remember when everyone used to ship them

Humans are weird

Ok, getting on the humans are weird bandwagon….

It surprises me that we haven’t talked about the most obvious thing: humans imagine things. Humans outright make shit up. (Like these posts?) Human stories often aren’t retellings of things that actually happened. Art often isn’t a depiction of true events. Humans - for want of a better word - humans sublimate. They transform their experiences into outlandish non-reality for each others’ amusement.

It takes forever for first contact to start because the aliens planning it keep getting confused by first radio, then television. Some of these depictions can’t be possible - but which ones? The first time War of the Worlds reaches the Kuiper belt, someone panics and has to double check that a more aggressive group hasn’t actually invaded.

After humans are finally integrated into galactic culture, some issues crop up.

“Did you clean the waste facility?” the Janitorial Supervisor asks.

“Well, I would have,” the human starts, then proceeds to tell an outrageous story about a cleaning bot with a knife strapped to its back which has the entire crew searching the ship for hours. The entire crew except for the humans.

The Captain finds the humans “searching” the self-poisoning cabinet in one of the crew quarters.

“Oh my god,” the First Officer says, on seeing the Captain’s dust-speckled upper ears. “Oh my god, I can’t believe you really fell for that. Stabby is a cryptid, Harold!”

The Captain’s name is not Harold, but that is another, even longer story.

The Captain exhales. “What is a cryptid?”

The assistant medical officer sits up straighter, his drink sloshing dangerously. The Captain has learned what “a gleam in his eye” means and how to detect it. They sit, resigned. There’s no escaping now.

An hour later, the Captain explains the concept of cryptids in considerably less detail to the embarrassed and confused Supervisor. Along with the concept of lying.

“But how do you know the difference?” the Supervisor asks, wringing their tentacles in mixed embarrassment and worry.

“Find another human,” the Captain advises. “Check for signs of mirth.”

This turns out to be prescient, because on their next planetary stop, two of the human field officers come running back into the base camp, out of breath and without the rest of their scouting team.

“Nasty buggers with teeth!” one gasps. Though the other officers appear skeptical, the Captain glances at the First Officer, who is already setting down her meal and grabbing her favorite flamethrower. The assistant medical officer yanks his kit straps over his shoulders, face grim.

“Arm yourselves,” the Captain tells the rest.

It takes about four hours, but they get everyone back more or less intact. The humans change the sign in the rec room on the ship to read: “Us: 6, Them: 0″. There is a ritual raising of liquor-filled glasses, even by the injured who are forbidden self-poisoning. The Captain begins temporary hibernation very relieved that humans are so willing to count other species as “us”.

When they ask the First Officer about it two cycles later, the First Officer looks confused, then knowing.

“My great grandmother remembers when you first showed up. They picked your people for first contact for a reason, didn’t they?”

“We look the most like you.”

“Yeah, well, that was a bad call. Gran says humans debated for months whether or not you were just other humans with good prosthetic makeup.”

The Captain blinks at this. “Most peoples are shocked and upset to learn the rest of the sentient universe does not share their appearance. Wait.” They pause. “Is that why we had so many applicants for the Janitorial position?”

The First Officer ignores that, as she usually does when the Captain doesn’t really want to know the answer.

“Do you know why cryptids exist? Why horror and violence and monsters exist in our stories?” she asks instead.

The Captain twitches both sets of ears ‘no’. “It seems unnecessary to frighten yourselves over things that don’t exist.”

“But nasty buggers with teeth do exist, even if we haven’t met them yet,” she says grimly. “And we were ready, weren’t we?”

It’s true. The humans on board have been terrifyingly adaptable, even in their violence.

The Captain feels their way carefully. “You think about things that don’t exist… sometimes even things that distress and terrify you… so that you can be ready when you face real things that distress and terrify you?”

“See, this is why you’re the Captain, Harold.” The First Officer slaps their shoulder hump cheerfully, careful to avoid the spines. “And better yet, we share the things we imagine with each other. It’s like a mental vaccine.”

“And it works?”

“Eh, sometimes. It’s not perfect. Sometimes we don’t mark our vaccines properly, or don’t realize we’re adding things we didn’t mean to. Some of them have a bad effect on some people, for various reasons. But we joined the galactic community in less than a generation. Has any other species ever done that?”

“You imagined us before you met us.”

“Now you’re getting it.”

Time for Mama Sarah to appear

When I first got started in this fandom and first became a member of @innerinnercircle, I was known among the Morana Witches (our network) as Mama Sarah. I got this name because I tried (and sometimes failed) to reign in overenthusiastic smols and drama-thirsty people my own age. It was a joke and an endearing nickname, but it’s always been kind of accurate to how I’ve run my blog and interacted with the fandom. Mama Sarah hasn’t been around much the past few months, because for the most part, she wasn’t needed. But now? I need to bring her out again.

I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of this fandom since the release of ACOWAR. Never have I imagined seeing such vitriol coming out, but here it is. People are literally being bullied off the site because of personal attacks, nastiness, and anon hate. This is NOT how this fandom used to be, and I’m incredibly disappointed. I remember the days last summer when we were proud of ourselves for being “better than the ToG fandom” which had years of ship wars and drama built up (this isn’t a dig against them, just a comparison of the level of wank, as Harry calls it, at the time). Everyone just let one another be, let them enjoy their own ships, and meta about characters. Now, I honestly think we’re worse than the ToG fandom ever was. 


People are allowed to like or not like the book, and they are allowed to share their own opinion on their own blog. If you don’t like what you’re seeing from someone, unfollow or blacklist them! It’s okay! That’s how this website is made to work! DO NOT send them messages criticizing how they run their blog or, for heaven’s sake, calling them two-faced or making attacks against their personalities! I cannot believe what I’ve been witnessing over the past two weeks. I’m frankly ashamed by some of this behavior. 

Does anyone really feel good about themselves sending such nasty messages to people anonymously? Does it really make you feel better about whatever you’re upset about? This is grade school behavior, guys. There is a BIG difference between constructive criticism or calling someone out for a mistake and calling them a piece of shit or making insinuations about their personal lives. The latter is just entirely unacceptable. 

