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I was just remembering a D&D campaign I played a few years ago. I was playing a sneaky rogue. At one point before leaving on a quest, during some down-time, I’d had her pay a baker to make some bread chock-full of deadly nightshade berries. In the following quest, we were supposed to rescue this princess chick who’d been kidnapped by some evil sorcerer or something. And she was so fucking annoying, complaining about how slowly we’d been rescuing her, acting really shifty whenever we asked her any questions, making weird sexual promises to the Paladin, and whining about being hungry. So I offered her a chunk of my bread.

DM, who obviously had plans for this character: Is this the deadly nightshade bread? Yeah, she’s not gonna eat that.

Me: Why not? She said she was starving.

DM: Is that enough to kill her?

Me: I dunno. I think I read it takes 3 berries to kill a toddler. That chunk probably has, like, 20. If it doesn’t kill her, she’ll get terrible digestive issues, hallucinate like crazy, maybe convulse, and probably wish she was dead.

DM: Wouldn’t she taste something funny?

Me: Nope, the berries are supposedly pretty delicious.

DM: Well… she… she’s suspicious about why you’re giving it to her.

Me: Why the fuck is she suspicious? I’m rescuing her, and she said she’s hungry. I’m being nice. And she’s being rude.

DM: W-well… Paladin, aren’t you going to warn her about the nightshade?

Paladin: I wasn’t there when she paid the baker. I think it’s just bread.

Sorcerer: None of us knew. And she has no reason not to eat it.

DM *getting frustrated now*: Okay, fine! She takes it and… there’s a loud bang from further back in the cave, and she gets startled and drops it.

Me: What the hell. Here I am rescuing you, I give you my bread, and you insult me like this?

DM *playing as the princess*: Oh, uh, tee-hee? Sorry?

Me: Well don’t worry, princess. Of course I didn’t give you the whole loaf. Here, have another slice.

DM: She’s not hungry anymore.

Ranger: Bullshit. Eat up, princess.



Democrats escalates pressure on GOP to conduct investigation on Trump-Russia collusion.


november 6th, 2012 | happy birthday, halo 4

“The others scatter like embers over sand. And yet, the Librarian’s champion is unmoved.”


“Sweden’s biggest music festival will be replaced next year by a women-only alternative after reports of a series of rapes and sexual assaults at this year’s event.

Bråvalla Festival, which this year was headlined by The Killers, The Chainsmokers and Skepta, has been blighted by news of sexual crime since its inception in 2013, while last weekend saw four rapes and 23 sexual assaults reported over the course of the four-day event. In 2016, five rapes and 12 sexual assaults were reported from the event, with that year’s headliners Mumford & Sons and Zara Larsson later condemning the event and refusing to return.

After next year’s festival was cancelled and its organisers released an oddly-phrased statement claiming “certain men apparently cannot behave”, Swedish comedian and radio presenter Emma Knyckare took to social media with an intriguing proposition.

“What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome,” Knyckare tweeted, “that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?”

Knyckare’s suggestion reached the powers-that-be, and she later posted to Instagram apparent confirmation that a women-only festival was indeed to take place.

“Sweden’s first man-free rock festival will see the light next summer,” she wrote. "In the coming days I’ll bring together a solid group of talented organisers and project leaders to form the festival organisers, then you’ll hear from everyone again when it’s time to move forward.“

While smaller women-only festivals can be found the world over, most notably the late Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, last year referenced in an episode of Transparent, the 50,000-capacity Bråvalla Festival will be the most high-profile music event to entirely refuse entry to men.

It’s also the first significant response to a worldwide initiative designed to curb sexual assaults and misogyny at music festivals.

Twenty-eight British festivals, including Bestival, Parklife and Secret Garden Party, staged an online "blackout” in May as part of the #saferspacesatfestivals campaign.“

Remember, discrimination is okay as long as it’s the right kind of discrimination. I’m sure men in general are the problem, so this is totally fine.

Seriously though, could you get away with doing this to any other demographic in the modern western world? What about a white only music festival? What about a male only music festival? What about a non-muslim only music festival? The outrage would be insane. I’m sorry but this is bullshit. If you’re in favor of stuff like this when it’s done against men I don’t want to hear shit from you if and when similar things happen to other demographics.

