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You want me dead

(A/N): I was watching videos of the Jimmy Fallon’s show and I had this idea. I hope that you like it!

Warnings: None

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“Tell us, (Y/N). How came the idea of making a YouTube channel? Did you expected that I was going to be such a success?” 

 You closed your eyes for a second and smiled. “Well, the idea came because of my brother. He’s two years older than me and I remember that he was obsessed with bands like Green Day or Fall Out Boy. So one day he had the idea of dressing me up like Billie Joe Armstrong and take pictures.” the public started to laugh. You smiled even without understanding what was that funny.

 “Oh, yeah. The famous pictures.” the host laughed so you did too. It was the first time that someone interviewed you on TV, so you were trying to stay relaxed.

 “Yeah, the famous pictures. When we posted them in Instagram everybody started reposting them and it went viral in a couple of days. I still don’t know why.” everybody laughted again, but that time you stayed serious. “So, in the wake of the photos we opened the channel in 2013. We thought that it was a good idea. And that’s how we started making parodies about bands on the Internet.”

“But the point is that you’re not who sings in the videos and a little bird has told me that you can actually sing. And a lot of people like me want to know why.”

“Well, the fact is that my voice doesn’t sound very masculine. So, when we have to record a song, my brother is the one who sings.”

The host looked at you with both of his eyebrows raised up, you just shrugged. There was a moment in where everyone in the set was quiet, and you started to think if you said something wrong. “I’ve heard that you know how to imitate a singer who you have already met in person.”

Oh no, if that singer was who you were thinking about you’d die of shame. Though it was real that you could imitate him, you were on TV! There was a probability that he was actually watching you. Or worse, maybe the other member of that band was watching the show too.

“Could you show us who you imitate Tyler Joseph’s voice, (T/N)?” the host asked with you with a lovely smile. God, you couldn’t say no at that point. It would be rude.

He gave you a microphone and you took it nervously. “First of all.” you looked directly at the camera. “Tyler, if you’re watching this, please don’t hate me. I carry you in my heart.”

The public laughed and you did too. Now it’d been funny. You started to think about all the Twenty One Pilots lyrics that you knew and decided to sing the chorus of Tear In My Heart. It was one of your favourites and you died everytime that you watched the video. Your mind was trying to focus on the lyric but everytime that you looked at the host and saw him smiling like a little child, you wanted to start laughing.

The chorus finished and the public started to applaud. You got up and started bowing. Finally, it seemed like you were starting to be relaxed for the first time since the interview started. Now you were acting like the real (Y/N). When you went back to your sit, the host put a hand in your shoulder. 

“That was amazing. Without exaggeration I can say that you sounded like the Tyler. I closed my eyes for a second and it sounded like him.”

“Nah, you’re actually exaggerating.” you laughed, trying to make it less.

“If you don’t believe me why don’t you let Josh Dun to confirm it?”

“Wait, what?”

You stopped talking when you saw that Josh was in the set with you and he was getting close. You opened your mouth for a second, without being able to believe that he was there. He greeted the host with a handshake and you standed up prepared to say hello to him. Josh smiled when he looked at your eyes and then kissed your cheek. 

He took a sit next to you. Apparently, the bright haired boy would stay there until the end of your interview.

“Thanks for coming, Josh. We’re so glad that you’re here.”

“Thanks for inviting me. When they told me that she was going to be here I said yes without thinking about it.”

Thank you, Joshua Dun. Now your cheeks were red. Everytime that you looked at him he smiled. You were shook at that moment.

“Can you tell our dear (Y/N) what do you think about her impression pf Tyler’s voice?”

“It’s been incredible. You’ve got talent and the best is that you sounded better than him.” you laughed nervously. “I told you this the first time that we met.”

“You remember that day?”

“How could I forget it? You made me smile in half an hour more than in the whole day. And I loved your personality.”

You covered your face with both hands when the public said a long “Awwwwwwww.”

“How cute was that, Josh.”

“Thank you.” he answered with a laugh.

“You want me dead, don’t you?” you said to the drummer without stop smiling. “You can’t say that to a girl who had a crush on you.”

“You have a crush on me?”

“Had. On the past.”

“That breaks my heart, (Y/N).” the host seemed to be enjoying the conversation. “I have a crush on you. Have. On the present.”

You bit your bottom lip and smiled again. Josh looked at your eyes for a seconds and a smile were draw on his lips.

“Why don’t we stop the show here and we left this love birds here? It seems they have forgot about everything. I bet that they’re not listening to me.”

You were listening. But both of you prefered to look at each other without saying anything. Your crush for Josh Dun was coming back.

Though perhaps it had never left

Adam Lambert Talks New Song, New Sound, and Those Old ‘American Idol’ Judging Rumors
Adam Lambert photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

“I think there’s been talk that I’m going to be a judge [on American Idol] every year since I’ve been off the show,” chuckles Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, when he’s asked about recent rumors that he’ll be joining his pal and Direct Management roster-mate Katy Perry behind the judges’ table on ABC’s Idol reboot. “I don’t know where this talk comes from! I don’t think I’m going to be a judge on American Idol. But I’m always flattered by the speculation.”

Lambert is forever grateful for his Idol experience (“I owe the show the world,” he says), but the man hardly has time to commit to a regular TV gig right now. Along with his international tour fronting Queen — on which he fills the late, great Freddie Mercury’s mighty-big platform shoes and wins over fans in every city — he’s just released his glam slam of a new solo single, the unsubtly and unapologetically titled “Two Fux.”

Co-written with Trey Campbell, Big Taste, and Lambert’s longtime friends Ferras and Sarah Hudson, the delightfully attitudinal rock ’n’ roll waltz showcases the newly scarlet-haired showman at his sassy, glammy, and occasionally hammy best. It’s hard to imagine Lambert being any more confident than he already was, but on “Two Fux,” he sounds almost superhuman. And he sounds supremely comfortable in his (copiously tattooed) skin. At age 35, after eight years of being in the sometimes unforgiving public eye and five years of holding his own alongside Brian May and Roger Taylor, Lambert has gone from Idol to icon — and the role fits him like, well, those skintight red trousers he wears onstage with Queen every night.

Queen and Adam Lambert perform at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Ariz.. June 23, 2017. (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Miracle Productions)

On the eve of “Two Fux’s” release, Yahoo Music caught up with Lambert to talk about the bird-flipping, nose-thumbing message behind the single, his feelings about being an LGBTQ role model, today’s scary political climate, Prince, George Michael, and how much the world has changed since that notorious night at the 2009 American Music Awards. Namaste right here and read what he had to say.

YAHOO MUSIC: So the title and message of this song aren’t exactly subtle. What inspired it?

