remember the school au

Perfect high school student Chrom falls in love with bancho/delinquent Robin, who doesn’t react too enthusiastically about it. But who knows, maybe she’ll fall in love too…

Psst, sorry for being away. I’m still on indefinite hiatus… but I wanted to upload this to let ya’ll know that the high school AU is still alive in my heart. Anyway, I’m off. Been busy with other things lol…;;

Laika Studios AU

Coraline, Norman, Kubo, and Eggs all go to the same middle school.

Coraline is probably the president of some school club and maybe participates in plays and a lot of other extracurriculars. She’s a little on the bossy side and takes control of everything. She’s the one who sticks up for the misfits and weirdos at school, since she’s a weirdo herself.

Norman is that weird kid who very few understand. He’s often caught talking to corners and eats in the bathroom alone, although he claims that he’s not really alone. Some people are scared of him. He gets bullied a lot, but the other Laika kids stick up for him.

Kubo is that kid that always walks around with his shamisen and takes a lot of music classes. He often stays after-school a lot because he really doesn’t have anyone to pick him up so he has to take the late bus. His mother is sick and his abusive aunts and grandfather are causing major family issues, since they really want custody of him. Luckily, he’s got his Laika buddies on his side.

Eggs is the person everyone goes to if they need their game system fixed or their computer hacked. He hangs out around trash cans and is known by the teachers to be a real troublemaker (he hacked into the school camera system!) but everyone knows that he’s super sweet and means well. The other Laika kids keep him out of too much trouble.

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Fur your high school au (love it by the way, good job) I have this one headcanon. Since Sport from the tv show is like a super athlete and is pretty much the best at every sport, I was thinking hs Sport would be the same way to a degree. People always ask him "why would you be on the cheer team when you could be on a "real" sports team" and his reply is that he loves motivating and cheering people on more than he loves playing sports (also he once performed in front of 10,000 screaming women)

YEEEE THAT was my reason fur makin him a cheerleader in the first place !!!

okay but Crutchie has a key to the school elevator and he’s like half offended because it’s not that bad dammit he’s capable of using stairs thank you very much and half, like, gleeful because IT’S THE GODDAMN ELEVATOR TAKE THAT SUCKERS and on bad days when he has to use forearm crutches or both regular crutches and he actually can’t use the stairs Race always carries his stuff just so he can ride the elevator

We should just kiss like real people do.

Here’s some more kylux art school au trash  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll see myself out


Here’s another Draw the Squad Ouran High school host club AU
I can’t really remember the names of the characters (sorry😔)
But we still have our real life personalities. @marionette-j2x please don’t hate me, this is not a shipping thing, I SWEAR!!DX
It’s just you and Harohi are both are….dr..ble…*COUGH* and E just playing the roll…yeah that’s it😐
Anyway this time with @prettylittlerock123 and @axis2500
Sorry I didn’t add you guys on the last sketch😅
And yes, me @artgirllullaby and prettylittlerock are boys (I had to)
@mrevaunit42 @cartooniste2z I hope y'all know this anime

Flirt with me

Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil x danisnotonfire)

Genre: Fluff? Fluff.

Warnings: I don’t think there are any???

Words: Approx. 2.5 k

Summary: In which Phil is really shit at flirting and asks Dan for advice

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again, I’m back, tell a friend (i’ve been away for like 2 weeks chillax @me) ((also, another high school au??? who would have guessed))

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hi!! can you please help me find a fic, it was a high school au,i dont remember much about it but dan (i think) had a special place in the woods he liked to go and one time he took phil there and it was really pretty and it had something to do with birds?? and they had their first kiss there. i think it was on wattpad. thanks for your help!!

does anyone know this fic?

- Eliza

@aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post: @aimmyarrowshigh replied to your post…

yyyyyike i do not remember that fic and I’m glad i didn’t read it

i read it all because i hate myself and it was long and detailed and they softened it a little with ‘oh the white news crews would only see Poe as a handsome white, or near enough, man’, like it was somewhat SUBTLY critical of this, but it was still like ‘um????????’ 

Plus yeah the uh…child soldier aspect of it– NOT GREAT, BOB. Like the author was clearly knowledgable about certain aspects of NGOs and so on but also…….maybe not the best choice for a fanfic AU setting. 

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highschool AU summer break special: BB decides it's time to take everyone camping to learn how to rough it, unfortunately either kaz or ocelot gets roped into going as well (whichever one would hate it the most). dave might convince hal to come but all the boys share a tent. for the adults it probably turns into an excuse to drink all day by a lake. how do you think it goes?

Snake was hoping to get some alone time with Otacon, and while they will have fun and enjoy hiking, no alone time of the canoodling variety is in the cards. Sharing that tent means Liquid asking them if they’ve done it yet while Solidus dutch ovens everybody. Campfire beans were a bad idea.

Ocelot would agree to come only to try and fulfill that “fucking in the woods” fantasy he’s always had. He will likewise be disappointed.

Kaz, on the other hand probably genuinely loves camping and is gonna be 50% “Let’s learn how to make a rabbit snare from a sapling, kids!” and 50% “I brought Fireball and an acoustic guitar, time to be That Campsite Asshole. You kids are old enough to drink, right?”

BB remembers halfway through the trip that the reason he likes camping is the solitude, and camping with others defeats the point.

okay so here’s a story i just remembered from when i was at boarding school that should be a ransom&holster fic like pronto but anyways. some guys were all hanging out in their dorm playing some sort of truth or dare/what are the odds/bet you wont sort of game and these two pretty brotastic guys got dared to kiss. and they did no problem because this was the hall where the guys would just walk naked and take pictures of each other wearing nothing but strategically placed guitars and they were overall v comfortable with each other. and then they like. kept making out on the bed while the other dudes kept playing whatever game it was. but all of the other guys eventually got up and left them to it. and then those two brotastic dudes ending up dating for a significant amount of time.

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“I was way worse at his age.”

          ‘REALLY?’ Is the only look that’s conveyed as Aurora’s eyes narrow, head instantly turning to Adrian out of annoyance. “Is that supposed to help?” Mock uncertainty and fear play over her features as she shakes her head, hand squeezing down on his forearm as some small affectionate reminder that despite all intensive purposes, his failed attempts at making her feel better hadn’t permanently damaged whatever their unspoken little relationship was. 

          Aurora mutters a small “You’re an idiot.” Which translates roughly into ‘I love you’. “I can’t even imagine a sixteen year old Adrian Quinn…” Oh but the mental image is so amusing, a laugh falls from her lips as she sinks back into his side obviously finding this better and better as the moments ticked on, the realization dawning on the sheer possibility. “I bet you were the bad boy, weren’t you?” There’s a mocking taunt to her words, but it’s as affectionate as could be.  “Did you have allllll the girls falling over you?” Sixteen had only been eight years ago for Aurora, but with how quickly society and the world around them was changing, it was very easy to feel OLD sometimes. Which was ironic considering she was often the youngest. “Adrian Quinn.” She repeats, fingers toying with the back of his hair, “Although… It’s far more likely you were the nerd, right?” Where was the burn unit crisis line when you needed one? 

          “I don’t think I’ve ever met a cool architect, actually.” God, put a bottle of wine in her and she became savage number ONE


So you remember when I had a humanized Transformers Animated Art School AU? Well I brought them back – WITH A VENGEANCE IN ROCK.

Both versions! A Birthday version for Mercurymaplekey and a plain version.

Stay tuned.