remember the time he used to show emotion

so Rachel Shelley described Milah as a “frustrated artist” on Twitter and I just


like can you imagine, the young woman with an artistic soul, getting trapped in a marriage that takes away her freedom and her self-expression and slowly wears her down because, yes, this is what you do, this is what a good girl does, but it’s not for her, it never was, and her husband is a coward and she always wanted more

and then she gets out, she leaves, she runs away on a pirate ship with a dashing young captain who wants to show her the world

and suddenly she has time and inspiration again and she starts drawing again, just furtive sketches at first, and she remembers what it used to be like, how it feels, the relief of being able to put her emotions down on paper

and Killian finds her sketching and instead of angry that she’s wasting her time on idleness, he’s really impressed and interested, and rather than complain that she never has time for him, he makes sure that she has time for art, he leaves her alone when he sees her sketching and he always asks to see it afterwards because she’s good at it

they make port in some far-off land and Killian takes Milah shopping for pencils and chalks and maybe even paints

the crew members all want to be her next subject and gather around to admire her latest artwork

she does realistic portraits and sometimes hilarious caricatures that make them all laugh (and no one laughs more than Milah, and no one smiles wider than Killian)

the captain’s cabin slowly fills up with art, from dark and bittersweet portraits of a young boy with dark hair, to beautiful landscapes and seascapes, to whimsical pictures of mermaids and pirates, to a portrait of Killian that he says is almost as dashing as the real thing (she can never quite capture the delighted twinkle in his eye, but the love of him is there on the page for anyone to see)

and just, the thought of Milah rediscovering herself and her passions and her inspiration along with her freedom is making me feel a lot of feelings

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If you look at Kaneki and Touka from a visual perspective they seem to be a yin yang with their cloths and hair are inverted.

Yin and Yang are generally considered to have feminine and masculine counterparts. 

Touka is feminine (she’s literally pregnant right now), while also being masculinely coded in a few ways. She looks very similiar to her brother, displays masculine traits like strength, decisiveness, and specifically in areas where Kaneki lacks.

Kaneki is literally a king right now. He’s the most powerful ghoul in existence, and climbed to the top of this succession after inheriting this position from his aging father and defeating him in a show of strength. He also fit in very well in the masculine hierarchy of the CCG, he rose to the second highest rank within three years. 

At the same time he’s coded feminine. Kaneki cares much more about personal relationships and finding fulfillment through emotional intimacy, he’s pure empathy, he uses a female ghoul’s specific kagune for his strength. 

Kaneki and Touka also complement each other backstory wise. Kaneki lost his father before he can remember, and is damaged by an incomplete attachment to his mother. Touka lost her mother before she can remember, and is damaged by an incomplete attachment to her father. They both disapprove of the way their parents treated them as lower priority than everything else. 

Kaneki has a tendency towards selfishness, Touka has a tendency towards self harming selflessness. They foil each other really well and are complimentary. They have the potential really, to either aggravate each other’s flaws, or bring out the best in each other. It’s my sincere hope that they’ll be able to bring out the best. 

That’s also literally all I know about Yin and Yang. Sorry, this happens to be a weak spot of mine. 

BTS Reaction - getting jealous when their ex is close to another member.


This guy wouldn’t even let his emotions show as he watched tears streaking your from your eyes at how hard you were laughing at one of Hoseok’s jokes.  He knows you used to laugh harder with him, so rather than wasting time feeling jealous he tries his best to ignore it, sitting there cooking up ways to make you remember just how amazing he is instead.

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Listening to you and Namjoon throwing lyric ideas for the next track back and forth with each drives Yoongi crazy - but he’ll be damned if he lets it show.  You used to be his muse, and now you were giving all that inspiration to someone else. One of other the other members will ask him if he’s okay and he’ll just grunt in reply, unable to stop himself glaring sulkily at both your backs.

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He’ll go over-the-top trying to pretend like he’s fine, going out of his way to tell you and Taehyung how cute you look in the matching t-shirts you bought at the mall.  Inside though it’ll be killing him, and he’ll have to spend the rest of the afternoon in the dance studio practicing his toughest choreography just to take his mind off the image of you two together.

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Namjoon won’t hang around to watch you and Seokjin flirt - there’s no other word for what you’re doing when you smear whipped cream from the dessert you’re making on the older guy’s nose, blushing and giggling. He’ll take himself off into his studio and pour all his emotion into his music, trying to drown the the thoughts of you out with sound.

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When he sees you and Jungkook snuggled up on the sofa sharing a pair of earphones to watch something on your Ipad Jimin will get mad, and he’ll only get madder when the youngest member says something to make you laugh, batting his thigh with your hand and letting your fingertips linger behind too long.  He’ll be so mad, in fact, that he’ll storm out of the room, ignoring you calling after him asking if he’s ok.  

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Taehyung can’t help himself reading over Jimin’s shoulder when he sees that the two of you are texting, discussing lunch plans for later that week.  He tries to keep it casual as he asks whether you guys text each other often, trying to ignore the nausea that’s churning inside his stomach.  

