remember the first stills we saw of you and i though

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
Flanders fields.

Written during the First World War by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae 

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How did you and your girlfriend meet? What's the story?

i’m actually surprised i haven’t answered this question before! well it all started when i first saw her pictures online back in august. i remember having the major hots for her (i actually thought she was the hottest girl i had ever seen and was like omfg if she was my girlfriend i would die) even though i didn’t quite know i was gay yet lol. so i decided to start talking to her and was nervous AF. i remember in the very beginning she didn’t seem that interested. we still both laugh at the fact that i double texted her on more than one occasion lol. but she eventually warmed up to me more and more and we just talked more and more until we were both texting and snap chatting each other all day every day. we talked just as friends for like 2 months before actually meeting in person. during that time i think both her and i were beginning to fall for one another 💕 i was in california back in october for a week visiting friends right before we met and it was during that trip that i realized something special was happening between her and i. so when i got back i went over to canada and met her right away. we didn’t establish this until later on, but we fell in love the very moment we met each other. it felt like something out of a movie, and still does even months later. since then we’ve been each other’s soulmate. i’ve never felt more lucky to experience such a beautiful connection with such a genuine and amazing person as my girlfriend. she’s the very best thing on this planet 🌎 besides who else gets to date their literal internet crush??


oh but the times he could’ve been

Book 1, Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind

Here we see Mako in that flimsy tank top for the first time. A better question to ask is why does he need it in the first place. But let’s assume he’s trying to be modest because this is the first time he’s around Korra (even though he acts miffed that she’s around to begin with). It’s not that great of an excuse though… why not show off what you got to the avatar

Book 1, Episode 5: The Spirit of Competition

Here we see the fabulous bending brothers alone in their apartment. Seriously, what is the need for a shirt here. There’s no overwhelming excuse for modesty or anything. There’s no excuse at all. You are home alone with your brother. Take it off

Book 1, Episode 6: The Aftermath

I’m sorry, I really don’t remember the last time I saw a man wearing a swimsuit who wasn’t shirtless. This was one of the biggest missed opportunities of the century and it wouldn’t have even been the slightest bit out of place

Book 2, Episode 9: The Guide

So at this point in Book 2, Bolin has moved out. Mako literally has the apartment to himself. Who walks around their own room alone with clothes on? You can see off to Mako’s right he’s hung his shirt on the couch. Why he feels the need to keep his tank top on again is beyond me

Book 2, Episode 11: Night of a Thousand Stars

This is a follow up to the previous picture. If Mako would’ve been caught shirtless, he could’ve been put in prison shirtless and then we would’ve had two scenes in two different episodes where Mako was shirtless. And even if he hadn’t gone to prison shirtless, why not take it off while in prison

Book 3, Episode 1: A Breath of Fresh Air

This was such a tease it was rude. First they show Mako reaching up with his bare arm for the phone and then at the last second he pops up with that flimsy tank top. I’d say he’s at the police department and needs to follow dress code but good grief, he’s wearing boxers and sleeping under his desk. I think normal protocol was abandoned a long time ago

Book 3, Episode 8: The Terror Within

Again, with the sleeping in tank tops. Why are there never any fight scenes with people being shirtless? I clearly remember Ozai seeing Aang and what is the first thing he does? Rips off his entire gown that he so ceremoniously put on so he can be shirtless and fly over to fight the avatar. Why can’t something similar happen? Mako can incinerate that tank top easily

Book 3, Episode 9: The Stakeout

Really I could include just about any fight scene where Mako gets kicked around. Look how beat up they are. How is it that their clothes aren’t even the slightest ripped? In ATLA people’s clothes were getting torn all the time for the smallest things, how is it that after getting thrown around like a rag doll and jumping off buildings does Mako still have a shirt that’s intact. It’s like their shirts are perma-glued to their chest

Book 4, Episode 8: Rememberances

Between Mako sparring with Wu and Wu at one point grabbing Mako’s tank top and briefly lifting it off his chest I think they could’ve managed a shirtless scene here. I know everyone was upset over a clips episode but a shirtless Mako would’ve taken half a second more to draw and would’ve made everything forgivable

Book 4, Episode 13: The Last Stand

The entirely plausible final shirtless scene that never was. Everyone thought this was the moment. First the arm goes, then the rest of the shirt. Another burst of spirit energy, a chain reaction of the fabric being incinerated… anything… and yet… nothing. How do their clothes work that the spirit energy only incinerates the arm of the shirt. Is the chest area fabric made of some indestructible fiber that was forgotten when they made the arm? I call bs on this one

10 moments Mako could’ve easily been shirtless… but really there were at least 100 more

Thank you, Alan. The Harry Potter generation grew up hating Snape, hating this man who tortured Harry because of something his father did. When we learned the truth, most of us still hated him, but none of us ever hated you. We loved you, so much. You gave us this brilliant performance, you gave us a world that we still all escape to and you loved it just as much as we did. I remember the first movie of yours I ever saw. It was Dogma, I was 8, I was confused, but I loved you. Then I saw Galaxy Quest and laughed so hard I cried. Then came Snape and everything changed. I watch Love Actually every year and even though you’re an asshole in that movie, there is still something in you that mesmerized me. So, thank you. Thank you for everything. And I hope all the angels up there turn to page 394. 


