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A miracle

Words: 1000
Joe Sugg x reader

“Baby will you get the door” I shout to my boyfriend fiance Joe. I hear his feet shuffling towards the door and take that as a yes. Joe had proposed to me about a week ago and it was the best moment of my life, today we were having everybody around our house to celebrate- an engagement party as such. 

I check my makeup and hair in the mirror, exhaling before standing up and heading downstairs. I see that the buttercream boys have arrived so I hurry down the stairs. I head straight for Jack wrapping my arms around him. He laughs and lifts me up spinning me around. 
“congratulations” he cheers. I smile and he sets me down. 
“thank you” I say and move over to hug the other boys. The doorbell rings and I run to the door. Jim, Tanya, Naomi, Mark, Marcus and my best friend flood in. Joe and I all give them hugs. Joe’s parents and grandparents are next, shortly followed by mine. The last to arrive is Zoe, Alfie, Poppy, Sean and Mark. I give hugs to everyone and they all break off into their own little groups to chat. The music is playing and the drinks are flowing. I’m getting a crisp from the food table when an arm snakes around my waist. I look up and smile when I see Joe. 
“you haven’t drank at all tonight, are you ok?” he frowns. I nod with a smile. 
“just don’t feel like it” I shrug. He frowns but I lean up and peck his forehead smoothing the creases away. 

“and here’s the happy couple! can I vlog this?” Zoe asks. I laugh and nod. 
“Joe’s video is out tomorrow so say what you want” I smile. She grins and pushes Joe out of the way hugging me. I cuddle into her. 
“I can’t believe we’re nearly related” she sighs. I laugh. 
“I know crazy right, who’d think anybody would settle down with your brother” I tease glancing at Joe. He pouts and I lean up to peck his lips. He smiles and I smile too. 
“stop this is too cute” Tan interrupts, also vlogging. I’m whisked away by Zoe, Tan, Naomi and Poppy. 

“we’ve been here this entire time and you haven’t shown us the ring” Poppy tuts. I gasp and fling my hand out to show them. They all grin and we end up squealing like little school girls. I look over at Joe and he smirks. I roll my eyes playfully and look back to the girls. 
“I can’t believe you’re getting married” Naomi mutters. 
“I know, I remember when you first started dating him, after your first date you were texting me saying you don’t think he’s that interested” Zoe giggles. I blush. 
“And now I’m going to marry him” I exclaim getting a bit emotional. All the girls coo, catching the attention of pretty much everyone. Tan pulls me into her side and I giggle wiping my eyes. 
“Can I steal her back ladies?” Joe comes up behind me. The girls smirk and I turn to Joe. He grabs both of my hands pulling me into him. 
“I love you” I grin putting my chin on his chest. He tilts his head down at me.
“I love you too” he replies leaning down to kiss me. I pull away. 
“I have a present for you” I grin. He raises his eyebrows. 
“oh yeah?” he taunts. I nod with a big smile. I unwrap my hands from his and run upstairs to get the bag. I hurry back downstairs. 

“uhm everyone can you all go into the living room?” I shout turning the music off. Everyone’s eyebrows furrow but they turn going into the living room. They all fill the couch and the sides, a few people having to stand. Joe sitting on the edge of the couch and I stand in front of him. 

“thank you all so much for coming we really appreciate it. Its not always easy to see everybody and I miss you all a lot when I don’t. This party is obviously in aid of Joe and I’s engagement” I smile holding up my ring hand and everyone cheers. “But I also have a surprise. It’s been a really hard year, as some of you may know earlier this year I got told I wouldn’t be able to have children and that really took a toll on me but Joe was my rock and I couldn’t have gotten through this year without him” I choke out starting to get emotional. Joe smiles and grabs my hand. I squeeze his and continue on with my speech. “so for that I got you something, really special. You may all want to, if not already vlog this” I giggle. People who weren’t quickly whipped out their cameras. I pick the bag up and pass it to Joe. He frowns and takes it. Everyone is waiting anxiously. 

He takes the box out and lifts the lid. He immediately drops the lid and holds his hands over his mouth. 
“are you serious?” he stutters. Everyone is trying to see what it was. I nod and he lets out a sob standing up and pulling me into a bone crushing hug. 
“what just happened?” Joes mum laughs nervously. Joe laces his hand in mine and faces everyone, looking at me for approval. I nod. 

“we’re pregnant” everyone gasps and we are thrown into many hugs and congratulations. 
“HOW?” Zoe asks. I shrug. 
“I went to my doctor and she said its a miracle” I laugh. She smiles wiping her tears away. She goes over to Joe to see what it was I got him. 

I hear her laugh loud and grin. Joe smirks at me. 
“this is the best present you could ever give me” he whispers. I kiss his lips and pull back with a grin. 
“I try my best” I say flicking my hair over my shoulder. 

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I am completely clueless as to how to invoke emotion in my writing. Help? ((Unless you already answered this then sorry ^^'))


Here’s some articles I found:

First of all, develop characters that readers can relate to/sympathize with and that readers won’t hate the guts of. I’m not going to care if Elizabeth’s whole family was murdered if she was a pretentious brat. I don’t care that Henry was cured of cancer if he’s an annoying jerk. Obviously, writers don’t try to do this unless the character is supposed to be loathed, but it sometimes happens anways. Take Bella from Twilight. Most people agree that she was pathetic, immature, selfish, etc. It’s just hard to like her. You can’t even really enjoy hating her because you know the author wants you to like her.

The character doesn’t even have to ‘good’ in the traditional way. Take Heath Ledger’s Joker. He was evil, of course, but there were times we pitied him, perhaps even rooted for him. He’s an example of the bad guy we love to hate and hate to love.

Okay, so now you’ve got a well-written characters that readers don’t shudder in dismay at whenever they pop into a scene because they’re so irritating. Next, you want to kill off their best friend for plot reasons and make it really sad. If we care about both characters and the writing is decent, we will be saddened but we might not be hitting that tears-filling-eyes level. You have to add another emotional layer. For example, the best friend was actually driving to the character’s house to make up after a fight, and then there was a fatal car crash. The best friend was strangled with their friendship necklace, the one the character had stopped wearing ages ago. Blood dripped down the best friend’s nails; they were going to get them done together next week.

Adding this additional depth gives you more reason to care about what’s happening. SPOILER ALERT Here’s an example from The Hunger Games: Rue dying was immensely sad because we’d established a liking of her and we were touched by her and Katniss’s relationship. This demonstrates the first thing I mentioned about writing characters. What added another layer of emotion was when Katniss sang to Rue and then put flowers around her. It’s the extra stab in out heart that really got the tears flowing. Spoilers over

Another important factor in invoking emotion is showing instead of telling. Which example below makes you feel the girl’s joy?

1. She was happy that he had bought her flowers.

2. She inhaled the heavenly aroma of the flowers, letting the sweet scent raise her spirits. The roses were wondeful shades of violets and lavenders. He’d remembered, even after all of this time, that her favorite color was purple. Delicately setting the bouquet of flowers on the table, she threw herself at him, nestling her face into the crook of his neck and he wrapped both arms around her.

Do you see? Not only is the second example rich in details, it gives us how she showed her happiness. Did you see what I also snuck in? The statement about the purple roses = another layer of emotional depth.

Another important thing to consider when conveying emotion is word choice. Read the two examples below.

1. He cried, sounding as if he was in pain.

2. He sobbed hysterically, wailing and groaning like a desperate animal.

Which paints a better mental image? Again, the second one wins. The word choice is stronger and less broad. It gives us more to envision, and it makes us feel even worse for the character.

I hope this could help!



“You’re holding back.”

Zoro’s feet skidded across the deck as he is pushed backward from the sheer power of Sanji’s kick. “You’re imagining things, cook.”

Sanji spits his cigarette, his expression twisted with anger. “Bullshit," he snarls. "I have kicked those shitty blades thousands of times for the past two years. ‘Imagining things’ my ass.”

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Belatedly, Shin for the character-writing meme:

1) He’s not actually from the wild wild west. Bungie obviously drew heavily from this genre in crafting the backstories behind Thorn and Last Word; a small town, a young man, a dark stranger who murdered his pa(s), and a final stand-off on a ridge that just about had tumbleweeds blowing through it. The Old West is well and truly dead, though, and Palamon itself is a post-post-apocalyptic mountain town in thick forest striving to stay hidden from alien invaders - the exact location is never mentioned, but it doesn’t sound like cowboy country. Leaning too hard into that western influence can therefore be limiting, and risks clashing with the vibe of Destiny’s wider worldbuild.

2) He’s an outsider among the Guardians. Shin is so far the only canon Guardian we know to have been raised while living, and thus the only canon Guardian we know to have full memory of his life. He had a home outside the City, he had a family outside the Tower, and - perhaps most critically - he had experiences with and opinions of Guardians before becoming one himself. He doesn’t even have his own Ghost! All of these things will inevitably influence how he feels about and interacts with the cultures and hierarchies we’re so familiar with as players.

