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So season 11 is confirmed. Given Gillian's opening twitter salvo, I fear for the health of MSR. We are not the only ones witnessing the social media trolling and the shenanigans on set. Think about it.... Letting Mulder be intimate with Scully may lead to things getting out of hand between the actors. Remember the ermm, multiple hallway outtakes just for shits and giggles? Lol

Give me all the things that get out of hand!!!
I take it all!!! This will be awesome 🎉🍾🎉🍾
There is never to much getting out of hand when it comes to them 😂 because this I think will be the last season ever I’m greedy and I don’t give a fuck what is appropriate or not give me everything!!!


For all those who have followed my previous blog posts, you must be familiar with how I always try sticking to a more-of-nature, less-of-urban backdrops for my photographs. When I started The Scarlet Window, the idea behind it all was to create styles with a fusion of both indian and western clothing elements or infusing ethnic elements into a modern space where it’s wearable and at the same time looks unique and gorgeous. But my love for pure, unadultrated ethnic styles have always resulted in most of my series being all ethnic. Hence, this time I took a conscious effort in putting together a look that’s a little bit of both, and is simple, comfortable, colourful, wearable and pretty. :)

We(Ajay and I) explored some lovely streets in the suburbs of Bombay for this shoot. Ventured into building compounds older than three decades, streets filled with bougainvillea, played with adorable stray puppies(leave Ajay with dogs, and it’s the most difficult task pulling him away from them. Such a dog lover, Ajay), scouted till we got some beautifully textured walls as backdrops(photo 1 & 2), ate vada pavs while contemplating which other streets to explore, romanticised the gorgeous evening light, stopped mid shoot and contemplated if the nose-ring was too large, randomly plucked a lot of flowers, because…pink :), spoke about life, had chai, spoke about how the pressure of building careers is the worst thing to happen to us, had more chai, got excited about how the photos were coming out lovely, and so much more frenzied talk, none of which I remember now.

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Lots of love <3

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Remembered Grief

This is an outtake from chapter 3 of To Bring Them Home. I was thinking about posting an excerpt today anyway, then I remembered that the drabble prompt from @legendslikestardust is remember. So… this might be a good spot to warn you that chapter 3 is possibly sadder than chapter 2. 

The Doctor looked up and froze when he saw Donna waving Rose’s purple blouse around. It was the same blouse he’d wept into the day he lost Rose. He felt himself trembling and he tried to look away from it, but he couldn’t.

His throat closed up, and he had to swallow twice before he could say, “That’s my wife’s.”

“Where is she, then?” Donna demanded. The hand still holding Rose’s shirt went to her hip. “Popped out for a space walk?”

The Doctor grabbed the console, picturing Rose on the beach where he’d left her less than ten minutes ago. “She’s gone,” he answered curtly.

Donna rolled her eyes. “Gone where?”

The Doctor leaned on the console and closed his eyes, getting the tears under control. “I lost her,” he mumbled, without looking at Donna.

“Well, you can hurry up and lose me!” she snapped.  

The Doctor sucked in a breath and pressed his hands to his eyes. He could see it again, Rose slipping from the lever and falling towards the Void. Pete catching her, and the last look of love she’d given him before she’d disappeared.

The silence apparently got through to Donna, because her next words were much less strident. “How do you mean, lost?”

The Doctor opened his eyes, aware that his eyelashes were wet. Donna put her hand to her mouth and set the shirt down.

“I’m sorry, Doctor.”

The empty space in the Doctor’s mind cried out for Rose. She was supposed to be here with him—she’d promised him forever. He could feel the pull of the Void again as he remembered the hope on Rose’s face when she’d first seen his projection. She’d thought he was bringing her home, but instead…

He ground his teeth together so hard that his jaw hurt. “Right, Chiswick!” He flipped the lever and sent them hurtling towards Earth—towards Earth, and away from Rose.

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This is just me but I think it would be adorable if young Garrus and young Grace met. They're both kids and Garrus would be curious about the human with red hair and Grace curious about seeing a Turian her age. How would it be if they met at that age?

“Hi,” said a voice–a strange, flat voice, one without subharmonics–just to his left. His mandibles twitched with irritation. “Can you tell me how come grownup turians have that makeup on, but little turians don’t?”

Garrus recoiled a little from the question, and even more from the alien asking it. Instead of proper fringe or even plates, its head was covered in very long, fine red fur or tentacles or something. Its grey-green eyes weren’t big as a salarian’s, but they were still alarmingly wide, and more fur–black, this time–sprouted from around them. Red fuzzy bits lifted and the big eyes got even bigger. The fleshy mouth twisted around. Garrus shuddered. 

“Don’t you have a translator?” it asked. “Mine has turian in it. I tested it. I heard some big turians talking already, but you’re the first little one I’ve seen.”

“I’m not that little,” Garrus retorted. Maybe its translator did have turian, but either it couldn’t pick up the overt go away and leave me alone in his subharmonics, or the human chose to ignore it. “I’m seven. Almost eight. And I’m taller than you.”

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please tell me someone else remember the outtakes from Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie

Thursday, 14th May, 2015 

“If I’m being frank, I’m really fucking lucky. Today I had the pleasure of attending school, where I’m slowly getting increasingly educated (“educated”), for free. I caught a bus to town and I sat on the beach, where I watched the sun fall out of the sky and gradually sink to, and then below, the horizon. Surrounded by people, I felt safe. I live under a big bright sun, on the East Coast of Australia, in a little town called Byron Bay. I am educated 5 days a week, and have time for myself 2 days a week. I am healthy, my family owns a house and I am given options to suit my preferences regarding almost everything. I love the people in my life. Remembering this is important.” -an outtake from today’s diary entry. 

I imagine that Lila Grace really likes Oscar from Sesame Street. Not surprisingly, I guess. A misanthropic grouch who lives in a trash can and loves garbage? The resemblance between him and her favorite person in the world (i.e. her dad) is downright uncanny. :P