remember the safe word


sorry, forgot to introduce myself. call me jesus. (x)

when that starry eyes sex magnet Japanese boy that dry humped your leg + literally stripped for you and you fucking fell in love with the kid so then you fly out of your fucking country because you finally found a video of the dude and you fall a little further even though you’ve stalked all of his social media ever since that night but whatever right you show up and then this KID mothafuckin says that he’s sexually attracted to pork cutlet bowls or some shit like bitch you pretty sure you knew that this kid thought you looked a little tasty despite him being drunk off his thick ass but whatever you guess that this dude right here is just being sarcastic, like seriously maybe he’s just making it an inside joke between them because he really does think you’re his Eros haha yes that must be it, he must still remember. our safe word is going to be katsudon for now on. Every time he says it, he will be referencing to me and my sexy ass Eros. Yeah, that’s what he means.

[Okay but imagine a monster and a human role-playing in the bedroom]

Monster: (glares menacingly and growls) “I’m going to fuck you like an animal.”

Human: (tearing up and whimpering) “N-no! Please! STOP I’m begging you!!”

Monster: (looking alarmed and immediately going over and cuddling their ‘captive’) “Oh no I’m sorry are you okay? Was I too scary? I’m so sorry here let me–”

Human: “Oh my GOD that was NOT the safe word I was getting into character! You totally ruined it damnit.”

Monster: “…Oh my God I thought I actually scared you–”

Human: (relenting a little but still grumpy) “Well you ruined the mood.”

Monster: “I’m sorry. Next time I’ll do better.”

Human: “The safe word was java.”

Monster: “I remember.”

Human: “And seriously if you ever quote Nine Inch Nails at me in the bedroom again you’re sleeping on the couch for a week.”

Monster: “Spoilsport.”

So here’s another one of my drabbles but this one has smut. Yes, merciless smut. I hope you enjoy it (*^▽^)/

“Erennn.” Levi purred, licking a strip of Eren’s neck. “You’ve been a bad boy.”

“You know I’m going to have to punish you, right?” Levi pouted. Levi proceeded to tie Eren up, flipping Eren over on his stomach and tying his wrist and ankles together. He kissed his way down Eren’s body, appreciating and praising his body through nips, and kisses.

Eren moaned as hot breath was blown on his navel, his erection straining against his boxers. He panted, waiting and wanting.

Levi stood back and admired this beautiful creature in front of him, tied up and waiting for him to have his way with him. He walked back to Eren and leaned over his back and put his mouth by Eren’s ear.

“Remember our safe word?” Eren nodded, and Levi nibbled on Eren’s ear.

Levi rubbed his calloused hands on Eren’s ass, grabbing the perfect globes and squeezing, then smacked one of the cheeks and immediately rubbed the irritated skin. Eren gasped and mewled, thrusting his ass even more toward Levi.

“You’re such a dirty slut , and you know it too. Shoving your ass in another man’s direction.” Levi smacked Eren’s ass on the word ‘slut’. “You’d probably bend over for anyone, wouldn’t you, Eren?”

Eren shook his head and Levi clicked his tongue, “Prove it, suck my cock, Eren.”

And so Eren does, he gets pulled by Levi and then he’s face-to-cock with a clothed-covered bulge. He mouths at the bulge and with skilled practice, unbutton Levi’s jeans with his mouth (a skill Levi praises him for).

Levi helps him there and pushes his jeans down to his ankles then leans back on his arms on the bed. Eren mouths again at the bulge and hears a sharp intake of breath, he hums in satisfaction which rewards him a groan of pleasure. Apparently Levi had enough teasing so he grabs the waistband of his black boxer briefs and shove them off his hips.

“Hurry the fuck up, Brat.” Levi chided.

“Pushy.” Eren mumbled with a tiny smirk on his face as he looked at Levi under his eyelashes.

“What was that, Brat?” Levi glared but soon lost all of his breath as Eren swallowed his cock in one go, his nose buried in the dark hair at the base of Levi’s dick.

