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Q&A Transcript with Alex Hirsch at MomoCon 2017

Question: Before you decided to make Bill the main bad guy, did you have another character in mind that would have been the villain? 

Alex: Yeah, um that’s a good question. Uh, so, when we came up with the villain of the show, I knew that… I knew that Bill was involved. And I knew that Ford had disappeared due to some deal gone wrong with some villain next to the mystery of how Gravity Falls was all assembled. 

Um, but, I didn’t yet decide that Bill was that character in the very beginning, y'know? I had always imagined it was some sort of evil character somewhere kinda hidden in the woods. I wasn’t sure I could go with the Bill idea cuz I thought it would be too much like Twin Peaks, but as we got further along the series we discussed it among the repairs and we were like, ‘none of our other villain ideas were as good.’ Bill, Bill was weirder than anything else we thought of. Um, I remember there were other ideas. Strange monsters and government officials; some kind of cthulhu– some weird crazy old man. But nothing was ever better than Bill, so it ended up sticking. Probably somewhere around, y'know, season one– midway through season one, we started thinking we might be– might be on point.

Q: Was Grunkle Stan ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother? 

 A: Oh, oh that’s such a good question. Wait, let me think about that for a second… Uh… lemme see… I don’t think so. I don’t think Stan was ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother. Because, by the time Stan traded identities with Ford, uh… McGucket had already gone off the deep end– Was already y'know, had already created the Society of the Blind Eye; had already lost his own memory. So Stan would’ve really only known McGucket as a local obnoxious fisherman. 

And McGucket, probably somewhere deep in the back of his mind, was eerily just drawn to Stan in a way he just couldn’t put his finger on, because he thought maybe he knew him, but– I don’t– I think Stan was ignorant of that. Um, I think Stan… I think Stan looking through the journals probably should’ve put two and two together, but Stan’s not the best at book-learnin’. Uh, so… my guess is Stan wouldn’t have known despite that uh, that there’s a lot of tumblr art out there showing them as like the Scooby-Doo gang. I don’t think Stan ever really knew McGucket before.

Q: What episode do you believe came out the strongest and the most well rounded overall? And is it the same as your personal favorite episode?

 A: Oh gosh. Um. That’s a great question. Hmm… I probably feel, personally, that the strongest episode is uh, “Not What He Seems” just because it’s such a dramatic episode. Like, we know– We’ve never had an episode that dramatic. But, when we first pitched it to Disney executives… they thought it was bad. [laughs] Um, Because it didn’t have a lot of jokes in it? Like, I remember normally when we’re pitching our episode, executives can usually gauge how good they are by how much people laugh. People didn’t really laugh for that one, because it’s really tense. So we thought, maybe we’d screwed up. But, when the animation came back we were like, 'Oh! It’s GOOD that it’s tense. Like, it worked!’ Um, So, I dunno if that’s my favorite episode, but I think– that’s the episode we should’ve won an Emmy for, and I’m still pissed we didn’t. [laughs]

In terms of favorite episode, like… I dunno. I think the first episode that I really felt that the show was really starting to feel the way I wanted it to– “Time Traveler’s Pig” in season one. Like, that was an episode where Dipper had an interesting story, and Mabel had an interesting story, and uh, felt nostalgic, and based around the summer, and had a big secret callback to even previous episodes, so– I just remember when we first just got that episode back in color, I was like, 'hey I think maybe I like how I’m making this cartoon show,’ so I think that has a particularly fond place in my heart, y'know.

Q: Is Disney bringing you to SDCC or NYCC later this year to promote the journal and other books coming out? 

 A: Right, um, yeah, Disney– Disney… Disney-general and me, have like– we’re divorced. Like, they kept the house, and the pets. Y'know what I mean? It’s… we don’t like get dinner or anything. But, the Disney Publishing department, separate from Disney Television, they’re really cool, and enthusiastic, and energized. And they wanna make new cool stuff. Um, so I think it’s possible I might be at D23 this year, and it’s possible I might be at Comic Con, but I don’t have anything confirmed yet.

Q: In the scene where Bill is trying to convince Ford to join him in the Fearamid, were there any other jokes or story beats that were considered? 

 A: Which episode specifically are you talking about? [Q: The We’ll Meet Again scene.] Yea yea yea, We had a– Every scene that you’ve ever seen in the show has a ton of ton of stuff we’ve thought of and had to cut for time or other reasons. Um, I remember there was definitely a version of that where Bill was a lot trickier. Like, he sort of more successfully lied to Ford about like: 'We’re actually going to make the world a better place. Though I present myself as this chaos lunatic that’s just my personality.' Like, 'here’s ways in which we’ll IMPROVE the universe.' 

Um, but it felt out of character. We thought it was much more like Bill to just draw smiley faces in oceans and eat the sun and just– hope, that the force of his charisma could convince Ford that that was a good idea. But uh, I feel like– I feel like Bill can be really really tricky when he wants to, but by the time Weirdmageddon showed up he’s so impatient, and he’s so convinced that he won, that he was no longer like, this brilliant chess master he used to be. He’s like, 'alright let’s do it! Do what I want or I’ll eat your face.’ Like, no more– No more, like– He wasn’t as smart a tactician as he used to be, y'know?

Q: Was “We’ll Meet Again” always the song you were going to use? 

A: Oh yeah, it had to be that. It was like… I think I’d just seen Dr. Strangelove recently around that time and it stuck in my head. It seems to me, if Bill has a taste in music, it would be, like, old timey music that ranges from either weird to obnoxious to obscure. 

Uh, Disney wanted me to cut it cuz it cost them a bunch of money to get the rights, even though it’s so old, it still cost them money to get the rights. And I just… said, please. Over and over and over again. I would send an e-mail that just said, 'please.’ And send another e-mail that said, 'please.’ And I would send another e-mail that said– Yeah. [laughs] Eventually I wore them down that they’re like, 'alright we’ll spend thousands of dollars.’ [laughs]

Q: Are real comics coming? 

 A: You want comics? Would you read Gravity Falls comics?
[Audience screams]
[Alex leans his ear forward]

A: It’s a terrifying noise isn’t it, Michael? I was at a… Gravity Falls gallery, and like, they didn’t tell us how many people would show up, and it was like, THAT noise echoing from every corner. And uh like, I think I lost a year of my life. My hair started going gray, and it was like, 'oh my god, this is too much love! It’s terrifying.' 

Comics. I would love to do Gravity Falls comics. Um, I have so many… One of the tough things about a half hour show like Gravity Falls is every now and then we think of an idea that we really liked, but it was too short for a half hour; 'oh that’s only five minutes of story’– Or it’s too specific and weird. And so I have tons and tons of ideas of the show that y'know we’d like to explore this character, we’d like to show this secret, this storyline. So, I’d love to do comics. But, that’s up to Disney Publishing, and I’m trying to convince them. So, hopefully, I’ll have something exciting to announce in not too long.

Q&A with Stan and Soos

Q: Is Dipper adorable or manly?  

Stan: Dipper smells like baby wipes. Even if I cut off all my shoulder hair, and taped it to him, he wouldn’t be 1/10th as manly I am.

Q: What would you do if Mabel told you she had a date to prom? 

Stan: I would… invite the gentleman over, have some coffee, tie him to a chair and interrogate him for 10 hours, and maybe throw him in the pit. [shrug] Hands off my neice, kid!

Q: What would happen if Soos met Giffany again? 

Soos: Oh yea, I recently downloaded this couple’s therapy sim? Uh, I think she and I would have to talk about our issues and pass around a conversation pillow, and really work out these struggles. Cuz she’s got some problems, dude.

Q: Soos, why are you so perfect? 

Soos: Yeah, uh, my grandma said that a whole bunch of doves flew down and formed the shape of a perfect angel over my crib. I dunno, dude I guess I was just born that way.

anonymous asked:

so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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Shiro/Matt Fic Recs

Cardboard Castles by Agapostemon   // 35k (series, WIP)

A Very Original Modern AUTM. Mostly Shiro-centric. Lots of fluff (mostly platonic). Lots of mental illness feels. Lots of suffering, but always happy endings.

