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DC/Marvel Crossover

Prompt: How about one where batsis goes on a solo mission and the avengers arrested her because they didn’t know who she was and bat fam gets worried because she hasn’t been back and Bruce sends Tim to get her

“You’re telling me that you want to break into Avengers Tower and … what? Download all of the information on the Avengers?”

Bruce nods, “That’s exactly what I want you to do. They have too many people on that team that could one day try and take over the world, I need to know how to stop them.”

“And how am I supposed to get into a building that houses a god, two super soldiers now, a Hulk, two assassins, and a genius? That’s not even including their handler, Phil, who I have met and have a deep respect for”

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out” Bruce lays a hand over your shoulder before making his way to the Batmobile, “I need those files, Y/N. I’m depending on you for this. Stark would expect me to go after the files, he won’t expect you. There’s a gala in one week that I am invited to, that would be the best time to strike, all of the Avengers are going to be in attendance.”

“Fine, I’ll start planning now”

Getting into Avengers Tower is surprisingly easy. There aren’t any assassins, or even that many security guards in the building. It isn’t until you’ve already gotten thought the servers firewall and are halfway finished uploading the Avengers files that you notice something is wrong.

Those files do not belong to you.

You let out a shriek (that you’ll deny later) when a voice starts talking from the ceiling. “What the fuck!?”

You have not been authorized by Sir to access these files.

“Who are you?”

I am JARVIS, I am the artificial intelligence that runs Avengers Tower. I have already scanned you, you are not a SHIELD agent, nor are you an employee of SI.

“And you’re just now confronting me? If you control the whole building why didn’t you stop me sooner?”

I was curious as to your goal

It sounds like the AI is amused, of course Stark would make an AI with an attitude. “And now that you know what I’m doing, what are you going to do?”

I have intercepted the file uploads and blocked them. I have also shut down the room you are currently in, have locked it, and informed Sir of your presence.

“Of fucking course you did”

You will not have to wait long, miss. The Avengers are on their way now.

Natasha Romanoff is the first one to reach you, and when she starts to tie your hands behind your back you don’t even try and stop her. You might be a vigilante in Gotham, but unlike your brothers and father, you know when you’re outmatched. So instead of further injuring yourself, you quietly submit to being tied up and gagged.

“JARVIS, who is she?”

I am currently running a facial recognition scan now, Agent Romanoff

“Good, I’m going to take her to Interrogation Room 3. Tell the others to meet us there”

Of course.

Natasha marches you down several flights of stairs, and through a steel door to an interrogation room.

“I’m going to take off the gag now, and you’re going to answer my questions. Understand?” The gag is quickly pulled off. “Now who are you?”

“It’s an honor to meet you, Ms. Romanoff. I’ve always looked up to you, you know? I mean you survived the Red Room, the Soviets, even the Winter Soldier. And what happened in Budapest! You and Mr. Barton were amazing there! I didn’t think you guys were gonna come out alive …”

A knife presses against your throat, leaving a shallow cut, “How do you know about any of that? Who sent you here? Who the hell are you?”

The door slams open, “Agent Romanoff! Put that away, and untie her”

“Sir …?”

“Now, Agent Romanoff”

The knife quickly pulls away from your throat, a thin trickle of blood left in its place, but you don’t pay much attention to it. Instead you twist around and throw a grin at the older man, “Hey, Phil, it’s been a while”

“Ms. Wayne, I can’t say that I am glad to see you. According to the report JARVIS gave me, you were attempting to upload the personal files for all of the Avengers. I assume that your father was the one to send you?”

“Yeah, Dad said something about needing to have a plan for if anyone here went evil, he wants to know how to kill them. You know my father likes his plans”

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get you out of this mess. The transgression did not happen on SHIELD soil. The Avengers will decide what they want to do with you”

“So … I get to meet everyone?”

Phil lets out a chuckle, “Yes, you will be able to meet the rest of the Avengers, however these aren’t the best circumstances to meet them under.”

“You really think dad would let me meet them any other way? This is probably the only time I’m gonna get to meet the Winter Soldier”

“The other Avengers won’t be happy with what you did. It was a complete violation of their privacy. Even if I put in a good word for you, I don’t know if they will listen to me”

“It’s fine. Even if they decide to torture me, I’ll be alright. I mean I’ve probably had worse from the Joker and from the al Ghul’s.”

Before Phil can answer, the door once again opens and Tony Stark steps through, “You can hold off on that facial recognition scan, JARVIS. I know who this is”

“Hello, Tony!”

“Hello, Y/N” He spins the chair around and plops down on it, straddling the back of it, “I can’t say I’m happy to see you though”

“I know, I hate that I had to do this, but you know my father, he’s not someone you say no to”

“Natasha, will you untie her?”

“Not until you tell me who she is, and what we are going to do with her” Natasha crosses her arms, knife still help tightly in one hand. “All I’ve gathered is that both you and Phil know who she is, and that she was attempting to steal our personal files.”

“Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Y/N Wayne.”

Phil sighs quietly, “She is also known as the Sparrow, the one who managed to get Red Hood to stop unnecessarily killing, she is also SHIELDs contact in Gotham, and she is the liaison between SHIELD and the JLA”

“How have I never met her then?”

“It was considered a conflict of interest for me to meet the Avengers because I am already in the JLA. Of course, my father doesn’t give a damn that I’ve possibly just ruined the relationship between SHIELD and the JLA, all he cares about is being able to stop you if any of you decide to go homicidal.”

“He thinks that he’ll be able to stop any of us?”

You shrug as much as you can with your arms still bound, “No idea, I don’t try to understand his way of thinking. Phil,” You tilt back, trying to make eye contact with the agent, “You know he’s going to send one of my brothers after me. I don’t want them hurt”

“I’ll warn everyone, don’t worry. Now, Natasha, if you’ll untie Y/N and bring her to the common room. We can await the arrival of one of Y/N’s brothers there. In the meantime, you all can ask her any questions you’d like”

“So you’re telling me that Bruce Wayne is Batman, one of your brothers has come back from the dead, you aren’t allowed to kill any of the villains that have taken hundreds of lives, and that you were once a part of the League of Assassins. Am I missing anything?”

“Yeah, I once stopped Superman and Superboy when they were mind controlled, and I work as Lex Luthor’s assistant and help him curb his homicidal tendencies … I’ve also time travelled before”

Steve Rogers puts his head in his hands, “Of course you have. Is there anything else?”

“Nope” You glance around the common room, locking eyes with Bruce Banner, “Can you turn into the Hulk? I’d really like to see him again.”


“I met him once, about a year after you left America, he saved my life. I had just blown up one of the League of Assassins compounds and didn’t get out in time, I was trapped under rubble. I had accepted the fact that I was going to die there when a huge green hand smashed through the rubble and dragged me out. Hulk left before I could even say thank you”

“I don’t remember that”

You flash a brief smile, “I’m not surprised, I did some research on you after that. You don’t remember 85% of what happens when you’re the Hulk, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct, how did you …?”

“I have a lot of connections, Dr. Banner. Who do you think was the one that got General Ross to leave you alone once you came back to America?”

Bruce’s eyes go wide, “You … you … how?”

“I have some friends in high places that owed me a favor or two, they cracked down hard on Ross, forced him to stop hunting you. SHIELD tried to get him to stop, but even though they’re a top secret government organization they didn’t have enough leverage to get thing’s done”

It takes Bruce a minute or two to speak after that, “Thank you, that means a lot that you’d do something like that”

“He saved my life, it’s the least I could do”

“So, Phil, how do you know Y/N?” Clint drops down from the vent opening, perching on the arm of the couch.

“Phil and I met while he was in Tahiti, after the Chitauri invasion.”

“Why were you in Tahiti?”

“I was captured by the al Ghul’s and tortured for 4 months. By the time my family found me I was almost dead. SHILED sent me there to heal, like they did with Phil. We’ve run into each other a few times after that, but that was where we met”

Phil rolls his eyes, “Y/N refused to stay in her hospital room and constantly snuck into mine while we healed. I wasn’t allowed out of bed for several weeks, and every day Y/N would limp into my room to keep me company”

“Phil’s someone I consider a good friend now”

Clint sticks his bottom lip out, pouting at his handler, “How come I never heard of her? We could have been BirdBros!”

“I’ve been begging Phil for years to let me meet you guys, but he kept saying that it was a ‘conflict of interest’ but I just think that he didn’t want to deal with the paperwork”

Phil raised one eyebrow, “Unfortunately it seems that I wasn’t able to keep you two apart, and now I dread the mayhem that you will cause.”

“Mayhem will have to wait until after my brother’s inevitable rescue attempt”

Surprisingly it’s Tim that was sent to rescue you. The Avengers had put you back into the interrogation room, and were all watching from the control room.

“Hey, Red. I thought you were off with the Titans this week.”

“B called me in, said that you needed to be rescued, and some files needed to be retrieved”

“I’m sorry, babybird, but we won’t be getting those files today”

Tim smirks, “They don’t even know I’m here …”

The speaker crackles to life, “Unfortunately, kid, we do know you’re here and your sister’s right, you won’t be getting access to those files tonight”

“Sorry, Red, they kinda set up a trap to catch all of us birds. They knew that someone would come for me, and now someone will come for the both of us.”

Tim sighs, “Do we have to stay in this room the whole time?”

The door opens and Tony steps in, “Of course you won’t. It’s team bonding night, so movies and snacks. I’ll even let you call your other brothers so they can get in on the action.”

“We’re going to have a sleepover with the Avengers?”

You chuckle, “It looks like it, babybird, it looks like it”

Shoma’s Quadruple 2017+Plus Interview

Interview conducted in January 2017, published in Quadruple 2017+Plus magazine in February 2017.

“A 19 Year-Old’s Ideal and Pride”

A new era of men’s singles skating has arrived—the competition heats to astronomical levels as the amount and type of quadruple jumps swells.
Uno Shoma has not changed his stance on wanting to be competitive in artistry—continuing to devote himself fully in that area.
With his perseverance as a source of strength, this 19 year-old is carving his own path.
Working towards his ideal level of skating—this national champion is always giving his all.

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Remember…. part 2 

You can read part 1 here

I’m doing a little crossover of two series for this story. Hoop you like it. 

3 months later.

You were sitting at the bar with a drink you hand. You were traveling the around the VS in the past 3 months. You were getting a last drink when a guy came to sit next to you. He shoved the bar seat closer to you. He sat on it and was now facing your way. You didn’t even look at him. You could smell his breath alcohol and a mix of cigarettes.

“HI” You hear the man say. You don’t respond to him not even look towards him. “HI” He says louder now also touching your arm. You look towards him. He was just about 24 years old, he had this curly blond hair and a great smile and then you saw his eyes. They were pitch black. How was that possible.  

“Are you alone?” He says snapping you out of your thoughts.

“No” You said to him turning back to your own drink.

The man chuckles a little bit. “Yes you are.” He says touching your arm again. He goes with his hand down your arm and rested it on your leg. “I live nearby.” He continues. You know right away what he wanted. You paid you drink and started walking to the door not giving the man another chance to talk to you.

You walked out of the bar and went to a side street leading right to your hotel.

In just a few seconds you feel a hand on you neck. It makes you turn around and in just a matter of moments a person is pinning you towards the wall. The person has his hand on your neck tighten it up you could barely breath. You get a look at the man and you recognise him right away it was the same men who just talked to you. Your sight begins to darken till you pass out.

You heard two man talk. You couldn’t understand what they were saying. You tried to open your eyes but they were too heavy. You took a few deep breaths and tried to concentrate on the two voices.

“Dean this is bad.” You heard one of the man say. “We shouldn’t have brought her here.”

“Sammy I know but what else could we do?” The other man says. “After she wakes up  we look how she is doing and then we get back on the road.” the man continues.

You tried to open your eyes again now successful. In front of you saw another  bed. You saw a man sitting on it with the back against the wall. You didn’t recognised him. You looked down to see how the room looked like, It looked a lot like your own hotel room but just with 2 beds. Another man appears in your eye sight. He looked younger than the man sitting on the bed. He looked towards you.

“Dean she’s awake.” He says walking towards you.

The man who was sitting on the bed was now in front of you.

You move your hands to your head rubbing it.

“Are you okay?” one of them said.

You nod your head.

“Dean give her some room. She just woke up.” you looked towards the men. One of them took a step back. “Can you sit up?” The younger guy continued.

You sat up with you back resting on the wall. You look at the both of the man.

