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Farkle stays home because he's sick and Riley is surprised how much she misses him.

//Thanks Anon! Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Anyone else want to send requests? Riarkle and/or Lucaya//

It was only second period when Riley started getting anxious. She constantly kept her eyes on  the clock that seemed to tick away too slowly. She wasn’t paying attention to what the teacher was saying and instead was tapping her pen against her book as her eyes wandered to the empty desk across from her.

Taking notice that something was wrong Maya whispered form behind. “Riles. Are you okay?”

Riley turned slightly to look behind her. “I’m fine.” She smiled.

Suddenly the room went completely silent when the teacher asked a question. Not a single person raised their hand. Luckily the bell rang to save them all.

Riley gathered her books and walked out the door with Maya. “Farkle would have known the answer to that question.”

Maya chuckled. “Farkle would have answered all of those questions.”

Riley stopped walking in the middle of the hallway. “He’s never missed school since we’ve known him. It feels weird.”

“He’s never been this sick. Poor guy.”

“We should visit him.” Riley said as soon as the bell signaling the start of the next period rang.

“And we should-I can’t believe I’m saying this-get to class.” Maya said. “We’ll go after school. See you at lunch.”

The next few periods weren’t easy for Riley. She didn’t share every class with Maya but she always had Farkle in her class. In fact during science class she turned around three times expecting to see Farkle and was disappointed when she met eyes with Ben. Who was Ben anyways? Was he always in this class?

Before lunch Riley stopped by Farkle’s locker to tell him something she had just heard in computer science but then remembered he was absent and slowly walked away. She took out her phone and texted him again. She had already done so but she had received no reply.

During lunch all Riley talked about was Farkle to the point where Maya pretended to fall asleep. “You’re worrying too much. He’s just sick. His dad stayed home to make sure he was fine. He’s probably sleeping right now. Besides we’re going to see him later right?”

“Lets go right now.”

Maya raised an eyebrow. “Right now? You know we still have 3 classes to go.”

“It’s just three classes. I want to see how he’s doing.”

Maya pressed her hands against Riley’s forehead. “Riley are you sick? You’re talking about cutting class. You don’t cut class.”

“It’s just this once. Besides he must be really sick if he stayed home. I just want to make sure he’s okay.” Riley paused to smile at her best friend. “But don’t cut. I’ll go and check on him myself. Please?”

Maya looked at Riley with scrunched eyebrows, but her face softened. “Okay”


Riley walked into Farkle’s room where he was lying on the bed underneath many bedcovers. His eyes were closed, but they opened at the sound of the door closing. 

Farkle looked up and quickly took notice of the brunette girl in his room. “Riley? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” He began to sit up. 

“Yeah.” She took a chair and pushed it near Farkle’s bed. “But I wanted to see how you were doing?” She smiled at his messy bed hair and gently parted a strand from his eyes. “How are you?”

Farkle smiled back at her gesture. “Still feel horrible, but better than this morning.” He shook his head at her. “Riley, you didn’t have to do that. You should go back. I’m just–” He started coughing. 

Riley pulled out a bowl. “I stopped to buy you some soup.” 

“From Panera Bread?”

Riley chuckled. “The best of the best.”

He took the bowl and started to eat it, but then stopped to look at Riley again. “Did you really cut class to see how I was doing?”

“It’s weird, but school felt different without you. You’ve always been there. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

For a moment the two just stared each other. 

Even though Farkle looked terribly sick, he still looked cute, Riley thought to herself. Wait what? She tried shaking the thought away and instead took a deep breath.

“Well now that I’m here I guess I’m in charge of making sure you get better.” She picked up the remote control from his nightstand. “They do say laughter is the best medicine. Wanna watch a comedy movie with me?

“I’d like that very much.” 

“Good! Then move over.” Riley said hopping onto the edge of his bed. 

“You could get sick!” Farkle exclaimed and tried pushing her away, but she continued to make her way next to him.

“I don’t care. Now come on. Help me pick a movie.”

Love and Marriage

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Dean, Lisa, Ben, Mary (kind of an OC, but I’ve seen the Dean’s-daughter-Mary thing played out all over the place)

Summary: AU, Dean stayed with Lisa after Sam came back. You want to spend the day with Sam alone, but Dean plans a family day.

Word Count: 3,500 (oh, that makes me so happy!)

Warnings: lightly implied smut, cursing, drinking, daddy!Dean, fluff, angst

A/N: Little idea that popped into my brain as I was laying in bed last night. Hope you like it! 

*flashbacks are in bold

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Stretching and yawning, you swung your legs around to the side of the bed and placed your feet on the cold hardwood floor. As you walked to the bathroom, you scooped up your shirt and underwear, but apparently left your dignity on the floor the night before. You turned the water on and let it get warm before splashing some over your face. When you looked up into the mirror, you noticed a purply-reddish bite mark at the base of your neck.

“Damn it, Sam.” You grumbled and threw the towel down on the corner of the sink, stomping into the kitchen.

“Mm, mornin’ beautiful.” He barely turned to look at you over his shoulder, one hand holding the phone to his ear while the other covered the microphone.

