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Imagine flying home to Chris early. (Part A)

A/N: Part 4A has arrived 🙃 Before you read this, keep in mind that an author does everything for a reason. 💕 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, and ‘Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist; ‘Something Blue’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B)

You’d decided to fly home a day early seeing as the search for your dress didn’t take as long as you’d expected. You didn’t see the point of staying when your fiancé was back home waiting on you; there were still plenty to do for the wedding. You’d checked online and managed to get a economy seat back to Los Angeles at 12:42PM on Delta 423, which you were now waiting for in the departure hall after Ava and Sebastian dropped you off.

Speaking of Ava and Sebastian, they were to keep your dress safe until they came to LA next. Ava was flying over next week, and she was going to bring the dress to hide at your old apartment; it had to be as far away from Chris as possible until the wedding day. You didn’t want to risk having the dress at your home, knowing very well that his impatience and curiosity would cause him to make a rash decision and sneak a peek. Although it really wasn’t that big a deal if he did see it, you knew he’d regret it if he ruined the surprise for himself. So in order to not let his satisfying of his temptation upset him, you asked Ava and Sebastian for the big favor. They were both hesitant because it was a huge responsibility, but you managed to convince them with a lot of pouting and puppy dog eyes.

It was 12:30PM, another twelve minutes until you could board the plane. You decided to call Chris to check in with him, as well as remind him that you were coming home today and not tomorrow. He probably didn’t need the reminder considering how happy he sounded over the phone when you told him you were coming home one day earlier, but you wanted to hear his voice anyway.

“My love,” he said upon answering your call. “What are you doing calling me? Your flight on ‘Delta 423’ to Los Angeles, California is in eleven minutes.” You covered your mouth, stifling your laughter. “I know I know,” he chuckled, “I’m a needy dork who has separation anxiety. But can you blame me? Have you met my fiancée?”

“I have, and I really don’t see the appeal.” You quipped then laughed when he scoffed. “I’m just calling to check in, they’ll be boarding the fancy people and families first anyway.” You heard Chris let out an excited squeal, which he tried to hide but failed to. “I know, you’re excited ‘cause we’re going to be a family and soon we’ll be the ones being called to board first. I don’t know why you’re excited about boarding first, you’ve always been a board-first-fancy-man. Haven’t you, Mr. Evans?”

“Not always, Mrs. Evans.” He retorted and you smiled at the use of ‘Mrs. Evans’. “Whatever, I’m just excited at the idea of it. I always envied those families who get to board first, but I guess it’s not because they get to board first. I suppose it had to do with them having cute kids, that was always the life plan.”

“Having kids was part of your life plan?” You gasped sarcastically. “What a shocker, I have never heard you say that before.” You chuckled because you could practically hear him rolling his eyes. “Anyway, how’s things at home? How’s my boy?”

“Everything’s great, nothing’s burned down. Oh, and I checked a few more items off our wedding checklist. And to answer your latter question, I am- Wait, you meant Dodger when you asked that, didn’t you?” He asked and you hummed a “mm hm”. He chuckled softly, “yeah, like that wasn’t obvious. Dodger’s great, he misses you much like your other boy. Or should I say, man?”

“Boy will do,” you teased him.

“Ha ha ha,” he bit sarcastically.

“You know I love, Peter Pan.”

“I know, Wendy,” he smiled.

You looked up when you heard the attendant announce, “'Delta 423’ is ready to receive passengers from the economy class. If your seat is between twenty to twenty-nine, please make your way forward.” You glanced at your ticket, noting that you were in seat 6D and would be the next group to be asked to board therefore allowing you to talk to Chris a little while longer.

“Is that you they’re calling?”

“Nope,” you leaned back in your seat, crossing your legs. “I’ve still got a little bit of time to talk, but not too much because I think my phone’s running out of battery.” You took it off your ear and confirmed your suspicion, it was at twelve percent. “I couldn’t sleep last night and Ava put on SpongeBob for me, I fell asleep watching it and forgot to put my phone on charge. Honestly, I’m lucky just to be able to make this call.”

“You and SpongeBob, I swear,” he laughed and you scrunched your nose, smiling. “Well, don’t worry. You don’t need your phone, 'cause I’ll be waiting right outside the arrival hall with flowers and a clipboard. You won’t miss me, and I won’t be late. Your plane is said to land at three forty-two, so I’m going to be there at three forty-one.”

“Just 'cause my plane lands at three forty-two doesn’t mean I’ll be out at three forty-two, you don’t have to be so on the dot. It’s like peak time, there are going to be so many planes on the runway and customs is going to be flooded. Take your time,” you urged him, knowing how boring it’d be for him if he waited there for you. “I can wait at Starbucks if I have to.”

“I’ll be on the dot if I want to be on the dot.”

