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Inktober - Day 7: Shy

Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki
Rating: T (for language)
Other tags: Copious amounts of blushing, Bakugou Katsuki Sweats A Lot, Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings

If you want a little bit more context, you can find Part 1 here! Or you can read both parts over on AO3!

Art by Kumi. Words by Red.
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Katsuki could feel the blush rising on his cheeks. He felt too warm under his own skin.

He was dressed for the cold outside and, thinking they would just stay at the café for a little while, he hadn’t bothered to take off his winter jacket after they sat down with their drinks, which Kirishima had insisted on paying for without giving much explanation. But that didn’t matter right now.

Truth was, when Kirishima had all but dragged him out of his room - on a Sunday morning no less - because he was craving some hot cocoa, this was certainly not how he had envisioned the outing to go. At all.

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When the moon shines.

This is a possible one shot for gajeelsenpai or better known as rboz, due to her Werewolf AU which she will probably post with her twitter doodles at the end of the month. Check her twitter out if you’re curious. REMEMBER NOT TO REPOST THEM, just have a peep bruh. This idea has my own little spin on it due to not knowing what Rusky wants to do for the idea. So if she doesn’t like it, I might not continue, since it is of her own creation. 
This chapter is 6,123 words. It has fighting scenes, and suggestion of sexual contact. (If this does continue i’ll add more sex stuff because Gajevy… fufu)


Ever since that day, he could not stop thinking about the colour blue. The kind of the blue that reminded you of the ocean, or the sky when it starts to get dark. The colour almost haunted him wherever he went. It haunted not only in the sight of the colour, but the new found scent that came with it as well. 

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