“I’m Dean.” the man that sat on the bed said. “and this is my little brother Sammy.” he continued pointing to the other guy.

“My name is Sam.” the younger guy said. “what’s your name?”

“I’m y/n” You said to them.

You stare at both of them.

“How did I get here?” You asked them.

The man looked at each other.

“We saw this guy pin you up the wall. Before we could save you had already blacked out. After that we brought you here till you woke up.” Sam said

“I remember the man….” You said to them. In your mind the eyes of man pop up again “He had this black eyes.” You continued.

The men looked at each other. Dean looked back at you first. He had this look on his face like he had a secret he couldn’t tell. None of the man said anything. Dean walked away from me to the middle of the room. There was this little table with 2 chairs. He picks up bag from the table and walks back. He handles you a white paper bag.

“Eat this.” He says to you. You look at him and at Sam. Sam has now a little smile on his face. He nods towards you. You open the bag and you saw a cheeseburger in it. You took it out of the bag and took a bite. Your stomach began to protest right away wanting it out of your body.

“Where’s the bathroom?” You ask quickly. Both of them sign towards a door and you jumped as fast as possible out of bed and run towards the door.

You came out of the bathroom and both man were looking towards you. “Thank you.” You said to them. “but I think I should go.” You continued. Both men nod their heads.

“I will bring you home.” Dean says quickly. They help you get your stuff together and Dean leaves with you.

When both of you were outside you saw that you were in the hotel as how you expected a few minutes ago. You walked towards a hallway that would lead you to your room.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked walking behind you.

“I’m also staying here.” You say to him.

After a few minutes you reach your room. You opened the door and you walk in the room not bothering to close the door behind you. You walk to your backpack and search for the aspirin. After you found you took them. You look back at the door. The door was still open and Dean was now in your room. He was looking around the room.

“Where you heading?” He asks

“Dont know.” You said to him. “I’m just wandering around city’s till I found something that keeps me there.”

“Why?” He asks you.

“Because I don’t have anything better to do.” You say to him.

“When are you heading out again?”

“I think I will leave early tomorrow.” You say to him. You walk towards the door. You looked back at Dean. You sign for him to leave.

“Yeah, maybe I see you tomorrow but well …uhm….  good luck.” He says walking out of the room. You close the door behind him and laid on the bed. You needed to rest.

You woke up the next morning around 7am. You felt good, you were fit and was prepared to to head out again. You took a shower and gone out for breakfast.

Across the street from the hotel there was this coffee place. You walked towards it. Inside you saw Sam sit in one of the booths. He looks towards you and gives you a little smile. You smiled back. What the hell you thought and you start walking towards him.

“Can I sit with you?” You ask him.

He nods at you with a smile on his face and signs with his hand for you to sit at his booth. In just a few seconds the waitress is next to you.

“Can I get you something sweetie?” she says to you.

“Can I have a coffee and a little of your apple pie?” You say to her.

“Of Course sweetie.” She says. “Do you need a refill?” She says now towards Sam.

“Yes please” He replies.

After she had refill Sam’s coffee she walked away from the table.

“I heard from Dean that you’re leaving today.” Sam says.

“Yeah that’s true.” You reply

“Where are you heading?”

“Don’t know yet. I heard you guys yesterday saying that you were going to hit the road again. Where are you guys going?” You ask him.

“Where the job take us.” He says without hesitating. When the last word left his mouth he looks at you with a surprise on his face. Like he shouldn’t tell you that.

“What kinda work do you guys do?”

“We.. uhm we are salesman.” He says.

“You’re lying.” You say to him. “Salesman don’t travel the country.”

You see Sam swallow. The waitress then approaches your table and set the coffee and the pie in front of you.  

“Thank you” You say to her. She nods and walks away.

“Sam I don’t care what kind of work you guys do.” You say taking a sip of your coffee.  “Witch way are you guys going? Maybe you could drop me somewhere?” You continued. You looked at him and you see him relax.

He gives you a little smile before saying. “We’re going north. Just tell me where you would like to be dropped and we take you there.”

“Thank you.” You say to him.

After that both of you sit quite. Sam is going threw his computer and you are eating your breakfast and looking out of the window. In the reflection of the window you see the screen of Sam’s laptop. You try to read what he’s searching for but you couldn’t make out a word threw the window. You see him click on a link, a new web page opens. You see  VAMPIRES written in large letters.

“Sam why are you searching for vampires?” You ask him. You knew your being nosy but you really wanted to know. He looks at you surprised. “I can see it thru the window.” You say to him. He looks at the window and looks back at you. You can see him puzzling his answer in his mind.

“I’m just curious.” He says with a smile.

“Hey there you are.” You hear someone say in the coffee place. Both of you look towards the person when you see it’s Dean. He’s heading towards you guys.

“Nice to see you again, y/n” He says to you with a smile on his face. He looks at the pie you still had on your plate and says “Is that apple pie?”

“Yes.. Do you want a bite?” You ask him.

He doesn’t say anything he just nods your head. You scoop up in your seat so he can sit next to you and you gave him the rest of the pie.

“Are you sure?” He asks

“Yeah, I’m not hungry anymore.” You say giving him a smile. He smiles back and just begins to eat the pie. Sam is looking at Dean and shaking his head.

“I love pie.” Dean says with a full mouth of pie.

“I notice.” You say smiling.

Dean is getting the last bite of the pie in his mouth when the waitress comes around or table.

“Can I get you something?” She says towards Dean.

He swallowed what he has in his mouth and says “Yes, can I have a piece of apple pie and a coffee.” The waitress nods and walks away.

Dean has now his focus on you. “I thought you were leaving in the morning?” He says

“I’m leaving with you guys.” You said with a big smile on your face.

He looks confused. He looks towards Sam and back at you. “What do you mean?”

“You guys are giving me a ride.”

Breakdown (Harry Wells x Reader x Tony Stark)

Anon asked: Can you do an angsty crossover where y/n is dating Harry wells whom is starting to ignore her but her best friend Tony Stark is in love with her and does his best to show her she deserves better. Anyways it comes down to y/n having to choose between Harry or Tony, and Harry realizing how horrible he’s been to y/n when he sees her with Tony. I just love the angsty stuff you’ve done with Harry.

I love this idea so much! Changed it a bit I hope you don’t mind!

Central City was a dangerous place, and you managed to find yourself smack in the center of the fighting. Being close friends with everyone on Team Flash was amazing, and terrifying at the same time.

Your best friend, Tony Stark, didn’t want you moving out there, and yet here your were. Tony had been your friend for a long time, longer than you can remember, and you miss him dearly.

But you couldn’t leave Central City, Harry was there.

At the beginning of your relationship things were great, after getting Harry’s daughter back he was kind, happy, and sweet towards you. But slowly over the course of the relationship, things began to die off in a way. He wouldn’t pay attention to what you would say for more than five minutes. If you tried to help him in the lab he would just yell at you, and he would ignore your presence in a room until someone else brought it to his attention that you were there.

You got pulled out of your thoughts from your phone’s ringtone.

“Hello,” you spoke softly.

“(Y/N)! How have you been?” Tony’s voice cheerfully asked through the speaker.

“I’ve been getting by, what about you? And the team?”

“Same old same old.”

“And the Accords?”

“Still getting over that stuff. Anyway I was hoping you could come to New York soon. We haven’t seen each other in a long time,” you could hear how his voice changed when the topic did.

“Things haven’t been great over in the city, but I’ll see what I can do.”

“What’s up?”

You sighed, “Things with Harry haven’t been to good. He’s been ignoring me a lot lately.”

“Okay, that’s it. Pack your bags the Stark helicopter is coming for you.”

You let out a small chuckle and hung up. Harry wouldn’t even realize you are gone.

The helicopter arrived and you stepped up into it. Taking a quick glace behind you to the laboratory that you called home, you made a silent goodbye to everyone inside since you didn’t know when you would be returning.

“You ready to go?” Happy asked strapping himself into the seat nearest you.

“Yeah,” you breathed out and the helicopter took off.

Back at the lab Harry and Cisco were working on a new device to help Barry with a meta. Cisco needed your opinion on one part of the device since he couldn’t get it to work.

“(Y/N)!” Cisco shouted down the hallway expecting you to pop your head from around the corner.

He furrowed his eyebrows together and stepped into the Cortex looking for you. But he found nothing.

“Hey Harry!” Cisco shouted and he could hear metal clatter to the desk.

“What Ramon?” Harry walked out of the room and into the Cortex.

“Can’t find (Y/N).”

“She’s probably off reading somewhere, check the cameras.” And Harry went back to work.

Cisco checked the cameras and you were nowhere in the building.

So he tracked your phone.

“Why are you in New York?” He whispered, “Harry! Does (y/n) know anyone in New York?”

“Yes Ramon. Why?”

“Because that’s where she is.”

Tony showed you to your room and let you get settled before asking you to join him in his lab.

“What do you need help with?” You asked bubbling into the stool next to Tony.

“Need to get this to work and you have smaller fingers than I do.” Tony showed you the object.

“What does it do?”

“I have yet to find out.”

You laughed, happy to be back with your best friend.

Harry was trying to figure out why you would leave without telling him. Every conversation that the two of you had in the past few weeks entered his mind.

And he realized that he had unconsciously pushed you away.

Your phone buzzing made you stop working on the device. The caller ID made you almost not answer.

“Hello,” you said meekly.

“Why did you leave?” Harry’s voice came through strong and worried.

“Just needed to get away.”


You stayed silent, thinking of what to say.

“You,” it came out as nothing but a whisper. All of the pain you had felt in the last few months came crashing out like a wave on to a rocky beach.

You cried. Finally after so long of holding it in you cried. And it broke Harry’s heart.

“I’m sorry Harry. Just give me a few days to be alone.”

And you ended the call.

The next few days with Tony were great. You met the Avengers, well a few of them anyway. Finished the mystery object that Tony had been working on, turns out it decreases gravity.

But it was time to leave. It was time to go back to STAR labs and to Harry.

“Bye Tony, thanks for letting me stay here for a bit.”

“Anytime sweetheart. Don’t be a stranger.”

You hugged and said your goodbyes and got into the helicopter that was going to take you back to your life.

Harry was waiting for you to get back. Actually he was waiting to apologize for being an asshole.

You came around the corner and into the Cortex, stopping in your tracks when you saw Harry.

“Darling,” he started, “I’m so sorry for making you feel like that. Hearing you break down on the phone made me realize what I did, or more what I didn’t do. Please forgive me.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”

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For: Anon

Imagine: Escaping the maze with the Gladers and ending up back in your home, Dauntless. Your current boyfriend, Minho, and the boyfriend whom you don’t remember, Eric, fight for your love.

Note: For the sake of this imagine, just pretend that WICKED didn’t give you a fake name!  Oh and, @fandomvariousness​ also did a TMR/Divergent crossover and it was AMAZING so you guys should read that if you haven’t already, I’ll link it here: Part 1, Part 2

Minho gives your hand a squeeze as you approach a fence, which seemed to lead out of the ruins of the Scorch. You and the remaining Gladers, including, Minho, Newt, Thomas, Gally, Frypan, Teresa, and a few others, escaped the Maze, and were sent on a second phase of testing, you were sent out into the Scorch. Little did they know you would find this fence. Minho turns to you, “We’re finally getting out of here darling, maybe we can finally live normal lives!”

You look into his eyes lovingly, “I’m so excited Min!”

You walk through the fence and you’re instantly surrounded by a group of heavily armed guards, all of whom are dressed in black. One man walks up to you and Minho, carefully examining your face, after a moment, his eyes widen, “You-you’re the one! Hey Mark, isn’t she the one?!”

What? You exchange a few confused glances with the rest of the Gladers, and Minho pulls you closer. Another man walks up to you, you assume that he’s Mark, he gives you one glance, “You’re right Joe, it’s definitely her!”

Joe turns around and bark, “Someone inform Eric! We’ll get these kids to the compound.”

“Can someone tell us what the bloody hell is going on?!” Newt asks, expressing the irritation and confusion that you are all facing.

“We need to get you into the city; we’ll talk on the ride back.”

You and the rest of the Gladers climb aboard a truck with Joe and Mark.

The guys keep asking you what the men were talking about, or how they knew you, but of course, you had no idea.

You finally get off the truck about two hours later, and enter a completely black building, once you’re inside, you realize everything is black, the walls, the floors, everyone’s clothing, everything.

“What is this place,” Minho whispers in your ear.

