remember that time emma said something about she's regina here and not the evil queen they know

The Final Proof

*A lot of people have come up with this theory, but it’s so perfect I had to write it down.

They say you learn the most from your mistakes. Mine came as I was watching “Murder Most Foul” and Charming said this:

I hadn’t really been paying enough attention to realize that he was talking about the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen had placed on him and Snow, so my mind immediately went to: What other curse needs to be broken? Luckily for me there is another curse that needs to be broken. Many of you know this, but it’s the curse that is keeping everyone in Storybrooke.

What we don’t realize is which part of the curse is still active. It’s not the dark aspects of the Dark Curse - that was broken by Emma as was prophesied/dictated by Rumpelstiltskin. No, it’s the other part that the pesky imp created that is trapping everyone here still.

The Savior curse. Think about it. The only reason Emma Swan is the Savior is because Rumplestiltskin made it so. In theory, Emma was no longer supposed to be the Savior after she broke the Dark Curse. Everyone was supposed to go back to where they were from, but that didn’t happen. Which means what? That portion of the curse, that tiny little drop, is a curse all in itself, and it too needs to be broken. When it is, Emma’s fate as the Savior will be broken; she will live.

Now you ask: But Emma was given the Shears of Destiny or whatever to cut herself from her fate and no longer be the Savior and she didn’t take it!

Well, we know how Rumple’s curse works right? A pair of pretty scissors wouldn’t break this curse because only one person has that power: Emma herself.

We’ve come full circle. Once upon a time Adam and Eddy pitched the idea that the curse would take seven years to fully break. Now we’ve reached that point. Once Emma breaks the Savior curse, Rumple’s spell that he placed on her life will break. Her Hero’s Journey will be complete, and she will return to her life in the real world, where no one needs her to protect them.

(I’ll come back to this in a minute)

So we know what needs to happen. Here I take it a step further and answer:


It turns out that we have that answer too:

Ah yes. True Love. Here’s where I know I’ll lose half of you because “Once Upon a Time is obsessed with Captain Swan. Why can’t you see that, you’re blinding yourself, stop perpetuating nonsense, wake up blah blah blah blah.”

Well, I’m going to counter that with: Why is Emma still the Savior then? If Once Upon a Captain Swan is genuinely the entire point of this show, why is Emma still fated to die?

Answer: You can’t break a curse where you’re the Savior of the fairytale characters with one of the said fairytale characters.

Here you respond again with: “Well, Smartypants, you call yourself a Swan Queen shipper, but you’ve just contradicted yourself. You think the Evil Queen can break the curse with Emma? She’s a fairytale character too!”

Well, reader, you are very clever indeed. But shall I provide you with my next exhibit:

While it was super fun to watch, Split Queen was not just done for the optics. It was a setup for endgame. The Evil Queen may be a fairytale character, but Mayor Regina Mills (like Emma and Henry) is a completely original creation of our world. Which means, like Emma, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, she can live a completely normal life outside of the Enchanted Forest.

I was trying to figure out the purpose behind bringing Wish Robin Hood back, and this line really explains it:

The writers are priming us for a much bigger version of this concept. Robin is the first test of the portal system. Will it allow someone who isn’t supposed to be “real” stay in the “real world”? We know Storybrooke, by our standards, isn’t a real place, it’s a refuge for fairytale characters from many realms, so it makes sense that he passes the test in this case, but what about Regina? Will she, a person who isn’t supposed to be real, be allowed to live somewhere like Boston or New York if Storybrooke doesn’t exist. This first trial proves that yes, she will be able to because something about her is connected to our world (that thing is literally the writers themselves). They have Regina grapple with this issue- Why was wish Robin able to come here?- because she’s next, and she needs to know that she’ll be okay when she tries to stay in this world.

If Regina remains unconnected to the Evil Queen, she should be able to help Emma break the curse and remain in this reality. Will it really be True Love’s Kiss that frees Emma from the Savior Curse and sends everyone to where they belong?

I would hope.

I also hope that I’ll find $2000 on the street tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

But it’s certainly the most reasonable solution since literally every curse is broken with True Love’s Kiss…

Have you ever wondered why there’s never been a True Love’s Kiss with Emma & her parents or Emma with Hook? Perhaps part of that is because True Love’s Kiss can only work with people who are from the same reality. Since Regina had True Love’s Kiss with Henry, that means she’s a part of his reality. Part of her belongs in our world. Emma has never shared True Love’s Kiss with Hook because he isn’t a part of her reality. He’s still a fairytale character. They can get married, she can choose that life, but that means she will remain tied to her fate as the Savior. She will always be connected to the Fairytale world. She will eventually die for them.

But if somehow, Regina Mills is Emma’s true True Love; if two “real people” who were created in this world- Emma Swan the bail bonds person, and Regina Mills the Mayor- shared True Love’s Kiss (not saying they’ll make it gay like they should) then the entire curse could be broken.

I just don’t see any other way they could go with this. The show has always foreshadowed that Storybrooke isn’t supposed to last.

We know there’s going to be a “reset” for the show…

And we know that Regina is no longer connected to the Evil Queen. Everything is setting up for the fairytale characters to return to their world.

But what happens next?

A good story always comes full circle, but the hero returns home with more knowledge and is in a better place. Odysseus goes on a crazy journey with a bunch of messed up shit but eventually makes it back home. Dorothy wishes she could experience life over the rainbow, but when she does, she learns that there’s no place like home. Harry Potter steps onto Platform 9 ¾ for the first time alone, and in the last book he steps on with a family. So if in the Pilot we see Emma in her lonely Boston apartment, wishing on a star to no longer be alone, it only makes sense that the last time we see her, she’s in her Boston apartment but she isn’t alone- she has a family.

We know Henry will be a part of that family, but it’s safe to assume that Regina will be there too, because of this promise:

Unfortunately all magic comes with a price, and my prediction is that price will be that everyone forgets that any of this ever happened.

I’m grounding this theory in the fact that the last time there was a reset, that happened to half of the parties involved: Emma and Henry 

In that scenario, the Dark Curse was destroyed. The Dark Curse’s purpose was to create Storybrooke, so once it was gone, Emma and Henry forgot that Storybrooke ever existed… But everyone in the Enchanted Forest still remembered Emma and Henry because the Savior Curse still existed- they all remembered the Savior. They were able to go back and get her and recreate the bridge between our worlds because Emma was still the Savior. Once the Savior Curse is gone, everything will be wiped out. Everyone will forget that the Savior existed, and why she existed. All the fairytale characters will return to their world where their stories will play out, and all the characters from our world will begin to lead a normal life.