You should’ve been calling him beautiful. He was standing at the counter, waiting for the toaster to pop. His bare back was to you, making it hard not to gawk at him. The way his muscles flexed even when he was standing still, the perfect v-shape that his body had, his dark grey sweatpants hanging on to his hip bones just so, it was all too much to resist. So you didn’t. You walked to him and wrapped your arms around his middle, laying your head between his shoulder blades after pressing light kisses to the skin there.

“Yeah, see ya then.” He hung up the phone and snapped the phone shut before setting it on the counter.

“Mornin’, Sammy,” you said.

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A list of facts from Ear Biscuit episode 22.

About Rhett and Link:

  • According to EB ep. 22 and Looking for Ms. Locklear, Rhett and Link used to plan for their future for hours on end. They would decide whose turn it was to talk by sitting on two boulders. The person on the larger boulder got to talk. 
  • Link doesn’t remember how this came about, but he thinks that knowing him and Rhett, Rhett probably had the obsession with wanting to talk about the future, while he came up with the boulder system so they could discuss the future efficiently. (Check out Rhett and Link’s MBTI)
  • Link remembers Rhett’s number from first grade. “i dial it all the time to call your mum. We’re tight.”
  • Rhett was the only person who went to Link’s house.
  • Link had to wait two hours to hang out with Rhett when Rhett was practicing basketball.
  • Rhett eventually gave up basketball. Part of the reason why was the fact he wondered what Link was going to do if he decided to focus on basketball as a career.
  • During this time, Link was thinking: “I remember watching from the sidelines… [thinking about Rhett’s basketball] I was nervous about it. We had this vision about what we were going to do and it was being threatened.”
  • Rhett doesn’t remember having a best friend before he met Link.
  • Link hated one of Rhett’s friends - a boy called Tate, who always had his shirt tucked in.
  • While they’ve never had a fight that threatened their friendship, Rhett considered a boy called Ben as his best friend in 4th/5th grade, because Link was in a different class and lived across town. Link remembers feeling threatened about this fact.
  • Rhett was fixated on girls and “there were times when I was so into a girl that I sort of forgot about you”. 
  • Rhett says he thinks he and Link have had ten really big fights in the last ten years, and though they’ve never had a physical altercation, Rhett has definitely thought that maybe a fight might lead to one because “Link’s a lot madder than I thought he’d be” about some of their fights. 
  • They argue about petty things every 30 minutes.

About Link:

  • Link’s parents separated when Link was only two years old, and he originally lived in a trailer with his mum before Link’s mum remarried a high school friend who had a house in Buies Creek.
  • Link visited his dad one weekend every fortnight.
  • Link was not close to is ex-step-father, or his ex-step sister. 
  • Link was a little bit jealous of Rhett’s family because Rhett’s parents were still together. “[I thought] if your parents are still together you drink milk at night”.
  • Link was absolutely terrified to stay over at anyone’s house, and talks about how looking at someone’s messy fridge made him anxious, as the fridge in his house was clean and “a clean fridge made [him] feel secure”.
  • Link’s mum was not a disciplinarian in any way, and as Link was the only child he was always the baby.
  • Link was a better high school and college student than Rhett.
  • Link doesn’t know why, but this quality was notbecause his parents were overly concerned with grades. Link has always had the mindset that ‘I have to be good at this’ and ‘don’t half-ass anything’ (which his grandma used to tell him).
  • He was always very concerned about money.
  • The first horror movie Link watched was in 5th grade (Texas Chainsaw Massacre). He didn’t watch another one until after college.
  • Link had an obsession with gangster rap that he attributes as having come from Cole, Rhett’s brother.
  • Link had two best friends before Rhett.
  • Link was quite a peaceful child and was not the kind of person to ever consider physical fights, though Link said that his mum did teach him to punch his pillow when he was feeling really frustrated during puberty.

About Rhett:

  • Moved to Buies Creek so his dad could teach law.
  • Rhett remembers being obsessed with staying over at people’s houses, and would stay over at people’s houses even if he’d only known them a few weeks. He was very interested in the way other people lived.
  • Rhett’s dad is the reason Rhett (and Link) went into Engineering instead of going into filmmaking.
  • Rhett’s family was athletic and conservative.
  • Rhett found it natural to listen to his father and didn’t resent him gruelling basketball training, and wasn’t embarrassed when his dad shouted at him from the stands during a game. His coach often had to tell him to listen to him and not his dad from the stands.
  • Rhett cared about school because he was scared of his dad. “Less than an A is not acceptable in the McLaughlin household”.
  • Rhett stopped caring in sophomore year of college, and would often go out to the movies with Greg while Link studied for four more hours.
  • Watched horror movies with his mum and got his love of thrills from her. She would fast forward the sex scenes and as a result “he only saw sex in fast-forward”.
  • Rhett once got so angry at Cole for teasing him about a girl that he threw a bottle of deodorant at him, which exploded when Cole shut the door. 

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I remember how fun almost exciting it was to see Bens photo appear as an example on wikipedias White Tie page, within minutes after his photos were published wearing his finery at the Met Gala. I thought things written on wiki were done by an impartial party or at the very least go through an approval process. Little did I know at the time that an uber nan probably put his picture there. I've learned many things since becoming a skeptic.

Yeah. I’ve learned things I wish I could forget….


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Enjoy my lovelies.

Request Notes: Here’s another Lil Sister story. I’ve had quite a few requests for them.