Keith has BPD. Shiro and Matt have PTSD. Lots of Broganes. A bunch of dorky engineers being dorky. Eventual Klance. Slow burn Shiro/Matt. Like… really, really slow. Like nine years worth of slow.

ok,,, this is like my fave series ever,,, shatt is in it but not a huge part of it (in the last fic it is) but its so goOD 

take my hand, take my whole life too by AlwaysRain // 32.5k (multi-chapter; WIP)

“Matt… can you not remember?”

Shiro can hear his own heartbeat in the long silence that follows. It seems like Matt isn’t going to answer, but then he does- so quietly that Shiro can barely hear his voice rasping with disuse.

“… I don’t know where I am.”

Pure angst and i love it. theres aftermath of torture and future butt stuff so u are warned

Like Rubidium and Water by firepaladins // 6.8k (one shot)

“Hey, have you ever seen what happens when you put rubidium in water?” 

SOME GOOD OLD SCHOOL AU where shiro is a jock and matt is a mad scientist, aka he likes blowing shit up.

thats some gay shit by solllys // 16.6k (multi-chapter)

pidge: lance is a harlot
pidge: but he’s our harlot and we love him
lance: i cant believe youre calling me a slut
keithkogay: when the shoe fits
lance: go away emo hermit
keithkogay: no im taking you to walmart get down here you fucking twink

THIS IS SO FUNNY i love text based fics, but this is mostly klance but shatt is in it and its cuter than a baby with a puppy. as u can read from the description, bad words are used ALOT u have been warned

Pardon Me byeso (cazzy) // 2.7k (oneshot)

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”

“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

YALL…. pining shiro is great this fic is so sweet and short but i still love it

Love and Other Questions by squirenonny // 43.3k (multichapter; WIP)

One week after news of the Kerberos disaster broke, Pidge receives a new Mark–proof that Matt is still alive. She breaks into the Garrison to find him, only to find herself caught up in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Keith keeps his arms covered so he doesn’t have to watch Shiro’s scars compounding on his skin–but doing so means cutting off contact with his romantic soulmate, who greets him each morning with a new (and terrible) pickup line.

Shiro and Matt thought they were the luckiest people alive when they found out they were going to Kerberos together. But Shiro hasn’t seen Matt’s untidy scrawl on his arm in almost a year, and he has no idea if his soulmate is even still alive.

[Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)]

im crying,,, this is angsty as heck and is sad but its so good,,,, pls read it. klance is also in this

Holy Shattrimonyby Ikira // 14k (Series; WIP)

Shiro just thought that he was helping Matt out, keeping him safe while they were prisoners, making sure he had enough to eat, that kind of thing. The other alien prisoners, however, see it in a slightly different light. Congrats, Matt and Shiro, you officially just got space-hitched!

this is also a really good series and just… matt and shiro get space married and cute things. smut in the last part of the last fic and skippable

The Trials and Tribulations of Matthew Holt by herekittie // 15k (multi-chapter)

“Takashi Shirogane is my pilot,” he said, voice flat and monotone. “Takashi Shirogane is my pilot, Katie. Takashi Shirogane.”


As if someone had flipped a switch, Matt freaked out in a burst of emotion, nearly knocking his head into Katie’s nose when he turned. “Takashi Shirogane, Katie. The Garrison darling! He holds all the records! All of them! Fastest stimulation time, youngest instructor, most liked instructor, and. And.” He looked down at his phone again.

“Right,” Katie said, drawing the word out. “Your crush.”

“Yes,” Matt replied. “My crush.”

A 5+1 thing that started as ‘times Samuel Holt interrupted Matt and Shiro’ but eventually became 'times Matt falls in love with Shiro’

god i love sam holt as much as he loves his peas,,,,, but dang this is cute and i can RELATE TO MATT LOL

ill be adding more to my list if i have time but!!! these are my current fave shatt fics (that i could pull outta my ass in like 10 minutes) but i always want more to read and add to my list!!! 


lazilydeepcoffee  asked:

(please bear with me) Okay, so, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, and I've wanting to create some sort of series, whether it be a comic, or something else for a few years. I haven't too serious about it, but after one my of my friends showed me your video, for some reason, i was especially inspired. Now, I already have one character... but that's all i got. How did you come up with the things in your film? And did you ever experience "writer's block"? and if so, how did you deal with it?

No worries dude!  So okay, I’m gonna’ be honest, when I read this, I was hit with such a weird mix of, like, “god this is literally impossible to answer”, and “man I remember feeling that way when I was 15″.  So I guess the best thing I could do is elaborate.


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Inked (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: After spending the afternoon drawing all over your legs in sharpie, you’re worried a certain supersoldier won’t be a fan of your new tattooed look, but if nothing else, Steve Rogers is a man who’s full of surprises.

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N- inspired by “Ink my Skin” by the wonderful @fvckingsteverogers (their story is super cute- read it HERE) and by the fact that this is how I actually spent my afternoon today… well the drawing all over myself part anyway ;) (seriously my legs are covered in sharpie and I have work tomorrow.. thank goodness for long pants) Enjoy the fluff!

Warnings: none, I don’t even think I swore in this one!

Words: 2,833

You looked around your apartment and sighed contentedly, it’d been ages since you’d had time to really go through and clean the place, but since Steve had been on mission for the past week you could finally dedicate some time to clearing out your embarrassingly cluttered apartment. It’s not that you couldn’t clean when he was around, but when he had a day, or hell even an afternoon off, all thoughts of cleaning and productivity were thrown out the window. Even if Steve insisted that he didn’t want to distract you from your work, you just couldn’t keep your hands off of him if he was within arm’s reach.

You reached down and pulled up on the black trash bag lying at your feet, tossing it over your shoulder with a grunt, you carried it towards the front door and plopped it down by the other two trash bags that you told yourself you’d take out later. It was rainy and crummy today, and the last thing you wanted to do was run across the parking lot of your building just to throw out the trash. With Steve away you knew it was more than likely that you’d leave it there for a few days- with no one around to impress, your motivation to keep things super tidy waned, to say the least- but at the very least you knew you wanted to take out the trash before Steve got back from his mission, just so he wouldn’t have to do it.

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Irony; Johnny

Request: “Can I ask a scenario with Johnny? Your family and his are neighbors and really hate each other but you and him end up working at the same place (not as idols)? You see each other as rivals and enemies but then you fall in love but don’t know how to tell the parents? Thanks 😊”

Genre: A little angsty, fluff and it’s a normalpeopleandnotidols!au.

Warnings: Cursing.

A/N: The request is pretty clear, I know, but there were a few things that I didn’t understand, but I still feel satisfied with the results. I hope y’all enjoy it!

You were cuddling by his side now, both of you in silence, lost in your own thoughts while caressing each other’s skin softly. He let go a loud groan and sat on the bed, running his fingers through his hair showing clearly how stressed he was feeling. I sighed and sat beside him, hugging his back.

“I’m so sorry for everything, Y/N. We deserve so much better.” His words were sincere and his voice tone was sad, and looking at him like this was breaking my heart. How would say that I’ll have such strong feelings for the person that I spent years hating.

“I-I don’t want to lose you, Johnny.”

“And you won’t because there’s no fucking way I’ll leave your side just because of such a stupid reason like my parents opinion, and the same thing with my goals in life, I’m not going to give up on those.”

Both of our parents hated the news of me and Johnny being on a relationship just as much as they hated our dreams of us wanting to become big artists. We wanted to show the world the best of us and test ourselves in the process, but they never liked that, how ironic that they hated each other so much. But Johnny was a lot more determinate for this kind of stuff, unlike me who’s always doubting of my decisions and feeling insecure every time someone gives me a bad opinion of something I choose.