My follower count is only just beginning to recover from the blow it took before and during ACOWAR, and I really hate to have to make a post like this two days before my big announcement. But honestly, if you think that sending anonymous hate to people, intentionally stirring up drama, or bullying people is okay, then UNFOLLOW ME. That is not the kind of blog I run, and I will not be associated with people who think it’s remotely acceptable. We are all real people behind these blogs, and we should all be treating each other with respect and compassion. I’ve never told people to unfollow me before, but in this case, I pick standing up for what’s right over my follower count. 

I’m probably going to get messages accusing me of preaching, being a snob, or whatever, and that’s fine. I accept those consequences. But standing up for people who have been bullied is more important than that. I’m complicit if I stay silent. 

Also, if anyone has been bullied, know that my blog is a safe place for you to come and find comfort and understanding. It always has been and always will be. 

I’ve loved being a part of this fandom, but I need to put my foot down about this. I know I don’t have the power to control anyone, but I had to say something. Enough is enough. 

I love my kind, sweet followers and those who engage in discussion civilly and with compassion. I love my followers who stand up for what they believe in. But I do not in any way support bullying or vicious behavior. It needs to stop.

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I watched YOI after all the episodes was aired so...Could you please tell us more about what fandom thought about Otabek and his connection to Yuri??

I joined the fandom I think after Episode 9 aired so I was here for all The Beginning of otayuri. Here’s what I remember (if y’alls remember more, please add on!)

In the Ep 10 preview in Ep 9 everyone literally flipped the fuck out about Otabek and his motorcycle. He went from “look another cool guy” to the fandom darling in a matter of hours and it was wonderful. Everyone also enjoyed Yuri’s reaction to Otabek swinging by in his motorcycle and lots of people started shipping it. I seriously remember seeing fanart of Otabek and Yuri literally in a matter of hours too. We didn’t have much to go on but Otabek’s bad boy image and Yuri’s impressed expression was enough reason for us to ship them. 

In Ep 10, shit went down. This was one of the episodes that literally inspired hundreds of meta posts, fanfictions, fanarts, rants, shitpost, and basically everything in the fandom. Everyone started making memes like “find you a boy who’ll remember how your eyes look in five years” or started poking fun at how extra Otabek was. This was also the episode where Yuri’s “Fairy of Russia” and Otabek’s “Hero of Kazakhstan” nicknames became All The Rage. Everyone was also super weirded out but thankful at how absolutely calm Yuri is when it comes to Otabek and started screaming when they became best friends. We all felt that Yuri treated Otabek very differently from everyone else. ALSO THE COFFEE DATE KILLED EVERYONE. Smiling Yuri? SMILING OTABEK? We were 800% blesSED. We were all Mari and Minako right there and then.

In Ep 11, Otabek’s crush was revealed omg. The fandom didn’t expect Otabek to think about Yuri during his skate…BUT SIKE HE DID OMG. And then this was also the episode where the “thumbs up” + “davai” became code language in the fandom for “I love you” and is basically the sIGNATURE thing for otayuri. And Yuri’s smirk while watching Otabek was screamed about for days. 

In Ep. 12, everyone died and went to heaven when Otabek yelled “davai!” at Yuri and Yuri mirrored it with a thumbs up. Everyone also flipped THE FUCK OUT at how tenderly Otabek clapped and smiled at Yuri when he was skating. 


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Pairings: Loki x Reader

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Sam, Vision, Bruce, Wanda, Scott, T’Challa.

Thor: Greetings my friends. I would like to inform you all of the riveting secret I have uncovered.

Bruce: I did not take you for one to gossip.

Wanda: If it’s a secret, we should not know about it.

T’Challa: Respect peoples privacy, Thor.

Vision: It is most likely something embarrassing, in which case do not inform us about it and tarnish someone’s reputation momentarily.

Scott: If the person wanted us to know, they would have told us, but they didn’t.

Thor: It concerns my brother.

Bruce: Why didn’t you just say so?!

T’Challa: Tell us everything!

Scott: Oh thank god. I really wanted to know the secret but my conscience was getting in the way.


Wanda: Go on.

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I remember when everyone used to ship clexa and couldnt wait for them together, I used to get really bored of seeing the posts on my dash. Then they slept together and everyone freaked the fuck out. I’ll admit, the romantic in me was happy for you guys. Seeing you get excited for the future and possible cuteness, I was glad for you that you got to see your ship become canon. Then it was time for the next episode, you were all so excited and I watched from afar… then you weren’t so excited anymore. In fact you were crushed. I was devastated for you. These young queer kids so full of hope, just dashed to the floor. I’d seen this before, I’d felt this before. Watching the queer characters I’d become attached to over the years dying, being killed, being murdered. But you did something my generation didn’t have the means to do, you united, spoke up, you all said ‘no! This is unacceptable! No more!’ And I saw a wave of grief and anger become noticed this time.

Things will change because of you, you’re love and your outrage. I’m hopeful for the future because of you.

Have fun at clexacon, you guys did this and I’m proud of you.

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Ok but like bless this page TomTord is a hate love ship (and possibly an ABUSIVE ship from fanart that I have seen of the two beating the shit out of eachother, even necrophelia after one died) and justt TordEdd is just such a snuggly ship I kinda just imagine Edd and Tord being so close with the picture of Tord on Edd's bed-stand and all.

If you think like a detective every eddsworld ship is abusive since they all hurt eachother in the past or in the end. Edd let Tom to get hurt and used his head as a way to open a door… Tord and Tom, well, we all know what happened here. Matt and Edd, they would always fight and hurt eachother in the comics to the point they kill them/make them bleed??… Tom and Matt, I can’t remember when they hurt eachother in an eddisode/comic. Even though Tom says he hates Matt (it can be a little true though)… Tom basically hates everyone… yeah
Tord and Matt, well, Tord hit Matt in the face?? and doesn’t seem so happy with him a

Tord tried to kill Edd more than 1 time, hurt him, but overall they were still best friends…They fought over a girl… and… a fucking slice of bacon…?? patheti

I personally don’t like TomTord because I can’t even see them as friends anymore. I’ve seen so many fanart it made me sick and think: friends = tomtord
so it’s just me

Eddsworld ships are complicated!!! but whatever floats ur boat and yeah tordedd is a really cute ship imo

Spencer Reid Wedding Headcannon

So first off the proposal….

