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i got tagged a few times to do this um by  @nallycat and @jerrysapartment and @golgi sorry if u tagged me and tiny brain can’t remember um some pics from 2017! i went kinda crazy this year, started school again cut all my hair off, turned 21 the last half of the year has been very nice i feel i’ve sort of rediscovered myself even though i… still don’t know nothing! it’s only supposed to be 7 but everyone know i like to talk and post too many pics :P i tag @vvaryberry @ihealu @towel @funke @bodynegative @capacity

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A/N: Yeah, hi, I’m here but I’m not alive cause the EP killed me :)))
Okay, I was so happy when I got this request ‘cause I never get requests for Corbyn like why are y’all sleeping on him? I really love the concept of this with women being independent and not caring about gender roles and I hope I did it justice (although I doubt it). I couldn’t stop myself from sneaking in a little pun, I hope you figure out what I mean ;)
Requested: by @noodleswdw

It was the last day before the guys were leaving for tour. You wanted to do something special for Corbyn, after all you wouldn’t see him for at least 4 weeks. 4 weeks…how am I gonna survive? The guys had actually asked you to come on tour with them but you had to decline since you had school and college applications to worry about. Corbyn wasn’t too happy about the fact but he knew how important your education was to you and he would never want to get in the way of that.

You had been planning this date for a while now, the reason for that being that you had made a reservation in one of the nicest restaurants in the city. Only telling your boyfriend to dress fancy, you left him to figure things out on his own. Normally, the two of you preferred to go on adventurous or casual dates rather than romantic dinners but tonight was different.

Living in the same house as Corbyn made it difficult to get ready without him coming in every two seconds, trying to catch a glimpse of your outfit. After an hour which was spent on hair, make-up and your outfit but mostly jamming out to every song in your playlist you walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs where you heard all the boys talking. Stepping into the room you felt eyes on you and looked up to see everyone staring at you. Jonah wolf-whistled which earned him a slap from your boyfriend and some chuckles from the rest of the boys. They all hummed in agreement, telling you how good you looked and asking you if that dress wasn’t a bit too short. You just rolled your eyes at them and they took it as their cue to leave, making Corbyn finally come over to were you were standing.

Stopping a metre in front of you he looked you up and down, not even trying to be subtle about it. You were currently wearing a rosé silk dress with black heels, your make-up kept natural and your hair curled to perfection. You knew you looked good and from the look on Corbyn’s face you guessed he thought so too. You took the opportunity to check him out too. He was wearing some black skinny jeans, a white button-up with the sleeves rolled up, black boots and his hair messy, just the way you liked it. You smiled at each other, Corbyn pulling you in for a kiss and resting his forehead against yours afterwards “You look breath-taking” you looked down, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks. You couldn’t believe the effect his words had on you, even after all these months. “You clean up pretty nicely too” He just kept staring at you, smiling.

You two spent the next fifteen minutes having a little photoshoot while waiting for your uber to arrive. You took a lot of pictures doing weird facial expressions while wearing – you guessed it – his famous glasses but also some nice ones since you knew how obsessed your boyfriend was when it came to his Instagram feed. That boy would go to crazy extents just to get the perfect shot.

As soon as the uber pulled up you made your way inside, you typing in the address for the driver, not wanting to ruin the surprise for your boyfriend. 20 minutes and a small jam out session later the car came to a stop, signalling that you had arrived at your destination. You got out, Corbyn right behind you and you turned to him. Shock was written all over his face when he saw were you had brought him. He turned to you with wide eyes “How long have you been planning this? Oh my god, do you know how hard it is to get a table at this place, babe? Well, of course you know cause you somehow managed to do so.” You just laughed at his rant and took his hand in yours, leading him to the front door. “I might have asked a friend of mine to put me on the list. That saved me about four months of waiting.” Corbyn let out a chuckle, admiring your independence.

After telling the waiter your name, you were showed to your table where you quickly decided on your orders. The night went by in a blur, the two of you talking, laughing and enjoying the amazing food. It felt good to spend some time together, just the two of you. You even took a break from social media, limiting your snapchat updates to a cute post of each other and a meme-worthy snap of the two of you which earned you lots of screenshots from the fans. As the dinner slowly came to an end you grew anxious, thinking about the one thing you still had in store for your boyfriend.

Corbyn must have noticed your mood changing, taking your hand in his and looking at you with a worried expression. It’s now or never. Giving him a small smile you whispered, “Here goes nothing” and reached into your purse, pulling out a little box and practically shoving it into Corbyn’s hand. He eyed it for a second before looking at you again “(Y/N), you know I’m all for women being independent and confident, making the first move and all but don’t you think it’s a little too early for proposing to me?  I mean, I’m only eighteen and you’re still in school…” You burst out laughing, chocking out a “I’m not proposing, you headass, just open the box” He winked at you and opened the box, his grin fading, replaced by a surprised expression. He took out the little item, twisting and turning it in his hands. Getting nervous again, you looked down, playing with your fingers “It’s a promise ring. I wanted you to have a piece of me with you when you’re away. So you never forget that I’m waiting for you to come back to me” Corbyn quickly slipped on the ring and you lifted your hand, showing off the one you had bought to match his. Upon seeing that, he flashed you one of his beautiful smiles and leaned over to plant a kiss on your lips.

