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Hello Arc-V fandom once again! We’re here to present you the SECOND FRUITSHIPPING FLUFF FEST! We are happy you enjoyed it last year, so we hope in this 2017 it is even better!

What is Fruitshipping?

It is the couple name for Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiragi from Yu Gi Oh! Arc-V!

What is a Fluff Fest?

It’s a week fully dedicated to this paring, and all the cuteness in them!

When will this take place?

This week will go from March 1st to March 7th, with two bonus day!

How can I participate?

You can create fanfics, fanart, edits, gifts, colorings, headcanons, anything you want! We will track #fruitshippingflufffest (it needs to be between the first five tags!) If by some reason, if you don’t see your post reblogged after the next two days you publish it, don’t doubt to tell us!


Other important things:

-Please no Non-Con, bdsm, angst, nsfw, abuse or anything besides fluff!


Bonus Day (February 14th): Valentine’s Day

First Day (March 1st): History

Second Day (March 2nd): Tears

Third Day (March 3rd): Letter

Fourth Day (March 4th): Eyes

Fifth Day (March 5th): School

Sixth Day (March 6th): Duels

Seventh Day (March 7th): AU (Alternative Universe)

Bonus Day II (March 9th): Dimensions

15 Day TRK Countdown

Inspired by the BLLB Countdown, here comes TRK Countdown! Let´s get pumped for the last book of our favourite Raven Boys. 

*  From April 11th until April 25th ——-> The Raven King comes out April 26th!!!


Day 1: Favourite magical moment

Day 2: Favourite character

Day 3: BROTP day

Day 4: Funniest moment

Day 5: OTP day

Day 6: Most heart breaking moment

Day 7: Secondary characters appreciation day

Day 8: Favorite quote

Day 9: Music/Fanmix Day: music recs, songs/lyrics that remind you of your otp, Hondayota mixtape, Murder Squash   

Day 10: Crack Day - the day for crackships, crack theories, silly art, and the serious business of being ridiculous

Day 11: AU Day- Favourite alternative universe/setting

Day 12:Sleeping, Dreaming, and Waking - Anything to do with dreams, dreamers, thieves, stuff that’s already happened or stuff you think will happen in TRK

Day 13: Kissing Day - Kisses are a big part of TRK, is your otp kissing, have they already kissed, possible scenarios, favourite setting…kisses just kisses

Day 14: Throwback Sunday -  Fanworks Appreciation Day - reblog your favorite fanart, fanfic, meta etc, made by other people from any point in time. reviving favorite old stuff is encouraged!

Day 15: TRK Predictions Day - Predictions, theories!!!!!!!!

  • use #trk countdown   (and please remember to tag possible spoilers, be respectful with other users #trk spoilers) 
  • You can participate in any way or form you want. Making edits, graphics, fics, meta, fanart, audio, video, cosplay, etc. Unleash your creativity! 
  • Remember to REBLOG and NOT REPOST when sharing other people´s content (extremelly important everyday but specially on Day 14: Throwback Sunday) . Always give credit / link back  to the original creator of said content. 
  • We are posting this a few days before the countdown begins so you can organize/ prepare/ etc in case you are busy or you want to do something very special! Please do!
  • A million thanks to @the-smudgy-one​ who came up with most of the prompts! As well as to the creators of the BLLB Countdown! 

There’s been a lot of negativity in the fandom lately and I would really like to see a show of support for our favorite otome game heroine! You guys can decide if this sounds like something you want to participate in (my inbox is open if you have concerns), but I think it will be fun!

I was thinking March 22nd to March 28th.


• If somebody does not view Yui Komori as a stand-alone character then that’s fine. A lot of people just enjoy the games better that way! Don’t, under any circumstances, bully a person for expressing that they view Yui that way, even if you disagree.

• It might be best to turn off anon and block certain users. Some people can get really petty and I want to protect you guys from hateful messages.

• Tag your posts with #YuiAppreciationWeek and be sure to reblog other peoples’ posts!

• You can participate by drawing fanart, writing fics, making edits, just posting your opinions, or whatever kind of post you like as long as it’s not hateful! Even if you don’t think it’s good enough, remember that we are a hate-free environment and I will probably cry tears of happiness at your posts. So don’t hold back!

• Properly tag any spoilers, especially for the Dark Fate game.

• If this interests you, please reblog to spread the word.

Here are the 7 days of #YuiAppreciationWeek:

Day 1: Yui Komori
(Intro day~ Basically anything lol)

Day 2: Yui’s Best Quality
(i.e. faith, perseverance, etc)

Day 3: Yui’s Best Outfit
(If you’re an art person I would really like to see some fanart of her in new outfits! Yui is so pretty o(^▽^)o I want a day to appreciate her beauty!)

Day 4: Favorite Scene from the Games
(Tag spoilers!)