Authors Note:


   Dean looked at the calendar he hated this time of year. The walls closed in a bit closer each day. December 26th, the anniversary of Y/N’s death, it had been 5 years and it still felt like yesterday. Sam wasn’t any better. The two men struggled with loosing their baby sister on a daily basis, but the fact that she died just after Christmas was even worse. Y/N loved Christmas. Loved isn’t even the right term. The girl lived for the spirit of Christmas. She decorated whatever motel room they were in. Baked Christmas food, did all that. Then come Christmas Day they wouldn’t see her, she was off visiting orphanages and working in soup kitchens.
  Dean pulled the picture of the three of them out his wallet. Y/N was 18 when she died, she had been missing for three days, when they found her she had been mugged and stabbed through the chest. They never caught the bastard that did it. She was too beautiful and too kind to have deserved that fate. Sam noticed the picture Dean was holding, and couldn’t help but smile. The girl in that photo lit up the room, even just from an image. She had a charisma that could make the devil himself feel warm and fuzzy.
 Sam’s heart sunk some more remembering the call he got from Dean. She was gone. Their baby sister, dead. It wasn’t something supernatural, something that gave normal people nightmares. It was human, the worst kind of monster of all. One that was meant to know better.

  The boys looked at the dark, plain bunker and considered decorating it, just like they had every motel room, every year since her death. But they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it. They still had the gift they had pooled their money to buy her. A necklace with her birthstone in it. It was wrapped up, with the bow and everything.
  Sam caved first, surprisingly, he got up grabbed several bottles of whiskey and a couple of glasses and sat back down. Pouring them both a drink. Sam looked at the clock, 7am. It was going to be a long day.

  The boys were well on their way to drowning their sorrows. When there was a banging on the door. Both left it, they didn’t want to see anyone, not today. The banging continued, Sam sighed and eventually got up to answer it.
   He opened the door and looked at the woman with her back to him. He wasn’t in the mood for a lost traveller.
   ‘Can I help you?’ he sighed.
   ‘Depends on how mad you are?’
   He recognised that voice, it brought tears to his eyes. He had apparently had one too many. He was now hearing things. When she turned around, Sam felt his whole world stop. There was no way she was here. Although older, there was no mistaking her. She had Dean’s meadow green eyes and Sam’s brown hair, although she had grown it out and down to her waist.
  ‘Hey Sammy,’ she said quietly, bracing herself for screaming.
  She knew Sam was much less likely to yell then Dean was. But given the circumstances she wasn’t sure of either of their reactions.
  She watched the tears fall down his face as he rushed over and hugged her.
  ‘You’re…we thought…they…,’ he sobbed.
  ‘Damn it Sammy tell them to get lost,’ Dean grumbled walking outside.
  Dean froze when he saw her, pain coursing through him.
  ‘Who the hell are you? I’ll kill you for this,’ he growled, launching himself at Y/N.
  ‘Dean!’ she screamed, panicking. ‘It’s me.’
  ‘You’re not Y/N, I saw her. I held her, I got covered in her blood, I gave her a damn hunter’s funeral,’ he screamed, throwing himself at the young woman again.
  She stumbled backwards, tripping on her feet and hitting the ground. Dean was over her in an instant, ready to beat the demon senseless.
  He looked into her tear filled eyes and stopped short, before his fist made contact. Sam pulled his brother off her. Both men standing back, looking her over.
  ‘Test her,’ Sam told Dean.
  Y/N looked at her brothers. She should have known they wouldn’t believe her, who would have.
  ‘You know what, it’s fine. I’m sorry I came,’ she told them quietly, turning to walk back to her car.
   Dean rushed over and spun her so she was facing them, pushing her roughly against the  car.
  ‘Don’t you dare pull that crap on us. You don’t have the right.’
  ‘Don’t have the right. I came looking for you and you assaulted me you jack ass and I don’t have the god damn right!’
   Both boys looked at her, their jaws dropping. She sounded like Y/N.
  ‘We have some tests we want to run. Y/N would understand,’ Dean sneered.
  Dean watched as her jaw tensed, it wasn’t over the tests it was over his tone. Something Y/N would have got upset with. Dean grabbed her arm and yanked her inside the bunker.
  The boys gave her salt, holy water. Nothing. They pulled a knife and Dean cringed at the idea, but knew it needed to be done.
  ‘Sorry Princess,’ he mumbled, cutting her hand watching as she bled dark red blood.
  The boy’s looked at her, their jaw’s dropping.
  ‘Y/N/N?’ Dean sobbed, finally breaking down and allowing himself to believe she was alive. He pulled her into a hug. His baby sister, the girl he had mourned for, for five years was alive.

