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Grounding is a set of simple strategies to  detach from emotional pain for example (cravings, self harm urges, emotional eating behaviour etc.) Grounding can also be a way of returning your attention to the outside world and away from yourself. In the case of dissociation.


When you are overwhelmed with emotional pain, you need a way to detach so that you can gain control over your feelings and stay safe. As long as you are grounding, you are more likely to be able to overcome urges. Grounding ‘anchors’ you to reality.

Many people with PTSD and dissociative disorders struggle with either feeling too much (overwhelming emotions and memories) or too little (numbing and dissociation). In grounding, you attain balance between the two—conscious of reality and ability to tolerate it.


§ Grounding can be done any time, anywhere and no one has to know.

·       §  Use grounding when you are: faced with a trigger, having a flashback or dissociating.

·       §  Keep your eyes open, look around the room, and make sure the light is good to stay in touch with the present.

·       §  Rate your mood before and after to test whether it worked. Before grounding, rate your level of

·       §  emotional pain, or your level of dissociation. Then re-rate it afterwards. Has it gone down?

·       Try not to make judgements or think negatively. The idea is to distract from the negatives.

·       §  Stay neutral—no judgments of good or bad.

·       §  Focus on the present, not the past or future.

·       §  Grounding is much more active than relaxation exercises and focuses your attention.

Grounding is deemed to be a better way of coping with PTSD and dissociative disorders than relaxation practice. As during relaxation the focus is too much within the body, which at the worst may bring on flashbacks.



o    Describe to yourself in detail your surroundings: For example “The walls are white, there are three pink chairs and a blue sofa. There is a picture of a brown border collie on the wall with a gold frame around it.” You can do this out loud if appropriate, or in your head if you are in public.

o    Play a game like “Scattergories” in your head or with a friend or family member. Choose a letter of the alphabet and try and come up with as many examples of a category you choose as you can. For example C … Boys names: Christopher, Curtis, Carl, Charles etc.

o    Do an age progression. IThis can be particularly useful if you have dissociated or regressed to a younger alter or state. For example in my experiences I have an alter who is three. So I might say… Now I am four, I am at home with Mummy and Daddy and I can do (an example of an age appropriate activity) alone. Work your way up until you are back to your current age. This may not always work for little alters, but can help.

o    Describe an everyday activity in great detail. For example if you like gardening “I open the shed door and pull out the lawn mower, I connect it to a power supply and climb on. I turn the key and put it into drive….”

o    Imagine. For example make up a nice little story in your head, or out loud. “I am putting some roller skates on, and I am slowly gliding away from all my emotional suffering down a beautiful smooth lane, having fun listening to my favourite music LOUD!”

o    Say a safety statement. ‘My name is _________; I am safe right now. I am in the present, not the past. I am in _____________ the date is _____________.

·        Read something, saying each word to yourself. Or read each letter backwards so that you focus or the letters and not on the meaning of words.

·        Use humour: For example have a “Funny Memory Bank” where you store up your favourite witty moments for those detached, rainy days.  

·        Count to 100 or say the alphabet very slowly or very fast.

·        Repeat something meaningful to yourself, such as a prayer or quote. For example you could use the Serenity Prayer.


û Run cool or warm water over your hands.

û  Grab tightly onto your chair as hard as you can.

·       û  Touch various objects around you: a pen. keys, your clothing, the table, the walls. Pay close attention to colours, weights, textures etc.

·       û  Firmly stamp your feet on the floor, literally grounding yourself. Feel the tension of your feet against the pressure of the floor.

·       û  Carry a ground object in your pocket—a small object such as a rock, stone, crystal, bead, piece of string or cloth, or a stress ball that you can touch whenever you feel triggered.

·       û  Jump up and down.

·       û  Stretch reach upwards and pull yourself tall. Extend your arms, legs, fingers and toes.

·       û  Walk slowly, noticing each footstep.

·       û  Eat something yummy. Notice the flavours, textures and feelings that come up for you.


·        Use Cheerleading statements, as if you were talking to a small child. For example “You are having a difficult time adjusting to these chanes, but you are doing so well. You should be proud of yourself.”

·        Think of favorites. Think of your favorite color, animal, season, food, time of day, TV show.

·        Picture people you care about. Even get a photobook made of positive pictures or pictures of people you love! Such a simple nice way to ground, and you can get A4 photo books at the moment from GroupOn for under £7!! (I in no way endorse them I just thought it was a good offer!)

·        Remember the words to an inspiring song, quotation or poem that you like or feel positively about. Maybe write out the words and decorate it for your wall.

·        Remember a safe place. Describe a place that you find very soothing it could be when you went on holiday to the beach, or walking in the woods. Or just a time you felt safe and peaceful at home in your living room or in bed.

·        Plan out a safe treat for yourself, such as a trip to a coffee shop with a friend, making a nice dinner or a bath with some nice toiletries or candles if you feel safe to use them

·        Think of things you are looking forward to in the next week. Perhaps schedule your time so you build some structure for chores and pleasurable activities. It can help to know what you are doing and also not just sit at home with nothing to do. This can cause difficulties.


Practice as often as possible. Even when you don’t feel overwhelmed or dissociative. This way it will come more naturally to you when you are struggling.

Practice faster. Speeding up the pace gets you focused on the outside world quickly.
Try grounding for a Ioooong time 20 mins at least, and then repeat !!
Try to notice whether you do better with physical or mental or soothing grounding.

Create your own methods of grounding. Any method you make up may be worth much more than those you read here because it is yours.

Start grounding early in a negative mood cycle. Start when you begin to feel the early warning signs of dissociation or when you have just started having a flashback.