Eren enjoying the musky scent of Levi, hummed in satisfaction. He pushed his tongue on the underside of Levi’s cock, hearing the hiss Levi released.

Levi grabbed a fistful of Eren’s hair and tugged which made Eren hum in approval and made Levi moan. Watching the Brat take his cock was making him lose it all too quickly and that wasn’t good. He tugged Eren up to eye level and kissed him, hard and firmly.

Eren automatically granted entrance to Levi when the black haired man licked his bottom lip. Their tongues battled for dominance but as always Levi won. The man licked at every crevice, not missing any space. He pulled back and a single string of saliva connected to both of their lips. Eren panted in lust and Levi smirked. Eren was suddenly hoisted up and was dropped onto a chair. He made a noise that nearly resembled a squeak, but he likes to think it was a manly squeak.

Levi adjusted the restraints on Eren, so instead of having his hands and feet tied together, he would have his hands tied behind the chair and his legs hoisted up to his chest then tied to the legs of the chair. His mouth practically watered at the sight of Eren so helpless and vulnerable. Levi would admit to being a bit of a masochist but Eren didn’t complain so it was all good. He sat in the chair in front of Eren’s and decided to stimulate the boy even more, he latched onto one of Eren’s pert nipple and he twisted and flicked and tugged. Eren was practically vibrating and withering underneath his touch that it took all his will power not to just fuck that perfect round ass. He was giving such wanton moans that Levi declared that was enough stimulation, Eren’s cock was weeping so much, all pink and swollen, begging to be touched, begging for release.

He grabbed the lube, that was on the bedside table, and put on a generous amount on his fingers. He circled the rim of Eren’s twitching hole then gently pushed his index finger in. Immediately heat surrounded his finger, he couldn’t wait to pound Eren until he wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. When Eren seemed to be ready for a second finger, Levi slowly inserted his middle finger and began scissoring.

Eren panted, moaned, mewled at the sensation of being stretched and it wasn’t enough. He needed Levi’s cock inside him, pounding him now.

“L-Levi..Please..Ngh…I-I need.."Eren sobbed.

"I know baby, I know what you need.” Levi cooed, removing his fingers from Eren with a squelching sound. He quickly removed the restraints from Eren and harshly grabbed and threw him on the bed. He climbed on top of Eren, stroking his cock over him. He chuckled when Eren let out an impatient whine.

He positioned himself, having already put some lube on his cock, and slowly pushed. Levi grunted at the instant heat, and Eren moaned, enjoying being stretched by Levi’s thick member.

Levi paused, letting Eren adjust at being penetrated. When Eren nodded, he began thrusting, slowly gaining speed each thrust. Levi switched angles, looking for a particular -

“Levi! Again, again. D-Do it again!” Eren cried, gripping onto the bed sheets for dear life.

Ah, there it is.

Levi pulled out until his tip was left then harshly snapped his hips forward, directly hitting Eren’s prostate. Eren screamed in pleasure, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes at the intense feeling.

Levi grabbed Eren’s cock and pumped him, in rhythm with his thrusts. He felt Eren’s balls tightened up so he pumped faster.

“Cum for me, Eren.” That sentence was what sent Eren over the edge. Semen covered Levi’s hand, and Eren’s chest.

Levi grunted, hips stuttering at the feeling of Eren tightening around him. A couple of more thrusts, Levi released inside of Eren, riding his orgasm out. Once he was done, he pulled out, watching as the result of his release was leaking out of Eren’s twitching hole. He laid beside Eren, gathering him into his arms and holding him against his chest. Both men fell asleep and both feeling at painfully bliss.

