remember when i made gifs


Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

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Okay, I remember when sasusaku fans made diagrams and charts and used mathematical equations to prove that Sasuke and Sakura were looking at each other in this chapter and not at Naruto and all the antis laughed and didn’t believe it. AND HERE WE ARE TODAY, YEARS LATER. CANON AND STILL HAVING EYE SMEX. BELLISSIMO 😘

Hey everyone, remember that image I made months back when I first created the blog, well iv decided to go back and revamp it, now its more colourful, animated and has much more Mettaton going on.

for anyone interested on seeing the original just follow this link right here

“That night, we slept together and I felt really loved by him almost immediately. Mostly because, I think at that point, I was really desperate for someone to care. When we made love all I remember is just crying and crying to this man because he said ‘oh, you’re beautiful’ and I couldn’t believe that. I just started crying.”

- Patricia Krenwinkel recollecting the night she was introduced to Charles Manson for the first time and what happened in the few hours which followed. (x)