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He’d be so salty when he realises how often Yoongi smiles around you, and how often you smile around him.  When he walks into a room and finds you napping together he’ll snap and do something really childish that he later regrets, like turning on his music extra loud just to disturb you.  

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Eeee, my first one! I hope it was everything you wanted <3

A miracle

Words: 1000
Joe Sugg x reader

“Baby will you get the door” I shout to my boyfriend fiance Joe. I hear his feet shuffling towards the door and take that as a yes. Joe had proposed to me about a week ago and it was the best moment of my life, today we were having everybody around our house to celebrate- an engagement party as such. 

I check my makeup and hair in the mirror, exhaling before standing up and heading downstairs. I see that the buttercream boys have arrived so I hurry down the stairs. I head straight for Jack wrapping my arms around him. He laughs and lifts me up spinning me around. 
“congratulations” he cheers. I smile and he sets me down. 
“thank you” I say and move over to hug the other boys. The doorbell rings and I run to the door. Jim, Tanya, Naomi, Mark, Marcus and my best friend flood in. Joe and I all give them hugs. Joe’s parents and grandparents are next, shortly followed by mine. The last to arrive is Zoe, Alfie, Poppy, Sean and Mark. I give hugs to everyone and they all break off into their own little groups to chat. The music is playing and the drinks are flowing. I’m getting a crisp from the food table when an arm snakes around my waist. I look up and smile when I see Joe. 
“you haven’t drank at all tonight, are you ok?” he frowns. I nod with a smile. 
“just don’t feel like it” I shrug. He frowns but I lean up and peck his forehead smoothing the creases away. 

“and here’s the happy couple! can I vlog this?” Zoe asks. I laugh and nod. 
“Joe’s video is out tomorrow so say what you want” I smile. She grins and pushes Joe out of the way hugging me. I cuddle into her. 
“I can’t believe we’re nearly related” she sighs. I laugh. 
“I know crazy right, who’d think anybody would settle down with your brother” I tease glancing at Joe. He pouts and I lean up to peck his lips. He smiles and I smile too. 
“stop this is too cute” Tan interrupts, also vlogging. I’m whisked away by Zoe, Tan, Naomi and Poppy. 

“we’ve been here this entire time and you haven’t shown us the ring” Poppy tuts. I gasp and fling my hand out to show them. They all grin and we end up squealing like little school girls. I look over at Joe and he smirks. I roll my eyes playfully and look back to the girls. 
“I can’t believe you’re getting married” Naomi mutters. 
“I know, I remember when you first started dating him, after your first date you were texting me saying you don’t think he’s that interested” Zoe giggles. I blush. 
“And now I’m going to marry him” I exclaim getting a bit emotional. All the girls coo, catching the attention of pretty much everyone. Tan pulls me into her side and I giggle wiping my eyes. 
“Can I steal her back ladies?” Joe comes up behind me. The girls smirk and I turn to Joe. He grabs both of my hands pulling me into him. 
“I love you” I grin putting my chin on his chest. He tilts his head down at me.
“I love you too” he replies leaning down to kiss me. I pull away. 
“I have a present for you” I grin. He raises his eyebrows. 
“oh yeah?” he taunts. I nod with a big smile. I unwrap my hands from his and run upstairs to get the bag. I hurry back downstairs. 

“uhm everyone can you all go into the living room?” I shout turning the music off. Everyone’s eyebrows furrow but they turn going into the living room. They all fill the couch and the sides, a few people having to stand. Joe sitting on the edge of the couch and I stand in front of him. 

“thank you all so much for coming we really appreciate it. Its not always easy to see everybody and I miss you all a lot when I don’t. This party is obviously in aid of Joe and I’s engagement” I smile holding up my ring hand and everyone cheers. “But I also have a surprise. It’s been a really hard year, as some of you may know earlier this year I got told I wouldn’t be able to have children and that really took a toll on me but Joe was my rock and I couldn’t have gotten through this year without him” I choke out starting to get emotional. Joe smiles and grabs my hand. I squeeze his and continue on with my speech. “so for that I got you something, really special. You may all want to, if not already vlog this” I giggle. People who weren’t quickly whipped out their cameras. I pick the bag up and pass it to Joe. He frowns and takes it. Everyone is waiting anxiously. 

He takes the box out and lifts the lid. He immediately drops the lid and holds his hands over his mouth. 
“are you serious?” he stutters. Everyone is trying to see what it was. I nod and he lets out a sob standing up and pulling me into a bone crushing hug. 
“what just happened?” Joes mum laughs nervously. Joe laces his hand in mine and faces everyone, looking at me for approval. I nod. 

“we’re pregnant” everyone gasps and we are thrown into many hugs and congratulations. 
“HOW?” Zoe asks. I shrug. 
“I went to my doctor and she said its a miracle” I laugh. She smiles wiping her tears away. She goes over to Joe to see what it was I got him. 

I hear her laugh loud and grin. Joe smirks at me. 
“this is the best present you could ever give me” he whispers. I kiss his lips and pull back with a grin. 
“I try my best” I say flicking my hair over my shoulder. 

Shadow: Part 3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Natasha and Bucky rescue someone from their past. Being hunted down, they bring you to the Avengers. Will it be enough to keep you safe?

