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Detective Conan ask!

To celebrate the release of chapter #1000 and recently reaching 200 million copies in sales, here’s a question list I’ve compiled for all the DC fans out there! Reblog/comment and I’ll send you some numbers…spread the love!! (& feel free to edit the list as well)

  1. How did you get into Detective Conan, and what was your first case?
  2. How far along are you in the manga/anime/movies?
  3. What is your favourite DC trope? (A recurring quote, action, joke etc.)
  4. Who is your favourite male character (+ a scene he appears in)?
  5. Who is your favourite female character (+ a scene she appears in)?
  6. Which character would you most want as a sidekick?
  7. Which character would you least want as an enemy?
  8. What is your most memorable Black Organization moment?
  9. What is your favourite/most memorable case?
  10. Have you memorised any DC quotes by heart? What is your favourite/most memorable quote?
  11. Which character do you least and/or most identify with?
  12. What are some interesting facts/trivia you’ve learned from the series?
  13. If you were to take the place of any one character, who would it be and why?
  14. If you were to form your own Detective Boys squad, who are 5 characters you’d choose to join the team?
  15. Which is your favourite movie?
  16. What plot twist shocked you the most so far?
  17. Which cases and/or trick(s) did you find to be most impressive?
  18. If you could have any of Conan’s gadgets, which would it be?
  19. If you could revive any one of the deceased characters, who would it be?
  20. Which recurring character do you wish would get more screen time?
  21. Favourite OP and ED from the anime?
  22. What’s your top pick for the most terrifying moment in the series?
  23. What’s your top pick for the most heartbreaking moment in the series?
  24. Name a trick/case you solved before Conan did!
  25. Have you ever sympathised with a murderer’s motive? If so, which one?
  26. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Name a case that you would least want to be the victim of.
  27. Besides Detective Conan, what’s another detective story/series you’d recommend?
  28. What other anime/series would make for your dream crossover with the DC universe?
  29. If you could ask Gosho Aoyama one question, what would it be?
  30. What’s something you hope to see happen in the series?
  31. If you could change one thing about the series, what would it be?
  32. What are your speculations about the end of the series? (And how would you end it?)
Lucifer 2X21 - Off The Record  Spoilers and Speculations (Late July Update)

2X21: Off The Record (previously 2x21) - The Twilight Zone episode

Known Credit Details:

Carolyn Adair - Assistant

Taylor Black - Misty Canyons

This is called the twilight zone episode and by the pictures, we believe that a part of this episode, it’s clear that something weird is happening here. We actually set the photos according to when the filming was done so we grouped them all together. 

The episode seems to begin with a murder and Lucifer fooling around as usual until the guy who takes notes with the shaggy hair witnesses Lucifer ruffing up the suspect in the interrogation room and then he even sees his Devil’s face. 

Now as we know Linda is not really up to the task to deal with Lucifer in S3 as she has to deal with PTSD after her attack. With that in mind, we believe that for many reasons she may or may not have ended up drunk in LUX in this episode. Therefore whatever Lucifer has to do he has to do it in a very unorthodox manner… Whilst flying blind…

If you notice the shirt on the above scene it’s exactly the same in all the gifs. And here we have Lucifer teaming with Amenadiel. 

Yet why would the Corvette have a different licence number? That’s a very good question I cannot answer yet do not forget that this is the TWILIGHT ZONE episode. 

Then I get all speculative and wonder what if Lucifer got accidentally a different Corvette (which would explain why we also see the parking number) or more hilariously put what if he actually stole one? LUX’s park is dark as we know from 2x15 and 2x18 so I would guess that this is happening while on a case with Amenadiel… I would go as far as to speculate that Lucifer employs Amenadiel to help him in order to hide his devilish secret.

But why? Because once again I speculate that the guy with the shaggy hair might be a reporter or something who eventually made it to the precinct and slipped in the room next to the one of the interrogation room… I would even go as far and say that perhaps he got a picture of our Devilish handsome Lucifer. 

I mean the guy carries a satchel type bag, stays away from the body and just takes notes, not to mention he seems intrigued with Lucifer playing with the ritualistically placed breast implants around the body. Personally, I find a bit disturbing the numerous syringes on the woman’s neck…

But that’s just speculation… So… back to the car… What if someone took Lucifer’s car and so a delighted Devil is now chasing down the guy/gal? We shall see… But it will surely be a memorable fun moment for Lucifer aka the series. 