Punishing Your Little

Punishing Your little is vital and, can sometimes be very hard to wrap Your head around. Deep down, You don’t want to hurt Your little girl because, dammit, she is so fuckin’ cute; but You also feel compelled to teach respect and proper behavior. It is really important to remember that by not punishing Your little, You are doing more harm than good. Every little will test her boundaries, and if she finds that there are none, she will ultimately feel lost, confused, and unloved. She needs to know that You love her enough to teach her how to be Your “good girl”. It is every little’s desire to please her Daddy Dom, and to be praised for doing so.

In the same respect, she is also likely to misbehave (no one can be perfect, even though we try desperately to prove that wrong) and get on Your nerves…often. It is in those moments that Your inner Daddy Dom is called to step up and be the Daddy she needs. Whether it’s bending her over Your knee or privileges lost, You NEED to show her who is Boss.

Men are taught from a very young age, “don’t hit a girl” and “respect women”, etc. It can be extremely difficult when first entering the BDSM lifestyle to wrap Your head around this new taboo way of life. It “is” ok to slap Your girl across the face when she is mouthing off, or pull her across Your knee and spank her until her little ass is bright red. It is finally ok to give in to those hand twitches when she is being rude and back talking to You. People need to understand that a Man needs respect, and without it, He will feel belittled and less than (especially in this lifestyle). How can You assert dominance when she is not respecting You and will not follow orders? Of course, all of this needs to be discussed upon entering the BDSM relationship, to determine each persons limits. Also, remember that it is never ok to abuse her by going farther than discussed, or to ignore the preset safe word. You should always be in control of Your emotions going into a punishment, to protect both Yourself and her well being. You are in a whole new world and way of life. A world where women are itching to be put in their place, and Men are allowed to assert their true Dominance.

By not punishing Your little, You are causing her damage. she loses faith that You are there for her, and she will become confused about who is in charge. We often hear in the BDSM community the term “topping from bottom”. It is my firm belief that the reason this happens is lack of control from the Master/Daddy. When He fails to step up and be the “bad guy”, she feels unsafe and will either become afraid that You don’t care, so she feels the need to protect herself and be the “Big”, or she will misbehave worse by becoming extremely disrespectful, and defiant in the hopes that You will shut her down. Every little needs a Hero, and no one ever said being the Hero would be easy. You will need to step out of Your comfort zone and lay down the law. She needs it, and honestly, craves it. She wants to know that there are consequences and boundaries, so that she can feel safe, loved, and cared for.

Punishment is love. You love her enough to step out of Your comfort zone and teach her a lesson in a way she will not soon forget. Punishment is also a lot of work. There are immediate actions of deciding the punishment. And then there is the follow-through. It is easy to become, for lack of a better term, “lazy”. Lazy Daddies will ultimately have more work on Their hands than a Daddy who is on the ball and administers praise and punishment at the time that it is needed. The lazy Daddy will have a brat on their hands, who acts up over and over. He will be chasing after her, wondering why He got the “naughty little”, and wonders “wasn’t this supposed to be empowering and be more fulfilling?” Both He and His little will never experience the amazing life that can come from a D/s or DD/lg relationship. There is a lot of work that gets put in to make this lifestyle work, but there is also so much to gain for both parties.

So for those Daddies who are struggling to find proper punishments, here are just a few little ones to get You started:


Early Bedtime

Ruler Across the Palm of her Hand

Time Out

Writing Assignment

Slap Across her Face

Eat Dinner Alone


Extra Chores

Loss of Privilege

Cold Shower/Bath

Soap in her Mouth

Loss of Sexual Gratification

Loss of her Favorite Stuffie

Loss of Favorite TV Show or Movie

No TV at Bedtime

Read a Book of Your choosing

Lecture from You

Loss of Sweets

Loss of Furniture

Kneel at Your Feet for Specified Time

Loss of Speaking

Loss of Eye Contact with You

Loss of Touching You

Loss of Clothes at Home

Loss of Internet

Eat Food she Doesn’t Like

Go Out to Dinner but she Doesn’t Eat


Hair Pulling

Sit Outside Alone Until Invited Back In

Tied Up While You Do Anything You Want to her

Name Changed to Something Cruel for Specified Time

Loss of Makeup

Ignored by You for Specified Time

Loss of Dresses

Loss of her Favorite Shoes

Eat and Drink Only Oatmeal and Water


The options are limitless, and can be as kinky or cruel as You choose them to be. Always remember to discuss rules, punishments and safe words. littles, listen to your Daddy…He knows best. Daddies, your little needs You to be the Hero, and to put her in her place. Have fun with this, and experiment to find what works best for you

anonymous asked:

I feel so stupid lol ☺️ but i really need to ask this, i am 16-17 and i wanna be more girly and like lil'woman, how can i? Thank you soooo much again 💕

 Oh! You want to be more “girly” ? Well, I’m going to take in fact what girly normally means in this sense and use it like that ahhah! Don’t feel stupid, though.

First thing’s first:

You have your own style that is unique to you…etc. You don’t have to be something else, though if you are currently not happy with yourself and are working on self improvement, I encourage you to do so. Let’s start with some basics on what “girly” or “feminine” is! 

Girly is basically acting in very feminine and liking feminine things. However, there is MUCH more to it than just the look. I’m going to start off with the more “mature” side of things, as you said you wanted to be more like a woman (which includes maturity) and then we can work on other things! It’s not just a style, it’s a mindset. The “fuck you i’m going to get my goals” mindset.

Embracing yourself:

/Note: None of this is set in stone. This is just my opinion on to help her grow into a stronger and more mature woman.

