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bbh’s birthday countdown → 6 days ♡

the meaning of baekhyun
e is for the emotion on his face when he looks at his fans 
(also for the way he makes me emotional with the way he treats them)


«Even if the attention isn’t forever,

I’ll keep singing

I want to stay this way for life

I want to stay young forever»

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that's fine, thank you! i was wondering how you envision how sunny and veil first met?

it didn’t feel like a break when it happened. in fact, sunny hadn’t felt it at all until the fight was over, the smell of blood thick in the air and pain shooting through his shoulder like someone had shoved a knife through it. what was worse was how it looked, his shoulder gone terribly bruised, all purple and red. every tiny movement shot pain through his chest and down his arm in a way that made him want to grit his teeth to dust.

it was easy to hide it from almost everyone, his expression stony the whole ride back even though it took every fiber of his being not to flinch when his arm jostled. the other clippers didn’t look at him twice and quinn certainly didn’t either, but there was nothing he could hide from waldo.

“you’re not very smart are you.” each one of waldo’s words were gritted out and cutting, but the frown furrowing his thick brows was heavy with concern as he stared sunny down, two fingers sunk into his bicep. sunny breathed in slow, avoiding waldo’s gaze because he didn’t have anything to say. he didn’t like this. the pain was one thing but getting hurt itself was another. he hadn’t gotten hurt like this since he was a colt. he had lost focus for a second and now he was paying the consequences. a cut here and there was one thing, but this… if it was a break it wasn’t good.

“go see veil.” waldo grunted, turning away from sunny dismissively.

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I'm dead.

When @btssmutgalore updates Monster but you still haven’t even read the new ch for Benefit and then @ellieljade comes in clutch with Mr Min all the while you’re tryna catch up on @imsarabum’s I Won’t Stop You, but at the same time you’re tryna buy time to read @itsrainingmin’s Promises…… and then you have work at 4 o'clock in the damn fucking morning. Someone shoot me. I just want to read these amazing stories alright?!

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