  Once the reunion was over Dean sat her in a chair, his big brother demeanour kicking in.
  ‘Where the hell have you been? What the hell happened? Damn it Y/N you were dead?’
  ‘So he hasn’t changed much,’ Y/N smiled at Sam. ‘Does he still do the parental thing better than Dad?’
  Sam grinned and nodded.
  ‘Don’t make me ask you a second time young lady,’ Dean growled.
  ‘Wow, so ah. I’m alive, have been for oh about 5 years.’
  She watched as the boys jaws dropped.
  ‘I’ve been in Washington.’
  Dean ran his hand through his hair and along his neck. Y/N braced herself, he was pissed. She was in so much trouble.
   ‘It’s the capital of-,’
  ‘I know what it is Y/N,’ he snapped.
  ‘Why didn’t you come see us earlier? How did you survive?’ Sam asked.
  ‘Long story short. Shifter.’
  Sam’s jaw dropped. Dean’s wasn’t any better. Dean got up and started pacing.
  ‘You didn’t think to contact us and tell us that we where grieving over a God damn monster. That our baby sister, the girl we loved more than anything was alive. That it wasn’t her we spent our days and nights crying over,’ Dean screamed.
   ‘I’m sorry Dean. I needed to get out, I had tried so many times before then but Dad wouldn’t let me. You two wouldn’t let me out of your sight. I couldn’t take that life anymore. The death, the killing it was too much,’ she sobbed. ‘Then I met Ben and I needed out more than ever.’
   ‘Ben Foster?’ Sam smiled, remembering her boyfriend.
   Dean and Sam had given him “the lecture”, followed them on their dates, run backgrounds on him but couldn’t fault the guy. And he treated her well, better than they could have dreamed of. They never knew their Dad’s issue with him.
   Y/N nodded.
   ‘He snuck into Charleston that night to see me, and we were together the when shifter attacked. We woke up in the sewer. Eventually got free and made our way to his car when she attacked. I was grateful he had a few basic weapons in his car.’
  ‘He knew about hunting?’ Sam asked in awe.
  ‘I told him everything.’
  ‘She attacked and he killed her. Saved my life. I was a mess, I couldn’t take much more of it. We had just finished that hunt where those kids died, and then that. It was too much. Ben took me back to his place, so I could sort myself out. And I just stayed. I figured it was easier on everyone. It’s not like I was missed. I was held in that sewer for days and no one came,’ she cried.
  ‘We thought, Dad said there was a Djinn in town. We were looking for that,’ Dean cried. ‘God we would have came, I swear Y/N. We spent our time going through every damn building that Djinn would have used.’
  Dean watched as she buried her head in her hands and cried. He wrapped his arms around his sister and just held her. Eventually he pulled back and noticed her hand for the first time.
  ‘You’re engaged?’
  ‘Yeah, Ben proposed and we were planning the wedding, it was meant to happen eight months ago. I couldn’t do it, not without you two there. So we postponed it, until I found you. I was going to go ask Bobby, but I thought that you might get mad that I seen him before I seen you.’
   Sam came and ran a hand over her hair and kissed the top of her head.
  ‘Congratulations. He’s a wonderful man,’ he told her, smiling.
  ‘Thank you.’
  ‘So apparently we didn’t scare the kid off,’ Dean grinned. ‘That’s a start.’
  ‘An evil version of his girlfriend didn’t scare him off either. I’m pretty sure it’s a good sign he’s a keeper,’ she said with a smile.
  Dean gave her a hug.
  ‘Will you two jackasses give me away?’ she asked quietly.
  Dean hesitated, he had his sister back. She was alive. And now he was losing her again. He looked at the woman in front of him. Tears aside she seemed happy, healthy, and safe. She was still with Ben, which meant they had been together for about 7 years now. The guy who, despite not being a hunter, killed for her to keep her safe. He couldn’t ask for a better life for her.
   ‘Under one condition,’ Dean agreed.
   ‘Name it.’
  ‘You contact us daily, visit if we are near by, don’t go pulling another stunt like that again and we get you for a few days now to catch up.’


Anti-Reylos must also be anti Han x Leia then

Seriously, these two couples have so much in common… this is blinding!

First their ages. Antis are claiming that Reylo is gross and pedophilic (!) because Rey is 19 and Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is 29-30. But Leia and Han were exactly the same age when they met for the first time. I repeat, not only they had the same age gap, but the exact same ages! And it has been shot 30 years ago! Or maybe antis consider Han as a pedophile too?

Then, what they are. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is a commander and a prince by birth, when Rey is a scavenger. Leia was a princess and a general, when Han was a smuggler. They are still mirroring themselves.

At first, Han and Leia couldn’t bear each other either and were continuously in conflict. Remember when Leia reproached Han to be “just a smuggler interested in money” when he wanted to leave the resistance to go back to his business with Jabba?

Last but not least, both Kylo Ren and Han Solo are shady characters with blood on their hands. When we met Han Solo for the first time, he was working for Jabba the Hutt and he was introduced as one of his best smugglers (but it didn’t stop Jabba to put a bounty on Han’s head). In The Force Awakens, Han Solo came back to his illegal activities with very bad and dangerous people, and it has been enlightened he was responsible for the death of his whole crew because of the rathtars capture. He did as much good and bad things in his life (after all, “Han shot first”). Similarly, Kylo Ren works for a “big baddie” that visibly scares him af (and he even knows that Snoke will get rid of him at some point). Yes Kylo Ren did a load of bad things, but he still feels the pull to the Light because he is depicted as the perfect mix between the Dark and the Light. In the end, both father and son are grey characters with a potential to change for the best or for the worst.

Not to mention that Leia and Rey are both tough women who can take care of themselves, and who are both strong with the Force (even though Leia didn’t use it as much as Rey).  