  • Do not take shit. Walk with your head high and smile. If someone puts you down, ask yourself: “Is this a logical problem or is it opinionated?” If it is opinionated, ignore it. If it is logical and backed with evidence and reasoning, take it into factor and make note to work on that.
  • Learn to treat yourself. It’s okay to want to spend a little extra money on yourself sometimes.
  • Be independent. Don’t rely on others to get things done for you. Your homework is your homework. Your job is your job. Be independent and don’t rely on them to do it for you!
  • Treat yourself and others with respect. I have a rule, instead of just “you have to earn my respect” I say: “I respect until you disrespect, and at that point, I drop all respect I’ve had for you.”
  • Fight immaturity with maturity. If someone is being messy as hell, fight back with maturity. Give no fucks. Show no mercy. When they call you a name and try to fight, if you want to piss them off AND come off as mature, say something like: “Honestly, I have goals to reach. I don’t have time for you to be immature and try to ruin that for me.” And walk off.
  • Don’t be afraid to break sometimes. It happens to the strongest of people. There is no way I could count how many times I sat in bed at night trying to stop crying. Cry, and afterwards, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’ll get through this.
  • DO NOT let people dictate who you are. Don’t let these little boys or girls tell you that you need to look like this or that. Don’t let them tell you who you should be. Not even your parents are allowed to tell you who to be. If they try, pretend to obey but do the exact opposite. Be who YOU are.
  • Get your schoolwork done, babe. Seriously this is important, it isn’t about the grades. It’s about furthering your knowledge and showing everyone that you can do what they think you can’t.
  • Have fun! Have fun if you want, but be safe.
  • Do everything with confidence, even if you have to fake it!
  • Follow your passions. Maybe you like dance, singing art, makeup or whatever else. Do it. 
  • Remember that if anyone ever says you fucked them, that only gives you power.
  • If you’re giving an assignment wednesday and are told you need it finished by friday, work on it wednesday. Cut off all distractions and work on that assignment. Afterwards, write down everything you didn’t understand. The next day, spend time learning about what you didn’t understand and proofread the assignment 3 times. This applies for ALL days.
  • Exams coming up soon? Stop staying up all night studying. Study in 10-15 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks. Quiz yourself every hour to find your weak links and then study those. What are you scared of failing most? Focus on that.
  • You’re 16-17. You know about sex. You know how it works. You may have already have sex. This is okay. All I ask of you is to be safe. Do NOT rely on someone to have condoms, if you need, go buy them yourself. Know how to do things safely. Remember: Kink isn’t spontaneous, it’s safe words. Anal isn’t a quick slip, it’s reading articles on how to do it and lube. Be safe, be real.
  • In the case that you get pregnant: Breathe. Make your choices. Do what you need to do and always remember that you can run in my askbox and talk to me about everything. I will always be here to listen. You can also read articles and such on parenting advice, how to do it as a teenager..etc.
  • I’m telling you the above because I’ve had friends who got pregnant at 15-16 or 17 and didn’t know what to do.
  • Also: 
  • Don’t slut shame  or talk bad about girls who want to have sex and have lots of it. Instead, encourage them to do it safely.
  • Don’t put anyone down that isn’t as popular as you. Bring them up. 
  • Being sweet will get you a long way.
  • Act twice your age if you want to look really mature in front of all the teachers and shit. Literally you can read articles..etc. on maturity.
  • Remember that maturity does not mean you can’t have fun.
  • If you feel depressed…etc. talk to someone. Don’t be silent.
  • One of the first signs I ever had of anorexia was that I craved the disorder. Which means I literally wanted to be it. Little did I know it was going to drag me through hell. If you have these thoughts, get help.
  • Do not be afraid of going to get help from a professional.

Inspirational Shit:

/Note:  Take notes on these. Take them to heart. Carry them with you like a blankie to a baby and don’t let go of them.

  • “All flowers must start as sprouts.” -  Me
  • “To fight or to cower down, that is the question. The question in which you should answer from the ground, even face down in the dirt, bloody and bruised from life with a smirk. Because to fight when you’re down is the most courageous thing.” - Me
  • “And she will bow to no one nor anything, and the day she does, you should fear.” - Me
  • “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” - Picasso
  • “Don’t run backwards, no never, even if it breaks down, oh better.” - Tomorrow
  • “If you feel like you’re going to crash, accelerate you idiot.” - Nevermind
  • “You don’t need a ‘reason’ to live. Live because you can. Live because in the end, even if it hurts, you don’t need a reason to live. All that matters is that you’re here.” - Me
  • “If I ever break through the wall of failure, people will be in awe at the sight of me rising from nothingness.” - Me
  • “Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them.” - Nikita Gill  //Be one of those girls. - me//
  • If you want to truly live, you have to be tested, whether by yourself or the cruel game of life. - Me
  • Stop living in fear of what might happen and start living in what is happening. - Me
  • “Don’t fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon and I will eat you whole.” - Unknown
  • “She spun herself a crown of gold, thrones of bones and citadels, to the deaf stars she screamed: make me queen or I’ll make you bleed.” M.J.
  • “You’re masking past failure with your present success and it’s both beautiful and terrifying, like watching a witch write your name in the stars.” A.Ashstar
  • Lmao there’s a lot from me but most of them have literally kept my best friends from dying so I added them anyways.
  • “Touch me and you’ll burn.” - Margaret Atwood
  • This photographers work will inspire you
  •  “You’re worth it, you’re perfect, you deserve it, just work it.” - 21st Century girl 

Now we can get on to the typical “style” or such. This is just some stuff that I’ve accumulated. However there is so much more to it. You dress how YOU want to dress. Do what makes you confident. But if you want, I do have a polyvore. (celestial-sweets). Now onto some style recommendations to embrace your femininity! When most people think “feminine” they think “dress” when I think feminine, I think “gorgeous”. There will be a massive variety under this. So you can wear whatever you want and still have style recommendations.