3) He does not consider himself a hero. By Shin’s own words, he considers the boy who watched Palamon burn to be a coward. He found the first attempt at hunting Yor to be exhausting, and understood the others’ growing discontent; by the time he faces Yor himself the two present emotions are anger and “an overwhelming need for […] an end”. Once the deed is done, he just feels sad. He is able to acknowledge that Yor was a broken man, just as he was able to recognise that same condition in Loken, and he is noticeably reluctant when it starts to look like the Shadows may also need dealing with. Shin does not hold himself up as any sort of a champion and does not hold his killing of Yor up as any sort of an admirable accomplishment. It was just a thing that needed to be done, and cost a hell of a lot in the doing.

4) Shin’s writings are biased. It’s literally the first thing he admits! It’s a bias that shows most clearly in his recollections of Jaren (which also makes this point a good thing to remember when writing Jaren), as he uses strongly emotive phrases: pure, heroic, the finest Hunter the system will ever know. And yet there are also hints at conflicted feelings: “I couldn’t admit it at the time”, he says of understanding Jaren’s questionable choice to face Yor alone; “I should have guessed,” he says of Jaren’s adoption of him. The writings are therefore a fantastic guide to Shin’s feelings years after the time periods he is writing about, but not a set guide to how he has felt at every point in his life and definitely not a set guide to the wider context of what happened.

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i was just reading your OMWF recap, and i have a question - do you really believe xander was the one who summoned sweet? honestly, there is no evidence prior to that that shows that he could have done it .....

First of all, the episode is unambiguous about who summoned Sweet. There’s no doubt Xander was the one who did it, he even admits it himself:

SWEET: She summoned me.

DAWN: I so did not. He keeps saying that.

SWEET: You have my talisman on, sweet thing.

DAWN: Oh, but, no, I,  this, at the Magic Box, on the floor, I was, I was cleaning, and I… forgot… but… I didn’t summon anything.

SWEET: Well now, that’s a twist.

GILES: If it was in the shop … then one of us probably…

ANYA: Xander?!
XANDER: Well, I didn’t know what was gonna happen! I just thought there were gonna be dances and songs. I just wanted to make sure we’d… we’d work out. Get a happy ending.

He admits doing it on purpose. Now, I get why you’re questioning whether he actually summoned Sweet - you don’t think he had the ability/power to perform the spell. You need to remember that magic is quite a fickle thing in this show. Sometimes it requires a lot of ingredients as well as physical and emotional effort, while other times it just takes reading a few words from a book (take Anya and Giles at the Magic Shop in Tabula Rasa, for example.) And even though Xander hadn’t performed any other spells on his own before, he was well acquainted with the mechanics of it, and he had proven once before how ridiculously easy it could be to cast a spell…

Riley: These spells… these really work? I mean, can you really ‘turn your enemies inside out’?  Or… learn to 'excrete gold coins’?

Anya: That one’s not so much fun.

Willow: They work Riley but they take concentration. Being attuned with the forces of the universe.

Xander: Right you can’t just go 'librum incendere’ and expect…

So, you see, casting a spell can be as easy as reading a few words in Latin. In OMWF, Xander had the amulet and the spell to summon Sweet, which was apparently all that was needed to successfully cast the spell. What I find odd is not the fact that he had the ability to do the spell but that he didn’t realize sooner that what was going on in Sunnydale was the result of his casting the spell. I mean, he admits that he did it because he thought there would be “songs and dances”. Then, once the songs and dances start, he’s like WHAT IS GOING ON? WHO DID THIS? THIS IS BANANAS! for most of the episode.

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I know you said prompts were closed but then you said you were writing something for Kevin so??? If you want: kandreil “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” But if prompts are closed just ignore this!

thank you! yes, sorry, it was for kevin’s birthday but im a little late. this is a) not good b) kinda cute?

“Fuck, Andrew, I can’t believe you talked me into this!” Kevin whispers as he walks tentatively. Andrew’s hands are covering Kevin’s eyes and it must be a funny image, Kevin thinks, Andrew walking on his tip toes, trying his hardest to cover his eyes despite their height difference. Kevin’s got his eyes closed just for good measure, “We’re in the middle of nowhere, I had to sit in a car for hours!”

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I miss her [Part 12/...]

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1083
Warning: some crying but everyone is fine!

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


I’m sorry that it took me so long to post another part but school started again and now I’m already very busy with studying for my exams so…please have mercy with a poor little writer like me!

Bucky was wide awake when [Y/N] began to wake up and yawned before she opened her eyes and stretched. Slowly she rolled over to her left side and looked at Bucky “Morning…”

His gaze was still fixed on the ceiling when [Y/N] nudged him in the ribs but he didn’t say a thing which confused her only more. [Y/N] sat up and looked down on him “Bucky…are you okay?”

A few seconds later, the former Winter Soldier looked to his girlfriend. Her who he saw in his dream or rather nightmare. But it wasn’t just a nightmare, it was reality. He blinked two times before Bucky started to stroke his finger tips over her forearm “Morning, sleepy head”

“Are you okay, honey? You seemed so…distracted by something” [Y/N] was curious and took his hand into her own before she kissed the back of it.

He couldn’t tell her. It was too horrible to even imagine what they could have done to [Y/N] while he was in cryo. Maybe Bucky was even out of it when they did those things to her. He just hoped that [Y/N] would never remember this horrible experience.

“I’m fine, don’t worry, doll” James smiled up to her before he sat up and gave her a soft kiss on the lips “As long as you are here with me I’m totally fine”

For now, [Y/N] was satisfied with his answer and smiled before she kissed him again “Okay”

In the afternoon, [Y/N], Natasha and Wanda decided to go out for a shopping trip through the mall in New York City while Bucky stayed back home together with the others. This was the perfect time for him to talk with Steve. He was the only one who would never blow about it.

Steve just came back from his training session when Bucky came up to him “You have to help me”

“Why? What happened?” Steve was confused when his best friend looked at him with a worried look on his face. He knew something was up, they knew each other for too long to not notice it.

With a nod, Bucky guided him to [Y/N]’s bedroom where he slept as well and sat down on the couch which was next to the huge glass wall.

“You make me nervous, Buck. Tell me what happened” Steve closed the door when he entered and sat down next to his friend who looked down at his hands.

He sighed before he looked over to Steve “Last night, I had one of my nightmares again. But it wasn’t a normal nightmare like always where HYDRA would torture me and bring me back to their base…it was a memory of my time with HYDRA. I don’t exactly know when this happened but…HYDRA did experiments on [Y/N]…”

When Bucky’s gaze went back to his friend, he saw how pale Steve had become. He looked shocked but also frightened. Slowly the blonde closed his eyes as he began to speak “You…wanna tell me that HYDRA…did the same to her…like they used to do with you?”

James nodded as he ran his fingers through his hair “I still can’t believe this. I mean, why do I remember it now? I almost got my whole memory back but I could not remember that these cruel assholes captured my girlfriend and tortured [Y/N] all the time while I was there! In front of her! Do you know how horrible it was to see how she was begging me to remember her and I didn’t even show any emotional reaction? I mean…[Y/N] looked so..broken. She was crying and I couldn’t do anything to help her because I was…trapped in my own mind”

Bucky didn’t notice how he began to cry when Steve approached him and hugged him. It wasn’t often that Bucky showed his vulnerability. Steve and [Y/N] were the only one who ever saw James Buchanan Barnes cry.

Sobbing, he buried his face into the neck of his best friend while Steve patted his back “You have to tell her, Buck. She needs to know the truth about her past…and you know that”

When Bucky began to abate, he pulled away from Steve’s hug and wiped his remaining tears away and sniffed shortly “I know but…I just can’t do it. Maybe…you can do it for me?”

“You know, I would always help you but this is something between [Y/N] and you and I don’t think it would be a good idea that I tell her the truth. You should. Just try it and if it’s really too hard for you, I’ll do it, okay?” Steve put his hand on Bucky’s right shoulder and smiled fondly at him.

Sighing, the former Winter Soldier gave in and nodded before he stood up “But I have to find out what happened to her. I thought [Y/N] was in cryo until you found her and the old files also say that Howard kept her safe in the old labours”

Together they took [Y/N]’s laptop and started their research in the old systems of S.H.I.E.L.D. where they kept all the informations about their working agents and almost everyone else of the world. It didn’t take long to find the file about [Y/N] [Y/L/N] and there was everything you need to know about her.

“I still don’t understand how you can handle all this stuff. Did you take lessons by Stark?” Bucky furrowed his eyebrows while he read through all the informations about [Y/N]. Steve smiled proudly “Bruce showed me how to use this new stuff. I even know how to take a selfie”

“What the hell is a selfie?” Bucky looked confused at his best friend before they got distracted by a link to another file. The Winter Soldier project.

Once Steve clicked on the marked words, a new side popped opened and showed them a project HYDRA was working on in the early 70s when Steve was still frozen. Bucky pulled the laptop over to him and scrolled through the list of people who were tested on the Winter Soldier serum. The list started with his name and ended with…

Eliza Stone – failure.

Joseph Brown – failure.

Victor Grokav – failure.

[Y/N] [Y/L/N] – success.

