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Things My Sister Said Watching Strange Magic

After Walking In During The Halfway Point 

*snorting/laughing during nearly each of Thang and Stuff’s lines*
• “I have a feeling that this was a movie that wasn’t made, y’know, in America. Not an American movie.” “Well, it is. Its from George Lucas.” “WHAT?!” 
•“This was out in theaters? Really??? I don’t remember that…” 
•“This is what kids watch now on Disney Channel? Remember when we…”(*a brief splashing around in the sea of 90′s nostalgia*)
• Roland: “Thank you, tiny rabbit!” *laughs and repeats “tiny rabbit”*
*Marianne talking about her own heart break*
(hissing to me in realization) “I think she’s talking about the prince riding that squirrel!” 
*Marianne slips from the flytrap, Bog catches her* “If she falls, she has wings….?”
I, knowing she has a fair point, throw up a hand, and she laughs.
*Bog and Marianne fly through the thicket* “I think they’re gonna end up together…”
• *Marianne loses the flower Bog gave her* “Oh, the memento of their love is left in the web…”
(Gosh, Care, how poetic of you…)
• Griselda: “Hey, I used to be hot!” *HUGE GUFFAW*
*the castle collapsing/ Bog’s sacrifice* “Yeah, that would kill him. You ain’t gonna fly away after you’re trapped in a skull.” 
*about Sunny and Dawn* “He’s really short.” “He’s an Elf.” “And she’s a…pixie?” “A Fairy.” “Huh.” 
*Roland talking* “He sounds like Harry Connick Jr.” 
• Thang: “Are you a girl?!” Stuff: “Isn’t it obvious?” “HUH.” 
 *crowd starts singing Tell Him* “They’re meddling meddlers…”
*pointing to Bog* “Who is he supposed to be?” “What?” “Who is he supposed to be???” “Oh! A Goblin.”  

And, finally, the quote that sums up her whole experience: 

• “I get that this movie is called Strange, but this is very very odd.”

But on the whole, not at all negative! I’m quite happy! 

Random AUs That No One Needs
  • So I was trying to write like I was Light Yagami in class and I accidentally broke your nose, I am so sorry
  • So I just found my huge old deck of YuGiOh cards… wanna duel?
  • If I feel like talking like Dio Brando I will!
  • Hey do you remember all those great Disney channel movies that came on when we were kids? Let’s rewatch all of them
  • Wanna play all these Final Fantasy games with me? Or shall we get the best of both worlds with Kingdom Hearts?
  • My mom wanted me to deliver this cake over to your parents’ place as a welcome-to-the-neighbourhood peace offering
  • I can’t draw to save my life so teach me
  • There’s gonna be this cool meteor shower simulation at the planetarium… do you wanna go with me?
  • Alternatively, the aquarium is doing a special viewing today, wanna come with?
  • What do you mean you haven’t watched [insert underrated anime/show]?! That’s it we’re watching right now!
  • Great… an awkward double date with my brother/close friend and his boyfriend and me and my girlfriend. How can this get any better?
  • I was cleaning my room and found all these old pictures of us as kids, we used to be so close and we grew apart, I want us to go back to those old days
  • You’ve been offkeyly singing the Steven Universe opening theme for the past five minutes and I’m torn between joining in or telling you to shut up because I’m trying to study
  • I’m cosplaying as Cloud Strife at this convention and I met a Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough and now everyone in the panel is arguing over which is the better Cloud!ship
  • I know it’s 1 in the morning, but dude I just finished playing Crisis Core and I need a hug!
  • You insulted my Winged Kuriboh card and I am off to end your life
  • As kids of famous celebrities that often co-star with one another, I’m glad I’ve found another person like me who doesn’t really care or want to be involved in Hollywood
  • We’ve been singing ‘We’re Yugioh’ over and over again and I think we’re annoying the neighbours
  • One of my residents left my town in Animal Crossing for yours. This means war
  • You’re such an intriguing person and I really want to talk to you but you’re deaf, so I’ve been learning sign language that way I can
  • We’ve been watching crack videos for the past half hour now and our stomachs hurt from laughing too much
  • We’re both troubled delinquents and we met on a ‘Scare Them Straight’ Program tour
  • So you kinda found my blcd audio collection… and you’re kinda scarred now… fuck
  • You ran on me watching Kill la Kill with no context WAIT NO COME BACK THE SHOW IS A LOT BETTER THAN IT LOOKS! 
  • You don’t like anime but I forced you to watch all of Death Note with me and now you’re like “this is the best anime ever!” Really bitch?
  • We share a diary and we’ve been doing that since, like, the fifth grade
  • You’re a huge fan of ___ and I’ve been lying about liking it so you’ll like me, but I should really break it down to you but you’re so cute I can’t!
  • You’re dog/cat got my dog/cat pregnant, so what are you going to do about it
  • At first I thought you were going to be super annoying, but omg you’re so cute I want to aggressively punch you in the face!
  • It’s raining and your parents just told me you ran away from home and I’ve been running through the rain for about 3 hours trying to find you!
  • We got drunk and when we woke up the next day I had ‘THUG SEME’ tattooed on my chest and we’re both naked… shit.
  • I attend this rich all girls school and I just wanted to find a quiet place to read but I ended up breaking an expensive vase and now I have to pay it off by working for the school’s all-girls host club femslash ouran au yaaaas!
  • Does anyone wanna trade lunches with me?