That life for Emma and Regina could very well be together. It’s not guaranteed, but it would certainly explain why the writers have made an effort to keep Emma and Regina apart in Storybrooke while maintaining a certain amount of tension between them- because their story isn’t meant to play out in Storybrooke. It would also explain why it’s not a topic of conversation for any of the writers or actors- it’s a major plot point,  and talking about it would be a spoiler. Lastly, Adam Horowitz said himself that they weren’t queerbaiting:

If they’re planning on having Regina be a part of Emma’s new life free from the Savior curse, then technically this isn’t a lie.

But could they make it so that Emma and Regina’s relationship is merely as platonic co-parents in the real world? Of course. But at the end of the day we would still be right: Swan Queen would still technically be endgame, and it’s still a hell of a lot better than Captain Swan.

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CS + mutual pining

This is my kryptonite! My brain immediately went to S3 so enjoy some canon divergence where they defeated Zelena but there was no time portal.  

T | 1.2k 

It had been a month and a half since Emma had left Storybrooke to return to her life in New York City with Henry, a month and a half of trying to get their life back to normal after the return of their memories and the defeat of the Wicked Witch of the West, a month and a half of no magic or fairytale characters–except for her parents who she called or texted regularly and two visits from the Evil Queen herself.

Regina’s third visit was scheduled for this weekend and though she usually swept Henry off to some fancy hotel for a few nights Emma wasn’t really in the mood for her sharp looks or pointed questions about life in the city. Emma wasn’t stupid and knew that the only reason Regina had agreed to let her take Henry back to New York was because she assumed they wouldn’t be staying there for long, an idea her parents had no doubt encouraged. They all seemed to think Emma was some unruly teenager and her return to New York was just a phase instead of a thought out and conscious decision made by a rational adult who didn’t want her son burned alive or captured by flying monkeys.

It was a little after five when the knock came and Emma took a fortifying breath before opening the door.


“Swan!” The pirate beamed, his entire face lighting up at the sight of her, and her heart dropped down to her stomach. It had been a month and a half since she had seen him, all black leather, eyeliner, and dancing eyes; she wasn’t prepared for how good it felt. He had come after her and she knew that she should be angry, because she had explicitly told him not to follow her, but seeing him at her door all she felt was the rush of her blood and an overwhelming urge to smile. She fought the urge and forced her mouth into a thin line. His smile lost most of its brightness and his eyes flicked past her.

“Is the lad ready?” He asked in an almost formal tone.

“Henry? Why would you–?

“Regina didn’t–?“

As if on cue Emma’s phone went off and a big red apple filled the screen. With a huff, she answered.

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Make A Wish (4/4)

Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds. Canon divergence from 6x10, including spoilers for 6x11 in this chapter.

Endless thanks to @caprelloidea for reading over this for me and just being an amazing fic cheerleader in general. Also tagging @laschatzi because she asked :).

Rating: T for this chapter, M overall

Word count: 5141

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

AO3 |

Killian takes her to the beanstalk on horseback. Emma is grateful for the few hours it takes them, an excuse to shamelessly wrap herself around him as she sits in the back of the saddle. Her hands start off holding his hips before eventually clasping themselves across his front, her cheek resting between his shoulder blades.

They won’t have much longer if their mission is successful, the threat of the Evil Queen loose in Storybrooke more than enough to hurry them along. But when her hand reaches up and closes over his where he holds the reins she closes her eyes, squeezing him tight against her. It’s all they have left - all he has left - and she won’t spend a single moment without her hands on his skin if she can help it. They don’t talk, don’t need to, and Emma is grateful that she can’t see Killian’s face as they ride, knowing she couldn’t handle it.

It looks much the same as it did before, towering up into the sky and forcing them to lean back to take all of it in. “Do you think this thing is still enchanted by the giant?” she asks, squinting her eyes against the sun. “I don’t have any memories of his story being different in this version of things.”

“Nor do I,” he confirms, still looking up. “I suppose there’s only one way to find out.” Before she can protest, he approaches the beanstalk and places a tentative hand against it.

The force of its magic throws him a good ten feet before he lands on his back.

She’s at his side in an instant. “Well,” he gets out when his breath returns to him, “that answers that question.”

Emma laughs, relieved that he’s only injured his pride. “You are such a dumbass, you know that?”

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CS Pillow Talk - in which Killian asks Emma about his wish realm counter part

Here is my first attempt at a pillow talk fic for Captain Swan. I don’t know if many of these have been written since the original post, but I really liked the idea by @captainjayharkness from this post, for quiet talks between Emma and Killian as they share their bed.  Unbeta’d because I just wanted to post this thing, all mistakes are mine. Rated M, but just barely, 2k words. 

ao3     ffnet

They lay there in bed, a warm, comforting ambiance surrounding them in their sated state. It was late into the evening and the only light present was the moonlight shining through their window, illuminating them in pale shades. Facing each other, they each wore a silly smile, stupidly happy over an uninterrupted moment to partake in each other. Killian’s expression became pensive as he continued to stare into his true love’s eyes.

“What is it, Mr. Jones? I can read you too, you know? Something is stirring in that head of yours,” Emma told him, then took his right hand in her left and laced their fingers before bringing their joined hands to her heart.

“Well, I was just…” he trailed off, unsure where to start. He didn’t want her to think he was being ridiculous.

She unlaced their fingers and put his hand on her bare chest, at her heart, then brought her hand to his face to caress his scruffy cheek. “Anything, Killian, you can say anything to me.”

He chuckled at her ability to put him at ease with such simple words. “Okay. Remember when we traveled back to the Enchanted Forest to save your parent’s future?”

Emma nodded her head, smiling fondly at the memory.

“And when we were written into Isaac’s story?  Camelot, the Underworld, even the beanstalk-”

“Yes, babe, I remember it all. Why?”

Killian took his hand from her heart and wrapped his arm around her torso, mirroring the closeness he wished to speak about, “In each of those scenarios we found each other, saved each other, or made quite the team fighting off evil. We were more together than apart, like the universe was telling us that in any time or place, you and I were meant to be.”

Emma didn’t know quite where he was headed, but she waited patiently, caressing his cheek.

“You haven’t told me much about what went on in the wish realm, but I do know we crossed paths. And, well, I was just wondering if there was any connection between us, as there always has been?”