Johnny turned around and placed one of his fingers in my chin after I took my arms off his body, making me look right into his eyes that tried to look comforting but only made me feel even worst.

“We’ll find a way to make things work out, Y/N. I promise you.” I only nodded quietly and accept Johnny’s hugs and kisses.


It was our third night sleeping together after moving out. Insomnia was by my side, keeping me company while Johnny was sleeping beside me with his arms and legs around my small figure. That scene kept replaying again and again in my mind and for every second it past, the mental and physic tiredness would be worst. I felt like crying my eyes out but at the same time I felt like I wasn’t able to shed any tears.

Different memories kept coming to my mind the whole night, only giving me twenty minutes of sleep before the alarm started to sound.

“Since when do you work here?” You asked with a surprised expression, silently trying to calm down and not say anything stupid.

“I started like a month ago, but I don’t want to waste my time with you just order quickly and go away.”

“No, actually I’m going to start working here too, today is my first day.” His eyebrows raised and his mouth opened a little in surprised for a few seconds, and after doing a disgusted expression he would give you a warm welcoming.

“Then stop talking and playing around and start to work already, we have a bunch of dirty cups that you could be cleaning right now.”

You remembered that day perfectly with a smile on your face, giggling every time it would come to your mind.

“What are you laughing about, you weirdo?” You heard your boyfriend said as he put you closer to his body and started to leave kisses in your neck and jaw, making your smile grow even more.

“It’s because I remembered my first time working in the cafe, when you hated me and always obligated me to clean cups every day, and how it’s such an irony that I still have to do the same thing every morning with the tiny difference that now we’re in a relationship and we live together.” You could feel his smile while he continue placing his warm lips in your neck and a few moments later another one, this time on you cheek.

“I remember I felt like an idiot when you suddenly started to act so nicely with me and I finally realized that telling you to work faster wasn’t going to be as useful as me actually helping you. Good thing that I finally learned.” He said grabbing some paper of a high shell and drying your wet hands in a delicate and caring way once you finished cleaning the dishes.

“What is this, Y/N?” Johnny asked with a confuse expression while looking at the cup of coffee that was in the table where he sits every day, ready to scold you.

“I made it for you. Even from my house I could hear you studying your Korean out loud at 3 a.m., I though you would be tired.” You tried to sound as natural as possible and to hide your now blushed face from him as you would clean the coffee machines slowly, without being able to see how Johnny’s entire face changed when he felt a warm feeling in his heart and butterflies in his stomach for a few seconds.

“U-uh, thanks.”

“And do you remember when I confessed to you a few months later, Y/N?” He asked while placing his hands in your small waist and looking at you with a small smile in his face and nothing but pure love and adoration in his eyes.

“How could I forget? It was the day were you saved me of give up on my dreams and goals, and basically of myself.” You said while slowly putting your hands in his shoulders and enjoying the way he started to caress your back from up to down under your pajama shirt. “I’ll never be able to describe how grateful I am to you for everything you have done to me, Johnny.”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t feel like it’s right to say that after you literally escaped to a complete different country that’s in the other side of the world where you knew nothing about the language or culture just to be with me. Uhm?” He would kiss your forehead and look at you one more time.


“You already finished the whole book? And you’re still studying?” He would laugh at your comment and smile at you.

“Korean is not an easy language to learn, Y/N.” He would say, slowly bringing his hands closer to yours that were busy grabbing his book of notes.

“You should teach me a little someday. And how’s your pronunciation? Can you say something in Korean?”

“Yeah, I could say something like 나는 너를 좋아해.”

“And what does it mean?” He would take a deep breath before finally grabbing your hand, drawing nonsense shapes with his thumb in your palms and leaving some kisses too.

“I like you.” You could felt your heart beating faster as you saw his sincere eyes while he pronounced the words, finding his blushed cheeks adorable but at the same time feeling yours turning in an even brighter shade of pink.

“I-I like you too, Johnny.” He smiled widely as soons as he saw a little smile forming on your lips as you lowered your head and hided your face with your hands.

“You’re precious, Y/N.” 

You couldn’t believe how happy you were just by being by this men’s side. You wouldn’t have much money and you didn’t even have a normal job. But you had each other, and that’s everything you need to feel like you were in home again. You knew him since forever and better than anyone else in the whole world and it was the same case with him. You felt complete every time he was by your side, the way you had the perfect height to hug him or how every time you hold hands it would fit so perfectly. Both of you were mean to be and you couldn’t be more happy for spending the rest of your days with him.

Wish You Were Here (Part 8/?)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your high school sweetheart moves back into town, and you reconnect for the first time since college.  You both have gone your separate ways, but a series of events places you back in each others lives.

A/n: Tagging is open!

WYWH MasterList

A month after your meeting with Brock and relationship change with Bucky, you were flying high.  Everything was going great, you were working a lot, helping more clients than ever and Nat and Steve were confident they had found something to break Brock’s case against you.  Bucky was just as perfect as you remembered. Life was good.

You made your way down the street to Maria’s, you were meeting Natasha for a coffee and quick chat before she gave you an update on the lawsuit.   You sit down at your favorite table and Maria greets you with a smile and brings you a cup of your usual order.  It wasn’t long before Nat arrived dressed in a smart all black pant suit.   Plopping down across from you, she smiles gratefully when Maria brings her a coffee.

Nat fixes you with a hard stare, “So how are things with Bucky?”  

You give her a smile and shrug, you can’t help but let your mind wander to all the wonderful times you have spent together. “Things are…Things are amazing.  It is like nothing has changed.”

Nat looked almost pained, “Y/n…You and Bucky are two different people now.  You can’t expect everything to be the same.  I just don’t want you to get too attached.”

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Request N/A: but the fic was based off this post HERE

A/N: Thank you @just-another-terrible-writer for letting me use this idea!

Steve x reader

Word count: 1599 (so close)

Summary: Picking up his old hobby of drawing, Steve finds himself uninspired.  That is, until (Y/N) gives him a few ideas.

Warnings: N/A

(GIF not mine)

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

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anonymous asked:

Wait, American here. What's happened? Why are we fighting with the Australians. Everyone knows not to fight with the Australians, they're our allies ffs. Oh god, he's going to start WW3.

G’DAY MATE LEMME SORT THAT OUT FOR YA. Scroll to the bottom for a TL;DR.

*Clears throat* #auspol, please correct me if I’m wrong on this, I’m just repeating what my mother told me and I’ve read absolutely nowhere about the Central American refugees thing, so let me know if I’ve totally cocked this one up.

Right. Before we get started, lemme tell you about Australia’s version of the Mexican Wall (detention centres! Human rights violations for everybody!), and how this relates to Trump throwing a tantrum on twitter and Malcolm Turnbull either being the most unimpressed politician ever or the biggest doormat ever, depending on who you ask.

See, the big issue in Australian politics (when it’s not the annual Leadership Spill) is the People On Boats.

Because of that whole “island nation” thing, we don’t have people fucking over here over the border because our border’s the fucking ocean, so they have to get on a goddamn boat to do it. To get on the boats, they pay people smugglers, go across a few countries, then get on more boats (possibly not in that order, I don’t know, I don’t have a bachelor’s degree in this), and then wind up here.

There’s a couple of problems with this, “AAAAAH BROWN PEOPLE!!!” from the racists in the peanut gallery notwithstanding:

Problem #1 – People smugglers know that those boats are one-way-trip only, so they give refugees the shittiest possible boats they can. Every now and then, one springs a leak earlier than intended. (Yes, “earlier than intended”, more on that in a tick.) So every now and then we’ll see on the news that the navy found an empty boat or one full of corpses or answered a distress call only to find no boat at all. Either way, refugees can and have died to get here – either as an accident, or as a tragic consequence of – 

Problem #2 – I don’t know the specifics, but the Australian navy, when it intercepts boats, is… I don’t know if they’re supposed to somehow turn the boats back, all I know is that they can’t let the refugees on board.

Unless the boat is in distress.

The solution to that? Blow a hole in the boat.

