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I get your hints. I don't see them as a problem. I think a subset of the people annoyed get them, they just feel like they're a little too flip because of a failure to be properly exposed to how trivial their concerns are on a cosmic scale. I think another subset of people feel like the responses beat around the bush because you're not responding to some subtextual aspect of their question they feel is obvious.

My mind space is not on tournament Magic. It isn’t what I do. I’m the design guy, so my focus is more on the architecture of why and how we put things together.

So when someone asks why there aren’t graveyard answers, I take it as a design question. Structurally, why wouldn’t you put answers in the design?

The answer involves non-public information so I give a coy “wait and see” answer. I do 100% plan on explaining the reasoning when I’m able.

The person asking the question was concerned with Standard though so they were asking me, the easiest person to ask a question, something to let me comment on the state of Standard.

I wasn’t being dismissive or arrogant or unempathetic. I was a hammer assuming something was a nail when, in fact, it was far from a nail.

With hindsight, I now see the tone behind the question and if I had it to do over, I would give a straight-forward answer.

Here’s the problem for the future for me. Can I tell the difference before answering? Not only do I have the viewpoint issue, but I’m most often answering questions in between living my life.

I think the “madness to our method” quote was written while my son was brushing his teeth. My focus is already not 100%, but if I want to keep up my volume (which was the #1 positive response when I asked recently what people like about my blog) that’s the time I have to answer.

My point for this long post is that my goal is always to be the best spokesperson I can be. I try to learn from my mistakes to improve, but I know that this kind of nuance issue is just not something I’m going to catch all the time.

I promise you I hear the concerns and I’m working to do the best I can. I’ll try to catch things like this in the future.

All I ask in return is to remember I’m a human being capable of making mistakes just like anyone. Please don’t assume malice on my part.

If generating a million plus words of Magic a year should do anything, it should at least make my intentions clear. I care very much for the game and for the community. My involvement here on the blog is to enhance the game and make it more enjoyable for all of you not be dismissive of your concerns.

Hypno Update

I know I said I would update you guys more yesterday but I really zoned out again . A lot of people are sending me spirals and every now and then one of those brainwashing videos with a bunch of fast clips of girls sucking guys off and a voice or words on the screen conditioning you and they really work on me, and I just am brainless for the rest of the day. I haven’t been to work in a few days, but I never really liked working there anyways and I want to focus on the bimbo stuff for now. So, I’m feeling like my head is emptying out kind of and I can’t remember parts of my day too well, and I can’t talk to people without giggling and sounding like a dumb slut, so thats good. And the guy who I had sex with a few nights ago when my brain shut off and I went full bimbo called me yesterday and asked if he could take me out to dinner tonight, so I’m going in a couple hours with him to a nice place downtown. His name’s Ben and he’s really hunky and he seems like a nice guy, and I’ll make sure to post some more updates tonight , I promise!!!!

World-Building: Government

Okay, so remember in our first World-Building post where I listed about fifteen things that a fantasy writer should take into consideration when building their story’s world? I did promise you all that I would be making individual posts that focus more on every component. It’s easier this way so you can get a better idea.

Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself about the government of your story’s world. 

1. Who is their leader/ruler/king? 

2. How are they chosen? It can be by strength, birthright, or some kind of contest/election/competition. 

3. Who makes the laws? Is it the people, the ruler, or the ruler’s subordinates? Or do the people think that the laws are already set by the gods? 

4. Who enforces the laws? Is there a police force, patrol, or guards? 

5. What happens if a law is broken? Jail, stocks, death, eye-for-an-eye? Do the people who were hurt in the crime decide on the punishment? 

6. Are law breakers considered scum or hailed as rebels? 

7. How powerful is the ruler? Does the ruler humbly serve the people or are they a dictator? Is the ruler’s power limited by something else (think about the checks and balances system in America). 

8. How big of a role does government play for your people? If your people put God first above everything, then maybe the government isn’t as important in your story as God/gods. If your people do not break laws and are generally peaceful, maybe the government isn’t that important either. Think about these things before you ask yourself all the questions from 1-7. Maybe, depending on the relevance of government in your society, you don’t have to answer all these questions. 