So where does this mishap lead Lucifer and Amenadiel? Somewhere interesting before the end up at Misty’s… No, not the place you see in the gif below…

Now in this episode, we meet Misty Canyons (Taylor Black) which according to the actress she plays a handful character. What we do know about their interaction is that Lucifer will go to a house and ask some questions in the front steps but it is not clear if that house is actually Misty’s. 

^^^1) Our hero arriving to the front door of the house and exchanging dialogue on the front steps (Midday)

2) Night shooting

The most hilarious spoiler here is Amenadiel wearing overalls while Misty is not really wearing much… I can not wait for Lucifer’s lines there. The only speculations we have about Misty here is that because she is mentioned also in 2x20, it’s that she might be related or at least have been old friends with Delilah. We favour the sisters’ speculation quite a lot by the way but only time will tell.

By the way, check the wallpaper, it’s the previous photo with Lucifer and Misty. 

So apparently Lucifer and Amenadiel at some get what the want…. in the end, but they both end up with some questionable garments. 

Yet the highlight of this episode, is indeed that we get the Travolta Lucifer as we have affectionately come to refer to Lucifer, in the 70a-80s clothing, which let’s face it is an obvious reference to Saturday Night Fever! What I love about that movie and is fitting here is this line from the movie: “You’re turning God into a telephone operator”

Anyway, I would go as far as to speculate here that the record is not actually the idiom but a music record.

Now I do have some questions about how Lucifer got back in his grey shirt but if you notice the background, he is not in the penthouse. Then again.. Twilight episode, which was promised to be really crazy…

And it is funny as the girl with the bra is from the first scene of the teaser and the other two are seen having drinks with Lucyfer at LUX…

Moving on from Misty, Lucifer Travolta and Amenadiel joining the little rascals,    Aimee Garcia or Shenna (lucifercostumes) took/posted a photo of BC Place, a sports venue in Toronto and called it circus. Speculation wise we might finally know what the Easter Egg painting in 2x13 was all about! For more information, theories and speculation about that painting please read this post

End of 2x21 - July 26th. 2017

Please remember that the probability of having mixed up some pictures under a certain episode is a possibility we cannot avoid. We will reblog the original posts with any new spoilers so if you want to navigate yourselves through these posts hit either of the following tags:

#Lucifer season 3 ship-sailing-in-the-night  (or)  #Lucifer season 3 sanoiro

We have some more spoilers but as we cannot really place them at the moment in context, we will refrain from sharing. Do not probe it will not work.

Droughtjoy 2017

Droughtjoy 2017 will run from Sunday August 20 to Sunday August 27

WHAT IS DROUGHTJOY: Basically an opportunity to make some creations dedicated to Theon’s arc in Season 7 that can range from Fix-it creations to Future Predictions to Fleshing out or Expanding on stuff that already happened in Season 7.. etc.

Since this is a very rushed, spur of the moment kind of thing, it will be pretty informal and it is no problem at all if your creations are short- for example writing a drabble instead of a fic. 

I will be accepting promps HERE. Anyone may submit a prompt even if you do not intend to create anything. You can also just create something without submitting a prompt. I will publish a prompt list on Friday at around 10 PM US EST so if you have an idea for a prompt please send it to me before then. There will also be a “Wild Card” prompt included- so that means, literally anything you are inspired to create that has to do with Theon in Season 7, so that you can get started before Friday night if you would like. You do not have to do something for every day! (Obviously) If there are some days during the week where there is nothing for me to reblog- that is fine! This is basically just to distract us all while we wait to see our favorite squid kid in the Season Finale so no pressure!

Every type of media is accepted: fan fics, fan arts, edits, photo sets, videos, but don’t worry if they are super short or even WIPs since this was all thrown together at the last minute. 

Remember to tag your posts droughtjoy2017 or droughtjoy 2017, so I can reblog your creations on this blog!

NSFW is absolutely welcome, but tag it for others’ comfort :D 

*I’m going to tag everyone who expressed an interest in this and please share with anyone who you think would be interested! You can also contact me on my main blog, @selkiewife​ with any questions!

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Hello Arc-V fandom once again! We’re here to present you the SECOND FRUITSHIPPING FLUFF FEST! We are happy you enjoyed it last year, so we hope in this 2017 it is even better!

What is Fruitshipping?

It is the couple name for Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiragi from Yu Gi Oh! Arc-V!