Clothing Style:

/Note: I feel the need to say that you should wear whatever makes you confident and comfy again.

  • Chic:
  • Tucked in tank tops and body suits with jeans
  • White skinny jeans look amazing with this look
  • Get your glitter lipstick on if you want boo yes work it
  • Nude also works well
  • Normally they don’t add a lot of highlight but i you want, yesss
  • Wavy/curly hair looks gorgeous with this style
  • Heels (usually black or tan) are a hella yes
  • Mascara and nude eyeshadow
  • Natural looking brows
  • Button ups
  • Baddie:
  • Do the above with this new style too, itll work
  • But also if you wear bodycon itll be hella looking baddie
  • thigh high boots happen a lot
  • matte lipstick
  • with matte eyeshaodw but with a really clean glitter
  • yea that happens
  •  and gradient brows ive noticed
  •  but the best part about this look is that you can be casual with it and look like you’re some kinda goddess i swear
  •  literally if you toss on some highlighter, a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt with some adidas 
  • or likea bomber jacket, a sports tank and shorts, with adidas and some like nude lipstick, brown mascara and highlgihter
  •  you will literally glow like you have never glown before
  • Crop tops are a thing with this look yall
  • Hella Cute And  Casual:
  • Jeans, sweatpants
  • Toss on like a crop top hoodie and a cropped tank and boom
  • oh oh oh and if you wear an oversized plain white t shirt with like a pair of jean shorts
  • you will make heads turn
  • honestly tho and with this, you wanna have very very light eyeliner like
  • just tightline the top, light mascara, aa clear gloss on your lips
  • you will be a glowing boo without even trying
  •  but if your hair is too short for that that’s okay boo i understand, 
  • itlls still look cute as fuck
  •  Fancy As Hell:
  • Heels, strappy ass heels,
  • Small chain necklaces with tiny pendants 
  • A ring or two, with some shiny bracelets
  •  nails
  • dresses dresses more dresses
  • soft curls or straight hair works well
  • a black scarf paired with a button up shirt and some black slacks and a pair of heels will make you look like a business woman
  • or like a pencil skirt
  • but a black pleated one works too
  • stockings go well with this look
  • TBH tho just wear what you wanna wear.  
  • Remember to put an outfit together super easily you can stick to basic colors like black/tan/gray/white and throw something on so quick to look fancy
  • Also to be honest any fancy undies will make you feel so much more feminine i swear
  •  like i have some lace ones with poka dot and i cry they make me feel so good
  • Bbut if you want to look very mature then you should look at business women…etc. take notes on style from it and how to present yourself.

Self care:

/Note: yes boo get ur self care

  • Wash your face
  • Moisturize
  • Don’t sleep in makeup
  • Coconut oil your legs like hella
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth darling
  • Organize and clean your room once a week
  • Get your dishes out of the room EVERY DAY
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time if you have school okay
  • Wash your clothes when the basket is almost full, not full. But almost full. And learn how to properly wash them.
  • Go on a walk once a week or do some kind of activity
  • Drink ya water girl!
  • all this is so stereotypical but idgaf
  • Watch movies sometimes
  • EXPLORE!! Safely, though
  • If there’s somewhere you want to go, start saving a little bit of money to go there
  • When you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love you. 
  • Fight towards your goals
  • Ttake your damn vitamins boo bear. Like vitamins and nutrition support can help you so much more than you would know.
  • Don’t overwork yourself.
  • Love yourself, love myself. - RM

Okay boo that’s all the advice I have! Literally just have fun, much love dear. Always remember you can come to my ask box!! Have fun! Love yourself!!!

“Really, Peter, my daughter ?” - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it…Well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. 

I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo…Here’s a Peter Parker story yo. It has probably been written a thousand times, but after I watched “Spider-Man : Homecoming”, all I wanted to do was writing a story with Peter starting to date Tony’s daughter so…yeah. Here it is. Hope you’ll like it : 

My masterlist blog :


Peter didn’t really mean for this to happen. Far from it. Oh it would have avoided him a world of troubles if none of this ever happened. 

Nope, totally didn’t mean for this to happen. Besides, when he first met you, he had a massive crush on Liz and had eyes only for her. Oh he was head over heels for her. And, your first encounter wasn’t exactly…a smooth one. 


Months earlier, when Peter helped your father against Captain America: 

It was very soon after the big fight between “Team Iron Man” and “Team Captain America” that you met him. Peter was waiting for  “Mr. Stark” in the Avengers’ watchtower, in one of the waiting lounge. 

An annoying elevator music was playing and Peter was awkwardly sitting in one of the ridiculously fancy chair of the lounge, waiting for…Someone. Anyone really. 

He had been waiting for hours. Did…did they forgot about him ? Nooooo, Mr. Stark would never do that to him. 

And when the door opened, Peter’s heart leapt at the thought of talking to his hero again and…A girl he only saw on TV appeared, hurriedly closing the door behind her. 

You. It was you. The famous (Y/N) Stark, only daughter of the even more famous Tony Stark, and therefor, sole heir to the Stark’s fortune.  

You didn’t even notice Peter at first, as he was sitting in the chair furthest to the door, and when you did, the face you made made him flinch. You seemed so unhappy to see him…

-Who the Hell are you ?

You ask without any other preamble. Peter stands up and clears his throat…and oh he wanted to slap himself when instead of telling you his name he said : 

-You’re…You’re (Y/N) Stark ! 