  • Spencer would probably have bought the ring months ago, but he would be waaayyy to nervous to ask you
  • So everyone on the team pep talks him, especially Derek
  • “But what if she says no?”
  • “Why on earth would she do that, pretty boy? I see the way she looks at you, she’s in love!”
  • So when he does ask you, it’s totally at random in front of the whole team after you get back from a case
  • Like you guys would be talking about how you solved it again and he’d just randomly blurt “Will you marry me?” because he realizes you’re his whole world and he never wants to let you go

Originally posted by beckettsworld

Now for the pre-wedding and wedding party agendas….

  • Penelope would go crazy organizing your bridal shower
  • She’d also arrange the craziest bachelorette party for you, JJ, Emily, and her
  • And you’d probably get a little tipsy and Spencer would pick you up and carry you off to bed, and even though you’re all disheveled and smell of vomit he’d wonder as to how he got so lucky 
  • Derek would be the best man 
  • JJ would probably be the maid of honor
  • Jack and Henry would both be ring bearers
  • And I feel like Rossi would be the justice

Originally posted by caryled

Now for the actual wedding day….

  • Spencer would be sooo nervous, not in like he’s not sure about it all type of way but more like nervous excited because the girl of his dreams will be his forever in a few hours
  • So he’ll take a walk around and accidentally run into you while you’re in your gown before the ceremony
  • “Oh my- y…you look like…wow…like a dream, absolutely stunning!” 
  • And you’d pull him in for a kiss only for JJ and Emily to come over shocked and shoo him away cause he’s not suppose to see you, even though you both don’t believe in luck
  • He’d definitely cry as you walk down the aisle
  • And your vows would both be hand written and very emotional 
  • “I didn’t know what love was or if I would even find it, but I knew love had arrived when I first laid eyes on you.”
  • Everyone would go crazy when it’s time to “kiss the bride” 
  • And he’d tense up at all the “woo’s” but laugh it off
  • He’d be very apprehensive for your first dance
  • But the minute your song comes on, all of his cares would fade away as he places his hand on the small of your back and leads you across the floor slowly and gently
  • Stealing awkward little kisses through out the night
  • Emily would catch the bouquet
  • Aaron would catch the garter (yes I’m shipping it- deal with it lol)  
  • Spencer would dance to a bunch of upbeat songs with Jack and Henry and blow bubbles with them and run around with them on his shoulders
  • He’d have a special dance with his mother as well
  • Aaron would make a heart felt toast
  • “I remember when these two first met and worked a case. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other, as if the turbulence wasn’t enough for us- it was sickening! And it took them a year to finally admit it!” 
  • Everyone will have decorated your car with “JUST MARRIED” and a bunch of streamers and tin cans
  • And it will be the best day/night of your life

So ya, i got waaayyyyy to carried away. oh well! 

tatesraekens  asked:

i can't remember if you ship them or not, but stalia! and of course, if you don't, don't feel pressured to answer!

Yes I love Stalia so much!!!

  • which one tags the other in pictures of cute animals: Malia! Once she figures out how to use social media in that way I feel like she would tag everyone she knew lol
  • which one injures themself while trying to impress the other: Stiles definitely he’s obviously a clutz and Malia’s obviously flawless lbr
  • which one carries the other on their shoulders when they get too tired to walk: Honestly…..Malia. I think Stiles would offer to do it and maybe do it once in a while but lbr he’s a baby and Malia’s super strong she’d probably just do it anyways
  • which one puts pizza rolls in the shopping cart when the other isn’t looking: Definitely Malia cause Stiles would do it but Malia would immediately catch on and he’d be caught
  • which one sends the other useless fun facts at 3 am: MALIA omg imagine my precious baby learning new things and wanting to tell Stiles everything she’s learning so she can feel super smart I’m emo
  • which one feeds stray animals: In all honesty I feel like neither would but if anyone had to I think it’d be Stiles
  • which one sleeps in really weird positions: Oh definitely Stiles we’ve seen it a ton of times
  • which one opens all the jars/bottles: Def Malia it’s just A Fact that she’s the stronger one
  • which one spontaneously bursts into song for no reason: Stiles and I feel like Malia would give him a weird look if she doesn’t recognize it cause it came out while she was a coyote but she’ll think it’s cute
  • which one buys the other really weird birthday cards: MALIA this is such a 100% Malia thing to do like she’d get a random ass card along with that cake that just says BIRTH with sprinkles on it I love her

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but after tarsus and in therapy, jim has this little clicker thingy that he presses whenever he has a happy thought and he carries it into starfleet and when people hear it in classes or in the hallway it makes them smile bc jim kirk is happy (IT SOUNDS REALLY LOVELY BUT ITS NOT BECAUSE HES TRAINING HIMSELF TO BE HAPPY ITS NOT LOVELY ITS REALLY SAD)

WHOA FRIEND why do you think I could handle this because you know what i just can’t 

because imagine how people found out, he’d be out messing around with bones and bones would say something oddly nice or funny and jim would grin and click his little clicker and bones would get this bittersweet smile and even uhura for how much she wants to smack him sometimes can’t help but grin sadly when she gives him a thumbs up after their linguistic final scores are posted and he clicks his little clicker in response with a bright smile (not because of the grade he could do that in his sleep but because uhura had been nice and thought of him and saw how well he did and approved) 

and there’s a running tally on who can get him to click it the most times in a week because that little click brightens everyone’s day 

and when there’s a day where it doesn’t click at all everyone is just sad and upset and give him encouraging pats on the backs and “hey kirk, you want some cookies ma sent me they’re gonna go stale if someone don’t eat ‘em” “oi, you still up for that new movie out this weekend i bought us pre-reserved seats so you can’t bail alright?” 

and jim REMEMBERS the nice ones and they end up on his ship and he protects them forever and they all are just nice to each other and it makes the enterprise the best place for a family to be 

THERE ha i hope everyone else cries and screeches as much as i did when i saw this 



Are you taking request??? If you are could you do a Pietro/reader one (Power over the four natural elements ) …Were the reader (who is drunk) and Pietro (also drunk) sleep together and when the reader wakes up and see what happened; She freaks out because of something that happened to her when she was younger or something like that. So when Pietro wakes up and tries to love all on her in front of the Avengers (you can choose who) she freaks out on him and starts to avoid him. And so Wanda starts to worry about her brother and confronts the reader about it. And when Wanda starts to talk to her; Wanda looks in the readers mind and find/sees what happened. Wanda doesn’t tell the reader that she knows. And then Wanda tells her Pietro about what she sees. Then Pietro talks to the reader and tells her that he would never make her do something that she didn’t what to do.