Day 5: Favorite Scene from the Anime

Day 6: Favorite Pairing

Day 7: Favorite Quote
(Yui has a voice - please use the last day to make sure we hear it.)

Day 1 is March 22nd! Please participate if you want to, and please keep it a positive environment for everyone. I will answer any questions you have.


Internal timeline for The Six Thatchers

I recently made a timeline for The Six Thatchers (BBC Sherlock 4:1) with the scenes arranged in the order they appear in the episode. This visualisation is based on that one, but shows the probable order of events in the show’s internal timeline.

I have removed duplicate scenes. As before, scenes that are illustrations of what someone in the show is talking about are not included (for example the death of Charlie Welsborough).

I have added the cremation, thank you to @writinginthewoods for mentioning that I had missed it!­

This is another quickly made visuali­sa­tion, in order to get it out there before the next episode. It is very rough and badly proof read, so please keep in mind that I might have missed someting.

Enjoy! (And again, please remember to tag reblogs for spoilers)

Tagging those of you that commented on the last post below the cut.

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I’m looking for more blogs (again) because now that everyone’s gone back to school my dash is pretty dead even though I follow 400+ people. Please reblog this if you post:


Mass Effect
• Dragon age
• Life is strange
• The walking dead
Game of Thrones
• The wolf among us
• Bioshock infinite
• Remember me
• Tomb Raider
• Until dawn
• Beyond Two souls
video games in general


Game of thrones
Avatar (Aang, Korra)
• The walking dead


• Greek mythology
• Art/fanart

Tbh any of these things is enough for me to consider following you! But I won’t follow you if you’re anti-feminist, anti-lgbtq and if you don’t tag anything (games with their title, spoilers, triggers)

hey friends! so i heard about next week’s episode getting leaked bc someone recorded it at comic con, i just want to let you know that i will not reblog or post any content about it (except for previews from cartoon network) until the episode officially airs! you should watch the episode if you really want to, but please remember to tag your spoilers! (^ν^)

The Night Manager - disclaimer


So, as you know The Night Manager will premiere next Sunday, 21st of February, on BBC One (9pm GMT).

This is how it’s going to work on this blog. I’m on the same timezone as London so I’ll watch it live on the BBC iPlayer (it counts to their tv ratings too). 

After the episode ends, I WILL GIF what I like and post it when it’s done. So, surprise surprise…


Since I’m a nice person, everything from me will be tagged with #tnm spoilers and #the night manager or simply #tnm. So, if you can’t watch it right away block the tags. 

Now I can’t garantee other people will tag it as well. If you’re on mobile, there’s really nothing I can do. Maybe avoid Tumblr until it premieres on your country (I’m sorry US!). This is pretty normal for all tv shows, so Tumblr, and not just my blog, will be filled with spoilers.

If you decide to unfollow me, that’s okay, but remember Tumblr will not be a safe place if you don’t like spoilers.

Regarding miraculous ladybug zag spoilers

I’ll be a safe blog! I won’t be posting anything about it! (Not even art, sorry guys ;0;!!) If you wanna talk about the spoilers, feel free to message me. Or send asks, but you have to come off anon or I won’t reply (since lol spoilers).

Also if you are reblogging things, be kind to your fellow miraculers and remember to tag your spoilers!! #ml spoilers and #zagspoilers are two that are common, so saviour those!

RWBY Pre-Volume 4



I’m totally hyped for it, I’m already aboard the RWBY Volume 4 hype train and I am ready to ride it straight into a pit of flames and feelings because that is where this volume is going. We will never be truly ready for it.

But before it starts, I wanna talk about some things!

1.) YANG’S NEW LOOK. It looks badass (because she is badass) and it looks like she won’t be getting a new arm? I mean, look:

(Link to picture x )
See that? Sure looks like a metal covering (I don’t know the proper name, I’m sorry) for her arm. She seriously looks amazing though. Also, seems like there’s a flower theme going on in the pre-volume pictures? Tell me I’m not alone on this

2.) The previous volume. The feelings. The pain. IT IS STILL THERE. I can’t wait to see where the story is going to go from the events of the Vytal Festival and the Battle of Beacon. We lost Pyrrha, and the emotional effect on the other characters is still unclear. I’m terrified yet extremely excited for it.

3.) Spoilers. Not everyone is a sponser, so try to keep spoilers to yourself until the next day or at least tag your posts and any other posts you reblog. PLEASE.

4.) Hate. Don’t hate please. Don’t hate on other people in the community and don’t hate on CRWBY.  I just want to remind people to be patient and remember that CRWBY is doing their best. The story may not go where we think it will, but we just gotta sit back and enjoy the ride. 
(Also, I hate to bring this up, but I think we all remember the letter incident earlier in the year. Let’s leave that be, please)

5.) HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!! Let’s hype this volume up! RWBY is an amazing show and I know that I can say that I have made some friendships that’ll last a lifetime because of it. Let’s show our support and make this the best volume yet.