You roll your eyes at him and approach him slowly, giving him a suspicious look before saying : 

-Thank you, without you, I think I would have never known my own name. I’m so grateful right now…

The sarcasm in your voice was so strong Peter thought he could feel it squeezing his heart and self-confidence. It took him way too long before he finally answered : 

-Peee…Pee…Peter Parker. 

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Experiment #4 - Request

Requested by: you know the sinners.

Summary: Sherlock and reader hold a Series of Experiments in which they test out several smutty theories with practise. Who thought science would be so fun?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,973

Warnings: Rough smut - un-protected, over-stimulation, oral, fingering.

A/N: Dear lord from Heaven, please forgive me.


Originally posted by estherlune

| One | Two | Three |

“(Y/N),” Sherlock called, “I need you to hand me the silver knife inside of the freezer, please.”

“I’m literally at the other side of London!” She argued through the phone.

“Oh, don’t worry, there’s no hurry.” She hung up and Sherlock breathed out a laugh as he placed his phone at the tiny coffee table by his side.

“You really think she’s coming?”

“Of course she is. She never fails.” Sherlock answered confidently, and then both of them waited patiently for her arrival.

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you being a good slave for him 


Xiumin would firstly make sure you weren’t being good because you had done something bratty, and were trying to play it off innocently, but rather that you were really being a good little girl for him. He’d then make sure to grant you a reward by fucking you, until you were close to passing out from overstimulation.

Originally posted by minseoxual


Suho would be amazed you had been such a good little slave for him, as you were usually quite the opposite, and would show you his gratitude by tying you against the bed post, and placing various vibrators at your entrance, in order to make you cum various times, as strong as possible.

Originally posted by xehun


He would’ve made a bet with you a few weeks back, saying that if you succeeded in being a good slave for him for a complete month, he’d let you dominate him. When you accomplished this, he would be amazed, but nonetheless, a deal is a deal, so he would let you order him around as you desired for an entire night.

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This huge tease would find you being so good for him as a major turn on, and wouldn’t hesitate to compensate you. He’d use one of his silk ties and would place it around your eyes, instantly intensifying your sense, as he’d take you harder than he ever has, making you moan out his name multiple times during the night.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


Seeing as you were being so good for him, chen would let you choose your own reward. Whatever it is you’d come up with though, he’d intensify it , doing everything rougher, and harder than you had originally asked, nearly making you not able to stand for the next couple of days following.

Originally posted by teamwang


He’d act oblivious to your ways, wondering how long you were going to keep up the facade. However the moment he talked to you about it and you denied it ever being an act, he threw you a devilish smirk and instantly pushed you up against the nearest wall, reminding you how you should always behave, in just a matter of seconds.

Originally posted by moon-min-ah


He would think you were also trying to cover up for something you’d done  and would try to reach your breaking point, teasing you at literally every chance he’d get to try and make you misbehave. Once you did, he’d remind you why you shouldn’t ever play him and would punish you for slipping up so easily.

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“Baby girl, Ive been noticing just how obedient you’ve been acting these couple of days. I wanted to tell you sweetheart, daddy is very happy about that and has a reward in store for you. I just hope you still remember your safe word.”

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Sehun would keep intense calculation on the number of days you had been good. Four days? Four intense orgasms in store for you. Six days? Six orgasms. Everyday that you’d behave he’d add more onto the reward you were getting. The moment you finally misbehave is the day hell will break loose, seeing as that would be the day you were finally going to get the heavenly compensation he had for you.

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-you’d shake your head no, pouting as he tried to get you ready for bed- 

*tilts his head slightly as his face turns to stone* 
“Oh kitten, I suggest you drop that attitude right fucking now.” 
“This is my only and final warning, so stop. Now.” 

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-as he’d try to enforce a simple non-sexual punishment; a short time out, you’d give him major attitude instead- 

“Y/n, stop it-” 
*roughly grips your jaw, facing your gaze up to him*
“I hate being so rough with you, princess, but if you keep being a little brat I’ll be forced to.” 

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-after a long day of you being a sassy little brat, he had enough- 

*lifting you over his shoulder; he’d snicker as your mosquito bite like hits*
“Hit me all you want babygirl..” 
*harshly slaps the back of your thigh*
“You’re gonna fucking get it.” 

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-the instant you seemed to forget your rules and your place, he’d have no trouble asserting himself- 

You; *pouting* “Fuck off, Ki.” 

*scoffs before pushing you down onto the couch, his hand around your throat* 
“What was that? Are you mouthing off to me, little girl?” 
“Since you wanna act like a little bitch, let’s see how you like your punishment tonight.” 

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-though he usually did nothing, he couldn’t allow you to think you could just be a little brat and walk all over him anymore- 

*roughly grips your throat, pinning you against the wall* 
“If you think you’ll get away with having such a terrible attitude this time then you’re very wrong, kitten.” 
“Looks like it’s time I assert my dominance and put you in your place, huh?”

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-you’d start mouthing off, cussing at him every time his name left your mouth-

*comes up from behind you, roughly bending you over*
“Shut your filthy little mouth…” 
*harshly swats your cheek; forcing out a pained whimper*
“You’re gonna fucking need to remember your safe word tonight, little one.” 

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-instead of writing lines like he wanted you to, you crumbled up your paper and tossed it and your pen at him- 

You; “I’m not gonna do shit, and you can’t make me.” 

“Oh really?..” 
*lowly chuckles as he rises from his spot on the couch; making his way over to you*
“I guess I’m going have to remind you of your place tonight, huh?” 
*harshly grips your throat as he grabs a fistful of your hair*
“I don’t enjoy this sudden fucking attitude of yours princess.” 