Sorry if this is a little dark. But at the end I would like extreme level of Fluffy.

The past couple weeks had been hard, fighting Ultron and his army of robots, the maximoff twin messing with our minds, all was swell. But, in the end it turned out quite alright, we gained to new members to the team. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, the twins who had been against us in the first place. They proved their loyalty though, as well as we have proved our loyalty to them. So, only a few days after the battle we are all here laying on the couches and floor completely exhausted.

You took the whole couch to yourself as Clint, Bruce and Nat lean up against it on the floor. You felt bad but, it’s like your powers were draining the life out of you.

You remember after you all thought Ultron had been defeated and everyone was getting loaded onto the helicarrier ships when you saw Clint running of to a building. You noticed he was running toward a little boy who had gotten stuck. Pietro saw as well, and was ready to take off towards them when you saw one of your ships shooting down at the ground, overcoming Steve and Thor as they fell to the ground. You grabbed Pietro by the back of his shirt and pulled him back. As quick as you threw Pietro to the ground behind you, you turned back just as quickly and threw your hands towards Clint and the boy, sending a gust of wind that pushed them forward behind a flipped bus.  

Pietro leans up off the ground. “I could’ve taken that, I could’ve gotten them out of there!” You turn and look down at him. “You would have been in line for the fire, I saved you from being shot a thousand times! You could be greatful.” You say as you turn back around and run over to Clint and the boy. As you stop mid way, you still see the ship soaring through the sky. “I’ve already had enough of this.” You say throwing your hands up in the air as the ship comes toward you again. You slam your hands down onto the ground where a large wall of cement blocks your view of the ship. You turn just as the ship flies over the wall, and bring your hands close together by your chest, twiddling your fingers and push them forward sending a surrounding source of energy towards the ship that causes the ship to lose power. But, of course it falls right into the water, where you see Hulk dive in, so you figured he’s got it all handled. In which he did, cause next thing ya know, you see Ultron flying across the sky and landing god knows where.

You get everyone onto the bus and shielding them. Like some sort of invisibility cloak.

You open your eyes when you hear Tony clearing his throat grabbing the attention of the others as well.

“So since this whole debacle is over, I say we have some fun for once.”  

Thor stands up. “Yes, I agree with Stark here.”

Steve sighs. “What do you have in plan Stark?”

Tony gives him a “really” loo and continues.

“Well since I always throw parties here we should…” But is cut off by you.

“Come on Tony! I don’t want to have another formal party where everyone mingles and drinks champagne, I want to have some real fun.”

Tony gives an annoyed look at the ceiling.

“If you would let me finish my sentence you would hear me say that we should go to this club down town that I just recently bought.”

Everyone raises an eyebrow.

“What? Its like a real club ok guys, its not gonna formal… I don’t know why you guys don’t enjoy my annual parties though?”

He says with a sarcastic but pained look on his face.

“Its not that we don’t like them Tony, we just want to try something different for a change. I mean we did just end a battle and gain two new members. We should give them something to stay for.” Nat says with a drink in her hand.

“Yeah, then lets go to my club, guys come one! it’ll be fun.”  Tony says.

Everyone lays still for a moment.

“That means get up and get ready, we are leaving in an hour!” Tony says walking away to his room.

Everyone bolts up besides you as you lay under the blanket.

“Y/N come on, we have to get ready. I’ll do your hair and pick out your outfit, you just have to do your makeup.” Wanda says nudging you.

“I’m cominggggg.” You drag out.

Wanda smiles and runs off to her room.

When you get to your room you walk into the bathroom, wash your face, and apply moisturizer and start doing your makeup.

After you are finished, you walk back out into the bedroom when you see Wanda standing next to the bed with 3 outfits laid out.

One was a nice black dress, tight but not too tight,halter neck, with cut outs covered with net and deep red pumps. The second was a colorful and embellished high waisted skirts with a white long sleeve top over top and black heels. The third consisted of denim colored high waisted jeans and a long sleeve white crop top that is loose fitting so its not fit against your body with a pair of white heels.

You decided to go with the third outfit because you didn’t want to look formal.

Wanda does your hair wavy,curly and parted through the middle. You looked at her.

“Signature look huh?”

Wanda laughs. “Yes, but it looks good on you.”

Wanda puts in the finishing touches.

“Alright, lets go.”

She says excitedly.

You get up and almost trip walking to your bedroom door. That would have been embarrassing.

You take two separate cars to get to Tony’s club called “Smackdown”. Weird title for a club I must say.

On the ride, you sat with Wanda, Natasha, Clint, Steve and Pietro.

Pietro nudges you with his arm. “Have you ever been to a club before?” You look at him before turning back towards the front.

“Yeah, once or twice but, it was a long time ago.” You look back at him. “I’m guessing you’ve never?”

Pietro shakes his head no. “No, never even thought about one. From what everyone keeps saying it must be fun yeah?” He looks in your eyes.

You huff. “Yeah. I think everyone will have fun, it’s a bit different than our usual get togethers.” Pietro nods his head and faces forward ending the conversation.

Walking into the club you did not expect it to be super loud and pumped. You whole crew make their way over to the section Tony had reserved. You, Wanda and Pietro sit down while the others go to the bar, or head over to the dance floor. You three didn’t know what to do with yourselves. Thor and Vision notice your discomfort and invite Wanda and yourself to the dance floor. As you walk up to the dance floor holding Thor’s hand you come to realization that you both just left Pietro at the table all alone. You turn around and see he is seated with some random chick and chatting it up.