What is a Fluff Fest?

It’s a week fully dedicated to this paring, and all the cuteness in them!

When will this take place?

This week will go from March 1st to March 7th, with two bonus day!

How can I participate?

You can create fanfics, fanart, edits, gifts, colorings, headcanons, anything you want! We will track #fruitshippingflufffest (it needs to be between the first five tags!) If by some reason, if you don’t see your post reblogged after the next two days you publish it, don’t doubt to tell us!


Other important things:

-Please no Non-Con, bdsm, angst, nsfw, abuse or anything besides fluff!


Bonus Day (February 14th): Valentine’s Day

First Day (March 1st): History

Second Day (March 2nd): Tears

Third Day (March 3rd): Letter

Fourth Day (March 4th): Eyes

Fifth Day (March 5th): School

Sixth Day (March 6th): Duels

Seventh Day (March 7th): AU (Alternative Universe)

Bonus Day II (March 9th): Dimensions

a quick announcement about spoilers

hey everyone! two things real quick:

firstly, if you’re going to the Voltron panel at SDCC and/or watching the livestream and/or plan on watching the first episode of season 3 some other way after it’s shown - please remember to tag your spoilers! even if you’re just reblogging stuff! not everyone will want to/be able to see the panel/Q&A/trailer/episode/whatever, so you can help other fans by tagging all your spoilers so people can avoid them if they wish.

secondly - this blog will be spoiler-free until… probably about a week after S3 drops on Netflix. i won’t post anything from the trailer (if there is one) or from episode 1 (if it leaks online) and i won’t post any screencaps from S3 until about a week after it goes live.

this is for two reasons:

  1. i know not everyone likes spoilers and not everyone will get to watch the show on the day of release, and i want to give people a chance to catch up on the new episodes before i start posting screencaps from them
  2. from a practical point of view i won’t be able to get S3 screencaps until i’ve had a chance to rewatch the whole season and find the caps i want, so it will be a while before you see them on the blog

once i start posting things from S3, i will tag them as ‘vld 3′ and ‘voltron spoilers’. those are the tags you need to block if you don’t want to get spoiled for S3. i will continue tagging spoilers throughout August, so everyone will have a whole month to catch up on the new episodes. you can use something like {xkit} to blacklist tags if you want to avoid spoilery posts.

this blog is running on a bit of a reduced queue at the moment because IRL stuff has kept me busy and i’ve been away for a whole month - but rest assured i will be back in full force after S3 and ready to celebrate the return of the bloof!


Lucifer 2x20 - City of Angels? Spoilers and Speculations (Late July Update)

2x20: City of Angels? (previously titled Eenie Meenie Minie Me) - The Flashback/Origin Story Episode

Known Credit Details:

Carolyn Adair - Assistant

Luke Bilyk - The Flash

The episode was previously titled Eenie Meenie Minie Me so that gives you a good perspective on what we are dealing with. We know for a fact that we will see some hilarious things happening and also many of the backstories we craved to see in the past 2 seasons. Ildy said about 2x20 that in this episode Amenadiel is confused as he wears human clothes for the first time and he mismatches the garments with hilarious results.

In this episode, we might even see why Dan and Chloe had to take separate ways in a few years. Kevin Alejandro hinted in an interview that in the upcoming episodes the viewers would finally see why Chloe and Dan were expected to split up and why they weren’t working out as a couple. But for the time being, we also see them together in a very easy relationship.

Now thanks to Twitter we also have a few spoilers for you. Lucifer apparently meets Delilah in this episode for the first time and another character is introduced which we will see in the next episode (2x21).

How we know that? Ildy posted the concept outline while she was writing it months ago. Between the two of us (@ships-sailing-in-the-night & @sanoiro ) we managed to get out the following  (The actual photo is included in this post, see below): 

..t’s…..Delilah…in the flesh! Of course…if this is…………………..……..(where) the artists LIVE! LA just ………tinc…..and (-ting familiar and) better…does he look??

…..”What?…..stars in Hell?”………………………………………………………………work they do…………………………. (filming). Delilah…………..


Additionally, there is also something we all speculate here…. Lucifer will have Maze cut his wings in this episode but we all assumed it was when he first arrived on Earth. After some speculation and a theory @ships-sailing-in-the-night  and I placed a few things where they should have been. First DB’s twitter comment about an epic fight was about 2x20 

Meaning that the fight ring scene belongs to episode 2x20, and we have more proof about that… You see Lucifer doesn’t have his scar marks in this scene. They are both shirtless and you see some interesting violent driven behaviour there. 