IDK if this still happens, or if this is just my Liberal mother filtering it, but what I’ve heard is that the only way the refugees can get rescued by the navy is if they’re in danger. So the refugees sabotage their own boat, and the navy has to rescue them.

As you can imagine, sometimes this doesn’t go as intended. Sometimes the navy’s too late, or someone slips – there’s families on board those shitty boats. People’s children have died.

Anyway, because of problem #1 and #2, there’s a real risk of people dying. Now, look, a lot of people who don’t want refugees here are just plain racist and could actually hardly care less about drowning refugees, and all of this could be solved by the navy just rescuing them anyway before the refugees are desperate enough to kick a hole in the hull, but fact of the matter is, there’s people profiting off the life savings of vulnerable people, greasing the wheels of corruption and putting people in danger, all the while promising that they’ll get settled in Australia if they remember to blow a hole in their own ship.

and then we stick them in a detention centre for years or more anyway.

So basically, all Australian politics ever talks about is Stopping the Boats (or not stopping the boats).

So somebody – IDK if this was the Lizard King or Turnbull’s idea, or even Obama’s. But at some point, Aussie politicians made a deal with Obama.

And, again, correct me if I’m wrong because the only source for this is my Liberal (as in, right-wing Liberal) mother, and I’m too lazy to google, and have heard nothing about this anywhere else, but – 

The idea is that we’d swap refugees. America gets our refugees, and we get Central American refugees. Two thousand, I think. I expect that’s just to start off with because I would’ve heard about it earlier if this was a thing that had been going on for a while. Either we end up with a few hundred extra refugees or it’s one for one, I don’t know, all I know is that it was two thousand on each side or less.

Anyway, this is win-win! 

  1. People smugglers (hopefully) get less business because it’s kind of bad for business if you tell your clients they’ll go to Straya and they wind up drawing a short straw and winding up in Murica instead. (Word gets around, refugees find this stuff out so the people smugglers could only bluff for so long.)
  2. People who are genuinely concerned about refugees not drowning are soothed because hopefully less refugees coming = less drownings.
  3. Closet racists have to deal with brown people anyway and have no choice but to shut the fuck up or out themselves as actual racists.
  4. People who are all for accepting refugees will be satisfied as the refugees get to go to a better life than the one they left behind anyway.
  5. Basically the Australian government probably thinks it’ll get some peace and fucking quiet from all sides, when in reality we’ll just move on to marriage equality.

Now, again, I don’t know if this is actually what it is or not. I live in a Liberal (ie Republican, not left wing like it means in the States) household. I’ve never even seen left wingers here talk about people smugglers so I don’t even know how much of that is or isn’t true.

Whatever it is, we were supposed to ship a bunch of refugees over to the States and then the Carrot’s ass got elected, started going on about banning muslims etc and Washington DC Canberra went, “Oh, fuck.”

So! Turnbull, our PM, called Trump or vice versa to chat about it.

Then Turnbull told Straya that the deal was going ahead and that he Stood Up For Australia during this phone call. 

Australia went, “umm…. sounds fake but ok” because we’re Australian, not stupid, we got more coverage about the last US election than we do about all our elections ever combined. We know perfectly damn well that you either stand up to Trump or you get your own way, not both.

Then the Washington Post leaked what actually happened on that phone call a few days ago and now the Australian media is losing its shit.

What happened?

Apparently Trump went on about his penis size inauguration crowds, pitched a fit about the deal and how he “intended” (note the wiggle room that word gives you) to follow through on the deal, called that phone call with Turnbull “the worst” phone call he’d had that day (yes, to Turnbull’s “face”), and then hung up on him 25 minutes in out of the hour that call was supposed to take.

The Washington Post leaked it a few days later, and the Australian media lost its shit.

And after the Washington Post leaked it, Trump (ETA: oops, fixed that error, it was definitely Trump!) complained publicly on twitter that the whole deal was “dumb” and implied he was gonna try get out of it.

Australian media lost its shit again.

Now, regardless of your opinions of Turnbull – I think the guy actually did stand up to Trump. (I shouldn’t have said that out loud on tumblr, that’s like the Australian equivalent of saying “well I heard Trump petted a dog once?”) He can be a bit of a people pleaser and seems to be pretty laid back rather than go-for-the-throat. Or so I’m guessing because political news has been a lot quieter since the Lizard King was deposed.

But look, first off, we’re fucking Australians. We despise rank, it’s in our blood, our ancestors were convicts who wanted (and frequently tried) to shank their British overlords. Ranks are formalities on paper that should stay on paper. You wouldn’t even dream of the President of the US making chitchat with, say, a garbage disposal man, but in Australia if we found out our PM didn’t treat one as his equal we’d lose our fucking minds at the politician’s arrogance. Unless the garbage person was brown, because at the end of the day, Australia is p damn racist. Even the biggest doormat of a PM would have their inner Australian chomping at the bit the second Trump so much as insinuated he was more important than them. 

And come on, even people who live under rocks just know how big Trump’s ego is and how long Trump can be expected to go before he insinuates someone is beneath him even a little bit.

Secondly, the American pro-Trump media is implying that Turnbull pissed Trump off because they spun it as “well, Trump’s other phone calls went fine!”

And thirdly, I really don’t think a manchild like Trump would hang up the phone on someone unless that person was acting with a sliver of self-respect. Like hell, Turnbull could breathe too loudly and Trump’d be offended.

But then, Turnbull might’ve stood up to him and still been a doormat by our standards, because he is not telling the media his side of the story. At all. Probably because he doesn’t want to piss off Pence whoever winds up in charge after Trump goes, because at the end of the day, sucking up to the States is a sport that’s even more popular than our annual leadership spills.

Also, Australians hate politicians in general, so we’d probably call Turnbull a doormat if he bought a plane ticket and pissed on Trump’s hair personally, so.

TL;DR – Washington Post leaked that Trump humiliated our PM over the phone and now Australia’s going “Oooooh, shots fired!”

A little bump here and there

There’s so many things I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now, but I’ve let a pretty bumpy year get the best of me.  I’m human, and not perfect, sometimes things bring me down too.  My outlet to de-stress used to be games for the most part, but since starting Youtube I rarely have time to play things to just to chill / unwind.  That’s not to say I don’t have fun recording games for YouTube, I just miss out on so much stuff that I’d normally just geek out about by myself with no commentary or anything to de-stress.  For example, I still haven’t played more than an hour of The Witcher 3 when I was so hyped about it.  One short term goal I have is to make sure that I don’t let that happen to Fallout 4, I need to play it.

I do want to say though that this whole journey on Youtube has ultimately become one of the proudest achievements in my life.  I've put everything I have into it, and pushed through so many challenges along the way like doubt, and near endless uncertainty.  Way before I could even call this a job I just loved hearing how just watching me play and have fun with something brought a smile to your face, or made you think a little bit less about something that was stressing you out.  I know that my content can vary quite a bit with all of the different games I play, and with friends swapping in and out often, etc. but it’s so awesome to know that you guys always have my back as we experience this journey together. 

With that said, I really do need to find a way to find some balance, and pick myself back up as I’ve been feeling a bit down for a while.  There were a lot of bumps in the road that I didn’t anticipate surrounding the move, and even when the move stuff was mostly taken care of it felt like a bunch of other things fell off track.  I’m trying to fix that, but there are some things with dependencies that I have little control of.  Still, I’ve been doing my best, and while I might not have the solution to all of the challenges just yet I’ve always been strong, and adaptive.

No matter what though I always want you guys to know how much I appreciate you.  For some of the very difficult things I’ve had to go through in the past (I’ve shared a few bits), and even with some things still on my plate in the present (maybe one day I’ll do a draw my life to go into more), having had the chance to experience all of this in my life has been a true blessing that I will be forever grateful for.  Seriously, it is still hard to believe how far we’ve come. 

