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WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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Some of you might have noticed something kind of funny about people.

Almost none of them like Treasure Planet.

And, considering I joined this fandom well over three years ago by now, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me – and chances are, if you’ve known about this film for longer than, say, a day, it fails to surprise you, too. I mean, we’ve all heard the reasons, haven’t we – valid though they are, it’s depressing to hear them, the millions upon millions upon millions of them. 

  • “Sorry, the sci-fi just wasn’t my thing.”
  •  “I liked it okay, but I can’t see myself ever watching it again.”
  •  “The animation was good, but I didn’t really like the rest of it.”
  •  “It was…sort of weird to me.”
  •  “It doesn’t measure up to Treasure Island.”
  •  “It just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

Or - and here’s the one that gets to me: 

  • “I just really didn’t like the main kid.” 

The words come across as pretty innocent - it’s just a matter of preference, it’s just their opinion, live and let live, nothing wrong with disagreeing…and there’s not. There’s really, really not. You can hate Jim Hawkins as much as you want. But you can look me in the eye and can you tell me why you hate him? Can you tell me why, exactly, that’s the argument I’ve heard the most out of any of them? Can you tell me why, in my 3+ years in this wonderful fandom, in the thousands of days I’ve now spent promoting the shit out of this film every chance I get, can you tell me why that argument is the one I find myself dealing with the most? Can you look at me and can you tell me why you hate Jim Hawkins? Can you do that? 

Because here’s the thing - I can tell you why I love him. And I got shit to back up me up. 

Let’s get down to business. Let me tell you why I love Jim Hawkins - every habit, every quirk, every mannerism, every virtue, and every flaw. Let’s plunge right in.

  • He’s kind.

Sure, you can roll your eyes if you want to, but honestly? Being really, truly, simply, genuinely nice is such a rare quality in the world, and Jim has - and displays - this quality in abundance. I mean, for one thing, bringing Billy Bones to the Benbow when he seems ninety percent sure the guy’s just crazy? Yet he takes a chance anyway, because the sailor’s sick, the sailor’s injured, it’s raining really hard, he shouldn’t be out in this in his state, here, give me your arm, let me help you, you can come in out of the rain and stay in my house for a bit.

And what about the time he met that half-mad robot on Treasure Planet and, despite the fact that BEN blatantly oversteps his boundaries a good ten times (”Will you let go of me?/Stop touching me!”/Will you quit hugging me?”) or so within the first five minutes of their introduction, despite the fact that he is very obviously unhinged from all that time alone, despite the fact that BEN is loud and attention-drawing and the word stealthy isn’t in his vocabulary, despite the fact that he’s putting the captain and the doctor and himself in peril by doing so, Jim allows BEN to come with him - all he needs is to hear about the robot’s century of solitude, his loneliness, his desolation, and he just drops everything and says, “If you’re gonna come along…”  

And don’t even get me started on the deleted scenes - such as the one where he offers to fix this child’s scooter, even though he and this kid have never met before, never even spoken to one another, and yet he offers to fix this scooter because aww the kid’s sad let me fix it for you.

 Because, beneath that black jacket and that dark scowl of his, Jim has a huge, huge heart and it’s there and it’s evident for anyone willing to look. Because Jim just legitimately cares about other people, and there’s no ulterior motive, he doesn’t ask for compensation, he doesn’t expect anything in return, he just genuinely likes helping others. 

(And as I don’t happen to have an image on hand for the child’s scooter bit mentioned above, have a few bonus pictures of times when Jim was nice) 

Comforting a frightened Morph despite the fact that his life is in the most immediate and intense danger

And how about the time he lets a pirate - the leader of a mutiny in which he was supposed to be killed - walk the fuck away from him because he believes there’s good in Silver

Don’t get me started on this kid and his kindness. Don’t. Get me started.

  • And he’s smart.

I don’t mean passing-his-finals-with-flying-colors oh-haha-that-was-a-total-seat-of-my-pants-test can’t-believe-I-pulled-through-with-a-B I-was-pulling-answers-out-of-my-ass kind of smart.

I mean completely, incredibly, off-the-charts, blow-your-mind brilliant. He might be failing his high school classes, but it’s certainly not due to the challenge; he doesn’t put any effort into his work because he just doesn’t care. I mean, we even hear Sarah state that he built his first solar surfer when he was eight. So let’s let that sink in for a second.

This kid 

was no older than that when he built one of these

Just let that sit a minute. He built one of those gizmos 

when he was eight fucking years old. Hell, I’m not one hundred percent sure I understand them now, and he was eight and he understood them so well he could make them. (Sure, he ultimately uses it to cause trouble and ride straight into restricted areas, but it still makes him pretty brainy.) 

And not to mention, when Silver tries to teach him how to steer a skiff, he doesn’t even let the guy finish his sentence before he starts powering it up. Despite the other’s best attempts to stop him, Jim ignites the engine and sends them whirling straight into a comet. He fucking steers a boat - with limited knowledge, considering Silver didn’t get a chance to teach him everything - he steers a boat into a comet, and rides that comet to its end and does it without ever missing a beat, without ever throwing himself or his companion out of the boat, without ever messing up or getting hurt or hurting Silver or anything, just gets the hang of it right off the bat.

And at the end of it, all Silver says is, “If I could maneuver a skiff like that when I was your age, they’d be bowing in the streets when I walked by today!” 

Oh, and did I mention he powers up a century-old crashed boat in sixty seconds? No? Well, he did that, too.

Oh, and he also made another solar surfer, this time at fifteen, out of the useless parts of their failing ship while the planet explodes around them.

And, when said surfer begins failing, threatening to send him plummeting to his death in a raging river of lava bubbling and frothing beneath him, he keeps it going - literally rams it into the wall, striking it against the metal surface until enough friction occurs to power the thrusters again, and he does this all in the space of thirty seconds.

Oh, and he figured out where Flint’s trove was hidden before anyone else, just based on the fragmented bits and pieces he’d picked up from other people

And did I mention yet that he was the only one who could open the map leading to the planet? 

There were people thirty and forty years his senior trying to figure it out

and he figures it out in seconds

  • And he’s brave

Remember when he casually faced down a whole crew of pirates three and four times over, all in the space of twenty-four hours? 

And how about the fact that he refuses, at great risk to himself, to open the map for the pirates - until Silver threatens the captain and the doctor? 

Or when he’s fixing that hundred-year-old boat we discussed earlier, and tells BEN to leave without him if he can’t get away in the next five minutes? 

Oh, and when the star Pellucid goes supernova on their voyage and the hands are sent to secure the solar sails, not only does Jim immediately ascend, no hesitation

he also spots Silver, who followed him there, fall from his perch, and literally fucking throws himself down onto the wood and hauls the cook - who, to be honest, has a good hundred pounds on Jim and probably almost took the kid down with him, and definitely dragged the kid closer to the edge than would be advised - back up to safety. 

And later in the film, he receives an order from the captain to scout ahead and find them a better place to hide - and even though the pirates were spotted seconds earlier, circling the skies in a longboat, Jim expresses no hesitation, simply obeys.

And, oh, uh, you remember that solar surfer we talked about earlier, the one he constructed as the planet bursts into flames and burns down around him? 

Yeah, here he is riding it through the fires and eruptions and random debris, here he is casually risking his life to save everyone else, most of them being pirates who would have loved to see him dead.

Yep, don’t mind him, he’s just saving everyone else. He might die doing it, but damn, he’s doing it anyway.

But wait. I did promise to discuss his flaws as well, and, so far, I haven’t been making good on that promise, have I? 

Fear not, for Jim Hawkins is far from perfect and it’s time for us to explore the reasons why.

  • He’s impulsive

While most readily refer to this as a “Mary Sue trait” and “not really a flaw” , I can’t help but disagree; if we consider it an undesirable trait in a real person, why on earth would we think it little more than a cute quirk in a fictional character? Believe me when I say, Jim’s consistent failure to think before he acts is not a charming little thing - it’s a flaw, plain and simple. 

For all Jim’s kindness, for all his bravery and unfailing ability to think fast on his feet, he is impulsive as all hell.

Like when he, in his first meeting with Silver, throws out several thinly-veiled accusations - showing his cards, playing his whole hand right off the bat on the off chance that his opponent might show his, too. 

Unsurprisingly, of course, Silver does not rise to the bait - meaning Jim revealed everything to the man who will later become his enemy, in a sense losing the only advantage he really held, whereas Silver lost nothing and now has additional information to help him on his way. And all this could have been avoided had Jim just kept his mouth shut. 

