remember vhs

I have that many copies because when Batman Begins came out, we were JUST getting into DVDs and I only had a DVD player

and then companies started releasing Blu-Rays with special features so I had to get the Blu-Ray copies of all of them once I had a Blu-Ray player (ten years later)

I actually don’t even know if Batman Begins came out on Blu-Ray because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one

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I've noticed that all of your gifs are exclusively from cartoons, but not full length animated movies. Did you have any fav animated movies as a kid (or now I suppose) or have you always preferred regular cartoons?


Thanks for this interesting question, and waiting patiently for me to answer!

I think I’ve always had a preference for cartoons over animated/full-length movies — cartoons are easier for me to focus on/process (I’m ADHD/Autistic) as the plot lines are contained in an 11/22 minute span and more engaging!

But there are definitely animated movies/shorts I’ve been able to enjoy over the years! Here are some I can remember wearing out the VHS tapes for!

Childhood Favorites:

Teenage Favorites (current):

As you can probably tell from the list, I generally value traditional animation over digital and typically find it to be my natural preference! 

Additionally, I really enjoy traditionally animated films/etc. where the traditional aspects of the film are visible — you can see the pencil lines, the art is very obviously hand painted, etc.. It is much more beautiful, creative, and human then digital, but that’s just my opinion!

Thank you! Perhaps now with this list I will endeavor to GIF other animations besides cartoons!


i watched the movie for this when i was in fifth grade and i remember getting REALLY emotional about it and honestly now i dont even remember what it’s about but hey GENE KELLY




***Vocal score is too big to load in viewer.Just download it and you’ll be fine***

For some reason I just started remembering this one horse vhs thing I used to watch as a kid that was mostly clips of horses. They were just doing horse things and sometimes words would appear on the screen saying HORSE, HORSES, HORSES DRINKING WATER, HORSES JUMPING, etc. in like, big purple comic sans.
I think I only ever watched it on one day, but 47 times in that one day.
I remember very clearly this one clip of three cowboys riding up a mountain to nowhere. Slowly.
The loneliness in this video was palpable.

And another thought bubbled up..
Dirk Strider has this vhs tape. This exact tape full of nothing but horses and big purple comic sans.
Dirk has it and like me has watched it 47 times in one day when he was 4 and then never again.
The only difference in these experiences is that Dirk still has it.


This is the “Harlem to Hollywood” number from the original 1995 Dublin Pointe Theater production, performed by Marcel Peneaux, Leon Hazelwood, and Jelly Germaine.

As far as I remember, the VHS from my childhood did not contain this number (cutting directly from the gospel number Freedom to the Russian Dervish, skipping two other numbers).
So someone must have recorded this from a PBS broadcast or something.
The music is also not included on the Riverdance soundtrack CD.

Because the number was cut on the VHS, I don’t ever recall see their feature in the dance reprise, either, though they are included in the big Riverdance final ending reprise. I have since seen their part of the reprise, but as far as I know no one has uploaded the full 1995 reprise in a clip on its own.

This number was entirely replaced after Michael Flatley’s departure by Colin Dunne’s “Trading Taps” number (with new tap dancers Tarik Winston and Walter “Sundance” Freeman, as well), which has been the “American”/tap dance number for all subsequent version of the show.

Imagine Recording Luke on a Camcorder

“You, what are you doing?”

“Filming you, why else would I be holding a video camera at you?”

“Okay, but where did you get that dinosaur?!” He starts to laugh.

“Don’t make fun of it! It’s an antique now but it works fine.”

Michael / Calum / Ashton