Warnings: Tiny bit of violence

A/N: Thank you all so much for the kind comments!!! It really means a lot to me! Let me know of you would like to be tagged! ~J

Masterlist   Part 1  Part 2  

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The room was dark and cold, as it always was. You moved to the right, trying to keep an eye on your opponent, but with the little light, you couldn’t see much. You could hear the whispers of the handlers behind you, but you paid them no attention. Sure you were broken and bloody, but you wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The shadowed figure finally emerged and lunged at you. Dizzy from fighting for so long, you miss your mark as you try and punch him. He uses your momentum against you and easily swings you around, dropping you onto the mat. The breath is knocked out of you and everything hurts, but you can’t find it in yourself to be anything but amused.

The more you and the soldat spared, the more confident and cocky you both got with each other. Which resulted in harder sessions, and you started to become more enraptured with the soldat every time he beat you.

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“You’re holding back.”

Zoro’s feet skidded across the deck as he is pushed backward from the sheer power of Sanji’s kick. “You’re imagining things, cook.”

Sanji spits his cigarette, his expression twisted with anger. “Bullshit," he snarls. "I have kicked those shitty blades thousands of times for the past two years. ‘Imagining things’ my ass.”

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I am completely clueless as to how to invoke emotion in my writing. Help? ((Unless you already answered this then sorry ^^'))


Here’s some articles I found:

First of all, develop characters that readers can relate to/sympathize with and that readers won’t hate the guts of. I’m not going to care if Elizabeth’s whole family was murdered if she was a pretentious brat. I don’t care that Henry was cured of cancer if he’s an annoying jerk. Obviously, writers don’t try to do this unless the character is supposed to be loathed, but it sometimes happens anways. Take Bella from Twilight. Most people agree that she was pathetic, immature, selfish, etc. It’s just hard to like her. You can’t even really enjoy hating her because you know the author wants you to like her.

The character doesn’t even have to ‘good’ in the traditional way. Take Heath Ledger’s Joker. He was evil, of course, but there were times we pitied him, perhaps even rooted for him. He’s an example of the bad guy we love to hate and hate to love.

Okay, so now you’ve got a well-written characters that readers don’t shudder in dismay at whenever they pop into a scene because they’re so irritating. Next, you want to kill off their best friend for plot reasons and make it really sad. If we care about both characters and the writing is decent, we will be saddened but we might not be hitting that tears-filling-eyes level. You have to add another emotional layer. For example, the best friend was actually driving to the character’s house to make up after a fight, and then there was a fatal car crash. The best friend was strangled with their friendship necklace, the one the character had stopped wearing ages ago. Blood dripped down the best friend’s nails; they were going to get them done together next week.

Adding this additional depth gives you more reason to care about what’s happening. SPOILER ALERT Here’s an example from The Hunger Games: Rue dying was immensely sad because we’d established a liking of her and we were touched by her and Katniss’s relationship. This demonstrates the first thing I mentioned about writing characters. What added another layer of emotion was when Katniss sang to Rue and then put flowers around her. It’s the extra stab in out heart that really got the tears flowing. Spoilers over

Another important factor in invoking emotion is showing instead of telling. Which example below makes you feel the girl’s joy?

1. She was happy that he had bought her flowers.

2. She inhaled the heavenly aroma of the flowers, letting the sweet scent raise her spirits. The roses were wondeful shades of violets and lavenders. He’d remembered, even after all of this time, that her favorite color was purple. Delicately setting the bouquet of flowers on the table, she threw herself at him, nestling her face into the crook of his neck and he wrapped both arms around her.

Do you see? Not only is the second example rich in details, it gives us how she showed her happiness. Did you see what I also snuck in? The statement about the purple roses = another layer of emotional depth.

Another important thing to consider when conveying emotion is word choice. Read the two examples below.

1. He cried, sounding as if he was in pain.

2. He sobbed hysterically, wailing and groaning like a desperate animal.

Which paints a better mental image? Again, the second one wins. The word choice is stronger and less broad. It gives us more to envision, and it makes us feel even worse for the character.

I hope this could help!

Belatedly, Shin for the character-writing meme:

1) He’s not actually from the wild wild west. Bungie obviously drew heavily from this genre in crafting the backstories behind Thorn and Last Word; a small town, a young man, a dark stranger who murdered his pa(s), and a final stand-off on a ridge that just about had tumbleweeds blowing through it. The Old West is well and truly dead, though, and Palamon itself is a post-post-apocalyptic mountain town in thick forest striving to stay hidden from alien invaders - the exact location is never mentioned, but it doesn’t sound like cowboy country. Leaning too hard into that western influence can therefore be limiting, and risks clashing with the vibe of Destiny’s wider worldbuild.

2) He’s an outsider among the Guardians. Shin is so far the only canon Guardian we know to have been raised while living, and thus the only canon Guardian we know to have full memory of his life. He had a home outside the City, he had a family outside the Tower, and - perhaps most critically - he had experiences with and opinions of Guardians before becoming one himself. He doesn’t even have his own Ghost! All of these things will inevitably influence how he feels about and interacts with the cultures and hierarchies we’re so familiar with as players.