The guys were leaving early in the morning. You had stayed over, wanting to spend the last hours with all of them. While Corbyn was in the bathroom you quickly went into his room and slipped the envelope you were holding into his backpack. Next came the goodbyes. You hugged all the guys, telling them how much you’d miss them and how proud you were. The tears were already flowing by the time you made your way to Corbyn. He pulled you into a hug and you nuzzled your head into his chest, enjoying the comfort it brought you. You stayed like that for a few more minutes and after exchanging I love yous he gave you a kiss and finally got into the car. You waved at them, watching as the car turned around the corner and disappeared. You took out your phone and sent Corbyn a quick text: Might wanna check your backpack for a little something ;)

Corbyn’s phone buzzed in his pocket and he took it out, furrowing his brows when he realized it was from (Y/N). After reading through it, he searched through his bag, eager to see what his girlfriend was talking about. Taking out the envelope he immediately recognized her handwriting.

Hey Corbs,

I know this is super cliché and I’m normally not one for big, romantic gestures but you make me want to do all these things that are so out of my comfort zone. I wrote you this letter so you always have something to read when you miss me. You’re going to be busy and talking will be hard, especially because of the time difference.
Corbyn, I’m beyond proud of you and the guys and I couldn’t be happier for you. You get to live your dream and I’m right by your side through it all. Remember I’ll always wait for you. I know that just like a boomerang, you’ll come back to me ;))

One day, I’ll be lucky enough to put a ring on you but until then these will have to do. I love you forever and always.


Your phone went off like crazy, dozens of notifications pouring in. You opened Instagram and saw that Corbyn had tagged you in a post. You clicked on his recent upload and couldn’t contain your smile. The picture showed his hand – the one with the promise ring -  holding your letter. But the caption made your heart melt. Just like a boomerang, I’ll come back to you.

A gift for someone on twitter (and myself.)

This went in a different direction than I thought it would. Hope you like it. <3 I was giggling like crazy the whole time I was writing it.

It was about a week into preparations for the grand ball that Ignis realized things were going… suspiciously well. Not in the sense that the nobles were unusually happy or the staff was strangely ahead of preparations. It was that HE was ahead of… small things.

Small things he didn’t remember doing.

Restocking his stash of Chococheeses was one thing. He could have easily forgotten that he’d grabbed a bag at the store or on the way home. Someone could have brought some for a movie night and simply stowed it in his cupboards for some unknown reason. His coffee seemed to multiply, as well. But it took one big thing for him to realize it was more than just suspicious. Three days into this he lost his phone. Not a common occurrence, mind you. He searched everywhere. Even checked the charger a good ten times before leaving his apartment without it.

All day he had to tote around his tablet for everything, making phone calls with a bluetooth headset and dealing with the excessive lag. Not easy when speaking with nobles. They’re a fast talking bunch. Always know what they want. And after this long, stressful day, he went home on his lunch break in order to attempt one more search, only to find it sitting primly on its charger.

An intruder, he realized at that moment. A benevolent intruder… who knew his passcode.

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(Idk why my tumblr is unfollowing people for me wtf) ahhh Steph just want to say - do you remember some time last year we all went crazy for canadian bagged milk??? Time of my life really, why do I suddenly remember that??? Absolutely no clue.... but I miss the time when we're all so happy and hopeful

DSFADSF YES! Bagged Milk Discourse Day, March 31, 2016 :D

My Bagged Milk tag is the greatest thing in existence, honestly XD

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about “Frenchiest Fry”

Yeah, you guys remember this post I made time ago. Notifications went crazy when I created this character:

Now, i’m fine with the askblogs, art and all but here’s the thing.

I would like you guys to please tag me in anything you do about them, either if it’s art, a video or just anything.

It would be really nice to see stuff about them and all.

I keep calling this character “my son” since I had “created” him and I really appreciate this character and that people likes him.

So please, if you’re alright with it, tag me.

And tag me within the first 5 tags you use because Tumblr doesn’t shows the other tags in their respective tags if it’s after the 5th tag.

Thank you.

Okay but...

Call me crazy, but I actually kinda ship Thor and Loki. I HAVE EVIDENCE! 1- In pretty much all of the movies Thor is in, Loki is in. It might just be the little either tag along thing, or it could be something more 2- Loki IS adopted, so which means this ship isn’t incest. 3- In mentioned in the last eat addition to the Thor movies (Thor : Ragnarok) Thor gets off topic while creating a game plan. His story went along the lines of ‘He tried to kill me many times. I remember once when we were kids he turned himself into a snake. I go to touch the snake and he turns back into Loki and stabs me’. I must say, after I made my realization that I ship it, it makes it just that much cuter. 4- Loki’s fake death. We all know that Loki likes to fake his death. Twice, at least. You can’t say that they don’t care about each other. It may be their brotherly bond, or something more.

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So I’m loving every theory involving 57 and aliens and shit. Keep it up, guys!

But I’ve been thinking about this little Epsilon prediction since last season, so I gotta call it!

Under the cut for some pretty heavy spoilers and speculation

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I’m suddenly nostalgic about Faking It.

I know I appeared the least affected when shit went down but for some reason I’m really nostalgic today.  I remember the times when my dash was filled with theories and gifsets and people freaking out and shipping like crazy and now all of it is just..gone. What happened to you, guys? :( The tag is dead, the blogs are dead lmao. Hope you’re still alive and kicking. Since my dash is filled with a lot of stuff I don’t know/watch - Wynonna Earp, OINTB, I take it you guys moved to other fandoms. But I just wanted to say I miss you. I miss my blog being Faking It trash. I’m not sure I even miss the show but I sure as hell miss what it could’ve been and how everyone sort of came together, even if it was only to trash it, mostly lol. Still, it’s been one hell of a ride and it sucks to end it like this. Sigh.