ADAM LAMBERT: As somebody who’s left of center, I’ve always received a bit of a side-eye from certain people. I’m used to it at this point. It can affect you in a certain way — I’ve definitely had my moments, since being in the spotlight, of hearing something and letting it get to me. But I’m in a place lately where I feel much more self-assured, in that I know exactly who and what I am — and I know what I’m not. I think with my last project [2015’s dance-pop effort The Original High], it was about that angst of chasing the original high, chasing after and longing for the unattainable — or what I think that I want. I find myself in this chapter of my life saying, “You know what? I know who I am, and I’m cool with it. And if anybody doesn’t like it, they can f*** off!” [laughs]

You say you used to be more self-conscious and you let things get to you. Can you elaborate?

I think I was more of a people pleaser for a while. I’ve shed a lot of that. I mean, as a performer I’m always going to have a bit of that, but I’m not as concerned with negative opinions now. I just want to do me. It’s just a general feeling of like, “Nah, I’m good. Namaste right here.” I think there were times in the past where I felt unsure if I was really connecting with people, but I’m seeing so many movements percolating now, with this next generation coming up — the conversations that are happening about gender, gender-fluidity, masculinity versus femininity, trans visibility. There is such an amazing awareness right now, and I’m very, very inspired by it. Even though the world is at a breaking point, I feel like this movement that’s happening, to help people understand each other and accept each other, is really inspiring to me. It gives me the hope to just do what I want and speak my mind.

It’s kind of hard to believe that only eight years ago, when you were on American Idol, the fact that you wore “guyliner” was literally front page news. Like, that was shocking to people. A lot has changed since then.

It’s literally an entirely different landscape than it was eight years ago. No one knew if me being openly gay was going to “work” — which was so funny to me, because I was like, “Well, I don’t really have a choice, that’s who I am!” But that was kind of the industry’s raised eyebrow on the whole thing. Now we have out artists that are finding total commercial success. Like me kissing a guy on the f***ing AMAs [in 2009] was like, such a scandal, and I really don’t think it would be now.

You pretty much broke the Internet that night.

People just did not know what to do! I got pulled off of Good Morning America the next day, and they censored the kiss [with male bandmate Tommy Joe Ratliff] on ABC when I got interviewed about it — even though right beforehand, they had been showing Madonna and Britney making out [on the VMAs]. Like, huh? The double standards there were running wild! I just don’t think it would be that way now. No one would care.

Do you think your success has played a part in pushing this movement towards LGBTQ acceptance forward?

Well, I think I’m one of many, many, many pieces. I’m just part of a puzzle. I will say I talk to young artists and meet fans and get messages on social media, and I’ve gotten a handful of really lovely compliments. I talked to a young, up-and-coming, queer hip-hop artist a couple weeks ago. We were chatting online about navigating being gay in the industry, and he said some really nice things. He said, “I was a kid when Idol was on, and I had never seen anybody on TV that was like you — that was clearly gay and was getting praise for what he was doing, not being made fun of. You made me feel like being [gay] would not prevent me from succeeding.” So if that is the case for other people, then I’m really thankful that that inspired them.

What inspiration do you want people to take from “Two Fux”?

I was like, “S***, I wanna lighten the mood up a little bit.” Pop can be very dark lately — even my pop, from my past album, was a little dark — and I think the world is a bit dark right now. So I thought, “Why not bring people a bit of a smile?” I definitely feel like the spirit right now in our country is interesting. There’s definitely a rebelliousness that I’m sensing. Things are tense, and there’s a lot of concern and conflict in our country right now; we’re a bit divided. Even the world’s energy right now is a little nervous. And I feel like [“Two Fux”] is the kind of vibe that hopefully can just help people feel self-assured, but also let them relax a bit and smile, because it’s not taking itself so seriously. It was the right energy that I wanted to share.

When will we hear more new solo music from you, and will it be similar to “Two Fux”?

There’s more songs in the pipeline, put it that way. … I’m sure there will be more music this year… I’m very excited. The project as a whole is leaning back to my glam-rock roots a little bit more. It’s sort of my take on modern rock. The things that I love about my favorite rock stars, people like Freddie [Mercury] and Prince and George Michael — sonically they inspire me, and also their spirit inspires me. They didn’t give two f***s. They did exactly what they wanted to do. They were very individual, and they were very unapologetic. I’m identifying with that right now. So that’s my inspiration behind the project: some of my heroes, and why they were my heroes and how they were my heroes.

We have lost too many rock stars lately. We need more new ones.

I remember thinking to myself when the sad news came down of Prince passing and then George passing, and how not too long before that Michael Jackson had passed away: “Wow, these were the guys that were absolutely who they were.” They didn’t dress like everybody else. They didn’t follow trends. They didn’t edit themselves for people’s benefit. They were very brave to be weird, to be aliens. I’ve always loved expressing myself that way, but I think I felt along the way, over the past nine years, resistance to that. I felt certain members of the music industry maybe going, “Eh, we don’t know if that will work, it’s kind of weird. Is it commercial enough?” I’ve heard that stuff. So I think for me, seeing those iconic rock stars pass away has kind of made me feel like, “You know what? I want to help carry that spirit.” As much as I can, I mean. I’m nowhere near the level of those guys. But I want to carry that vibe. I want to carry that flag of the rebel.

Onstage with Queen, you dedicate “Two Fux” to Freddie Mercury. Did he inspire this song in any way?

I wanted to dedicate it to him because when Freddie would perform live, he really was so free. He did exactly what he wanted. I saw concert footage of him years ago from Montreal, where he’s in a pair of itty-bitty white shorts and no shoes, and he’s just traipsing around the stage — it’s hilarious, actually. It’s like a kid in his bedroom. It’s beautiful to watch footage of Freddie, because he was so wild onstage. That’s the spirit of the song “Two Fux.” Like, I don’t care if you like it; I like it. I’m doing this for me.

Your new song fits really well into Queen’s set; it almost sounds like a lost Queen song. And the audience seems very receptive.

We kind of realized that at the very last minute. When I played it for [Brian May and Roger Taylor], and they said that they liked it, it was like, “Oh, that’s not really a leap stylistically, is it?”

Did your tenure with Queen also affect your move towards a more glam-rock style?

Well, I know from touring with Queen that I’ve found my groove with that classic rock sound, and have found an audience in that world, so that was definitely part of my thinking with the style of this [upcoming music]. But you know, I think people get really hung up on genre — and clearly I never have. I like throwing a bunch of different influences into one song. I like a lot of different types of music. And I think you have to have a lot of different colors to put on a good show. I just want to get back to what I love about music, and the reasons I got into music in the first place. That’s the driving force.

I don’t suppose you care, but is there any concern that this single’s title may prevent it from getting radio or MTV airplay?

I don’t give two f***. [laughs] Streaming services are not censored. That’s all I have to say.

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So you want work experience at the vet clinic...

You and fifty other high school students. Quite a lot of clinics will say ‘no’ to your application because they’re either not busy enough for you, can’t take the liability, are already training a new nurse or vet, or have just had bad experiences in the past.

It can be difficult to gain a work experience placement at a clinic, so here are some things to keep in mind.


