remember that time i promised you a gifset

So people here we are. I can finally announce a Lauliver Appreciation Week. It’s  going to take place in September and more precisely from Monday September 14th to Sunday September 20th.   Remember to tag your graphics, edits, gifsets  with lauliveraw2015. I promise you I’ll try to track this tag and reblog all your works.

Day 1 ( Monday September 14th): Favorite Lauliver Moment. 
Day 2 ( Tuesday September 15th ): Favorite Kiss
Day 3 ( Wednesday September 16th ): Favorite Hug
Day 4 ( Thursday September 17th ): An Happy moment
Day 5 ( Friday September 18th ): A sad moment
Day 6 ( Saturday September 19th ): Favorite Quote 
Day 7 ( Sunday September 20th ): Free Choice ( whatever you love about this ship) 

So I realize it’s a bit early to announce this but I’m going on vacation in a  few days and since people needs time to make their edits… Here we are. 

Also I want to say that this banner is mine. And I’m planning to organize a Lauliver Weeks with prompts for fanart, fanvid and fanficiton. I don’t know if it’ll take place in the same week or later but I’m still working on the prompts.  I have lots of good ideas, thanks to the lovely suggestions of prettycanarynoir but I’m open to more suggestions. So feel free to drop your prompts in my ask box. 

Please like and reblog this so everyone will know.