His heart stopped when Bucky saw [Y/N]’s name and the little word behind it. The Winter Soldier project failed almost everytime. That’s what Bucky remembered but still [Y/N] was one of the few people who survived the experiments. This was the proof – [Y/N] was a Winter Soldier.

Part 13

Aaaand another cliffhanger hahaahah sorry.

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Agents of SHIELD 4x20 Thoughts

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Strap in, people. Freaking out below the cut.

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can we talk about these three very different hugs and how perfectly they were portrayed? 

For the first one Yuuri is acting spontaneously, surprising, maybe, even himself. He is pretty bad at psychical contact, remember? (in ep 1. he was forced to simply shake hands with people)
But now he’s overwhelmed with emotions and seeks reassurance. And after he hugs Victor out of blue he probably feels a bit awkward. But Victor empathizes with Yuuri, showing him a gentle smile and comforts him using a most soothing voice.

The second one is a nice warm hug from Victor. He’s just so happy and excited, that this time he acts spontaneously, pulling Yuuri close and squeezing, while Yuuri is so stupefied by Victor’s energy and approval, that he just stands there, lost in the moment

The third one is barely a hug, very subtle one. It’s personal, not meant to be noticed by the crowd. Gentle touch of reassurance to say, “I am here for you” and “You can do it”.

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 20: Is it mine?

Summary: Understanding is key. JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 2025

Is it mine? Masterlist


“Jay, it was at the time where I didn’t think I could trust you. I thought maybe you would stop chasing me if it wasn’t yours.” Tears kept running down my cheeks. Jay and I had made progress but what all of that was ruined by this? Would he hurt me again?

“That’s not what I asked, (Y/N).” I hugged my own body to try and comfort myself, but all I wanted was for Jay to understand and comfort me. “Answer me!” He screamed causing me to jump. He must hate me now. I couldn’t let him know I was afraid so I screamed back. I had a baby to protect and I’d be damned if he acted like this the first day Alex was born.

“Yes, he’s yours! He’s yours okay! He was always yours. I never thought about sleeping with anyone else.” Whimpers came out of my mouth as tears streamed faster down my cheeks.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me? Did you think I’d be angry? Or were you just planning on leaving and then maybe I’d never find you again? Were you going to leave?” I cried harder, squeezing my eyes shut. Jay had stood up and begun pacing around the room. The baby, thankfully, was still calm in Jonny’s arms.

“Jay, I already told you why. I thought you would leave me alone. If it wasn’t yours, why would you want it? Why would you want to take care of us? I thought it’d be better to not be with you or for him not to have you. I thought all you had to offer was pain because that was all you showed me or anyone for that matter. Was I supposed to believe I was special? All we did was fuck, Jay. But that was all before you changed. I’m sorry, Jay. After that, I forgot that I never told you the truth until now. I stopped telling you that Alex wasn’t yours after the car ride and it never came up again.”

“You just forgot to tell me he was actually mine?” Being pissed meant he couldn’t think straight. He was asking stupid questions at this point.

“Fuck, Jay. I get it. You hate me because I lied. Because I lied about one thing. Now you think you can never trust me again because you fucking hate liars. You need to understand I did because before all of this, before living with you, before you changed, I thought that was the best way to help my child. I had money so I could take care of him on my own. I thought being with you would just put him in danger. I didn’t want your business partners to harm him because your business is the most important thing to you.”

He sat back on the bed. He didn’t look at me. I could tell by his face that he was thinking about what I said. “You think I wouldn’t protect you or him enough? You think I’d put you in danger? My business isn’t what is most important to me when I have you and Alex. You should know that by now.”

I shook my head. “No, Jay. I thought. I thought you wouldn’t be enough. I thought you’d hurt me if you found out. I thought there would be more bad than good. I couldn’t risk that since I am his mother. He has always been dependent on me since day one. I know you care about us and that we’re really important to you. I should have said was.”

“You think I would hurt you?” He looked at me this time. He was looking into my eyes to see if I was telling the truth.

“I was afraid you would. Then when Jonny got shot, I was afraid of what you’d do. So I told him that I had a one night stand. Then you hurt me and you proved that you would.” I looked at Jonny and he just nodded. I couldn’t hurt Jay’s and Jonny’s trust. It meant to much to me and wouldn’t harm much.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I reached over to him and held his hand.

“We’re passed that. I know we are. He’s ours, Jay. There was never anyone else just to let you know.” I leaned my head on his arm. “I’m sorry I lied.”

“You don’t have to be. You were just being his mom and you were afraid. Are you still?” He looked towards me.

“No, not anymore.” After shaking my head, I gave him a smile. “I’m happy with you, Jay. I have you and that beautiful baby boy. I get to see Jonny more. What more can I ask for?”

We laid down. My head was on his chest, while his arm circled around my back. “He was always mine.”

I looked at him curiously. “He is” My fingers intertwined with his hands as the room got quiet. I decided to ask Jay a question that needed an answer but could also make him push me out again. I believed in Jay and everything we had worked on together over these months so I asked anyways. “Why would you want him if he wasn’t yours? Just curious.”

Jay was quiet for a minute. He was debating on telling me. He opened his mouth as if he was going to speak but then closed it again. “That’s alright. You don’t have to answer.” I kissed his chest.

“Harley and I tried to have a kid once. We couldn’t. I blamed myself. I was and still am the reason she’ll never be normal. Then I met you for the first time, you were the one I wanted anything and everything with. I couldn’t do anything until I got so bad with Harley and she left. Otherwise, she’d probably kill ya and I couldn’t have that. I hurt her but never blamed her. It was me.” He looked down at me and saw I teared up. “Don’t you go crying again.”

I smiled at him. “I won’t. Continue, please.”

“When we slept together, I didn’t want you closer because I didn’t want to hurt you like I did with Harls. I never wanted to ruin you like I did her. When you left, it tore me up inside. Worst than I was. I thought it was my fault. I tore up the city looking for you. Killed a lot of my men when they came back and told me they couldn’t find you. Then you came back and were pregnant. I was hoping it was mine, and when I was told it wasn’t it didn’t matter. It was yours. I didn’t want you leaving again so even if the baby wasn’t mine I’d raise it as such. I didn’t want to admit I cared for you, so I hurt ya and you left. It wasn’t okay. You made things better when you were with me. So I had to find you. When I did, I went straight to you. No one can take you away from me.” He squeezed his hand that was on my hip but not enough to cause pain. “You’re mine. That’s never changing.”

I sat up a bit and gently placed my lips on his. “I don’t want it to. I love you, Jay.”

He kissed my forehead and sat up better. He looked towards Jonny, while Jonny was looking at Alex. “Give me my boy.” I rolled my eyes. That was him asking nicely. Jonny gently placed Alex in Jay’s arms. Seeing Jay hold him for the first time was beautiful, honestly. Jay smiled, and although it was strange, I’d never seen Jay so invested in someone. I cried a little at the sight and Jay just laughed. “Why you crying?”

I shook my head. “I just love you both.” I kissed Alex’s head and laid back seeing Jay and Alex together. Alex had smiled a couple times and stuck out his tongue while Jay made weird faces at him. I fell asleep seeing the best thing I could - my family.

Each and every day, Alex looked more like Jay. It bothered me. He had Jay’s hair, natural of course despite Jay constantly berating me to let him dye Alex’s hair when he got older. “Why don’t you look anything like me? I carry you for nine months and this is how you repay me?” Alex just made an almost laughing noise which made me smile. I held out my arms to him and he crawled towards me. “I love you still.” I kissed his head. He eventually pulled out of my arms and crawled to his toys.

Alex was nine months now. He was starting to try to talk more and stood up once in awhile to try to walk. Though, he’d just go back to crawling before taking a step. Jay would spend at least a couple hours with us each day then go deal with business. He tried to be with us as often as he could but he also took care of business. Jonny was always with me since Jay still didn’t trust anyone else to protect us. It was nice. Jonny always brought something to give to Alex every day which eventually stacked up into a massive amount of toys which Alex played with once or twice and neglected them afterward. Jay was dealing with some business with Jonny downstairs which left me to take care of the baby. I loved every second of it, though.

Alex stood up and I reached out my arms to him. “Come to mama. You can do it.” He took one step and I gasped. That was his first step. He slowly took more which made me smile. “Come on, baby. Mama is right here.” Once he reached me I scooped him up in arms and laughed loudly. My baby took his first steps. I looked at Alex and kissed him repeatedly which made him giggle.

“Dada.” Alex started trying to talk.

“Mama.” I said back to try to encourage him to speak.


“No, mama.”

“Dada.” I sighed but kissed his forehead.

“That’s alright. You’re still mama’s baby boy.” Jay came in looking at us.

“What’s going on?” I looked up at Jay with the biggest smile on my face.

“He took his first steps and tried calling for you. Watch.” I turned Alex towards his dad and pointed at Jay. “Dada.”

Alex tried to jump and smiled at Jay. “Dada”

“Hahaha, that’s my boy.” Jay came and picked Alex up. “I missed his first steps?”