My best bet is that Lucifer wagered his stay on Earth (at least for a short time) with that fight and he probably won. Yet the wings were a liability and so he decided to cut them off. That way he could not go willingly or otherwise to Hell. Amenadiel would have to get him to Hell somehow if he wanted to and as such Lucifer decided to severe his wings. 

After all, Lucifer knew that his brother could not kill him to get him to Hell. Hence the coin just in case, but obviously he never expected Chloe Decker to come along and Malcolm shooting him. 

At this point, we may also see “The Flash”. Either The Flash is the guy who sets the bets for the cage or he just has a corny nickname for ehm… reasons? No idea but the actor playing The Flash might be the young guy with the light plaid shirt behind the chicken wire when Amenadiel has pinned Lucifer on it. 

My best guess is that the bets were favouring Amenadiel… 

So as you see Lucifer is rather bloodied in the gif and we can see that as well in the next picture:

Now you would wonder what Dan and Chloe are doing there? Well in a sense Lucifer and Chloe are star crossed lovers. I doubt that the writer’s room would ever pass a chance of a meeting without actually being a meeting. Romantic, bittersweet and promising no? The writer’s room has said and we know it. Deckerstar is the end game. 

Yet as you can see… the crew shot during the sunset and according to LesleyAnn during the night as well. With LesleyAnn there we can all assume rather safely that something interesting might have happened before Lucifer got rid of his wings. Personally, I would have loved Chloe somehow influencing Lucifer to go forward with that action even if neither of them was aware of that or they hadn’t even met properly

End of 2x20 - July 26th. 2017

Please remember that the probability of having mixed up some pictures under a certain episode is always a possibility we cannot control. We will reblog the original posts with any new spoilers so if you want to navigate yourselves through these posts hit the either of the following tags:

#lucifer season 3 ship-sailing-in-the-night  (or)  #lucifer season 3 sanoiro

We have some more spoilers but as we cannot really place them at the moment in context, we will refrain from sharing. Do not probe it will not work.

Whump Week Starts Tomorrow!

We hope you’re all as excited as we are! Just a few things to remind everyone before this awesome week of whump kicks off!

-Please make sure to tag everything you want us to see/reblog as either voltronwhumpweek or voltronwhumpweek2017. All one word! Any other variants and we may not see them!

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-Please remember to tag any squicks, nsfw, and/or triggering content!

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-Please give the mods a grace period of one day to make sure all tagged entries get reblogged. If you don’t see your entry reblogged by the next day, feel free to message us! We are going to do our very best to make sure no entry gets left behind!

-We will be reblogging entries up to a week after the event has passed!

-And most importantly: HAVE FUN! Mod Tank and I are so excited to see all of the creative things everyone comes up with! Any other questions and comments feel free to shoot us over a message!

Happy whumping everyone!

So since there are more and more people posting spoilers in the tag, I’m going to have to stop searching in the Splatoon tag for art for now :( I do block #Spoilers but quite frankly people don’t always tag them, so I’d rather not take the risk this time.

I have about…15 draft reblogs saved so I may post a little slower to stretch them out! If you have art to suggest that I reblog, you’re free to drop some links in my Submit Box since asks don’t take links, I dont think!

Remember: I won’t reblog NSFW/Sexual of any kind, I wont reblog hate art of any characters, gore, anything like that!! I may not reblog everything I receive but I will try to reblog most of it! 

Since the destiny 2 beta will be available for PS preorder people tomorrow, I want to give a little reminder.

Tag your stuff.

If you take screenshots, clips, make any sort of post whatsoever about the contents of the beta, and hell, the entirety of destiny 2, tag it.

Reblogging a destiny 2 post, beta or otherwise, tag it.

There are people who haven’t early beta access, and there are people who won’t be able to play the beta, and there are people who don’t want any spoilers.

So remember people, tag the destiny 2 stuff.


Internal timeline for The Six Thatchers

I recently made a timeline for The Six Thatchers (BBC Sherlock 4:1) with the scenes arranged in the order they appear in the episode. This visualisation is based on that one, but shows the probable order of events in the show’s internal timeline.

I have removed duplicate scenes. As before, scenes that are illustrations of what someone in the show is talking about are not included (for example the death of Charlie Welsborough).