And that time when he attempted to eavesdrop on a couple of the other hands cause he thought they were acting suspicious 

But it’s not long before they notice him and immediately shut up - meaning Jim has now given his suspicions away to four different people, four people whom he suspects. (Five, if you count Oxy and Moron as two.)

Or how about when they find that map we talked about earlier, and when he opens it up and realizes it leads to Treasure Planet, his first thought is to follow it? Like, this could be anything. A trap, a red herring, a fool’s errand, and Jim just throws himself headlong into it because look there’s a slim chance it could be treasure let’s go right now! 

I mean, there’s just no room for doubt: Jim is super impulsive, and that’s not a good quality to have. Sure, it gets shit done, but cautious people get shit done too, and they probably get it done better because they’re not making snap decisions every 2.5 seconds.

  • And Jim is selfish

Sure, we all love him. Well, some of you hate him, and some of you love to hate him, but the sentiment stands; we all love Jim, but you can’t love somebody for too long without noticing his flaws. And Jim has his flaws. 

And it’s especially obvious in scenes like this 

where we see that Jim was just out on a joyride while his mother visibly struggles to run the inn by herself. 

It’s obvious he uses that solar surfing hobby to escape, to distract him from his problems after a tough day, but this, in turn, suggests that he feels his problems at the moment are more important than Sarah’s, and so puts himself before his mother.

And he makes things harder on her than probably anyone else in her life, going out and getting in trouble all the time and bringing the police to her door 

Not only is this probably really bad for business, it’s also likely embarrassing and obviously upsetting for poor Sarah - yet Jim offers no apology, offers almost nothing beyond the words, “Mom, it’s no big deal!”  

And when they open the map and realize where it leads, Jim jumps on the chance to leave Sarah

Not just their lonely little planet, but Sarah, he wants to leave her. And though his intentions here are honorable (”We could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!” / “I’ll make you proud!”) it still fails to completely sugarcoat the fact that he left her there, lured away by the promise of adventure. 

Because Jim is selfish. 

  • He’s touchy, and defiant as all hell.

Sure, this is a flaw. Sure, it’s not a great quality to have. Sure, it holds him back more than anything, and it probably gets him in more trouble than it’s worth - but I still tip my hat to Disney for introducing this flaw at all. It has been proven in the past that children with absentee parents - particularly boys with neglectful fathers -  tend to become obstinate teens with no regard for authority, and I’m just so proud of them for doing their research on that one. 

Admittedly, however, this quality does cause him more trouble than it’s worth. I mean, he makes himself an enemy out of the scariest alien aboard in the first five minutes, all because he has to have the last word.

As a matter of fact, when I think about it, Jim has single-handedly gotten on the bad side of every one of these pirates on board this ship, with the obvious exception of Silver, and he does it all because he is just that feisty.

On the other hand, however, his pluck is the first thing Silver notices - and likes - about him. It’s obvious that while the pirate captain plans to work the spunk out of him, he can’t help but respect it, too.

Like, for instance, on Treasure Planet, when Jim refuses to allow Silver to leave without him 

there’s an instant where Silver looks like he’s about to argue 

and he could, he could just hold the captain, the doctor, or even BEN at gunpoint, and chances are, Jim would likely obey just to spare those he cares for. Despite the fact that Silver is clearly the one in power here, he gives into Jim’s demands - because, even if he doesn’t like it, Jim’s defiance is something he can respect. They may be enemies now, but Silver recognizes and respects that Jim makes a worthy enemy.

  • And let’s not forget that he’s stubborn.

Seriously, once he’s found something to fight for, he’ll fight for that, and he’ll get it, no matter what it takes, and there’s nobody in the world that can change his mind. If he gets it in his head that he wants to do something, if he gets it in his head that he should do something, he’ll do it, no matter what. 

And in some cases, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means he has a strong sense of right and wrong and knows the difference between the two, and will do what he believes to be right, regardless of what other people say. He has a moral code, and a strong one, at that, and he rarely deviates from it. And this is actually a good thing when, say, there’s a treasure-hunting pirate captain attempting to bribe him into betraying the captain and the doctor and handing over the map. 

And, when this fails and Silver resorts to trying to frighten him into submission, the kid doesn’t even blink. He can’t be bought, and he sure as hell can’t be intimidated. 

Of course, this isn’t always a good quality to have; while it does make him more resistant to tactics such as temptation, it also makes him inflexible and, in some cases, extremely resistant to change, even when that change would be for the better. 

But that iron will has another advantage. 

  • It makes him hardworking.

Whether it’s as trivial as swabbing the deck, or as enormous as seeking out a legendary treasure trove, if Jim sees the point in a task - if he sees, for himself, why it’s worthy of his time - he will put his all into it, no questions asked. So though most would call him a delinquent, and while the robo-cops on Montressor outright tell him that he is a loser

Jim is actually extremely industrious and capable - he just doesn’t always show it. But it’s there, if you know how to look.

Like when Silver leaves him with this huge pile of dishes in the galley

and he just picks up his brush and keeps right on going 

and in fact, is so determined to finish up that damn stack that he ends up falling asleep in the galley, head resting on the pot in his hand

but the dishes around him are gleaming.

Or how about when he was failing at school at the beginning of the film, and by the end, he has graduated from the prestigious Interstellar Academy? 

Can you imagine how much work it must have taken to get himself into that Academy? I mean, how long did it take for him to pull those grades up, to convince others he was really serious about this, and can you imagine how much work it took to get through the Academy once he got there? But Jim got there anyway, and he did graduate, and he did do all that amazing stuff, and he did it because he works hard. 

Oh and remember

  • He was lost

Though by the end of the film Jim is high-spirited and confident, we know from the beginning that it wasn’t always so. His father’s absence left a hole in him, a hole he felt it was too big to fill - a hole that left him feeling worthless and rejected, it left him feeling angry and defeated, and it left him thinking he wasn’t good enough. It left him with a strong, deep-seated fear of abandonment, and more than that, it left him searching - searching and searching and never quite finding the missing piece he so desperately needed. 

Jim felt he had no future; Jim felt he wasn’t worth a future; Jim didn’t really know where he was going, and that’s the kind of relatability I’ve come to expect from Dreamworks. I don’t go into a Disney film expecting to find real characters, so this came as a pleasant surprise.

And something else I’ll probably never get over

  • Jim is sensitive 

So, this one actually sounds funny. I mean, I just said earlier how selfish Jim is, right? How he’s always putting himself before Sarah? Yeah. That whole argument still stands. It’s just that Jim isn’t all selfish, all the time. Can he be selfish? Yes. Extremely. Is he selfish? Sometimes. But he’s also, as mentioned before, a genuinely nice person. A person with honest empathy. His instances of self-absorption don’t cancel that out.

Now, while most define a sensitive person as “one who understands and feels for others” - and while Jim certainly does that, too - we’ve already tackled that. We’ve talked about Jim as a compassionate and thoughtful individual, and I’m not here to talk about it again, though I could.

No, there are drawbacks to feeling for others, and I’m here to talk about them.

I mean, Jim cares about other people - Jim feels deeply for people, deeply enough to welcome complete strangers into his house and offer lonely individuals a place at his side, Jim just feels for people even if he’s never experienced their hardships for himself. And if he can feel so strongly for strangers, if he can look upon a person he hardly knows and want to help ease their pain, if his heart squeezes upon seeing others’ suffering, how much do you think it hurts when he experiences his own? 

His father, for example. An indifferent, neglectful parent, the heartache they cause, it would sting even the most impervious - but for somebody as thin-skinned and tender-hearted as Jim, it absolutely devastates him. And when the man finally gives up on his family, leaving behind his wife and their eight-year-old, it just tears the kid apart.

As a matter of fact, it hurts Jim so deeply that it takes him seven years just to realize that it wasn’t his fault, or anyone’s; his father’s rejection caused him so much pain that he is well into his adolescence before he can even begin to accept that he’s gone.

But this isn’t just one instance; it’s not merely a festering childhood wound, no. Jim takes the slightest slip-up straight to heart - and upon believing he caused Mr. Arrow’s death, he spends what appears to be hours beating himself up for this perceived failure. 

And ultimately, he might have continued indefinitely had Silver not intervened and comforted him.

And of course, less than twenty-four hours later, Silver tells his bloodthirsty crew - and, unwittingly, an eavesdropping Jim - that his attentions were all for show, that he had to be nice to the kid to keep him from suspecting the crew of anything shady, he had to win the lad’s trust or risk his suspicion…and Jim really believes it, and, in fact, is so hurt, that he appears to take a moment to swallow back tears. 