  • Get your parent to make the inquiry for you
  • Ask on Facebook or via social media
  • Use chatspeak
  • Argue about a decision
  • Refer to staff at the front desk as ‘the girls’.
  • Leave it to the last minute


  • Chose a clinic you bring your animals to regularly.
  • Apply in person or over the phone, and mention that you bring “Animal’s name” to the clinic. Honestly, we often remember animals better than people.
  • Have a professionally set out resume that is readable when printed.
  • Dress nicely when you’re in the clinic. A shirt is nice and always closed toed shoes.
  • Say something other than “I love animals.” Everybody who isn’t a psychopath loves animals. Rephrase it.
  • Know how to pronounce the veterinarians’ names correctly.
  • Show why you are seeking work experience at this clinic in particular instead of any other clinic out there.
  • Follow up with a phone call a week or fortnight later to find out about the clinic’s decision.

Work experience is like a dress rehearsal for entering the profession. Present yourself accordingly.

What if I told you I found when Battle of Sanctuary EXACTLY settled ?

(First sorry for my bad English, and actually it is not 100% sure because I used some extra data like spin-offs, but I find this quite relevant)

Today I was really bored so I tried to make the time line of my next fanfiction. But as some events in Saint Seiya are really close one each other, I needed to find some precise dates. And I guess several fans of STS have wondered about it before, but, come on : WHEN has the Battle of the Sanctuary started, actually ?

First, I set the year. I suppose it was in 1986, and not 1987. As the first books of the Sanctuary’s arc were already published in Japan in 1986, and as it is told in Saint Seiya : Episode G that Aiolos was killed in 1973, “exactly 13 years before the battle” (it is repeated).

Then, I tried to find the period of the year in which the Battle could have been settled. For this, I used the Saints’ official dates of birth given in the end of the Sanctuary’s arc (kurumanga). As Milo and Camus are 20 but Camus is born in February and Milo in November, it can’t be for example in July, or else Milo would have been 19 and Camus 20, or Camus would have been 21 and Milo 20. So, I found a first “available” period between November 8th, 1986 and February 7th, 1987. Then, I added Shura to the equation and narrowed the result. Between November 8th and January 12th. I added Seiya’s date of birth : between December 1st and January 12th. And so on. I remembered that the settle must be in 1986, so before or on December 31st. And FINALLY, I found THAT decisive date : Lionnet Ban’s birthday. December 30th Can’t be before or else he has the wrong age, right ?


The anime didn’t went wrong with the backgrounds if that’s so : okay, the sky is really clear for a winter sky, but there are days in this period in which Greece has a quite nice and exceptional weather according to the Internet + it rains at some point of the anime - remember Saori’s dress all wet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and winters in Greece are apparently rainy… So yeah, it fits quite well (except that everybody wears “light” clothes like yaaaay December rhymes with summer Shiryū take off your shirt plz)

And I can even give you the time it was probably when it has begun.

According to the Internet, the sun in Greece sets at approximately 5:00 PM in December-January. In the manga - can’t remember for the anime, the Sun sets when the Bronze guys exit the Sagittarius Temple. As the sun was already arisen when they met Mū, we can say that that all this stuff may has started at 7-8:00 AM (not really logical but hey it’s STS remember). Then if we think big we can suppose that Saga died at 9:00 or 10:00 PM approximately.


Of course, I know that if I look for more dates or details in Sanctuary’s Battle I’ll face an incoherence or more, because I guess Sir Kurumada didn’t give a damn about these details and gave some data randomly, but HEY, LET ME HOPE I DID IT, LET ME HOPE THAT I FINALLY ANSWERED THIS FUCKING QUESTION !!!!!


Roman Josi - The First Snow

Originally posted by stanleycup

Request: None, just have this thing about snow at night, that needed to be written down to get out of my head.

Author’s Note: I haven’t done anything like this in… God knows how long, and I haven’t written anything in English in a long time as well, so, please bear with me if there are any mistaked and whatnot. I’m always happy about suggestions and critique!

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: None

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Jellal’s Sweet Surprise (A Jerza Family Fanfic)

Summary: Jellal surprises Erza in the morning with the help of their 6-month-old daughter Juliet

Author’s Note: Now it’s finally time for a Jerza story. I’ll admit that Erza’s a little OOC in this, but to be fair I do explain why and I believe it’s a valid reason lol. Enjoy!

Jellal and Erza were awoken in the morning by their baby daughter’s cries. Both stirred and moved to get out of bed to take care of the baby. Erza felt a hand wrap around her arm to restrain her.

“It’s my turn to take care of her this morning, Erza,” Jellal said softly. “Go back to sleep.”

“Jellal, you’ve said that for the last five mornings,” Erza said with a sigh. “It’s actually my turn to take care of Juliet. If this is another way of you atoning for your sins, I’ve already told you it’s not necessary.”

“Erza, I want to do this. What kind of husband and father would I be if I didn’t do as much or more for the baby as you? Besides, Juliet and I have been talking for the last few mornings and we have a little surprise for you.” Jellal smirked at the last sentence.

Erza raised a sleepy eyebrow; what could Jellal and a 6-month-old child possibly be “talking” about? “What do you me-“

“Shh, let me take care of Juliet and you’ll see. For now, just get some more rest.”

Erza decided to relent; normally she would be more stubborn, but she had to admit that motherhood was more tiring than she had anticipated, so she let Jellal take care of the baby for another morning. She was also very curious about this “surprise” that her husband and daughter supposedly planned. She kissed him on the cheek.

“How did I get so lucky to find a husband like you? Erza asked sleepily before settling back down on her pillow. Jellal just chuckled and kissed her hand.

“I ask myself the same question every day, but replace ‘husband’ with ‘wife’” he replied. He heard Juliet’s cries become louder and more agitated. “It sounds like Juliet’s losing patience, I’ll go take care of her now.”

Jellal left his bedroom and walked into his baby daughter’s nursery. He smiled at the red-headed girl who was crying in her crib. He was still amazed at how much Juliet looked like her mother. It was the first thing everybody commented on when they first saw the baby (“It’s a little baby Erza!” Jellal remembered Meldy squealing when she was introduced to Juliet.)

“Shhhh, Juliet, it’s all right,” he said gently as he walked over to her crib. He took the baby out and hugged her to his chest. Juliet’s cries died down a little, but she was still whimpering in discomfort. “Let’s get you changed and dressed for the day, all right?”

Erza was half right regarding what she said earlier; Jellal went out of his was to care for their daughter as a way of atoning for his past crimes. Erza swore that Jellal changed more diapers than she had since their daughter had been born.

But Jellal also took extra special care Juliet because he still couldn’t believe that this was his life; he had committed countless atrocities, he was completely undeserving of happiness (in his eyes anyway,) but he still ended up with a perfect wife and daughter. He wasn’t going to take his family for granted. He would love and protect them in every way imaginable for the rest of his life. That’s why he went above and beyond to take care of his new little girl.

Jellal had finished changing Juliet and noticed that she was now smiling, happy to be dry again. Jellal smiled back at her and placed a hand on her stomach so she wouldn’t roll off the table.