*bursts in through the wall* HEY GUYS just thought i’d check in and make sure none of y’all are sleeping on #renewsense8 today….

remember the worldwide trending campaign today (June 4) at 12 pm EST

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hell, send those assholes a goddamn flip flop if you can


empathy and being “good”

the post i reblogged right before this one talks, in a form of a dialogue, about one’s desire to be a good, helpful person while their brain tells them that it requires empathy “for at least 2 minutes”, and the person saying something like “oh ew”, implying it’s not that possible. it is implied that the OP has NPD, narcissistic personality disorder. this post was the reason why i decided to finally let my opinion flow on this topic: empathy and being a “good person”. 

it seems at first that these two concepts march together: if you have good, normal empathy levels, you are a nice person, and vice versa. and, in fact, it’s not a wrong assumption! there are definitely tons of good empaths. however, such assumption is a logical fallacy. it is simply correlation, but not causation. and here is my explanation why.

let’s start with definitions. what is empathy? because it is a nontangible concept, its definitions are vague and vary from dictionary to an encyclopedia to one person’s set of ideas. daniel goleman says that empathy is awareness of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns. empathy is also the power of entering into another’s personality and imaginatively experiencing his experiences, according to Chambers English Dictionary. so, summing it up, we have empathy that is an ability to understand and/or feel someone’s feelings, or, like people say, an ability to walk in one’s shoes.

a good person is even a vaguer term. it is not in the dictionary, so let me cite wikihow. a good person is a person who is ready to improve themselves, have a positive attitude, and interact with others. but, if you want something even more simplified, a good person is someone who does morally good things. ex. helping others.

simply knowing that people are happy or suffering or scared or worried does not make one a good person. in order to be considered a good person, one has to, for example, help the sad and broken people who need a shoulder to cry on or some cash to survive the night. me observing a small puppy drowning in a pond, because his small paws are too short, and thinking “that puppy is suffering and scared” doesn’t make me a good person. however, me helping the puppy does.

can lack of empathy prevent me from helping the puppy? obviously, by not feeling the puppy’s feelings or experiencing his experiences, it could be hard to understand what’s wrong in his situation. however, i have some common sense left. i see a puppy with extremely short legs that are creating splashes everywhere. this is definitely not the situation the puppy should be in, as the dog obviously cannot swim. i take the puppy and put it on the solid ground. he is alive. and i have done something good by saving a dog’s life.

was it necessary for me to understand that, at first, the puppy was scared and then relieved? first sad then happy? no. absolutely not. but somehow i managed to do a good thing. without any excess empathy.

i have seen posts on social media - twitter mainly - filled with praise for empathy. “empathy is everything,” and similar quotes. and i cannot be angry at these phrases, but i can’t help it, because of tweets like these:

these tweets not only show the OP’s ignorance but promote such ignorance and (ironically!)close-mindedness among their followers and fans. it demonizes people with low or w/o empathy. it demonizes individuals with npd, aspd, bpd, schizoid pd, autism, and schizophrenia. it demonizes those who lack normal levels of empathy due to abuse or trauma. it demonizes people who have done nothing to deserve such demonization.

i did not want to tie politics into this at all, but i have to. remember when trump’s campaign was growing? remember when liberals started saying that trump has npd? remember the reality where trump (wow!) does not have npd? if liberals are really what they claim to be - for equality and against oppression - they must stop spreading stigma against mentally ill people.

i am a very good person. sometimes it is hard for myself to believe that - partly thanks to those who say that low empathy is awful - but it is true. i help people. i volunteer. i make people happy. do i know they are happy? not really. but they tell me they are. there is a great thing called communication that exists. i might not see that the person is hurt; yet, if they tell me they are, i will surely try to comfort them. yes, it works that way. not only through guessing people’s mood.

to conclude, i have no idea who created the idea that empathy is the cause of good things. in reality, one’s moral compass is the true cause of good deeds. morals are the reason we see something as good or bad. so, instead of being a prick to fellow citizens with mental disorders, one can try to find the faults in their argument and finally see the truth.