Standing up, I placed a kiss on his cheek. “We got cameras, remember? We can always rewatch it.” Cameras were a safety precaution he added around the same time the room was finished. Jay wanted to have everything on camera so if he saw anything suspicious he could come straight over or send someone.

Jay looked at me. “Let’s go check it out.” As we went down to Jay’s office, Jonny was on his way towards us.

“Jonny! Alex spoke and took his first steps.” Jonny looked at Alex, and back towards me.

“I missed it?” I just chuckled while looking at Jonny’s face which if he did show emotions would be considered sad. It changed back to neutral expression quickly after.

“We were gonna go rewatch it since we have cameras. Come on.” We rewatched the video and Alex just tried to laugh which always made my heart melt. It was the cutest noise I have ever heard. Jay sniffed the air and I knew what that meant.

“What’s that smell?” Jay asked innocently which just made me laugh.

“Your son’s diaper. Not it!” Jonny looked at me.

“Not it!” 

Jay was the last one to not say it and he just sighed. I laughed at his face expression. “(Y/N), change him.”

“Nah, it’s your turn. I’m gonna go see what’s for dinner.” As I walked out of the room, I heard Jay mumble something which you could definitely tell he was annoyed. I laughed even harder.

“Love ya too, Jay.”

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Can I request GoM + Kagami+Kuroko when their s/o runs to their bedroom panicking and telling them they just saw a monster in their (s/o's xD) room? :D But it's not true ofc :P sth just scared them

You know what? I misunderstood your request and wrote it in a wrong way. Forgive me, please. If you want I can write it again, let me know.

But please - enjoy.



“S/o-chan..” Kuroko said, looking at you and waiting patiently for your response, which he did not get.

After five minutes of you ignoring him, he shook your arm gently. “S/o notice me, I’m slightly panicking.”

That time you turned your head slowly towards him, somehow trying also to focus on your homework. “Tetsu, you don’t panic at all.” You stated sceptically, watching his emotionless face.

“I am a mess inside, believe my words.”

“Okay, then. What’s wrong?”
You asked, tilting your head until it touched your left shoulder.

“I think I saw a monster under your bed.” He answered,completely serious as expected.

You just looked at him with disapprobation, however, he seemed not to notice your nasty look. Time to play along. Clicking your tongue, you decided to finally ask.

“How did it look?”

“It had huge red eyes, sharp claws and eyebrows just like Kagami.” His statement made you laugh and put place next to you, ready for him to sit on.

“As long as it does not look like furious Akashi, I am able to welcome him in my house.” You chuckled, wrapping arms around his waist.

“That’s rude S/o-chan, appreciate that I won’t tell him this.” He said kissing your forehead.

“Then you should appreciate my patience for your jokes.’

’‘You have a point here.”

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Kagami was a patient man, Kagami was a very good person, Kagami was also a great boyfriend. But - Kagami had enough of your shit. 

Every time you pranked him, everyfreakingtime he couldn’t do anything, but withstand your stupid. However, now he had an idea.
Kagami was going to revenge his poor humiliated person. And it will be great!

He was preparing that whole idea for almost a week, now. He asked you on a date, which was today.

He made your favourite meal for dinner.
He cleaned his living room for your movie night.
He bought three movies, two comedies and one, terrifying horror, which would definitely scare the shit out of you.

After that he would let you shower first and while you were in the bathroom, the whole power in the house would suddenly go out. Oh, so such a surprise!
Then, when you came out, shaking like a wet dog, of course, he would be ready for you in his wardrobe. You would be calling his name and finally come into his bedroom! And boom! He would jump and make the best prank-revenge ever!

Everyone who ever thought about Kagami as an idiot was wrong! Horribly wrong!

For the past three hours, he couldn’t find a place for himself. He was walking from room to room, checking if everything is alright with DVDs and his TV. You will knock on his door at every moment now.

His body froze when he heard the doorbell. He was walking really slowly, due to his nervousness and when he opened the door, he thought he was seriously going to die! You brought Kuroko with you!

“Hey Taiga! Look who came!”
You exclaimed, throwing your body at him, enveloping him in a bear hug. 

“What’s with this long face, you grumpy man?”

“Yes, Kagami-kun. You should be happy we came to visit you and you do not to be alone anymore.” Kuroko stated as calm as ever, but Taiga could see how the corners of his mouth rose slightly in amusement.

“Yeah, yeah! And look who we brought with us! He was the most excited to see you!” And then you bent over, picked something small and hairy from the ground and held right in front of his face. 

Kagami’s unhappy scowl immediately changed into an utterly frightened expression.

“N-Nigou!” The dog barked happily and left your arms, clearly wanting to go and chase poor red head for a bit.

“Stupid, he though he could prank us.’' 

’'Kagami-kun isn’t the most clever person.’' 

’'I’m kinda glad to have you as my partner in crime, Tetsu.’' 

’'Likewise, miss s/o.”

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You jumped from the place you stood when you heard a terrifying scream coming out of your room. Shaking off the terror you’ve just experienced, you run in there as fast as you possibly could. As you thought it was Daiki, who immediately reached his hands towards your not amused figure, from a spot under your bed.

“S/O! Help me get out of here! He is holding me!”

You furrowed your eyebrows, not quite understanding the whole situation. Why the hell did you agree to be his girlfriend in the first place? Ah yes, he is handsome. That’s the only reason. 

“By he you mean, who exactly?”

“The monster! He is just behind him! DO SOMETHING!” He screamed again, making you roll your eyes so hard they almost fall. You stepped from your left leg to your right one, before storming out of the room, not forgetting about shutting the door closed.

“W-who? What the hell? You are supposed to be my girlfriend, not someone who helps murder me!’' 

’'Shut the fuck up, you idiot. I hope you rot there.’' 

’'Heh, love you too.’’

‘'Fuck off.”

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“S/O! HELP ME!” Kise screamed, running to the kitchen, where you were trying really hard to concentrate on making dinner.

“What’s going on with you again?! I should have left you in the basement!” You face showed not so happy emotions, he really was the only one who could make you absolutely angry without any reasons.

“THERE’S MONSTER! RIGHT IN YOUR ROOM! I SAW IT!!” Yes, you totally believed him, even when he was desperately trying to hide his stupid grin. Ah, fuck it.

“OH GOD? YOU SAW HIM TOO? I guess it’s his feeding time. He really likes to eat men. You remember my dad?”
He instantly paled and nodded.

“Monster is the reason why he is not with us anymore. It seems to like only men as his meals.” Well, he was on a business trip, but who cares.

“I hope he would like you too, because I have nothing else.” Then you smirked evilly at him, your eyes showed guiltiness.

“W-what? You would not sacrifice my-your handsome boyfriend, would you-you?” He stuttered, taking few steps back.

“Forgive me, Kise.”
You said softly, giving him your kindest smile.

And that was the moment when Ryouta run away from your house screaming like a child, who has just lost his parents. And you? You finished making dinner for two and ate it all by yourself.

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10 minutes ago Shintarou, who insisted on visiting your house tonight went to your room, because of the reasons you didn’t know (you didn’t really want to) and didn’t come out since.

You were sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for him to come back, but after some time your eyes started to be very heavy. You couldn’t help yourself and finally fell asleepMidorima thought this day couldn’t get any worse when Takao dared him to prank you, but when he saw that you were sleeping, and waking you up meant the submarine as a death wish, he instantly felt even more terrible than before.

He started shaking your body, gently at first, but then more and more violently until both of his arms started to ache a bit. Groaning, he sat next to you and put his head on your shoulder.

“S-Shin?” You asked, rubbing his eyes.

“What took you so long?’’ It sounded so innocent that Midorima couldn’t help, but melts inside and want nothing more than to cuddle you the whole day. Not that he would say it directly, though.

’'N-nothing, don’t worry about it. Let’s sleep some more.”


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Akashi didn’t like cleaning, not at all. However, sometimes it needs to be done, so as a responsible and mature person he really tried. He started with bathroom, then the kitchen and living room and the only room left was your shared bedroom. 

You came home earlier than always and decided to make a dinner. Your cleaning boyfriend was a nice surprise and it kind of some chores of your back, so you were grateful.

While you were carefully cutting vegetables, he was making a bed, but quickly got distracted by the sound of his phone ringing. Without thinking much, he turned to it dropping box full of your jewellery by accident.

He frowned upon seeing his act of clumsiness, which not happened very often, and went under the bed to put your things in their rightful place. In the meantime, you finished what you were doing and made your way to Akashi, in hope that he was ready to have a dinner with you.

Without knocking, because who knocks on their own door, you barged into the bedroom looking around. It was kind of creepy, Akashi was nowhere to be seen, but it still looked clean as hell.  And right in the moment you wanted to scream his name, you heard suppressed moan followed by a very disturbing voice whispering your full name. Shivers run down your spine, you started to back off slowly and then you saw it - bloody red eyes right under your bed.

Your mind went completely blank and not caring about hot meal waiting for you - you run away as fast as you could yell like someone wanted to murder you.