“There, now that that’s taken care of, let’s get you ready for the surprise I told you about.” Jellal said fondly as the baby gurgled in happiness. He took out a very special looking onesie that he had hidden on one of the changing table shelves. “I can’t wait to see your mother’s reaction to this.”


Erza was now awake enough to sit up in bed and was about to go into the nursery to check on Jellal and Juliet. She was about to get out of bed when the pair came into the bedroom to meet her instead. The sight of her husband holding their daughter made Erza smile warmly.

“Good morning, my little sweetheart.” Erza said in a tone that she only reserved for her baby. Everyone in Fairy Tail would have been shocked to hear the gentleness in Erza’s voice, since they were used to her either yelling, barking orders, or beating up anyone who became too rowdy. Although she was still sweet to her daughter whenever she and the baby visited the guild hall, Erza was much more relaxed in the privacy of her own home than she was in public places. She still had a reputation to uphold after all.  Jellal considered himself lucky that only he and his daughter had the privilege to see this motherly side of Erza.

Jellal had an arm wrapped around Juliet, so Erza could only see her daughter’s face and not the onesie she was wearing. “Are you ready for the surprise?” Jellal asked, excitement evident on his face. Erza, who was extremely curious at this point, nodded her head.

“Ta-Da!” Jellal said as he held Juliet under her arms and faced her towards her mother. The baby giggled and kicked her feet as she showed off her newest outfit. Juliet was wearing a footed strawberry onesie; it was red with black seeds and had a green leaf pattern along the collar. Erza’s eyes sparkled and her jaw dropped.

“Oh… my… Mavis,” Erza said in wonder as she stared at the little girl. “She is absolutely ADORABLE! Jellal, where did you find that onesie?! I’ve bought countless outfits for Juliet and you know as well as I do that I would have gotten this one if I found it.”

Jellal laughed and knew that his wife spoke the truth; Erza pretty much bought every baby-related item in Magnolia when she found out she was pregnant. It was very fortunate that she had an S-Class stipend.

“Remember when I met with Crime Sorciere in Crocus the other day?” he asked as he approached his wife and handed her their baby. “A new baby boutique opened in the middle of the city. I decided to pop in to see if there was anything interesting and I found the strawberry onesie. I knew it would be perfect. So what do you think? Do you like it?”

Jellal already knew the answer to his question. He watched as Erza held their daughter, a big smile plastered on her face.

“I think she’s the sweetest strawberry I’ve ever seen in my life, yes I do, you’re so sweet I could eat you right up!” Erza said playfully as she blew on her daughter’s tummy, causing the baby to erupt into wild giggles. Again, Jellal felt honored that he was one of the only people who saw this side of Erza. He felt his heart grow warm at the sight of his girls bonding.

“And when you’re old enough, I’m going to give you your very first strawberry, and you’re going to love it because you’re my daughter and any child of mine should love strawberries without question.” Erza continued. Jellal sat back on the bed and wrapped his arm around Erza’s shoulders. Erza planted a big kiss on his lips.

“You know me so well,” Erza said softly. “Thank you, Jellal. I love my surprise.”

Jellal tenderly returned the kiss. “I’m glad you like it.”

“And Jellal?”


“Now you’ve taken care of Juliet five mornings in a row, plus you got her this onesie and surprised me. You’ve done more than enough this week. Tomorrow it’s my turn to take care of her, got it? I’m not taking no for an answer. Do we have a deal?”

Jellal knew that tone; he knew that there was no arguing with her, so now it was his turn to relent. “Deal.”

Transition Age And Legitimity?

Hey guys! I’m writing this post because I have a really hard time seeing myself as a legitimate trans person because of my age. Almost everybody I see on tumblr or facebook or youtube knew they were trans at like 15 or something, or started T at 19 and it’s depressing because I discovered all of that a few months ago and I’m already 25. I won’t be able to transition for another year and I feel like it took me wayyy to much time to arrive at the conclusion that I was trans compared to other people. I knew what it was before because I’ve always been close to the lgbt community but I never connected the dots even though I never really felt like I was female. I just thought I was a ‘different kind of girl’ and that it was the reason why I never felt comfortable in my so-called ‘femininity’. I even thought I was a lesbian for a while but it didn’t feel quite right either so I just kept living my life, being manly in my behaviours but adopting a feminine look so that everybody would accept me. I knew something was off but I couldn’t put my finger on it. 

A few months ago, though, I watched a video that explained what it was like to be trans and it just clicked. I looked at youtube channels, read articles and I instantly understood that I had been trans for a very long time but never knew it because I wasn’t raised in an environnement that allowed me to question myself like that - I always thought gender was a fixed thing and didn’t even know it could be otherwise. I remember that when I was a child I wished I was a guy but dabbled with the thought without thinking it was more than that. When I was a teenager I tried to be friends with other men but couldn’t because they saw me as a ‘cool, laid-back’ girl and always ended up hitting on me. I wanted to be one of the boys but couldn’t because everybody always reminded me that I wasn’t. I didn’t even try to dress like a man because I connected it to some kind of butch/lesbian aesthetics and it didn’t feel right for me even though I dressed like a skater/grunge androgynous person.

But anyway, reading all those wonderful transgender persons saying that they knew so early in life makes me feel very insecure. Am I legit? Should I have known earlier as well? It’s not like I didn’t know trans persons existed, I just thought it had nothing to do with me because I wasn’t educated on that topic and I never bothered to learn more about it at the time. Now I feel like I wasted the best years of my life and I’m very angry at myself for not understanding all of this when I was a teenager. Maybe I should have known.

So yeah, I feel like I either wasted my life or like I’m some kind of scam inventing shit. It sucks.

A little treat

My lovelies, recently I reached 200 followers, and believe me that’s huge for me! So to celebrate that I wrote an one shot piece with Eric and an one night stand in Dauntless ! A humongous thanks to my sweet dear @anditcametopass who direct me on the smut way, lol, pushing me on the right way of writing it! Thank you so much, sweetheart 💞💞💞💞 I hope you guys like it !

The first night at Dauntless

Your Choosing Ceremony wasn’t that bad, you chose dauntless, it was the right move for you, a young Erudite not smart enough to remain on your faction of origin, but you were beautiful and brave, a perfect fit for dauntless. Was it ?

You jumped on that roof with other transfers and a dark-skinned guy introduced you to your next challenge.

“My name is Max, I’m the main leader in dauntless, if you’re dauntless this is your way in. If you don’t jump, then you’re not dauntless.” He said

One by one the initiates started to jump. You weren’t the last but you weren’t the first either.

When everybody reached the bottom, a handsome guy named Four showed you around.

“This is your dorm, be comfortable on your cots, get changed and meet me here so I can take you to dinner. Later you can have some fun at The Pit, there’s bars and clubs over there, but don’t stay out too late. Tomorrow your training starts and I will be your trainer along with Eric, he’s a dauntless leader but he couldn’t be here today. So you will meet him tomorrow and he doesn’t stand hangovers, so don’t drink tonight or you will become factionless tomorrow.” He said.