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Hey Myebi im be thinking alot and im decide to say this to you can you tell the whole story of your fnaf au and i know you left the fandom and im respect that im really do im just want to know about it and also you can tell me why you left and im promise it's the last time im gonna talk about your fnaf au if you dont want to it im fine with this your dear amon Ps Love you and Enjoy you life as you can

I remember you, and I know you as the person who spammed me with questions about FNAF many many MANY times when I clearly stated it bothered me. But it’s nicely asked, so I’ll answer. :)

I still really like FNAF and its universe, but the fandom is… Well, I simply can’t post anything about FNAF because I will get yelled at to make more content of it, that’s a problem I don’t have with Undertale for the time being, so yeah. You know why no more FNAF content. Still like to browse its content from time to time though.

Well, 5 Lullabies FNAF AU plot under the cut!

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Hey guys, so Fates will (finally) arrive here in EU in a few days.

I closed my ask box in advance until i’ve finished my game (birthright). Now I just wanted to give you heads up about my doodle plans since I’m planning on doing the same I did with Awakening and many people have asked if I’m going to do it again.

Those who remember my FEA stuff, they started as really silly/dumb and simple scribbles. Originally i made this blog to keep a log about moments I thought were funny as I played it. 

I’m going to do the same with Fates, so don’t expect anything super fantastic when I make posts, lmao. I’ll post whenever I think of something, I don’t have a set schedule for anything. Just thoughts on my own journey. Not setting any big promises either since it’s all just for fun.

Also, those who want to blacklist posts, I will be tagging my posts as #fefates, #fates spoilers, and #fespoilers so you know to avoid my posts if you’ll still be waiting on your game~ I doubt I’ll be posting anything super spoilery, but just in case.

(Goddamn I can finally stop hiding all the fates posts on my dash… it’s been 3000 years…)


Guys and gals, this is not my usual happy post. I’m making a quick announcement for all CGs out there. When your little asks “do you love me” or “promise not to leave?”. That is us revealing some of our worst insecurities; the thought of losing our dom. It petrifies me to think I could lose mommy any day, it has almost become habitual, it makes me content when she says she does and she won’t. But please remember to always make your little remember you love them like that. A random text once in a while, or a kiss, or countless other small things can fix our insecurity in a heartbeat and fill us with even more love. Thanks for listening, back to my regular posts.


In Need of Safety (Joker X Reader) Part 4

thank you to everyone who followed/liked my stories! I promise more will be posted soon, I’ve been working on it :)


“How the hell did you get my number.” You asked with anger streaming through your voice. J was intrigued at the now heated conversation, his eyes wide open as he just smiled, waiting to know who was on the phone making you upset.
“Aw baby, you don’t sound excited to hear from me, don’t you remember all the fun we had?” The sarcastic man on the phone knew how he was effecting your current emotions. J’s interest in the conversation turned to concern when he just watched your eyes fill with rage as you just stared at the floor, now pacing the room.
“What the do you want Chase? No I don’t miss you. Fuck off and don’t ever contact me again,” you screamed hanging up the phone and slamming it on the ground, just to have it saved by the soft rug beneath you.
“Mind explaining who that was?” J wondered, now standing right front of you grabbing your waist tightly, reminding you that no one else can call you “babe” or “baby” but him.
“My ex that’s all. Don’t worry about it.” You replied with just a hint of attitude so he wouldn’t get mad for talking back, but he did so anyway.
“Tell me. Everything. Right now.” He growled as he pushed you on the bed and climbed on top of you, kissing your neck. You let a small giggle escape but you quickly shut your mouth trying to hide it.
“What are you trying to do? Seduce the answer out of me?” You tried not to but the giggle came back out and you couldn’t hold it in.
“No darlin’ I just think you’re sooo… attractive and amazing and… tasty,” he finished with a wink as he kissed lower and lower down your stomach.
“Like I said, Chase was my ex. Dating him was more abuse than it was happiness. Constantly insulting my looks or causing a bruise if I didn’t listen or something.” You shrugged it off, it was about a year ago, you moved on. J stopped his kisses and just looked into your eyes, disgusted by the idea of someone harming you. He crawled back up, hovering above you, placing a gentle kiss on your lips, then cuddled beside you. Holding you closely all night, you both fell asleep.

“Sweetheart I have to go to work, you know this,” you begged him to let go but he didn’t want you to leave. He held a grip on your wrist as you tried to walk out the door but he kept pulling you in.
“Take a day off, stay in and hang out, I don’t have meetings today,” J smiled hoping for a yes, but he didn’t get one. You kissed him goodbye as he slowly let go and watched you leave.