Seijuro couldn’t really believe his eyes. He knew that sometimes he looked scary, but whatthefuck. He stood up and facepalmed probably for the first time in his life. Now he had nothing more left than go after you and put some sense into your head.

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So basically, your day was absolutely terrible. People you met were shitty, weather cried at your ugliness, and everything seemed to want to kill you.

Yeah, day like any other.

The only things you wanted to do was lay down, watch Game of Thrones on your laptop and eat Atsushi’s trashy food and then see him cry. Hell yay.

Changing your clothes into more comfortable ones, your mind was slowly floating on an obscure boat towards your coach and your body decided to follow it. Sitting, hugging the blanket close to your body, your hands reached for the laptop and headphones. Making yourself more comfortable you finally put your favourite show on and decided to ignore the rest of the world forever. Or just tonight. Whatever.

When you came home and didn’t even greet Murasakibara, he knew that you had a bad day. His own mood was very good and he kind of wasn’t ready for your anger, so he started thinking of ways to make you feel better. Pranking you seemed like a good idea, you liked jokes and laughing at nothing very important, so why not? However, he had no idea how to prank.. #yolo

“S/o-chin.” He called your name, after five minutes standing behind you unnoticed.

“There’s a ghost in our room.”

“Atsushi, leave me alone. I’m not hungry.” You said these words with such disgust, he felt like he was talking with Gordon Ramsay.

“Not a roast, S/o-chin! Ghost! Scary, white dead person!”

“Go away.” He scratched the back of his head, thinking about something different.

“I was just joking. It was a monster! He is eating your shoes right now!”

“Rollercoaster? Are you insane? If you don’t leave me alone right now, I will break your every finger in two places!”

“B-but a vampire..”

“You know what? I’m going to sleep and you can eat a roast, or go to the amusement park or listen to this choir alone!” You kicked your blanket off and stormed out of the room faster that he has even seen.

“Well, at least she left some food for me.”

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I edited this, cuz I made some mistakes :>

The CARYL moments in Daryl Dixons ‘flashback’ just keep adding up!

The newest promo features a brand new CARYL moment that randomly (or not so randomly) popped in Daryls head as he kneels in the dirt and faces Negan and his 'Lucille’.
The scene in question is from TWD Season 2 and shows Daryl and Carol riding together after the farm falls.
As we all know Daryl rescues Carol and they ride away into the night towards the designated group meet-up location on the highway.

It’s worth mentioning that after the group reunites Carol and Daryl in fact CHOOSE to continue traveling together and the choice is not made out of convenience or necessity.
Carol could have been way more comfortable (and warmer) in one of the vehicles, and Daryl the self-described 'lone wolf’ was expected to want his personal space back once an alternative for Carol was provided.
And yet Carol stayed with Daryl on the bike until the very end of the season, even though she didn’t need to stay with him.
They choose each other’s company voluntarily and to each other’s personal disadvantage. Together.
A separate mini unit within a larger group one.

Essentially what we have here is ONE MORE scene in Daryl’s 'flashback’ reel, that is a deliberate and a very direct callback to a moment in his journey where Carol and Daryl were becoming a 'something’ together.
One more moment showcasing the evolution of Carol and Daryl into CARYL.
One more moment TWD wants us to remember.

It’s almost as if TWD wants to remind it’s audience of the CARYL subtle beginnings and the journey this relationship has taken.
To share what and who has shaped and affected, Daryl the man, the most since the world ended.
To show that these are the times in Daryl’s journey that he cherishes, thinks about and appreciates the most.

Or maybe this trip down memory lane is a way for the writers to get the audience to recall the steps of what’s been going-on between Carol and Daryl all this time - ALL in order to maximize the emotional payoff they want the next step in this relationship to provide.
'Look how far they’ve come’; kind of thing!
'We’ve been building this up from the very beginning’; scenario!

All the moments that Daryl is re-calling shaped HIM but they also shaped the connection HE nurtured between himself and Carol. They represent his journey but also their journey.
The key here is WHY we are being reminded of all this right now. Why this season? Why these scenes?
Why so much? (multiple scenes)

TWD history tells us that when the writers focus on something and do it THIS directly, something important is coming.
Something BIG.
They want us to remember how CARYL started and want us to know without a doubt just how important CARYL is in Daryl’s own evolution.
No subtlety or beating around the bush either.

All THIS, along with the CARYL spoilers we already have, justifies and bolsters our faith and hope for this ship.
I just have a whole lot of CARYL feels, I don’t know what to do with right now!
But I will…soon ❤️

Let me tell you why Yuri on Ice won’t have the standardised uke/seme bullshit

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If you look at these scenes, what do you feel? Do you think Yuri would perfectly fit the Uke role?

Let me tell you WHY that’s not the case.

One thing that always ruined the yaoi anime hype for me was that it has ALWAYS been obvious who will symbolise the feminine side. There has ALWAYS been a character that either looked rather feminine or just acted the obvious uke way. By that I mean:

- getting embarrassed or red cheeks very easily

- not taking the initiative in physical interactions (or doing it but getting overly flustered)

- usually symbolising the emotional side of the relationship

But guys, as much as we like that kind of yaoi, we know exactly that’s not how it works. In a real, healthy relationship, both sides are able to flip the switch. The uke isn’t always uke and seme isn’t always seme.


Remember the beach scene where Victor was Yuri’s emotional support? Remember Victor actually being most of Yuri’s emotional support as a coach every single time before he enters the rink?

Originally posted by mehness

Look, don’t get me wrong. I agree that Victor is very dominant. I also agree that Yuri has this shy vibe on him. But you know one thing that this brilliant anime has? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. You could obviously label them at the first few episodes. Then the dynamic began to change and now you can no longer say who exactly is uke/seme. That’s because Yuri and Victor are able to take on BOTH of these roles.

 My point is, they keep surprising us as fans and each other exactly because THERE IS NO OBVIOUS UKE/SEME RELATIONSHIP HERE. 


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20 Traits of Malignant Narcissism

How Many Does Yours Have?

1. THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR is skillfully deceptive and very convincing. Avoids accountability by diverting topics, dodging questions, and making up new lies, bluffs or threats when questioned. His memory is self serving as he denies past statements. Constant chaos and diverting from reality is their chosen environment.

2. THE CONTRACT BREAKER agrees to anything then turns around and does the opposite. Marriage, Legal, Custody agreements, normal social/personal protocol are meaningless. This con artist will accuse you of being the contract breaker. Enjoys orchestrating legal action and playing the role of the ‘poor me’ victim.

3. THE HIGH ROLLER Successfully plows and backstabs his way to the top. His family a disposable prop in his success facade. Is charismatic, eloquent and intelligent in his field, but often fakes abilities and credentials. Needs to have iron-fisted control, relying on his manipulation skills. Will ruthlessly support, exploit or target others in pursuit of his ever-changing agenda. Mercilessly abuses the power of his position. Uses treachery or terrorism to rule or govern. Potential problem or failure situations are delegated to others. A vindictive bully in the office with no social or personal conscience. Often suspicious and paranoid. Others may support him to further their own Mephistophelian objectives, but this wheeler-dealer leaves them holding the bag. Disappears quickly when consequences loom.

4. THE SEXUAL NARCISSIST is often hypersexual (male or female). Pornography, masturbation, incest are reported by his targets. Anything, anyone, young, old, male/female, are there for his gratification. This predator takes what is available. Can have a preference for ‘sado-maso’ sexuality. Often easily bored, he demands increasingly deviant stimulation. However, another behaviour exists, the one who withholds sex or emotional support. Expect this type to try to degrade you. Get away from him. Expect him to tell lies about your sexuality to evade exposure of his own.

5. THE BLAME-GAME NARCISSIST never accepts responsibility. Blames others for his failures and circumstances. A master at projection.

6. THE VIOLENT NARCISSIST is a wife-Beater, Murderer, Serial Killer, Stalker, Terrorist. Has a ‘chip-on-his-shoulder’ attitude. He lashes out and destroys or uses others (particularly women and children) as scapegoats for his aggression or revenge. He has poor impulse control. Fearless and guiltless, he shows bad judgement. He anticipates betrayal, humiliation or punishment, imagines rejection and will reject first to ‘get it over with’. He will harass and push to make you pay attention to him and get a reaction. He will try to make you look out of control. Can become dangerous and unpredictable. Has no remorse or regard for the rights of others.

7. THE CONTROLLER/MANIPULATOR pits people against each other. Keeps his allies and targets separated. Is verbally skillful at twisting words and actions. Is charismatic and usually gets his way. Often undermines our support network and discourages us from seeing our family and friends. Money is often his objective. Other people’s money is even better. He is ruthless, demanding and cruel. This control-freak bully wants you pregnant, isolated and financially dependent on him. Appears pitiful, confused and in need of help. We rush in to help him with our finances, assets, and talents. We may be used as his proxy interacting with others on his behalf as he sets us up to take the fall or enjoys the performance he is directing.

8. THE SUBSTANCE ABUSER Alcohol, drugs, you name it, this N does it. We see his over-indulgence in food, exercise or sex and his need for instant gratification. Will want you to do likewise.