(Sorry for my English)

You Meet His Family In Australia For The First Time (Luke/4)

Request: Hello, could you please do an imagine with Luke, where y/n is with him in Aus for the first time and Luke’s fam’s havin BBQ y/n met just his mum so she’s nervous, but then everything will be super cute and she’ll play with baby Zoe and yeah :3 Thanks

Here you go!


“I’m so nervous Luke” You say as you get your bag ready

Luke smiles, “Don’t be. They’re going to love you. You got everything you need?”

You check your bag through once more, “Yep. Yeah, I do”

“Sun cream?” He questions

“Yes that was the first thing I put in” You sigh

“Hey, hey babe” He begins, placing his hands on your shoulders, “Relax. You’re going to be fine. They’re all so excited to meet you. You’ve met my mum already and she adores you, so of course the others will too. They know you’re going to be nervous, that’s why they were putting on a barbeque. So the boys will be there as well, so there’ll definitely be people there that you know and can talk to. Stay by my side if you have to. But please don’t worry about it. Everything’s going to be fine”

You hug into him as his head rests on the top of yours, “I love you Luke”

“I love you too (Y/N). Now come on let’s go, we don’t want to be late, do we?” He replies

You shake your head as you pick up your bag.


As you enter the garden of his family home, he leads you over to the barbeque, where a man stands cooking the food.

“Hey dad” Luke says, causing his dad to turn around.

“Luke!” He smiles, hugging his son.

“Dad this is (Y/N). (Y/N), this is my Dad” Luke says

“Hi Mr Hemmings” You greet anxiously

His dad laughs, “Please! Call me Andy! Anyway, you’re even more beautiful in person than you are in photos”

You blush, “Thanks”

“Luke sweetheart” a familiar voice says from behind you, leading to the two of you turning around.

She hugs him and then hugs you, “It’s so nice to see you again (Y/N)”

“And you, Liz”

“Right, I’ll introduce you to my brothers” Luke says taking you by the hand.

You squeeze his hand so he turns to look at you, “Is everything okay?”

“I’m nervous about meeting your brothers.” You state

He furrows his eyebrows, “What? Why? They’re easier to meet than my dad”

“No, but what if they think I’m weird?” You question

Luke giggles, “They won’t think you’re weird, come on”

He leads you to where a group of three people stand, one holding a young baby.

“Hey guys” Luke smiles, high fiving the guys, hugging the girl, and saying hello to the baby.

“Guys this is (Y/N)” Luke says, placing his hand on the small of your back.

“(Y/N) this is my oldest brother, Ben” Luke says

“Hi (Y/N), it’s good to finally meet you” Ben smiles

“This is my other older brother, Jack”

“Hey! Luke talks about you so much so it’s good to finally meet the person he’s gone crazy for” He winks

You blush.

“This is my girlfriend, Celeste, by the way” Jack adds

“Hi (Y/N)!” She smiles.

She pulls you into a hug and squeezes you tight, “Don’t be nervous”, she whispers into your ear so the boys don’t hear.

“And this little girl here…” Luke continues, referring to the baby in Ben’s arms “Is our baby cousin, Zoe. I’m sure I’ve told you about her once or twice before”

“You mention her all the time, Luke. You’re totally besotted with her!” You say

His brothers and Celeste burst out laughing.

“He’s dropping hints!” Jack laughs

Zoe begins to move around in Ben’s arms, before holding her arms out to you.

“Looks like she wants you to hold her!” Ben smiles

You take her from Ben, and she throws her small arms around your neck. You can’t help but smile at this little bundle of joy.

“Someone’s smitten, Luke” Jack teases

You spend most of the day talking to Luke and his brothers, in between playing with baby Zoe. You even helped his dad with the barbeque, remembering the tips your mum had given you before you flew out here. And Celeste came over to talk to you on your own, just to tell you how much of a good job you’re doing, “I was dead nervous the first time I met them too. But they’re good people and I can tell that they all love you. You’ve got nothing to worry about, they love you and they already consider you as part of the family. You can expect birthday presents and Christmas presents every year!” she told you, which made you smile.

When the barbeque was over, you offered to help clear up.

“Don’t be silly!” Liz exclaims “You’ve helped enough already. What with helping to serve the barbeque and keeping Zoe entertained, you’ve been a big help and you didn’t even need to be”

You smile, “Well, if you change your mind, just ask”

“Will do sweetheart. But I think my son wants your attention” She smiles

You turn around and Luke is waving you over, gesturing for you to sit on his lap.

You sit down and he holds you close as you rest your head on his shoulder.

“Told you everything would be okay. You’ve done really well today. Jack and Ben just told me that they think you’re great. We already know my mum adores you. My dad obviously does. You’re Zoe’s number one person at the minute as well, I think” He laughs

“You’re my number one person every minute!” You smile

He smiles back, “Good. And you’re mine!”

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Manwhore - Part 14

Thanks to everyone for such lovely feedback on this fic: Ramblings.  We’re not far from the end now.

Thanks as always to the gorgeous @redprairielily for opinions and finessing.

Warning:  There’s some smut in here.  Oh and I’ve used a word in this fic especially for the lovely @facephase.🙊

Yep so here goes and I’m sorry:-

Manwhore - Part 14

“Erm….. I erm, I just, I dunno.” Finn continued to rub his palm up and down the back of his neck. “It weren’t spiteful I promise. It’s just….”