You decided to step into the coffee shop on the corner, just for a small boost of energy for the day. As you wait in line, about to order, a familiar yet unsatisfying face opened the clear doors. Fear settled in your stomach and swirled through your body. It was Chase. You spun around quickly, it was your turn to order so you mumbled what you wanted enough so the lady could understand, but not enough for anyone else to hear. Trying to isolate yourself as much as possible by standing in the corner just begging them to hurry. Somewhat intimidated by the rush you seemed to be in, they scurried around and sent out your drink. Relieved they finally finished, you turned to slip out without notice when you slammed straight into him.
“(y/n)! What a crazy coincidence I found you here, I mean you weren’t at your house, and I checked your office but not there either! What do you say we go for a little walk hm?” Chase smirked knowing how uncomfortable you currently were.
“No I’m okay I have to go.” You said trying to walk past him. He grabbed your arm firmly, causing a small scream of pain to leave your mouth.
“Oh you don’t really have a choice though,” he spat, unhappy with your answer.

Both Chase and you walked a few blocks to your office as he talked about how amazing he remembers the relationship you had and he didn’t understand why the break up happened. Finally you just said what you were thinking.
“It ended because you’re an asshole who beat me and insulted me everyday and I got tired of it.” You said with fury that immediately disappeared as you watched his hand rise and hit your jaw.
“That’s fucking why.” You whispered to yourself so slightly. You bent over holding your face but rejected the allowance of tears to come. Unfortunately no one was around to help, it was still so early.

As your arrived at your work, Chase forgot all about the bruise that formed on your arm and the one that was going to start showing on your face.
“It was nice talking to you sweetie,” he smiled politely and placed a kiss on your cheek as if you two were a couple.

The day went on and you didn’t know how to tell J what had happened. It was obvious someone did this to you, it wasn’t an easy thing to cover up. The time came where you were released from work and of course, the infamous purple lambo you loved sat beautifully outside in the light.
“Doll face! Let’s go home shall we?” J stepped out and walked close but paused when he saw the dark shades that stained your skin.
“What the f-” He started to scream when you stopped him.
“Babe no please stop, don’t make this a big deal I swear I’m okay it’s fine,” you attempted to scramble about as you speed-walked to the car, wanting the conversation to change topics and leave. But you know well that wasn’t going to happen.
“Who?” He growled staring at the discolorations with rage.
“Let’s go please, drop it for me okay? The bruises don’t hurt but talking about it does,” you pleaded to him. He held your chin delicately inspecting the damage that had been done.
“Alright. For now, I’ll drop it. I’m furious but for you I’ll wait until later to get every detail. Do not think I will just forget about this.” His eyes deep with no positive emotions. Questions like, “what should I say? Could I get away with lying? What would he do if he knew it was Chase?” sped through your mind. You hated Chase, but you knew the Joker would get away with his murder, which isn’t what you wanted. J would kill this man for laying a hand on you.


        You’ve seen those blogs running around on Tumblryou know the ones ; the flawless characterizations of your favorite characters, the exceptional writing by your fellow bloggers, the iconic icons and the giveaways full of freebies and gratitude for reaching milestones. The roleplayers of Tumblr are some of the friendliest, most open enthusiasts of this popular hobby. They come from all sorts of fandoms, bringing you their own portrayals and interpretations of popular and unpopular characters both. Big fandoms, small fandoms, and every size in between, the roleplaying community as a whole is a grandiose family full of fun and surprises. But what is it like to start out in a growing community as this?
                             Daunting, that’s what.

            But don’t worry – ! I’m here to help you get on your feet with little tips and tricks I’ve learned in my experience in this community. So You Want to Roleplay is going to be a series of guides that I’ll be writing when I have the time to help people get a start in roleplaying. Just know that these are not definite rules and should be taken as guidelines. I am not a pro, if you can be a pro at this hobby at all, but I can say I am fairly experienced. 

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Hello! I wanted to ask you... Is there a real need to know the order of the strokes? Or can I just look at a kanji and start from which point I want to?

Hi! I’m incapable of answering anything concisely, so I’ve put my answer under a read more :) 

The tl;dr version is “In my opinion stroke order is important, though not entirely necessary to know perfectly. If you just start from wherever, the character might not end up looking right.”

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