You changed your clothes to dauntless attire and followed him to the cafeteria. A candor girl sat down by your side and as well as an Erudite boy you remembered from school. The three of you talked a lot and bond. After dinner you decided to go to a club at the pit.

The Erudite boy that you remembered as Michael bought drinks for you and Felicity, the candor girl. You were not used to drinks but you went for it. After your third drink you were already out of your mind. You looked at the bar and you saw him, a very gorgeous guy looking at you, he was smirking as if you were his prey for the night, he had beautiful blue eyes and two piercings above his eyebrow, block tattoos on his neck and a figure to die for.

He came over you and without saying a word he placed his hands on your face and kissed you roughly, you kissed back and gave him access to your mouth. Your tongues were dancing together, playing with each other.

The next thing you knew you were at his apartment. He took you jacket off and moved to your shirt which he removed fiercely leaving you only with your bra. The only thing he said

“God, you’re so beautiful.” And continue his task of undressing you. He removed your pants leaving you only with your underwear, you took his shirt off and his pants so now he was only on his boxers. He placed you on his bed, unclasped your bra and start to suck your right nipple as his hand was playing with your left one, you were on cloud 9 already.

Despite your drunken state you were feeling completely aroused by the handsome man in front of you as you explored every inch of his toned body, you took your time licking his neck tattoo, your hands were traveling up his strong biceps and you were feeling the heat coursing you.

He looked like a hungry tiger looking at a piece of meat and you were the prey. He slowly trailed lower, planting kisses and licking your abdomen on his path downward, all the way there he kept track of your ribs with his fingers like Braille reading, memorizing every single one of them until he reached your panties, which he removed easily ripping them apart.

He went down and started to kiss your inner thigh making you burn under him. He started to lick your wet folds while his thumb played with your clit. You were seeing stars and you knew you were close, so you whispered. “Stop playing around, I need you.”

He positioned himself at your entrance and smiled at you thrusting into you so hard it had you begging for more. Each thrust sent you to another universe of pleasure. You felt like you were on fire as Eric took this mission as there was no tomorrow and he had to devour every inch of you.

“You like this?” He asked thrusting harder and harder in you. Every time he groaned at your ear, it got you more excited. You were moaning in return, but under the influence os alcohol you forgot to ask his name, so instead of screaming that, you could only moan.

Eric was enjoying his time with you more than you could imagine and he was determined to make you feel it. You started to move your hips in circles and soon he was feeling the same pleasure as you were, resulting in you both reached your climax together.

You felt like your body was made of jelly and boneless as Eric fell on top of you panting heavily. You were laying with your head on his chest and you were drifting into sleep.

The last thing you remembered hearing was him asking “who are you?” Like he couldn’t survive another day without you.

The next day you woke up with the sun hitting your eyes, you remembered that the dorms had no windows so where were you? You opened your eyes and saw that big beautiful guy sleeping next to you. Flashes of your steamy hot night went over your mind making you blush. What have you done? It was not like you to have hot crazy one night stands. You got up quietly, got dressed and left his apartment not looking behind once.

When you reached the dorms everybody was still asleep so you took a shower and got ready. Four entered the dorms and told you to be at the pit in ten minutes to start your first training.

As you were hungover, you putted a hoodie over your head and went for training.

Four started to explain about your stages of training and said “Eric is here today, so he will explain some new rules to you.”

When Eric started to speak, you looked at him and you wanted to die right away, the block tattoos on his neck that you remembered licking last night flashed over your eyes and at the moment he made eye contact with you, he was shocked.

“You chose us, now we get to choose you.” He finished his explanations looking right at your eyes.

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stanbap  asked:

12, 18, 25 of the bap asks :)

12. Favorite Dance

Do covers count? if so, wild eyes is still my favorite. that chair dance is amazing and the singing is even better.

if we’re talking about choreo, then it’s crash. it’s cute and adorable and i can be able to dance to it in my car without hitting the window. warrior is a good dance, too.

if we’re talking individual dances, then idk. jongup’s dancing is still amazing, but i like zelo’s too. 

18. Favorite moment.

well, i have several.

one is the wake me up dance choreo when yongguk emerges for his part of the song while he wasn’t there for like the first half of the song.

another was during the carnival vapp thing where everybody was pretty much praising yongguk who looked like he was about to break down crying. i love it.

the young, wild, and free vapp thing was a moment and i love it.

25. least favorite outfit on your bias

i had to venture deep into the itsbap tag because i remember this one outfit that i thought was horrible, but did not save for various reasons.


burn it.

who dressed you?

  • We’ve got goats?!
  • That’s adorable.
  • What’s our one rule in all of this?  No lies.
  • A kid, a cute chick, and someone who looks like a bar fighter.
  • The thing to remember about devils is that they will never appear in a red cape and horns.  They will come dressed as everything you ever wished for.
  • Wait, the moon landing wasn’t real?
  • Oh no, not that one.
  • Would you stop doing air quote thingies.
  • If you’re asking what happens when you die, I remind you I’m one of the least qualified people.
  • _______________ doesn’t do easy.  He does impossible.
  • Whatever you say, big daddy.
  • You’re something of a legend in our profession. The incorruptible knight.
  • Where’d everybody go?
  • I was so hoping you weren’t gonna say that.
  • Everythings gonna be alright.  We’re just gonna have some psychedelic dreams before we stop breathing, forever.
  • Am I the only guy that sees that guy?
  • I’m billing you for the suit.
  • Magic is like a monkey with a loaded AK-47.
  • A guardian’s job is not to save the Librarian’s body.  It is to save their souls.

“When I saw Jeff Ament in Mother Love Bone, I was like, Wow. They just looked different, man, wearing shorts over their long johns, with combat boots. I remember we started dressing like that. We started wearing Value Village clothes and not showering for a while. We were trying to have our big hair and everything at the beginning, and then Layne got dreadlocks. We just kind of molded into whatever they call grunge now.” - Mike Starr (Everyone Loves Our Town)

Familiar Scent (Malia/Reader)

requested by @betababe-imagines and anon

malia just arrived at bhhs and bumps into the super sweet reader and recognizes her scent


God, you hated mornings.

You used to be a better morning person, that is until the wolf stopped going by your house each morning and night.

You lived out in the woods in a sort of secluded cabin with your father. He was a hunter who was always off on business so it was usually you alone.

A few years ago, you were walking around when you spotted an injured wolf almost dying a few yards away from your home.

The poor thing was super malnourished and dehydrated.

It took you a while, but you managed to lure her to your front porch where you set out some meat and water for her.

It became a regular thing, she would be there in the morning before you went to school and at night before you went to bed.

Over the years, you realized her favorite kind of meat was deer so you always saved as much as you could for her.

She had the softest fur and the most beautiful blue eyes.

Your father always warned you to be careful because wolves could be unpredictable and vicious, but you never worried because this one seemed like the total opposite.

She accompanied you on your evening walks and always growled when something as calm as a deer went by which always made you giggle and pet her.

A few days ago, she stopped showing up and it really upset you.

