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I stared up at the ceiling of Shawn’s bedroom, while I laid on his bed, listening to him as he played the keyboard. “Cause, if you like the way you look that much, Oh baby, you should go and love yourself.” Shawn sang, covering a Justin Bieber’s song. He messed up the chords on the keyboard a few times, that cuased  him to slightly chuckle between words and me to smile. “And if you think-“ wrong chord, then laughter, “than I’m still holdin’ onto something, you should go and love-“ wrong chord, then laughter, “yourself.” I turned my head to look over at him. He looked so adorable as he stared down at the piano keys, thought evident on his facial expressions and pinkish cheeks.

“Why you always sound so amazing?” I mumbled, causing him to look back at me. “That’s my magic, I guess?” He wiggled his eyebrows, a large smile was showing on his face. I chuckled, just what he was looking for to hear. I shook my head, and this time it was him who chuckled. “I just love the way you sing it. Like it is so pure, and just so ugh. You’re so amazing, just go die already.” I said, getting up from his bed and walking over to where he sat. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder, staring down at the piano keys. “Wow, thanks.” He mumbled, acting offended, but yet he turned his head to give me a quick kiss.

“Move, move your ass” I mumbled, after his lips pulled away from mine. Shawn smiled and moved over, giving me some space to sit beside him, then he placed his fingers on the keys and began to play once again. I watched as his long fingers switched from one key to another, moving across the keyboard. “Can you teach me?” I asked over the melody he played. Shawn stopped playing and looked over at me. “What?! You want to learn?” He asked. I bit my bottom lip and nodded, slightly nervous. “Okay!” He said, excitement in his eyes. He was so happy to teach me something he was really good at.

“Alright so, this is the first chord.” Shawn said, placing his fingers back on the keyboard. I leaned over him a bit, trying to get a better look at the keys he played with his hand furthest away from me. He chuckled. “Come here.” He said, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me onto his lap. I couldn’t help, but laugh. Now sitting in his lap, Shawn grabbed my hands so softly and placed them on the keyboard. He looked over my shoulder, down at the keys in front of us. He moved a few of my fingers to a key on both of my hands. Then he placed his hands over top of mine. He guided me through the chords of the song. We laughed and joked the whole time, making it impossible to concentrate.

“Do you think that you can play those first few chords on your own?” Shawn asked, taking his hands off of mine, the palms of my hand immediately felt the cold air of his room. “Definitely no.” I said, grabbing his hands that he had rested in my lap. I entwined my fingers with his, craving his touch. He laughed at my answer. “Come on sweetie, you got this. You learnt from the best.” He said, trying to be funny by sounding sassy and cocky. I looked back at him and playfully rolled my eyes, causing him to chuckle. “Okay.” I said, releasing my hands from his grasp and placing my fingers on the keys of the first chord. I bit my lip, focusing on the keys and on what I had just learned.

“Damn, look at that concentration.” Shawn laughed, looking over my shoulder. “Oh shut up.” I replied, trying not to laugh with him, but ended doing it anyway. I pressed down on the keys, hearing the right chord, causing a feeling of excitement to come over me. I clapped my hands together, just like a small kid. “See? You got it. Yasss!” Shawn said, just before I moved my fingers for the next chord. When I pressed down on the keys this time the chord sounded awfully terrible. “And you didn’t got it.” Shawn said, chucklin, after it I put the best pout look over my face, and turned around to slap his chest. “You just need a little more practice, baby.” He said, wrapping his arms around my waist, hugging me to tightly, resting his head on my back. “A little?” I questioned, laughing. “Okay, maybe some more than a little.” He laughed, lifting his head to look at me. “I think you should come for a lesson seven times a week” He said, causing me to laugh. “I guess you would get sick and bored of me, I mean seeing me every day of the week damn  can be pretty hard, you know.” I chuckled. “Well… well… I don’t think so. Never.” He replied. I got up from his lap, turning to be able to face him, before sitting back down. I just could look at him way better. He was wearing the most beautiful smile.

“Then you can also teach me how to play the guitar.” I say excitedly, a large smile pulling at the corners of my and Shawn’s lips. He began to chuckle. “One instrument at a time, cuddlebug.” He said. “Yeah, fair enough.” I chuckled, resting my forehead against his. “So, what is your charge for each lesson?” I asked, pulling my head back. He took my hand and kissed the palm of it, smirk growing on his face. “For you, not much. Just a kiss. Or two. Or eventually three.” He replied with a large, cute smile in his face. “Easy, I definitely can afford that.” I mumbled, already kissing his pink, soft lips.


Do you guys remember this iconic YouNow livestream, where he covered ‘Love Yourself’? It is still my favourite thing on this planet, but if somehow you don’t remember it anymore, no worries, I’m leaving you a link, so you can have a retrospection and a little throwback! 😊

A bit shorter imagine than usually, but I hope you still enjoyed reading it!
Have an amaing day/night, honey. ❤

Sorry I stopped answering those one word asks. I got kind sad/tired out of nowhere and didn’t really want to answer them. Also I think I might take a short hiatus tonight from blogging? Just kind of want to have a ‘me’ night.

Talk to you guys tomorrow! Remember that Mark is livestreaming tomorrow!!


This is blog entry was brought to you by Director Sasaki, the self-proclaimed “only serious person in this staff”. If you watched the DanganGravity livestream, you might remember him as the guy who played Gravity Rush 2 and sucked terribly at it.

Sasaki identifies himself as Ki-bo and his work colleagues treat him as such. Just like Ki-bo, he is a very serious person surrounded by less serious people, has terrible luck, nothing he tries to do works but he is somehow still cute trying and he is that one guy who never gets the jokes. 

As a director he does some cool tasks like:

  1. Throwing ideas to everyone else in the project.
  2. Managing everyone’s schedules and work quality.
  3. Turning Kodaka’s script into an well balanced and performanced game.
  4. Many other less fun and more time-confusing jobs

After that, Sasaki finally talks V3. He goes on a little bit the struggles they had to make the new DanganRonpa new. Upgrading all systems aside, the answer they found were the lies and the Panic Debate. But he makes quite clear that the thing he most likes about DanganRonpa is how unpredictable Kodaka’s story is. He assures us that V3′s is more unpredictable than ever. It’s a story only DanganRonpa can do. An experience you can never get anywhere else.

Remember guys, Radiohead's Coachella livestream begins tonight at 10:40 PM pacific time! So that's 11:40 PM mountain time, 12:40 AM central time, and 1:40 AM eastern time, for those who didn't know!