Jim is just so easy to hurt. 

And to be honest, it’s great; it makes his empathy for others more believable - after all, if his own wounds have left such obvious marks, who’s to say another’s tribulations won’t win over his sensitive heart? 

And, hey, hey, don’t forget

  • He’s just a kid

I mean, he’s doing all this awesome shit, he’s building solar surfers

 and saving lives

and working his ass off and being super kind and impulsive and defiant and selfish and everything, he’s doing all this, and he’s only fifteen years old. Like. He’s fifteen. He’s not even an adult yet. He’s not even of legal age. He’s just casually amazing at fifteen, but what do you think he’ll be like in five years, ten years, twenty?

As Silver says, he really is going to rattle the stars.

Now let’s review before we go: 

  • Jim is kind.
  • Jim is smart.
  • Jim is brave.
  • Jim is impulsive
  • Jim is selfish
  • Jim is touchy and defiant as all hell.
  • Jim is stubborn
  • Jim is hardworking.
  • Jim was lost.
  • Jim is sensitive
  • Jim is just a kid

Just please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever forget Jim Hawkins.

SP-Gaiden: Sasuke’s character

I must say I liked this week’s episode. Sakura’s fight scenes were badass, the new ending was cute and a nice conclusion to the first ending. I appreciate that they had Karin say ‘she’s truly Sasuke’s and Sakura’s child’ or something along those lines. Sasuke hugging Sarada was done well and I really enjoyed those last scenes, including the dinner.

However. While I appreciate that this arc didn’t have that much bias concering Sakura, and while I appreciate the nice animation and some added filler scenes such as Sakura’s fighting scenes, I do not appreciate their treatment of Sasuke.

Without any doubt, his character suffered the most this arc. SP changed canon scenes, even deleted some of them, and added filler material, very well aware that all of that combined makes Sasuke look colder than in the actual Gaiden.

How so, you ask? For instance, this episode they had Sasuke save his daughter using Amaterasu. But even though he just saved her, he looks at her with a blank expression, asks her what the matter is and walks away. But it gets even darker. Sasuke is about to kill the Shin kids, as he feels like it needs to be done and says he’s not ‘as soft’ as Naruto. They empathize on the fact that Sarada cannot understand why her father is about to kill those children, leading to her screaming out ‘Papa! Stop it !” which, personally, reminded me of Sakura screaming almost the same during Part 1, but I digress.

What was the point of that scene? There was no need whatsoever to have Sasuke appear even colder and darker than he actually is just so Sarada could be scared and feel like she doesn’t recognize who that man is.
Similar happened quite a few times in this arc and every and each time, there’s no resolution. In fact, they have Sasuke react cold more often than not.

Example being, they removed Sasuke leaning down to Sakura as he asks if she can heal herself.

Adult Sasuke is a redeemed man, who has payed for his sins and is now trying to make the world a better place, not only for the village he wants to protect, but also for his family that he very deeply cares for.

Instead, SP gives us a man, who takes this mission upon himself because he feels like he still needs to pay for his sins, refusing time and time again to go see his family, specifically his daughter, and refuses to tell her the truth. SP removes the scene where everyone agrees Sasuke’s mission has to be kept a secrent, removes the scene Naruto tells Sasuke he wants to come with him and instead has him ask Sasuke why he doesn’t go see his family and why he doesn’t tell his, at this point at time, small child the truth about his mission. Fun fact, they also have Naruto encourage Sarada to go see team Taka. 
SP gives us a man who tells his daughter, right after her mother got kidnapped, that emotions have no place during a mission and that she needs to remember that if she wants to become a ninja. In case you don’t remember canon, Sasuke looks at Sarada with worry in his eyes and it’s clear he feels the pain she’s going through after losing her mother mere seconds ago. 
SP gives us a man who doesn’t blink or bother to move even though his wife just collapsed to the ground right in front of him, sweet, eh?
By the way, take a shot every time Sasuke says ‘I’m not soft’ in episode 23.

The last two chapters of Gaiden are supposed to show the connection between Sasuke and Sakura. In the anime however, we get a Sakura who, just like in the manga, is very confident about the fact that she and Sasuke are connected through their feelings. But do we get the same impression from Sasuke’s pov, just like in the manga? No, the answer is simply no.

SP removed the memory, they removed the family picture that said ‘this is the real deal: love’, they removed Sasuke leaning down, they removed several flashback scenes, they removed several very important moments that showed Sasuke caring as a husband and father and honestly I have no time to go back and try list everything they have without a doubt ruined or changed.

People say Sakura was treated well this arc, compared to the past anyway, and that I should be grateful.
But no, I’m not grateful. Because yes, I’m a big Sakura fan. But I’m also a Sasuke fan.

And this anime arc has trashed Sasuke without remorse, claiming it’s just their interpretation. You know what I call that? I call that bias, insecurity and fear to show Sasuke like he’s supposed to be, a caring husband and father who has redeemed himself. Not a cold asshole who would rather jump down a bridge than show emotion. SP, Honda included, clearly have a problem with allowing Sasuke to be with his family, to show positive emotions towards anyone other than Naruto or Boruto and stop adding filler material that makes him look like his old pre redemption self.

And of course, this fandom will be the only one calling this bullshit out. Sasuke’s so called ‘true fans’ are probably having a blast with this wreck, because as we all know, they don’t mind it when Sasuke’s character gets trashed as long as it means it’s somehow negative towards his own family. Because their ship comes before Sasuke himself.

In short, kiss my ass SP.

Kiss Cam (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which you volunteer to go to a basketball game with the guys and end up in an uncomfortable situation.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,351

A/N: Anon requested: Kiss cam at a college game for lessons in love deleted scenes. This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - you’re the best editor a girl could ask for

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

“Thanks for coming tonight,” Steve says as the two of you walk together to the concession stand. “I owe you.”

“No you don’t.”

He takes your hand, blue eyes steadily staring back at you. “Y/N, you voluntarily chose to come to this game with me so I wouldn’t be stuck with Bucky and Sam. I owe you, big time.”

He makes a good point when he phrases it like that. No one likes to go out alone with Sam and Bucky. They value their sanity far too much for that. “Buy me some snacks and you can consider your debt repaid.”

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Got It Bad

Characters/pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5150 (god I’m sorry, I just really like words)

Contains: Fluff, smut, angst, language

A/N: I wrote this for @melbelle45‘s Dirty Pop Challenge. My song prompt was U Got it Bad by Usher. I used some lines and ideas from the song and I went for the hardcore pining, hope you feel it. Assume the reader is familiar of the hunting life, and it’s sometime after S8. All my love to @impala-dreamer for her encouragement and time when I struggled with this one.

Feedback and constructive criticism are both welcomed and encouraged. xoxo

Originally posted by zest-wincest

The email sat in your inbox for a month before you noticed it; buried in the spam from mailing lists and unsolicited porn. Then, it sat there for another week before you could decide what to do with it - delete it, ignore it, reply. You had a decent enough reason for each option. Your stomach did flips every time you held the cursor over the email. You’d been ready to flip your life upside down and take the leap, but then he was gone, before you had a chance to be anything.

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Write It Out

Request: *chanting* LONGER FICS, LONGER FICS (just cause i never want ur fics to end, they’re so cute) also since requests are open - can we get writer!reader who has writer’s block & is struggling to write a romantic scene. peter tries to help her get creative & fluff ensues!

Word Count: 1,269

A/N: hello hello! I’m sorry for the delay with this one, my summer has been a bit insane so far with camps and moving and things like that but I was so eager to return to this writing. Hope you enjoy!! -Claire xx

Originally posted by koenigreus

You sighed, pressing the palm of your hand into your cheek. The coffee shop bustled with life around you, but somehow you still managed to feel like you were in the middle of a dead zone, like you were in the most drab and boring place imaginable- all because of some writer’s block.

You knew you had to get out of your bedroom after several hours of pounding away at the keyboard and finding nothing to write besides the gibberish that resulted, finally packing up your laptop and notes and heading to a nearby coffee shop for fresher surroundings.

You sighed, deleting yet another failed sentence. You were more frustrated with this piece than you could remember being with any other. But this scene was also more important than any other- your protagonist was falling desperately in love with the tall boy with the magic dimples and the quick laugh and this was the moment, the moment in which she looked at him while they were sitting on the roof at midnight, or swinging on a playground that was far too small for them, or driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, the moment in which she realized she was falling for him.