3) He does not consider himself a hero. By Shin’s own words, he considers the boy who watched Palamon burn to be a coward. He found the first attempt at hunting Yor to be exhausting, and understood the others’ growing discontent; by the time he faces Yor himself the two present emotions are anger and “an overwhelming need for […] an end”. Once the deed is done, he just feels sad. He is able to acknowledge that Yor was a broken man, just as he was able to recognise that same condition in Loken, and he is noticeably reluctant when it starts to look like the Shadows may also need dealing with. Shin does not hold himself up as any sort of a champion and does not hold his killing of Yor up as any sort of an admirable accomplishment. It was just a thing that needed to be done, and cost a hell of a lot in the doing.

4) Shin’s writings are biased. It’s literally the first thing he admits! It’s a bias that shows most clearly in his recollections of Jaren (which also makes this point a good thing to remember when writing Jaren), as he uses strongly emotive phrases: pure, heroic, the finest Hunter the system will ever know. And yet there are also hints at conflicted feelings: “I couldn’t admit it at the time”, he says of understanding Jaren’s questionable choice to face Yor alone; “I should have guessed,” he says of Jaren’s adoption of him. The writings are therefore a fantastic guide to Shin’s feelings years after the time periods he is writing about, but not a set guide to how he has felt at every point in his life and definitely not a set guide to the wider context of what happened.

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I know you said prompts were closed but then you said you were writing something for Kevin so??? If you want: kandreil “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” But if prompts are closed just ignore this!

thank you! yes, sorry, it was for kevin’s birthday but im a little late. this is a) not good b) kinda cute?

“Fuck, Andrew, I can’t believe you talked me into this!” Kevin whispers as he walks tentatively. Andrew’s hands are covering Kevin’s eyes and it must be a funny image, Kevin thinks, Andrew walking on his tip toes, trying his hardest to cover his eyes despite their height difference. Kevin’s got his eyes closed just for good measure, “We’re in the middle of nowhere, I had to sit in a car for hours!”

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i was just reading your OMWF recap, and i have a question - do you really believe xander was the one who summoned sweet? honestly, there is no evidence prior to that that shows that he could have done it .....

First of all, the episode is unambiguous about who summoned Sweet. There’s no doubt Xander was the one who did it, he even admits it himself:

SWEET: She summoned me.

DAWN: I so did not. He keeps saying that.

SWEET: You have my talisman on, sweet thing.

DAWN: Oh, but, no, I,  this, at the Magic Box, on the floor, I was, I was cleaning, and I… forgot… but… I didn’t summon anything.

SWEET: Well now, that’s a twist.

GILES: If it was in the shop … then one of us probably…

ANYA: Xander?!
XANDER: Well, I didn’t know what was gonna happen! I just thought there were gonna be dances and songs. I just wanted to make sure we’d… we’d work out. Get a happy ending.

He admits doing it on purpose. Now, I get why you’re questioning whether he actually summoned Sweet - you don’t think he had the ability/power to perform the spell. You need to remember that magic is quite a fickle thing in this show. Sometimes it requires a lot of ingredients as well as physical and emotional effort, while other times it just takes reading a few words from a book (take Anya and Giles at the Magic Shop in Tabula Rasa, for example.) And even though Xander hadn’t performed any other spells on his own before, he was well acquainted with the mechanics of it, and he had proven once before how ridiculously easy it could be to cast a spell…

Riley: These spells… these really work? I mean, can you really ‘turn your enemies inside out’?  Or… learn to 'excrete gold coins’?

Anya: That one’s not so much fun.

Willow: They work Riley but they take concentration. Being attuned with the forces of the universe.

Xander: Right you can’t just go 'librum incendere’ and expect…

So, you see, casting a spell can be as easy as reading a few words in Latin. In OMWF, Xander had the amulet and the spell to summon Sweet, which was apparently all that was needed to successfully cast the spell. What I find odd is not the fact that he had the ability to do the spell but that he didn’t realize sooner that what was going on in Sunnydale was the result of his casting the spell. I mean, he admits that he did it because he thought there would be “songs and dances”. Then, once the songs and dances start, he’s like WHAT IS GOING ON? WHO DID THIS? THIS IS BANANAS! for most of the episode.

PPG💖 power of four review *Spoiler Warnings! *

Ok I’m about to talk the powerpuff girls tv movie that came out called the power of four. I normally don’t review things that much or at all 😞 but I decided to talk about this because I was tired of hearing half-assed reviews because people don’t like bliss’s design or because they just hate the reboot.

Now I’m going to say this the powerpuff girls reboot isn’t the best but it’s not the worst. I repeat I’m only talking about this movie because getting tired of hearing “This reboot sucks, they always makes things worse, or ughhh I can’t believe blah blah.” Imagine that nerdy guy from the Simpsons you know the guy with the beard and ponytail yeah that. I heard a lot of people with a attitude like his talk about it and it was annoying.

The her design isn’t the best but none of the characters are drawn in a perfect way. The powerpuff girls themselves are big example of that. Now people are like why are her legs so long, it doesn’t fit her body. Now watching the episode it is revealed that she is a teenager it doesn’t really say how old she is but that she has been gone for 10 years.