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Tea time

Jefferson x reader

Request: Could you try and write an imagine with him and the reader is friends with Emma and she runs into Jefferson on the rare day he’s out and he’s attracted to her and invites her to tea and she learns his backstory and she promises to help him in anyway he can?

Author’s note: Ayee, it’s another request from @weirdnewbie, thank you for being so supportive! Gosh, I have almost forgot how much I love Jefferson. Requests are open guys, send me whatever you want!

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‘‘YOU are telling ME I need a man? You, the ‘don’t flirt with me, don’t look at me, I don’t need you‘ queen? Holy mother of God,Emma are you okay? Was that cocoa poisioned?‘‘ Y/N asked Emma with huge smirk on her face.

‘‘I hate you.‘‘ Emma answered with mout full of food.

‘‘You love me. Get up your ass princess, we can’t stay at Granny’s all day..And Emma, just to you know it, I’m maybe from Enchanted forrest, but my life wasn’t fairytale, I can handle it on my own. Now come.“

Emma gave her meal a last sad look and quicky walked outside.


‘‘No, Emma, don’t worry about it. I don’t wanna screw my mood. Can I go with you? Henry promised me I can borrow some his comics.‘‘

‘‘Nah girl, you need a guy SO much‘‘ said Emma with laughter.

‘‘Black widow disagrees.‘‘


‘‘Shut up, Swan!‘‘

‘‘Thanks Henry! May the Force be with you both! Bye!‘‘ Y/N called as she leaved. She saw Emma’s eye roll in other dimension and Henry’s grinn.

It wasn’t so late yet, so she decided to walk a little. Storybrook at night was one of her favorite things ever. She just walk past the library, when someone bumped into her.

‘‘Shit‘‘ she whispered since she noticed some comics laying on the ground.

‘‘I am really sorry! ‚‘‘the stranger said.

Y/N looked at him ‚‘well, shit again‘ she thought.

‘‘I’m sorry too. Did I hurt you? She said with worried face.‘‘

‘‘No, I am fine. The name is Jefferson by the way. And yours?‘‘ he doffed his hat.

She blushed a little on this gesture. ‚‘‘I am Y/N, friend of Emma Swan actually. She has told me few things about you..‘‘

‘‘So not my lucky day, huh? I must tell her to not say a thing about me around people I find atractive. It ruins all my chances.‘‘

Y/N’s cheeks were now red as a ketchup.

‘‘She wasn’t so evil, but the truth is I expected someone more insane..and less ..nevermind‘‘ she chuckled.

Jefferson smirked.

Y/N finally grabbed the comics from the ground. She made a confused face.

‘‘Are you alright?‘‘

‘‘Oh yeah, I’m okay, but Iron man has ruptured leg, which is kinda problem ‚‘cause I don’t know how long I can hide myself from boy that borrowed them to me.‘‘

‘‘Maybe you can hide yourself in my house for a while. What do you think about a nice cup of tea?‘‘

‘‘Well, this is the first time the handsome stranger I just met invites me to a nice cup of tea. But since you are now in the good guys squad and I obviously don‘t have self-preservation instinct, why not?‘‘ she giggled.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‘‘Wow. That’s what I call a house. It’s way to big for only one person, don’t you feel lonely here sometimes?‘‘

‘‘To be honest, I do..‘‘ Jefferson mumbled quietly.

‘‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to-‘‘

‘‘Nah, forgot about it. Sit here for the moment, okay? I will make the tea.’’

Y/N sat in one of seats. She really like this house, it was kind of mysterious, but when Jefferson wasn’t coming back, she began to be bored. She moved herself into weird but comfortable position and grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her backpack. She started to doodle some stuff that went through her head.

“White rabbit, seriously?” asked Jefferson.

“Jesus Christ! Don’t scare me like that!” Y/N almost fell on the floor.

“Sorry. Here is your tea, ma'am.”

“What’s wrong with white rabbit anyway?”

“It reminds me of my daughter.”

“You have a daughter? Where is she?”

“I really want to know that too..”

“Oh. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to..”

“No, it’s okay. I need to let it out, you know? And you are the first person who actually listens to me.”

“Well, I kinda know how you feel. I didn’t see my  brother since we are in Storybrook. He is my only family. My mum.. she wasn’t really ‘husband and kids’ type and my dead became a drunk asshole when she left, so I was working all day long just to feed them. And now my little brother is gone too.

“My daughter’s name is Grace, she is such a sweetheart. You know, I wasn’t a good man a long time ago. I was working for everyone who paid me,but I stoped it, because of her. We had good life, but then Regina came for me. Thanks to her I ended stuck in fuckin’ Wonderland. I thought it will get better here, but it seems like Grace doesen’t remember me. Just awesome”

“Whoa, our lives sucks.” Y/N smirked.

“Wanna something stronger than tea?”

“Hell yeah.”

Jefferson was a good companion. Sun was rising when they finally decided to get some sleep. When she woke up on his sofa it was almost midday.

‘‘Oh God, I need to go’‘ she said to herself. She stand up quicky and went to find Jefferson. She found him fast, way to fast.. she was suddently poured with his tea.

‘‘Sleeping Beauty is in hurry, huh? I will give you something dry to change, okay?’‘

‘‘Thank you! You know I must move my ass before Emma starts statewide seeking. Oh, one more thing.’‘ Y/N quicky wrote her phone number on his hand.

‘‘In case you still find me attractive’‘ She said with playful smile.

Y/N grabbed her backpack, change her shirt and said goodbye to Jefferson. As she ran through the street she checked her phone. Four missing calls from Emma. ‘‘Well, I am fucked up.’‘

When she finally arrived to Emma she could barely catch her breath. Henry opened the door.

‘‘Can I come in?’‘

‘‘You sure about that? She is furious.’‘ Henry whispered.

‘‘You know I have to. Make me nice funeral please.’‘

She came in.

‘‘Y/N where the hell have you been?! I have called you!’‘

‘‘Well, my phone probably just turned off. You know, I was really tired, I fell asleep and didn’t put it on charger..’‘

‘‘We were worried about you!’‘

‘‘I am not five, mom’‘ Y/N smirked.

‘‘Don’t take that tone with me, young lady.’‘ Emma laughed.

‘‘Just don’t do that again, alright Y/N? C’mon, have some cocoa with us.’‘

Y/N thanked God it worked. She put off her jacket and sat happily across from Emma.

