: Thanks! This one was quite interesting. Never ever seen a request like this. Very creative! Saranghaeyo! ♥♥♥♥

Song on Repeat During the Writing: “Love, Love, Love” EXO-M

Title: “Earth, Air, Water, Fire”


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“Suho!” you moaned out as you climaxed over your hand. Your head was reeling as you tried to look down at Suho at the foot of the bed. “Anything?” you asked panting. By the frustrated look on his face you guessed his answer. “Nope. Nothing.” He said exasperated. You sighed and crawled down to the edge of the bed and curled up against him. You began stroking his arm and trying to console him. “Oppa, maybe you just don’t find me attractive anymore.” you said heavily sighing and looking up at him. His eyes widened. “No. Jagi, that’s not it at all!” he said appalled. Suho’s body was begin to fail him. Rather, that’s what he thought. No matter what he just could…get it up. He tried watching porn (embarrassed because you were the one to suggest it), he watched you pleasure yourself, he tried “enhancements”, but all failed. He was so anxious. He didn’t know how long it’d be before you turned your attention elsewhere. Though you assured him that no such thing would ever happen, he was still obviously insecure. You never fully understood why he didn’t see what you saw in himself. So out of concern you dragged him to the doctor. “Yaaaaah! This is embarrassing! I don’t want to do this.”, he whined as you sat him down in the waiting room. You gave him a stern look. “Suho this isn’t even just about the sex. If that part of your body isn’t working well you need make sure that that’s the only problem.” you said concerned. He smirked at. “Yeah. I know how empty you feel.” he said smugly. You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm. As he began to whine again the doctor called “Kim Joon-myun?” He sighed and stood up, wiggling his fingers for you to take his. “You signed me up for this. You’re coming along.” he said pulling you behind him into the examination room. He went through various small tests and when it was all over he sat down, tired. “Gee, are you alright? All they made you do was pee just now.” you said anxiety enclosing you. He exhaled heavily. “I don’t know.” he breathed out. The doctor came in with results. He looked as if he was in his fifties. Judging by the look on his face he pitied you two heavily. “Well, to be very honest, adeul, you are one of the healthiest boys I’ve ever examined. I cannot conclude any possible cause of your uh…problem.” he said awkwardly looking between your pink face and his red face. “Ah! However, you do appear to be moderately dehydrated.” he said remembering. You immediately straightened and with wide eyes you and Suho, simultaneously turned to look at each other. Hydration. Water! Of course! It all made sense. Suho had been using so much of his natural hydration for his power, he barely had any left over for other things.

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dragonarchaeologist  asked:

If you're still taking fic requests, I'd love something about young Elrond and young Elros, with Maedhros and Maglor. Thanks!

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Gil Galad had not sent anyone to pursue them.

“He probably doesn’t have too many men volunteering to become Kinslayers,” Maglor said.

“It would surprise me if he does not,” said his brother. 

“He might not know the children are alive.”

“Were there enough other children slaughtered that their bodies could plausibly have gone unnoticed?”

This was the pattern they’d fallen into - strategic observation, self-loathing rejoinder, and each of them could take either part. It was a gutted, hollow parody of the eager late-night conversations of happier years. 

It was still better than silence. 

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