Your only issue was figuring out how it happened; you had run through every option you could think of.

At first, they had been sitting in her basement and he had swung his head into her lap and her hand fell into his hair and it was the way he smiled at her- wrong.

Then, you had tried to write about the bonfire party in the neighborhood, as she watched from afar while he swung little kids by their shoulders and played as if he was a child too- nope.

The next attempt had involved something about a state fair and the top of a Ferris wheel, but you’d deleted it before it could go too far.

You were jolted from your reverie by the scraping of the chair in front of you sliding away from the table. “Mind if I join you?”

Your eyes trailed upwards, soon lighting on a familiar face.

“Peter!” You sat up, your smile instantaneous. “Hi, what are you doing here?”

“You’ve been avoiding me.” You sighed, thinking guiltily about your powered off phone at the bottom of your bag.

“Sorry for not texting you back, I’m having some really bad writer’s block right now.”

“Writer’s block? I am the ultimate writer’s block crusher!” His boyish smile seemed as if it could light up the room. “Let me be your muse, dahling.” His face took on a serious charm as he started drawling out his words, looking up at you from beneath his eyelashes.

Despite your feelings of dread about writing, this was enough to crack through a little. “I don’t think that’s how this works.”
His expression dropped. “Well, have you ever tried it?”
You pinched your mouth to the side. “I guess not.”
You barely had time to move your fingers away from the keyboard before he was pressing the lid to your laptop down. Grabbing your coffee and his, he grinned at you. “We’re doing this then. Gather your things, chop chop.”

It took you a minute to reconnect with him outside, where he had his phone out for directions. “You’re coming with me.” His voice retained a joking huskiness as he handed you your coffee.

The path he set out for took you through many familiar streets, although you had no idea where he could be taking you. When you asked, he had just laughed and looped his arm through yours, clearly not willing to say a peep.

You ended up in front of a building you had looked at many a time but never actually entered- one of the only literary centers in New York. “When the words won’t come to you, you come to the words,” Peter told you.

It didn’t take long for the two of you to get lost amongst the shelves, joking around and pulling out the most amusing titles you could find. You almost lost it with laughter when Peter somehow discovered a book called “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”

At some point in your expedition, his hand found yours, tentatively curling his fingers around yours until you flipped your hand and fully intertwined them, offering him a reassuring smile at the contact.

By the time the two of you left the literary center, it was almost dinnertime. You decided to split a milkshake at the closest burger joint.

“So, what are you trying to write exactly?” Peter asked, swirling a fry in ketchup.

“It’s supposed to be this grand romantic scene, with, like, the whole shebang. You know, fireworks and sparks and lovey dovey stuff like that. Cassie’s going to realize she’s in love with Trevor. Trevor’s going to realize he’s in love with Cassie. My only issue is finding out where exactly you go to find love with someone.”
You looked up and find Peter staring at you more intently than you expected. “Well, isn’t that an easy one?”

You frowned. “Obviously not, considering it’s taken me days to figure it out. I have to have it finished by this weekend and I have nothing.”

Peter’s smile began to grow. “What about a burger place?”

Your stomach dropped as your eyes fixed on his. “What kind of burger place?”

He looked around. “The kind of burger place where two kids can go to split a milkshake and some fries and maybe one of them will get the nerve to kiss the other one.”
Your heart was beating faster and faster. Peter looked unfairly calm. “Well, this sounds like your story now. Does he ever get up the nerve?”
“I’ll let you know,” he smiled, that same earth-shattering smile that drove you crazy.

Your own smile began to grow like crazy as you felt yourself flush.

It could have been just your imagination, but the conversation felt like a live wire all through the rest of the milkshake, and paying the bill, and the walk back to your house. You had almost forgotten all about your writing deadline until your eyes fixed on your front door.

“Now it’s time to actually buckle down and write something.” You smiled softly, brushing your knuckles against his like Morse code. “Thank you for today. You were a great muse.”
His smile was like a wildfire. “What about one last piece of inspiration?” Suddenly he was close, so close, too close, as his hand pressed flat along your spine. You felt like your eyelashes should be tangling with his at this distance.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to one lasting image.”

When he kissed you, it was like every late night drive, every trip to the fair, every roof at midnight, every shared milkshake rolled into one. It was everything you could have wanted. It was everything you could have imagined.

You kissed and kissed until you felt senseless, until you were pressed against the front door.

“Peter,” you paused, pressing your hands against his toned shoulders.
“I know, you have to write.” He pressed a few more kisses to your cheeks and even one chaste one to your neck before he backed away. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“I’ll call you the second I finish,” you promised. He pressed one last kiss to your waiting smile before you fumbled to open the door, feeling like you were seconds from exploding. You dashed up the stairs and to your desk, opening your laptop immediately.

You began to type immediately, finding that you have all too much to say.



Tip & Tricks on Dialogue

hey y’all. so I thought I’d impart some knowledge about how to craft good dialogue because I think sometimes not feeling confident in one aspect of writing can discourage people from doing it all together. And it can be especially tricky with Check Please! (since you’ve never had the chance to physically hear the characters talk). 

so here’s a few things to consider the next time you write 

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Barisi Episode Tag, 19x01

(4.4K. Inspired by that deleted scene. Fluffy and angsty and smutty and playful. Please enjoy.)


Rule Number Five


“Did you think I needed your help?”

Sonny stops in his tracks.

“Is that why you did your own research on my case? Because you ‘heard about my setback in court?’”

Sonny wishes he knew the right answer to that question.

The right answer to any of Barba’s questions.

Barba always asks him, asks things of him, and Sonny never knows what to say, except ‘yes.’

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Daily Texts (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which you try to adjust to daily texts from Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,418

A/N: @poe-also-bucky requested: I was wondering if you had any deleted scene over the first time reader realized Bucky’s daily texts were going to be daily texts? She mentions that even after a week, she’s still trying to get used to it, and I would love to know how she felt maybe when she realized he would be texting her goodnight, for instance. <3 This takes place between “The Unintentional Run-In” and “The Little Things (Part One)”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

Originally posted by itsmaleficentbitch

Checking your phone first thing in the morning isn’t something you’re in the habit of doing. With a clock hanging on your wall, all you need to do is check that to see what time it is instead of your phone. It also helps that the only people you want to talk to in the morning are the same two people that you live with.

It’s for those reasons that you end up don’t check your phone until your first class ends. When you do, you come across a couple of messages from Nat and Wanda, as well as one from Bucky. Or, as he insisted you call him, James.

It’s been quite an interesting quest to stop seeing Bucky as the friend you’ve had since freshman year and start seeing him as James, someone you’re just getting to know. The shift has made you realize just how used to his presence you had become over the past few years.

After responding to your roommates’ messages, you turn to Bucky’s. When you do, what you see stops you in place. The two of you have been texting more regularly, but this is new.

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Pretty Lies - Part Eight

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight

Word Count: 1,734

Summary: You knew the truth, but still clung onto the pretty lies he told you.

“Delivery! One order of fried chicken for Y/N!” Namjoon called out in a sing-song voice, one hand holding onto the takeout while his other hand pushed open your front door. He kicked the door shut behind him, dropping the key you had given to him a while ago back into his coat pocket. 

You slowly made your way into the living room, offering Namjoon a weak smile before taking the takeout bag out of his hands and setting it on the table. He rose his eyebrow at your behavior- he had finally gotten you to laugh not too long ago but now you were back to the depressed state he had tried so hard to get you out of. “Hey, are you alright? You don’t look too good.”

“Jungkook came over a while ago,” you murmured, busying yourself with taking out the food. Namjoon’s eyebrows rose at your statement, still concerned with your neutral attitude. 

“Oh, what happened?” Namjoon carefully inquired, taking a seat at the table. His mouth opened but he hesitated, unsure if he really wanted to ask the question on his mind. “Did… Did he ask you to take him back?”

His eyes were trained on yours as you dipped your head slightly to confirm his suspicions. “What did you say?”

“I told him I’d give him one last chance,” you confessed, unsure as to why your heart was clenching at having to tell Namjoon this. He was your best friend, practically an older brother from how much he had to look after you. Maybe you felt guilty for causing such a big scene only to take Jungkook back? “A part of me isn’t sure if this is right but he said it was truly just a mistake. He said he wouldn’t do it anymore so I guess I just have to trust him.”