“Spit it out.” Rae stood tapping her foot on the ground with her arms folded, waiting to hear Finn’s justification.

“The thing is you attract so many predatory blokes, I just wanted to enjoy the band with yer without having to punch someone.” He shrugged and held his hand in the air in submission. “I know it were a stupid thing to do; you look sexy no matter what you wear. What you wear has nothing to do with the way blokes act around yer!”

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Anywho On October 29th 2014 in Dublin I got to see Asking Alexandria. I got the tickets the year prior for Christmas present! and I was so frecking excited, I remember Christmas morning balling my eyes out, I was finally able to met AA, after they’ve helped me a lot. When the day came along me and my sister went down to the Olympia Arena and we’re chilling with people outside that we met from a prior concert. Danny stuck his head out of a window were everyone was queuing  and everyone was going crazy but one of the girls we were with was “OMG BEN IS ACROSS THE ROAD” and the small group we were with legit it across the road almost getting hit by a couple of cars, it wasn’t the best idea but this as never happened before especially someone like me and the week prior I saw Black Veil Brides and didn’t get to see them when they came out. Anyway but to the topic at hand. When we reach across safely and there he was it was unbelievable I never taught I would meet Ben frecking Bruce he was so kind and amazing. He also wished my happy birthday which was the day after. (30th oct) He had to leave  and my sister couldn’t get a picture because of the security guy was making him go. I just remember running through the streets of Dublin thinking I could die happy right now. Later that day we learned that While Danny was looking at the fans, Ben across the road, James and Sam were in a random shop trying to make it back to the venue without being seen. The Concert was amazing and it was the last time Asking Alexandria would play in Dublin before Danny left.  It was incredible I have no words on how amazing they were live. Then after the concert my sister and I met Aaron Melzer from Secrets and it was amazing best night ever, Best EARLY birthday ever aswell!  

“You’re my guest”

This is not really a theory just my imagination playing with my sensitive mind.
I was watching TFA once more and I just fangirled like crazy when I noticed that Kylo Ren laughs slightly before saying  “You’re my guest” to Rey.
It’s almost inaudible but you definitely can hear this kind of breath you have when you try not to laugh.

And this is where my imagination ran out of control and this kind of thoughts appeared:

“But what if, and I insist on what if, Kylo is quoting a tiny little Rey from the past? What if this laugh is him remembering something from their common past, something amusing ?” (because I’m the kind of person that believe that they met before and shared some time together when they were younger)

And then I just pictured tiny Rey gently forcing Ben Solo to play some kind of tea party with her, and Ben, being the introverted lonely young teenager, saying to her “What am I doing here?” and tiny Rey, as the cutest little girl who just want to make him happy and smile, telling him “You’re my guest”.

Too much cuteness! I can’t handle this.

My Job (part 2)

First Part:

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Warnings: Angst. Self-loathing. Lisa is not a warning in my opinion, but it might be for some people so yeah, she´s in the story.

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Stone cold…

The library was almost empty at midday. Students who might have been studying in it the whole days were now outside having lunch and were surely hoping the hour would last forever. A part of me also wished that. It was quiet in there and it gave me something to focus on apart from the empty motel room. And the library didn´t smell like him. As much as I wanted to distract myself from that, though, I had to confront it. I needed to find out where Dean was. It had been his choice to leave, obviously, jusging by the fact that there were no signs of struggle and the Impala missing, but I needed to talk to Dean. I needed to ask him if he was alright, what his plan was and what the night together had meant, if it had meant anything to him, at all… If he had ran without saying goodbye he surely had a reason, but I needed that goodbye. And he was going to give it to me, I would not be left in an empty room like a fucking one night stand. Not when my job was protecting him, since I was four, not  when I needed to be sure that he was okay with my own eyes. It was my job, damnit, I thought I had left that clear enough to him. I had told him enough times to sink in. Arguments about it were countless over the years, but I wasn´t about to give in right now.

-(Y/N), you´re not my mom, you need to stop putting yourself in danger to protect me!- Dean screamed as he entered the room where I was resting, after burying another body.

-Dean, we had this conversation before. I can´t help it…-

-Well, you should try harder! I have no idea of what I would do if I lost you now. Sam is gone to Standford, and don´t misunderstand, I´m happy for him, but you´re everything I have when dad is gone hunting on his own and…-

-I know, Dean… Come here, help me get clean up.- and he did.

Despite that job, to think that Dean had left after we had sex, had led me to try to convince myself to leave him be. I had spent a few hours in the motel room, watching TV, trying so hard to avoid thinking about him and just wishing that he would walk through the door instead. That hadn´t happened, of course, and by midday I had puto n my jacket and walked to the nearest library, a place I associated more with Sam due to the long hours we had spent together doing research or just reading. That didn´t help. For the second time in my life, I stopped to think about how insane it was for me to feel compelled to take care of a grown man as Dean. For the second time I noticed how disturbing my behavior was. Almost obsessive. Without the “almost”. Knowing that, there was nothing to do about it, and knowing myself, I would eventually cave in and searched for his location, so better now than later. I got up and approached one of the library´s computers and searched Dean´s cellphone.