“I don’t know, but I’m kind of scared,” You say honestly.

“Hey, don’t be scared babygirl, I’m here, I won’t let anything hurt you,” Minho comforts, and you believe him. You entered the maze about six months ago, and you and Minho had instantly clicked. He had soon asked you to be his girlfriend, and ever since then, the two of you had been inseparable, you loved him with all your heart, and he loved you just as much.  

Suddenly Joe and Mark stop, and you finally notice all the people who have stopped to stare at you guys. You hear your name mentioned in the conversation that Mark was having with someone. You slide your hand out of Minho’s and push in front of Newt.

You see a man, he looks like he’d be two years older than you, he’s covered in tattoos and piecing, he looks over Mark’s shoulder, and lets out a shaky breath when his eyes lock with yours, “Y/N?”

He literally pushes Mark and comes up to you, he wraps his arms around you, lifting you off your feet, “Oh Y/N, holy shit, you-you’re here and alive, I thought you were gone, I thought you left me, but you’re here!”

You strangely felt comfortable in his arms, he felt familiar, it made you feel at home. This feeling is soon interrupted by the sound of your boyfriend’s voice, “What the hell do you think you’re doing shank?! Get your hand off of my girlfriend!”

The man lets go of you, and his eyes narrow, “You’re girlfriend, I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but Y/N is definitely mine!”

“Yeah, well why don’t you just ask her?!” Minho spits pulling you further away from the man.

“Y/N?” The man looks at you hopefully.

“I-I’m sorry, but I really don’t know you,” His face drops, “Well, maybe I do know you, I just don’t remember you. When we were taken, our memories were wiped.”

He sighs, “So you’re saying you don’t remember me? You don’t remember your Eric? All of our memories, all our love, you don’t remember any of it?”

“No she doesn’t! All she remember, and all she needs is me! So please stay the shuck away!” Newt grasps Minho’s arm to pull him away from Eric.

Eric squeezes your shoulder, “I’ll talk to you later Y/N. I’m going to find some sleeping accommodations for you all.”

All of you are soon taken to a dormitory and are given a change of clothes, of course, they are all black, though you don’t really mind this look, once again you feel at home. Once you’ve all changed, Joe leads you to the cafeteria for dinner.

All heads turn towards you when you enter the cafeteria. You notice two girls, one with short blonde hair, and three black ravens tattooed on her collarbone, the other with short black hair, and tanned skin, they both quickly stand up. They run over to you, eyes flooded with tears, the blonde one speaks first, “Y/N?! Oh my God Y/N, I can’t believe it’s actually you! Eric wasn’t lying, oh my God Y/N!”

“Y/N! Tris, it’s really Y/N!” The other girl squeals, unable to control her tears, they both pull you in for a hug, “Is it true that you can’t remember anything from the past?’

The blonde nudges her in the side and hisses, “Christina!”

“It’s okay, but yeah, it’s true, our memories were wiped,” You say, as the rest of the Gladers awkwardly watch you. Joe decides to lead the others two a table in the corner of the room, allowing to you catch up with your old friends, but in all honesty, you’d rather sit with the Gladers. Tris and Christina join you over at the table with the Gladers to make you feel more comfortable.

Minho squeezes your hand under the table the entire time when you eat. For some reason your heart flutters when you see Eric walking over to you, Christina leans over and whispers, “I’ve never seen Eric look so happy, he’s acting like such a softie.”

“Shh!” Tris whispers.

“Alright, since you all are almost done with dinner, you can begin making your way to the dorms, and Y/N, I want to speak to you in my office, first thing in the morning tomorrow, Tris will bring you over.” Eric says, you and the others get up to leave, you stay in the back of the group and Minho comes next to you, gripping your hand. Eric suddenly gives your shoulder another squeeze, “Good night Y/N, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“This better be for a professional reason Eric! If you think you’re the only strong-ass shank in this place then you’re hella wrong, if you try to pull anything with my girlfriend, I will fucking kill you!” You grip Minho’s upper arm, trying to calm him down.

“Minho please, I was taken from my home, and Eric’s a leader here, of course he’ll want to know what happened to me!” I say. Why am I defending Eric?!

“Wait Y/N!” You turn back to Eric, “How did you know I was a leader, I never told you that after you came back.”

Realization strikes, “I-I don’t know, I just did.”

“And it doesn’t matter Y/N, let’s go back to the dorm,” Minho says.

“Well, Minho, you shouldn’t be speaking for her. She can do whatever the hell she wants, and if that’s being with me then so be it!” Eric says angrily, you finally decide to it would be best to leave with Minho.

Minho pushes his cot next to yours so that the two of you can sleep side-by-side and he wraps his arms around you as you pretend to be asleep. You don’t know why, but you find yourself missing Eric. The entire time you were in the maze, you always felt this empty void inside yourself, and now you feel as if you’re so close to filling it, at the same time, you feel like you’re so far too.

That night is a long one, when morning finally comes, Tris shows up to the dormitory and takes you to Eric. On the way to your way to his office, Tris tells you about when you chose Dauntless, initiation, falling in love with Eric, the war, everything, and all her words bring a sense of familiarity with them. You finally walk into Eric’s office and Tris leaves. Eric spends the next few hours getting you tell him about everything that happened, he then tell you about your past and shows you pictures of the two of you, and all your friends. Before you leave, Eric stops you.

“Y/N, I know you don’t remember me, but I also know that you are the girl that risked her own life to save mine, the girl who was willing to give up everything she had for my love. The girl that left me, the one that I thought was dead, I wanted to die after I found out you were gone Y/N, I even tried a few times, and I failed, just like I had failed to protect you. I love you Y/N, I fucking love you,” His voice breaks at the end, and he lets out a single tear.

You don’t know what makes you do it, but as soon as you see Eric cry you lean in and kiss him. You feel sparks fly, and your mind is flooded with snippets of memories, it not much, nothing you can grasp onto, but it’s enough to form love in your heart for this guy. It’s enough to leave you contemplating between who to choose, your current boyfriend, Minho, or the boyfriend whom you don’t even remember, Eric.

A/N: I’m just gonna leave you guys hanging here. You can choose your own fate. Minho or Eric? Mwahahaha. And I know Eric kinda sounds like a softie in this, but how would you expect him to react if his girlfriend basically resurrected from the dead, and didn’t remember a thing about him? Also I didn’t have time to proof read this, so I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow! Anyways, enjoy loves!

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When Hank Met Mulder

Thanks for all the comments. My previous fic was supposed to be a standalone, but then I got the bug (and requests), so here’s another chapter for you. 

He spots her the instant she walks into the bar, her hair giving her away. She glances around the room, almost as though she’s looking for him. Somehow he knows she’s not.

For a moment he isn’t entirely sure here he knows her from – he half wonders whether he shared her bed once upon a time, at least for a night, and then it dawns on him. The one that got away, or one of the many who’d gotten away over the years. He’s thought about her from time to time over the years, as stupid as it sounds. She’d made a big impression on him; she’d seemed so lost and alone when they’d spoken, and then on top of that she’d told him he was sick. She wasn’t easily forgettable.

But now, as she walks towards the bar, she looks well. Very well in fact. Her hair is a little shorter than when he last saw her, and her clothes thankfully a little tighter. Her cheeks are full of color, at least compared to the last time, and a smile plays at her lips. She doesn’t look sick at all.

“Mrs FBI!” Hank greets her as she comes to a standstill at the bar, just a few meters away from him. Her head instantly whips round as she hears the greeting, and she raises her eyebrows in surprise as she meets his eye. “Mul…?” She catches herself, and Hank notices the instant she recognizes him. “Oh!” she exclaims. “Mr –”



“That’s right.” So he’s not the only one who remembers that night. The thought comforts him somehow. “How are things Mrs FBI?” he asks, taking in her appearance and checking her hands for good measure. No ring, not yet, so there’s still hope for him. “What can I get you?”

“Oh.” She looks behind her, as though searching for someone in the crowd. After a moment Hank realizes that’s exactly what she’s doing. “Thank you, but I’m with someone tonight.”

A moment later, the “someone” enters, and Hank is surprisingly relieved to see it’s Mr FBI, his brother from another mother. “So I see.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re with him as in you’re out here working, or…?” He doesn’t finish his sentence, but they both know what he’s insinuating.

Scully smiles as she remembers a conversation the two of them had a little over two years ago. “We’re in LA for a case,” she answers, before edging closer to whisper to him. “But I also know what his sex face looks like.”

Hank laughs. “Atta girl,” he exclaims, lifting a hand up for a high five. Scully immediately obliges. “I’m glad you’re finally –”


“…Getting some.”

“Mulder.” Scully turns to face her partner, who’s shooting Hank a suspicious look. “Do you remember Mr Moody?”

Her partner’s eyes narrow as he looks Hank up and down. “I can’t say that I do,” he replies coolly. Hank recognizes that one of voice. Jealousy. He grins smugly up at the man next to him.

“Dana and I go way back, don’t we?”

Well aware of what he’s up to, Scully rolls her eyes. “I need the bathroom. Can you boys play nice for a few minutes?”

“Can we Mr FBI?”

Mulder doesn’t look too keen at the prospect of being left alone with a relative stranger, but Scully gives him no other option. “I won’t be long,” she reassures him, reaching out to squeeze his hand. “Can you get me a drink?”

He nods as she turns and walks off in the direction of the bathroom. Both Mulder and Hank watch her go, the two of them transfixed by the sight of her.

“You lucky, lucky bastard,” Hank comments.


“I said you’re a lucky bastard.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bullshit. I mean you’re lucky to have the delectable Agent Scully warming your bed at night. I bet she’s a little firecracker in the sack.” Mulder glares at him. “I mean I’m just presuming. Sadly I’m not speaking from experience. Wait, you really don’t remember me?”

Mulder shakes his head, then pauses to give his drinks order to the barman; a beer for him, gin and tonic for Scully. “I can’t say that I do,” he replies moments later. “You obviously made quite an impression on Scully though.”

“We met two years ago,” Hank explains. “In this very bar. You’d pissed off your partner, and not for the first time I’m guessing. Dana and I had drinks and talked. When you’d finally got your head out of your ass and came to find her, I was the helpful schmuck who told you not to fuck it all up.”

It suddenly dawns on him. “That was you?”

“You sound surprised. I wasn’t aware I looked any different.”

Mulder ignores him, his mind back in 1994. “It was good advice,” he suddenly says, remembering.

“I know. It’s not every day I dish it out, but when I do it’s usually profound pearls of wisdom.”

“I guess I should say thanks.” As if on cue, Hank sets his now empty tumbler down on the counter. Mulder takes the hint. “Same again?”

“Grateful.” Hank waits as Mulder requests the additional drink. “So everything turned out well I see.”

“Life still has its moments.”

“She was sick.”

Mulder gives him a look of surprise. “She told you that?”




“It nearly killed her.” Hank can hear the pain in the other man’s voice.

“But she got through it.”

“She got her cure. We still hold our breath each time she has a headache or comes down with the flu, but so far so good.”

“I’m glad.” He means it too.

“So, I have to ask. What went on between the two of you?” Hank can tell he’s been curious ever since the night they first met.

“Dana didn’t tell you?”

“No. She didn’t tell me much in those days.”

He decides to put Mulder out of his misery. “Like I said, we met here. Dana looked lost and lonely, so me, being a hot-blooded male, tried to pick her up. She, being a sensible woman who knows exactly what she wants, declined.” For some reason he doesn’t tell Mulder that Dana had been about to go home with him. Hank thought about that later that evening, when he’d gone back to his apartment alone. He’d been shocked when Dana had agreed to go with him in the first place, and deep down he’d known that nothing would happen. She was in a bad place, anyone could have seen that.

“Who knows what she wants,” Mulder repeats.

“It was obvious from the way she spoke about you that there was something going on.”

“Really?” The surprise is evident in his voice.

“Women only get that pissed off when they’re in love.”

“Speaking from experience?”

“Hell no, women only get pissed off with me because I’m an asshole.” But he doesn’t want to talk about that. “I’m glad you took my advice though, you’re welcome.”

“Well, I didn’t for a while.”

“You gave her a few days to calm down? I can’t say I blame you, it’s true what they say, redheads are fiery.”

“More like a few years.”

“What?” The barman glares at Hank as he sets down the additional drink.

“About three months ago.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Mulder shakes his head. “It took me a while to get my head out of my ass.”