“You’re such dork,” you giggled then looked up when you saw more passengers lining up to board the plane. You figured it was people from your boarding group, bringing you to gather your stuff, and onto your feet. “Okay, I think I should turn off my phone. If I let the battery die completely, I’m afraid it won’t turn back on. It’s starting to fritz out, I’m thinking I need a new phone.”

“I tried to get you an iPhone seven but you said you didn’t want it because you like your six. 'Chris, the EarPods look stupid’,” he mimicked what you said to him when he offered you a new phone. “'I don’t want a new phone, I like my old one’.” You rolled your eyes. “You know I can hear you rolling your eyes, right?”

“I’m sure you can,” you quipped sarcastically. “Okay, babe. I’m in line to board the plane, so I’m going to hang up now and I’ll see you in a few hours.” He hummed a 'mm hm’, smiling eagerly at the thought of holding you in his arms. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”
• • • • • • • •
Chris had a shower before he grabbed his car keys and headed out for the day, making sure he filled Dodger’s food and water bowl before he left. It was 1:38PM and he had quite a few errands to run before he had to go to the airport to pick you up. He got into the car and immediately turned off the radio, plugging in your iPod instead so he could listen to Ed Sheeran. He was an avid fan now, especially with your constant playing and raving of Ed’s songs.

Chris’ drive to the supermarket was quiet without you, even with Ed Sheeran playing- it was quiet because you weren’t there to belt out the songs with him. A smile surfaced when he thought of you, which was no surprise because you were the light of his life. Everything good in his life had something to do with you, you were the reason he woke up happy each morning. Just like he was your reason to live, laugh, and love. It was comforting to know he had you to spend the rest of his life with, as well as experience the wild ride of parenthood. Just thinking of parenthood darted his gaze to the rear view mirror, his smile widened when he realized that this time next year- there would be a car seat in the back and a baby- your baby sitting inside it. He meant it when he told you, “Jack or Charlotte, I’m just excited to meet our little one.” It really didn’t matter to him if the baby was a boy or girl, because it was going to be your baby; a perfect mix of the both of you.

Chris spent about half an hour at the store, repurchasing groceries and household items you’d run out of at home. Before he made his way to the counter with his sensible purchases, he headed for the candy aisle to snag a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans for himself and a bag of Yupi Gummi Bears for you. He didn’t know if you still felt like your favorite candy now that you were pregnant and having weird food aversions, but it was the thought that counts.

2:12PM meant that Chris could head to the florist to pick up some roses before he started his drive to the airport. It was about fifty-four minutes from where he was depending on traffic, which according to his GPS- didn’t consist of much. He would be able to arrive by 3:06, find parking, then hang out at Starbucks until you came walking out. He’d say with your wedding dress, but he had a feeling you’d left it under Ava’s care as you didn’t want him to peek and spoil the surprise. He was secretly glad because he knew himself and he’d definitely peek and regret it as soon as he did. He wanted to be surprised, he wanted to have that reaction that all grooms had upon seeing their bride walk down the aisle in the dress they’d never seen before. But if Chris was being honest, you could’ve worn that dress every day and he’d still have that look each time he saw you. At the end of the day, it wasn’t about the dress- it was about the person wearing it.

Your iPod’s battery died ten minutes away from the airport, causing Chris to change from AUX to Tuner. The song 'If Tomorrow Never Comes’ by Ronan Keating was playing on the radio, forcing Chris to think about what would happen to you and the baby if something were to happen to him; or worst, if something happened to you. He wanted to cry just thinking of the hell that would be his life if he lost you, if he had to raise the child without you. Though if anything happened to you now, he wouldn’t even have a child to raise by himself and remember you by.

“What the fuck, Chris?” Chris chuckled and scolded himself as he wiped a tear from his cheek. “Why are you even thinking about this? Your girl’s twenty, if anyone were to die first- it’d be you, you old man.” He found a park as the song faded out, pulling into the spot and killing the engine. The radio was still playing, he was yet to turn the car off completely. “You just make sure she knows you love her enough to last her past your lifetime.”

“'Delta 423’ experienced some engine difficulties on its course from New York back to Los Angeles.” Chris’ heart skipped a beat when he heard your flight on the radio, he quickly turned up the volume as the broadcast continued. “Unfortunately, the plane crashed before a turn around could be made.” Chris’ heart dropped and tears filled his eyes. “It is unsure how many surv-”

He turned off the radio before the broadcast could finish and found himself staring blankly into nothingness. It took him awhile to finally registered what he heard; his vision blurred and his stomach flipped. His hands gripped his steering wheel tightly, so tightly his knuckles turned white. He leaned forward, attempting but unable to process the information he’d just been given. Then, it all hit him at once and he started to sob, choking out a single word.


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