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I feel so cheated!!!

Remember that world wide campaign we did called Plane4GMW where we sent hundreds of thousands of paper airplanes to various networks pleading for the show to get picked up for a S4
like it deserved and then remember when MJ promised us he’d give us answers and then just said the shows about friendship I’m

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advice for making friends?

  • if you like nerdy stuff, check out your local games store, activities center or library - my local shop does gaming events (tabletop, video and board) and there’s always people just hanging out - it isn’t always the most immediately accepting group of people, depending on where you live, but personally i think its fun
  • again, if you like nerdy stuff, go to a convention near you around con season - even if you don’t cosplay, people get so happy and excited and I’ve made a bunch of friends at conventions
  • if you’re LGBT+, you probably have a local facebook page, or something to that effect - for my town, there are weekly-monthly meetups and pride celebrations during june, and even if you don’t go to parties, it’s nice to talk to someone with at least that in common online. 
  • message your mutuals and people you follow! i have my messenger open to anyone, but some people have it closed off to mutuals only - personally, i think its an excellent way to meet people. you can talk about or ask about their original content (art, writing, craft, music, whatever), you can easily tell what shows they watch or games they play or music they like, and if they’re nice they’ll reply. i’ve been on tumblr for 4 years now and im telling you, just sending them a post and saying “this reminded me of you” is lovely
  • doing fanart of someones OCs (or even fanart using the same design they use) and tagging or sending it to someone on tumblr definitely helps - if people do that for me i genuinely squeal and send it to all my friends and save it to my computer for future reference
  • hang out with your friends’ friends, if you can - i personally find it hard to go to big parties for very long because im a crotchety old anxious man, but if/when you feel up for it, do it
  • when you’ve successfully initiated contact, keep up an empathetic back and forth. keep the conversation a series of asking and answering in varying amounts, and don’t rant straight off the bat about how your step dad ron is an asshole, that puts people off - 20 questions may be cheesy and has possibly horny connotations now but its a good way to initiate conversation 

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do you remember when ea had this campaign thing about strong women in games by ea and they chose fucking BABS L'AMOUR to represent the sims instead of the iconic BELLA GOTH? beCAUSE I REMEMBER AND IM STILL NOT OVER IT THIS KEEPS ME AWAKW AT NIGHT EA WHY ARE YOU LIKE THSI,,, HOW IS BABS IN ANY WAY BETTWR THAN BELLA GOTH THE WOMAN WA SABDUCTED BY A L I E N S ASVDJAJAJSOEBZBKA

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Disney Researches Marketing Again: Wreck-it Ralph 2

Honestly, I don’t really care about how the sequel is called… it has been quite clear for a while that even TITLES ARE PART OF MARKETING for Disney, and that everything is gonna leads us to believe a thing that might not be the actual movie; remember how they manipulated the campaign in the first one so it looked like characters from other games were goimg to be aaaaaaall over the place and then they didn’t? Yeah, fuck that xD

I roll my eyes to it, the movie has the same director, the same producer… it clearly comes from a place of love and allowed ‘cuz let’s be honest, the universe of WiR has lots to explore, and in context, the internet sounds pretty exciting =3= Bring it on Rich Moore, I believe in you!

The Chocobros Play Tabletop RPGs



  • If there are fish-people, Noct is all over that. If not, the DM will likely take pity on him and let him homebrew a race.
  • Plays a spellsword-type class in just about everything. Not so stealthy, but good at slinging spells and swinging swords.
  • His Charisma is the lowest in the party and they have gotten in trouble for this before. Hello, nat 1’s.
  • His highest stat is Wisdom, tied with Strength.
  • He is a god at Detect Magic but almost never remembers to use it.
  • Any character he plays is generally a snarky Chaotic Good with a destiny to fulfill and who somehow endears themselves to the rest of the party.