“No shit.” Hank glares at the man opposite him incredulously. “Man, I should have tried harder to pick her up.” He sighs, taking in a drink. “But you’re treating her well?”

“As well as I can. She deserves better though.”

“Yeah well, feel free to pass on my number.” Hank shakes his head. “Three months ago?”

Mulder nods sheepishly. “What about you?”

“Me? Oh my love life is even more shocking than yours was up until three months ago. Still,” he adds, as Scully reappears, approaching them somewhat cautiously, as though she’d been expecting to find them fighting. “I’m glad she’s happy.”

Mulder looks genuinely surprised by his words. “Thank you.”

“Everything ok?” Scully asks as she reaches the bar, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

“It sure is,” Hank pipes up, before Mulder has a chance to speak. “I knew you’d finally come round to my way of thinking.” He gets up from his stool and suddenly embraces Scully. “I must say, I don’t get asked to do this every often, but I’d be delighted. I’m honored you want me in your threesome. Like I said to Mulder here, I’ll try anything once.”

As he steps back, Scully gives Mulder a confused glare. She looks as though she’s not quite sure whether or not she believes Hank. “What?”

“I’m just kidding,” he replies, putting her out of her misery. “Although if you’re intrigued by the prospect, I’m willing to oblige. Oblige you that is,” he tells a now bemused Scully. “Mulder will have to find someone else to suck his –”

“It’s always good to see you Hank,” Scully interrupts, as Mulder laughs.

“You too.” He really means it. “Come, sit down.”

The look Scully shares with Mulder is brief, but Hank still notices it. He’s used it himself on many occasions, he knows what it means. “I’d love to stay and catch up, but I’m needed elsewhere,” he lies. “Places to go, people to see.” From the expression on Mulder’s face, the agent knows that Hank is lying, but Scully doesn’t seem to realize.

“It was great to see you Hank.”

“You too Mrs FBI.”

She suddenly remembers something. “How’s your Baby Momma?”

Hank makes a face. “Not good.”


“Not good at all. Long story but I fucked up big time, and I mean big time.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shrugs, smiling sadly. Karen is another one who has gotten away. “That’s life I guess.” He hugs her once more, and this time Scully relaxes into the embrace, squeezing him tightly. “Take care of yourself Mrs FBI, and if you find yourself wanting a real man…”

“I’ll call you. Take care Hank,” she replies, kissing him on the cheek.

“Careful, I’m already hard just having you in my arms.”

“Hank!” Pulling away, Scully slaps him playfully. “Goodbye.”

“Bye.” Hank nods a goodbye towards Mulder and starts to walk towards the exit. He’s just about to open the door when he hears Mulder’s voice behind him. “Hank?”

“Yeah?” He spins round to come face to face with his lookalike.

“A few years ago you gave me some good advice, and now it’s my turn. Tell her.”


“The woman you and Scully were discussing. Apologize and tell her how you feel about her. That’s what I did, eventually.”

“I think it’s too late for that.”

“Keep telling her. One day she’ll come round.”

Hank nods, then smiles. “Bye Mulder.” He shakes his hand, then watches the FBI agent walk back through the bar towards his partner. Considering his words, Hank then retrieves his phone from his jacket pocket, and dials the familiar number, waiting for the familiar voice to answer. “Hey Karen.”

What I Never Knew I Wanted (2/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Umm so far nothing?

Bucky’s wife is pregnant, it’s everything he could have ever wanted. But being an Avenger and a new father is one hell of an act to juggle. When panic sets in he can turn to Steve and his wife, but why did it look so easy with their twins? The late nights, the days gone, something are just worth it right? But like hell will Bucky let anything come between him and his family let alone let anything harm them in any way.

A/N: There is Blue Stick Crossover in this Series, so if you haven’t read The Blue Stick highly recommend it!!

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NOT FOR HUMANS by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

This is a short piece Holly and I wrote for John Green’s Project for Awesome a few years ago. I recently mentioned it and enough people asked to see it that I thought we ought to put it up! It’s a crossover between Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tale series and Shadowhunter Chronicles. Kaye, Roiben, Corny and Luis are all from Holly’s books. You may well know the others. :) This is set before the beginning of City of Bones. Remember when Jace talked about eating faerie food and running naked down Fifth Avenue…?

Happy 4th!

 Kaye really wasn’t expecting Shadowhunters to come to Moon in a Cup, especially on opening day.

 She wasn’t even really sure what Shadowhunters did. They appeared to believe that the world was menaced by demons, wore a lot of weapons, tattooed one another, and didn’t trust anyone who wasn’t one of them. Kaye had once pointed out that she’d never seen a demon and, really, she’d seen plenty of odd things. The Shadowhunter she’d been talking with had claimed her not seeing any demons only proved that the Shadowhunters were doing their job. She’d stopped arguing after that. You can’t prove a negative, Corny had said. 

It annoyed her, though, because not only did they believe in demons, but they thought faeries like her were part demon too. That made all the weapon carrying and weirdness a little more nervous-making than it might have been otherwise. But Luis liked them and, besides, Kaye needed customers. She just hoped they didn’t eat the scones. Moon in a Cup was her dream and now that it was nally happening, she was incredibly nervous. She loved the smell of the espresso in the air, the clouds of steam and the sound of frothing milk. She loved all the things that she and her friends had scavenged from thrift sales and from the side of the road. Ratty little wooden tables that she and Valerie and Ruth had decoupaged with postcards and sheets of music and pages from encyclopedias. Gold-painted chairs. Outsider art and weird antlers and a few landscapes with sea serpents painted on top of them. Mismatched cups that ranged from bone china to chipped bowls with pictures of ducks on them to mugs with slogans for businesses long closed. Every single one felt like a treasure to her, but she’d never owned anything before or been very responsible. She’s worried over whether she could handle it – whether she’d even like it once it was real – for months. 

 And now, finally, finally, finally, the place was open.

Ravus and Luis had painted a big sign announcing their GRAND OPENING, which hung above the register. There, in somewhat organized canisters, were the makings for many things, both mortal and less so. In addition to various coffee drinks, including the terrifying Red Eye, and the Dirty Chai, they were serving herbal teas made from nettle, milk thistle and dandelion, rosehip and sticklewort, bluecap and coltsfoot. Then one of the Unseelie knights, Dulcamara, had sent Kaye a large basket of pastries – scones, muns, all tarts – all baked with faerie fruit, none of which Kaye could picture the knight making herself. Corny had put them out, but marked them NOT FOR HUMANS, which Kaye worried might confuse people who came in off the street. Still, she’d been too busy to do more than promise herself that she was going to keep an eye on them. 

 The place was already half full by the time the Shadowhunters arrived. There were a ton of faerie folk that Kaye didn’t know — denizens of Roiben’s court, looking curiously around at the décor. Corny was helping Kaye behind the bar, mixing up a pot of seaweed tea for a sharp-dressed kelpie who winked at him. Corny didn’t wink back, probably because Luis was watching him from across the room with an amused expression, flanked by Val, her short red hair growing out in curls, Ravus, and Val’s best friend Ruth with her new girlfriend whose hair was dyed the color of a blueberry. 

Luis stopped watching his boyfriend, though, and looked over at the door when the Shadowhunters came in. They tended to attract attention, even though they were often glamoured up like they really didn’t want it. Still, it was hard to ignore a group of tall, heavily armed people whose cheekbones were as sharp as their weaponry.

 It was a group of three of them: two boys and a girl. The taller boy had black hair and blue eyes, and wore a quiver of bows slung over his shoulder. His hands were in his pockets and he was glaring like he really didn’t want to be there. The boy next to him was blond, really bright blond, with hair the same color that the gold chairs were painted. He was wearing a long leather jacket so any weapons he had on him were probably concealed, although Kaye was sure they were there. The girl had the same long black hair as the tall boy — siblings, Kaye guessed — though her eyes were dark. She was wearing a owing lacy top and a velvet skirt, and a very unusual sort of golden bangle that curled over and over up her arm. 

 “Meliorn!” the girl cried out upon entering, and dashed across the room to throw herself into the arms of a faerie knight in white armor. Kaye recognized him as one of the Seelie Court’s knights, kind of a silent, stuck-up type. He returned the Shadowhunter girl’s embrace.

 “Isabelle,” he said. “You are as lovely as a willow tree.” 

 Kaye smirked to herself. Ah, faerie compliments. Some willow trees were lovely and some weren’t, so the compliment didn’t mean much. The Shadowhunter girl, Isabelle, seemed to purr under his words, though; grasping him by his slightly pointed ears — maybe only a half-fae? — she kissed him warmly.  Well, that was new. Shadowhunters dating faeries? 

 The two boys came up to the bar, looking around like they were sure that anyone would be honored to serve them coffee. Kaye wasn’t so convinced. “So what’s a red eye?” asked the blond one. 

 “It’s a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee,” Kaye explained. “Not for amateurs.” The blond boy grinned. He had that kind of grin that really good-looking people who knew they were good-looking had. It was more than a little intimidating. “I think you’ll find I’m not an amateur at anything.” 

 “So does that mean you want one, or not?” Kaye always felt awkward around boys like him, sure that they were laughing at her. 

 “I think it means if you come out from behind that counter and spend a few minutes with me somewhere a little more private, you won’t be disappointed.” Kaye stared at him, open-mouthed. Was he really suggesting they go have sex? Like right then, in the middle of her shift? Or maybe he meant something else. She took another look at him. Nope, probably not. 

 “Jace,” hissed the boy standing next to him. “Just order a freaking cookie or something.”

“I like cookies,” said Jace, with a particularly charming smile, “but what I really prefer is pretty ladies with green skin.”

 “Slow your roll, Captain Kirk,” said Corny. “She has a boyfriend.”

 “A serious one?” Jace inquired — he was still smiling in that charming way that made it hard to be irritated. 

 “He has a seriously big sword,” Corny said. “And he’ll be here any minute.”

Jace’s hand went to his waist. “Well, if it’s seriously big swords we’re discussing —“

 The dark-haired boy thunked his head down on the countertop. “Stop this pointless flirting,” he said. “Or I will bash my head through this pastry case.” 

 “I wish you wouldn’t,” said Kaye. “We just had it installed.” 

 “Calm down, Alec.” Jace shrugged, in a no-harm-trying kind of way and flashed his grin at Corny. “In that case, I guess we’ll have to make do with two Red Eyes and a scone.” 

“The scones aren’t for humans,” Kaye protested. “We’re not humans,” said Jace. Kaye was about to protest again, when Corny slid a plate with a scone on it onto the countertop with a flourish. 

 She wanted to snatch it back – faerie fruit wasn’t wise for anyone – but it would be bad for business to be seen wrestling food away from customers, especially when they were currently in the process of paying for it. Besides, she thought, trying to convince herself, people liked faerie fruit. It made them a little crazy, sure, and there was that one time that Corny had recited all the lyrics to Synchronicity while eating them and that other time that he’d maybe been involved in an orgy, but on the whole, Jace would probably be fine. Shadowhunters were supposed to be different. Maybe they had some control over themselves that ordinary human beings didn’t. The rumor about them was that they were part angel, and Kaye couldn’t imagine angels running around reciting all the lyrics to Synchronicity or getting into orgiastic situations. Then again, she couldn’t picture angels hitting on her either. “Enjoy it,” she said, giving up and setting their coffee drinks on the counter. 

Alec took the change she handed out and dumped it in the tip jar. She felt bad for him. It was obvious he had a bit of a crush on Jace, and equally obvious that he was having a pretty bad day. 

She watched as they made their way across the shop and sank down on a couch across from Isabelle and Meliorn, who were busy rubbing noses and making cutesy faces at each other. Jace and Alec rolled their eyes.

Another boy came in, staggering a little. His black hair stuck straight up, thick with glitter, and he appeared to be very, very drunk. He had a stack of papers with him and was handing them out to the patrons. Every time someone took one, there was a little electric burst of glitter. Finally he sprawled out in an armchair near Isabelle, and leaned over to her. 

She broke away from Meliorn, frowning at him — he seemed to be saying something about his cat’s birthday as he waved another piece of paper at her. Or maybe he was talking about his own birthday, since his eyes looked very like the reective, unblinking eyes of a cat. Kaye wondered what he was. Not a faerie, and not a Shadowhunter either. 

 “The Magnificent Magnus?” Isabelle said, dubiously, then shrugged. “But, hey, thanks for the invite.” She took the paper, folded it up, and thrust it down the front of her shirt before going back to kissing Meliorn. 