9. OUR “SOUL MATE” is cunning and knows who to select and who to avoid. He will come on strong, sweep us off our feet. He seems to have the same values, interests, goals, philosophies, tastes, habits. He admires our intellect, ambition, honesty and sincerity. He wants to marry us quickly. He fakes integrity, appears helpful, comforting, generous in his ‘idealization’ of us phase. It never lasts. Eventually Jekyll turns into Hyde. His discarded victims suffer emotional and financial devastation. He will very much enjoy the double-dipping attention he gets by cheating. We end the relationship and salvage what we can, or we are discarded quickly as he attaches to a “new perfect soul mate”. He is an opportunistic parasite. Our “Knight in Shining Armor” has become our nightmare. Our healing is lengthy.

10. THE QUIET NARCISSIST is socially withdrawn, often dirty, unkempt. Odd thinking is observed. Used as a disguise to appear pitiful to obtain whatever he can.

11. THE SADIST is now the fully-unmasked malignant narcissist. His objective is watching us dangle as he inflicts emotional, financial, physical and verbal cruelty. His enjoyment is all too obvious. He’ll be back for more. His pleasure is in getting away with taking other people’s assets. His target: women, children, the elderly, anyone vulnerabie.

12. THE RAGER flies off the handle for little or no provocation. Has a severely disproportionate overreaction. Childish tantrums. His rage can be intimidating. He wants control, attention and compliance. In our hurt and confusion we struggle to make things right. Any reaction is his payoff. He seeks both good or bad attention. Even our fear, crying, yelling, screaming, name calling, hatred are his objectives. If he can get attention by cruelty he will do so.

13. THE BRAINWASHER is very charismatic. He is able to manipulate others to obtain status, control, compliance, money, attention. Often found in religion and politics. He masterfully targets the naive, vulnerable, uneducated or mentally weak.

14. THE RISK-TAKING THRILL-SEEKER never learns from his past follies and bad judgment. Poor impulse control is a hallmark.

15. THE PARANOID NARCISSIST is suspicious of everything usually for no reason. Terrified of exposure and may be dangerous if threatened. Suddenly ends relationships if he anticipates exposure or abandonment.

16. THE IMAGE MAKER will flaunt his ‘toys’, his children, his wife, his credentials and accomplishments. Admiration, attention, even glances from others, our envy or our fear are his objective. He is never satisfied. We see his arrogance and haughty strut as he demands center stage. He will alter his mask at will to appear pitiful, inept, solicitous, concerned, or haughty and superior. Appears the the perfect father, husband, friend - to those outside his home.

17. THE EMOTIONAL VACUUM is the cruellest blow of all. We learn his lack of empathy. He has deceived us by his cunning ability to mimic human emotions. We are left numbed by the realization. It is incomprehensible and painful. We now remember times we saw his cold vacant eyes and when he showed odd reactions. Those closest to him become objectified and expendable.

18. THE SAINTLY NARCISSIST proclaims high moral standing. Accuses others of immorality. “Hang ‘em high” he says about the murderer on the 6:00 news. This hypocrite lies, cheats, schemes, corrupts, abuses, deceives, controls, manipulates and torments while portraying himself of high morals.

19. THE CALLING-CARD NARCISSIST forewarns his targets. Early in the relationship he may ‘slip up’ revealing his nature saying “You need to protect yourself around me” or “Watch out, you never know what I’m up to.” We laugh along with him and misinterpret his words. Years later, coping with the devastation left behind, his victims recall the chilling warning.

20. THE PENITENT NARCISSIST says “I’ve behaved horribly, I’ll change, I love you, I’ll go for therapy.” Appears to ‘come clean’ admitting past abuse and asking forgiveness. Claims we are at fault and need to change too. The sincerity of his words and actions appear convincing. We learn his words are verbal hooks. He knows our vulnerabilities and what buttons to push. We question our judgement about his disorder. We can disregard “Fool me once…” We hope for change and minimize past abuse. With a successful retargeting attempt, this N will enjoy his second reign of terror even more if we allow him back in our lives.

growinup  asked:

omg 4, 6, 13, 14, 24, 25, and 33 for let's start right now?


4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

oh buddy oh pal. all of my writing education happened through the theatre (which… explains a lot, yikes). so it’s mostly playwrights.

when i was in college, i read every single thing tom stoppard wrote. i’m not sure if i remember half of it now, which is a shame, i should go back. but he has such a succinct style, so efficient, so effortless. his use of foreshadowing, repetition, the way he uses emotion like a knife, his attention to detail, the way his characters thirst for knowledge - my god. i know i don’t ever approach his level, but i wish i could.

i did a show with quiara alegria hudes a long time ago, one of the elliot trilogy, and that very specifically, turned my whole life upside down. she was the first real Honest To God playwright i ever worked with, she’s truly incredible. if anyone ever reads war is over, you’ll read half a love letter to her work – her unwavering faith, her ability to capture all types of love beyond the romantic, her affair with music, her depiction of war and loss and community. her use of found family!!! in the happiest song plays last!!! is particularly influential!!!

and, for this fandom specifically, you, dear sav. incredible attention to detail, impossibly good at setting a scene, a mood, an aesthetic. so much of what i feel is missing from my writing is found in yours.

6. how did writing change you?

for the better, i hope. i think it’s forced me to look at things from perspectives other than my own. it’s pushed me to refrain from villainizing people (as much as i can) (i’m not too successful at times). in this fandom specifically, it’s given me a beautiful community full of incredible support, which is like an incredible tonic for a small anxious bean with serious self-worth issues. it’s taught me to be kinder, to myself sure, but mostly to others. to be generous and vulnerable and grateful and imaginative. 

and it’s made me into a weird werewolf girl, didn’t really see that coming.

Keep reading

My Queen and Princess

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“Morning Ni.” You sigh, seeing Niall sitting in front of his laptop at the mini bar that was used for small parties at the Horan household. A few small rounds of morning sickness and not having a good night’s sleep was very evident on your face, as you quietly yawned. With the 7 month pregnant belly you were sporting, sleep didn’t come easy for you. It’s been impossible to lie down in a comfortable position at night, and with the constant pushing against your bladder and mild nausea becoming worse when the moon was out, sleep was the last thing Cara let you do.

“Morning Princess.” He smiles, but doesn’t turn around from his laptop he was working on. He had been like this for some time now. Being distant and nervous. You could understand the nervous part. It was just a few more months until his first child would be born into the world and he would become a father. This meant that he would have another life in his hands. This meant he would now have another person that would have his eyes and your hair. This person, a combination between the both of you, would count on him to come a quiet her down every other time when she either needed a changing, a feeding, or just a warm cuddle from her father. This meant that he would have to protect her from everything up to the small ant she would scream to “get away”, to the boys that she would meet in her middle school years who only thought hot girls, having their pants below the waistline of their boxers, and Buffalo wings were the only important things that mattered in the world right then. But what you didn’t understand was the distant part. It started at 6 and a half months. He would rub your swollen belly at every chance he was given anymore. Long, passionate “good morning” and “goodnight” kisses turned into small pecks that were sometimes forgotten. Snuggling during when you could get some sleep peaceful turned into, “Sorry, I probably won’t be home by the time you go to sleep’s”. Sometimes when you did have the energy to stay awake until he got home he would give you a quick greeting with a small kiss and rush upstairs. When you got up to your shared bedroom he was already asleep, leaving you feeling cold and alone. You wanted to ask him about his actions, but you feel that asking would just make it worse.

“Do you want to hear about the appointment yesterday? Cara was sad that you weren’t with us yesterday. She wouldn’t kick or anything.” You joke, hoping he would say yes. He hadn’t gone to the ultrasound appointment with you. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. You had let it slide because he had important things to do. Interviews or appearances were apparently more important than the health of your baby. You had tried not to show any emotion when he gave an excuse, and it was hard. It almost seemed like he didn’t want anything to do with Cara, and that scared you. You couldn’t do this alone. You needed him and so did Cara.

“I would love too, but the boys and Sophia are coming over remember. Maybe you could tell us all together, yeah? They’ve been dying to hear about Baby Cara. Especially Sophia. Liam keeps texting me questions from her at least 6 times a day.” Niall laughs, and despite your glum mood, you let out a small giggle too.

“I should go and get dressed then. Don’t want to look like an old hag now, do I?” You joke.

“You do not look like an old hag. You are the most beautiful thing on the planet Earth.” Niall says, as he presses a kiss into your forehead, making your heart flutter.

“Now go and get dressed, while I make breakfast. Eggs and bacon okay?” You nod, mouth nearly watering at the sound of food.

“Sounds amazing.” You groan, as he smiles and starts to get out the food to make for breakfast. As you walk up the stairs, your thoughts go to Cara. She had been kicking a lot lately, and you had been having little pains throughout areas on your stomach, but you didn’t think much of it. It was getting closer and closer to the due date, and you thought it was just her way of showing that she was ready to make her appearance in the world. Hopefully you were right…


“You’re looking as lovely as always, Mrs. Horan.” Harry smiles, walking through the front door of your friendly, inviting home, pressing a friendly kiss into your forehead. You smile, closing the door behind him. He was the last one to arrive, being fashionably late, as always.