When she tells you she wants to be spanked,
Choked and degraded,
Your fingers down your throat,
Your hands pulling at her hair,
Oblige her,
Treat her like the whore she wants to be,
But respect her,
Insist on a safe word,
Remember that it’s a fantasy,
Don’t push her too far,
And most importantly,
When you’re done,
Stroke her hair,
Kiss her forehead,
Place her hand inside your own,
Make sure she knows that it was all an act,
And that she’s important to you,
Be grateful for what she has given up to you.
—  Domination - holywoodmassacre
Back to Sleep

This idea came to me (no pun intended) while listening to Chris Brown’s Fuck You Back To Sleep — yes I know he is a complete d-bag woman-beater, but unfortunately the song is good, so here we are— you can listen to the song and kinda get an idea of the “muse” lol

also, THIS IS MY FIRST SMUT EVER OMG PLEASE BE GENTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! and remember, the safe word is “bechloe” ;)

enjoy and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think because if it is horrible I want to be able to get better for my other stories k thanks bye!!
(Shout out to @i-am-hidden33 for giving me the courage to even write this, let alone share it!!)


Beca had come home late from work to find that Chloe was already in bed asleep. She smiled to herself when she realized that Chloe had, as usual, fallen asleep almost all the way on Beca’s side of the bed and leaned down to place a line of kisses across a bare shoulder and up her neck. Even though she was asleep Chloe hummed her approval, the noise stirring in Beca’s stomach and spreading like liquid fire through her veins.

Now Beca wasn’t normally one to be spontaneously sexual but they had recently introduced a vibrating strap on to their “sexy times”, discovering it was something they found they had both thoroughly enjoyed, and Chloe was always dropping hints about little fantasies she had. One of which, was being woken up for sex. And Beca is nothing if not a giver and fulfiller of dreams, right?

She quietly undressed and reached into the drawer that contained the toy, slipping it on and securing it before crawling into bed behind Chloe. Beca made sure to keep the toy from touching her just yet but slid her arm around the other girl, pressing her bare chest up against an equally bare back. “Hey baby,” she said, placing open-mouthed kisses on girlfriend’s neck.

“Mmmm, hey babe,” came Chloe’s sleepy voice, leaning back into Beca and smiling. “You’re cold,” she rubbed the arm wrapped around her.

Beca continued her trail of kisses up Chloe’s shoulder, “You wanna help me with that?”

Chloe chuckled at the cheesy line but it still served to wake something inside her, “And how do you suppose I do that, huh?”

Beca ran her hand down Chloe’s warm, naked curves to her hip and gripped it as she moved the rest of her body to be completely flush with her girlfriend’s, the dildo sliding just under Chloe’s ass, the tip gliding across her center since her legs had been bent and spread slightly. She knew the second that the other girl registered what was touching her because her breath caught in her throat and she rocked her hips back into Beca, causing her own breathing to trip up.

“God, baby,” Chloe breathed, her hand reaching back to run through long brown hair and down to Beca’s face to pull her closer.

The raspy sound of Chloe’s aroused voice never failed to make Beca’s head spin with her own arousal. She took Chloe’s ear lobe between her teeth, pulling it softly to then soothe it with her tongue and felt Chloe’s hips push back into her with a renewed force before turning around, pushing Beca onto her back and moving to straddle her just below the strap on in one swift motion.

Chloe ran her hands down Beca’s stomach to her hips and turned on the vibrator, pulling her lip between her teeth, biting down, and running a hand up and down the shaft, her breathing shallow. Beca watched her with rapt attention, her thighs flexing in anticipation and swallowed before speaking the only thing she felt confident saying, “Chloe…”

It was said as more of a plea, really, midnight blue eyes dark with arousal. Chloe’s eyes found hers before slowly leaning forward, her hands on either side of Beca’s face, and leaned down to capture Beca’s lips in a languid kiss, running her tongue gently across her bottom lip before pulling it between her teeth in a soft bite and pulling it with her as she leaned back, letting go with a mischievous grin.

Beca looked down between their bodies to watch Chloe grind slowly against the vibrating shaft a whispered curse leaving her without even realizing it. Chloe smiled devilishly at her before lifting off her lap and then lowering herself down again, guiding the toy inside her wet entrance. Her eyes closed, her breath hitched and Beca’s hands on Chloe’s hip gripped tighter as she tried to resist the urge to thrust up before the other girl was ready.