‘‘Hey Y/N, isn’t it a MEN shirt?’‘

‘’Oh fuck.’‘

The Choices We Make

read on a03

Emma doesn’t know what to think of the woman and man in the doorway who claim to be her parents. But she’s ten and her current set of foster parents aren’t the best people. They give her privacy, but they feed her one meal a day, and when they get angry, well let’s just say Emma tries to avoid angering them.

So she goes through the doorway to this town called Storybrooke. They explain to her that the man, her father, loves her, but to keep her safe he needs to go back to sleep. A coma, her mother calls it.

When the mayor finds them, her father fast asleep in her mother’s arms, Mary Margaret claims to have found Emma lost in the woods. And with the town surrounding them, Regina has no choice but to let Emma return to the town.

Her mother formalizes the adoption a few weeks later, and Emma has a home for the first time in her life. Mary Margaret tells her stories of Snow White and Prince Charming; tales she couldn’t find in any books. She’s hiding something, and Emma doesn’t push, but she knows how to tell when she’s being lied to.

Regina Mills doesn’t like her, and Emma isn’t all that offended by it. She has no legal grounds to force Emma to leave, Mary Margaret tells her, no matter how much she tries.

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It’s the Same for Me (SQW Day 6)

Title: It’s the Same for Me
Fandom: Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen
Rating: M/R
Links: AO3 & FF.Net
Warnings: NSFW, Magic Babies, Established SwanQueen (Sort of)
Summary: Henry tries to help Regina get over her heartbreak by trying to write her a new ending, but she and Emma end up in the alternate book where they have been already married with two more children.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, or whatever the hell else. They belong to Disney, ABC etc, etc, I claim no rights to copyrighted material, and this story is purely for entertainment purposes.
Masterpost: Here (Coming Soon)

Originally posted by wineandgayness

She was close.

She was so close Emma could taste it on her tongue like coming storm. She could feel it in the tension in the shaking legs wrapped around her shoulders and in the hands that fisted in her hair and kept her close. She could feel her heat clinging to her fingers as she drove them in and out this woman.

Emma had had this dream many times over the years. In many different places. In a ratty room at Granny’s Inn. Under Regina’s apple tree. At the station. In the bug. In the Mayor’s office. In the vault. Once on the Jolly Roger. But never, ever in Regina’s bedroom. Mainly because Emma had never been in it. Not once in the four years they knew each other.

“Em-ma… nuh! Please…”

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paperwork - CS & DQ fluff, captain dragon friendship

for @kdanna03, who was having a rough day. *hugs for you* I bring you fluff. Very, fluffy fluff in which Mal does some paperwork and Killian encounters a baby dragon (with her mother’s temperament). 

also tagging the CS and DQ tea party: @brooke-to-broch, (I used the headcanon of yours!) @besselfunctions, @ouat-upon-a-coconut, @thejollyduckling, @natascha-remi-ronin, @icapturedkindness

“All right,” Maleficent sighs shaking her fingers out over the pile of papers. She’s accustomed to writing spells with a quill, not trying to fill out tiny delicate forms. “I think that’s it.”

Killian sets more coffee in front of her and grins. “Now I exist?”

She closes her eyes, calling on the residual magic of the curse, winding that into her own. Dragon fire embraces the papers, wreathing them in flame, and then they pop. “That should do it.”

He nudges them and looks up at her, still confused. “Do what?”

“I’ve created records for you. Birth records, school transcripts, dental records, a credit score…all of it is now part of the curse, and would have been earlier if the third Dark Curse hadn’t been so rushed.”

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the saints we see are all made of gold

title from ‘demons’ by imagine dragons. finished in response to jen leaving (still crying tbh) and the promo video (you will see why in when you read this; no spoilers for the teaser, however, as this was written first). if you recognize where i got the basic plot from i will write you something and/or send hugs.

many thanks to @love-with-you-i-have-everything for reading over this and also @literatiruinedme for enthusiasm and love <3

“Emma? Can you hear me?”

The young woman shifted against the wall. Her blonde hair covered most of her face, only revealing one bloodshot green eye. Her voice shook slowly when she spoke. “Where… am I?”

“You’re in the hospital, Emma. The psychiatric ward. Do you remember?” The woman with short brown hair leaned down to her daughter’s level.

Her husband stands at her side. “Come on, Ems. It’s your mom and dad, sweetie.”

“Emma is in the midst of a dream state, Mr. and Mrs. Swan,” the doctor interjected. He checked off boxes on a clipboard as he stared down at the crouching girl. “She can respond to you, but she doesn’t know what’s going on around her.”

Mary stood up, nodded. “She was fine yesterday, Doctor. What happened?” Dean wrapped his arm around her and she leaned into his touch.

“I’m not sure,” he said apologetically. I’ll tell you more when we learn more about her current state. For now, I think it best that she rest.”

Emma’s parents left the room. After a few moments, the doctor crouched down at her side. “What’s going on, Emma? In that other world. Tell me about your dream.”

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1. The fourth time they meet, she is dying. After the arrival of The Book (in her mind, it is always capitalized – The Book that set off the chain reaction leading to her curse’s downfall), King Henry and his soldiers had not hunted her down at her farm. Instead, her days had become slightly monotonous, and as time went on she became complacent. The townsfolk had left her alone, and life was moving forwards at a brisk pace.

She had just finished her chores for the day, returning to the house to make dinner before collapsing into bed, when a high-pitched giggle interrupted her thoughts. ‘It took me a while to find you, dearie,’ Rumple cooed behind her, and the world had gone dark. When she awoke, it was to the gloom of his dungeon and the powerlessness of a magic-restraining bracelet.

This world’s Rumple is far more unhinged then she had ever dealt with before – it is as if seeing the actual proof of Belle’s death has snapped his last link to humanity. He is angry, so angry, and wants someone to pay. And pay she does, day after day. He knows she is not this realm’s Queen, but he just doesn’t care. After the last session, she is thrown back in her cell, where she can barely drag herself onto the mattress on the floor.

Rumple’s face peers down at her. ‘It’s almost too bad,’ he smirks, inspecting his handiwork. ‘I was hoping to give you a slow death, like my Belle endured. But my success here today – well, I don’t think I want to undo this. It’s just too perfect. And I’m sure it will be a painful enough death for my purposes.’ She gasps as one of his fingers presses hard into a wound in her abdomen. ‘I’ll be back later to watch the end, dearie,’ he snarls, and then she is alone.