 For a few minutes, Kaye was absorbed in making another pot of seaweed tea, passing over three espresso shots to a trio of hobgoblins and making one Dirty Chai for a human in a business suit who seemed a little unnerved, as though despite not being able to see through the glamour all around him, he was able to discern that something about the other customers was a little off. He scuttled away as soon as she handed him her drink, clearing the way for her to see across the room — 

 To where Jace was taking off his clothes. The scone plate on the coffee table in front of him was empty, and he had a dreamy expression on his face – the dreamy expression of a human who had eaten faerie fruit. He had already shrugged off his long coat, and was getting to work on the buttons of his shirt. “Jace,” Alec hissed. “Jace, what are you doing?”

“It’s warm in here,” Jace said, in a slurred voice. 

Two knives hit the ground. 

 Across the room, several faeries began to giggle. Jace kicked off his boots and socks. 

 “Corny,” Kaye said. “Do something. This is entirely your fault, you know. You gave him those scones.” 

 Corny was watching Jace undressing with raised eyebrows and an appreciative expression on his face. “I think I might be some kind of genius. You couldn’t pay me to stop this.” 

 Jace had whipped his shirt off. Kaye squinted and had to admit Corny had a point. You rarely saw a body like that outside of magazine spreads. Some people had six-packs; Jace appeared to have a twelve-pack. It didn’t look humanly possible. “Could be good for business,” she mused and pulled herself an espresso shot. She thought she was going to need it. 

 “Maybe we could get him to do it every day?” Corny said, as Jace unbuttoned his jeans. Alec attempted to stop him, but Jace moved nimbly out of his way and kicked the jeans off with a flourish. 

 “Don’t try to stop me, Alec,” said Jace. “This body has to be free.” 

 Isabelle looked up from kissing Meliorn and her eyes widened. “Holy crap,” she said. 

“Jace —“ She started to stand up, but Jace had already made his way to the door. He paused there and bowed — to not considerable applause — plucked the pair of antlers o the wall, and placed them gently on his head. 

Then he darted out the door, just as Roiben came in. Roiben, in his long black cloak, raised both his silver brows and stared after Jace, a small smile playing at the corner of his lips. He looked about to ask Meliorn a question and then seemed to think better of it. Then, abruptly, he began to laugh. 

 “Oh, by the Angel,” Alec said mournfully. “Another place we can never go to again. You’d think, in a city as big as New York …” 

 Kaye noticed that the boozy Magnus the Magnicent was watching Alec with a gleam in his catlike eyes. It really was too bad Alec seemed too sunk in gloom to notice. 

 “We should have hung a sign on that guy,” Corny said. “Imagine the advertising.” And right then, Kaye realized two things. One was that Shadowhunters might be good at killing things, but their dating lives were a mess. And the other was that she was going to love owning a coffee shop.


40s!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky’s back from war. And the Howling Commandos want to meet his girlfriend.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
2,014 words

Notes: The AU we all need but don’t have enough of it: BUCKY ALIVE AFTER THE WAR. Just a silly thing that was on my mind for months but I just couldn’t bring myself to write properly. This is my first time writing the Howling Commandos and Peggy so I apologize if they’re too ooc. :/ Featuring this drabble I wrote a while ago. Hope you guys enjoy it! Tell me what you think and if there’s any mistakes, please. <3 Love you!

The war was over. 

Bucky still couldn’t quite believe the said fact is true despite his current sight: 

Steve and the Commandos dawning over cheap beers in a shitty German bar as they celebrated the homecoming. 

He had been through hell and back while fighting alongside the team, unable to decide what had been worse between being captured by HYDRA from having to walk over a pretty much literal hell. 

It was funny how so many things had changed and so many things remained the same during the war. 

Steve had changed, physically at least, but their friendship didn’t. If anything, it just got more stronger. Bucky himself had changed, or so he wanted to believe he did. There was no way you could see what he saw without letting that change you for a tiny bit. 

But there were the things that didn’t change. And well…

The Howling Commandos talking about girls was one of them. 

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Okay, so I’ve been thinking about a Doctor Who/Stranger Things crossover for, like, months now (I mean. Eleven. And Eleven. My two favorite characters in existence. How could I NOT?). Just imagine it!

Elle is trapped in the upside down after what she did to the Demigorgon. Afraid and once again alone, she sobs quietly, asking for help that she know can’t come.

Somewhere in the universe, the Doctor (currently traveling alone) gets a message on his psychic paper. All it says is, “Help me.” He of course springs in to action, tracing where the cry for help came from, and is surprised to find that it’s from a small pocket universe.

He manages to fly the TARDIS in, and when he lands, he (for once) turns on the monitor instead of simply going outside to see what’s there. He sees a young girl, sitting alone against what appears to be a large tree. She’s got her knees pulled close to her chest and is sobbing rather heavily, this is evident only by her quivering body, as she makes no sound.
Then he runs out of the TARDIS doors to get the child. The TARDIS has warned him that the environment is toxic, but doesn’t care – the girl has already been here too long.

Elle looks up and sees a man running for her, but he doesn’t seem threatening. In fact, he looks worried. Worried about… her? She doesn’t move, or make him stop. She can tell he wants to help her.

When the man is in front of her, only perhaps a foot away now, he stops, and kneels down so that he’s at eye-level with her.
“Hello,” the Doctor says, with a small but kind smile, “I’m the Doctor,” the child flinches at the word. “I know you’re frightened, but it’s going to be okay. I’m here to help.”

Elle stares into his eyes for a few moments, then nods as though she’s decided to trust him. The Doctor’s smile grows a little now that he knows she’s not afraid of him. “What’s your name?” He asks gently. She stares at him again for a moment before answering in small voice, “Eleven.”
“Well, Eleven, we need to get you out of here. Will you let me help you?” She nods again and wraps her arms around the Doctor’s neck – they both know she’s too weak to walk.

Once they’re safely in the TARDIS he puts Eleven down on a small chair that the TARDIS has provided for her. The Doctor goes to the console and take them into the time vortex where he knows they’ll be safe. He then goes back over to the little girl, Eleven, and kneels in front of her again. Now that he gets a good look at her he can see what a mess she is. Her face is stained with tears and blood, there’s even dried blood that had come from her ears. He doesn’t ask what had happened though, he already has a pretty good guess.
Instead he asks, “Where is your home?” This time she doesn’t need to take any time to answer and says “Mike.” “Who’s Mike?” “Friend.” She smiles very slightly when she says the word, and the Doctor understands. “We’ll find him. I’ll get you home, I promise.” She nods, and then she does something he finds a bit odd. She places a small hand on his chest, feeling his hearts beating. Then she looks into his eyes again, seeing how old and how sad he is, and she says softly, “Eleven.” The Doctor smiles just slightly and nods.

The Doctor had got her home safely. She’d insisted that he meet her friends before he left, and they never forgot the strange man in the bow tie who brought Eleven home.

Years pass – for both of them, many for the Doctor, only a few for Elle. Something goes wrong; the bad people are back. She remembers the last time she was afraid and alone and who helped her. So she uses her powers to try and contact the man – the other Eleven.

And he comes. But he’s different this time. He’s not wearing a bow tie now, and his hair is grey. His face is different too, not just older, but different. However, when she looks into the man’s eyes she knows that it’s him.
Eleven smiles and puts a hand on the man’s chest, feeling the unmistakable vibration of two hearts beating, and says “Twelve.”

Fanfic Rec: 00Q

I was sorting the list of fics that I have read and love, and it seems that I have enough to make a list for these two idiots! It wasn’t that long ago when I started reading for this fandom. I wasn’t a big fan of Bond movies, I’ve watched a few movies here and there, but when I read my first 00Q fic my mind said, “It works. They work. How could you not notice it, idiot.” And the rest is history! 

Anyway, as much as I love to tell what was my experience in finding this amazing pair, here is my list! Some of them will be a crossover with another fandom, but it doesn’t make the fics worse. 

Remember Me by Jen (ConsultingWriters) [Words: 5,667 | Teens and Up Audiences]
Bond has lost his memory. Q has lost his love.
“What have I forgotten?” Bond asked; Q watched him, trying to find the James he knew.
“Nothing that you won’t work out on your own, if it’s really important,” Q said carefully, before returning every fraction of his attention to the computer in front of him.

Denominations by WriteThroughTheNight [Words: 29,689 | Teens and Up Audiences]
"Q confirms that he’s an Empath three months before his first day of primary school, and the deciding of Denominations that comes with it.”
Q is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and an Empath to boot.

Forsaken by Chestnut_NOLA [Words: 50,080 | Explicit]
Wounded and betrayed, 007 is found by a mysterious young man in the woods. Who is Q? Can James trust the man enough to heal and help him find the traitors within MI6?

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by feelslikefire [Words: 66,236 | Explicit]
What followed was the most bizarre courtship Q had ever—well, heard of, certainly. He didn’t have much to compare it to, but Moneypenny confirmed that normal people didn’t flirt like this. Not that he was normal. Not that any of them were.
Or: Q has a past, a cat, and a dangerous new boyfriend. Two of these things keep him up nights, the other pees in a box.

the sheer lack of professionalism by scioscribe [Words: 1,945 | General Audiences]
Q rolled his eyes. “Oh, there are just bloody wheels within wheels to it, aren’t there, this kidnapping business? Really, you should give it up. You’re not cut out for it. Think about it, your first time out, and you pinch a national intelligence treasure and ask his MI6 boyfriend for ransom. It isn’t very promising, is it?”

Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle by KatsatheGraceling [Words: 22,751 | Mature]
Prompt: Could you do one where Q and James go to meet Sherlock and John for some reason, and then when they get back to Q branch James says something about how Q doesn’t need to be so worried about Sherlock safety since he happens to be living with an assassin (John) who seems to be looking out for him. And Q is all like WHAT!!!! — Esperanza
Or, the one where John is a BAMF assassin. With an affinity for cuddly warm jumpers.

Before it Breaks by KatsatheGraceling [Words: 13,453 | Mature]
Prompt: I have a prompt for you: Bond (Ace/GrAce/Straight) is given the mission to seduce a very MALE college student (Q) who has been making trouble for MI6 and dead set against joining. Downtime, top secret, paper only mission. A few years later, Q finds out that their relationship was/is (just) a mission… happy or sad ending up to you.
Excerpt: Everything revolved around the boy in the kitchen; every thought, every decision. Everything Bond said or did had to be carefully filtered and thought through; a game of chess that he never wanted to play in the first place. His entire routine had been shifted, and he hated it. 

If an Agent Asks for a Favour… by KatsatheGraceling [Words: 10,444 | Teens and Up Audiences]
Prompt: Mycroft’s minions alert him that John is stealthily entering MI6. John and James covered each other’s asses once and have been friends ever since. Mycroft calls upon his brother Q to find out what they’re up to. Bondlock crossover. - Sunny
Or in which John is a BAMF and Mycroft likes to snoop (more than usual).
Established Johnlock and eventual 00Q.

In Name Only by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria [Words: 84,449 | Explicit]
Beyond the world of BDSM clubs and fetish communities lies the Marketplace — a secret society of consensual slavery and service.
During an MI6 investigation into black market sales of Ministry of Defence assets, James Bond discovers what he believes to be a human trafficking ring called the Marketplace. He infiltrates the organisation as a buyer, but remains focused on his goal: follow the money trail.
On a private Marketplace cruise, one slave for auction catches Bond by surprise. Q is brilliant, ethereally beautiful, and vulnerable. Bond is instantly drawn to him, and he resolves to take down the Marketplace and rescue Q. What Bond doesn’t realise, though, is that Q is right where he wants to be.

The Courtship of Mr. Bond by marlowe_tops [Words: 29,669 | Explicit]
In which Bond is a retired naval commander with too much house, Q is a mechanical engineer with too many sisters, and they have lengthy conversations about decorum, bonnet-ribbons and philosophy in Regency England.   
“I just thought you might go pay a visit,“ his mother suggested.
“Me?” Q asked, aghast. “Pay a visit?”
“He must be starved for proper gentleman company, now that he’s settled in so far from London–”
“I am far from proper gentleman company.”
“–and perhaps if you befriended him he could introduce you to some nice heiresses.”
“Heiresses?” Q repeated, baffled and horrified. “What in the world would I do with heiresses?”