I still remember how we talked on the phone for eight hours straight nonstop, as if we knew each other our whole lives but it was our first time on the phone.
I remember our first Skype call and how we also spent hours and hours talking about anything and everything, how I was so nervous at first but then you just made it so easy for me to be comfortable.
I remember our first date to Starbucks how you bought my favorite drink for yourself as well even though you never even had that drink before because you didn’t even know what to order. I remember how nervous you were when we met that day and how incredibly cute I thought you were the minute I saw you. How your blue eyes intimidated me yet, made feel special I don’t know why. When we went to eat at that Mexican restaurant and I leaned on you, to give you a hug and I heard your heartbeat going fast. How I was still a little shaky because I was still sort of nervous to be around you. How you asked for permission to feed me once, which it was new to me so I probably looked so awkward. How you said oh you want to go out? And I said go out? Where? We’re already out lol making him ask properly and then he said, no I meant do you want to be my girlfriend? And I said yes and then we kissed.. Our first kiss, which I also ended up feeling my mouth on fire because he ate a habanero before we kissed lol but it was alright. We ended that date by sitting in my car and me being sad because I had to go to work and I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay there with him but he would just remind me that I needed to go to work.
I remember when I did a 11 hour shift at work and how worried you were about me. How you were constantly checking up on me and making sure if I ate enough and if I had enough water. How even though you’d go to bed around 11 PM you still managed to text me and call me when I got home and made sure I was safe and ready to sleep.
I remember, my most favorite memory, when I told you kind of late that I had to leave your house early because I had to run errands and how you sat on top of me and wouldn’t let me go because you’d miss me more. That made my heart so happy, it was such an amazing feeling that for once I felt like I was someone’s favorite person to be around with. And then when we were laying down and you kissed me and told me how much you loved my lips and kissing every single inch of it.
I remember when we were wrapping my Christmas presents and how you were helping me wrap them, and then when I was looking at you I took a photo of you and I realized there how lucky I was to have you. How handsome you looked and how much that picture made me smile whenever I saw it.
I remember when we were laying down in my bed, watching your favorite movie, being a little naughty here and there. How we tried taking a nap together but you would not stop talking, then when you finally fell asleep I could not stop thinking how cute you were.
I remember how sassy yet cute you were with me every second. How I was able to sense when you tested my patience. How you wanted me to tell you how I really felt instead of bottling it up because it’s obviously bad. How you were helping me so much with making me more communicative and making me a better person.
I remember how you’d stare at me and I’d blush because I was not used to that, and when I told you that you said how you noticed it that I wasn’t used to it but you were gonna make me change that.
Thank you for all these memories I will always save them in my heart and remember them with a huge smile. Thank you for giving me my little fairy tale, even if it only lasted shortly I’m very grateful I was able to go through them with you.
Who knows what the future holds for us, all I know is that if someone asked me if I would do it again, without a single doubt, I would.
—  Unforgettable Memories // March 13, 2015

“It’s true, though—what I said. You can’t truly lose a child. Do you—do you remember Faith?”

My voice trembled slightly as I asked it; we had not spoken in years of our first daughter, stillborn in France.

His arm curled around me, pulling me against him.

“Of course I do,” he said softly. “D'ye think I would ever forget?”

“No.” The tears were flowing down my face, but I was not truly weeping; it was no more than the overflow of feeling. “That’s what I mean. I never told you—when we were in Paris, to see Jared—I went to the Hopital des Anges; I saw her grave there. I—I brought her a pink tulip.”

He was quiet for a moment.

“I took her violets,” he said, so softly I almost didn’t hear him.

I was quite still for a moment, tears forgotten.

“You didn’t tell me.”

“Neither did you.” His fingers traced the bumps of my spine, brushing softly up and down the line of my back.

“I was afraid you’d feel…” My voice trailed off. I had been afraid he would feel guilty, worry that I blamed him—I once had—for the loss. We were newly reunited, then; I had no wish to jeopardize the tender link between us.

“So was I.”

“I’m sorry that you never saw her,” I said at last, and felt him sigh. He turned toward me and put his arms around me, his lips brushing my forehead.

“It doesna matter, does it? Aye, it’s true, what ye say, Sassenach. She was—and we will have her, always. And Brianna. If—when she goes—she will still be with us.”

“Yes. It doesn’t matter what happens; no matter where a child goes— how far or how long. Even if it’s forever. You never lose them. You can’t.”

He didn’t answer, but his arms tightened round me, and he sighed once more.

The breeze stirred the air above us with the sound of angels’ wings, and we fell slowly asleep together, as the moonlight bathed us in its ageless peace.

– Drums of Autumn