remember when!!!!


- Wow, okay, my apologies if he misread things. 

- What could he have possibly misread? We have been nothing but professional.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 3

Frankly, the only reasons I remember the Mando’a words for mouth and nose are uram and kles is because I know heturam and hetikles describe different types of spicy, mouth-burning and nose-burning.

rebagel for a new mutual!

oh boy a lot of my mutuals unfollowed so im doing one of These posts!! reblog if you like/post any of the following and want a mutual:

- memes/humor

- social justice and feminism

- gore??

- emo bands (fob, patd, mcr, ptv…)

- gay positivity

- dan and phil

Extra Rebagel if you:

- draw

- r a photographer

- like Eminem

- are lgbt+

- animate

- swear a lot

- are an ironic memer

hhmmm been avoiding talking about it but

re: the steven bomb that got leaked ad then aired a few weeks ago

i didnt like it

it was kinda boring, minus a few things (i loooooved seeing the other amethysts and holly blue). but honestly yeah it was mostly just boring, didnt feel like much was effected, and what we did get was…. not great, if not outright racist at times

i also found gem harvest, on top of not handling the uncle character as well as they could have, to be dreadfully boring