remember that time i went crazy on the tags

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about “Frenchiest Fry”

Yeah, you guys remember this post I made time ago. Notifications went crazy when I created this character:

Now, i’m fine with the askblogs, art and all but here’s the thing.

I would like you guys to please tag me in anything you do about them, either if it’s art, a video or just anything.

It would be really nice to see stuff about them and all.

I keep calling this character “my son” since I had “created” him and I really appreciate this character and that people likes him.

So please, if you’re alright with it, tag me.

And tag me within the first 5 tags you use because Tumblr doesn’t shows the other tags in their respective tags if it’s after the 5th tag.

Thank you.

I’m suddenly nostalgic about Faking It.

I know I appeared the least affected when shit went down but for some reason I’m really nostalgic today.  I remember the times when my dash was filled with theories and gifsets and people freaking out and shipping like crazy and now all of it is just..gone. What happened to you, guys? :( The tag is dead, the blogs are dead lmao. Hope you’re still alive and kicking. Since my dash is filled with a lot of stuff I don’t know/watch - Wynonna Earp, OINTB, I take it you guys moved to other fandoms. But I just wanted to say I miss you. I miss my blog being Faking It trash. I’m not sure I even miss the show but I sure as hell miss what it could’ve been and how everyone sort of came together, even if it was only to trash it, mostly lol. Still, it’s been one hell of a ride and it sucks to end it like this. Sigh.