I have added the cremation, thank you to @writinginthewoods for mentioning that I had missed it!­

This is another quickly made visuali­sa­tion, in order to get it out there before the next episode. It is very rough and badly proof read, so please keep in mind that I might have missed someting.

Enjoy! (And again, please remember to tag reblogs for spoilers)

Tagging those of you that commented on the last post below the cut.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Yooo could you tag that Virgil post with some kind of spoilers tag? It ruined the the name reveal for me :/

Aaah crap I’m sorry!!! :( I managed remember on my own posts but forgot on the reblogs. Added the tag! Though it’s too late for you, brave anon, you have hopefully saved others. 

I will say this though–to everyone–I’d probably avoid tumblr altogether if you haven’t watched the new vid. We’re all freaking out too much to tag properly. :-/ 

15 Day TRK Countdown

Inspired by the BLLB Countdown, here comes TRK Countdown! Let´s get pumped for the last book of our favourite Raven Boys. 

*  From April 11th until April 25th ——-> The Raven King comes out April 26th!!!


Day 1: Favourite magical moment

Day 2: Favourite character

Day 3: BROTP day

Day 4: Funniest moment

Day 5: OTP day

Day 6: Most heart breaking moment

Day 7: Secondary characters appreciation day

Day 8: Favorite quote

Day 9: Music/Fanmix Day: music recs, songs/lyrics that remind you of your otp, Hondayota mixtape, Murder Squash   

Day 10: Crack Day - the day for crackships, crack theories, silly art, and the serious business of being ridiculous

Day 11: AU Day- Favourite alternative universe/setting

Day 12:Sleeping, Dreaming, and Waking - Anything to do with dreams, dreamers, thieves, stuff that’s already happened or stuff you think will happen in TRK

Day 13: Kissing Day - Kisses are a big part of TRK, is your otp kissing, have they already kissed, possible scenarios, favourite setting…kisses just kisses

Day 14: Throwback Sunday -  Fanworks Appreciation Day - reblog your favorite fanart, fanfic, meta etc, made by other people from any point in time. reviving favorite old stuff is encouraged!

Day 15: TRK Predictions Day - Predictions, theories!!!!!!!!

  • use #trk countdown   (and please remember to tag possible spoilers, be respectful with other users #trk spoilers) 
  • You can participate in any way or form you want. Making edits, graphics, fics, meta, fanart, audio, video, cosplay, etc. Unleash your creativity! 
  • Remember to REBLOG and NOT REPOST when sharing other people´s content (extremelly important everyday but specially on Day 14: Throwback Sunday) . Always give credit / link back  to the original creator of said content. 
  • We are posting this a few days before the countdown begins so you can organize/ prepare/ etc in case you are busy or you want to do something very special! Please do!
  • A million thanks to @the-smudgy-one​ who came up with most of the prompts! As well as to the creators of the BLLB Countdown! 
Notice: This Blog Is Not Spoiler Free

As of Sunday, I will be reblogging spoilers and liveblogging the episode. 

To avoid spoilers, blacklist: tw spoilers and tw season 6b

To avoid liveblogging, blacklist: fiona liveblogs as well as the above. 

Those tags will always be used. If I forget, I usually go back and correct it as soon as I remember. 

But you have been warned ahead of time.

nicoshark  asked:

jk here: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 17, 24 lol, 25, 26, 30


yuri on ice ask meme

1. how did you find out about the show

I first saw the trailer for the anime on tumblr over the summer before it came out (I think??) I remember reblogging it although I apparently didn’t tag it (oops) cause I checked the beginning of my yoi tag LOL And then I saw gifs from the first episode on tumblr when it came out.

2. favorite episode and why

Episode 10 - without going into spoilers cause someone still hasn’t watched it and I’m still HOPING (cough ;D cough)……… we get Victor’s point of view and there’s the whole ending scene and REVEALS and it was also not a skating episode? As much as I love the skating, it got kind of repetitive with Yuuri doing the same programs over and over.

3. favorite character and why

PICKING A FAVORITE IS HARD I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS :’( If I had to pick though, it would probably be Victor and one of the reasons is because hes so extra but also the other reasons are ~spoilers~ and also I’m not good enough with words to explain LOL.

6. favorite costume(s)

stammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfitstammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfitsstammivicinoduetoutfits hi what

10. favorite victuuri moment

The garage scene -> free skate -> after free skate parts of episode 7 huehuehue spoiler-free ;) although you’ve probably already seen it cause I reblogged it so many times…..