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What Do You Get for Pretending the Danger’s Not Real? / Kai Anderson

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A/N: Based off this request from anon: “Kai making the reader do the pinky thing and tell him about their dirtiest, most fucked up sexual fantasy? Then him making that a reality when they least expect it?”

My first request :’) Might come out with a part 2 to this if you guys want that. As always, please let me know what you think!

I’d also like to say that man-bun Kai does things to me that I’d never expect a man bun guy to be capable of.

Warnings: Smut, BDSM themes, mention of mental illness, strong language… Basically what you’d expect from Kai.

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One Condition(m)

Summary: You and Jimin have a perfectly-normal-good sex life, so you can’t really understand his need to explore further….whatever, two can play at that game. Looks like there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight.

Genre: A lil fluff/ lotta smut/ and hopefully I can make u giggle

Word count: 3,038

Warnings: Face sitting/ Breathplay (~light~Choking)…sorry mom

A/n: This is the FIRST EVER fic I felt comfortable releasing! I’m so super excited to share this w/ you guys and I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it:’’) . ps. this one for my chubby hoes or for my cuties w a lil more meat on ur thighs. jimin luvs u n so do i 💖💖💖

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50 dead and over 400 hurt. That man is a terrorist, but the media would rather call him a “lone wolf”. America is filled with so much hatred and it’s just terrible to see these things happen. Change needs to happen. It needs to happen now. Why can we all just love each other, why are so many people filled with this much hate and evil


Prompt: Ian wanting to know if anyone is 100% anything, and asking you to help him with his experiment.

Pairing: Ian x Reader

Word  Count: 880


“Hey, Y/N, I need some help.” I looked up from my phone, watching Ian drink his beer, he looked extremely nervous.

“Ian, honey, what’s wrong?” I laugh a little, and he smiles nervously.

“I need to have sex with a girl. Well, not need, but I want to you know try it.” I look up to him, raising a brow, “My boyfriend has been fucking an old friend from high school, she’s a girl, We had this argument and he said no one is 100% anything. I just- ah it’s stupid nevermind.” I shake my head, putting out my cigarette out in the ashtray,

“I’m your best friend and if it’s bothering you this much, it’s going to bother me too, so hell yeah, I’ll do it.” Ian smiled and set his beer down. “We should start slow, though, how would you like to start?” He shrugs, “Okay, first of all, let’s try to get you a boner.” I grab his hand and pull him upstairs and to his room. “Boobs probably don’t turn you on, but I’ll see what we can do.” I pushed him back onto his bed and stood over him, pulling my shirt over my head,

“Why don’t you ever wear a bra?” He laughs and  I shrug taking his hands and placing them on my boobs.

“Now feel free to imagine whatever you want, we just need something to get going.” I laugh and he begins rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

“If I close my eyes and imagine these are the nipples on a guy, it works, a little.“I smack him,

“Listen, I know you think you’re 100% gay and that’s alright, but if you want to know or at least try to see if otherwise, you need to know you’re touching a girl.” He reluctantly opened his eyes and stared at my boobs. He leaned up and took my nipple into his mouth, I moaned my nails raking against his scalp, “You know a lot for a gay guy? Must be the straight porn you watched before discovering yourself.” He chuckled and switched to my other nipple. I pulled myself away from him, “Okay, okay, my turn.” I push him to lay flat on the bed, “Tell me if it gets to be too much, our safe word is experimental.” I kiss his sharp jawline, hands running down his chest. I kiss down his neck and down his chest until I’m at the hem of his pants. I quickly undo his pants and pull them down to his ankles, discarding them near his dresser. He was semi-hard, “I hope that’s for me."He looked down and ran his hands down his face.

"It’s for you, and I don’t know if that’s bad or good.” I smile and begin to slowly stroke his cock,  watching his face twist in pleasure, I put the tip in my mouth, slowly moving down his cock. I took his cock out my mouth and used my spit to lube his cock up, I stroked it watching his face.

“‘Can I ride you now?” He nodded, and I mounted him, “Remember our safe word.” He nods quickly and I take his cock placing it at my entrance, slowly moving down it.

“Shit. That feels weird.” There’s a small smile on his face, and I nod,

“We could try the back door, make yourself more at home,” I suggest and he slaps my thigh, laughing.

“It’s just warm, and wet, extremely fucking wet.” I nod,

“That’s what a vag feels like when it’s wet, I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of turned on.”  He smiles,

“I should feel honored?” I nod and he smiles, I place my heads on his shoulders and slowly move up and down his cock, my jaw dropping at the feeling of his cock in my pussy.

“Shit, it actually feels pretty fucking nice, do you want to take over?” He nods and wraps an arm around my waist flipping us. He smiles down at me awkwardly and wraps my leg around his waist, before pounding into me. “Shit Gallagher.” I moan, running my nails down his back. He buries his face in my neck, small whimpers leaving his lips, “Are you crying?” He shakes his head no, and I nod, grabbing the back of his neck. “What’s wrong?” He moves his face from my neck and bites his bottom lip as he stares down at me.

“I’m actually enjoying this a little.” I nod, and wrap my arms around his neck,

“Is that a bad thing?” He shrugs and continues to fuck me, “Shit. I’m close.” I warn and he picks up the speed, I clench around his cock, cumming. He pulls out and sprays his cum onto my lower belly. He rolls over to the side, slightly breathless. “Did you like it?”

He nods, “I did, but I prefer dudes, no offense.” I laugh, and shake my head, grabbing a sock from the floor to wipe his seed off my stomach.

“None was taken, also, what are best friends for?”