“What do you mean you’re just going to trust him? Don’t you remember the lies he told you? He cheated on you, Y/N! It doesn’t get more black and white than that, I don’t understand why you would just take him back. Do you have no respect for yourself?” Namjoon blew up, surprised at how riled up he had gotten from your words. In all honestly a part of Namjoon had expected this to happen and was prepared to silently let it happen and stay in the background, but the moment you confirmed his worst fears he couldn’t just stay silent and continue to support your decision.

“Think what you want but I want to trust in him,” you retorted calmly. “If I want him to trust me, I have to trust him. It’s a two way street.”

Namjoon looked helplessly at you, wanting to yell at you more to convince you of how bad things would turn out but he knew you were stubborn. You tried to hold your ground and Namjoon noticed the gleam of uncertainty in your eyes. 

“I hope you know what you’re walking into ‘cause I can’t just sit here and watch this happen.” Rising from his seat, Namjoon marched towards the door. 

“Wait, where are you going?” you cried out, catching his arm before he could go further. He slowed, turning his head slightly towards you. 

“I can’t just watch silently in the background as you get together with someone who has already hurt you so much. Jungkook might be like a younger brother to me but I won’t stand for this.” Namjoon grimaced, almost not wanting to finish what he had started but he knew it had to be said. “I just can’t stay as your supportive best friend when you’re gonna go back to him. I’m done, Y/N.”

Your face fell and the color drained from your face. Namjoon brushed your hand off him, shooting you another pained expression before stepping through the door, slamming it shut. 

Seokjin was known as the mother of BTS so it wasn’t surprising at all that he was the first person to approach Namjoon after he had stormed back into the dorm. 

“Namjoon, I’m coming in,” Seokjin announced before stepping into the room, concern clearly written all over his face. “What happened? I thought you were supposed to have dinner with Y/N.”

Namjoon stayed silent, face still deep in his pillow. Seokjin paused, waiting for a reply. Silence filled the room and just as Seokjin was sure Namjoon would not open up about his problem he turned his head slightly to mumble, “She chose him again, hyung.”

Confused, Seokjin took a seat at Namjoon’s desk. “What do you mean ‘she chose him again’?”

“I’m in love with Y/N.” Taking a moment to pause after the bomb he had dropped, Namjoon continued hesitantly, unsure how Seokjin would react. “Have been for a long time actually. But the only guy she’s ever looked at is Jungkook and I finally thought she would properly acknowledge me as a possible love interest but in the end she always goes back to him.”

“Namjoon,” Seokjin started, stunned by Namjoon’s confession. “I had no idea you felt this way. I’m so sorry, all along I’ve been cheering for Jungkook and I never realized you were also after Y/N’s heart.”

“The thing is I don’t stand a chance against him. No matter how I much I’m there for her or try to impress her, the only guy she’ll ever see is him. It hurts so much to know I’ll only ever be second best, hyung,” Namjoon declared, trying to brush the tears away. Seokjin was shocked, he almost never saw Namjoon cry and to see his leader break down like this was heartbreaking.

“Perhaps the time to move on has come,” Seokjin offered weakly, not sure what he could say to lift his leader’s spirits. Namjoon let out a sigh, shifting around on his back so he was on his back. 

“That’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since I knew she would never be mine.”

Everything had been going so well for Jungkook until he noticed the text Areum had sent him. Suddenly everything he had done to patch things up with you crashed to the ground when Jungkook saw the photo. 

If the photo got out, there would be no way of convincing you to stay with him. His second chance would be ruined and the media would have a field day at the thought of the maknae of such a successful group dating a trainee. 

Without hesitation, Jungkook dialed Areum’s number, praying that she wasn’t practicing. 

“Hi Kookie! What’s up?” Areum’s voice chirped through the line and Jungkook’s hold tightened on the phone. 

“What is the meaning of this photo?” Jungkook grounded out, desperately trying to keep his control. 

“You don’t like it?” Areum whined. “I thought you looked so cute in it though.”

“Cut the bullshit, Areum! You know I love Y/N and what we had was a mistake. Don’t even think of spreading that photo around, delete it immediately or you’ll regret it,” Jungkook threatened, hoping the anger in his voice would be enough to intimidate Areum into leaving him alone. 

There was a pause on Areum’s line and for a second Jungkook wondered if she was shocked by his behavior. Until he heard her laughter float through. His eyebrows scrunched together as her laughter continued. 

“Oh that’s just rich, Jungkook. What can you do to me? I’m the one with the photo, I have the upper-hand here. It’s so cute how frustrated you get when you’re cornered,” Areum giggled. “No, you should be asking me what you should do in order for this photo to stay hidden.”

Jungkook gritted his teeth, wondering why he had ever been attracted to Areum. Her true nature was coming out and Jungkook was helpless against her blackmail. “… What do you want me to do? I’m not going to break up with, Y/N.”

“Oh, I don’t want you to break up with Y/N! I’m not a monster, Jungkook, I can tell she makes you happy,” Areum hummed, deep in thought. “I have a very simple wish, I just want you to take me out on a date.”

“A date? You just want me to take you out on a date?” Jungkook repeated, confused at the simple request. With Areum’s manipulative nature, he had expected her to demand he break up with you immediately.

“Of course. She makes you happy and you make me happy. As long as I stay happy, the photo won’t be leaked. Simple as that,” Areum purred, already knowing Jungkook was helpless to refuse. 

“Fine, I’ll agree to your terms but it has to be done in disguise. I don’t want Y/N to know of this at all,” Jungkook requested, praying Areum would agree to his terms. 

“Although I don’t think you’re in a position to be bartering with me, I’ll accept your terms. Be ready to go out this Saturday, I’ll send you the details later. I have to go to practice now. Talk to you later, babe!” The line was cut and Jungkook slumped against his wall. 

‘As long as I keep Areum happy, Y/N will never find out,’ Jungkook mused, conflicted with wanting Y/N to trust him again but knowing he would have to continue to betray her trust to keep Areum from exposing him. 

Areum was practically glowing throughout her practice which unsettled her group members. Although they were quite accustomed to Areum’s strange mood changes, it was still eerie to them how quickly her mood would turn from good to worse and vise versa. 

She hummed a tune as she went through the motions of her group’s debut dance, a bright smile dancing on her lips. She had Jungkook right where she wanted him. 

He thought that all she wanted was dates to keep her happy but she had a whole plan set out. Having him break up with Y/N would be too easy and there would be a chance the two could get back together. No, Areum knew she would have to completely shatter the trust Y/N had with Jungkook in order to ensure he stayed hers. 

Nailing her mini dance solo in the song, Areum continued to muse about her plan. Once Y/N was out of the way, Jungkook would only have her. As long as she had the photo, he was powerless to resist her. 

‘The fun part is just about to begin. Better be prepared, Jungkook.’

a/n: finally updated after being dead for so long. i’m officially back for the summer and am hoping to post a lot more now that i have more time!

My Hero

Based on Ruzek’s comment in 5x01 about Jay punching another cop that was harassing Erin. One-shot.

Set early in season 4… you know, back before everything went to shit…

(I feel robbed that we never got this moment on the show)

Erin felt her cell phone buzz for what was probably the tenth time that evening. Jay picked up an overtime shift with Ruzek, and apparently the fundraiser they were patrolling was even more boring than they’d anticipated. Jay had been texting her all night, partly to tell her about the drunken antics they were witnessing, but mostly just because he missed her.

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10 Writing Tips

#1: Unplug.

It’s tempting for to scrawl through a phone, and it‘s easy to get distracted by colorful, loud notification banners. Take a step away from technology. Personally, I always disconnect all my devices from the internet before I settle in to write. Unless I’m typing something up on my laptop, I’ll turn it off along with the rest of my devices.

#2: Take a step back.

Don’t let what you read or listen to impact your writing too much. If you read Maggie Stiefvater’s incredible The Raven King before writing, the feels are likely to impact your writing tone (and you’ll get tears all over the keyboard). The same goes for music. Sometimes, this is okay, and it can actually provide inspiration. However, it can also ruin the tone you write in or the mood you try to achieve.

#3: Find the right environment.

Want to write a story about a storm? Or need some adrenaline? Go outside, sit in the thunderstorm, and write about your own tempest. Additionally, find an environment that’s comfortable, whether that means avoiding noise or sitting in a blanket fort. Avoid distractions and stress.

#4: Practice some antisocial behavior.