She doesn’t know how much time passes. Pain threatens to overwhelm her brain, and she has to concentrate hard to remind herself: breathe in, breathe out. The cell is dark enough that she barely knows if she can still see or not, bar the light glinting from underneath the door. She turns her head that way, staring transfixed at the one sunbeam that dares enter her prison. Her hands clutch at the wounds across her stomach, and she can feel them become wet and warm with blood.

She must have lost consciousness at some point, because the next thing she registers is an angry commotion from somewhere on the other side of the door. Loud voices are shouting at each other, and above it all comes the Dark One’s distinct shriek. ‘We have him captured, You Majesty!’ someone calls out. ‘Excellent,’ a familiar voice sounds, but she can’t focus enough to place it. ‘Blue, take your army with half my men and make sure he gets properly locked away back in his cell.’

The voice continues, and she strains to hear what is being said. Her breath is starting to stutter. ‘Dark One, you won’t be escaping to wreak havoc on my people for the rest of your miserable life; we’ve made some improvements to your “home” from last time.’ Rumple voice is muffled, as if something has been placed in his mouth, but some curses filter through. ‘Take him away,’ the mystery person orders. ‘We’ll search the rest of this place for his poor prisoners.’

Numbness has set into half her body now, and her hands no longer have the power even to try and staunch the blood flow. Noises carry on in the background, but she doesn’t have the energy to care anymore. Suddenly, the door to her cell crashes open, and she winces against the abrupt surge of light. ‘I’ve got this one – help the rest!’ the voice calls. She can’t remember where she is any more. What happened to her? Where’s her family? Were they fighting someone?

‘You!’ the voice exclaims, and sudden Henry’s face comes into focus. She sobs weakly in relief. ‘Henry,’ she whispers, digging deep inside herself to find the energy to lift her hand and grasp at his. His hand is so much larger now than she remembers. It seems only yesterday that she was teaching him how to walk, his little fingers gripping tightly to her as he toddled about on unsteady legs. ‘Henry darling, don’t be afraid. Emma is going to be here for you, and Snow and David too.’

She feels him kneel down, his fingers curling tentatively against hers. ‘What do you mean?’ he asks softly, and she moves her other hand slowly to pat his cheek. She accidentally leaves a streak of red on his pale face, but can’t bring herself to care if this is going to be the last time she sees him. ‘Your family is going to look after you,’ she reassures him. ‘I’m sure even Zelena will be there. And-and you talk to Archie if you need to, OK? OK?’ He frowns, but nods at her insistence.

‘I want you to know that I love you very much,’ she manages to continue. ‘Being your mom was the best thing that ever happened to me.’ It is too difficult to speak after that, and she closes her eyes against the pain, her hand going limp in his grasp. She can hear his heavy breathing beside her, but she’s relieved that he’s managing to hold himself together well. She hopes Emma or Snow will arrive soon, to take care of him.

Suddenly, she feels fingers scrabbling against her wrist. A weight lifts off her arm, and she can feel her magic surging through her again. ‘Heal yourself,’ she hears Henry demand. ‘You can do that, right?’ She doesn’t have the heart to tell him healing demands energy she no longer has. But then she feels his grip tighten on her hand, and it’s as if he’s sharing power and the will to fight. She takes as deep a breath as she can, and tries to find the strength she needs.

After a few moments, white light flickers feebly at her fingertips. It is not much, but enough for her to channel into the deepest wounds, trying to heal the broken parts of her body that are threatening her life. Eventually she stops, worn out completely. Breathing comes easier, and with it the fog lifts from her brain. She is in the Dark One’s dungeon, and she almost died. But it is all going to be alright now – Henry has come for her. But then, how did he manage to find this realm?

She turns her eyes back to her son’s face, knowing the truth but not wanting to accept it. As soon as recognition shows in her expression, King Henry lets go and leans back. ‘I wasn’t expecting to see you in here,’ he says, rubbing his brow with his forearm, his hands covered in her blood. He unhooks a leather flask from his belt, and pushes it towards her, before standing up and turning towards the door. She wants to ask him why he wanted her to survive, but her voice catches in her throat.

‘I’m going to help my men with the other prisoners,’ he tells her, still facing the door. He sounds too grown up for his age, too much like a King. ‘When we return to this cell, it’s best if you were gone.’ He leaves, and she takes a shaky sip of water from the flask. Luckily, her home is stocked up with medicine and bandages, if only she can get there in one piece. Bracing herself, she transports away.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO GOOD. Like, I don’t have the superlatives to tell you how good this is. I am once again blown away both by your generosity and by how amazing these fics are. He’s her little boy. He’s always her little boy, and it’ll never change.

Revenge - Part 1

Pairing: Captain Hook x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1557

Warning: none

Tags: none

Request: requested by Anonymous:

“can u please do a killian jones/captain hook (from outa) imagine pls :)”

Notes: as I always say: sorry for taking so long. Really. It’s hard to find the time to write every day and I’ve been away for more than a week. But I hope you like it! It’s going to be a multiple parts thing so if anyone wants to be tagged just let me know!

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PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /   PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7

You knew your place in the world, you never had any doubt about it. You weren’t a thief, you weren’t a princess or a maid, you were just a waitress at a tavern in a small town in the Enchanted Forest. The tavern belonged to your parents until the Evil Queen decided to assassin them, accusing them of hiding Snow White. You were just a kid when that happened but ever since, you had been planning your personal vendetta against the Queen, ignoring your aunt’s advices.

She always told you to let go of it, to move on, to forget about your revenge since it would just get you killed. Like you cared. That woman made you an orphan, she killed your parents in cold blood and that was all you cared about. Actually, you had been practising with the sword for 3 years while you saved the money you got from your tips. You knew the Evil Queen wouldn’t just appear out of nowhere, you would have to look for her and you were ready to do so.

“(Y/N)!” Your aunt came running into the kitchen where you were talking to the cook about that night’s dinner. “Lucky night. A ship has arrived tonight. The tavern is full to its top!”

Your mood changed immediately. Sailors were the ones who left more tips, the ones who drank and ate the most and, therefore, they ones that wasted more money. Maybe, thanks to this night, you would be almost ready to leave.

“Perfect, then let’s get to work”, you said as you adjusted your dress, showing a bit more of cleavage.

“Be careful, darling. You also know how they are” your aunt warned you.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing”, you winked at her.

Indeed you were. You knew exactly how to deal with men. They were hungry, they were thirsty and they were horny enough to waste a big amount of money trying to get a woman into their bed that night. You knew how it worked and you knew exactly how to make them think they would get lucky that night without actually give it to them.

