remember when everyone was happy

Remember when Team Crafted was a thing?
Remember when everyone could just get along?
Remember when they were all friends?
Remember when Adam called Jerome Fluffy?
Remember when Quentin was a fish?
Remember when Mitch was really shy?
Remember “Jason I’m startled?”
Remember #TysLeftFoot?
Remember Seto?
Remember when everyone was happy?
Remember Klüb Ice?
Remember traditional cops and robbers?
Remember when subscribers didn’t matter, and they were all just a group of friends recording stupid videos together?
Remember ASF? Lol
Remember when it was all drama free?
Remember when they cared for each other?

I remember.

kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Lee Seokmin / DK
-remembers everyone’s birthdays
-sings his classmate “happy birthday” when it’s their special day
-sings himself a lullaby before going to sleep in naptime but ends up singing in his sleep too
-still falls for all of jeonghan’s jokes

 Kim Mingyu
-has an imaginary friend named bongbong
-is the messiest but cleans up his messes right away
-another fingerpainting enthusiast
-art is his favorite subject and is surprisingly good at it
-tosun caretaker #2
-manages to always accidentally step on legos during playtime 

Xu Minghao / The8
-loves the sandbox the most but if you disturb him/knock down his sandcastles he’ll kick sand in your face
-pushes people down the slide
-everyone is afraid when he’s the “it” during tag
-the kid whose parents are called by his teacher often because of delinquent behavior
-already a skipping rope genius

 Boo Seungkwan
-bossy and sassy
-the teacher’s pet
-always recites even if he’s wrong
-tells everyone to fix their toys and clean up their messes
-stamp enthusiast
-picks flowers and gives them to the teacher

 Choi Hansol / Vernon
-another shy kid
-has an affinity with bugs he catches in the kindergarten yard
-practices talking with his classmates by talking to his bugs
-splashes in all puddles big or small
-chews his pencils 

Lee Chan / Dino
-doesn’t go anywhere without his stuffed toy dinosaur
-scared of the dark
-animal cracker enthusiast
-brings sweets but doesn’t share
-still sucks his thumb

just a little reminder.
remember when a new episode was released every wednesday?
remember how happy everyone was when it was confirmed they kissed?
remember the agonizing pain of not knowing if makkachin would live or not?
remember the stress of waiting for a new episode, when we didn’t know what the round gold thing was, when yuuri and viktor reunited at the airport?
i really miss yuri on ice. every single part of it.


anonymous asked:

jas do u remember when they first came out with the plushies :( everyone was so excited and happy and gamingmas was just starting it was such a pure time :(

i miss it :( we were all so full of life :(


Tam siblings, a true comfort in the face of death.

Remember when Ed custom ordered a plate with all the red tour dates on it for Taylor for Christmas

Remember when Taylor made Ed a cross stitch of the two of them starting from the bottom now we here

Remember that video of them sitting on the kitchen floor singing Lego House man it was such a short clip but it was SO beautiful and we all wanted more damn

Remember when Taylor was making homemade jam for everyone and labeled Eds “im real happy for you and imma let you finish but this jam is the best jam of all time”

Remember “My favorite British thing is Ed Sheeran”

Remember how they wrote Everything Has Changed on a trampoline!!!!

Remember when Taylor came out to Eds MSG show wearing an “I ❤️ Ed” shirt

Remember when multiply came out and Taylor posted that epic picture of Ed with her cat

Remember how Taylor has a blown up Polaroid of Ed giving the middle finger on DISPLAY in her HOME

Remember all the times Ed defended Taylor in 2013 during the Taylor!hate shitstorm oh mannnn

Remember literally every performance of EHC on red tour but especially the ones where Ed would wear a hat or mess with a lyric to make her laugh there are REAL TEARS in my eyes

Remember how they got so drunk at a party that they were bear hugging and then the cops got called and they had to hide

Remember “Wherever you are, I love you Ed sheeran!” At the Brits

Remember when Ed and Taylor went paddle boarding with their families

Remember the Everything Has Changed music video?!!

Remember them staring into each other eyes and talking constantly at the 2014 Grammys!!!

Remember when they dueted !!!!!TENERIFE SEA!!!!

Remember Ed coming out dressed as one of the dancers to surprise Taylor on the last night of the red tour

Remember when they sang Lego House and I See Fire together and Ed flew out to Germany just to be a special guest for Taylor on the red tour wow

Remember when they played that friendship game and they had to write down the moment they knew they were friends and they both literally put writing a song aka the first time they hung out and Taylor was so surprised and happy Ed had known then too wow

Remember Taylor freaking OUT when Ed won his first two grammys!


…because it’s Ed birthday I thought it would be nice to give back to the community by reminding everyone of a few of the highlights of the epic friendship that is Sweeran. What moments. What a time to be alive witnessing it all.