It might sound like a bad idea, but distancing yourself from your peers (not all the time) can be really helpful - especially for writing dialogue. Talking to yourself is a good way to act out dialogue, plan scenes, and make sure your words are flowing well. It also helps you get a feel for whether or not dialogue feels natural and realistic. Likewise, eavesdropping on other people can give you a feel for a realistic conversation. Siting back and observing the people around you is a good way to notice little mannerisms that can make your characters that much more real.

#5: Share your work!

Find someone you can share your work with. They can edit for you, give you feedback, and support you! A writing friend can also help you get over writer’s block by offering up new ideas and other suggestions. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you write and share your work with other people! Writing can be really private, but it’s good to find someone to give you a second opinion, help you with inspiration, etc.

#6: Don’t push it.

Don’t force yourself to write when you don’t feel like it, and don’t force yourself to come up with new ideas. You have to want to write something, or the quality will suffer. If you don’t feel passionate about working on a piece, give it a break - walk away for a while; as long as you need to. Writing is pretty exhausting work. Nobody writes every second of every day, and nobody wants to, so take a break every once in a while. Don’t feel bad if you go through a tough patch of writer’s block. Just sit back and relax. Take your mind off your work. Inspiration can take a while, so don’t get anxious. If one story bothers you, it’s okay to write another. Don’t think you’re chained to your work.

#7: Never compare yourself to more experienced authors.

Not comparing yourself to more experienced/better people is a cardinal rule for just about anything. It’s easy to take a look at someone else’s writing, look at yours, and think that there’s no way you’ll ever match their beautiful storytelling. Remember that while there might be a certain amount of talent involved, nobody popped out of the womb a great writer. Growth takes time and practice.

#8: Do your research.

If you don’t know much about a topic, look it up! If you’re writing about a disease, historical setting, sport, etc. that you aren’t familiar with, do some research. You don’t need to dump a million facts into your writing (how much you do explain the topic depends on how important it is) but it should seem like you know what you’re talking about - or that your characters do. You want your writing to feel real, after all.

#9: Check your style.

This might seem like an obvious point, but keep an eye on your writing mechanics! Incorrect grammar isn’t pleasant for readers, especially if it means basic mistakes like not capitalizing “I” when referring to a subject. Ask yourself questions like “Is the setting clear?”. Check for things like adverb usage and passive voice, which can be eliminated or revised. Filter!!! Not only will this make your work easier to read, it also shows a level of care, dedication, and skill.

#10: Don’t discount your ideas.

There are good ideas, and there are bad ideas. It’s a fact of life. That being said, don’t worry about whether your potential stories are “good” or “bad”. Turn them over in your head. Write them out. Only then can you really tell whether they’re hot or not. Some ideas will come out lackluster, or you’ll hit a dead end, but don’t take one and judge it at face value. You’d be surprised at the number of apparently boring or crazy ideas that can turn out well. It all depends on how they develop and are thought out. Don’t delete ideas that don’t turn out well - you never know if they can develop into something more successful, if parts of them can be incorporated into another work, or if you’ll simply want to revisit them later.

At the Zoo - Chapter 6

There it is, the last chapter of this story – there’s a small epilogue coming on next Monday but it’s mostly done:)

thank you to you, reader, thank you for bearing with me through this difficult story. It hasn’t been a fun ride for Peeta, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Trust me when I say it had been a very difficult story to write too.

My deepest respect goes to the every single person who suffers from PTSD, or panic attacks. Know you’ll always find someone willing to listen to you if need be. Just reach out.

This story wouldn’t have been out without the help of the incredible @xerxia31 who took on the job of betaing this whole story.

This story wouldn’t have been the same at all without the help of the amazing dandelion-sunset who insisted that I keep the PTSD scene when I wanted to delete it. She also beta-ed.

And to @akai-echo – her art, her aesthetics echo (pun intended) the story – her images are a strong companion to my words. Her vision on my stories is a gift I cherish.

Well, let’s do this, shall we ? Let’s go see another animal … I hope you liked my little game with the names of the chapters:)

Here on AO3 // FFN

Comments, reviews, asks, reblogs are always welcomed :)

6. Panthera Leo.

It had been weeks since Peeta last went into the zoo. Three weeks and two days to be precise. Since the day he had spent walking around the park like any other visitor, taking the time to look at the animals, to watch their movements, his fingers itching to draw them on paper.

Which he did as soon as he got back to his flat, spending days trying to recreate the face of a monkey, the movement of a bear, or the cuteness of a baby giraffe galloping around the corral. Each stroke of the pen or the brush on the canvas unlocking ideas, colors, motions.

Suddenly, a whole new set of images were in front of him to paint. Or draw. Or film.

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Movie Night [Jordan Fisher x Reader]

Summary: Jordan and reader have a movie night after she finds out he has never watched ‘Titanic’.

Word count: 1,336

Warnings: none, i guess…….

A/N: my first jordan fic! i’m so happy with how this turned out. i was inspired by this video of him and @gwash4prez‘s idea on the hamwriters chat! i dedicate this to them, mostly because they are the people that share this crazy obsession over jordan with me! i hope y’all like it

askbox | masterlist

“What?” The desbelief in your face made Jordan laugh out loud. “You have never seen Titanic? How are you even allowed as a member of our society?”

“I never found time to watch it!” He came closer to you and wrapped his arms around your hips, locking you between him and his dressing room vanity. “What do you say we have a movie night tonight and we cross that off my list of things to do before I die?”

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A quick analysis of Ian's scenes in 7x06, or also: why Ian and Trev won’t have my blessing. Trenever.

I wanna focus on their exchange of lines, their reactions to eachother, and the effects they have on one another. Oh, I said quick? I meant sit down son, let me fill you in.

In the first scene, Trevor brings Ian some music and invites him to part-ay. And I don’t think it’s because of Ian’s sleepiness, but because of Trevor’s sad choice of words that Ian doesn’t seem that much enthusiastic about it. In fact, Trevor says:

“There’s a rager tonight. No cover if you bring in a twink.” 

Ian raises his eyebrows, loses his smile and swallows. He’s visibly upset. Why is he upset? It could be because of the familiarity of feeling objectified and sexualised, it could be because he told Trevor he’d rather stay friends just a couple of days before, it could also be because he can’t go out all night to drink and dance because of his pills and sleep schedule, and he doesn’t want to explain it to Trevor because he’s afraid of losing him. 

“They’re taking over one of the old slaughterhouses. Calling the party Meat Market.”

Uhmmm Emmy Rossum, shall you explain me a little what drove you to define Ian and Trevor’s relationship as ‘love’ in contrast to Ian and Mickey’s relationship of ‘war and sex’ again?? Because as soon as Trevor called Ian a twink, my internal Mickey stood up and burst out with “Who do you think he is? Some twink?” and then proceded to give Trevor an imaginary kick in the balls. 

So Ian hides the fact that he’s upset, and says “Cool, I’ll see if I can go”. And then it’s hell rising. 

“So, if I come by your place unannounced to give you music, it freaks you out?”

Well, Trevor, since you don’t know why he freaked out, and you see him upset, why not just ask him, instead of assuming you know why he reacted in a certain way? Ian was fine when he saw you at the door and was fine when you gave him music - he wasn’t fine when you made him understand you’re still hung up on the idea of fucking him, and he wasn’t fine when you made an undelicate comment - remember? Like when Ian said that transphobic shit to you a couple of episodes ago. The only difference is, Ian doesn’t know how to express his feelings, doesn’t know how to explain himself, because he is emotionally unaware. Result? Trevor doesn’t understand him, and worse, doesn’t realize he doesn’t understand him. 

“Listen, you wanna tell yourself you don’t want me, that’s fine… I’ll play along.”

Woaaaah a bit in over our heads, aren’t we? The fuck, Trevor? Have you even stopped to think for a second about what could be the possible reasons of Ian not wanting to have sex with you right away? Don’t you see how wrong the phrasing ‘you wanna tell yourself this but I know you really want something else’ is? Jeez, you seemed like a sensitive guy, what’s up with the manipulative attitude? Besides, it doesn’t look like you’re playing along, to me. Like, you’re doing the exact opposite of playing along. 

“But I have plenty of friends, so if you’re gonna make things weird, I’m out.”

Okay, just stop. Guys. Do I really have to list all of the problems condensed in this line right here? Because firstly oh, good for you, Trevor, you have a lot of friends. Like Ian- or maybe not, because Ian’s only got you right now, and Ian needs human contact right now, and Ian is so desperate that he’s very willing to be influenced by your words and your feelings, if it means he’ll be accepted and loved by someone. And what’s ‘making things weird’ supposed to mean, apart from Trevor blaming Ian for the awkwardness that ensued? Is refusing Trevor sexually “making things weird”? Because let me tell you, Trevor, if you wanna stick around, you’re in for a big surprise: because nothing makes things weirder than a mental fucking illness, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to take off right now. 