When you stepped out of the kitchen you looked around. Mathew was on the bar, serving beers one after the another but it was obvious he needed help so you smiled and took the wooden tray before you started walking around the tavern, asking the sailors what they wanted and getting the drinks and food for them as you flirted with them, giving them your best smiles but also not letting them getting too close or comfy.

“Have you seen that guy?” Your aunt asked you when you two were having some water at the bar, taking a little break. You looked at the corner where she pointed.

There was a guy seated there. He had a drink in front of him but you didn’t remember giving it to him. He was all dressed in black leather, his hair was as black as his clothes but his eyes were so blue that you could see them from the distance. Maybe because he was staring at you which made you look away immediately.

“He’s been there the whole time?” You asked. Your aunt nodded looking at the man for a moment. “I didn’t even see him” you laughed suddenly nervous since you were now perfectly aware of his intense eyes on your back.

“He hasn’t moved from that spot since they arrived. I think he’s the Captain of the ship. Sometimes, some of the men approach him but he doesn’t talk much and he has been looking at you the whole time”, she explained in a loud whisper.

“Well, I don’t care if he’s the Captain, he’s a creep”, you mumbled running a hand through your hair and taking the tray again. “There’s a lot of work and I’m not going to worry about a man I don’t even know and who doesn’t even talk”, you added.

Giving him one last look you went back to work but you had to admit you weren’t completely focused. You feel his eyes on you, like he could see through your body somehow and it was making you nervous.

After an hour you just couldn’t take it anymore so you took a beer from Mathew and walked over to his table with a smile.

“Hey there, you seem too quiet”, you said placing the drink in front of him.

“And you look too young to be seeking revenge”, he replied looking at you with a hint of a smirk on his lips.

His words made your smile disappear. How did he know? The Queen sent him? Was this all a trap?

“Who are you?” You asked when you managed to put yourself back together.

“Hook, Captain Hook”, he said.

Hook? You knew him. You knew who he was, everyone did. Instantly, you looked down at his hand where you saw the silver hook instead of his hand and then your eyes went back to his face. This was the man who had been to Neverland, who had faced Peter Pan, whose hand was eaten by a crocodile and who wanted to kill the Dark One. He was a legend and there he was.

“Apparently you heard of me, love”, he said.

“How do you know who I am?” You asked.

“I certainly don’t know your name, but I do know your story”, he smirked. “Your parents were victims of the Evil Queen, you were left an orphan, raised by your aunt in this tavern, learning the family business, being nice, all smiles and flirting, being the perfect waitress. But you have a secret”, he leaned closer to where you were and whispered loud enough for you to hear his words. “Every day, every night, you dream about stabbing the Queen’s cold heart with your sword”

By the time he finished talking your eyes were as cold as the Queen’s heart. Somehow this man knew your story, knew your purpose, knew you. But how?

“How do you know that?” You asked.

“Information flies, love”, he shrugged. “And people talks. You talked a time ago, someone heard you and talked. Eventually, the news came to me and here I am”, he said.

You tried to remember when was the last time you told someone about your plan. You knew your aunt knew about it, but you also were certain she had never said a word. Looking around, your eyes went to Mathew. Of course. You knew he had heard you talking to Anne, your aunt, once. It had to be him.

“And what do you want?” You asked Hook.

“I want in” he stated.

“What?” You said shocked. He wanted…in? “It’s the Dark One you want to kill, not the Queen”, you said placing the tray against your hip.

“Well…it happens the Crocodile and the Queen are quite close and I’m not exactly an admirer of her work”, he explained.

“So you’re just bored”, you said rolling your eyes. “I work alone, Captain. Have a good night”, you said before turning around to go back to your work.

Just like every time a ship arrived in town, the sailors were there drinking until closing time. Even then it was hard to kick them out of the tavern. The whole time you were thinking about Hook’s proposal. He couldn’t be serious. It just made no sense. There had to be something behind it. Judging by the stories you heard, Captain Hook never made a move without a reason.

“That’s weird”, Anne told you when you two were cleaning the table while Mathew was cleaning the bar and Andrew, the cook, was cleaning the kitchen. “But you know what I think, (Y/N): you have to forget about it and move on.”

“I know that’s your opinion, aunt, but I can’t ok?” You said for the hundredth time.

“Alright”, she sighed.

Once you finished cleaning the place it was 3 in the morning. You took the bucket full of the water you had used to do the cleaning and walked out of the tavern to throw it out. You never expected to see Hook out there, just in front of the establishment, leaned against the wall. All you did was looking at him for some seconds before throwing away the water and going back to the tavern but his voice stopped you.

“You know you’re considering it”, he said in a calmed tone.

“You know nothing”, you snapped turning to look at him.

“C’mon love, it can be fun”, he replied now walking towards you. “An adventure, you get your revenge, I have another chance to get mine, and maybe you and I…” he winked at you.

“Your chances to get me into your bed, Captain, are the same of you killing the Crocodile” you snapped once again. He laughed and nodded his head.

“I deserved that”, he admitted. “Just think about it. We will set sail in the morning. If you change your mind and want to grab this chance, you know where the Jolly Roger is”

With that being said, he turned around and started walking away, towards the dock, leaving you there alone with a million doubts in your mind but knowing you would never have a chance like this one ever again.

Emma’s Bacherlorette Party

A/N: A Little pre-wedding fun for the girls.


Emma smiled as she thought of her chivalrous pirate. Of course he wouldn’t want to stay with her the night before the wedding, traditions were important to him and she always had to remember that. She was about to turn back up the stairs when she heard a knock at the door. She smiled in anticipation as she thought maybe for a second he’d changed his mind or forgotten something. She rushed to open the door to a group of smiling women holding balloons and gifts shouting, “Surprise!”

She stepped back and smiled. “What’s this all about?”

“Come now Ms. Swan, tomorrow’s your wedding day. Did you really think that we wouldn’t have a bachelorette party for you?” said Regina.

“Yeah, Girls night!” shouted Zelena.

“Mom, you knew about this?” asked Emma.

Snow smiled. “Emma, please don’t begrudge us this. Our first girls night out was kind of a bust and this time we really have something to celebrate.”

She looked at the women waiting with anticipation and shook her head. “Ok.”

“Well alright! That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” Said Snow.

“Now, go on and put on something more fitting for the evening.” Said Regina.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” asked Emma.

Regina gave her a look of displeasure. “Do you really need me to tell you?”

