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I did not realize how badly I needed your take on Korrasami. Maybe not a full fic because you're so swamped right now, but what about some headcanons?

- they alternate who holds whom. sometimes korra has nightmares & asami quiets her with slow, calming kisses; sometimes asami can’t sleep bc her mind is whirring with ‘if I’d done smth different my dad would still be alive’ & korra traces little patterns against her stomach & tucks her into her chest

- asami loves the fact that she’s taller, bc she kisses korra’s forehead when korra’s pouting

- they go on dates to the spirit world sometimes, just for a night, when things are getting really busy or before korra needs to go on a trip for some avatar business

- they go to the southern water tribe to formally tell korra’s parents after they get back from the spirit world & they’re kind of nervous just bc korra’s never really talked to her parents abt sexuality, even though they’re amazing parents & she knows they won’t care. her dad gives korra a high five & her mom hugs asami really tight & tells her that she has a family here always. asami cries a little bit & korra kisses her cheek

- later on they tell katara who has basically known for years, which she tells them, which makes them a little embarrassed, but then katara congratulates them really sincerely & so kindly & it means the world to korra when katara tells her ‘remember when you asked what you’d find when you made it through all of your suffering?’ & korra smiles softly & she’s like ‘you were right’

- they definitely double date with opal & bolin who totally ship korrasami so hard & also love going on double dates bc. duh. asami sato + the avatar they get the best service on earth

- korra proposes one warm summer night when asami is in a tank top & underwear at her desk working on some new sketches for a teeny mechanism that helps people with heart problems, & korra had been planning smth really romantic & extravagant but she’s nervous & just holds out this pendant she’s spent months on, & she says ‘asami marry me’ & that’s it & asami turns around from her desk bc is this real life but yep there’s korra with her messy hair & nervous smile, clumsily holding out a beautiful pendant, & she laughs & says yes

- they spar in the mornings when one or both of them didn’t sleep well, & sometimes asami will try out new gadgets. once she knocks korra out with a new version of the glove that’s a little too powerful, & when korra comes to she laughs so hard & pulls asami down for a little kiss

- asami spends a lot of time telling korra how beautiful she is, bc not many people do, & asami is really, really in love with korra as korra, as a really beautiful woman, as someone who is sexy & smart & lovely—rather than being in love with avatar korra

- once at a press conference a few weeks after they get back from the spirit world someone asks if they’re gal pals & asami is already cringing bc korra just casually replies ‘we’re dating, we’re girlfriends, we have sex all the time, next question’

- asami loves how korra smells, bc it’s like soap & sometimes sweat & always just korra—clean & warm & like home. korra loves how asami smells—she always has—bc asami smells like spring, & it’s just so pretty

- they can’t manage serious sex for the life of them, bc someone usually ends up laughing at asami’s intenze curiosity abt positions or korra’s terrible puns, & they just love each other so much

- sometimes asami is v quiet & korra gives her space for a few days bc she knows she’s thinking abt her parents & korra can’t do anything to fix asami’s loss, but she does her best to bring her a lot of her favorite noodles & she cuddles a lot & is extra dorky bc it makes asami laugh

- if korra comes home from a mission a little beat up, asami immediately remembers those few weeks right after korra was poisoned, when korra couldn’t really move, when she was so, so lost. they don’t really talk about that time v frequently at all, but korra knows it’s hard for asami too, & so usually she just kisses asami for a long time & holds asami’s hand when she’s at the healer’s, & she flexes her arms afterward with a goofy smile & asami rolls her eyes with a smile & her chest feels much better

- asami really loves korra’s abs

- korra really loves how smooth asami’s skin is. also her lingerie

- on occasion they’re really lame & get drunk together & cry abt those three years they spent apart, & how much they missed each other, & how korra saw parts of asami in so many places in the world that healed little bits of her during those six months she was gone, & asami shows korra all of the sketches she’d made bc she didn’t want to forget anything abt korra

- they’re basically the power couple of the world & republic city is beautiful

- when they’re a little older korra traces a little tiny wrinkle around asami’s eye & then one near the corner of her mouth & asami laughs & says, ‘those are both from you, you know. all of my worry & all of my laughter’ & korra groans bc what a sap & kisses her


Rating: T

Word Count: ~900

Summary: Of all the words one could use to describe Bolin, “stupid” was not one of them. He wasn’t completely oblivious; he knew something was up with Mako. Now all he had to do was find out what.

Author Note: Basically, I just wrote this fic so I could make a pineapple joke. But writing the Bolin POV is new for me so I hope it works out like I envisioned. Happy V-Day if you’re celebrating…a night early (unless you’re Jen and your time zone is super far ahead of me).

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Of all the words peopled could use to describe Bolin, “stupid” was not one of them. Yes, they could say he was a bit daft or quick to jump into things, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know that something odd was going on. Okay, and maybe he sometimes didn’t read people as well as he probably could, but Mako was an exception to that rule.

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One of the things that I initially did not like about Legend of Korra was its focus on hastily thrown together relationships that I felt really took away from the Avatar world and lore. A bunch of teens in a cool car wanting to kiss each other, it really brought me out of Season 1 and the entirety of Korra-Mako-Asami in Season 2 left a terrible taste in my mouth. And I think a large part of the problem there was that I really just did not like Mako with anyone.