People are bothered by her hair color and quite frankly I literally don’t care that much, like anime characters have all sorts of rainbow color hair, and so do 80’s cartoon characters like jem, strawberry shortcake,etc.

Ok the episode opens with blossom, and buttercup accusing bubbles of destroying their things. Which she denies and says her new friend bliss did and that she’s a teenager, and that she has a hard time controlling her emotions. They don’t believe her, and think she’s crazy. The professor comes in and tell them that they can’t go to the movie unless they do their chores.

He also reminisce on this show he use to like as a kid, about a tractor for the planet earth or whatever( I haven’t gone to sleep yet so I’ll do my best remembering things.) The girls are like that show is kinda lame and that the main character overreacts. The professor then proceeds to overreact in funny before reminding the girls chores before the movie.(I’m going to skip a bit to when bliss actually arrives.)

Ok while watching the movie the tractor from the professors old show crashes the movie, and the professor isn’t here he went to get more popcorn. The tractor gets blossom, and buttercup tied up and bubbles tries to help but the girls tied her up earlier because they think she crazy. So bubbles calls out for bliss who surprise, surprise was real the whole time and says “Nobody hurts my sister’s!” Then blows the tractor away.

Now the professor finally comes back they have “dad” “Blisstina”(her real first name she got real long name) moment before the professor shoots her with a laser to knock her out. Exclaiming that she will be safe now, fast forward they head back to the lab where the professor places bliss in a stasis field. The girls want answers on why they didn’t know they had a older sister before. So now we flash back to when the professor was younger his rival professor plutonium has created the perfect little boy (who is a parody of astro boy). He felt like he needed to make the perfect little girl which he did but he made the same mistake except with chemical W. Which the girls called him out on and he then proceeded to say that he actually made the same mistake 22 times by knocking over chemicals A through X they even show where a bug becomes a super powered mutant.

Now bliss was made 10 years ago her full name is Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium, aka bliss for short. She was the perfect little girl. The sweetest, strongest, smartest little girl, the main abilities she uses is telekinesis,and teleportation. Things were good except that she couldn’t control her powers no matter what emotion she feels her powers act up and explode. Until the day she left she was eating cereal and states that she “wants milk” and has gets annoyed with how long the professor was taking I guess she gets upset and she blows up the house.

Knocking out the professor upset that she can’t control her powers and that she doesn’t want to hurt the professor, or anyone else for that matter she leaves. The professor wakes up and only finds her headband and thinks the worst, and slowly forgets about think that she was gone and started all over again with the girls.

Now bliss ran away to a uncharted island called bird poop island. Where it didn’t matter if she couldn’t control her powers. She wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone, and she wasn’t alone for long she met a tiny elephant named “me” who didn’t mind her powers blowing up. Now after a couple of years bliss was starting to miss the professor and with the encouragement of “me” she goes to see him but finds bubbles instead.

Now after explaining her background mojo Jojo comes in holding the professor hostage when he sees bliss which reminds the girls that he was one the professor’s assistant, and bliss was his best friend and that he saw her leave and was sad that she went. Now he frees her and ask her to join him, but at the same time the professor is saying “don’t go I can help!” With the girls talking as well bliss feels overwhelmed, and that she is about to explode again pulls the leaver back on for the stasis field. Then she explodes, only to missing.

Mojo now sad leaves the girls then notice the professor is gone as well. Then they hear noises from the kitchen the professor and bliss have been talking about her saying and giving being a family a shot. Now the girls go to get her a costume( which I thought was a fun little montage.)

(I like the suit one the most :3)

They decided that her original outfit was the best and the girls decide to give the old headband she use to wear back to her. Now a very minor villain comes in called the gnat and I’m not going to lie I feel as though his design is based off of courage the cowardly dog show. I can’t find any images of him but if you put him next so some of the more odd looking characters he would fit in there.

Now bliss has a hard time trying to be a powerpuff girl she feels anxious. The girls try to do various things to get her to relax, like swan boats, a book on taxes, Icelandic death metal, until finally they take her to a demolition derby. Which buttercup choose because it wouldn’t matter if she destroyed anything there, bliss hears this and buttercup corrects herself saying for fun and to let it out, bliss replies that she doesn’t want to let it out.

They head home and the professor has the girls training and that bliss has aced almost all the simulations so far, and now she wants to go out and give being a powerpuff girl another shot. The professor says that she isn’t ready yet. The girls then ask if she can at least go to school with them he says no again and that she can learn from the speak and spell. Buttercup tells Bliss that he will change his mind during dinner. Dinner comes and he hasn’t changed his mind and when bliss uses her telepathic abilities to eat, he tells no powers at the table. She gets upset and goes to her(the girls) room with “me” playing a game that parodies battleship and it is revealed that “me” can talk this whole time, and shape-shift. He begins to tell her to try to get her to doubt the professor, and the girls, stating that they don’t actually think of as a powerpuff girl, or a family member, or are jealous of her powers. The girls come in to check up on her quickly getting a call to fight crime.

They then convince bliss to join them and that maybe the professor needs to see her in action. They get there and start fighting this squirrel/chipmunk(?)guy and when it’s bliss’s turn she starts wailing on him.