So to all of you out there that have been here for me thank you all so much for supporting who I am, and what I do, and for helping me work towards what’s essentially a dream.  I care so much about this community, and I feel like every day I get to know more and more of you a little better as I read your comments, tweets, emails, and everything else.  I may not have met you in person, but I’ve come to know many familiar names and faces over the years.  Remember that I read almost everything, even if I can’t always respond.  

Again, thank you for everything, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. 

anonymous asked:

Can you make a fanfic of how Stanford realized he had a crush on Fiddleford and how Fiddleford notice how strange Stanford's been acting around him. By the way, I love your art especially your knight au...I've been thinking maybe you should do a Pirate AU

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 722

Thank you Anon! I love pirate aus let me tell you and I do have one for GF but it’s just a bunch of ideas not real story I just like drawing the characters as pirates and little writings with ‘em. I don’t mind drawing more pirate stuff though. Always been a fan of pirate stuff. I haven’t read or seen too many pirate aus that wasn’t filled with a pairing I don’t want anywhere near me so maybe in the future.
Under the cut cause this got a bit long some how???

Stanford didn’t really have friends before Fiddleford, but he doesn’t remember it feeling like this. He thought it was just from finally connect to someone on his level. He thought it was just how even their serious arguments ended up with both of them in a laughing mess because how normal was it that two grown men were yelling at each other over chemicals?

But every time Fidds shook his hand, Ford would feel the imprint of that hand in his for days. It was like a calm burning across his palm that he didn’t mind.

Ford was alone looking down at his 6 fingered hand when it dawned on him and his whole face turned bright red.

This is what his brother talked about whenever he had a crush on someone.

Ford had a crush.

Ford had a crush on his best friend.

“Oh no…” He muttered before being startled by Fidds knocking on his open door.

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An Open Letter

I mentioned this in the previous ask with plutonis, but yeah, I really fell off the map with this blog. There has been a separate art project going on, but nothing I felt the need to link over here. So I just…fell off updating. But when I log in, I’m glad to see y’all still here.

So…on to another topic. I’ve come to notice sometimes that when certain characters become popular, be they cartoons, video games, or anything, one of the popular ways to make those people feel bad for genuinely enjoying something and having fun is by saying that their fave is “the next onceler.”

Now, I feel like we should be over the concept of “cringe interests” as a thing, and how stifling they can be for young artists and just people in general when all they want to do is just have…harmless fun with something. Buuuut more often than not people try and justify themselves by saying they’re totally not like these guys. And I suppose, it’s understandable, but it’s still disheartening to see when it happens. So, personal thoughts.

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How to Hold a Memory - snowbaz

day 4 lads are you READY for this angst fest - pastel/punk heck yeah.


Mentions of death, homophobia, bullying, cancer.

One last thing, before the slate is wiped clean. One last memory of Simon Salisbury.

I am adamant that there is something slightly wrong with a boy like me getting a tattoo in a place like this.

See, I’m clean-cut: pressed cotton shirts and folded sweaters, golden toed oxfords and ankle-biting skinny jeans, all in pretty shades of pastel rainbows and not a lot of black. I belong in my sweet shop over the road. Literally. I don’t have time to be here and spin yarns with the boys behind the counter. I just need to book it in, tell them what I want, and go. This place gives me enough anxiety just knowing it has sharp objects, controlled by people I don’t know - people who could hurt me. Not to mention, I don’t look like I should be here. Graffiti and flower don’t exactly go together very well.

“Hello?” One of the boys calls from the counter. “Can I help?”

Fuck my life he’s gorgeous.

I step forward awkwardly. He raises an eyebrow. Neither of us have time for this, clearly.

“Yeah, uh,” I stammer. I think he’s sees my hands shaking on the dark wood, so I shove them in my pockets and continue as efficiently as possible. “Can I book something for tomorrow?”

He frowns at my insistence to be here. Crap, I hate this place. I can’t believe I’m promising to come back. The boy pulls out a pen and notepad with a sigh and taps the desk impatiently. “Tomorrow’s pretty busy,” he observes. “You could come over after your shift?”


Slightly pissed off, his grey eyes glare at me through his ridiculously rogue fringe. “You work at the flower place, right?”

Oh. Oh. “Shit, yeah. Sorry, I’m… Yeah, that’s fine - about 5:30.”

He nods, grinning slightly before reverting back to his standard, bitter expression. “I’ll be taking care of you, then. Do you have a design I could see?”

Quickly and far too anxiously for his liking, I pull out the note, the last note she ever left me, folded perfectly to avoid all of the words and leave just the drawing of two roses, intersected by the stems. I suck in a quiet breath and begin to consider that I don’t need to do this.

Then again, I do.

The boy, dismissive as usual, snaps a few photos and pushes it back across the counter. “Where’s it going?” He questions, for more conversational than I expected for someone who seems to have the same emotional threshold as a dead leaf. “Arm? Ankle?”

I try to stop my voice from shaking, but it doesn’t seem to matter as I quietly declare: “Right forearm.”

It surprises us both, how broken it sounds. The boy, grey eyes blown wide and worried, is about to ask something - please don’t please don’t please don’t - so I cut him off with a strategic cough and point to the inside of my right arm. “Sorry. Just there. Right forearm.”

He almost looks sympathetic. I smile briefly and only end up making it a more tense interaction. “Okay…er, could I get a name.”


“And a last name?”

Oh fuck. I can’t say it. I can’t do it. I can’t-



He writes it down, frowns, quirks one eyebrow and sighs again. “I’m Baz. Come by around 5:30, I’ll sort you out.”


I can tell he doesn’t really want me here, but I suppose that’s part of the reason I showed up - spite.

My oxfords click across the expanse of the tattoo parlour, the sound alone over-stimulating my anxiety. Simple things begin to worry me - what if I annoy him? What if he yells at me? What if I sit where I’m not supposed to sit? - and as 1000 worst case scenarios play on a reel behind my my eyes, Baz turns up looking a far sight more concerned than before.

He eyes my appearance - cropped, short-sleeved white shirt (previously hidden by pink sweater), light blue skinny jeans grazing above my ankles, my white, gold-toed oxfords - though I wish he wouldn’t stare. It’s obvious I don’t fit in with the scenery, but I don’t need him of all strangers to put me out of place. I just…need this. One last thing before I let it all go, start a new chapter, and never look back on my life before this day.

“Snow,” he greets lightly.

A sudden dose of guilt rolls through my chest. That’s not me. “It’s Simon,” I correct.

He shrugs. “It’s not a big deal. Leave your stuff over there, follow me.”

It is degrading to be wanting to sob my heart out in this stranger’s presence, but I push it aside momentarily to do as I’d been told. Baz leads me out the back and points to a seat. I almost laugh at myself for worrying about this part - but I remember Baz is here, so I don’t.

“All right - standard stuff,” he tells me. “It’s gonna hurt. Fuck what anyone told you. A needle is going into your skin, and it’s going to hurt like a bitch. Hygiene is of the utmost importance here, so don’t worry: the needle is clean, otherwise I would not have a job. After this is done I can go over some things to take care of your tattoo. Is this your first?”

I stare blankly at the ground. It’s gonna hurt. How many times has that been said to me these past months? “Yeah, it is.”

Baz pauses his work to stare me down, so I do my best to look like I’ve been intently listening to his spiel. He sighs. “Okay, are you sure you want to do this, Snow?”

“That’s not my fucking name,” I seethe.  Baz looks as shocked as I feel. With a quick cough and a hope for dismissal, I shrink back. “Sorry, I- yeah, I’m sure.”

He sits down on my right and examines his canvas. “It’s fine,” he lies (so obviously lies - he practically sang it out, lips rolled back back, eyes burning). “May I know what the roses mean? Is it a symbol for anything?”

He’s preparing my skin. I remember seeing them doing this in hospitals for IVF tubes, and leaving the room to give them space. I’m good at giving people space. “It was just a drawing from someone.”

He smirks. “A girlfriend?”

I don’t. “No.”

