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I ship, phan, joshler, septiplier & more [that I cant remember rn]


The internet is my life. music, tumblr & youtube are my best friends. I love P!ATD, FOB, TOP, paramore, marina and the diamonds, melanie martinez anddddd lana del rey. I love dnp, jacksepticeye, Laurenzside, Anthony Padilla n stuff. I also love art & gaming! 


i swear heaps

my fam is religious….im not :’)

i love dark/creepy stuff even tho it scares me

i played the cello for a while

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Kids born between 1995 and 1998 are interesting because they fall somewhere between Gen X and Millenials cause they grew up on the tail end of left over 90s stuff but also were right there at the beginning of the 2000s and all that tech and innovation. They don’t really identify with, like, Nirvana being the voice of their generation, but they still hold onto the 90s nostalgia and remember a time before widespread Internet and dial up. 9/11 is like a distant memory but the ramifications are just an accepted part of life. They remember a time before iPhones and the economic collapse but much of the pop culture is too old for them. They’re an interesting transition group of kids that don’t really fit perfectly into either group. I just think that’s really interesting.

Life Before The Internet

Many people born after 1990 don’t remember a world before Internet. Here are a few things you may not realize about life in those days:

  • Phone numbers had to be looked up in a giant book.
  • Clowns weren’t considered scary. This is just the result of an early meme.
  • There were no llamas. The llama is a result of special global internet-coordinated breeding programs.
  • If you wanted to move something from one computer to another, you had to put it on a disk, which only held 0.2 MB maximum.
  • There were no unique television stations, all TV came through as a single broadcast, and there was no choice of what to watch at any time.
  • Most movies did not have sound. The few that did had to sync up the audio from a record player, and it often went out of sync very quickly, leading to sometimes hilarious results.
  • There were no phone poles, these are exclusive to the internet. The invention of the internet and the subsequent installation of these poles and wires gave birds a new place to rest, allowing them to migrate farther than ever before. Prior to 1990, birds could only migrate a few blocks.
  • Lightning wasn’t deadly, nor did it produce thunder. Only with the air electrified from so much internet did lightning gain deadly strength and become audible from afar. Back in the 80s, playwright Samuel Beckett spoke of lightning as causing a gentle tingling sensation. Many people would stand out in the rain just to feel it.
  • Cars didn’t have wheels. The wheel is a fairly recent invention, which could only come into being with science advanced by the worldwide web. Cars before wheels were odd contraptions which did not move, yet people still spent hours and hours sitting in them, expecting to get somewhere in the hope that one day, the wheel would be invented. Many people still practice sitting motionless in their car for hours and hours, mostly in Los Angeles.
  • We didn’t have snot. Nobody knows if the internet caused us to secrete mucus, but there are no records of it prior to the invention of internet.


The path I walk is the way of supreme conquest, and it is power that will reveal the way for me.

Happy Birthday Shin Hoseok!


Happy Birthday to my amazing young man!

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Wonho has a special place in my heart. After all, had it not been for him, Id never have discovered the amazing group that is Monsta X

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Originally, I remember bang on the internet cruising the kpop world when I heard about netizens being against the debut of a young ‘delinquent’. And since curiosity is my middle name I decided to check out this… ‘hooligan’. Yet I was surprised to see a 14 year old who just liked to party, even if its maybe a little too much, especially for Korea. But I couldn’t just judge someone based on their party skills.

So I started searching more.

And what I found then was a sexy

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with a fantastic body

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But something told me that Wonho is not just a body

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