You give a weak smile towards his direction and turn towards Thor.

As you dance, you and Thor don’t take it too far cause you are both more like brother and sister, it would be weird. For some reason you couldn’t help but block out the music and start scanning the crowd. You notice near the entrance a woman and man yelling. You use your power low key so no one can see you and send a sort of breeze past them that helps you hear what they are saying.

You scrunch up your eyebrows as you hear the man yelling at what you guessed was his wife or girlfriend arguing about how she was dancing with another guy etc.. You watch the man leave the building as the woman runs over to the guy I guess her husband or whatever was mad about. Lost in your train of thought. Thor looks down at you.

“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” He lifts your chin.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine., I just need to get something to drink, i’m getting kind of tired.” Thor nods and tells the rest you’re both going to the bar. As you order your drinks, you can’t help but look back at the woman and man noticing that the woman is acting like nothing even happened and is having the time of her life. You frown thinking about your past, something you want to forget so badly, but will always remember. Thor pulls you out of your thought by passing you your drink. Eventually, the rest of the team make their way over to the bar and starting ordering drinks. You look over towards Wanda’s direction to see her talking to Vision and next to her, her brother still speaking to that same girl he met when we got here.

You felt bad because you were being such a downer when everyone else was having the time of their lives. You now sit secluded in your seat while the team mingle upon each other. You look at the glass in your hand twirling it out of boredom.

“Hey Y/N.” You almost jump out of your seat when you hear someone speak into your ear.

You turn around to see Pietro standing there with a big smile on his face.

“What do you say we go dance yeah?”

He asks.

You slightly smile. “PIetro I would, I just feel so bummed out for some reason.”

Pietro frowns then smiles. “Well, I can help with that.” He orders a couple shots.

He sits next to you when the bartender slides them over.

“Two for you, and two for me.” He says pushing you your shots.


He cuts you off.

“Y/N, I’m trying to cheer you up. I want to see a smile on your face. ok?” He says with a sentimental smile. “We don’t have to drink or take these shots if you don’t want too, we can do something else..” Before he could finish the sentence.

“No. Your right. This could do me some good, loosen me up a bit.” You say picking up the first shot before gulping it down. Pietro smiles and takes his as well.

A little while later, the whole team is still at the bar mingling and drinking. You and Pietro probably had about 3 shots by now and Pietro was now drinking a beer, and you, a tequila.

You sit there laughing at each other, talking about God knows what, just having a great time.

You hear *your favorite song* come on and you look at Pietro with an excited look. “OMygosh!, I love this song…” You say with your eyes closed and nodding your head to the beat.

Pietro smiles. “Do you want to dance?” You look up, “YES! Lets go!” You say as you pull Pietro off his chair making him stagger as you both make your way to the dance floor. He pulls you close from behind and you both start swaying to the music. A minute into the song, Pietro wraps his arms all the way around you and rests his chin on your shoulder. You smile and put your hand on his cheek. He spins you around still with his arms wrapped tightly around you as he looks down at your face directly in front of his. the song slowly ends as you both dance in sync, looking at each other. Thor and Steve barg through the crowd toward the two of you. “Come on guys, were headin out.” You hear Steve say as he blinks his eyes and almost loses his balance before Thor caught him. “Yeah, lets go, Steve couldn’t handle Asgardian alcohol”  You turn back facing Pietro again before the both of you let go and join the others in the cars. Everyone is completely done. Wanda is dead asleep on Vision shoulder who seems to be the only sober one here. Nat and Clint are laughing up a storm, Tony can’t even comprehend, he’s just looking around at everyone. Probably did a lot more than drinking tonight. You sit there across from Pietro observing everyone with dazed eyes as Pietro sits there staring at you. You notice this and pretend you don’t notice the whole ride back to the tower.

When you arrive you all step out and head to the living room and sit down. “So, I think that Thor is a little over dramatic when it comes to his Asgardian alcohol.” Tony says pointing at Thor. Thor laughs and nods at Tony. “You should try it then, since you think its just simple wine. Lets see if you can prove it.” Tony nods and rolls up his sleeves. “Ok” He grabs the bottle, pours himself a glass and gulps it down. As soon as the glass leaves his lips he points at everyone in the room. “See!? Nothing to be afraid of. Its just like human wine.” Nat and CLint shake their heads looking up at Tony. “There is no way I am trying it.” Nat says. CLint just laughs.

“Fine, but someone else has to do this with me….please.” He gives the puppy dog eyes. Realizing that it’s not going to work he scans the group and  picks you. “Y/N will you do me the honor and try this alcohol with me.” You look up at him and stand up. “I guess i’ll try it. I’m kind of excited to see what happens.” You make your way over to Tony, grab the bottle and pour yourself a glass before gulping it down.

Not too long after, most of the group had given in and was trying the wine. All except, Vision, Wanda, Steve, Bruce and Natasha.

The night went on and on until around 2 am before everyone crashed and either fell asleep on the couches, floors, even the table. You were currently talking with Pietro and felt yourself get sleepy.

Pietro noticed. “Tired Y/N?” You nod your head while yawning. You lean your head on his shoulder and let out a sigh. Pietro relaxes against the couch and closes his eyes. “Pietro.” You say causing Pietro give you a “hmm” in response. “In the car earlier, I noticed you were looking at me with a face. Are you mad at me?” Pietro opens his eyes. “No, I’m not mad at you.” You pick you head up off his shoulder and look him in the eyes. “Then why?” Pietro looks from your eyes to your lips and back up. “I…” He says before stopping himself. You scrunch up your eyebrows in a questioning manner. “Pietro..” Before you could finish your sentence Pietro grabs the back of your head and smashes his lips to yours. Your eyes widen and slowly close as you relax under his touch. Your lightly grasp his hair which Pietro groans in response. He picks you up and puts you on his lap so you are straddling him. He wraps his arms tightly around you and your hands are still in his hair as the kissing progresses. You pull back for a breath and look down at Pietro before resting your forehead on his.

Pietro looks up at you before standing up and making his way to his room. He lays you down on the bed with him on top of you as the kissing furthers and both your hands roam each others bodies into the night.