BUT, since Ian can’t hear my voice (obviously the voice of reason, pfft) in his head, and can’t explain shit to Trevor, he only tries to make him back off with an “All I said is I’ll see”, which is the truth, after all. Trevor replies with a passive aggressive “Keep the music”, and storms off.

My question is: is it so hard to respect Ian, and respect his feelings, and try to understand them? Like, it’s obviously the hardest fucking task in the world, because apparently only the cutest cinnamon-eyebrow roll ever existed has succeeded in the mission so far.

So, moving on. Actually, I’m gonna continue under the cut because I don’t want to completely clog the tags, although I do want people to see me because I like to be watched (get the reference).

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I Need You

Request: Hi! Can you write a soulmate au with anyone from the rap line where you get a symbol (when you turn 16)representing your soulmate somewhere on your body, in the same place as your soulmate, that represents them/their personality? Can you also have the reader and the person of your choice from the rap line be childhood friends?? Sorry if I’m asking but too much, but if you do write this, I will be very happy! - Anon

Suga (Yoongi) x reader

Genre: angsty fluff

Originally posted by cyyphr

[Gif doesn’t belong to me]

I got my first request! Im frEaKinG ouT  I changed it up a bit, so that you have two marks. One represents you, but you were born with it, and the other is your soulmate’s that you earn when you’re 16. That way, you can recognize your own mark.

Summary: Yoongi promised to be there for your 16th birthday, the day you were to get your soulmate’s mark, but failed to show up. You waited for him patiently, although you did study abroad. You meet up with Namjoon, who was a study buddy, and decide to record a song.

[ Soulmate AU]

You blew out the special candles that lit up your birthday cake. You were turning sixteen, the age where you’d get your soulmate’s mark. You tried to be happy, like the people surrounding you, but it wasn’t the same since Yoongi hadn’t shown up.

People often started to travel the world in search of their soulmate at your age, desperately trying to find their destined lover. Yoongi was the same, leaving last year on the day after his sixteenth birthday. He used his soulmate as an excuse to leave and pursue his dream because his parents didn’t really support him.

You two were childhood friends, talking about wanting to create music for people all over the world. You supported each other, through good and bad, which is why you two were so close.

“ Yah Yoongi, when you become famous, you better get me free tickets to your shows.” You laughed along with him. The happy atmosphere was doubled when he smiled at you. It was alluring, and you were drawn to him. “ When you leave after you’re 16, stay in touch, okay?”

“ I promise, when I leave next month, I’ll come back for your sixteenth birthday next year.” His head turned to face you as he gave you a lopsided grin. You looked at him in a disbelieving manner as you laughed out your next words. “ Really? But what if you forget?”

“ I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ll even get you a Kumamon bear if I have to.” His tone seemed reassuring to you, so you agreed happily to his offer. You two stared into the crisp night sky, wondering of the future.

You stared at the same night sky, in the exact spot you two made the promise. It was a whole year of being ignored, never updated, and being alone. His number was deleted somewhere along the way, he must have forgotten about you.

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bhyekyungsoo  asked:

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog after reading the couple ring post! Regarding that, I think the chrome heart ring that similar to yeol's isnt the same as the one that polar light gave, because PL gave the one with black background, and the similar with yeol's is just the black version of it? And do you mind giving out the 'chanbaek timeline' you mentioned before? Keep loving baekyeol <3333 this lovely couple is unstoppable. Have a nice daay!

Hi ^_^ 

about that ring.. yes.. the chrome heart ring given by polar light are not matching with yeol.. before polar light gave baekhyun the ring, baekhyun already have another ring he wore.. he also wore it during their recent Nature Republic Fansign (where his ring went missing).. 

the one polar light gave baekhyun have black background and silvery white chrome heart design one it (the top ring on his finger) .. meanwhile the one on chanyeol’s pinky finger has all white/silvery background and greyish chrome heart design on it.. this design matched baekhyun’s ring (the one not given by polar light) which are also silver background but with black/darker chrome heart design on it ( the bottom ring on his finger).. 

about chanbaek time line.. lol.. this thing i  just come out with my fellow chanbaek shipper who closely monitor chanbaek (we’re not sasseng don’t we are just ninja.. hahah..

p/s : this is what I THINK.. it can be false.. it can be true.. no one knows for sure besides chanbaek themselves.. its gonna be long, so brace yourself with my delulu writing..

this is purely chanbaek.. don’t like chanbaek..? don’t read.. i don’t want my inbox blown with hate.. thank you ^_^ ..

lets begin..

if you realized, when chanbaek first meet, they got close in just one night.. kai confirms this..

Kai said during 120605 EXO-K joynews24 interview : At first I was a bit surprised, Baekhyun joined us very late but he became close with Chanyeol in just one night..

i think chanyeol and baekhyun love each other as soon as they see each but seriously look at them..

The fans who attendedBaekhyun’s birthday party said Chanyeol first opened the party by making aspeech indicating  ; “This is Baekhyun, my roommate and we are in a loving relationship.”

121126 Chanyeol’s birthday party Baekhyun said that when he just entered SM, Chanyeol was the first person to walk towards him, and after having eye contact for 10 seconds, they had the feeling of “That’s him!”. Anyway, the two could really get along very well. The other members told them to get married. Baekhyun said “Umma! I’m going to get married” 

the picture below was during MAMA Era.. and these two are surely chanyeol and baekhyun.. only baekhyun have that hair colour during MAMA and that guy, thats chanyeol.. look at the ear..! i think they are together since the first time they meet but they are in the state of secrecy.. 

you can see that baekhyun actually feels uncomfortable when chanyeol holds him and chanyeol kinda hesitant(?) with his hold.. so i think by this time they are scared people gonna know about them..

during MAMA and History, they are in good term.. just being careful.. not going overboard with their fanservices.. the still in good term when they record Happy Camp on 130604 recording.. 

however they had a fight during Wolf promotion fansign event on 14th June 2013..

in this link there are parts where chanyeol and baekhyun refuses to reply to any request from fans relate to chanbaek..lets face it.. isn’t chanbaek started as just a fanservice made by the company..? so why are they suddenly refused to do anything with it..? aren’t they afraid of the company..? this is during Wolf Era.. they are promoting Wolf at that time..

 what happened between them until the choose to ignore the fan’s requests..?? and just 10 days difference with their lovey dovey recording of Happy Camp.. i think during that time, something happened.. maybe that time Baekhyun already set to have a girlfriend.. or their company already asked them to stop.. 

i think chanbaek already have feelings for each other when they first meet but they are restricted by people ( their company maybe.?).. they even wrote songs together, practice duet together (the things about their duets is, it never went on-air..except the Love Song on 130808 Youngstreet„,)

Can you imagine, practicing this song, with just the two of them.. while looking at each other..? and why Baekhyun have that look on his face..?? maybe throughout the practice and spending time together make them closer again and they started to ignore what people said.. 

Do you know who is the first person that posted Baekhyun a Happy Birthday on Instagram..? nope.. its not Sehun.. its Chanyeol.. but why he deleted that cake post..? Baekhyun’s birthday cake was chanyeol’s FIRST ever post in his IG.. 

in my opinion, Baekyeon already set up long before February.. why..? because, out of nowhere suddenly Chanyeol said Chen as his new soulmates.. i emphasizes “NEW”… he didn’t say “my soulmates” he said “new soulmates”.. that means he still remember that he has a soulmates before..and it is Baekhyun.. the guy sitting infront of him.. 

Chanyeol called Baekhyun as his “number 1 soulmate” in [MISC] 130814 - STAR CAST : “Trend’s Core ‘EXO Life of Research’..

look at Baekhyun.. he didn’t smile at all.. thats Baekhyun’s jealous face.. when Baekhyun is jealous he will stare at distance and his lips gonna be thinner as he curl his lips.. and i think one of the earliest member who knows about chanbaek is Kyungsoo.. and kyungsoo just look at at chanyeol with straight face too.. 

after this interview, they shoot for EXO Showtime.. didn’t anyone realizes that chanyeol didn’t have much skinship with Baekhyun unlike with the other members..?? in showtime, if you look clooosseeeely you will noticed that chanbaek have many scene where they are together being cut off.. during the sunrise episode, actually Chanyeol and Baekhyun stand next to each other but it never shows in the show.. 

