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“Will propped his elbow on Nico’s shoulder as if the son of Hades were a convenient shelf.”  

In honor of the second trials of apollo book coming out, I thought I’d post something inspired by one of my favorite scenes from the Hidden Oracle! I love these kids <3

Also I’m really sorry about my crappy handwriting D:


the digimon original gang all older and revamped im going to cry  

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i remember when you first drew eyebrows on a cat instead of eyebeans and i was like "dang,, i got rid of my eyebeans so that my style could look less like finch's" lol. either way it's been nice to see how your art has been progressing!!

Lotsa people draw eyebeans man :’) i aint the first
I still draw em sometimes, depends on the cat

Quick sketch of Nova’s companions! 

Shima and Senza are siblings. Senza is much bigger and stronger than her older bro, but Shima is quick, smart and has a very bad temperament. 

Shima and Senza lived in one of the Pidgey flocks around Cerulean City until Nova recruited them. He knows their mother, they go way back. 

What A Weird Relationship (1/5) - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Stark

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Words: 2021
Pairing: eventually there’s Peter Parker x Reader but rn it’s mainly a brother figure Tony Stark x Reader (more Peter Parker x Reader in later parts :) )
Requested: nah man but you know I decided to write a mini series to celebrate 1,000 followers
Authors Note: (I tried to write five parts using gender neutral and it got really confusing in the later parts and i apologize but fem. pronouns worked much better than anything else..sorry) this part is kinda the introductory part to the series but I still found the Bro!Tony x Reader bonding was cute and I really like the story line so yay! Celebration! 1000 followers! Also, this series will be posted every other day at 9:30 PM EST until it ends on saturday (does that make sense? OH WELL)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six


“He’s on his way, I’m so sorry.” You told your teacher. “He said he had a very important meeting and he apologizes for being late…” You sighed. You hated having to be alone with a teacher, it was always so awkward.

“Oh, it’s completely fine. You are my last conference for today so it’s not that bad, I’m sure we won’t say too many bad things about you.” Your teacher winked at you, and you forced a little laugh out. “Just your father coming?”

“Uh, something like that.” You said, a bit quieter than before.

After making small talk with your teacher for at least five minutes, your legal guardian walked in.

“Hey, Tony.” You turned around to see Tony Stark walk in.

Tony pointed at you with a smile as he walked over to the table. “I hope you apologized for me!” He said with a laugh, before messing up your hair before sitting down.

“Multiple times.” You said back.

Your teacher looked back and forth between you and Tony. “It’s great to meet you.” She said, shaking Tony’s hand.

“You as well. So, what do we have to discuss about the trouble maker here?” Tony asked. “What’d she do know? Break another window? Punch someone? Oh, please don’t tell me she killed someone, we only do that on Tuesdays.”

Your teacher laughed, hoping he was joking. You, however, slapped Tony’s arm. “I’ve never even killed someone! Speak for yourself!” You yelled.

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Can you do a one shot where Reid is watching Doctor Who with his girlfriend and he proposes to her is a cute nerdy Doctor Who way? And make it super fluffy if you can!

I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Sniffing as you watch David Tennant meld in to Matt Smith, Spencer wraps his arm around you as he pulls you close.

“It’s alright, the Eleventh Doctor’s monologues are amazing.  I think you’ll really like him,” Spencer murmurs in your ear.

“It is so insane that I can be so emotional as such a crazy television show,” you say, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you hunker down in to your couch.

Hearing Spencer chuckle lightly, he leans in and kisses your cheek as you take your 3D glasses off of the side table and hold them in your hands.

“I suppose the Eleventh Doctor doesn’t wear these, does he?” you ask sadly, holding your floppy glasses up.

“No…” Spencer says lightly, shaking his head, “The Eleventh Doctor wear these.”

Feeling him set something on top of your head, you furrow your brow as you take the hat off of your head, placing it in your lap as a grin crosses your face.

“The Eleventh Doctor wears a fez?” you ask, your eyebrows in the air as you give him an incredulous look.

“Don’t knock it until you watch it!” he exclaims, putting his fingers to his lips as the first episode with the new doctor starts.

Watching closely, laughing at the little girl praying to Santa, an involuntary smile crosses your face as Spencer turns his head, staring at you with loving eyes as you watch the doctor try to figure out what he wants to eat.

“Fish fingers and custard!?” you exclaim, wrinkling your nose as you look over at Spencer.

“W-what…?” you stammer, realizing he is still staring at you.

“You’re incredible, you know that?” he asks, cocking his body towards you as he sits on his leg on the couch.

Feeling your cheeks flush, the Doctor Who episode fades in to the background as you stare at your hands, nervously playing with your pajama pants as you feel Spencer’s eyes boring a hole in to your face.

“You make me feel that way,” you murmur.

Feeling him shift on the couch, you look up at him holding his hands in his lap as he bites his lip nervously.

“So, sometimes it is arguable that, even though the Doctor takes on many companions, there is only one that he ever really loves.”

Furrowing your brow, you nod.

