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100 days with Pentagon + 6,000 followers!

Yesterday when Pentagon was celebrating their 100 days, this blog reached 6000 followers. Wow! It’s an amazing thing to keep track of the growth of a group from the beginning, and see so many people who share their growth together as well.

But let’s talk about the boys. They did so much in so little time… I’m glad CUBE is investing everything in them. They deserve this, they’re fighting hard for that space. I want them to grow in fame and popularity, but especially that their journey be covered by health, happiness, and good times that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Please, let their path be covered with good vibrations.

Let’s love Pentagon today and forever!

I literally just cant. Sometimes are you guys hit by the fact, that Lexa the stoic Commander, with the wisdom of generations, fell in love with a smol girl who fell from the sky? She bared her soul to her, and she protected her, and improved and changed her entire life and the ways of her people for that small bi bean?

She was so beautiful. And strong. And just…. Powerful. She moved us all. She inspired so many of us. She inspired hundreds of thousands of us to revolt against the media and their view of the lgbtq youth. She changed the lives of so many

For me, the most powerful yet heartbreaking scene was one of her very last happy moments. That smile, that smile she gave Clarke as she leaned down to kiss her on the bed. Do you guys remember? That smile. It was like… Seeing her for the first time. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. She looked so beautiful. And raw. And fucking amazing.

I miss her so much

Gemsona January Prompts

Stage-lit Song
What’s New Years without a little karaoke? Have your gemsona sing their heart out with the gems like in the “Gem Karaoke” Steven Universe short OR: have them sing a solo like in the short “Steven’s Song Time”! 

New Year, New You!
Has your gemsona changed at all in the past year, or since you first made them? Redraw your first drawing of them! Or: Design a new outfit for your gemsona!

Sleepover with Steven
Your gemsona has a slumber party with Steven & friends. Show off their PJs! Or: Have them play Truth or Dare, swap scary stories, play Twister, or try other sleepover games! 

Monthly Gem Challenge: Boulder Opal 
Instead of Bonus Prompts, Gemsona HQ is going to start doing monthly gemsona design challenges. Each month, we’ll give you a weird, pretty, or unusual gem and challenge you to design a gemsona based on it! You can go as in-depth as you’d like: come up with their personality and backstory or just make a gemsona design. They can even be a fusion of two other gems if you’d prefer; the choice is up to you! If you already have a Boulder Opal gemsona, they can participate too. This month is for all Boulder Opals! Please check our new “Monthly Gem Challenge” tag for more information on this month’s gem. 

Remember to tag your prompt as #GEMSONA JANUARY PROMPT, and pop any other fanart in the #Gemsona tag! You can also participate in the 30 Day Gemsona Challenge whenever you want or fill out the new Gemsona Stats Sheet (just remember to tag those accordingly too)!

Remember, all Past Gemsona Prompts and future prompts will no longer be limited to their month! If you missed out on participating in the past few months or if you run out of time to finish your piece, just drop it in the #GEMSONA PAST PROMPT tag! (Though I still recommend finishing the prompts during their month since we don’t check that tag as often).

can you believe alex danvers is a lesbian? like a year ago it was merely wishful thinking that she’s not straight but now it’s real and true and beautiful

a bunch of Weasleys 

Emotional Amnesia is when you cannot remember your moods and feel as if the current state you are in is a constant and feels the most extreme as possible. For example, if you feel sad it will feel as if it’s the saddest you’ve bever been and you cannot remember a time when you were happy. This is a mostly common symptom with cluster B personality disorders such as BPD due to it being tied with Black and White ideology. Journaling can help greatly with Emotional Amnesia and can really keep you on track with therapy when they ask how you’ve been.


Remember that time I had two children? Happy 21st birthday to my adopted son @amandaschronicles You’ve grown up so fast! 😢 You’ve done so many beautiful and inspirational and cool things at such a young age and you’re gonna keep changing the world, kid. I’m the proudest mom in the whole world ❤️❤️ Hope your birthday is the best one yet! 🎂

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Dear musician friends (especially in the US):
Today is not a happy day. Remember through this dark time why you play music, and how powerful it is. Remember Bertold Brecht and Dimitri Shostakovich and Woodie Guthrie, who used music as their weapon against tyranny. Remember all the times a performance has touched you like no other thing can, and channel that power to heal this broken world. And remember these words from Leonard Bernstein:

“This will be our response to violence: To make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

I love you all.

One day, she’s going to know. She’ll know your birthday, your middle name, where you were born, your star sign, and your parents names. She’ll know how old you were when you learnt to ride a bike, how your grandparents passed away, how many pets you had, and how much you hated going to school. She’ll know your eye colour, your scars, your freckles, your laugh lines and your birth marks. She’ll know your favourite book, movie, candy, food, pair of shoes, colour, and song. She’s going to know why you’re awake at 5am most nights, where you were when you realised you’d lost a good friend, why you picked up the razor and how you managed to put it down before things went too far. She’s going to know your phobias, your dreams, your fears, your wishes, and your worries. She’s going to know about your first heartbreak, your dream wedding, and your problems with your parents. She’ll know your strengths, weaknesses, laziness, energy, and your mixed emotions. She’s going to know about your love for mayonnaise, your dream of being famous when you were five, your need to quote any film you know all the way through, and your fear of growing older. She’ll know your bad habits, your mannerisms, your stroppy pout, your facial expressions, and your laugh like it’s her favourite song. The way you chew, drink, walk, sleep, fidget and kiss. She’s going to know that you’ve already picked out wedding flowers, baby names, tiles for the bathroom, bridesmaid dresses, and the colour of your bedroom walls. She’s going to know, get annoyed at and then accept that you leave clothes everywhere, take twenty minutes to order a Starbucks, have to organise your DVD’s alphabetically, and check your horoscope… just incase. She’ll know your McDonald’s order, how many sugars to put in your tea, how many scoops of ice cream you want, and that you need your sandwiches cut into triangles. She’s going to know how you feel without you telling her, that you need a wee from a look on your face, and that you’re crying without shedding tears. She’s going to know all of it. Everything. You, from top to bottom and inside out. From learning, from sharing, from listening, from watching. She’s going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what else? She is still going to love you.
—  Unknown