You wake up feeling dizzy as you open your eyes. You don’t even take the time to look at your surroundings as you sit up in bed. The sheet falls off your body onto your lap and you feel a cold breeze. You look down and notice you are naked. You gasp and grab the covers back up to cover your body. You can’t help but think. “This can’t be happening!” You look to the other side of the bed to see a mop of white hair laying on the pillow. Your hand comes to your mouth. You face forward looking down at the blanket. “What am I going to do?” You think to yourself. So many thoughts run through your mind. This reminds you of your mother. You feel tears start running down your face. You look back at Pietro to make sure he wasn’t up before getting out of bed, getting dressed and making your way to the kitchen where the team seemed to be. Everyone looked pretty shitty, so you assumed you did as well even after fixing up your hair and face.

You reach into the cabinet to grab some pain medication cause all you could hear was your heartbeat in your head. As you turn back around at the team you see Pietro making his way into the kitchen rubbing his eyes with only pajama pants on revealing his toned chest and tousled hair. You look down at the table in utter embarrassment. After a couple unsettling moments you look back up to see Pietro looking at you. You clear you throat and grab a bowl of cereal before sitting down at the table with Clint, Bruce, Nat, and Steve.

When you get up to throw your bowl in the sink, Pietro comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you. “Goodmorning beautiful.” He says in your ear. You tense and push him backwards. “Pietro stop.” You say with a stern look on your face. This grabs the attention of some of the crew. Pietro gives you a confused look. “Y/N what’s wrong?”  You look up at him from the floor. “What’s wrong? Pietro we did the unthinkable last night! This should have never happened!” You say with using your hands as tears start forming in your eyes. Pietro gives you a hurt look. “Are you serious right now?” You nod and yell back a yes before running back to your room leaving Pietro standing in the kitchen alone before he too runs to his room.

It’s been a couple days since the incident and you have been distancing yourself from Pietro. He tries to talk to you but you just walk away as quickly as you can. Eventually he gave up and left you alone.

Wanda noticed the sadness in Pietro’s eyes and wanted to know why.

“Pietro, brother what’s happened?”  Pietro looks to his sister. “Nothing important.” Wanda’s look falters. “Pietro,… you can tell me anything.”

You stand in the glass hallway looking out onto the city, it taking your breath away, you don’t even here Wanda come up next to you.

“Oh hey Wanda, I’m sorry I didn’t see you come up behind me.” Wanda smiles. “It is ok……” She pauses before looking out to the city as well. “Y/N..Are you alright?  I noticed ever since the morning after the club you have been acting different.”

You sigh. “It’s complicated”

“I believe you. Do you want to tell me what it is that is bothering you?” Wanda says.

You shake your head no. “No. I’ll be fine. Thank you Wanda.”

Wanda backs up so she’s clear from your sight.

“Alright then. I’ll be in the living room with the others if you need me.” You don’t say anything, just continuing looking at the city.

Wanda frowns and walks close to you as quietly as she can before putting her hand hand in front of her and sending her red mist in your direction, reading your mind. She sees a woman and man fighting, from what looks like to be at Tony’s club, which is odd. When she sees the man leave and the woman run over to another man before spending the whole night with him. She doesn’t quite understand how Y/N can be this upset with that. When she goes deeper into her mind she sees Y/N as a child, at least 9-10 years old. She puts her eyes into Y/N’s a sees what Y/N sees. A woman and man fighting in what looks like a kitchen. Their arguing about the woman fooling around with someone else and how this is destroying everything. The woman cries but runs out the door. It flashes forward to a  different time when the man has called the woman multiple times only to receive voicemail and him crying. Y/N sits there looking up at this man “Where is mommy, daddy?” Wanda’s eyes widen.

The man cries and picks the young girl up. “Mommy will be back. Don’t you worry sweetheart” Still to this day Y/N had never seen her mother since she was a young child.

Wanda sees how the fight at the club brought back the memory, but also noticed something with her brother. Pietro and Y/N kissing before they…OH GOD. wanda releases Y/N’s brain with her mouth dropped to the floor. She quietly runs out of the room and into hers, trying to comprehend everything she just saw.

Y/N breaks her attention away from the view and makes her way back to the living room with the others and diverts her gaze over to Wanda sending her a smile. Wanda returns the favor with a saddened look. Wanda looks behind Y/N to see Pietro making his way to her. Y/N notices and turns around. She lets out a gasp at the closeness and sucks in a breathe. “Pietro what are you doing?” Pietro says with a straight face. “Y/N I know why you are upset” You look Pietro in the eyes before gulping. “How would know?” Pietro continuing his gaze on you.

“It does not matter. What matters is what happened between us.” You look up at him for the first time since the conversation started. “What about us Pietro. It was a simple night. Thats all that came out of it.” Pietro scoffs before looking around with a huff of his shoulders in anger. “Y/N could you not see how I felt about you. It wasn’t just a ‘simple’ night for me. It meant more to me than anything. do you understand that?” He says with frustration written across his face.

“I just want you to know, that what happened in your past when you were a child, will not be the same now. I would never do that to you. Though if you don’t feel anything for me. I would never make you do something you didn’t want too. Ok. Just…I love you Y/N. You mean the world to me. I don’t regret a single moment I spended with you. I love you so much.” You look  back and forth from Pietro’s eyes. “Pietro. I love you too. But I am scared. And I will always have that fear of what happened with my parents…” You start to cry so couldn’t finish your sentence. Pietro grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you close wrapping his arms around your neck and stuffing his face into your hair. You wrap your arms around his waist and hold tightly as you cry into his chest.

“Like I said I would never do that to you. You mean too much me. I could never be without you. My heart is the fastest when I am around you. If you leave me, I’m broken.” You hug Pietro tighter and pull away. Still crying you look into his eyes. Pietro tilts his head wipes away your tears before leaning in and giving you a gentle but passionate kiss. He engulfs you in his arms, holding you tight to his body. Your hands resting on shoulders, feeling his tight muscles under your fingertips.

This kiss deepens as you embrace each other in your arms. Pietro picks you up and sets you on the counter and moves in between your legs wanting to feel closer to you as he deepens the kiss further. Several minutes later, you both pull away completely out of breathe.