Honestly? The answer did not surprise me. I had met Lisa a while ago and I remembered quite well the acid sensation of something crawling up my throat when I had seen how similar was Ben to Dean, the relief when Dean had confirmed it wasn´t his, and the fear in my chest when this little copy of Dean had been in danger. Also, how I almost cried when Lisa had said her goodbyes to Dean with a soft, loving kiss. I couldn´t blame her, though. It was Dean after all, and he had saved her son. In that moment, I had felt panic at the thought that maybe, Dean decided to stay with her, but we got out of that house as we had got in. Lisa was not mentioned again in my presence… until that tense drive to Detroit, when Sam had made Dean promise to have a normal life, and Dean had promised to do it. A chill ran through my spine as I took the jacket off the chair. I needed to figure out how to take a bus to Lisa´s, but most of all, I needed to pick up my things from the motel room and have a proper shower. I smelled like Dean as well and I still could feel his touch on my skin. And I couldn´t stand it anymore. People were starting to crowd the library, anyways, so it was better to get out. The process of going to the room, getting my shit together, showering and going to the bus station was pathetically slow, with me wanting to pospone confronting Dean after last night. Funny that. I had fought vampires, werewolfs, spirits, and other horrors, through my whole life, but I was scared to face the man I had grew up with, the man I had had sex the night before. Seemed like a joke.

You see me standing, but I´m dying on the floor.

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In the bus, I couldn´t stop thinking about every “I love you” that had slipped through Dean´s lips, and how much I had hated and loved each one at the same time. I knew, as I said it back, that he said it because he was hurt, broken, because he had lost a big part of himself hours before, because he had failed his job to take care of his little brother… And I, I said it back because I couldn´t hold it in anymore. I couldn´t shut myself up when I saw him so vulnerable. I couldn´t hide it anymore because I was also a disaster with a breaking point and my foundations in ruins. It wasn´t surprising that Dean had left me. He didn´t need another load right now. With a shake of my head, I threw away those thoughts and leaned my forehead on the window.

-Since when do you think this way, (Y/N)? You were normally the one scolding me for putting myself down…-

-I don´t know, I just do… sorry…-

-Don´t apologize, I know it´s not something you can control all the time. Look at me.-


-When you feel that way, remember you can come to me. And when I´m not there… just think that I would hug you real tight, okay?-

-Thanks, Sammy. You´re the best.-

-You are. And it´s Sam.-

I was surprised when I felt the salty taste of a tear on my lips and I was quick to dry it with my sleeve. I was sick of crying. It seemed to be the only thing I did. Maybe if I don´t cry, I won´t feel anymore. I remembered the first time that John had called me a cry baby, despite him feeling the need to cry himself, when Sam had fallen from a swing, scratching his little hands, when he was five. Now Sam had fallen again and the result were more than a few scratches, but i refused to cry again, even when every cell of my body asked me to do so. I needed to think about what was I going to tell Dean when I saw him.

Everything was planned. Every word. And I never got to say one. It was getting dark already when my hand got close to the wood of Lisa´s door.


The familiar voice made me turn around. Lisa was carrying shopping bags and a breath taking smile, that made me feel small. But there was something in he reyes that made her seem tired, worried… and those words I had planned flew out the window, long forgotten. I had prepared myself to talk to Dean, not Lisa. –Hi… Dean is…-

-Inside, yes…- I saw her leave one of the bags on the floor to look in his purse, for the door keys. –He told me about what happened, with Sam. Not with many details, because…well, you know how he is.- he´s different with you. – I don´t know what the hell to do, really, so I´m really happy that you´re here. I went out to get more food, I only had enough for me and Ben. I told Dean to get in bed before I left so maybe he´s sleeping, but considering what he´s been through, I really doubt it…-

She was speaking out of nervousness. Dean´s presence was a surprise and probably, knowing Sam was dead, was also a shock to her that she didn´t know how to handle. I felt sorry for her. This woman didn´t deserve or needed to receive this kind of problem in her home. And I was certain that she knew that. And she still let the problem walk in, for Dean.

-Probably…- I said, out of courtesy. –Was he hurting when he got here?- that was an stupid question, of course he was hurting when he arrived…

-He was…- Lisa took a deep breath before speaking, another sign of weariness. Too much information for her in such small period of time. –He seemed better than I expected given the circumstances. He told me you had tried to help him as soon as everything happened. He showed up here around four in the morning, devastated…but on his feet. Why didn´t you come with him?-

I wish I knew.

-I´m sure he prefered to speak to you alone, considering you two had something in the past…- present. -…you know?- Lisa nodded, an understanding smile on her face. –Did he told you what he plans to do or…?-

-We haven´t talked about it, there´s nothing certain, but for now, I´ve given him a little space in my closet and helped him get the Impala in the garage. I think he needs resting for now…-

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I felt myself nodding. She was right. Resting is what Dean needed, but not as a temporary thing. Not for now. He needed a life, just like Sammy had said. He deserved it. He deserved to be happy. And that woman. That woman in front of me was the one that could give that to him. For a while, on the bus, I had thought that maybe, I could. I had lied to myself thinking that a happy life was posible for Dean around me; me, a constant reminder of the life he once had lived. The idea now, with Lisa just a few steps away from me, with two shopping bags in her hands, and the keys to her normal home on one of them, seemed stupid. If happy is her, I´m happy for you. Lisa took a step forwars and opened the door.