Blue-Eyed Monster by Only_1_Truth [Words: 118,363 | Mature]
Yes, this version of 007 was a terrifyingly smart agent, and M wondered long and often whether it had been a good idea to promote him to the position. Usually, the title was the dangerous part - being 007 meant deadliness - but this time, M feared that a certain man with ice-blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair had dragged in more danger to the title than it had previously possessed
Enter MI6’s new Quartermaster: an unassuming, bespectacled genius with no mind for subterfuge but plenty of genius behind a dry smile. Curious 00-agents and young boffins don’t always mix in predictable ways…

And there it is! I still have more, but let me save that for the part two, yes? Enjoy!

If You’re Going Through Hell (a Teen Wolf/Hawaii Five-0 crossover fic)

Here’s the thing I can finally share! It’s not the full thing*, but I’m rather proud with what I came up with as this was the first time I’ve completed a Sterek bang (reverse or otherwise) and it’s for @sterekreversebang

*** A/N:** This is an all human AU and crossover with Hawaii Five-0 and was originally supposed to be apart of a longer 10k-15k word fic but between losing a majority of what I had typed up weeks and weeks ago and having to redo it, this is now a watered down version of 2 chapters from the larger fic that I hope to one day bring back to life. I introduce characters at the end, who you probably won’t know unless you watch Hawaii Five-0, but again, they play a significant role in the larger story.

I will be editing this entry to include Here is the link to the wonderful artwork created by @froggydarren once it’s been posted and I will also be posting this to AO3 at some point as well.

Also, I can’t forget to thank my wonderful beta, Karen, who stepped in at the last minute to read this even though she knows nothing of Teen Wolf. Any and all remaining mistakes are my own.

Warning for possible unreliable narrator? I don’t know. I tried to catch all of that.

Title: If You’re Going Through Hell Fandom(s): Teen Wolf & Hawaii Five-0 (it’s a crossover) Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Cora Hale, other characters from both shows are mentioned, and there are just so many that I don’t want to list them for fear of forgetting any of them. Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams

Summary: He remembered screaming and yelling at his dad to be let go. He remembered yelling for the deputies to let Derek go and saying there had to be some mistake, that Derek didn’t kill anyone, especially not his sister who was his best friend.

Two weeks after Derek’s arrest

It was weird for Stiles to think that somewhere out there was another - hopefully living and breathing - Hale relative and that they were on their way to help get Derek out of jail. Stiles only hoped that the man - Steve he said his name was - could truly help since Derek was prepared to face the consequences for a crime he didn’t commit.

Looking out the window of the cabin they had been sharing for the last month, Stiles could still feel his father’s arms holding him back as two other unknown deputies arrested and led his boyfriend away. Once Derek was outside and being placed in the back of a cruiser, Stiles was able to break out of his father’s grasp and run to the front door. Looking out, it seemed like all of Beacon County had descended on them just to arrest Derek.

He remembered screaming and yelling at his dad to be let go. He remembered yelling for the deputies to let Derek go and saying there had to be some mistake, that Derek didn’t kill anyone, especially not his sister who was his best friend.

A knock at the door pulled Stiles from his thoughts. It was Scott, hovering by the front door.

“Your dad wants to know if you’ll be coming to the house to meet this guy….” Scott began.

Stiles shrugged his shoulders. He knew he should because he was the one to reach out to the man hours after Derek and the police left the cabin.

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Some time ago, back when I was still active on Pinterest (ugh Pinterest that’s another issue, so much uncredited artwork floating around BUT ANYWAY) I noticed that this one user had pinned like my entire Undertale fanfic board. So I went to their page, curious, and figured out that they were creating an Undertale-Creepypasta crossover with a few interesting OCs.  I messaged her like ‘hey I see you’re working on a fanfic, I too am working on a fanfic let’s exchange notes’ 

It turned into an ongoing Pinterest message conversation, we discussed our AUs with each other, discovered that we shared similar backgrounds, wrote a brief rp where our two Gasters met (the only rp I have done or am likely to do in the near future it’s not my thing but it was pretty fun this time) and I discovered that her story was very detailed and quite positive and uplifting. 

Then one day I think a couple months after I’d first spoken to her she told me that she’d just found out that she had lymphoma and was going to have to have chemotherapy. 

A couple days ago, she told me she’d finished the last round and is heading off to college. Here’s part of the conversation: 

And here’s what happened when I asked her if I could share this: 

- maybe huh? let’s see

So if you ever feel like this or any fandom with good content is dumb or useless or a complete waste of your time, remember: you never know who’s looking at your content and feeling a little better. Stay positive. This fandom is beautiful and uplifting and fun.  (and not dying I don’t know why people keep saying that) 

Blast to the Past Part 2: The Future?

Danny desperately just wanted one normal day. But apparently, the Universe or Clockwork, or whoever, he didn’t care anymore, decided that that was too much for the young halfa.

This whole week had been complete crap. Sunday, there was a small army of Hydra robots (created by Hydra, naturally) that decided they were going to do a WWII reenactment and try taking over France. Danny had teamed up with the Avengers for that.

Monday there was a new ghost who had some sort of vendetta against Skulker. He protected the animals, land, sea, and air, and ghost, and Skulker was being a dick about it. He had to fly all the way to the outskirts of Wakanda to take them both down (Even though he kind of  agreed with the animal lover), and sent them back to their own layers. Then he had been captured by the Wakandan patrol and Tony had to come and vouch for him to be let go, that he was just helping.

Tuesday he saw Tucker and Clint fall from the ceiling in the kitchen while Danny had been half asleep and eating a bowl of cereal. They had landed on the other side of the table, making it break and flip up, knocking Danny’s food into his face.

Wednesday was normal, thank goodness. But that was weird because that never happens. It was so unproductive it was unsettling.

But now it was Thursday, and he was with the Avengers again, kicking ass against Hydra (again), but this time it was in DC, where they were trying to take down the Washington Monument. However, during that battle, whether it was during the takedown or right after, Danny wasn’t quite sure, but when he high-fived Captain America, he high-fived the wrong one.

He just wanted one normal fucking day. The worst part was he didn’t even notice until they had gotten back to the others and the present-day Cap had been picking himself up from the debris, shaking off the dust and pain. He stretched and kind of chuckled at Clint when he tripped over his own feet and fell into the reflecting pool. But Danny’s grin had escaped him.

The past Steve and Bucky walked around, bewildered at the sight of a giant robot more so than at their future selves.

“Danny? Where are we?” Bucky asked, concerned when he took notice of the second Steve. He was dirty and rugged, and his shirt had holes in it, and Danny noticed the way his hands gripped his rifle a little closer to him.

“Uh…” Danny said, at a loss for words.

“Danny, you’re bleeding!” Ant-Man rushed forward and started checking the gash on Danny’s head, nearly tackling him to the ground. “Hey, Cap, do you have any bandages?”

“Yeah, here you go,” Future Steve said, leaning over and handing him some from his belt. He stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes glued onto his past self and past Bucky.

“Steve, is this the Twilight Zone?” Future Bucky hissed into his Steve’s ear when he walked up to see what was wrong.

“Steve, Bucky,” Danny said, swatting Scott away and turning toward the present day pair, “this is Steve and Bucky. From the forties.”

“What year is this?” Past-Bucky asked.

“It’s 2017,” the other Bucky replied.

“This is going to get really confusing,” Scott mumbled.

“Yeah,” Danny said with a groan, “no kidding.”


Back at the Tower, Steve and Bucky talked with their past selves. To avoid confusion, they called them Steven and James, which was really weird, because now that he thought of it, he had never heard their full names until now. Danny was making a meal fit for an Asgardian. After all, he’s got four super soldiers and himself to feed. That’s enough for Thor to get seconds.

“So, how did you guys end up here?” Danny asked James and Steven. He put the lid on the pot of noodles, letting it stir itself, and turned to face them. He noticed that they were fresh and clean, free from the months of dirt that had caked over them. Their clothes were gonna be washed and repaired, but until then Steven had borrowed from Steve, and James had borrowed from Danny because Bucky’s clothes were to big for him. It was weird seeing the before and after stages of Hydra manipulation sitting side by side and having a detailed conversation about Star Wars. Seeing both Steves, though, the only things that were different were the the hair and the eyes. They had the same shade of baby blues, but damn, it was like they spoke two different languages.

“We don’t really know,” Steven answered. He sat straight up with his hands in his lap. “Bucky sounded like he was in trouble so I came to help. Then there was this bright light and we were thrown into the reflection pool. Everything is all kind of fuzzy.”

“There was this Dracula dude,” James chipped in. “I never thought I’d meet an actual vampire.”

Danny stiffened and shared a look with Steve.

“What did this…Vampire look like?” Steve asked. Danny was a little to angry to form polite questions at the moment.

“He was blue, had a white cape, looked kind of fancy. I think he was glowing or something?” Bucky offered.

“Vlad,” Danny spit. He turned back around and took the lid off the pot, checking the noodles before he put them in a strainer and added some sauce. He gave four heaping bowls of the stuff to the soldiers, and a slightly smaller one for himself, along with some expensive bread Stark imported from Italy.

“You know him?” Steven guessed. Steve gave his past self a look that said drop it but Danny decided to answer anyway.

“He was an old friend of my parents. They worked together in college on ghost stuff,” he started. “He’s a halfa too. The first, actually. He used his powers to get rich and famous. He always hated my dad for the accident that turned Vlad into a halfa. He ended up in the hospital and my parents fell in love. Vlad had a major crush on her.

Then their college reunion came around. I was fourteen at the time, it was just a few months after I got my powers. one thing led to another, we found out each others secrets and became like, mortal enemies or whatever. A couple years back he screwed me over so now I live here.”

Steven and James knew by the tone of the boy’s voice that they weren’t supposed to ask how this guy screwed him over. But there was still one question itching at the back of their heads.

“Why did Vlad bring them here then, Danny?” Bucky asked. Danny shrugged and slurped his noodles.

“Don’t know,” he said with a mouth full of food. “Not good though. He should know not to mess with time like this, he learned that lesson along time ago. With you two here they never stop Hydra and win the war,” Danny guessed. “So maybe we go to Hydra and figure out what the hell is going on.”

“It’s too dangerous,” Steve countered, setting his food down.

“Look, I know. But if Vlad is in trouble we gotta help him. With his kind of power in Hydra’s hands the rest of the world won’t stand a chance. We gotta hit em hard and fast.”

“We can help,” Steven suggested.

“No, you guys have to go to the portal and get back to your own time,” Bucky said.

“The portal was fried by Technus last week, remember?” Danny said. “I was going to fix it this week but I haven’t had the chance. It’ll take me weeks to get to wires and re-circuit the whole thing.But if we help Vlad he might let us use his.”

“Then it’s a deal,” Bucky said. “We’re coming with.”


Getting in to the compound and finding Vlad had been the easy part.

Getting him out was the part they were still trying to work out.

“Daniel? After what I’ve done I have to say-I’m a bit surprised to see you helping me,” Vlad said when Danny had put his arm around him, helping the older halfa walk. Danny remained silent.

The four soldiers had provided lots of cover, and there were a couple of close calls with Steven and James, but they managed okay enough. Especially with the upgraded guns Stark provided specifically for this mission. It was kind of fun seeing Nazis being killed.

But Vlad still kept talking.

“Why are you helping me Daniel? Have you had a change of heart? Maybe changed your mind about my proposal?”

Danny ignored him. Instead he focused his anger on the door in front of them, kicking it down with such force it splintered and flew almost ten feet away. His eyes were a blazing green.

He followed the Steves and Buckys out into the opening, just barely making it a safe distance away before the explosion they had set up went off. Danny let go of Vlad, and he fell to the ground in a heap. Danny pressed his boot down on Vlad’s chest, his anger seeping into every word.

“We are going to use your portal. You won’t mess with time or Hydra again. And if I ever see you again you won’t be just another halfa. Understand?” When Vlad hesitated Danny pressed down harder. He heard the beginning of a crack, but it was just a fracture he was making. Vlad coughed and nodded.

“Good,” Danny said. “Let’s go, guys.”


Once in the Zone, it was only a short flight to Clockwork’s, but he had to make the trip four times because he couldn’t carry all of them at once. When he was carrying James, his anger began to finally go away. He didn’t realize he started to cry, though, until James pointed it out. Danny didn’t say anything though. This was going to be saved for a session with Wilson.

When he went back to grab Bucky, the last of the four, his face was dry and monotone.

“If he ever shows his face again I’ll help you,” he said, squeezing Danny’s shoulder. He nodded, thankful for the offer.

“Yeah. Thanks,” he said. 