Rewards. Bucky Barnes.

Request:  Heyyyyyyy so that sub!bucky was the shit. Can you write sub!bucky with him being needy and the reader using the vibrating buttplug for orgasm denial throughout the day and he has to act normal (like an off day or something)(but he Can still make noises but he has to continue what he’s doing) or else he won’t get to come and when he does come, the reader does it multiple times and overstimulates him? Sorry for grammar. Thanks!

Triggers: Smut. Plug.

Word Count: 1619

Enjoy ;D

Just remember the safe word. I’ll be home with groceries. Love you.” The note was signed off with a cute little heart and your initials.

Bucky gulped thickly as he shifted. He’d slid the plug in the night before but wasn’t sure what to expect. You’d taken the remote with you, giving him time to adjust to the feeling at least. He moaned softly as he stood, clutching the nightstand and biting his lip. This would be harder than he anticipated.

He had agreed to the plug after he’d gotten adjusted to the idea of submitting to you. Actually, he’d suggested the plug! He loved the look of surprise on your face before you nodded. You let him pick out one so he could feel more comfortable. You’d gotten the lube and let him go into the bathroom to put it in. Just sliding the toy into him made him hard, but you were both to worn out that kissing each other and teasing one another was enough.

Bucky now dearly wished he’d jerked off before bed so he could have some relief. On top of morning wood, the feeling of the plug jostling inside him made it nearly impossible to think outside of wrapping his hand around him. He shook his head, knowing he had to wait for your command.

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anon said : Bts smut! “Take me…”

A/N : this is another request from free week… which was MONTHS ago somebody come collect me.

Namjoon: Usually he was the dominant one in the bedroom. Even when you were riding him he was fully in control, his hands gripping your waist as his hips snapped up. However, he wasn’t used to you being demanding in the bedroom. So when you mumbled for him to take you in his ear as he kissed your neck roughly and his hands pushed you further down onto the couch, he almost lost it.

“Anything for you baby.”

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Seokjin: The ultimate switch, although he loved when you handed the reigns over to him. He’d hoisted you up onto the kitchen counter as he kissed you roughly, his hands gripping your ass when you tugged on his hair, pulling him away from you long enough to whisper “take me, please”. He immediately pulled you down from the counter and pushed you in the direction of the bedroom.

“You remember the safe word right?”

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Yoongi: It had been a rough day at the studio. Nothing was sounding perfect and he was beyond frustrated. When he called you, you could tell he’d had a rough day.

“When you get home I’ll be waiting for you. I want you to take me,” you whispered into the phone, knowing that Yoongi wouldn’t hold back which was just what both of you needed.

“You’re the best baby. Don’t get started without me.”

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Hoseok: Anything you asked for, you got with Hoseok. He loved to spoil you any at any given chance. Anything for his baby, right? So when you asked him to take you as he was planting kisses across your neck and leaving behind bright red marks that would soon be hickies, he was more than happy to escalate the moment to please you.

“You know I’d do anything to please you baby.”

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Taehyung: Every time the two of you had sex it wasn’t just… sex. It was filled with love and passion and was slow and sensual. So as he was initiating another early morning session, the last thing he was expecting you to whisper to him was “take me”. His raspy laugh seemed incredibly loud in the otherwise quiet room and his hands trailed down your sides, his lips travelling down to your neck, biting and soothing the spots over with his tongue. 

“If you’re sure. I would love to Y/N.” 

Even though you’d have to talk him through it, it’d be the best rough sex you’ve ever had… ever.

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Jimin: Impromptu sex was rare with Jimin. He always felt he had to set the mood and make sure things went smoothly. He’d heard horror stories about sex… especially about shower sex. So when you asked him to take you as the two of you were showering together, he hesitant. What if you fell? What if he fell? What if you both fell? 

However, he quickly gave in. Seeing you wet was too hard to resist, especially when you were being so straightforward. 

“If you fall, we’re never doing this again,” he said, pushing you up against the cold tile on the shower wall. 

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Jungkook: When you mumbled that you wanted him to take you during a makeout session on the couch he was taken back. Did that mean you wanted him to be rough? With a slight pink tint to his cheeks, he pushed you down onto the couch and hovered over you, his hand placed firmly on your hips to keep you from bucking them as he rolled his hips against yours. 

“Do we- do we need to establish a safe word Y/N?” 

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sorry, forgot to introduce myself. call me jesus. (x)

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Prompt: Lena calling Kara, Daddy, and it triggers Kara taking her right there in the hallway of her apartment and not even bothering to take her inside.

Rated M for sMut!!

This is the prompt that started it all.

Making this fic for some of my more dirty tumblr prompts! so it may turn into a multi-chap if I feel inspired!

Love Me Harder

Read it on AO3-

Lena has always had a rather … eclectic social media following.

There were those fans who follow her because she’s a Luthor and they expect her to follow in her brother’s footsteps. They’re her least favorite type of fan- all anti-alien and anti-Supergirl; and she makes a point to block them as soon as they show themselves. She doesn’t need that sort of negativity, and neither does Kara. Plus, any sort of contact that reminds her of Lex makes her a little sick to her stomach.

Then there are the fans that have a sort of morbid curiosity about her. Those that are just waiting for her to fall from grace. It’s like her life is a real life reality show that people can’t help but watch.

She opens her Instagram page, eyes widening when she sees the ridiculous amount of notifications.

Ahh, yes - she had added a picture of her and Kara the other day, and there was nothing her fans loved more than a good couple pic.

It isn’t even that ground breading of a picture, they’re eating ice cream for Pete’s sake. But something about the way Kara’s hand is settled possessively around her waist must set people off, because her inbox is full dirty comments, one in particular catching her eye.

