remember the troops

There’s still time in #SLBP’s Call of Betrayal!

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The Call of Betrayal only lasts until 2/22 14:59 (UTC) before the final siege begins…so time is of the essence!
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So, remember to rally your troops, serve those Beans, and bring home Divine Victory!


if you’re reading this | tim mcgraw

as we gear up for the long weekend ahead,

don’t forget to take a moment and give thanks for the men & women who fight daily for our freedom.

A brief thought about Memorial Day:

1. It is altogether proper and right that we celebrate and honor the dedication and sacrifice that has at times been necessary to protect the United States and the rest of the world. Memorial Day has a valuable purpose.

2. Every time people post “remember the troops,” every time they post about the military’s unique sacrifices as key to defining American freedom, every time “Saving Private Ryan” or “Band of Brothers” comes on, an ideology is being advanced, defended and expanded that makes possible the American global empire. After all, American use of force is not always against Nazis, and our friends are not always the agents of democracy. “Up with the troops” obscures this reality and makes it easier to condone the next use – and abuse – of force since we fantasize we are always the good guys, and “they” – whoever they are – are always bad.