17. which character are you most like 

Probably Yuuri? Most relatable would be the low self-esteem and anxiety (me and every violin recital ever I don’t think there was ever a time I didn’t mess up even if I practiced for hours and all the parts I had difficulties with, I would always find a new way to screw up lol)

24. headcanon for how vicchan died 



uhhhh the Katsuki family is busy with the onsen and Vicchan manages to sneak out and is running along the usual route that Yuuri used to take him on for walks and he thinks he sees Yuuri across the road and is SO EXCITED TO SEE HIS HUMAN AFTER 5 YEARS he did not see the incoming truck B’)

^not a headcanon because I don’t have a headcanon cause I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT HOW VICCHAN DIED. 9/10 would not be surprised if this was actually something I read in a fic and forgot lol.

25. what’s your eros

san: “ idk what eros and agape is either but its going in there too “

Eros is like … passionate/romantic love OF WHICH I HAVE NONE so

26. what’s your agape

Agape is “a universal, unconditional love that transcends, that persists regardless of circumstance“ which confuses me tbh because it seems to have a lot to do with religion/Christianity but I guess I’ll do what yoi did and say my parents??

30. favorite fanworks (art and/or fic) 

sdfsdsdgsgs theres so much just go to my yuri on ice tag for art LOL uhhh for fics there’s a lot too omg uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


There’s been a lot of negativity in the fandom lately and I would really like to see a show of support for our favorite otome game heroine! You guys can decide if this sounds like something you want to participate in (my inbox is open if you have concerns), but I think it will be fun!

I was thinking March 22nd to March 28th.


• If somebody does not view Yui Komori as a stand-alone character then that’s fine. A lot of people just enjoy the games better that way! Don’t, under any circumstances, bully a person for expressing that they view Yui that way, even if you disagree.

• It might be best to turn off anon and block certain users. Some people can get really petty and I want to protect you guys from hateful messages.

• Tag your posts with #YuiAppreciationWeek and be sure to reblog other peoples’ posts!

• You can participate by drawing fanart, writing fics, making edits, just posting your opinions, or whatever kind of post you like as long as it’s not hateful! Even if you don’t think it’s good enough, remember that we are a hate-free environment and I will probably cry tears of happiness at your posts. So don’t hold back!

• Properly tag any spoilers, especially for the Dark Fate game.

• If this interests you, please reblog to spread the word.

Here are the 7 days of #YuiAppreciationWeek:

Day 1: Yui Komori
(Intro day~ Basically anything lol)

Day 2: Yui’s Best Quality
(i.e. faith, perseverance, etc)

Day 3: Yui’s Best Outfit
(If you’re an art person I would really like to see some fanart of her in new outfits! Yui is so pretty o(^▽^)o I want a day to appreciate her beauty!)

Day 4: Favorite Scene from the Games
(Tag spoilers!)

Day 5: Favorite Scene from the Anime

Day 6: Favorite Pairing

Day 7: Favorite Quote
(Yui has a voice - please use the last day to make sure we hear it.)

Day 1 is March 22nd! Please participate if you want to, and please keep it a positive environment for everyone. I will answer any questions you have.

anonymous asked:

I saw that you said you can "backlist" tags. i'm feeling a little ignorant, but could you explain that? is it like blocking a certain tag? and how do you do that?

okay so i’m all new at this blacklist thing but i’m gonna try to explain it to you anon ^^

basically i downloaded an app with chrome, it’s called tumblr savior (you can download it here, with mozilla i think it’s there), that allows me to “hide” posts on my dashboard depending on the tags people used. when you download it you’ll see, you just have to write a tag in the “black list” part, and everytime someone will use that tag, the post won’t appear on your dash, what will appear instead is a sentence like “xxx reblogged smth and tagged it xx” or smtg among those lines i don’t remember. if you wanna see the post appear on your dash, you just have to click on that sentence.

for example, i blacklisted every tags related to the fault in our stars because, lol, since my country sucks balls, it’s not out in france until the end of august and i don’t want to see any spoilers. so i blacklisted tags like “tfios”, “tfios movie”, etc. off course, it only works when people tag their posts. if they don’t, tumblr savior won’t block it since it won’t know it’s about tfios :/

there, i hope it helped you anon! sorry for writing such a long answer omg :O