“Tell me Lena Luthor doesn’t call Kara Danvers daddy in bed.“

She’s in so much shock that she doesn’t even hear Kara creep up behind her.

“Daddy? Why are they calling me daddy?”

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After Midnight

Winchesters x Dean’s Daughter!Reader // Cas x Reader

Warnings: Blood, torture, language (as usual)

A/n: Reminder that requests are open.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @thewinhunter @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate

“Look man. I can only please one person per day. Today isn’t your day and tomorrow doesn’t look too good either.” Opening your mouth to smile, all the bastard in front of you saw was your bloody mouth.

He must’ve not appreciated your smart ass remarks, which you’d been spitting out for a good hour and a half now. Taking one look down at his bloody fist, of course with your blood, you knew it was about to connect with your somewhat swollen face. But you couldn’t stop there, you were into deep already. Besides, being a smart ass was in the family.

“Damn, now that.” You spit out a fair amount of blood. “-that was a good hit.” His face was scrunched up again, another swing was coming. “Wait. I think we got off on the wrong foot. Just because my dad’s Dean fucking Winchester you have to be all ‘Hulk Smash!’ and beat the hell out of me? Why don’t we try some non-angry acts, huh Bruce Banner?” A loud sigh came from him as he turned away from you. “For example: there’s no angry way to say bubbles. Maybe that can be our safe word.”

Just as you finished, a sharp object connected with your cheek. You couldn’t You just don’t know when to quit, do ya kid?“ The son of a bitch was bent down in front of you, giving you an intimidating look.

"Never say never. That’s my motto.” Maybe he wasn’t too happy to hear you hadn’t learned when to shut your damn mouth. I mean- it wasn’t 100% that you knew that’s how he felt, but you got a strong feeling when he took the knife from his hand and stuck it all as far as it would go into your thigh.

The loud scream that came from you…you had no control over it.

“Float like a butterfly on fire and sting like a demon with daddy issues.” Between each word was a grunt filled with pain and blood.

“You’re a Winchester-” oh you couldn’t help but cut him off.

“Ten points to Griffindoor. You learn something new everyday.” This time he ignored your remark, realizing him backlashing wouldn’t get him anywhere.

“You’re family were the last ones seen with the demon tablet. Meaning you know where it is.” His words sunk in. There was no way in hell he was letting you out of here alive either way. The tablet was too important, and you’d no doubt run to your dad to tell him to protect it.

“You’re a smart girl. So why don’t you tell me where it is, and we can forget this.”

“Sometimes I use words I don’t understand so I can sound more photosynthesis.” There was no way in hell you were going to tell him where it was.

This was the final straw. Obviously you weren’t about to spill the beans, and he knew that. With both of his hands he tore the top left corner of your shirt, exposing a part of your chest

“You’ve got to at least buy me dinner first.”

Your words were ignored. From the corner of your eye you could see something, a lighter. Shit. Maybe you should’ve kept your mouth shut, as if it were possible.

The pretty perfect lined design on your chest was completely exposed. The second the lighter clicked on you could feel the heat rising near your skin. Then it began.

For a short amount time you held in your screams as the fire burned away at your flesh, ruining the black ink on your skin and disfiguring it at the same time. The scent of burning skin rose to your nostrils.

“Remember that safe word?” Your entire face was sweating, the heat easily continued rising to your face until the lighter clicked off.

“Finally realized what’s good for you?” The smile he wore showed pleasure in winning.

“You can shove it where the sun don’t shine, cupcake.” A wide smile was on your face.

“I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you.” The lighter you had grown to hate clicked on again.

“Why wouldn’t I? My crazy uncle everyone warned you about is behind you.” The second the bastard turned around, Sam drove an angel blade into his chest. “It’s about time you guys got here.” Behind your uncle came a storming and pissed off dad. Dean.

“Mind telling me how the hell you ended up in this little situation?” He was right to put it on you. After all, you’d snuck out to go to a high school party. Being 17 was hard…

“I suck at using nice words and Friday is my second favorite word that starts with an 'F’.” From behind your back, a sharp knife was placed on the bindings holding your hands and sliced upwards to free you. “I would say I’m sorry but- I got the party gene from you”

Cas inspected your body, you told him he wasn’t allowed to come up and “bless you with his grace” randomly. He needed permission from you. Not Sam. Or your dad. But you.

“Overall, she’ll be fine. The burns on her chest will need to be treated and the knife will need to be taken out for the wound to be healed and prevent further damage. But she’ll live.” As always he wore a clean trench coat and his blue tie that you loved to mess with.

“Thanks doctor Cas, but I was thinking about living with the knife in my leg. We’ve kind of become intertwined some might say.” Just as you were finishing your sentence, Dean reached down and yanked it out when you were least expecting it. Cas followed right behind him and healed it so it was closed and wouldn’t bleed.

“Son of a-” your dad hated when you cussed. “bubbles.” Sure your leg hurt, but you weren’t about to be a weakling and rely on people to help you walk.

“Well, there officially no way to deny her as my kid.” Your dad followed behind, along with the rest of the Mystery Gang.

“She’s been a badass and a rebel teen who sneaks out for years now.” Sam just acted un-phased by this, there were too many times he had to bail you out in the past.

“Wait- years?”

That night daddy Dean discovered how much like him you really were. Anddddd you were “grounded” for a good month. As if that stopped you from doing what you wanted.

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Just remember our national motto: "Ah sure it'll be grand." Stay safe everyone ☘️🇮🇪🍀🇮🇪☘️🇮🇪

This! Remember the wise words of Teresa Mannion