“Do you know how to be happy? Or do you flux between anxiety and anger?”

The needle goes in and jabs at my skin. I gasp at first, then sigh, because I was beginning to feel numb again. “Do you know how to be happy? Pretty sure your facial expressions range from pissed off to livid.”

Ironically, he laughs. “Come on, Snow-”

“That’s still not my fucking name,” I comment breezily, focus on anything but his needle, until it stops.

“What exactly am I engraving on your body right now? Because I feel you’re enjoying this far too much and I’m not about to support that.”

I grimace, head falling back on the chair. Baz is a stranger, cold in emotions and yet somehow warm at heart. His needle goes down onto the work bench. “My name isn’t Snow.”

“Oh, for fuck-”

“It’s literally not my last name,” I admit, slightly shaky. Baz stops, suddenly willing to listen. “It’s Salisbury. Snow is my middle name, but I haven’t gone by Salisbury for months now.”

Baz softens, his hands placed over my wrist. “Why?”

That one words feels more loaded than the entire ordeal of actually getting a tattoo. “It was my mum’s. She died. My father literally only came back to tell me that it’s my fault she got cancer - it was God’s punishment for me and my romantic preferences.”

Baz raises his eyebrows at me. I can’t begin to assume what he’s thinking. At first I assumed it was going to be ‘ha, of course you’re queer’, judging by how he was staring at my outfit earlier, but instead he continues with the tattoo, grimacing when I don’t care too much about the pain. It’s not that I like it at all - no, it hurt like a bitch - I just have a very high pain threshold and a very low desire to have people know I’m in pain.

He stops again.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

My eyes are closed to drown out the needle, but I don’t open them to frown at him. “What?”

“I- your mum. They tried to tell me that, too, a bunch of kids I went to school with. They said my mother was killed because 'you’re a fag’ and 'she’d hate you anyway’. Sucked.”

Baz is gay.


“Thanks,” I whisper. Almost unrecognised, I add: “And I’m sorry you went through that.”

The needle starts again.

It stops.

“What does the note say?” He asks. “The one with the drawing. What does it say?”

I hesitate. No one else has seen it before Baz, on my lunch break, and even then he didn’t read it. As far as everyone else is concerned, my mother and I never spoke within her last few months. This isn’t true. She’d send me flowers from my own store with little notes exactly like these, and I’d call her every night when she was alone. Supporting her queer son was not something she was allowed to do in front of family members. Despite my personal attachment to it, I pull the note out anyway, still perfectly folded in my wallet, and hold it out for Baz. The ink on his hands worries me to not let him take it, but he reads it from his seat.


I love you!! Hoping to see you this Summer, very much miss seeing you around. Hope you’re studying hard, my rosebud boy :)

Love Mum xxx

“Oh,” he whispers.

“She died three days later.”


I will not cry in front of Baz. No, I will not. I have done all my crying, I have seen every detail and kept ever perspective on this ordeal. I have been blamed, and disowned, and left without family, but this chapter of my life is new. It isn’t one where I’m shaking and crying in a corner like the past few months. Baz sees me getting upset and starts the needle again and continues to work. The pain itches at my arm and leaves an ache running up my arm. I gasp. Baz seems relieved.

He finishes his work and rolls away on his chair, wiping his hands on a stray damp rag. A gauze goes over the ink after a few moments of silent marveling. Baz grins at me, and fusses over me far more than any of his other customers, I’m guessing. Particularly because he does a whole lot of uncensored smiling when I’m looking at him. He seems to be nearly speaking, and then not. It entertains me to press on.

Until I’m paying for the service, he’s quiet and happy. I give him thanks and say goodbye, picking up my sweater and walking out.

Then: “Hey, Simon, wait.”

I swear my blood pulses harder. “Yeah?”

Baz’s hand ghosts over my arm. He’s forward, confident, I’ll give him that on a good turn, but now he’s finding some kind of shyness. “How about you stay with me tonight?” He offers. “You know, so I can look after your ink.”

I turn around, suddenly much closer to Baz than I’d anticipated, knocking my nose against his chin. With a giggle, I ask: “Do you take all of your clients home?”

His lips are scary close to my forehead. (I’m hoping he’ll lean down instead.) “Only the cute ones.”

I bite my lip.

“Go on, then,” I dare. “Which way to your place?”

Bright Lights: Chapter 50 - That’s a wrap

Originally posted by letowolfie

Note: Bright lights is at Chapter 50, thank you for every one who helped get it here. 


Chapters 50

Words: 152, 322

Pages: 511

Trigger Warning: None that I am aware of, let me know if you think there’s something here

tagging: @fyeahproudglambert @msroxyblog @meghan12151977 @teggles07

Chapter 50

Jared grabbed walked right to me and held my face in between his hands. My eyes opened wide.

“You are so fucking amazing” he said his face moving in.

“No, I like the other Leto” I panicked trying to pull back as he kissed my nose. Letting me step back. “You could have just spoken do me dude,” I grumbled.

“Yeah, but I dint want you to think the video was going to be a fail,”

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What Do I Win?

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Young Derek Hale x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: danncrack

Requested By: Anonymous

Request: Hi, first I wanted to say I love your blog! And I’m not sure how this whole requesting thing goes so… Could I have a young!derek hale imagine where he’s playing basketball in the hallway with his friends, which is distracting you from (drawing, painting don’t really mind ;) ) so you go outside to ask them to stop but he’s being really cocky and arrogant (friends too) so you take the ball from him and run circles around him before throwing the ball down a corridor and say “fetch” Thanks! Bye!

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I Happen to Like Nice Men (Pt 4)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,907

Warnings: (I don’t want to give the ending away necessarily) But I will say a bunch of drinking leading to implied sexy time ;) which leads to certain consequences :)

Summary: Okay so after a super long wait for this here is part 4 to Sorry Will Never Be Good Enough!!! It’s starting to get kinda happy and…well… you’ll find out :D  And a big shout out and thank you to my awesome friend elyshakate for helping me out with the idea!! :*

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  

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Let’s do writing tips

A lot of people on here seem to have trouble with the writey part of writing. The sitting down and getting shit done part. And since I write a lot I’d like to share my tips for getting actual text on paper. This is hardly new, but it works for me, at least. It’s basically turning writing into playing with Lego’s.

So you want to write that text

Originally posted by s-e-h-n-s-u-ch-t

Step One: Give zero shits
You’re sitting down to write your essay, or your blog post, or the opening of your next epic novel. The fancy business term for what you do first is ‘brainstorm’, but really, you’re just dumping everything from your head onto the page. You write down the ideas of what you want to do: the analogy between Star Wars and greek tragedy, the introduction of your main character, whatever Wikipedia could tell you about amoeba’s. Here’s the important part: the quality of what you put down here doesn’t matter at all. If it’s already in some kind of structure: great! If it’s a seemingly random collection of words: no problem.

Why? If you think, even for a second, that what you write down has to immediately be ok, you’ll very easily get blocked. The idea is to not write the whole text in your head, but to construct it while it’s in front of you. So chill. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Can’t find an opening line? Start in the middle. Write down the bits you already know you want or need. Oedipus complex, single celled organisms, they have red hair and a slingshot. Then expand on that. The introduction and the ending are usually the hardest things to write, and you can totally do those all the way at the end.

Step Two: Embrace technology
Word processing software is the best thing to happen to creativity since we figured out how to paint on cave walls. The freedom you have with copying, pasting, deleting, versioning or using random colours is amazing.

Why? Sometimes inspiration strikes and a fully formed text happens while you spend twenty minutes typing. This is rare AF and you should not wait for this to happen. Most of the time what you get is a bunch of jumbled ideas, sentences, scenes and factoids that you have to wrangle into a coherent text. So play with it like it’s a puzzle. Rearrange the words you put down until they form legible sentences. A paragraph feels weirdly out of place? Highlight that fucker and move it to the end. You can slot it back in later or simply decide that it has no place in your work.