“He’s right, babe. I hope I look as good as you when I’m pregnant.” Sophia’s voice echoes through the semi empty hallway.

“You will.” You smirk, but then wince when Cara gives a particularly hard kick. Both Harry’s and Sophia’s eyebrows furrow, looking at you with worry filled eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Harry ask, lightly gripping your elbow. You look at him briefly, before softly rubbing his forearm, letting him know that you’re alright.

“I’m fine. Cara’s just been a little more active the past few days. I promise.” You smile at him and Sophia, but they still don’t look convinced, which made you drop your shoulders and sigh.

“I’m really am fine. Her due dates is just a few months away, and the doctor said that they get more active as the due date gets closer. Trust me.” You finalize, and they not dare argue, though they wanted too. They knew you should never argue with a pregnant lady. Ever.


“So here’s her head, her feet, and her body.” You says, pointing to each one as you say it. You were all standing close to the couch, hovering over the picture everyone was excited to see.

“That’s amazing.” Louis breathes out, Liam, Harry, and Sophia agreeing with him. You loved how they were so fascinated with her. Sometimes more than Niall, who was in the bathroom at the moment.

“How excited was Niall at the appointment?” Liam giggles, expecting he was about to hear how he was basically jumping up and down, with fat tears running down his cheeks. None of them knew that he hadn’t gone to the past few appointments, let alone engaged with your swollen belly.

“Um, actually he didn’t go. He hasn’t been to last 3 to be honest.” You say, tearing up. Looking down at the picture of your tiny, unborn baby, scary thoughts coming back to your mind.

“Hey, don’t cry, love.” Sophia coos softly, slipping next you.

“I can’t help it. I’m just scared that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He hasn’t been treating her the same. Half the time he doesn’t want to hear about what the doctor said, and when he does, something comes up and he has to leave.” You sob, tears starting to pour out of your eyes. Everyone was stunned. Hearing that Niall was acting like this was surprising, considering the way he had acted earlier in the pregnancy. Hands never leaving your belly unless forced too, and he somehow always got them back to where they were resting, despite Lou’s request to come back and sit in the chair so his hair could be finished.

“He’s probably just nervous. I mean, I would be if I was going to be a father.” Harry sighs, if anything a little upset with how Niall has been acting.

“But-” You start, but get cut off by a throbbing pain between your legs, making you nearly scream out. Looking down, you see flashes of red just running down your legs. Your knees give out, causing both Liam and Harry catch you on either side. Your eyes start to pour out more tears, as you see a blurry Niall rushing up to you.

“Oh, my god! Princess, what’s wrong?!” He ask, tears now falling from his eyes.

“I-I don’t know! Somethings not right, Ni.” You sob, as you see Louis calling an ambulance out of the corner of your eye. All you can hear is your heavy breathing and Niall’s voice. Everything seems hazy and like a nightmare. Noises that you know you would pay attention to are as loud as ever right now. The dial tones as Louis calls help, the big grandfather clock ticking on the wall.

“I need you to breathe for me, okay?” Niall says. But you can’t. Somethings wrong with Cara. Somethings wrong with your baby. She may not make it. You might not make it. You become very lightheaded, and the last thing you remember is falling into your husband’s arms.


“I feel like a douche. You needed me, and I was too worried about whether I was going to be a good enough father.” You hear someone sob. Opening your eyes, you let out a small groan, catching the attention of the person in the room.

“Princess?!”Niall rushes over to you, and crouches down next to your hospital bed. You hold his hand, as his head falls onto the bed and he lets out loud sobs. But then you remember why you’re in this uncomfortable hospital bed, and start to notice the pain in your abdomen.

“Niall…” You tearfully whisper. His head raises at the sound of his name. He looks into your teary eyes, and knows why your about to burst into tears.

“She’s alright, love. She’s a fighter. She wanted to see her Mummy and Daddy a little too early, and some of her organs were under developed. Mainly her lungs, but her heart is a little smaller than it should be. She’s getting treated and helped out right now, and god, you were so brave. I’m so proud of you, and you did so well. You both did. She couldn’t cry much because of the lung problem, but I did hear a few whimpers, and let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.” Niall tearfully laughs, after catching you up on everything. You felt like the world was lifted off your shoulders.
You were okay.
Cara was okay.
Hopefully it would stay that way.

“Niall? Do you mind if we come in? I hear more than one voice in there.” You hear a deep voice say from the other side of the door. Niall looks at you questioningly, not knowing if you were okay with anyone in the room at the moment, considering you had just woken up. You nod at him, wanting to see a few other familiar faces. Niall hesitates before calling out an answer, but not taking his eyes off you.

“Come on in.” The door opens slowly and you see a long haired head peeks into the room. His face lights up, as he sees that you’re awake and okay.

“Hey, love birds.” A smiling Liam, Sophia, and Louis appear behind Harry. You laugh slightly, ignoring the slight pain, seeing that Liam, Louis, and Harry have at least 6 balloons and stuffed animals each.

“What’s all this?” You ask as they fill into the room, setting down their gifts, and walking over to your hospital bed.

“How are you, love?” Liam ask, sitting on the other side of you, rubbing a light hand on your leg, causing you to smile.

“Right now, fine. But, is it possible that I could see Cara?” Niall, nods before paging to get a nurse to help you all.

“She’s beautiful. Just like her mother.”


“Just be very careful.” The nurse says cautiously, before gently handing over the little bundle that you and Niall had created. With you in a wheelchair, just waking up from an emergency C-Section, and your little one hooked up to all of these tubes and wires, you could understand why. As you feel her being put into your arms, you gasp. She was gorgeous and so small. One of the smallest things you’ve ever held.

“Niall… We made her. She’s ours.” You cry, feeling Niall lightly wrap his arms around you.

“I know, Princess. Or should I say queen.” Niall chuckles, seeing Cara’s little hand move to grasp your pointer finger, which just makes you want to cry even harder.

“Why Queen?” You ask, not taking your eyes off of the wonderful creation before you both.

“Because now, Cara is my Princess, and you are now my Queen.” He explains, pressing a soft kiss into your hairline, before rubbing a feather like stroke on Cara’s little head.

“I love it. I love her. I love you, Niall James Horan.” You smile, looking up at him and smiling, before looking back down at your baby girl, and pressing a kiss on her head.

“I love you too, Queen. And I love you, Princess.”

Word Count: 2176


“He came to watch the summer tournament and a lot of the practice games, too. He’s been watching you all this time.”

anonymous asked:

I have a question :) How do you figure Eurus was able to manage everything going on at Musgrave while simultaneously having a breakdown?

When Sherlock wakes up at Musgrave, we hear only the little girl responding to him. Eurus (adult version) remains silent, not explaining where he is or what part of the game happens next. During this conversation with the girl, Sherlock asks questions and the little girl directly responds to them, meaning that this is not a recording and that Eurus is still aware at least of what is happening. This is a bit different from other conversations Sherlock had with the little girl, where she often evaded his direct questions or ignored them entirely. (She does answer some questions, but often simply plays the role of the scared little girl.) 

We don’t hear from Eurus until Sherlock knocks down the wall to his room. It happens almost immediately, like a triggered recording. In fact, the following exchange goes like this:

Eurus: “Me and Jim Moriarty got along like a house on fire, which reminded me of home.” 

Sherlock: “Yes, just an old building. I don’t care. The plane. Tell me about the plane. NOW!”

Eurus: “Sweet Jim, he was never very interested in being alive, especially if he could make more trouble being dead.”

Sherlock: “Yep, still not interested. The plane!”

Eurus: “You knew he’d take his revenge. Apparently, it’s me.”

Sherlock: “Eurus, let me speak to the little girl on the plane and I will play any little game you like.” (Sherlock enters the home)

Eurus: “First, find Redbeard.” (The TV comes on, revealing Eurus.)

Notice how the conversation with Eurus doesn’t actually require any of Sherlock’s input? She doesn’t directly respond to anything that Sherlock is saying. Instead, she walks us through a speech, much like a villain gives when the hero is tied up and can’t respond. The speech is triggered by Sherlock leaving the room. The speech ends as he enters the home, signaling that he is now in position to play the last part of the game. 

Now what about the video and all the singing? If she’s really having a mental break, she shouldn’t be able to do all of that right? You’re right. She doesn’t actually do all of that at once. Check it out. Here is a shot of the television and finally a shot of the room where Sherlock finds her: 

Do you see any cameras in there? Anything that hints that she was sitting calmly in front of a camera, watching Sherlock slowly unravel? Even the lighting in the two shots are entirely different. The first shot looks washed out, whereas the actually room looks pretty different. Eurus’s hair even looks more wild in the final scenes versus how it looks on the television. 

But she was directly responding to Sherlock on the feed, wasn’t she? Again, not really. We cut away from the speech regularly to see reactions from Sherlock and John, making it seem that she is responding to everything that is happening, but if we actually just look at what she is saying, there isn’t any need for responses from Sherlock (picking up when the TV first comes on): 

Eurus: “I’m letting the water in now. You don’t want another want of your pets to drown, do you? Sherlock Holmes, it’s time to solve the Musgrave Ritual. Your very first case and the Final Problem. Bye, bye.”