Like really beating him up and taking her anger at the professor on him and the girls jump in front of him to protect him from the energy ball she made knocking them down. Now the professor comes and gets upset with bliss stating this is was why he didn’t want her to go. The he accidentally states that she will never get her powers under control.

She replies after coping him say that she won’t sadly. Now “me” comes out and beings to talk, and shape-shift into a few things like a serpent and then finally reveal that “me” is “him” the whole time and ask her to take his hand which she does fusing with him (though they later clarified that he had possessed her and taken some of her powers.

They are able to free her with the help of mojo now free and feeling more guilt doesn’t want to use her powers. The girls convince her to and they come together to form a giant energy powerpuff girl to stop him. I’m not going to lie I love him’s design during this episode.

(See how epic that looks!!) Now the movie ends with bliss having to leave to place Saturn back into place after him’s rampage because she is the only one strong enough to do so. Over all I liked it nice little episode it isn’t perfect but it’s nice.

170521 shinee 9th anniversary special party fanaccounts/translations

mc: how have you been spending your days recently?
minho: i’ve been waiting for this day! (9th anniversary party)

mc: you look good in that suit
minho: *covers face*

for the first ment they used letter in SHINee Day to talk about different topics. the letter were on a tree and minho kept taking them instead of the mc. then kibum purposely took the A before minho and they fought on the sofa.

when talking about the member’s first impression of each other taemin said he thought minho looked like a foreigner. minho thought taemin was a hyung and the first time he saw taemin danced he thought taemin had no bones.

onew had forgetten about he time he appeared on Top Gear Korea so jonghyun and minho reminded him.

Talking about a day they remember the most, Minho mentioned about their first concert and how he felt emotions he can never forget

Minho said the thing that Jonghyun always does before concerts is to go up to the members and say “do well~~” (Minho imitated Jjong’s voice)

when you hear YOU what do you think?
minho: you? i love YOU

minho: we’ll continue to show you good sides of us thank you for the nice event … you guys are always doing events!

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What's your opinion on Ben Linus?

Ben Linus is, in my opinion, the best TV villain ever. The first time I watched the show I used to get anxious every time he was onscreen because I never knew what he was going to do and when it looked like someone have finally outsmarted him everytime turned out that was Ben’s plan from the beginning.

I remember when we first saw his childhood and I was like “Oh NO, they are not going to make me catch feels for Benjamin Linus!” But they did.

Getting to understand his life and his mind was very interesting and surprisingly very emotional too, as well as seeing that he wasn’t completely heartless. But unlike some other people in the fandom I don’t think understanding him is the same as justifying his actions, most things he did are unjustifiable. But that was the point of his character in my opinion, that even villains can love and everyone have some redeeming qualities. If he would have been just pure evil without humanity his character would have been plain and boring.

To sum up, Ben Linus is the man I love to hate. He’s amazingly well written and complex and his scenes with John Locke are one of the highlights of the show.

PS: I still can’t forgive Ben for killing Locke, I know Locke did forgive him but that broke my heart too badly.
Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 59: Break Out

Sam Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

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Squinting his eyes, Cas glanced between the three of you. Not saying a word, you could tell he was processing what he had just heard, trying to make sense of it all.

“An Angel?” He reiterated. “I guess that makes sense, with my ability to heal, but I didn’t feel Angelic.”

“It’s there. Buried deep down. All you have to do is concentrate on it, then your Angel mojo with come rushing back.” Meg insisted, as Dean glared at her. You could easily see he was not happy with Meg and the way she was handling the situation. 

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I miss her [Part 12/...]

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1083
Warning: some crying but everyone is fine!

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


I’m sorry that it took me so long to post another part but school started again and now I’m already very busy with studying for my exams so…please have mercy with a poor little writer like me!

Bucky was wide awake when [Y/N] began to wake up and yawned before she opened her eyes and stretched. Slowly she rolled over to her left side and looked at Bucky “Morning…”

His gaze was still fixed on the ceiling when [Y/N] nudged him in the ribs but he didn’t say a thing which confused her only more. [Y/N] sat up and looked down on him “Bucky…are you okay?”

A few seconds later, the former Winter Soldier looked to his girlfriend. Her who he saw in his dream or rather nightmare. But it wasn’t just a nightmare, it was reality. He blinked two times before Bucky started to stroke his finger tips over her forearm “Morning, sleepy head”

“Are you okay, honey? You seemed so…distracted by something” [Y/N] was curious and took his hand into her own before she kissed the back of it.

He couldn’t tell her. It was too horrible to even imagine what they could have done to [Y/N] while he was in cryo. Maybe Bucky was even out of it when they did those things to her. He just hoped that [Y/N] would never remember this horrible experience.

“I’m fine, don’t worry, doll” James smiled up to her before he sat up and gave her a soft kiss on the lips “As long as you are here with me I’m totally fine”

For now, [Y/N] was satisfied with his answer and smiled before she kissed him again “Okay”

In the afternoon, [Y/N], Natasha and Wanda decided to go out for a shopping trip through the mall in New York City while Bucky stayed back home together with the others. This was the perfect time for him to talk with Steve. He was the only one who would never blow about it.