“Yeah, Rose…right?” you ask.

“Not quite.  Though we have met her.  Remember the Library episode?” Spencer asks, his eyebrows raised.

“You mean with the Vashna Nirada, or whatever they were called,” you say, Spencer chuckling at your pronunciation.

“Yeah, that episode,” he says, his cheeks flushing red.

“Yeah, she gave her life to save the Doctor, but not before she whispered something in his ear…I still don’t quite know what happened,” you say, sighing exasperatedly as you lean back into the couch.

“In the show,” Spencer starts, “It is pretty clear that she knows him very well, but he has no clue who he is.  We learn much more about her during the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure, but I can’t wait that long,” he says.

“Can’t wait for what?” you ask, raising your eyebrow.

“Remember when she leaned in and whispered in his ear?” Spencer asks.

“Yeah…?” you respond.

“She said that there was only one person in his lifetimes that he would ever entrust his deepest secret to.”

Feeling your eyes widen, your mouth gapes open.

“She knew his name!” you squeal, clapping your hands together, “She knew his name, and that’s what she whispered in his ear!!”

As he laughs at your excitement, a smile crossing his face, he nods broadly as he says, “Yes, that is the general consensus.”

“River is his wife,” Spencer says.

As you stop laughing, your eyes growing wide as your head slowly turns back to Spencer, you say, “That’s…his wife!?”

“You’ll learn their entire story during Matt Smith’s doctor,” he says as he pulls a little blue box from his lap.

As your eyes trail down, his fingers turning the box in mid-air, your face pales lightly as you slowly look back up at him.

“He has many companions…” Spencer trails off as he opens the box.

As your eyes fall on the beautiful white gold ring, a diamond sparkling in the middle with sapphires cascading down the side of the band, your eyes water as you look back up at him.

“But only one River,” he whispers, his eyes getting misty as he slowly reaches for your hand.

“Oh, Spencer…” you moan, your eyes quickly darting between him and the ring.

“I love you with every fiber of my being,” Spencer starts, “And the evenings that I can come home to you, and the mornings that I wake up to you…they are the best.  The way we fight, the way we make up, the way we make love…I don’t ever want to lose it.”

As Spencer works the ring out of the box, he takes your left hand lovingly, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand before slowly sliding the ring on to your finger.

“Be my River,” he whispers, tears streaking his cheeks as you look up at him.

“Yes,” you choke out, nodding quickly as you throw your arms around him.

“Dear God, yes.“

Arrow: Tommy/Reader

REQUEST Could I please get a fluffy Tommy Merlyn x Reader oneshot (romantic) where the reader gets cheated on by Oliver and Tommy finds them crying so he decides to cheer them up with something really cute like a pillow fort?

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

The phone rang once, twice, before it was picked up. After managing to say something, I hung up. Half an hour later, the door opened and I looked up to see Tommy come in. In his hands was a plastic bag.

“You okay?” He asked kneeling in front of me. I shrugged my shoulders.

“Yeah, you warned me, so you know?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Oliver cheated on you! He’s the idiot.” Tommy assured me. He smiled and at me and opened the bag to pull out a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I smiled and took the container. Tommy stood up and went to the kitchen. When he came back, he handed me a spoon and I opened the container. I took it and began eating the ice cream as Tommy sat next to me.

“What’s on TV?” Tommy picked up the remote and turned on the TV.

“I know I should’ve seen it coming. But I thought it wouldn’t be like other relationships.” I shoved a spoon of ice cream into my mouth.

“It’s Oliver, he’ll never change.” Tommy put a spoon of ice cream in his mouth and winced. “Brain freeze!” I laughed and leaned back into the sofa as Tommy pressed a hand to his head. “See, it made you laugh!”

“Yeah,” I put my head on Tommy’s shoulder. “So, what do you want to do?”

“Movie night?” Tommy asked.

“Sure, is there anything on TV?” I took the control and began switching through the channels. Tommy began laughing and I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“Remember when we were kids, and we would make pillow forts?” Tommy asked. I laughed.

“You want to make a pillow fort?” I questioned. Tommy shrugged his shoulders. “Fine!” I grinned at Tommy we quickly got up.

After moving the ice cream out the way, we took apart the sofa and I pulled blankets out of the cupboards. I dumped them on the sofa and helped Tommy stand the sofa cushions up. Once they were up, we draped the blankets over and grabbed the pillows from my bedroom.

Once it was all upright, Tommy ordered a pizza and we sat in the fort. I put another spoon of ice cream in my mouth. Tommy took another spoon and looked at me.

“You know what?” Tommy questioned.


“You deserve better.” Tommy told me.

“Oh really? And what’s better? You?” I asked with a smile.

“I’m Oliver’s friend. I don’t think I’m any better.” He admitted.

“Would you cheat on anyone? No. So, therefore, you, Tommy Merlyn, are the better one.”

“Really?” Tommy smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Really. Thank you Tommy.” I took his hand and squeezed it. Tommy smiled and kissed my cheek as I rested my head on his shoulder.

“(Y/N), I love you.”