“Alright, fine. I’ll be right back. Where are we going anyway?” asked Emma.

“Aesop’s, its Ladies’ night!” said Zelena.

Emma turned with a frown on her face. “What?”

“Oh, it’s really him this time. “confided Regina.

“He’s really a nice man too Emma. I spoke to him earlier.” Said Snow.

“Not to mention he’s quite a hottie.”sneered Zelena.

Emma shook her head. “Alright, if you say so. I’ll be right back.”

“Before you go, do you have anything to drink?” asked Zelena.

“Go on Emma, I know where you keep the rum.” Said Snow.

“I’m sure there’s some in every room.” Said Regina not so silently under her breath.

“Come on ladies.” Pushed Snow.

By the time Emma emerged in her new outfit the ladies were on their second drink, not because she took too long but apparently Zelena thought it would be a good idea to throw back some shots.  

“Ah, finally the princess has emerged. Come on now, you’ve got to knock back a few to catch up.” Said Zelena.

Snow licked her lips. “Emma, this is really good rum.”    

“Mom, you remember last time. Be careful.”

Snow moved over to her quickly with shot glass in hand. “Live a little Emma. It’s time! You’ll be getting married tomorrow.”

Emma took the glass and shot it back. The smooth flavor was delicious. “Mmm, where did you get this bottle? It is good.”

Regina sipped on her drip and waved towards the other side of the kitchen. “In the back of the fridge behind the milk.”

“So that’s where he’s been hiding it.”

Snow bopped back and forth pushing another shot towards Emma and holding up her own. “Cheers!”

“Cheers!” they shouted in unison before taking back the shots.

Snow grabbed her purse. “Alright, let’s get over there before we can’t.”  

“Come on now sissy, poof us, you’re our transportation this evening.” Said Zelena.

Regina finished her drink. “Alright, alright. Probably best this way anyway since none of us can drive now.”

Zelena rubbed her hands together. “Ooh, I didn’t think of that. I could have taken my new car.”

“You’ve been driving one day, there’s no way I’d let you drive us around tonight.”

“Aww come on sis, I saved your ass today didn’t I?” smiled Zelena.

Regina rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’ll give you that but still no. Everyone ready?”

Snow held onto Emma’s arm tightly. “We’re ready.”

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The END of a period and Swan Queen debut

End of 6x01 is a clue. A huge one. Regina and Snow have a heart to heart talking about happy ending, more specifically, Regina’s happy ending. Even though the former Evil Queen is grieving Robin, she still wants to believe in a happy ending for herself. But what’s important is the words she uses.

“I choose to believe that this story will have a better ending that my last.”

The key words is “Believe”. Remember, Regina never believe she can deserve a happy ending until now. She always thought villains don’t get happy ending. While being with Robin it was still the case! We can see it as not fighting for what you want. I mean, if she really wanted to be with Robin, she would have go to New York with him, or tried to talk with Marian about the situation. Not what happened. Deep down she did believe. Believe is also the “I will find you” for Swan Queen.

In order to make a wish, you have to BELIEVE it will come true. The same goes for magic. You have to BELIEVE it exist. So BELIEVE is the key for Swan Queen, it complete the circle. Emma often says to Regina: “I believe in you”, but Regina never do the same, she goes with “I know you”. Why that?! Emma may believe in Regina but she doesn’t believe the brunette could ne her happy ending. Regina choose to believe in happy ending, but she doesn’t believe in Emma. See where am I going with it guys? Believe is the third point of the circle.

The missing arrow is between Emma and Regina, which mean Swan Queen. OUAT always work with number 3. Each time we saw twice the same thing. For instance, Regina bursting through doors to crash celebration. Two time, she poofed. Or Emma making a wish for her birthday. This are reminder that everything come to three.

RIGHT           WRONG           CHOOSE

Everything can be classified into 3 categories that A&E use to qualify relationship on this show. It was deeper than that.
The first time the Evil Queen burst through the doors, to crash Snow White wedding to cast the dark curse → RIGHT. What? YES! The curse brow them to Storybrooke, to Emma and Henry.
The second time, she played the Evil Queen to help Emma wakes up → WRONG. It didn’t work out and she exposed herself.
So the third time it will happen, she will have CHOOSE to be here, not interrupting a ceremony.
Same goes for Emma’s wishes. The first is RIGHT because it brow her to Storybrooke and her family. The second is WRONG, she wishes for nothing. The third will come true.

If we apply this system to relationship, it work too:

NEAL was RIGHT           HOOK is WRONG             ? Emma’s CHOICE
DANIEL was RIGHT        ROBIN is WRONG            ? Regina’s CHOICE

Idem for death: first love died, the second one too so logically, the third will live and be the true love.

No matter what you choose, the rule of three works. It came full circle. Knowing that Hook will ask Emma to marry him, we can expect a no as an answer. Walsh is ask her, and she answer negatively. Hook being the second one to ask… The third will be “yes” and a wedding. Remember the scene from the pilot. Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding. I won’t be surprised if OUAT will end on the same note: Emma’s wedding with Regina (of course). Full circle. Two celebration in Enchanted Forest so the third in Storybrooke.

Now that the system is out there, I would like to go back to Emma and Regina’s belief. In order to have Swan Queen, Emma needs to believe that Regina is her happy ending, and for Regina to believe in Emma. Simply Emma. We’re in the middle of the road. Ok maybe the three quarter. This season clearly shows the two ladies as more than just friends. The care is obvious between them.

This is Snow in 6x07 that again use a metaphor for a circle in her sentence.

“Most person go through life never knowing where their paths will take them. Somehow, we always do. It’s always to each other and then back to you”.

This is the show. This is full circle. This scene is extremely important because it’s a clue. A&E know exactly what they’re doing. This season puts everything into the light. And then, Regina step in, blocking Hook to the GA. They could have film it from a different angle, but the editing shows us that.

The family of this show. Hook is nowhere to be seen, because he’s wrong for Emma. He’s not a part of this family. Each time, Snow talks about family, is he not included. Same for Henry and Charming. We are supposed to read between the lines here. The family the show is about is: SWANMILLSCHARMING. That’s not for nothing the Snowing parallels Swan Queen have. It’s to lead us. To see the circle.

