remember the time he used to show emotion


can we talk about these three very different hugs and how perfectly they were portrayed? 

For the first one Yuuri is acting spontaneously, surprising, maybe, even himself. He is pretty bad at psychical contact, remember? (in ep 1. he was forced to simply shake hands with people)
But now he’s overwhelmed with emotions and seeks reassurance. And after he hugs Victor out of blue he probably feels a bit awkward. But Victor empathizes with Yuuri, showing him a gentle smile and comforts him using a most soothing voice.

The second one is a nice warm hug from Victor. He’s just so happy and excited, that this time he acts spontaneously, pulling Yuuri close and squeezing, while Yuuri is so stupefied by Victor’s energy and approval, that he just stands there, lost in the moment

The third one is barely a hug, very subtle one. It’s personal, not meant to be noticed by the crowd. Gentle touch of reassurance to say, “I am here for you” and “You can do it”.


“Harvey might not have a genius memory but he can remember verbatim Mike’s opinion on the subject: how many hundreds of things had to happen to get us into the same room – Grammy’s suddenly needing more care, Trevor offering me the deal and me saying yes for the first time, his suppliers choosing that deal to betray him, the pool being closed, me reading that book in elementary school, Rick Sorkin never showing, Donna letting me into that room. And that’s just on my side – Jessica had to promote you on that day and book that particular room at that particular hotel on that particular day…”

- From this lovely fanfic love will come through (it’s just waiting for you)  by @tattooedsiren 

I love this part so much I had to make some gif’s and we all know they were always meant to be.



“He sees her and for the first time, all the emotion floods to his face. In the end, of courseit’s Lydia.”

jeff davis : “ They have something special. We decided that this is the place to show that they’ve gone from a simple crush, to friends, to something deeper.”




“ I WON’T “  


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Which of the Bates have you met and what were they like?

The Bates are literally so genuine. I’ve met them three times, in 2015 and twice in 2016.

So I met Gil and he was just like he is in the show. So kind and grateful, and emotional. Literally love him.

I met Kelly Jo and she’s perfect. I mean so nice and genuine and she remembered my friend and I from the first time. She asked a lot about myself and wanted to know all about me. She even invited us out to dinner with the family once (which we regretfully had to decline ugh).

I met Michael and Brandon and they were very quiet and shy. They were not interested in talking with me.

Erin is sooo precious. She’s so nice and sweet and gave me her number to stay in touch. Chad is also very sweet, and caters to Erin, not unlike we see in the show.

I met Lawson and the first time, he was very awkward. Like he seemed very uncomfortable talking to me. The second time, he seemed a little more interested in talking, and the third time he was all about it. Like we had a genuine conversation and he remembered my friend and I from the last time. He doesn’t seem as into himself in person (in my opinion lol).

I met Nathan once and he was super friendly. He asked all about me, where I was from, and wanted to know where I went to school, what I was studying, about my family…he was very nice and outgoing.

I met Tori and Bobby once and they were so cute. You could tell they were totally in love. And they were super nice and asked us all about us. That seems to be a trend lol, they all asked us lots of questions and seemed like they wanted to know all about us.

Carlin is THE BEST. So the first time I went, we were standing around feeling awkward bc we were like the only fans there, and Carlin came over to us and introduced herself and asked us all about us. And then was like “let me introduce you to everyone!” And introduced us to the rest of the family. And most of the night, she hung out with my friend and I. And she was like “anytime you guys are in the area, stop by our house!” And the next time we met her, she remembered us. She’s so genuine, literally my favorite lol.

I’ve met Josie once and she was a little more quiet but still nice as could be. I didn’t talk to her much.

I think that’s all I’ve met!! Idk if you were looking for that extensive of an answer but oh well lol. All of the Bates were extremely friendly and outgoing. They honestly are some of the sweetest people.


I know we’re all still feeling the loss. I continue to cry every few hours. But this video cheered me up a little. It was something I needed so badly. Conan O'Brien share clips of Bowie’s funniest moments in his show. There were some that I’ve never seen before, and man, I laughed for the first time today. Let’s remember some of Bowie’s dorkiest, funniest moments. He wouldn’t want us to be sad. I know we can’t help it, but let’s take a few minutes to laugh a little. I’m sure he’d like that.

Note: Conan does speak a little in the beginning and his words did make me cry again, so for those that would like to bypass his emotional speech, skip to 0:53.


“He came to watch the summer tournament and a lot of the practice games, too. He’s been watching you all this time.”


CS + Hook

Dedicated to mustard-jarrr and katsune-leader

Just like I did with the word “swan” I decided to go with the double meaning of this word.

First I chose significant moments in which Emma called him Hook. The first time she said his name, the first time she feared for his life showing all her emotions, the first time she said his name feeling all vulnerable, the time she couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, or when she remembered who he was again.

For the instrument I chose moment in which he used the hook to help her or just flirt looking sexy while doing it, cause as we all know, there is something really sexy about that hook.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full “CS + word” list made so far

remember when dorian and aelin met when they were children and dorian was just a shy cinnamon roll who was used to being ignored remember that time in the assassin and the underworld when dorian just shows up and him and aelin just make eye contact from across the room  even though there were so many other people there that they both could have focused their attention on remember when dorian freed her from endovier remember when aelin put the ring on dorian’s finger and freed him from the valg prince even though he was really close to killing her i hATE THIS

Does anyone else just remember at random times that young Anze Kopitar used to get lonely, so he would show up at Dustin Brown’s house just to play with his dog, Milo, and then would literally borrow his teammate’s dog so he could have a buddy at home with him?  Does anyone else just think of that at random times and get kinda emotional, or is that just me?