“Hello, Danny,” Clockwork said as he turned into a baby. “The portal you need is right over there. Would you care to stay for a game of chess?”

“And lose to the guy who knows the future?” Danny chuckled.”I think I’ll pass. But thanks anyway, Stopwatch.”

The goodbyes were weird and heartfelt, and despite being the same people, they weren’t. Not really. The future Steve and Bucky were so different from their past selves in so many ways tan just physical, and it was easy to tell. And even though he was going to see them for breakfast in the morning, he was going to miss them. Once they were gone, Steve and Bucky decided to go back tot he Tower, Danny promising to meet up with them later. He turned to Clockwork.

“I changed my mind on chess,” Danny said, letting his head hang down. Clockwork smiled and brought him into a side hug.

“I’ll make some tea.”

The moment I fell in love with Mon-El:

Okay. I’m a day late on this, but here goes anyway:

I had the (dis?)advantage of watching Supergirl S2 in a very back-to-front kind of way (the order went 2x01, 2x02, 2x08, 2x03-2x07 if you’re curious). S1 nauseated me (if I explain why here, I’ll never get to the point of this post), and I had to talk myself into giving the show a second chance. I watched two episodes, loathed that Cat was leaving and James was written off in one episode after I’d forced myself to get through an entire season of unrequited-love crap, and stopped watching.


But then DC Week drew near, and I couldn’t bring myself to miss a crossover episode just because Supergirl had disappointed me once again and I had fallen behind (I have a thing about watching in order). You watch all the other superhero shows religiously, I told myself. You’re an adult. You can make it through one out-of-order episode of a show you don’t particularly care for.

And then I watched the crossover that wasn’t a crossover, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the bait n’ switch the CW pulled on me.

Because in five minutes, Mon-El made me chuckle more than I had in the whole first season of the show. I didn’t remember him as the guy who’d fallen to Earth in the pod and who I’d last seen grabbing Kara around the throat (it had been a few months and I’m not great with faces, okay?). I’ve never watched The Vampire Diaries. I actually spent a lot of time hollering
“Where’s Buffy when you need her?” at my screen whenever a commercial for the show came on, and I only ever saw one episode of Containment, so I had no idea who Chris Wood even was. I was introduced to Mon-El as the kinda-cute, weird alien guy from somewhere or other who brought literal stuffing to Thanksgiving Dinner, who supposedly had a crush on Kara, and who Kara quite obviously had a crush on. The combination of the bar scene (“I actually am looking for company, but with someone else”), the Monopoly scene (“So don’t pout.” *pouts*/”You don’t want to mate with me, do you?” *Awkward laugh followed by weak question-dodge*), and the kiss scene (*Jokes about double vison* “You know, you look beautiful with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders*) made me realize that I had to go back and figure out who this guy was.

So, I did.

And because I like to have at least three episodes under my belt before I form an opinion on a character, I fought my growing like-like right up until 2x05, when he walked out in the baggy shirt and showed it off. That was when I gave up/threw in the towel/waved the white flag—whatever you want to call it. The boy from Daxam, who was 110% the “frat boy of the universe” prince (even though at the time no one anywhere on the internet except for one YouTube account seemed to agree with me) won me over. He’s sweet, friendly, sassy, obliging, stubborn, flawed but trying, and I wish to goodness I hadn’t written the show off right before he woke up, because I would’ve loved to see his happy-go-lucky smart-aleck to hero-in-training journey from the beginning, not after having watched 2x08. He really is an outer space stray puppy, and I thoroughly enjoy watching him screw up and actually try to fix his mistakes. 

Solangelo Fanfiction Masterlist

I lost my masterlist after I changed url, so, time for a new one.


  • And What Would Your Message Be? [ Between different people telling different stories and of messages to come across, maybe that evening came out a bit more special than usual. ]
  • Captivated  [ At first, he only went as a favor for Percy. The next time had been for Hazel. Then his trips became frequent and it totally had nothing to do with the cute blonde working inside the jewelry store… At least that’s what he kept telling himself. Oh look, he ‘accidentally’ destroyed Thalia’s bracelet.]
  • Chance Meetings And Puppy Tales [ Will just wanted to save the small puppy he saw soaking wet from the rain, meeting someone wasn’t actually part of it. Not that he’s actually complaining because Nico di Angelo is one fine piece of art he wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with. Solangelo. Mortals AU.]
  • Chicken Soup  [ A what happened after the three days in the infirmary]
  • Hold Tight, Don’t Let Us Go [ Sometimes, a relationship is worth taking the risk for]
  • Holiday Surprises [Between having finally spent Christmas eve together with one Will Solace after not getting much time for each other, he thought that it couldn’t get any better. He was wrong. Nico’s Holiday just keeps getting better]

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Hello! It’s time for eevee!Lloyd’s introduction! (i’m really sorry it’s long and will mess your dashboard completely…) You can find the introductions of the other characters from <here>

Full name: Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Lloyd is 11 when the first season starts and he will turn 12 during it. Originally, I wanted him to be 7 and turn 8, but after fighting with the timeline of this world for ages, I realized that he must be older for my future purposes. (My headcanon of Lego Ninjago still is that the little guy is 7-8 in the first season though.) He is quite average size to an eevee of his age, about 125 cm. He is a shiny eevee, but not the color that shinies are in the Pokémon World. In PW all shiny eevees are grey, but in PNGo there are two possible colors: the ordinary grey, and then an auburn color. They both may have variation in hue, saturation, and brightness. These are called as ”silver shiny” and ”golden shiny”. Lloyd is a latter one, with glossy, blond fur. His eyes are dark like almost all eevees’. This is because they have a protective pigment on their cornea, that intensifies in bright light (… don’t you look at me like that, I have studied biology and I like to use fancy terms!) and work like inborn sunglasses. You can see through this darkening color if an eevee has been in shadow and a light suddenly hits their eyes in the right angle. Lloyd’s iris color is bright green, which is a rare eye color for an eevee, even though not an unusual one. However, his eyes turn red when he gets angry or if he’s feeling malicious pleasure or plotting something nasty. This again, has nothing to do with biology and is purely based on magic, since red eyes are completely without pigment, like the ones that albinos have. (… What am I, your biology teacher? Uh, anyway,) Lloyd’s green pigment doesn’t just vanish away when he gets angry, but the hate kind of pours into his eyes, drowning out his eye color. It also shines through his cornea pigment faintly.

Lloyd is not as chubby as he should be for an eevee of his age. He is a bit too thin, but not unhealthily skinny. He is susceptible to sweets and treats, but otherwise he doesn’t eat much. He was left-handed before, but was then taught to be right-handed. He is digitigrade and quite in the middle of animal and human by his body. It’s easier for him to walk on all fours though, and he wears special sneakers that help him to keep his balance while walking upright. He likes all kinds of games: video games, ball games, board games, pretend… He even learnt to like fight games in school.

Lloyd is hasty, imaginative, and quick-tempered. He acts all mighty and is very precocious. He gets easily puffed up if he feels superiority over someone. However, he is actually just trying to hide his insecurity most of time. His inborn nature is timid, thoughtful, and playful. If he had the chance to live safe, normal family life, he would have grown into a polite and a bit shy kid, who still would be jolly and adventurous with the people he knows and trusts and sometimes become proud with his successions. However, destiny had another path for him.

His mother, Misako, left his husband and son when Lloyd was one year old. She was an archeologist and she had to go to explore Ninjago’s oldest secrets. It was vital, she said. So, the family fell apart already before the little boy could understand what happened. He lived with his father and uncle in his grandfather’s monastery. This would have been good enough, but as his dad was affected by a venom of a demon snake, his moral lessons were maybe not the best. He was always gentle with the boy and no physical punishment were ever used at him (not that there would have ever been a reason to), but he taught Lloyd that violence was acceptable, revenge was right and displaying negative emotions was a good way to get attention. Misako could have balanced this, but without her, Garmadon had to rise his son the way he saw best. Wu looked at this from aside. He didn’t want to interfere with his brother’s pedagogical methods, but when he felt like he had to correct the ways Garmadon had taught the boy, he tried to do it behind his back. They had arguments about Lloyds upbringing, but Wu was afraid of losing his brother and nephew, so he usually backed down so that they wouldn’t leave the monastery (the poor man was lonely).

When Lloyd had turned 3, his whole world was thrown upside down. He lost his father. He saw how a lightning struck him, and he fell into a ravine that had opened on the monastery’s yard. He couldn’t comprehend what had happened. All he could do was ask Wu where his dad had gone. He didn’t have a decent answer.

After that his uncle took care of him for a while. Wu was devastated, even though he tried not to show this to the boy. He was also restless, slept very little and prayed a lot. He had sent a word to Misako so she would return and take care of Lloyd because the man needed to do some important maneuvers now that the balance was in great danger and some alarming prophecies were seemingly becoming fulfilled. After a few months Misako came back. She was shocked and terrified, because she knew exactly what prophecy had just come true. However, Wu couldn’t stay put any longer. He made himself sit for one cup of tea so he could tell Misako what had happened and they could share comforting words, but then he dashed off. Lloyd didn’t remember his mother. Even if Wu had introduced her, the boy was a bit suspicious and very reserved with her as she took him with her and left the monastery again.

Misako couldn’t take Lloyd to her expeditions as they were dangerous and boring to a small kid like him. The work also demanded great precision so she could not have taken good care of him and he would have been in the way of the research. Therefore, she had to find a place where Lloyd could live and gain education while she was looking for answers from the ancestors. However, every day-care place, boarding school, and children’s home gave her all sorts of excuses of why they couldn’t take Lloyd in. First, she was surprised but compliant because she thought it was just a coincidence that this happened, but when door after door was closed before them, she started to feel like she was missing something. Finally, she got fed up with this and pressed for a proper reason from a childminder lady who led a big house. The answer made her fall silent in outrage: “Well, to be honest, I would be very surprised if you found a place that would accept that demon child anywhere near their children.” Garmadon’s notoriety had spread wide and rumors had cast an even darker shadow to him and his family. Misako of course argued this and tried to defend her son, but the lady was adamant. After this, Misako was a bit unmotivated to find a home for Lloyd and as expected, all the places she asked turned them down. One possibility was of course to leave him into a public children’s home, but that would have meant that she would have lost custody of him.

The last hope was Darkley’s School for Bad Boys. It was a boarding school for 7-15-year-old boys, and it had a bad reputation, but she couldn’t think of anything else. In this school she got quite an opposite reception. The headmaster was delighted and flattered that Misako asked a place for Lloyd from there. The boy was indeed quite young to be a pupil, but there was a day care system for teachers’ children in the school and many of them even slept in the school for some nights. So, it was settled. Lloyd would learn about life in that miserable place. And unfortunately, it taught him to form his nature towards aggressive and impulsive rather than cautious or polite. He learnt to harden his heart, drown out his timidity and be a loud, fierce character, who wouldn’t flinch if he was attacked verbally or physically. He had already learnt from his father that revenge was always rightful and that violence was a very good answer in every situation. In school he had to put those lessons in practice. The only possible good thing about this was that he gained confidence and wasn’t so afraid of social situations anymore. Or rather, he might have still been afraid, but he learned to stand that fear and be confident regardless.

First years weren’t so bad. The other kids didn’t pay much attention to Lloyd, except for the first day, when everyone made fun of him and one kid put fire ants in his bed. They still played pranks on him sometimes, but most of time they ignored him. Yet he managed to befriend Brad, the one who put ants in his bed – or he could almost have called him a friend, at least in the scale of that school. The other kids weren’t yet close enough to start a fight with him and they didn’t consider him as a threat to their prevailing hierarchy (fighting was local form of playing and at the same time the kids were ranked among each other). But as he grew older and the kids got to know him and his background better he was sucked into the violent culture of Darkley.

The first real battle he was in was awful and he got trashed quite badly. Everyone laughed at him later and called him weakling, chicken, and whatnot. Brad, his almost-friend, told him what to do and how to take revenge. Lloyd hated it all at first. But as he found the cruel satisfaction of defeating someone and getting his revenge, he started to get a grasp of the lifestyle. Yet he never felt like he fit in. One essential lesson he learned in the school was to never show tears or fear. If he did, the danger increased radically. On the contrary, if he hid all his “weaknesses” he wasn’t targeted as easily. He had to wait until his roommates were all asleep to cry in peace and sometimes during daytime he escaped to some safe hiding place to regain his mental strength. Even though life in that building during all those long years made Lloyd really grow tougher and more careless, he was still sensitive, and very lonely under his made-up exterior. He hated everyone and everything in the school. He couldn’t see the twisted friendships and alliances between other pupils. For him they were all his and each other’s enemies and he felt alone, scared, and angry. All he wanted was to get away and find his father of whom he had blurry, but happy memories. He had never betrayed him or let him down, unlike the mother and uncle who had abandoned him.