Step three: Edit, edit, edit
This way of working obviously requires a lot of editing. It’s literally 80% of the time you spend on a text. The more you read a text, the easier it becomes to pick out which parts don’t 'flow’ right. Sometimes you need a little extra sentence somewhere to get over that little snag. Usually you have to cut. The term 'kill your darlings’ doesn’t really refer to characters. It refers to that sentence you were so damn proud of, that ends up not fitting in the final article at all.

Why: Here is the great thing and the reason why this technique works for me: editing is way, WAY easier than writing. Writing is taking things from your head and putting them in the world. It’s Creating something out of nothing. Editing is reading text and changing bits. It’s Super Important but it’s not that hard, once you get the hang of it. All you’re doing is looking at existing sentences and wondering how they could be better. You’re fitting together Lego’s to form a building. You’re switching paragraphs around. It’s Work, but it’s not something you can’t do.

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When two golden maknaes meet (Jungkook x Reader)

Hi!! I love your blog so much. :DDD Could I request a oneshot of Jungkook and the reader, age gap of 4 years. The reader is good at singing, dancing, drawing, and composing music. She starts posting videos of her performances on youtube, gains fame, and then gets the chance to collaborate with BTS and then jungkook and her get together. <3 lots of fluff and feel free to add details. Perhaps adding screenshots of then texting? thanks!! much love :) -requested by anon 

 Authors note: I will make some texts too because I really liked this story! 

The school’s bell rings showing the end of y/n’s dull courses were finally over.

 Being a fifteen year old teenager wasn’t much fun like she had imagined. She didn’t like to join the others in these huge parties, or get drunk and make out with that hot football team captain.

 She preferred the safety her own room and her close friend, Stacy, offered. This wasn’t a disadvantage though, as y/n was able to discover a whole bunch of stuff she could do.

 The young lady was good at dancing, singing, even at drawing. She had won multiple competitions and became one of the most prestigious girls in school. When she became sixteen she started writing her own lyrics and composing simple tunes at first, eventually making her own songs. 

 "Hey y/n! What are you doing after class?“ Stacy asked her best friend as they walked towards the classroom where the last lesson was taught.

 "I don’t know boo, I guess chilling at home or something.” The young woman shrugged. 

 "Oh come on! You are no fun!“ The cheerful lilac haired girl whined and elbowed her friend.

 "Ouch Stace, jeez. What’s on your mind?” Y/n asked sighing.

 "I made you a channel on YouTube and we need to start posting videos.“ Stacy blurted out earning a smack on the back of her head. 

 "You did what? Why didn’t you ask me?” The semi confused semi mad teen asked her. 

 "Y/n! We both know that you’d say no! Come on! You are so talented and the world need that! You could be famous for duck’s sake!“ The other female said giving the puppy eyes to y/n. 

 "Ugh okay, but if it doesn’t get many views we’re giving up okay? And why the hell did you say duck’s sake?” Y/n sighed.

 "Yes I love you, I knew you would agree! And well, I don’t like saying the f-word so here goes!“ Stacy giggled excitedly.

 Little did they knew y/n’s channel was on fire from the moment she posted her first video. More and more people subscribed non stop for the next three years.

 Y/n made high quality content singing her own songs but also covered songs of famous artists. 

 When she was about to chose her university, her parents decided to move to Korea as her mother’s work required it. Y/n joined a university there and continued her YouTube career along with her studies.

 It was an autumn’s morning and as y/n was looking through her e-mail, she stumbled upon one from a famous Korean channel. The young lady was in complete shock as she opened the mail with trembling fingers. 

 The channel had reached her in order to offer her a chance to host her own show where many famous artists would come and interview them or have a chat with them. This show would be shown on Korean television.

 She quickly replied to the mail declaring that she was available and absolutely willing to do this.

 After some final tests with the technical equipment, y/n took her place and silently thought how grateful she was to have contacted the producers that same day she got the e-mail. 

Now her own show was about to start and her first guest was a band called BTS. As y/n had read they had debuted in 2013 and had a very successful career. They were quite older than her taken into consideration the younger member, who actually was four years older.

 "Hello everyone, this is y/n and the majority of you probably know me from YouTube. This is my own TV show where some of your favorite celebrities will appear and I’ll have the pleasure to ask them the questions you submitted! Not to waste anymore time, my guest today is a really popular boy band that makes fangirls melt not only by their voices but also their amazing moves! Please welcome, BTS!” Y/n said eagerly as the seven boys walked in, smiling towards the cameras and taking their places on the big beige couch.

 The guys introduced themselves and the interview started. The atmosphere was really nice and everyone had a nice time.

 The fans had requested some risky questions and some funny ones, including of course the beloved girl group dances.

 "So this is a kinda old song but it seems that everyone want to see J-hope, Jimin and Jungkook dancing to Ice Cream Cake! Wow I loved that song, so anyways do you remember it?“ Y/n asked giggling at the dancers’ red faces.

"It’s like my second job to do girl group dances.” J-hope laughed as he pulled a laughing Jimin with him on the center of the room. “Kookie can’t dance because he hurt his leg two days ago, but you can all have some of this!” He said motioning his body in a sensual way, cracking everyone up.

 The music started and y/n couldn’t understand at this point how two men like them were actually able to move like that.

 She turned her head towards rest of the guys and noticed Jungkook’s eyes observing her closely. Acting with professionalism, she smiled politely and shifted her gaze to the rapper called Suga, who looked like he was about to have a stroke from the amount of cringe he was dealing with.

 The music eventually stopped and the two dancers closed their performance with a fabulous pose and returned to their initial seats so the interview could go on.

 They talked about various topics concerning their career and their recent comeback, but one of the crew members motioned to y/n that it was about time the interview finished. 

 "So BTS, it was a pleasure having you here but I’m afraid we have to end this interview. However, I want everyone of you to take a colorful piece of paper and write something so we can stick it under your photograph in the wall of visitors!“ said y/n while motioning to the wall behind them.

 The boys finished their small texts and y/n concluded her very first show. Each one of the members went to the wall and stuck their notes under their ridiculous photographs. 

They waved goodbye to y/n and went to the dressing rooms. 

 "Hey, y/n.” She heard a voice from behind her. 

She turned around only to see Jungkook with another piece of paper in his hand. 

“This is for you.” He said and handed her the small paper, leaving the young woman speechless as he disappeared into the band’s dressing room. 

 Y/n unfolded the blue piece of paper and read the content.

 It was a phone number, next to which there was a note in a circle that said ‘call me’ and under the circle it said 'Jungkook’ with a small heart on the side.

 Hell, she was so glad she contacted those damn producers that day.

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You had to hand it to the Pink Girl, sometimes she did have some good ideas. Not that she realized it, of course, but what could you expect from a mere child? She said whatever went through her mind and didn’t think much, but to someone brilliant enough, that incessant blabbering could give birth to some interesting ideas.

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writerwithproblems-deactivated2  asked:

Do you know anything about Celtic Mythology that you can share with me? I've read a lot of stories and researched about the gods and godesses, and I know that not much is known about druids and gods. I find it very confusing :( Maybe a web page or something? Thank you! :)

I can tell you some broadly helpful things about Celtic mythology, beyond ‘oh my god the stories are insane’ (because they are totally insane):

  • ignore the Internet. Like legit. It’s devastating how much nonsense there is online about Celtic stuff. According to the Internet, the Celts were some idealised nature-worshipping matriarchal society, which really couldn’t be further from the truth. Because Celtic traditions were ultimately lost to Christianity, which is obviously a very patriarchal institution, it has become understandably popular to view the earlier Celtic world as a more free and liberal place, devoid of the later Christian patriarchy, but it’s sadly as much of a myth as the story of Pwyll and Annwn.
    Most of the gods who are depicted as nature deities by modern pagans and Celtic enthusiasts were not even remotely linked to nature. Looking at Cernunnos especially as an example of this, there is no evidence at all that he was either a particularly popular god or in any way associated with nature, and yet he is now often thought of as the god of nature across the Celtic world. Women had a pretty hard time of things in much of Celtic society; chastity, purity and modesty were all qualities expected of them, and they were broadly expected to be subservient to their husbands (and woe betide you if you didn’t have one).
    I do slightly want to bash my head against a wall whenever these drawings of frolicking ‘Celtic goddesses’ show up on my dashboard, proclaimed as ‘the goddess of [insert bullshit field of living here]’, all scantily clad and bestowed with a list of their definitive qualities and their absolute power over nature. BUT I DIGRESS.
    Whereas a lot of online stuff is great for the study of other religions and traditions, Celtic studies have really suffered from an abundance of wishful misinformation. If you want to find things about Celtic religion that are in any way useful, you unfortunately have to stick to the peer reviewed stuff, or at least check that what you’re reading was written by someone who has a background in actual Celtic studies. It’s a bit of a faff, but as long as you’re careful with what you’re reading, there’s still a lot of interesting stuff out there! 