So, remember when I gave people a head’s-up about some guy making sockpuppet accounts because he didn’t like that people theorized that a character on a Disney cartoon might be trans?

I’ve seen a couple arguments this guy has made to the tune of “Disney would NEVER make a character trans and/or gay”, and…I feel I gotta be the bearer of the following news.

(Bear in mind, I am not saying this means we’re 100% for sure gonna get confirmation of Trans Marco, I’m just offering a counter-argument. I don’t know what the writers are up to any more than the rest of you.)

1. LGBTQ+ representation has seen a big surge in American kids’ entertainment, including some Disney properties. Obviously the biggest example is Steven Universe, which features several examples of gay/bi characters (i.e. Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby and Sapphire) , or characters that don’t fit in the gender binary (i.e. Stevonnie). We also have Legend of Korra ending with two women being paired off romantically, Gravity Falls confirming that Blubbs and Durland are a couple in its last episode, and more and more instances of same-sex parents popping up in cartoons and live-action kids’ shows. Hell, remember when it was a big deal that the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie featured a character with two moms? And I’m not even listing every example on TV right now, let alone entertainment in general (hello, ParaNorman)

2. Disney is not quite as conservative as you think. While there have been instances of creators getting requests to hold back on some things (just ask Alex Hirsch), I think Disney is very slowly dipping its toes into more progressive waters, with the only major setback being possible censorship in foreign markets (and really, it’s Disney, they’ve got enough money to not worry about that). On top of that, everything I’ve heard about working at the company itself indicates a very LGBT-friendly workplace environment. I’m not saying they’re perfect in this aspect, but it sounds like they’re trying.

3. Trans characters can exist in kids’ entertainment without bringing up genitals or whatever you’re worried about. I’d like to turn part of this argument over to Charlotte Finn at Comics Alliance, who, like many people, sees transgender overtones in the character of Tip/Princess Ozma in L. Frank Baum’s Oz books. She was inspired to write about this after reading the graphic novel adaptation of Land of Oz put out by Marvel (again, a Disney-owned company!), and pointed out how a character written over 100 years ago in a book for children very closely matched a usual transgender experience:

One way that Marvelous Land of Oz is not out of date, however, is with the fate of the central character, Tip — who turns out to be the most important person in the narrative, since Tip is actually Princess Ozma, transformed to look like a boy in order to be kept hidden. This happened to her as an infant, so yes, Ozma is literally assigned ‘male’ at birth, a transgender term for the gender they tell a person they are based on sexual characteristics shortly after being born. (In this case it’s a wicked witch instead of a doctor who’s great once you get to know them, but still.)

Upon this revelation, Tip/Ozma goes through denial, then quickly realizes that this is what’s meant to be, and all of Tip/Ozma’s friends treat her with acceptance and kindness. The vast majority of the Emerald City is glad to have Ozma as their sovereign, once she returns to reclaim the throne from General Jinjur. So really, this plot point in The Marvelous Land of Oz hasn’t aged at all and is not only ahead of its time, but ahead of ours.