The teachers were hopeful about the son of the famous Lord Garmadon, but they got to come to the realization that he wasn’t like they had thought he would be. This seemingly wasn’t his place. Lloyd rather avoided conflicts than searched for them. He didn’t advance in the hierarchy among the kids in the way they had expected. When he turned eleven, only few of his peers bowed before him, even if most of them didn’t practically walk over him either. They had hoped that at this point he would have showed signs of leadership and thirst for power. But the boy was just a grumpy, hasty, and goofy little thing, and they knew he couldn’t spend four more years in there. Not only for his sake, but they didn’t want to keep a pupil who didn’t have good enough potential. And so, he was expelled.

Lloyd didn’t want to go to his uncle nor his mother. He wanted to go and find his dad. The only thing that had given a glorious halo to the boy, a great reputation even before he started to fight for his honor, was a father whom everyone knew and whose name could silence a room full of noisy brats. He wanted to find him and to become like him. Respected and feared, strong and fearless. The problem was that the headmaster would call his mother to come and pick him up again. To avoid this, he called back to his mother as soon as he managed to sneak alone into the headmaster’s room so he could use his phone. He said that Wu had offered to come and take him to live in the monastery. Misako was relieved as she was in a difficult place and on the verge of very promising discovery. She trusted Lloyd to speak the truth so she never called Wu to check the information.

Lloyd packed his few belongings into a backpack and left. He said his mum was picking him up from the next village. He had no actual plan, but he was excited about his new freedom. Misako had left him some money and she and Wu regularly sent him money into the school. Now he could finally spend it on something! He came to the village and spent some money for food (basically sweets) and a bed. There was also a fancy-dress shop from which he bought a black cape. He also purchased some white textile color with which he painted ribs on his shirt (he had heard rumors about G’s appearance after his fall).

He went intuitively from village to town and to next village, searching for answers. He heard many stories about his father (well, the people who told him the stories kept in mind his young age and didn’t tell the goriest stories and smoothed out the edgiest parts). Most of them were not true, and he heard many mentions of his return. He had been seen here, he had been seen there. So, Lloyd thought he should just follow the flimsy tracks. But eventually he ran out of money. He got some food out of pity, when he asked, but he knew he’d have to get money. He sold almost everything he owned except for his clothes. He thought about stealing and tried it once, but it was too scary and he got a guard Houndour after him (it couldn’t catch him tho). He also tried to avoid police officers in general. He was afraid they would catch him and send into child welfare center.

He kept on wandering and subconsciously drew nearer to the Monastery of Spinjizu. He slept his nights outside, tried to hunt a little during the days, but couldn’t catch anything. Fortunately, it was berry time, so he could gather something from the wilderness. He was still awfully hungry and tried to come up with something to get more food. He had only a small trick box filled with rubber snakes with him and he knew it wouldn’t give him many meals. But then he got a grand idea. He was the son of the fearful Lord Garmadon! So, all he needed to do was scare people into giving their food for him. And the more sugar the food contained, the better.

This was a lot of text again, and you’d deserve a whole bunch of cookies if you made it this far~!

KogKag Week - Prompt #7


A/N: So this is basically inspired by Captain America, because I like to hurt myself and found this beautiful video which destroyed me on the inside.(I’ll post the video on a separate post.) I thought it would be fun to write a KogKag version, but give it a happy ending. I also want to say that I had the BEST time doing KogKag Appreciation week. I really want to thank @maddieson-san​ and @kagomehigurashi​ for making me feel so welcome and loved. You guys rock!!!

Smoke filled the club while a slow jazz number was being played by the band. Kagome entered the club in a striking red dress and matching lips. Soldiers openly stared as she made her way past them, her eyes looking for one specific man.

His blue eyes met hers, and the roamed over her body appreciatively. Kagome met his gaze confidently, and watched as he left his two buddies to meet her.

“Fancy seeing you here,” Kouga greeted her, handing her a drink.

“I believe we talked of dancing before you shipped out on your mission,” Kagome smiled. Her fingers lingered, grazing his hand as she slowly took the drink for him.

“I’m not much of a dancer.”

“You just need the right partner.”

Kouga chuckled as she flirted with him. He was glad she was trying to keep things light. They both knew he might not make it back alive.

“That’s my woman. Always keeping a brave face.” He tilted her face to his, trying his best to remember every inch of her face. The curve of her smile. The gray-blue of her eyes. How she always blushed when he told the troops that was his woman leading those troops. Only his woman would be the lead code broker.

Kagome leaned into his touch, breathing his scent in. She knew at that moment she would always remember the rough feel of his hand as he touched her.

“I came to say goodbye,” she whispered.

Kouga’s heart broke as the words she said sank in.

“I got to do this,” he argued.

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The Dark Creatures Series p.1,5 |MAPS|

Fandom: Teen Wolf x Shadowhunters
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warnings: Might be a little confusing, I think I got confused while writing it, idk
Request: Nope
Word Count: 1293 (long one to make up for missing day 10)


PART 1: Titanium

(Y/B/M) = Your Birth Month

(Y/B/D) = Your Birth Day

I walked to school feeling weird, it was my birthday, and yet I hadn’t received a single text or call from my friends. I would at least expect a text from Stiles considering he is my boyfriend. I walked to my locker, which was in front of Lydia’s. I expected her to be there, she was always on time for class, but she was nowhere to be seen. Weird.

I went to the classroom for AP Biology, a class I shared with Lydia, Scott and Kira. None of them were there, when Mrs. Finch noted their absence she asked me if I knew where they were and I said no, she then continued on with her class. When I walked into my third period which was Mr. Yukimura’s class and didn’t saw Liam there I knew something was up. I quickly sat down on my seat and looked around for Hayden, but she wasn’t there either. I took out my phone and texted Kira

From: Y/N
To: Kira

Hey, was there a pack meeting today?

I waited for her to reply, but she never did.

The class went by slowly, when the bell rang I walked to Mr. Yukimura who was sitting grading some papers.

“Mr. Yukimura?” I asked and he looked up at me

“Yes, Y/N?” he asked back

“Do you know where Kira is? I had AP Biology with her today and she wasn’t there. Neither were Lydia and Scott. Do you think something happened to them?”

“Oh, well… Kira’s sick, she stayed home. But I don’t know about Scott or Lydia, but don’t worry             I’m sure they’re okay” he said

“Okay, thank you” I said and he nodded, I started to walk out of the classroom but he called me

“Y/N?” I stopped walking and turned around


“Happy Birthday, by the way” I smiled at him

“Thank you” he got back to what he was doing. Amazing, none of my friends, neither my boyfriend, remembered my birthday, but my friend’s dad did. I had free period next, so I walked out of the building. The next classes went by slowly, I never got a call, text, anything. It wasn’t until my last class ended and I was walking out of the school when my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered the phone

“Y/N!” It was Lydia, she sounded happy

“Hey, Lydia”

“Listen, are you still at school?” she asked, I looked around

“Yeah, I just got out”

“Okay, good, I need you to do me a favor. My mom forgot some papers in her office; do you think you can pick them up and drop them at my house?” she asked, I heard a few voices in the background

“Sure, where are they?”

“Awesome, thank you, I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Sure, bye”

I sighed, how is it that the only people who have wished me a happy birthday are my parents and my teacher. This is definitely not how I wanted my birthday to go, yes I may sound selfish, but today was an important day for me, I’m finally turning 18 and for just one day, I wanted to be normal. I wanted to forget everything going on in the supernatural world and just be a normal teenager, but knowing my friends, they’re probably fighting some weird creature in the woods.

I walked to Mrs. Martin’s office, everything seemed in place. There was a red folder on top of the desk, there were some other papers and folders but this one caught my eye, it wasn’t neatly organized, it was just sitting there. I took it and headed to Lydia’s home. When I was walking to my car I opened the folder and saw what was inside. A white paper sheet, it looked like a To-Do List.

1.- Prepare bags

2.- Get lots of food

3.- Get all the essentials

4.- Make sure we’ve got a full tank

5.- Make sure everyone’s there

6.- Get to New York

 I didn’t think much into it. I just drove all the way to Lydia’s house. When I got there Stiles’ jeep was there. I decided to text Lydia to let her know I was there.


From: Y/N
To: Lyds

I’m here.


From: Lyds
To: Y/N

Come in. I’m in my room.

I got out of my car and got in.

“Lydia? I have the papers you…” I called but she didn’t answer, I walked to the living room and there they were. All of them. The whole pack was there, for me. Even Derek and Cora were there.

“SURPRISE!” they all yelled when they saw me. My face immediately lit up, tears welling up in my eyes. I smiled, Stiles opened his arms and I ran towards him. He picked me up and I held him tight.

“Happy birthday, babe” he whispered in my ear. “I Love you” I looked at him and kissed him. The whole day I was talking shit about them, but really they were something special for me. I went to hug each and every one of them, thanking them. I took my time hugging Cora and Derek. They were like my siblings, my parents only wanted to have one kid, so they had me.

“I’m so glad you’re here, how long are you staying?” I asked Cora

“Only for a few days, I have to go back to South America” I pouted a little, and she laughed. She looked gorgeous, happy.

“What about Derek?” I asked her

“What about me?” He said from behind me, scaring me.

“Are you leaving again?” He shook his head

“I’m probably going to be here a few months, and then we’ll see what happens.” I nodded

“It’s time for presents!!” Lydia yelled excited, I looked at her, and saw her with a box on her hands. She came up to me and handed me the box

“Thank you” I told her, I set the box aside and hugged her. I took the box again and sat on a couch and she sat next to me, the others sat around me in chairs, or some even on the floor, like Liam. I opened the box and inside there was a white ‘I ♥ NY’ shirt, as well as a pin. I took it out and placed it on my lap. Inside the box there was a folded piece of paper, I took it and began to unfold it. It was a map, and it had red lines on it, they went all the way from Beacon Hills, to the other side of the country; to New York. I raised my head and looked at my pack.

“We want to be with you Y/N” Scott said and I looked at him

“We’re going with you to New York” Lydia looked at me and held my hand

“You don’t have to do this” I told them

“We want to, we’ll be there to support you, that’s what friends are for” Malia said, and coming from her, I knew they meant it.

“Thank you. All of you” I said looking from Lydia next to me, to Scott and Kira, to Cora and Derek, Malia, Liam and Stiles. “This really means a lot to me, before you guys, I never really had any friends, I was always alone. But then you guys came, and it makes me so happy that I finally found such great people to spend the rest of my youth with”

“Only your youth?” Cora asked and we all laughed, then we all went silent, just enjoying the moment.

“So… when are we leaving?” Stiles asked

PART 2: Homeostasis

Thank you so much for the support, when I started this account about two weeks ago i never imagined this would such a great response. i love youuuuuu

Hunters on the Hellmouth

For @fangirlfolio. Thank you for helping me find my voice again.


Chapter 1: Meet Me at the Cemetery

“I didn’t know demons could hot wire cars!” Dean shouted as he punched the gas.

Their most recent desperate attempt to fight Lucifer had resulted in Cas bleeding in the backseat of the Impala while Meg in a souped up Mustang lead a host of demons in pursuit.

One vehicle in the fleet held Lucifer. He knew where the Winchesters were. He could easily pop into their car as they drove, but he didn’t. He wanted to play with them first.

“Drive faster!” Sam yelled. Dean pressed the old car as fast as she could go, but Sam couldn’t shake the blistered face of Lucifer burned into his brain.

Dean jerked the wheel, and they skidded off the rain-soaked highway onto a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it country road. The sudden turn threw off a couple of the demon drivers, Meg included. Not all of the stolen cars matched Baby, and a little distance formed. Maybe twenty more feet. It wasn’t enough and they knew it. The narrow road they were on couldn’t be too long.

“Little help here, Cas!” Dean shouted.

“He’s fading,” said Sam. Cas, pale and sweaty, had used all of his energy keeping them alive leaving none to heal himself.

Suddenly, a pale blue light consumed everything. Dean shielded his eyes. The light grew so bright, Sam couldn’t see his brother sitting next to him. He would have been sure this light was them dying, but Sam doubted approaching Hell would be so beautiful.

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