You smile at him and give him a small peck on the lips. He smiles in response before letting you hop down and put his arm around your shoulder, turning around to face the team. The team all laugh and smile at the same time, causing Pietro and yourself to join in as well. You both make your way over to the group and sit down talking about God knows what.

So. This is a request!

I hope you like it.

I have a problem, when I write stories I tend to come up with ideas on the spot so I just keep writing. I wing this whole thing. If you don’t like them this long let me know, I’ll try and shorten them as best i can!

Thank you for requesting!

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I have this headcanon that no one on the Waverider really bothers with assigned rooms and beds. They just pass out wherever there's enough space. Sara falls asleep in the captain's chair, which is really not good for her back. Ray will once in a blue moon remember that sleep is something humans need and fall asleep working. Jax has a hammock in the cargo bay, and Kendra goes around making sure everyone has a blanket and no open flames before settling in.

okay so like, 1 this is perfect, and 2, like, just to make it sad, this is something they all notice when kendra isnt there, that they go to sleep somewhere weird and wake up there- she isn’t there to carry them to bed or bring them a blanket and it’s really kind of like, this is the worst thing to happen to us no one on this ship is EVER SLEEPING AGAIN

okay but happier note, like when kendra comes back, and also when she was still around, i also love the idea that they have pretty much turned like, mick/len’s room + the library into like, shared sleeping areas, they have like bed pads and tons of blankets and also mick and len were originally like why our room. why this. leave us alone. this is not slumber party capital town

sara: i brought beer

len + mick: fine we’ll allow it

and like also when rip’s mom comes to visit and he’s like WE HAVE TO SHOVE THESE BLANKETS AWAY MY MOTHER CANNOT KNOW WE /SLEEP/ LET ALONE /SLEEP COMMUNALLY/ and sara is like sure that’s what we don’t want your mom to find out about

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kaisoo's ship name should be K.O because thats what fucking happens to me when i see them

actually anon, this is a visual representation of what kaisoo does to me on a daily basis

warning: very graphic NC 17

Ziam songs

1) You and I

A) niall even said that liam cried during You and I, I believe it was during zayns solo but I didn’t watch the video so I’m not for sure.

B) Liam always looks to Zayn and sings to him during “not even the Gods above can separate the two of us, no nothing can come between you and I” Its not hard to miss cause liam does it most of the time.

C) Liam isn’t the only one who sings to someone. Zayn sings to him to whenever harry is singing his solo. Zayn makes a hand movement pointing to him and liam.

D) Liam got a tattoo lyric from you and I “I figured it out” right next to the feather.
Hmmm….what did you figure out liam? If you get a tattoo of a certain lyric of a song it must be meaning something really important. Correct?

E) Ziam just goes off the radar during You and I

2) 18
Their new song and we know Ed Sheeran wrote it but for me its a ziam song. Yeah LS say its for Larry but….it could be both.

Maybe we will see when they perform it live cause we know they won’t contain their selves


“We made a start, be it a false one, I know Baby, I don’t want to feel alone”

Larry didn’t have anything to be mistaken about it was just there. Ziam on the other hand well liam was confused on what he wanted
( watch the ziam analyze video from “ILikeYourSkirtMary”)
Zayn new what he wanted and he didn’t hold it back. Liam was with Danielle and seemed pretty happy but then he started to drift off a bit. Always with zayn and trying to make him smile during the UAN tour.
So that’s where I think the line means for them

“So kissed me where I lay down my hands pressed your cheeks a long way from the playground”

Hmm. This could be both for larry and ziam so not much to say here but ofc everyone has different thoughts.

“I have loved you since we were 18, long before we both thought the same thing, to be loved, to be in love”

Louis was 18 but harry was 16 turning 17, so they weren’t both the same age.
Who was the same age tho? Liam and zayn.
Recap: remember liam didn’t know what he wanted. All they both wanted was to be loved by someone and to be in love with that person. I mean who doesn’t right?
They loved each other before liam thought anything about it cause zayn was head over heels for liam.
(Zayn scratches his jaw when Danielle was brung up and now liam looks sad)

“I wanna love like you made me feel when were 18”

They can’t do the things they did when they were younger both ziam and larry. Larry can’t be by each other without us going crazy since its been so long.
Ziam well not a lot people ship them so they get away with it easily but they can’t show a lot of affection. Like when zayn just caresses his cheek or kisses his cheek.

“All I could do was say these arms were made for holding you”
All zayn could do for lkam to assure him was hug him and cuddle with him. Whisper to him assuring him things.
Same with Larry

“We took a chance, god knows we tried, yet all along, I know we’d be fine”

I think this would be for zayn. 2012 remember that big hug where zayn was lifted off his feet when liam hugged him?
Hmm….zayn just came from louis and niall and they were whispering.
Like ILikeYourSkirtMary said the boys could have given liam and zayn permission to work things out cause boyyyy where they haoot that day.
Liam even dried humped zayn!!
So they took a chance but it was a bumby road. Liam was still with Danielle and when they did break up management made them go back out. They didn’t look as happy as they were wayyy before.
All along zayn knew they would be fine since they can always work things out.

“So pour me a drink oh love, let’s split the night wide open and we’ll see everything”
It could be both for larry and ziam since they can all get drunk and do what they please. There excuse would be “oh were just drunk”

They can everything hmm maybe in more ways than one? C; (if you know what I’m getting at)


“We can live in slow motion,motion,motion”

Like I said before this could also be for Larry and ziam cause they can live together with each other and savor every moment together. Every moment that they can when there are no cameras,no fans and no management.

3) Illusion

Remember that “made up” rumor Harry did.
Maybe trying to say something to us?

Liam’s solo since his solo is long aha well the beginning of the song.
“People play on the eye of the innocent”
Management plays our eyes and we are quote innocent since we don’t know nothing past the close doors. (See what I did there cx)

“But believe me, I’m not trying to decieve you, I promise falling for me, won’t be a mistake”
There could always be doubts. In my opinion this could be about larry and ziam shippers. People have doubts since we can’t see them often. It won’t be mistake for falling for our ships since its the truth they ain’t playing with our heads.