  • we know nothing. Or at least we know incrementally more than nothing. A lot of stuff written on Celtic mythology is based on speculation, because we don’t have a handy list of written texts from the Celts themselves to draw upon. The written sources, even the really old ones like the Mabinogion, are either dated from way after the dawn of Christianity or were written by people other than the Celts themselves. The Romans, for example, wrote a few things about these exotic and sexy barbarians, mostly in an attempt to portray themselves as being superior and cultured compare to their neighbours, but a lot of it was melodramatic; more of a bodice-ripper type narrative than a historical document.
    The Romans also used an approach called interpretatio romana, which is really exactly what it sounds like; they used the framework of their own world and tried to place Celtic society into the same boxes. For example, they described some Celtic deities as being Hermes, Jupiter and Cronus. They didn’t mean that the Celts actually worshipped these gods - the Celts had their own polytheistic system - but they were attempting to say ‘OK, this is how we as Romans understand religion, and this is how we’re going to make sense of other religions’. This has the unfortunate effect of modern people reading these texts and thinking ‘the Romans said that the Celts worshipped Hermes - from this, we can reconstruct that the Celts worshipped a trickster god! We know the names of X, Y and Z as Celtic gods, and X must be the trickster’. It’s a dangerous and speculative method, trying to reconstruct the religion from sources that are already tenuous. 
    Therefore, a lot of what we think we know about the Celts isn’t exactly fact; we know a lot about what people wrote and thought about them, but with no accurate personal testimony, it’s hard to translate that into knowing anything concrete about them.

  • Celtic gods were not discrete units. It’s hard to put into words what exactly I mean by that, but I shall try. Whereas in studies of Greco-Roman religion, it can be easy to say things like ‘Athena was the goddess of strategic warfare (amongst other things)’, and thus link a deity inexorably to a field over which they had dominion and control, Celtic gods probably didn’t function in the same way. Instead, they likely functioned more like Egyptian gods, with certain deities linked to or identified with certain regions of the land instead of areas of life. Also like Egyptian gods, there was no one pantheon of gods which all Celtic people worshipped; we don’t have a single godly father like Zeus, or a pantheon of 12 important gods like the Olympians. Instead, we have evidence of literally hundreds of Celtic deities, most only mentioned in one source and then never referenced again, suggesting that gods were localised and specific. There’s no evidence that a family who moved from one end of the country to the other would be familiar with all of the gods of that new location at all.
    One good example of this is actually Cernunnos. Cernunnos is the name that has been given to a horned god. We do have over 50 statues of this deity (although we only have one instance of the name Cernunnos being applied to this deity), but all of these statues were found in Northern Gaul. So, although Cernunnos is often described as a ‘Celtic god’, implying a wide-reaching cult, all the evidence points to him - or whatever version of him was actually worshipped - being a much more localised deity.  
    This points to a system whereby what exactly it meant to be religious was very different. Gods were personal and immediate; a man living in the North of Wales would not make an offering to the same god as a man living in the South of Ireland, even if they both wanted to ensure good luck at the weekend’s hunt. And this is why it is irritating when things like ‘Cernunnos, Celtic god of nature’ and ‘Arianrhod, Celtic goddess of the moon’ show up. 

  • on the same note as above, the Mabinogion isn’t a text of Welsh mythology. It’s a text copied and written by Christians, was intended for an esoteric courtly audience, and mixes typical courtly tropes (e.g. the saucy knights and the swooning dames) with some elements of Welsh folklore, but it’s not a book from which we can deduce a whole bunch about what the Welsh pagans actually believed.
    Even things that are generally accepted to be religious truths, such as Rhiannon being a representation of an important Welsh goddess, aren’t factual - this particular interpretation comes from a dude named WJ Gruffydd, who looked at Irish mythology and decided that Welsh mythology was probably identical. Ireland had a goddess associated with horses named Epona, and Rhiannon in the Mabinogion is shown riding a horse; this, in Gruffydd’s view, was proof that there used to be a Welsh myth where Rhiannon was a horse goddess (and, in his opinion, an actual horse - wtf). There is no evidence whatsoever for this. It was purely conjecture, and yet it’s almost accepted universally as fact.
    There are some things within the Mabinogion that are pretty obviously derived from Welsh mythology, such as Manawydan fab Llŷr (more on this dude below) but it has been so heavily Christianised and euhemerised (meaning that the original myths have been placed into a real world context) that, with none of the original source materials existing, we should be wary of trying to reconstruct the pagan originals from the Christian adaptations.

  • so, one thing we should remember is that ‘Celtic mythology’ as an entire and whole unit of narrative and belief is a real misnomer. There was never a unified society across the whole of Britain who called themselves the Celts. Instead, there are multiple local and regional traditions which are obviously and inevitably linked; tendencies to name rivers after goddesses believed to live there, some shared gods, and generally accepted societal norms. The term ‘Celt’ has been disputed in terms of who exactly it should apply to, when it should apply, and what it actually means. Different people use it in different ways. It’s a pain in all two of my feet.
    We have evidence that a lot of their beliefs were shared or derived from the same root - there are obvious similarities and cognates between Welsh and Irish mythology, such as the Irish god Manannán mac Lir and the Welsh king Manawydan fab Llŷr, referenced in the Mabinogion, but this doesn’t mean that they were essentially interchangeable. A lot of older scholars, such as Gruffydd mentioned above, believed that they were, and a lot of what we ‘know’ about Welsh mythology comes from what we do know about Irish mythology. This is Bad Practice with a capital B and P (and also B and S). 

  • there is some actual stuff we can genuinely infer, but I can’t even begin to cover the basics here because I will actually die. If you have any specific questions (e.g. the Celtic ideas of the Otherworld or the roles of male and female deities) then I can do a more focused reply on that! Otherwise, I will leave you with a handy little bibliography.


  • Studia Celtica - a journal on Celtic studies, produced in Wales (and annoyingly not available online - the bane of my academic life)
  • The Mabinogion translated by Sioned Davies - this has a really good introduction to Welsh religion and the problems of trying to reconstruct it, as well as a lot of stuff that can be reconstructed. Stay away from Charlotte Guest’s translation if you want a more accurate one.
  • Jeffrey Gantz’s various translations of Welsh and Irish works - he’s done an Irish Mythology compilation with a load of good background and context, available from Penguin. 
  • The Mammoth Book of Celtic Myths and Legends - Peter Berresford-Ellis - this is not a scholarly book and it falls into a lot of the pitfalls I’ve mentioned above, but as long as you’re aware of these pitfalls, it’s a good book for just seeing the narrative traditions .
  • Pagan Britain - Ronald Hutton - useful for seeing some of the modern misinterpretations / reinterpretations of Celtic stuff and how they link to the actual sources. 
  • One final Internet source - the Celtic Encylopaedia! It’s basically a compilation of a lot of out-of-copyright translations of Medieval texts. It’s handy if you want to read more of the stories, but there’s obviously not a great deal of actual info here. 

And now my fingers hurt.