remember these two bless


Finally the explanation about that kiss and some cute smoochs yay 


The Essentials (TCM) promo with Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, for the movie Rear Window airing on TCM - June 24, 2017.

ICYMI: Tina will be with Alec on The Essentials, every Saturday starting on June 24, until August 5.

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Do you have a rec list of bff to lovers?? thanks

Friends to lovers coming up! A nice long list to get you through the hiatus. Happy reading!

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This year SDCC has been a blessing

That, or I’m in too deep in too many fandoms

Here’s a little five second transformation for all of you because I think it’s important to remember to love your body for how it looks and to not compare yourself with others. On the left i’m standing nice and tall and flexing my stomach, and on the right is me relaxed all squishy with cute little rolls. I have always carried a lot of skin on my stomach doesn’t matter what size I am and when I sit I it creates little rolls. I use to be really insecure about them and would hate even being looked at when I sat and I would check every time I sat down to see if they have gotten any smaller. I would look around at other girls who sat down and didn’t have rolls and really wish I had their bodies because I thought people would like me better or it would make me feel better about myself. BUT I have come such a far way from that mind set and honestly I am so happy with my body and I hope you are two! Remember that all bodies are different and you were blessed with this one, so treat it right and give it all the love you got because you only have one❤️



I believe you.