You felt like she was your only friend. You don’t remember how many mines you spilled your feelings out to her as she rested her head on your lap and just gazed up at you with those steely blue eyes.

Once again, you woke up, got dressed and made your way to school.

It was supposedly going to be an exciting day. Everybody was talking about the missing girl who reappeared last week and was going to be started at Beacon Hills high today.

You overheard some boys talking about her, her name was Malia you think.


“Wait so we had chapters 5 and 6?” Kira’s head turned to the side as she looked through your notebook.

You laughed, “Yeah, she assigned them yesterday. What were you doing while she explained? Too busy drooling over Scott?” You teased the girl who began to blush.

“Hey! I was no-”

Her argument was cut short by Scott and Stiles walking in with a beautiful girl timidly trailing behind them.

“Who’s she?” You asked.

“The girl they found in the woods, Malia.” She mumbled.

Malia’s gaze locked with yours as she walked down the hall. You felt as if you had looked into those eyes before, they looked familiar.

A group of lacrosse players invaded the hallways, pushing students as they made their way through.

Unfortunately, you were in the way of one of the biggest guys in the group so you got shoved to the side and hit your shoulder pretty hard against a locker.

You hissed in pain as you collided with the metal.

Suddenly, the girl, Malia was by your side.

“Are you okay?” She asked as she glared at the boy who pushed you.

You sheepishly nodded, “I-It hurts a bit, but I’ll be fine. Thank you.” You spoke as you rubbed the spot where you hit.

“I’m-” She started.

“Malia! History is this way!” Stiles gave you a small smile before dragging the gorgeous girl away.

“Hey! I knew her!” Malia growled at the freckled boy who continued to push her along.

What? Knew you?


It’s been about two months since Malia began at Beacon high and you two had gotten closer than you’ve ever been with someone.

It felt as if you had known her for years, every time you looked into her eyes, you felt as if you had looked into them before.

It was after your last class when Malia practically ran into you with a worried look on her face.

“Mal? You okay?” You asked the girl who began to wring her hands together.

She shook her head, “N-No, I-I mean yes, I need to talk to you.”

You nodded, “What’s going on?”

“Okay, this is going to sound weird, but-”

“I know you’re a wolf, there can’t be anything weirder than that.” You chuckled.

A small smile graced her lips before she sighed, “So here it goes, I was stuck in my wolf form for years and I used to live around your cabin and you found me after I got injured and you took me in and fed me deer meat and I always used to be with you, but then Scott and Stiles found me and helped me return to my human form and I was so surprised when I ran into you and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you soon enough and I just-”

“Malia! Take a breath, please!” You stopped the girl from speaking.

It took a while to process everything she just said.

I mean, it explains why you feel like you’ve known her for so long, you literally have.

“Say something..” She pleaded.

You sighed, “Wow. Just wow I-I always felt like we had a connection, but I just thought it was cause we became friends, but now.. wow.”

Your surprised expression caused Malia to laugh, “You’re not mad at me?”

You furrowed your brows, “Why would I be mad?”

She shrugged, “I never told you, I mean I literally recognized you from the first day I got here.”

“Wait, what? How?”

“Your scent, you smelled familiar.” She blushed.

A giggle escaped your lips, “Well that’s something I never thought I’d hear.”

Malia quickly wrapped her arms around your neck, causing you to get buried into her chest.

“Can I ask you something now?”

“Of course.” You mumbled into her shirt.

She pulled away, grabbing a hold of your hands in hers.

“Y/N, I’ve always liked you, even when I was a wolf,” You both chuckled before she continued, “but now I want you to be mine. M-my girlfriend.”

“Of course.”

The smile on Malia’s face was contagious, she once again wrapped her arms around your waist and brought her lips to yours.

“Mine.” She mumbled against you.

Beware of the Watchdog

A Black Butler NaLu AU for NaLu Day 2015! 

Summary:  Current  Earl Lucy Heartfilia stands on top of Fiore’s Underworld as the Queen’s Watchdog. With her demon butler Natsu Dragneel by her side, they make sure dark society always remain in the dark.

This is a collab with my friend Richa( swordbreaker ) so make sure you check out her beautiful art that goes with this fic! ^_^

The horses neighed as the coachman pulled on their reins to stop. He heard the door creak as it opened and the carriage rocked when his patron dismounted onto the pavement. Stroking his moustache, Baron Everlue gave the coachman a dismissive glance, silently telling that his services are no longer needed. The man bowed in return and spurred the horses into motion once again. There was no need to come back later.  

Everlue looked up and around the massive manor house in front of him. He had a bumpy ride through the thick forest that surrounded the area so it didn’t surprise him anymore to see more thick foliage around the main house. The Heartfilia Manor looked grand and looming. Anyone would know at first glance that the house belonged to a distinguished noble you don’t want to cross. And as he walked the rest of the path to the main door, he remembered the rumors that surrounded the residents of the manor.

The Heartfilias run Heart Kreuz, the leading company in dressmaking in the whole of Fiore. Nobles clamor for their extensive line of elegant dresses and gowns while the commoners love the practicality of their cheaper pieces. But beneath the good public image, only a few know that the Heartfilia name alone could strike fear among the members of Fiore’s Underworld. They prowl the dark society as the Queen’s Watchdog, always ready to eliminate anything that worried their kind-hearted Queen.

“But that ends today.” Everlue thought as he stroked his moustache once again. “Tonight Fiore’s Underworld will have a new order ~boyo.”

“You’re really great at this.” Lucy said as she looked at her reflection on the mirror. Aquarius, one of her maids, had her golden hair pulled and twisted into a bun atop her head with a sapphire rose ornament holding it in place. It’s a perfect match to the Prussian blue dress she chose to wear for the evening.

“A simple task.” The maid stated. “I used to do Lady Layla’s hair for events like this during her time.”

A small smile formed on Lucy’s lips. “I know.” she said softly. “Still, thank you for your work, Aquarius.” She can still remember how beautiful her late mother was before she died. She was graceful and kind, always looking out for Lucy when she was little. Everybody was drawn to her despite being a member of the Heartfilia family. Sometimes she couldn’t help but miss her.

The knock on the door pulled her back to reality. “Come in.” she said”

“Baron Everlue has arrived.” Natsu, the head butler of the house, announced as he entered the room. “He is currently waiting at the entrance hall.”