Here we cut away to John. Sherlock runs into the other room and discovers a live feed of John in the well and we can hear a recording of Eurus singing. We know it’s a recording because John can hear it and it continues throughout this entire scene, even while the little girl is screaming for help in Sherlock’s ear. 

Eurus: (picking up where she had left off) “It was a clever little puzzle, wasn’t it? So why couldn’t you work it out, Sherlock? Emotional context and heeeeere it comes.”

Again, the camera cuts away to John discovering the skull and Sherlock’s realization. But we actually don’t need any of that to get the emotional context because Eurus *tells* Sherlock, which means she wasn’t relying on John actually discovering the skull at all. 

Eurus: “Remember Daddy’s allergy? What was he allergic to? What would he never let you have, no matter all those times you begged? He never let you have a dog. What a funny little memory Sherlock.”

The camera cuts away again and shows us Sherlock starting to remember. We see Eurus with the plane toy, young Sherlock, and Redbeard the dog transforming into Victor Trevor. 

Eurus: “You were upset, so you told yourself a better story. But we never had a dog. Now it’s coming. You were inseparable. But I wanted to play, too. (singing) I am that lost. Oh who will find me? Deep, down below the old beech tree.”

Sherlock has a rapid series of realizations: remembering himself calling out to his Redbeard while playing in the fields and then him crying as a child. 

Eurus: “Deep waters, Sherlock. All your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters. I never had a best friend. I had no one. No one.” (She nods for emphasis after ‘no one,’ which leads to Sherlock knowing exactly what to do.)

The speech is interspersed with pauses throughout, giving each of her reveals a moment to sink in for Sherlock, but ultimately it sounds like this: 

Eurus: “I’m letting the water in now. You don’t want another want of your pets to drown, do you? Sherlock Holmes, it’s time to solve the Musgrave Ritual. Your very first case and the Final Problem. Bye, bye. It was a clever little puzzle, wasn’t it? So why couldn’t you work it out, Sherlock? Emotional context and heeeeere it comes. Remember Daddy’s allergy? What was he allergic to? What would he never let you have, no matter all those times you begged? He never let you have a dog. What a funny little memory Sherlock. You were upset, so you told yourself a better story. But we never had a dog. Now it’s coming. You were inseparable. But I wanted to play, too. (singing) I am that lost. Oh who will find me? Deep, down below the old beech tree. Deep waters, Sherlock. All your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters. I never had a best friend. I had no one. No one.”

There is very little in this speech that requires any outside input at all.  After that, we only hear from John and the young version of Eurus, who again asks Sherlock for help and wants to know what he is going to do about the plane. We don’t hear from ‘adult’ Eurus again until Sherlock bursts through the door and into her room.

Much like the Moriarty “reaction gifs,” most of this can be recorded ahead of time and given that we are to believe that Eurus is smarter than both Sherlock and Mycroft, it isn’t much of a leap to assume that she knew exactly how Sherlock and John would react. (This itself is a call back to TLD and Sherlock putting the recording device into John’s cane, as well as arranging the entire meeting at John’s therapist’s house.) Eurus is a meticulous planner, as evidenced by everything we see at Sherrinford. While the recording plays, Eurus sits up in her room, trapped in her mind as the little girl, slowly realizing that even if Sherlock solves her puzzle, it may just be too late for her anyway. She’s unraveling as Sherlock runs around in the graveyard and throughout the house, trying to save both John and her.

TL;DR: Most (if not all) of what ‘adult’ Eurus says at Musgrave is recorded ahead of time. The experiment was pretty much running on a track. The only real reactions we get from her are those of her as the little girl. 

More Precious Than Gold

This fluff is dedicated to @polkadotsdesign who is my lovely wife. I hope you feel better soon, love! <3

A/N: It’s a little short, which is unfortunate, but I can only make fluff so long. Enjoy this hint of Djwifi, my fave canon ship



It was all she could see, looking at him just then.

She watched how the light illuminated it in a way that made it seem like it was flowing, ever-changing into a hue more beautiful than the last. She saw the way shadows danced across the surface, creating pools of molten gold that threatened to pull her in and never let go. She saw how it stared right back at her, looking as if she were more precious than anything else.

And maybe she was, to the owner of such breath-taking, golden eyes. The way he focused on her made her feel as if she were the only woman in the universe, and he the only man. It was intense, filled with love and appreciation. The emotions that surged within her rooted her to the spot directly in front of him, only inches apart. She could name some of what she felt- joy, adoration, nervousness- but there were only so many words she could think of before she ran out and was left with emotions she had no names for.

Now, let it be said that Alya Césaire was not afraid of anything. She chased akumas, she fought her way out of tricky situations, and she’d even been akumatized herself. She was a reporter at heart, always in search of the latest scoop, ready and all too willing to throw herself into the fray. She’d taken every hit that came her way, and she took it in stride. Nothing could deter her. She was not afraid of anything.

At least, she wouldn’t have been. Standing in front of her significant other, she found herself afraid for the first time in a long while. She wasn’t afraid of him, no. But she was afraid of their future. They’d been best friends for a long time, and had started dating within their last year of collège. At first, she’d thought of him as the brother she never had. And then they talked. And talked. And talked. They spilled secret after secret, they shared their dreams and ambitions and goals. They told each other things never spoken to another human being before. They shared quick glances with meanings only they could fully comprehend and small touches more tender than that of a mother to her newborn child. They switched up their group’s seating arrangements so they could sit by each other. He would help her watch her siblings, and she would help him find inspiration for his music. (He would often claim that she was all the inspiration he needed, and she would laugh it off. But he wasn’t lying, and he wasn’t joking.) He would cry into her and she would hold onto him like life itself depended on her doing so. And while it was clearly established that they loved each other, they had never actually spoken the words in all their time together.

Until he broke the silence.

Until he told her he loved her, with all his heart, mind, and soul.

Her face warmed at the sound, his voice unnaturally serious and soft. A hopeful smile graced his face, but she couldn’t move on from his eyes. They were shining brilliantly, and if she ever had a doubt that he didn’t love her (which she didn’t), she would think about the way his gaze seared into her mind, leaving no room for doubts whatsoever.

He loved her. There was no question about it. There never had been.

But she was scared now. Nothing was ever certain in life, and she knew that. But the uncertainty that would follow this moment was somehow more daunting than before.

Alya Césaire was scared.

But the longer she searched his eyes, she knew it was alright. She could see he was afraid too. It was only natural, she guessed, but it was comforting nonetheless. She felt herself smile wider than she had been. She saw her vision begin to blur in what could only be tears of pure joy before speaking.

“Nino Lahiffe. You have never steered me wrong. It took a little bit for us to be considered friends, but when the moment came, we were great ones. And, as time passed, you became a best friend. I remember I was so obsessed with the Ladyblog that I didn’t think I really needed anyone to be more than a friend. But you changed that. It took one afternoon locked in a cage at the zoo together for me to realize that… just because I didn’t need someone, it didn’t mean I didn’t want someone. It didn’t mean I had to be alone. You showed me that, and I’ve been grateful ever since. You really changed my life, and through arguments and apologies, it’s always been a change for the better. I’m scared of what we’re doing right now. But I know that we can get through it together. I believe in us, and I always have, since the moment we got together. There is nothing I want more than for you and I to be an us, forever and always. Nino, I love you.”

By the time she finished speaking, she had trouble seeing past her happy tears. She could tell Nino was crying too- he always was a guy who let his emotions shows- and while she was aware another person was speaking now, her universe consisted of Nino and Nino alone. It wasn’t until Nino spoke his agreement to the oh so important question that she remembered they weren’t really alone. She repeated his sentiment when the time came, and after a long but incredible reception filled with dancing and drinks, she marched out of the castle they’d chosen with flowers in one hand and Nino’s hand in her other. Cheers spilled out from all sides and grains of rice bounced off their outfits as they made their way to their transportation, never once out of sync or hesitant.

They rode back to their house in silence, Alya leaning on him as he did the same to her. Both were the support of the other, as it had been for years, and as it would continue to be. Smiles lit up both of their faces, smiles that were more special than normal. They were the kind of smiles saved for a specific person- the kind that would die out if the cause of it were gone. But fortune shined down on the couple, and their smiles wouldn’t fade for a long time yet.

Let it be said that Alya Lahiffe-Césaire was scared. But that was okay, because she wouldn’t go through it alone. Their future was uncertain, and though it was frightening to think about, she knew her and Nino would get through it. She felt a squeeze where his hand held onto hers, and she returned it.

They would be just fine.

Missing Memories

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1156

Summary: Dean has now realized his feelings for the reader, only for something to go wrong when she wakes up.

Part 3 in Missing Series. Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Here we go- part 3! I originally wanted to add more, but when I started writing it it made it too long. So the series will be longer than I thought. Yay! Enjoy though! :)

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