Beca watched the muscles roll in waves across Chloe’s body while she rocked her hips back and forth, around and up, her moans coming between quick gasps. Unable to lay still anymore Beca sat up, wrapping her arms around Chloe’s waist and pulling her down as she began to thrust her own hips up to meet Chloe’s and pulling an already hard nipple into her mouth, eliciting a sharp gasp from the woman in her arms.

She continued to explore the supple flesh before her, Chloe’s hands gripping and clawing wildly, desperately at Beca’s back. A whimpered “fuck” spilled out of the red head’s lips and sent a surge of desire straight to Beca’s core, demanding her to take charge. She wrapped one arm tightly around Chloe’s waist, holding her flush to her body, while using the other hand to lift them, Chloe still riding he strap on between them, and flipping her onto her back, Chloe’s legs moving to wrap around the younger girl’s body.

“God you are so fucking sexy,” Beca all but growled in Chloe’s ear, her hips thrusting harder and faster. She pulled her head back to watch the enraptured look on her girlfriend’s face as her head tilted back, the muscles in her neck tensing, and Beca knew she was close to the edge. “And I love fucking you,” she whispered, resting one hand up by Chloe’s head while moving the other to take one of the legs wrapped around her waist and move it up to rest over her shoulder to open her up wider so she could thrust deeper and was rewarded with a sharp gasp.

Chloe’s head was tilted as far as it could be, her eyes closed tight, biting her bottom lip hard. “Look at me baby,” Beca said softly. As much as she enjoyed having sex with Chloe, she loved their connection more, and she wanted to share that in this moment. She waited for Chloe to tilt her head back down to look at her, her hands going to Beca’s face before bringing their faces together in a deep kiss. “I love you, Chlo,” she said, pulling her face back to look at the girl beneath her and smiled.

Bright blue eyes shot with arousal soften for a moment and she smiled back at Beca, running a hand down her face, “I love you too, Beca.” But the end of her name was drug out in a high pitched moan, the hand at her face moving into Beca’s hair to grip tight and Beca began pounding deeper and faster to help carry her girlfriend the rest of the way over the edge.

After Chloe’s body had begun to relax, Beca brought the leg over her shoulder down and slowly pulled the toy out, Chloe gasping a little as it was removed, and moved to lay next to her. She smiled at the limp state her girlfriend was in, eyes closed, her arm resting across her face and forehead. Beca reached out to trace her fingers across the heaving chest before her but Chloe’s hand closed around them, ceasing their movement and holding them gently against her before turning to look at Beca, who smiled widely. “Sorry I woke you.”

Chloe smirked, “No you’re not.”

“You’re right. I’m so not sorry.”

anonymous asked:

Sub!anon. I was talking with my Dom, cause you know, maybe I'm forgetting something too. And he made a good point. Safewords? Is that maybe what you're forgetting? At the beginning of every scene, we always check safewords. Something like "Do you remember your safe words? (Red. We use colors.) What is the word for stop? What about slow down? (Yellow) You'll be good for me and say them if you need them."

Maybe? That might be it.

Then again I may just be overthinking this I have a tendency to do that when I write idk fam I just don’t wanna screw anything up >

Dean x Deaf!Reader: One tap

Author: EdgarAllenPoes-Raven

Character: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1080

Warnings: Smut (No penetration)

Brief Summary/Request Prompt/Original Imagine: Dean’s girlfriend is deaf so he comes up with a tap safe word system to communicate during sex

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Rumi's Field

I penned a poem of a space 
with neither reason nor rhyme
somewhere I fondly remember 
beyond all words death or time 

Nestled safely under love’s sun
with breezes balmy soft and fair
Rumi once wrote of such a field
and patiently waits for us there

A haven hatred will never know
residing beyond right or wrong 
take my hand that we may find
a loving place where we belong