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This is one of my favorite scenes in Dragonball. It was most likely put in for the humor and to show where chichi learned her mastery of running a household fit for someone like goku, Who wouldn’t have the time to and keep the earth safe. With the role reversal here, it both breaks the traditional character of Chichi but also stays entirely true and I thought it was a charming thought because Chichi just wants to take care of Goku no matter what. I love this couple. Remember that time Chichi gave a list to Goku to go shopping with, but because she had some foresight, she drew animals for him to look at instead of making him read the words? Well, it both helped Goku out and ensured that the right groceries came home…but it’s still sweet that she put in that effort. it shows she understands him on that level and yet, doesn’t try to change him. And that’s really the message of a good relationship, isn’t it?

I followed @cozymochi ‘s chichi pretty closely because he’s just adorable and designed so well ;A; 

Also, please enjoy this variation.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi Christine! I'm playing my first lead in a show right now and I really, really want to make my character memorable. I have a big emotional solo in the show and I know it sounds overly ambitious and a bit too Slytherin, but I want to move people. However at the same time I'm terrified; I'm scared that I'll get to day of the performances and I won't be able to cry during my scene, nobody will be moved, nobody will remember me. Do you have any advice on being memorable as an actress?

You are focusing on the end goal rather than the process. That is the checkmate, but there’s a long journey to get there. We can’t go into rehearsal thinking, “I need to cry here, I need to be emotional here, this has to move people.” We have to study and analyze and live honestly in the circumstances, and if the stakes are high enough and we’ve put the work in, the result is a moving performance. So start with step one–analyze and study. Understand the character, how they tick, why they do what they do, their objectives, their fears… then go from there!

Also, remember that we can’t guarantee that every person will be moved by what we do. Each person is impacted differently by a certain character or performance, so instead of going into this thinking “I need to make the whole audience feel for this character,” just live honestly in that character’s life. The moment you’re trying to make somebody feel something, they’ll know. Audience members can sense when you’re baiting a reaction.
Crossbones, Steve and the“Your Bucky” scene

So, after watching the scene between Crossbones and Steve for the second time, I’ve been thinking about what he said to taunt Steve during their fight. And I thought of something really upsetting, and I don’t want to suffer by myself so I’m telling you right now.

Some spoilers below the cut. All right? Here we go.

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So with this whole Neverland Renaissance thing slaying my soul, I have a mighty need for some scene continuations/canon divergences. I’m going to just put them here. You know, just in case you want to do a thing. Or you’re bored. Whatever! No pressure! You look really nice today.

Echo Caves: Emma reached for him after his confession, she wanted to say something to him but stupid Snowing just haaaaaad to interrupt. WHAT DID SHE WANT TO SAY? DID SHE MAYBE FIND HIM LATER TO TELL HIM? And remember how Neal snagged her after they left the caves to fart some nonsense in her direction and Hook overheard it and made this face:

So that is where his mood would have been when she approached him to talk about his confession. All broken and wounded and shit. I hate everything. 

David’s secret: I always wanted them to talk about Hook keeping David’s secret and tricking him up the mountain to drink the water to save his life. I mean, sure in Good Form she knew he saved his life, but she didn’t really know the circumstances. And all the sssssecrets the budding bros were keeping. Would Emma be mad? Surprisingly thankful? Would they fight? Would she thank him again with her mouth? THESE ARE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW. 

Coconut scene: Mostly the same, but instead everyone else was either asleep or off in the jungle, leaving just the two of them alone. What did they talk about? How did the campfire light bring out the red in Killian’s beard? Did their shoulders casually brush from time to time? More? MORE????

Tink’s house: Emma and Hook are the ones to go off find her, discover her little hideaway (though Tink is still not there). The perfect secluded spot to make I’m-totally-not-jealous inquiries into how Hook knows Tink or to…you know…


Post-Lost Boy fight: Emma is hurt in the fight, Hook flips out, she has to calm him down, then he patches her up. 

So yeah…..there’s some things. Have some fun, maybe?

I’m remembering last year’s midseason finale. My boredom with it. Good riddance H00d. Emma goes to H00k to put his heart back in, here comes the “romantic” C$ shit, hmm that was fast, wait, *wake up* she’s going to Regina?! Then, as I watched in a trance, they became drinking buddies. And then the Swan-Mills library scene.

So what’s this one going to be like?