Steve just came back from his training session when Bucky came up to him “You have to help me”

“Why? What happened?” Steve was confused when his best friend looked at him with a worried look on his face. He knew something was up, they knew each other for too long to not notice it.

With a nod, Bucky guided him to [Y/N]’s bedroom where he slept as well and sat down on the couch which was next to the huge glass wall.

“You make me nervous, Buck. Tell me what happened” Steve closed the door when he entered and sat down next to his friend who looked down at his hands.

He sighed before he looked over to Steve “Last night, I had one of my nightmares again. But it wasn’t a normal nightmare like always where HYDRA would torture me and bring me back to their base…it was a memory of my time with HYDRA. I don’t exactly know when this happened but…HYDRA did experiments on [Y/N]…”

When Bucky’s gaze went back to his friend, he saw how pale Steve had become. He looked shocked but also frightened. Slowly the blonde closed his eyes as he began to speak “You…wanna tell me that HYDRA…did the same to her…like they used to do with you?”

James nodded as he ran his fingers through his hair “I still can’t believe this. I mean, why do I remember it now? I almost got my whole memory back but I could not remember that these cruel assholes captured my girlfriend and tortured [Y/N] all the time while I was there! In front of her! Do you know how horrible it was to see how she was begging me to remember her and I didn’t even show any emotional reaction? I mean…[Y/N] looked so..broken. She was crying and I couldn’t do anything to help her because I was…trapped in my own mind”

Bucky didn’t notice how he began to cry when Steve approached him and hugged him. It wasn’t often that Bucky showed his vulnerability. Steve and [Y/N] were the only one who ever saw James Buchanan Barnes cry.

Sobbing, he buried his face into the neck of his best friend while Steve patted his back “You have to tell her, Buck. She needs to know the truth about her past…and you know that”

When Bucky began to abate, he pulled away from Steve’s hug and wiped his remaining tears away and sniffed shortly “I know but…I just can’t do it. Maybe…you can do it for me?”

“You know, I would always help you but this is something between [Y/N] and you and I don’t think it would be a good idea that I tell her the truth. You should. Just try it and if it’s really too hard for you, I’ll do it, okay?” Steve put his hand on Bucky’s right shoulder and smiled fondly at him.

Sighing, the former Winter Soldier gave in and nodded before he stood up “But I have to find out what happened to her. I thought [Y/N] was in cryo until you found her and the old files also say that Howard kept her safe in the old labours”

Together they took [Y/N]’s laptop and started their research in the old systems of S.H.I.E.L.D. where they kept all the informations about their working agents and almost everyone else of the world. It didn’t take long to find the file about [Y/N] [Y/L/N] and there was everything you need to know about her.

“I still don’t understand how you can handle all this stuff. Did you take lessons by Stark?” Bucky furrowed his eyebrows while he read through all the informations about [Y/N]. Steve smiled proudly “Bruce showed me how to use this new stuff. I even know how to take a selfie”

“What the hell is a selfie?” Bucky looked confused at his best friend before they got distracted by a link to another file. The Winter Soldier project.

Once Steve clicked on the marked words, a new side popped opened and showed them a project HYDRA was working on in the early 70s when Steve was still frozen. Bucky pulled the laptop over to him and scrolled through the list of people who were tested on the Winter Soldier serum. The list started with his name and ended with…

Eliza Stone – failure.

Joseph Brown – failure.

Victor Grokav – failure.

[Y/N] [Y/L/N] – success.

His heart stopped when Bucky saw [Y/N]’s name and the little word behind it. The Winter Soldier project failed almost everytime. That’s what Bucky remembered but still [Y/N] was one of the few people who survived the experiments. This was the proof – [Y/N] was a Winter Soldier.

Part 13

Aaaand another cliffhanger hahaahah sorry.

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Your Sansa and Ned headcanons made me tear up. Do you have any of Robb and Ned. It's another underrated relationship

This is another underrated relationship, considering Robb is the oldest son and heir. Unfortunately, we don’t see any Ned and Robb interactions, but it’s easy to see the impact Ned had on Robb.