-Come in, I´ll serve you a cup of coffee and tell Dean that you´re here…- before she could say more, I took a step back, my whole body shaking,  to the stairs. Lisa noticed the change in me and stared at me, frowning. –(Y/N)? What´s wrong?-

-Could you not…tell Dean that I was here?- my voice didn´t sound like mine and I felt the tears threatening to spill. A cry baby, that´s what you are…

-(Y/N), no, what are you talking about? Come on; Dean needs you right now.-

-No. He really doesn´t.-

Have you ever run, crying? It´s the most horrible sensation. Everything burns. Your legs, your back, your lungs, your throat, your cheeks, you reyes… I stopped runing when I got to the bus station, where I left myself fall to the ground, hugging my bag, that kept all my things hidden. My gun, a silver knive, salt, and my clothes. All of that was hidden on the old bag I cried onto, for two hours. A cry baby, that´s what you are…

A cry baby, that´s what you are…

A cry baby, that´s what you are…

A cry baby, that´s what you are…

A cry baby, that´s what you are…

…until I felt the sound of familiar footsteps approaching me. Next thing I felt was his smell, and finally, the size of his hand on my shoulder.


-It´s Sam.-

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gooddame  asked:

Could you write a drabble where either Klaus or Caroline's really nervous about dating again after a breakup & as a friend the other offers to take them on a pretend date w/ flowers, doorstep flirting, first date small talk, kiss? Ask for a 2nd date?

@gooddame this is such an awesome prompt and an amazing premise! I hope you like the way it turned out.

Friday I’m in Love

Tuesday 23 February 2016 - 9:33pm

“So let me get this straight,” Klaus began, regarding her seriously. “You want me to take you on a practice date?”

“You make it sound so weird.”


“Gee thanks, Klaus,” she scoffed. “I come to you as my best friend and bear my soul, and this is the response I get?”

“I’m sorry; I guess I’ve just never had this sort of request before.”

“I wonder why, you know given how supportive you are,” she muttered, flopping onto his couch dramatically. “You know how much this break-up with Tyler has knocked my confidence.”

“Well, I did offer to kill the bastard for you,” Klaus growled.

“Yes, and as weirdly sweet as that was, I told you he wasn’t worth the effort.”

“Well, that’s debatable. Look, I’m sorry I judged you,” Klaus conceded. “Although, I suppose in hindsight, if anyone was going to have a practice date, it would be you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means, you’re a perfectionist,” he shared. “Although, I wouldn’t have you any other way, love.”

“So, if that’s the case how about you take me on this date?”

“I’m not really the dating type, Caroline,” Klaus admitted.

“The world’s biggest womaniser doesn’t know how to date, how shocking.”

“So, why pick me then?”

“Well, consider this a mutually beneficial arrangement then,” she explained. “I can get some much needed date practice and you can learn about how to properly romance a girl, not just sleep with her and sneak away the next morning.”

“You make me sound so callous,” he replied, pretending to look shocked.

“Well, I think your behavior up to this point is pretty much confirmation of the fact,” she drawled. “And I think callous is far too nice a word to describe you.”

“Hey,” he shot back. “I don’t have room in my life for another woman, you’re more than enough to handle.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. So are you going to take me on this date or what?” She whined, childishly.

“Well, when you put it like that, love, how can I resist,” he said sarcastically. “How about Friday night, say 10pm?”

“This is a date, not a booty call, Mikaelson,” she rolled her eyes. “Pick me up at 7.”

“Why can’t I just meet you there,” he grumbled.

“Because, my little grasshopper, believe it or not that is considered basic dating protocol.”

“Well I think someone needs to rewrite the rules,” he muttered. “Fine, 7 it is.”

“This is certainly going to be interesting.”

“I recognise that knowing smirk, Forbes. You don’t think I can take you on a good date, do you?”


“I’ll have you know, there is a romantic guy buried underneath this perfectly chiseled body.”

“He must be extremely well-hidden under that, uh, body of yours,” she coughed, trying not to laugh at his usual lack of modesty.

“Hey, you’ll be begging for this body by the end of our date,” he promised.

“I’m sure,” she groaned. “I really can’t wait.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge. Get ready for the best date of your life, you won’t know what hit you, love.”

Friday 26 February 2016 - 7:19pm

Klaus walked towards the familiar house he’d spent hours visiting over the years. Whether it was watching bad chick flicks while Caroline was sick, or eating large amounts of Ben and Jerrys when she was heartbroken over her woeful love life, they’d been through a lot together the past six years. He could remember the first time he met Caroline like it was yesterday.

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Two years ago, I met Ben. I never knew I could like a guy like him, and people never guessed we’d get together, until we did. It was May, school was ending, and we were having a great time getting to know each other.  Unfortunately we both went home for the summer, and we live in completely different regions of the country. Slowly we stopped talking altogether, and by the time we returned to school, we realized our feelings had disappeared. After our conversation to end things, Ben accidentally sent me these texts. I remember feeling relieved that day that whatever we’d been was done, that this was for the best. But months later I found myself missing him, and as sad as it is, even now I still think about him sometimes even though we’ve both moved away and on with our lives. Maybe everyone has that someone who sticks with them for whatever reason.