remember when fringe was on air

So I saw that @stiles-and-the-sourwolf said she was sick and asked for sick!Stiles ficlets and I’m such a huge huge huge fan so here’s my tiny contribution!!! You’re awesome and I hope you feel better soon! I hope this isn’t weird or oversteppy because I don’t like know you at all but it piqued my inspiration hahaha!


The voice that came from the mound of quilts and afghans was weak and a tired. Derek felt his heart trip, senses immediately attuned to the distress of a pack member.

“You didn’t come to the meeting.”

A tuft of brown hair emerged from the bunker of blankets, followed by Stiles’ bleary amber eyes.

“Which warrants breaking and entering. Got it.”

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Tattoos and Taboos

pairing: Phan

genre: smut, fluff

word count: 2,239

status: part 1/1, finished

warnings: smut, detailed sex

Summary: Prompt: Okay so smutty au idea: Punk!Dan and Pastel!Phil have a one night stand and turns out Pastel!Phil used to be Punk! and he has loads of tattoos and Punk!Dan is turned on by tattoos and then at the end Punk!Dan is really sad to see Pastel!Phil leave then at his next show (Punk!Dan is in a band) he sees Pastel!Phil in the crowd….you can decide where to go from there haha

A/N: Yo yo homeskillets. Earlier this morning I got a request for a fic by anon so I thought I’d get it out as soon as possible. This was helped by my friend for the sex parts (imagine me writing smut ok it would never happen) so I hope anon enjoys!

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