A frequent defense of the regressive nature of many fantasy worlds is that they take place in Ye Olde Medieval Times But Let’s Add Magic, and therefore outdated attitudes just come with the territory. The Marvelous Land of Oz takes a different path, and postulates a world where the presence of the strange and unusual makes us more tolerant, not less so. In a world where your best friend is made out of straw and you got indigestion from a wishing pill activated by numbers, finding out that you’re not the boy everyone said you were supposed to be is small potatoes in comparison.

Honestly, if kids in the 1900s could handle this sort of plot twist, I think kids today are more than capable.

So yeah, just my two cents. Again, not saying anything’s for certain in regards to any trans theory regarding any cartoon character right now, but I like giving a little food for thought, and I’ll take any opportunity to defend how progressive kids’ shows can really be.

so all the time kids come up to me and say with righteous indignation, “do you remember when the disney channel was actually good? phil of the future, that’s so raven, even stevens, lizzie mcguire…”

so i immediately have to put a hand up to that nonsense and say

let me tell you children a tale:

and then i’m all

for a black girl.

It’s honestly sad how society has evolved, how there’s this thing called white privilege and how being black entitles certain stereotypes and opinions. I remember when I used to sit in front of the television watching Disney channel and want light skin like those girls. I remember when I used to want to straighten my hair to look like everyone else. I remember when I wanted to be a little white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I thought maybe then someone would have a crush on me because who would like a black girl with an afro, permanent dark circles, and glasses? In sixth grade, I became best friends with a white girl. She would get a boyfriend every other month while I had crushes on people who’d never return the feelings. I felt inferior next to her and I was jealous.

Now looking back, I’m wondering why I wanted to be white so badly. I don’t think it was simply because I didn’t want to be black. I think it’s because society and the media shows us that being white is ideal. For boys, being white or black is the difference between being alive or dead. For girls, being white or black is the difference between being gorgeous and “pretty for a black girl.”

People would always tell me that I’m the whitest black girl they knew. I used to laugh it off and then I would get offended. Did I act white because I didn’t talk like the other black kids? Or was it because I was educated? And you know what? I don’t care anymore.

Over this past school year, I realized something. I’m a black girl and I’m proud to be black. Yes, I still have fleeting thoughts about being white, but then I think about who I am and what I love about myself.

I love my curly hair. I love my flat-chest. I love my long legs. I love my big lips and my small butt. And if you don’t, I don’t care because I’m learning to stop caring about people’s opinions and do me.

If you’re a young black girl going through the same thing, stop going through people’s instagram profiles and look at yours. Go to your favorite selfie and look at how gorgeous you are. Every day, look at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. You deserve love, even if it’s from yourself, and you don’t need to change anything to achieve society’s perception of beauty.

Remember that time in 1999 when the Disney channel made a badass show about this teenager investigating and compiling supernatural events and beings on her website as her mom toured around the country with her rock band and her mom was played by Mackenzie Phillips and every episode we got to hear her play original songs and the show was building up to all these dark, overarching meaningful plots about the mom’s struggle with alcoholism and the girl being the chosen one in the battle between good and evil who would have to journey into hell to save her father’s soul and her brother was a reincarnated Arthurian knight who swore to protect her in his past life, only then Disney was all we should make this more family friendly and then the lead actress left and the third season was about some other girl and everyone else’s plot arcs were dropped?

I remember that.

They never even gave us a DVD.

albus dumbledore, what a great guy. remember the time he manipulated harry as if he were a toy? oh boy and the time he doomed harry to being raised by abusive foster parents? and when he chose to save the equally abusive pathetic excuse for a human who served the man who killed harrys entire family and so many others instead of saving the innocent man who could have helped them 20 times more and actually loved and taken care of harry? and remember when all of this was preventable? CLASSIC! gotta love dumbledumps!

Remember the dark ages of 2009 when Disney Channel had only one cartoon airing, the only animation Nickelodeon had was SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents, and Cartoon Network had that horrifying “CN Real” block?  Remember how we thought it was the end of the animation era, and that things would never get better?

Look at us now, 5 years later!  There are so many cartoons on now and they’re so beautiful and I’m so proud of everyone.