“No baby this is not an illusion I’ve really got my heart out on my sleeve”

If you watched the “This Is Us” movie well remember that one part when they were talking about each other and liam had said “zayn wear his hear on his sleeve”

I have a lot of ideas for this but everyone can have different opinions on this line so I will leave it to you to decide.

“You really got my lifted off my feet”
^^ 2012, UAN tour, all I have to say

“I’m all that you need tonight, I would never turn your heart into, broken parts, you don’t have to think twice,looking twice looking into my eyes”

Relationships have bumpy roads and one person always starts to have doubt’s and these doubts could come from Liam’s relationship with Sophia.
So liam is saying hey don’t worry I love you not her

Nialls part is also long aha but listen to it and think things carefully.
Theres no trapped doors hmm more reasons than 1 for this one.
Liam could be Bi so zayn can think he could fall for Sophia but liam only see’s zayn

All my opinion and what I think 😍
Have a great day babes

i think someone needs to say it…

the shipping has gotten out of hand.

there is a fine line between shipping and forcing, and a lot have crossed it.

they’re real humans with thoughts and emotions who deserve privacy, and we’re invading it.

a part of saying that you support someone means that you don’t judge or force things upon them, and people have been doing so.

please everyone calm down. I know we’re all excited because of pictures and tweets but still, it’s their lives, not ours. they’re nice enough to share it with us, and we shouldn’t over step our boundaries by being nosey and wanting more. we should be happy with what we have, we get so much

this isn’t to everyone, just to the people I’ve seen whose been getting into bad stuff like online fights about it, and following them when seen; to as simple as repeatedly spamming them with personal questions.

I’m not saying I’m perfect! I ship and also have stepped out of line a little.

shipping is good! I’m not bashing! I’m just saying, please remember to respect their privacy.

just remember that you, yes you, represent the fandom to the non-fandom people whom follow you and to the people we ship.

have a nice day and be thoughtful :)

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so this is really awkward, but i just wanted to ask you how you make friends in the fandom? like i want to talk to people but i'm really shy and i always think i'll be annoying people and i just don't really know what to say... i dunno, i kinda feel like everyone already has friends and yeah. urgh this is so embarassing. sorry!

Okay, first of all, know that I think literally EVERYONE feels this way. Like I swear, in real life I can be pretty outgoing and confident but when it comes to tumblr, I feel all these exact emotions. Everyone else is much cooler and I am a bother. So don’t be sorry!

Secondly, all I can really say is: be chill, be casual, just go for it! Do not be intimidated by anyone. Everyone LOVES receiving messages and making friends is always awesome! Just don’t overthink it!

That’s the short version.

Here’s the long version. (Because I know that if something makes you nervous, being told to “just doooo it, bro” is unhelpful advice. So here is my real advice:


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so since John Boyega quashed the rumor that Finn/Poe was gonna be a thing, I actually had a weird A:TLA or Guardians of the Galaxy moment where after everything is done and Kylo Ren gets his redemption and Rey brings peace and balance to the force and all that shit, I decided that it is important that they all get together and become Space Roommates.

Because, I mean. Finn would totally keep the ship clean and tidy up after everyone and Poe would do all the interior decorating and remember to send cards to everyone’s parents when the Space Holidays come around and Rey would do all the maintenance and fixing up and then Ben is stuck with the job of cooking cuz he’s that artsy roommate with no useful skill and he’s like so super bad at it and everyone makes fun of him for burning the spaghetti and he has his little tantrums and the others film them and upload them to Space Vine so it’s almost worth it that they don’t have a good meal for like a year.

But he gets better at it.

Also maybe they fight crime?

SoloJediStormPilot roommates. Is that a thing? can that be A Thing?

I want this to be A Thing.

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Me: *knows that probably evanstan isn't real and that I may be projecting* Also me: wtf they're married

Buddy, I think you just described the majority of the Evanstan fandom XD

I remember how when I fist realized I liked them and started reblogging stuff about them I’d keep saying ‘ok I ship them, but not like ship them ship them’ to everyone and in the tags and all, because I wanted to make it clear that I could tell reality from fiction (and also to convince myself of that haha), but then I kept seeing them interact and repeatedly do all those things they do, and I was like FUCK IT THEY’RE SO MARRIED.

Like, we know it’s RPF, but dude, they sure as hell make it easy for us to get carried away XD

So yeah as long as you’re not one of these people who keep tagging them on IG/twitter and telling them to get married or to fuck already and all that (because that’d be disrespectful even if they were indeed a thing tbh), you’re good.

Get excited over every single pic, overanalyze every time they look at each other or touch or wear similar clothes, you’re not hurting anyone so who the fuck cares. You do you (:

As a fan who has been shipping CS from the very first meeting...

I can honestly scoff at the “fan service” accusations. I have been shipping this couple since I first saw them meet, BEFORE all the new fans, BEFORE all the new CS footage.
But i’m not going to brag about that, or anything. New fans are just as good as the old.
But having been there before, I can relate to my fellow oldies when I say remember the times when we were the delusional ones? We were just happy if Killian and Emma were in an EPISODE together. It was a slow buildup, SUCH a slow buildup, in fact, that everyone ridiculed us for shipping them. The tag was near-empty every day (I know because I shamelessly had regular tag checks: morning, after school, before bed), it was not as bustling as it is now. CS haters who are butthurt over our success like to point fingers and SAY fanservice, but I’d just like to remind them that they were the same ones who told us we were “delusional” and the writers were never going anywhere with our ship. And we had literally, like, four people on the tag every day. When I would talk to people on the “outside world” about the possibility of Hook and Emma, they were always like “wattt?!” CS WAS NOT POPULAR AT THE BEGINNING. It wasn’t popular UNTIL they started getting more moments, that the writers definitely put in on purpose!

Daryl and Carol haven't even said a word to one another since last season.

We had the nearly flying tackle hug from Daryl, everyone reunited, and I’ve seen preview images of just the two of them.

Imagine when they actually TALK to one another?

Us Carylers are going to lose our fucking MINDS.

I remember shipping Mulder and Scully this hard while the series was running. My shipper heart sings!