  • Does not usually have the energy for this kind of thing.
  • Least prepared DM ever; he routinely forgets sessions are coming up and prepares in a panic at the last minute. Or makes Iggy write the scenarios.
  • Will not kill off characters. He will jump through hoops to prevent the players from losing their characters.
  • If he is really into a storyline, he somehow becomes a semi-competent DM and pre-prepares everything like he should.



  • Super into it. He gets into character with ease and stays there for the duration of the session, sometimes even dressing up.
  • Writes down what happens every session. Unless he does this, he will forget everything. (This includes loot, experience, and story information.)
  • Generally plays a bard or rogue character with good range and a lot of Dexterity. Nearly always Lawful or Chaotic Good.
  • He ties with Iggy for sneakiest, although Iggy usually plays mages.
  • Dexterity and Charisma are his highest stats and he can talk NPCs into literally anything. He once talked an angry Orc into giving Prompto’s character all of his clothes and items.
  • Most likely to commission art of his characters.
  • The squishiest member of the party.


  • While he is a stickler for the rules, Prompto is also okay with bending them sometimes.
  • Most likely to allow homebrew in his campaigns.
  • Goes out of his way to make sure the campaign is not too hard or too easy. He will also occasionally deus ex machina the party out of harm’s way.
  • Reads all of the handbooks and supplements; he is so well-versed it’s scary.
  • Excellent at setting the scene and really building a plot.



  • A mage or a rogue-type character. He will occasionally play druid or shaman classes, for variety.
  • Whatever he plays, he is committed. He will read up on the lore surrounding his race and class and craft a deep, engaging backstory.
  • Even when he isn’t playing a stealthy class, Ignis is somehow scary stealthy. His rolls are godly. Even the DM is slightly afraid.
  • If there is not already a healer in the party, Ignis will pick up the slack and either re-class or stock up on spells and potions. He is the primary reason nobody dies in campaigns he plays in.
  • He keeps the best notes and remembers campaign details even the DM has forgotten.
  • His highest stats are Intelligence and Dexterity.
  • Lawful Whatever. He doesn’t really play Chaotic characters.


  • When he takes his glasses off, things are about to go down.
  • Meticulous note-taker, as shown above. He remembers everything, even things the party would prefer he forgot.
  • His scenarios are things of beauty– lovingly created from hours and hours of planning and flawlessly executed. Players love having Ignis as a DM.
  • While he tries to avoid it, he will allow characters to die. He tries to leave options for the characters to escape death, but when it happens and the party can’t stop it, Ignis won’t intervene.
  • Strictly by-the-book… unless he is in a mood, at which point he will change things up. It’s impossible to tell when this will happen.



  • Always, always, always a tank. Gladio is incapable of playing any class that does not deal heinous damage.
  • He runs headfirst into battle. His characters have the highest HP in the party.
  • His highest stats are Strength and Constitution.
  • Generally Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. Occasionally plays Chaotic Evil when looking for variety.
  • Dies the most out of the entire party because he insists on charging everything.
  • Most likely to roll to seduce… literally anything. He has tried to seduce an Owlbear before. The DM allowed it, to see if it would work.
  • It did.


  • Does not pull any punches. He is actively trying to kill the party and feels like the campaign isn’t hard enough if at least one character hasn’t bit the big one.
  • Has read all of the handbooks and supplements but is a fan of homebrew.
  • He’s actually a really good DM– even though he’s tough, players always have fun in games he runs.
  • Most likely to troll the players: random encounters with silly enemies, weird status effects (“You are now unable to sneeze, although you always need to”), and general tomfoolery.
  • His NPCs are works of art. He takes time to make them feel like real characters, using techniques from the books he’s read to flesh them out and make the players want to interact with them. He knows a 3-dimensional character when he sees one and tries to make his NPCs as close as possible.

Breaking Light Campaign is officially underway! Here’s the drawings I did from our first two sessions (although pretty much everything is from the second - when we actually got underway). We’ve entered into the swampland/jungle on our way to retrieve an artifact from a recent-quake uncovered temple ruin. On the way we met a helpful dragonborn (probs much to his regret), caught some bugs, and Remembered about unicorns. 
(If I need to edit my versions of y’all’s characters, let me know before I get stuck on “this is what they look like in my head!”)

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