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quotes for the signs;

i don’t give a damn, except that i get bored sometimes when people tell me to act my age. sometimes i act a lot older than i am - i really do - but people never notice it. people never notice anything.

i’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

an artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s.

and i can’t be running back and fourth forever between grief and high delight.

if a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she’s late?

it’s funny. all you have to do is say something nobody understands and they❜ll do practically anything you want them to.

that’s the thing about girls. every time they do something pretty, even if they’re not much to look at, or even if they’re sort of stupid, you fall in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. girls. jesus christ. they can drive you crazy. they really can.

i was trying to feel some kind of good-bye. i mean i’ve left schools and places i didn’t even know i was leaving them. i hate that. i don’t care if it’s a sad good-bye or a bad good-bye, but when i leave a place i like to know i’m leaving it. if you don’t you feel even worse.

keep me up `til five because all your stars are out, and for no other reason…

i can’t explain what i mean. and even if i could, i’m not sure i’d feel like it.

listen, don’t hate me because i can’t remember some person immediately. especially when they look like everybody else, and talk and dress and act like everybody else.

she wasn’t doing a thing that i could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.
Orihime drunk texts

As requested by anon. :)

Well, folks, this is a momentous list! It’s the last of my weekly series lists, which have been going on for, well, years. But now that I’m only writing a couple lists a week, series don’t work so well. So after this, I’ll just pull lists from my main list queue twice a week. I still have 38 lists to go, so it’ll still be some months before I can open up my ask box to requests again. Stay with me!

But for now, let’s imagine what sort of texts Orihime might send while drunk!

1. To Tatsuki

Tatsukichan I’m drunk! So I’m gonna go tell everybody all the things I actallyl want to say! 

2. To Tatsuki

is that a good idea tho?

3. To Tatsuki

ur so supportive!!!! <3

4. To Tatsuki

so 2 u: ur my best friend and ur really cool and u literally changed my life and ur pretty much the best perseon ever and i love u a lot

5. To Tatsuki

well yeh i also say that not drunk too but still

6. To Ishida

u infiltrated the quncy by dressing like them

7. To Ishida

that was totally my plan from soul society! remember when we dressed as shinigami which was my plan

8. To Ishida

my plan was so great you used it again! 

9. To Ishida

I’m awesome! ~***

10. To Matsumoto

u tackling me naked is still the most physical relationshp iv’e ever had am i broken

11. To Matsumoto

ur so sweet u always know what to say

12. To Ulquiorra

b/c u died there’s something i never got to say to u

13. To Ulquiorra

which is this: u and ishida should be sewing buddies!!!!!

14. To Ulquiorra

u and ishida could make such cute dresses for kuchikisan and shirts for sado and maybe go into business together making cute clothes for people (ur shop would be called Sewing Heart) and there would be a bakery on one side hwich would be mine and a vet for cute animals on the other side which would be sado’s and we’d all meet up for lunch weekly and we’d all be happy

15. To Chad

u’d open up a vet for tiny cute animals next to ishda and ulquiorra’s Sewing Heart right?

16. To Chad

why not?

17. To Chad

oh fair enough. a vet for ALL animals regardless of size

18. To Chad

u get me so well!

19. To Ichigo

i hope we never stop going on adventures together

20. To Ichigo

but maybe after this our adventures could be more ‘try all the donuts in that donut shop’ and less ‘keep almost dying’

21. To Ichigo

really?? you’d be up for donut adventures? okay let’s make that the plan!!!!

22. To Riruka

Riruka!!!! would you feel like i was cheating on u if i had donuts with some body else???

23. To Riruka

ur so nice i like that u pretended to yell so that i wouldn’t feel guilty

24. To Riruka

ur a realy nice pereson

25. To Nelliel

u know ur really smart and wise and i’m so glad ur back with us

26. To Grimmjow

i’m so glad ur our friend now

27. To Grimmjow

u sure like pretend yelling too! u and riruka should be friends

28. To Grimmjow


29. To Grimmjow


30. To Rukia

kuchiki-san i have to confess something to u and i’m sorry it’s taken me so long but now i have to tell it to u bc of drunk

31. To Rukia

i confess that i am sometimes jealous of u

32. To Rukia

i’m really sorry plz don’t hate me

33. To Rukia

wait for real u are sometimes jealous of me too? why

34. To Rukia

that’s so sweet of u to say! i think UR awesome

35. To Rukia

drunk confessins are def the best

Peter Pan Imagine/Moving

In this imagine you are going to move and Peter confesses his love towards you.

You live in Storyboroke, and You were the daughter of Emma Swan, you loved where you lived and loved the people there, but Emma was doing something drastic, she decided to move, that it was best for you and Henry.

She told everybody at Granny’s you ran out of the restaurant crying, you loved your life why was this happening?

You called for Peter, he told you to just whistle and he would be there, and there he was.

“P-Peter!” you cried running to him.

“What’s wrong love? Why do you have tears in your eyes?”

“I’m moving!”

Peter looks confused and frowns, “If you leave StoryBrooke, you will forget about me.”

“I know ..”

Emma and the gang find you with Peter, they never liked him, considering he tried to kill your brother, Peter apologized so many times for that and proved himself to you, but the others wouldn’t listen. So you are the only one in your town who likes Peter.

“What are you doing with him get back!” Your mom yells.

“I’m not moving mom I’M staying you can leave, this town is my home.” you say.

Everyone was so shocked that you were with Pan, he was just so evil.

“Why are you with him anyway?” Mary Margret asked.   

“Because he is my friend! Why else would I?” you yell.

“He tried to kill your brother.” Regina said.

“He proved himself to me, he is good, he really is.” you turn to look at him, but Peter is looking down, trying not to let others bring him down and look happy still for you.

“I’m gonna go love.” He turns and starts to walk away. 

“Peter wait!” You run after him.

“Get back here now!” Emma yells.

You ignore her and hug Pan, he’s shocked but hugs you back, with one arm around your waist and another in his pocket.

“Oh no.” Margret says.

“What ? What’s happening?” Emma says.

“I know that look, she loves the boy.” Margret says.

Emma looks shocked and confused.

You break the hug from Peter, “I’m so sorry, you’re good to me, and that’s all that counts.”

“Sure thing love, I should go now.”

He leaves but smiles at you before he goes, Peter liked you, a lot, but he never showed his feelings, and if he did, it was by accident.

You walk back to the gang, “So coco anyone?”

“Stop acting all innocent we know you love Peter.” Regina blurted out,

Your eyes widen, you look back and see if he heard, and 0h yeah he did, he looked at you and studied your reaction.

You shook your head, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Oh cut the bull the only reason you hang around that monster isn’t because you’re a lost boy.” Regina said.

Your head turns and looks at Peter, he looks at you, but just simply continues to walk away.

“Listen I know I don’t love Peter or like him , he is my friend that’s all okay?”

They all roll their eyes and head into Granny’s, Whew, you let out a sigh, “That was close.”

That night before you went to sleep you called for Peter, he came for you.

“You look sad, whats wrong love?” He asked.

Tears came from your eyes, “Nothing, well something…Everything.”

He picks up your chin with his fingers, he kisses you , which you had no idea but loved every second of it. 

“Peter wh-what are you doing?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Oh no I do I just thought you didn’t feel the same way.

He smiles, “I thought the same about you, but clearly you do.”

You giggle, and he laughed, you two kiss and talk all night, until sunrise, he leaves, and you get ready for school.

You could barely wait to get home to see Peter, he said to meet him in the forest at 4:00pm, it was 2:30pm. You had to go home and get ready, he wanted to ask you something, and said to dress nice.