(sorry i got into EXOST..but i always wanna talk about this just no one asked..

there are only two person wearing that white jacket at the time.. its suho and chanyeol..the editing of exo showtime is very weird.. why..? chanyeol stands next to baekhyun but not one shot where they are standing next to each other..

see..? the most left is baekhyun and who is taller than baekhyun and wearing that white jacket..? its chanyeol.. but exo showtime’s crew make sure the shot are not clear.. why..? i think some inside connections are influential here.. 

and this one.. did you noticed that in the real show, (at least from what i watched) the leg part are completely covered but big ass words at the bottom..

Chanbaek are being very fearless when Baekhyun suddenly come to Roommate.. 

when baekhyun come to Roommate house, many of their moments and interactions got cut out by SBS.. i have another theory about Roommate (here)..

ok i’m gonna talk a bit about Baekyeon.. they said Baekyeon starts dating in February right..? Anyone who knows me know that i don’t believe in Baekyeon.. i believe that Baekyeon are not dating and are a stage up thing by SM.. idk.. i can be wrong.. but thats what i believe (because there are just too many things that are shady about them..idk).. don’t you think its weird, that SM revealed Baekyeon EXACTLY one day after baekhyun came to Roommate..?? read my chanbaek in Roommate post and you’ll know why i said its very weird..

when Baekyeon revealed, Baekhyun looks like a wreck.. have you seen the picture of him go out from music show..? hurmm.. i dont remember what broadcast..

after Baekyeon revealed, we Chanabek shippers are kinda depress and thought that Chanbaek are really broken.. but Chanbaek proof us wrong.. Chanyeol still with Baekhyun in the airport like he always did.. 

they lost the laugh on their faces but they still together.. thats enough for me.. because after that they are normal again.. it took time but they are ok again tho.. after this, chanyeol starts being very obviously close with kyungsoo.. he starts making moments with kyungsoo, he choose kyungsoo.. (i don’t hate kyungsoo, no no.. i love him.. i just say that chanyeol become obviously close with kyungsoo..)..

i can see Baek look so hurt.. i think i have the gifs but maybe in my phone sorry.. 

there is one event that happened and the timeline are perfect.. its 1140719 TLP Shanghai.. 

first Chanyeol posted “Love is a losing games” lyrics in his IG.. a song about the pain in love (at least thats what in the lyrics chanyeol posted)..

Few hours after that (when they are in china) Baekhyun, who keep silent about the Baekyeon thing suddenly posted an “apology” letter in his IG..

after this letter was posted in 4 in the morning few hours after that he deleted it.. i dont know why he delete it, maybe he got a lot of hate because of it, but in my thought that letter actually just for EXO-L and also Chanyeol.. he talk about misunderstanding.. what misunderstanding..? that he dating tae..? thats not a misunderstanding , right..? about he didn’t love his fans and betrayed them..? we all know how much baekhyun loves his fans.. he used to be no.1 in fanservice @ fanlove.. so what is the misunderstanding..? if he really wanna make his fans forgive him why he didn’t posted on the fancafe..? or somewhere many other people gonna read it..? and why deleted it..???? only baekhyun knows.. i think he just want chanyeol and people who believe in them read that and after making sure chanyeol read it, he delete it.. who knows.. it might be true.. 

after that chanyeol posted another thing.. exactly few hours after baekhyun deleted his letter.. heart shaped leaf.. hurmmmmm… 

feeling better chanyeollie..??

after the apology letter incident you know what happened..? TLP Shanghai.. what so special about TLP Shanghai..? well.. after few other TLP conducted, chanbaek had been very distance.. they are there, but there are no actual moments between them.. until Shanghai..

in TLP Shanghai, this happened.. they finally have real moments.. real contact.. and chanyeol seems happy again.. 

few month after that, they are very happy on stage.. off stage.. everywhere.. Chanyeol who stops being nice to Baekhyun after the scandal, suddenly being a prince charming again..

chanyeol again being the charming boyfriend material him with baek (baek only) by taking baekhyun’s bag and push it for him.. awww.. so sweet.. ^_^..

and they still do their little “love sign” just between them.. isn’t baek already have a girlfriend at this moment..???? look at their smiling faces.. 

they still love each other even after so many rough obstacle come their way.. and i hope they can always love each other forever and people just stop disturbing them..  

Here are the clearer timeline of all this..

  • 4 June 2013 - Happy Camp recording ( they do the lovesign)
  • 14 June 2013 - Wolf Fansign (fight?)
  • August 2013 - Growl
  • 8 August 2013 - EXO Youngstreet (duet with weird expression)
  • October 2013 - EXO Showtime
  • ** Feb 2014 - BY said to start dating (EXOST still in recording)
  • 17 June 2014 - Baek come to Roommate
  • 18 June 2014 - Baekyeon revealed
  • 17 July 2014 - TLP Shanghai
  • 15 August 2014 - SM Town 2014 (another lovesign)

at the end.. no matter what we think, only chanyeol, baekhyun and SM knows what actually is between them.. me and my friend can spend hours talking about we come out with many theories, and look from many perspectives.. hehe..

that’s the thing about me and my friend.. we love chanbaek but we don’t blindly loving them.. we have our reasons (plausible reasons) why we think chanbaek is real.. we look from many perspectives.. we don’t look in one sole reason and one sole perspective only.. 

Again i will say this.. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.. I USE “MY OPINION” IN THIS ENTRY.. you can believe it or not i don’t care.. 

13. Things you said at the kitchen table

A reader on AO3 asked me to write some fluff to atone for my sins with regard to yesterday’s piece.  I decided to make it Harry Potter-themed, because why not?

i. April 2007

“Hey, Scully?”

“Mmmm?” She looked up from her laptop and the piles of notes spread out before her on the kitchen table. Mulder was standing at the window, peering through the drapes into the sunny backyard.

“What’s Will reading?” She leaned back in her chair and peered past him, through the window, to the distant form of their son reclining in the hammock, a pastel-colored book propped on his thin chest.

“Harry Potter, I think,” said Scully, returning to her journal article. Across the kitchen, Mulder turned to look at her, eyebrows raised. “What?”

“Isn’t that a little advanced for a six-year-old? Like, shouldn’t we be reading it with him?”

“I tried,” said Scully. “He said I was going too slowly. Said he was never going to get through all of the books before the last one comes out at the pace I was setting.” Mulder chuckled.

“Sounds about right. Your kid through and through.” She glared at him over the top of her reading glasses. “What? I mean his advanced reading level, not his impatience.” She looked skeptical. “Honest. You gonna tell me you weren’t reading at a fourth grade level when you were in kindergarten?”

“Fifth,” she said grudgingly, returning to her work. Mulder smirked, then returned his gaze to his son, relaxed and absorbed in his book.

“You know those books are completely inaccurate, right?” he said. “Completely off the mark when it comes to established practices in witchcraft.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Mulder, are we really going to go through this again? Do you remember what happened when we tried to watch E.T.?” She shook her head. “It’s a children’s book series, Mulder. They’re fiction. They’re cute. Let it go.”

“Where’d he get them, anyway?”

“From my mom,” said Scully. “She bought them for Matthew, but Bill won’t let them in the house. Says they promote witchcraft.” Mulder snorted.

“Of course he did.” He watched his son for another moment, then glanced back at Scully thoughtfully. “He seems pretty absorbed.”

“He’s barely looked up all day,” Scully agreed.

“Seems like it’s unlikely he’ll look up anytime soon,” he said, crossing to stand behind her. “Don’t you think?” The corner of Scully’s mouth turned up slightly.

“I’d have to agree with that assessment,” she replied. He bent, brushing his lips against the side of her neck, feeling her inhale sharply. “Did you have something in mind? Something more pressing than this article that’s due in a week?”

“I think I do, yes,” he murmured into her hair. “Can I see you upstairs for a brief consult, Dr. Scully?” He headed for the stairs, and she got up to follow.

“Brief? Mulder, he’s on book three of six. He’s gonna be in that hammock the rest of the day. You make this brief, and that same hammock is exactly where you’re gonna be sleeping tonight.”

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It’s not finished, but all of the roughs are done!  So I’m gonna go ahead and tag @stanuary before I miss week one entirely.

So YEAH here’s my unfinished submission for Week One’s prompt: Home

I got a comment about the panels going by a bit quickly and being hard to read, so I posted the original script I wrote for this under the cut!  I hope it helps!

( also: @korino21 because )

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