Makorra was a hot mess. Two stubborn kids with no clue how to treat each other but a lot of passion trying to just bulldoze their way through to affection upset me because I liked them both as individuals but understood that they definitely did not work. I especially didn’t like Mako trying to play the field the whole time with two girls that would otherwise be really good friends. I understand his position, feelings are hard, you were young, you never really had love growing up, I won’t hold you to it Mako. But I think you had two really strong willed individuals who genuinely cared about each other but not more than they cared about their other responsibilities. Korra was really hot headed and independent since she grew up in an isolated environment, Mako appreciated structure because he came from the streets, had to work to stay alive and ends up working for the police. He and Bolin were orphans, had to work hard to eat, and that’s something that Korra can’t relate to. She started out as a product of her Avatar isolation, the understanding that she is the enforcer of good vs evil and she has never been hungry and still has two loving parents.

Masami was interesting because I actually thought it was a good match. here is this rich girl who is probably the most mature of the whole group, who while privileged seems very down to earth and has experienced the loss of a parent which Mako (and Bolin) can relate. Asami is interesting, she is skillful but isn’t a bender, she is very intelligent, and sides with her personal beliefs of what is right over the will of her loving and caring father. Like think about it, Asami had a great relationship with her father literally up until the point where he reveals he’s an equalist. I think it takes huge strength of character to move against your only parent, your love and support system, because you feel what you are doing is the righteous path. She took a huge risk there and never regretted it. I have always. ALWAYS said Asami Sato is a sleeper cell GOD TIER character. Remember when she went to Air Temple Island after she lost everything and learned that Korra loves Mako and was like oh, ok. Look at the way she handles her breakups with Mako. He leaves her for Korra like twice and both times she is still willing to put her life and her company (her father and mother’s legacy) on the line for this girl that she just met that has kind of just ruined her life (exposed her father, stole her mans, etc).

Meanwhile Bolin is drawing higher contrast by dating an assortment of characters such as an a dominating stalker with a weird family (Eska), an older and unrequited interest (Ginger), and finally someone who demands he take responsibility and grow up just a little (Opal aka WIFEY material).

I had always noted Korra and Asami’s interaction because I feel like for a standard teenage romance drama (which is what I thought the show had delved into) these two girls get along surprisingly well. They’re both really strong and independent characters, and they kind of fill each other out since Korra grew up in the country and Asami is a city girl, Korra is the master of all bending and Asami has technology to compensate for her lack of bending. Korra has been burdened with being the Avatar, while Asami is now the head of a huge company and trying to redeem her family name all by her dang self. Korra is aggressive to hide her insecurities, while Asami is more reserved but decisive when she takes action and very sure of herself. Seriously Asami is always Ride or Die. Oh we goin to patrol the streets for equalists? I’m in. Oh we goin to war with the spirits in plane and shit? I’m in. Oh we fuckin with a bigass impenetrable robot with a deathray arm that eats cities for breffast? I’m motherfucking IN. Anyways, I thought it was really cool that they were friends past all of the stupid boy stuff. So when I started seeing people shipping them I was like oh what a cool idea that would actually be great, but I obviously doubted it actually being written into the show for fear of a bunch of parents in southern Alabama waging war on Nickelodeon studios.

There were a ton of tender moments between the two, I think when it got really real was when Asami was wheeling Korra around in her wheelchair. Like, this is the President and CEO of one of the top companies in the biggest city in the world and she is taking time out of her schedule to wheel her best friend around and spend time with her because she is hurt both physically and emotionally. Like what. Mako and Bolin out farting around or whatever but Asami is the one that is there for Korra and not just when it’s time to fight. Like these two really connect on a level that is beyond being thrown into conflict together. They exist outside of the plot. I began to ship it. I shipped it hard.

To be fair to the boys, I think all of the characters in this series went through significant development and I love the way they’ve all grown up. I know they aren’t the people this story started out with and that’s influenced how they react.

Now at the end of the season 4 finale I was cringing because I just knew that they were going to have to write Mako back in. Or something. I knew they were going to have to get some closure but it was more likely that they end on a hopeful note that these two could get back together after everything they have been through. So when they talked at the party I was like fuck, here it is. Sonovabitch. But then nothing happened. And then Asami came and sat and I got some motherfucking butterflies like oh my God. What. She gets the last words with Korra before it all ends? Wait what they are gonna BACKPACK TRAVEL THROUGH [spirit] EUROPE TOGETHER WHAT. And I dunno guys. Just like. Just fucking hype. You’ve got a dark skinned country girl with a tall white city girl and it’s an interracial lesbian relationship and none of it feels forced. It’s not some stunt thrown in the last second for ratings these characters genuinely built up to this. They like each other and they’re good for each other and it’s always been healthy unlike other relationships in the show and there was so much buildup the whole time and catharsis and I know they’ll be fine after the show is done and just fuckiiiiiiiiiingggggggg aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Korrasami is so fucking cute and it works and it just feels so motherfucking right. Both of you earned the shit out of this. Go make each other so fucking happy.

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