You got home and everybody was packing for the moving, you ignored it, until you saw boxes in your room, you suddenly became a little sad, you looked around your room, remembering when you first got here. You get to your clock, it was 3;30pm you had to hurry!

You got dressed in your cutest outfit running out the door, nobody noticed.

You get to the forest and see Peter on a blanket, its a picnic! You couldn’t stop smiling

“Peter this is amazing!” You yell.

He pats on the blanket signing you to sit next to him, “Would you liked some apple cider love?” .he asked. 

You nod, and take sip. He gives you a sandwich and some napkins, boy does he know how to be romantic.

“Listen love, I need to ask you something, Don’t say yes, unless you know the consequences.” You nod and wait for the question.

“I want you to be my girlfriend but in order for that, you need to come to Neverland with me, and live with me.”

“W-wait, come to Neverland?” You are hesitant. “That means I would never see my family or friends again.”

Peter nods, “I know “y/n, that’s why I said don’t say yes unless you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

You’re about to say something then all of a sudden “STOP!”

You look up its your mom and her gang. “Ugh what do you want?” you said to your mom.

“Are you on a date ?” Henry said.

Peter smirked “Maybe.”

Regina gets mad, “So let me get this straight you’re on a date with the guy who tried to kill your brother? Oh fantastic let me know how it goes!” 

Margret steps in “Enough Regina lets hear her out.”

“I’m going o Neverland , with Peter, that way you won’ have to worry about me and we can all be happy .” You say softly. 

“Oh hell no , you NOT ever going anywhere with him!” Emma says.

Peter rolled his eyes and got up, “Like I said love, only say yes if you know the consequences, I’ll be back in 24 hours to help you decide.”

Peter flew off and you watched him. You turn around see your family. 

Emma looks at you, “Look kid i can’t let you leave, you’re my daughter plus i don’t trust him and you’re not an adult yet.”

You just cry and go back to the house, you were torn, you loved StoryBrooke but you loved Peter, you wanted both, but Emma had a plan up her sleeve.

You woke up and heard the moving truck outside and ran downstairs “Whats going on I thought we weren’t moving for a another month?”

“Nope today.’ Emma said happily.

You thought all was lost until killian did something unusual.

“Ms. Uh Swan, uh love I have something to say and before I do it, I must say,I did not steal it.” 

You looked at him he was on his knees, he proposed to you mom!”

Your mouth dropped. “Wait you two are a thing?” 

“Why yes , we are, and I hope we stay a thing for a long time, Ms, Swan your finger?” He asked.

She cried, “But I don’t know how to love, you know my past my relationships, come on now killian.” 

“Aye I do, and that is why we are good for each other, please stay in Story Brooke, with all of us.”

 All the gang show up “Are we late did she say yes?”

“She hasn’t said anything yet.” killian said nervously.

“Ugh dammit yes!” She said happily. You were stayng in Story brooke but that didn’t help you from your problem.

You called Peter he came. “You made up your mind love?” he asked.

“I want to stay  in StoryBrooke, but I want you, and I’m scared, you don’t have family and friends the way I do, It’s not fair that you get to have your lost boys and I only have you, and I know that sounds selfish but Damn Peter.” You fall and cry on the floor. 

He kneels down to you, “Love, I understand, Can I make you a deal ?”:

“what is it?”

“Stay with your family in Story Brooke, for school, then for the weekends, stay with me until Sunday, deal? 

“”You’re the best Peter” You grab him and bring him in close kissing him like crazy and thanking him, it proved to you that he truly has changed , and wasn’t evil like he said.Your mother agreed to that and even invited Pan for dinner, you and Peter were as happy as ever, and with killian you were happy because you knew your family would grow even bigger.

@ everybody ever: It isn’t just the rising sign that influences the way you look! Here are some examples, although this list is not exhaustive. Remember that everything affects everything in some way or another.

The Sun influences your appearance in a similar way to the Ascendant, though arguably to a lesser degree.

The Moon may have an effect on eyes / facial expression. Especially in women, it could also influence your figure; in particular your chest.

Venus has an enormous amount of control when it comes to appearance. It’s likely to affect the way you present yourself (dress, style your hair etc) and it also can change how you actually look, especially when it comes to lips, hair, and figure. It has even more effect on women and is probably the second most important placement when it comes to your appearance.

Mars is somewhat like the male equivalent of Venus. (To the best of my knowledge there is not an equivalent for non-binary people, I’m afraid.) It especially influences build.

Planets in various houses (especially the first and seventh but I would also consider fifth and eleventh) can alter aspects of your appearance.

Your Midheaven is likely to influence the way you present yourself.

But astrology isn’t the only thing that influences the way you look!! Genetics, lifestyle, diet, where you live, illness, and personal taste are all examples of factors. There are some many things that go into your appearance - that’s why you’re all so unique & lovely :) It’s just interesting to see where connections might be made! I don’t know about you, but every time I think ‘ooh, moon in Virgo, that explains my eyes’ it makes me really happy :)

I may make longer posts on any of these talking about how they might work within the signs, please reblog and tell me if you would be interested in that!

The Signs as 1989 Lyrics
  • Aries: The rest of the world was black and white/ But we were in screaming color
  • Taurus: I want you for worse or for better/ I would wait forever and ever/Broke your heart, I'll put it back together
  • Gemini: But I keep cruising/ Can't stop, won't stop grooving/ It's like I got this music/ In my mind/ Saying, "It's gonna be alright."
  • Cancer: Rain came pouring down when I was drowning/That's when I could finally breathe/ And by morning gone was any trace of you/ I think I am finally clean
  • Leo: My ex-man brought his new girlfriend/ She's like "Oh, my god!" but I'm just gonna shake/ And to the fella over there with the hella good hair/ Won't you come on over, baby? We can shake, shake, shake
  • Virgo: We're a crooked love in a straight line down/ Makes you wanna run and hide/ Then it makes you turn right back around
  • Libra: Find out what you want/ Be that girl for a month/ Wait, the worst is yet to come, oh no
  • Scorpio: People like you always want back the love they pushed aside/ But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye
  • Sagittarius: Grab your passport and my hand/ I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
  • Capricorn: And when we go crashing down, we come back every time/ 'Cause we never go out of style/ We never go out of style
  • Aquarius: Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats/ Everybody here wanted something more/ Searching for a sound we hadn't heard before
  • Pisces: Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress/ Staring at the sunset, babe/ Red lips and rosy cheeks/ Say you'll see me again/ Even if it's just pretend

“I hated all my life. I hated everybody. When I first grew up and can remember, I was dressed as a girl by my mother. And I stayed that way for two or three years. And after that, I was treated like what I call the dog of the family. I was beaten. I was made to do things that no human being would want to do." 

-Serial Killer, Henry Lee Lucas

‘Listen, don’t hate me because I can’t remember some person immediately. Especially when they look like everybody else, and talk and dress and act like everybody else.’ Franny made her voice stop. It sounded to her caviling and bitchy, and she felt a wave of self-hatred that, quite literally, made her forehead behind to perspire again.
—  Franny - J.D. Salinger