  • Ned felt happier than he ever had before when he got the letter from Riverrun telling him he was going to be a father. He kept the letter with him, and kept reading it, keeping him sane in between all the killing, giving him something to hold on to, although Ned constantly worried what would happen to the unborn child if he lost the war. The thought of something happening to the child led Ned to fight twice as hard. He tried to imagine what the child would look like, but when he finally met Robb, he was more perfect than Ned had ever imagined. And he still has the letter of the first time he heard of Robb’s existence tucked away in his room.
  • There was an instant connection the first time Ned held Robb. He was so much more perfect than Ned thought possible. There was an instant connection there that Ned struggled to get when he held Jon. And at that moment, Ned understood why his sister was so hysterical in wanting Jon protected, almost hanging on for Ned to get there so she knew her son would be safe, because Ned knew he would do anything for the little boy in his arms. His only boy, despite the lie he has told so the whole world will think otherwise. Robb was his only son, and he felt something he had never felt before at that moment.
  • Ned felt guilty about missing Robb’s birth and missing the first few months of his life so he spent as much time as he could with Robb, trying to make amends, even though Robb would never remember. He’d show more interest in Robb during his first month at Winterfell than many high Lords show their sons before they are old enough to swing a sword. In time, he realised he spent more and more time with Robb because he enjoyed it, rather than through guilt. And because he spent so much time with him, Ned was amazed at how quickly Robb was growing.
  • Robb was a happy baby/toddler and used to smile all the time. Ned is known for not showing any emotion apart from a ‘frozen’ face, but when he was with Robb, Ned always had a smile on his face simply because Robb always put it there. It made Ned smile to see his son happy and laughing.
  • Ned always feels that Robb is a huge part of why he and Cat grew close and for that he loves his firstborn immensely. Ned often feels that if it weren’t for Robb, he and Cat wouldn’t have been able to create the wonderful family they did because it warmed Cat to see Ned so interested in being a good father to Robb. For this, Ned cherishes those early memories with Robb and when he sees Robb interacting with his younger siblings, it makes Ned smile knowing that Robb is part of the reason they exist.
  • Ned used to fret over every little bump or cough that Robb had. I can imagine him being one of those cautious first-time fathers who worry a little too much. Whenever Robb cried, Ned was worried that something was wrong with him, rather than Robb simply being hungry or something else.
  • Robb took his first steps towards Ned. Catelyn placed Robb on the floor and urged him to walk towards his father. Robb took a few steps and fell over, and as I mentioned in the point above, Ned was always worried Robb would hurt himself with every bump so Ned panicked, but before Ned could pick him up, Robb pushed himself up, and continued to walk towards Ned, eventually falling into his arms. After missing so much of Robb’s early life, seeing his first steps meant so much to Ned.
  • As Robb grew, Ned spend more time with him than the rest of the children. Not loads more time, but as his heir, Robb needed to learn how to rule, something Ned himself was never taught. Ned knew that Rickard spent more time with Brandon, not because he loved him more, but so Brandon was well prepared, and so Ned did the same with Robb, often having him sit at the high table, attend meetings, and he had a lot of one on one time with Robb, explaining how to rule and do the best for his people. Ned wanted to make Robb into a better Lord than he was, and so he felt that spending time to teach him from an early age was the best way to do that. When he was old enough, Ned would bring Robb with him to visit the Northern Lords so he could meet and know the people and castles he would one-day rule. He took him across the North, which provided him with large amounts of father-son time.
  • Robb modelled himself on Ned right from when he was a toddler. He’d follow Ned around, crave his praise, spend time watching how he did things. Robb would spend hours in the Godswood praying in the same way, training to fight in the same way, Robb would watch his parents to see how a husband treats his wife, how a father treats his children. Everything Robb did, he wanted to be like Ned. And anything Ned asked of him, Robb would do, because he always wanted to prove that he was worthy of being heir to Winterfell.
  • When Robb learns of Ned’s death, he doesn’t think of the man who left him to rule Winterfell, who trusted him to rule while he was gone, the man he wanted to be so much like, instead, he thinks of the man who would assure him there were no monsters in the cupboard despite what Theon said, who taught him how to fight, who would spend hours talking to him while they travelled across the North, who cheered Robb up when he fell and cut his leg. Robb mourns Lord Eddard and the fact that he will never seek counsel or advice from him again, but he mourns his father more, mourns the fact that he will never see Ned’s pride in him again, won’t hold Robb’s own children and won’t ever spend time riding on horses or hawking like they used to.
  • When Robb is King, he tries to do what he thinks his father would be proud of. Every decision he makes, he asks himself first, would father do this and would he be proud of me. Ned’s legacy lives in Robb until the moment Robb himself is killed.

can we talk about these three very different hugs and how perfectly they were portrayed? 

For the first one Yuuri is acting spontaneously, surprising, maybe, even himself. He is pretty bad at psychical contact, remember? (in ep 1. he was forced to simply shake hands with people)
But now he’s overwhelmed with emotions and seeks reassurance. And after he hugs Victor out of blue he probably feels a bit awkward. But Victor empathizes with Yuuri, showing him a gentle smile and comforts him using a most soothing voice.

The second one is a nice warm hug from Victor. He’s just so happy and excited, that this time he acts spontaneously, pulling Yuuri close and squeezing, while Yuuri is so stupefied by Victor’s energy and approval, that he just stands there, lost in the moment

The third one is barely a hug, very subtle one. It’s personal, not meant to be noticed by the crowd. Gentle touch of reassurance to say, “I am here for you” and “You can do it”.

-feather- taegi | drabble

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anonymous requested:  Can I please request Taegi + #8 ? x

prompt:  “ All that i have left of my wings is this solitary feather"

a/n: Nonnie I absolutely loved doing this. Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you like it too~ Im weak for taegi

wordCount: 800
pairing: taehyungXyoongi
genre: fantasy,fluff, a tiny super tiny part that may be considered angsty
triggers: none



The incessant vibration of the telephone could not allow him to concentrate on his work. Twisting his neck and cracking his tensions away, he tried once more to focus.

Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzzt!

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Agents of SHIELD 4x20 Thoughts

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Strap in, people. Freaking out below the cut.

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