Season 1:

Season 3:

It’s logical. 6x08 is a proof to that. We have more and more scenes with Emma and Regina interacting with each other or adventures. They always choose to go with the other. New York, wish realm, the vault etc. Matter of fact, they choose to fight together, never leaving one behind. Hook always stays behind, in the Enchanted Forest and Underworld.
When Emma came to Storybrooke, she didn’t know who she was, she needed to remember, to believe, but it fail every time Henry tried. In New York, under the curse, Hook tried to make Emma remember but it didn’t work, except for his nuts. Wish realm, Regina scarifying herself bring Emma back. “When you couldn’t hurt Henry”. The circle stars to close.

“Always to each other”

In a way, Swan Queen proves us through the seasons that they always find each other. It’s even more obvious in the winter final where Regina find Emma while she was picking up flower and humming “Someday my prince will come”. Emma, instead of being afraid, listen to Regina, she was intrigued by her. At the end of the episode, we saw them on the lake, where Snow and Charming became one. Emma and Regina were going home to Henry, fulling the circle but Robin break them apart.

So currently, were on the WRONG period.

That’s why we’re disappointed most of the time. The RIGHT period was from season 1 to season 3.
The closure OQ is getting is to show us why Regina and Robin are WRONG for each other. Robin is a thief in the wish realm, he is not the same as the one who’s dead. Even this one was wrong for Regina. A&E clearly state that dead is dead, and we know Robin Hood is her for 5 episodes. Why that? Because Regina will understand what she really want. She will choose to let Robin going back to his wish realm. I won’t be surprised if it would be Regina’s last wish.

“And back to you.”

This is about Henry. Emma and Regina nay not be a couple for now, but they always came back for Henry, their son. We saw example in season 3, Neverland. But I want to focus on “I’ll be your mirror”, 6x08 aka the Swan Queen episode. Henry can talk to his mother through a mirror.
Mirror helps us see ourselves it shows us a reflexion. Our reflexion. It can also show us something. A part of our imagination, or something we really want. Emma and Regina are together trapped inside the world behind the mirror. Except that each time we see them is through Henry perspective, the mirror. In fact, we saw what he wants to see. Emma and Regina together. We always saw them together, not one and then the other. Henry sees his mother united. That’s really important. If we recall, he never saw his two mothers fight together. It was either Regina dying to keep him safe, or Emma sword fighting with Rumple. He never, and we never, witness Emma and Regina united in a fight. Now he does. When the dragon was about to attack, he saw Regina reaching out to Emma. He swan his mother protecting each other. That’s what we’re supposed to see. Emma and Regina reaching out to the other.

“Together?” “Damn right”

That’s the episode resumé, ladies! “I’ll be you mirror” is about what Henry saw. When he used the hammer on the glass, it shattered into thousand pieces in the center. Emma on the left, Regina on the right. We’re back into the WRONG but with a twist.
Henry was always the reason that Emma and Regina interact with each other. He’s the link between them. When he broke the mirror, Emma and Regina came back to him, but instead of coming back one by one, like in a portal, they were together. That’s the twist. Together!

“Always to each other and then, back to you”

Snow White said it all. Henry may be the link between his mothers but at the end of the episode, when he step in front of them talking to the Evil Queen, he separated himself from them. Same when Emma and Regina stand in front of Granny, watching their son dance with Violet. We have to understand, that now, Emma and Regina doesn’t need Henry to interact with the other, to be together. He is growing up, have a girlfriend but Emma and Regina are together outside.

“We already had.”

So it’s not about raising Henry anymore. It’s about being with the other because you want to, because you care for them. The more obvious example is the hand holding in 6x10. Did they really needed to hold hand to go through the portal? No. So why doing it? Plus the hand holding was in the center of the shot, uniting two opposites: white and black. Regina and Emma were enemies in Season 1, opposite. The shot and the episode shows us they are now united, together, without Henry. That’s not a coincidence that in this realm, he didn’t help Regina find Emma.

  • 1x01→ Henry brow Emma to Storybrooke and find Regina.
  • 4x23 → Henry help Emma find Regina.
  • 6x10 → Regina finds Emma, alone.

Henry doesn’t need to help them find each other anymore. Regina takes the initiative to make a wish to be send to the place as Emma Swan, without even knowing where that is! Just like she wanted to find Aladdin in order to make sure Emma wasn’t going to die by some stupid prophesy. Regina started to believe in the possibility for Emma to be her happy ending. When she thought Emma would not wake up, Regina was willing to die. It was Henry holding the sword, ok, but she acted like she was giving up, not wanting a life without the blonde in it. Regina killed the Charming without an ounce of remorse, knowing they weren’t real. She knew Henry wasn’t her real son, yet, she was willing to get kill by him. She would have never allow him to become a murderer even in another realm! She could have restrain him, like in season 2, but she didn’t.

It remind me of 4x23, Regina being taken by the darkness. She was in danger. Emma step in to stop it. We have again the same scenario. But instead of Henry helping them, we have Henry against them, comforting my point on the fact that Emma and Regina doesn’t need him anymore to be together.

My point here is the fact that they held onto each other to go into the portal, when they could have go through it one by one. Exactly like in 3x23 with Emma and Hook. Never in OUAT had we seen two persons holding hand to go into a portal. So why this time is any different?

“Let’s go home”

This sentence means it all and she is say twice. One by Regina and then by Emma. What do we have after? Oh right. The hand holding. Meaning: you’re my home too. But Robin shot an arrow at them. Regina froze when she saw who it was. Emma did too. She, then, tried to remind Regina that he wasn’t real. See, another reference to people being no real, so why Henry will be any different? I don’t see, Regina should have kill him, but she have defend herself. Emma repeat two times: he’s not real.
The blonde could have jump through the portal alone or drag Regina, but no, she choose to stay with her. It would have be Hook, Emma would came home without him.
Seeing Robin, Regina thinks she has another chance with him. This Robin is not the one who died. I am pretty sure, Robin’s not married with Marian or didn’t even know her, which mean, this guy is a thief without compassion or morality. Spoiler picture show and altercation with the Sheriff of Nothingam and Regina mortified by Robin’s attitude. She will realize she has to send him back and she can’t change him. That the closure. Regina has a chance to say goodbye this time, and the choice to let him go.

  • 1x18 → Daniel died in the hand of Cora. Regina didn’t have the time to say Goodbye.
  • 5x21 → Robin killed by Hades. Regina didn’t have the time to say goodbye.
  • The third time will be Regina saying goodbye to Robin and send him back to where he belong.

When I saw 6x11 promo, it remind me of 1x03 when we discover how Snow and Charming fall in love. I bet we’ll have a remake with Regina and Emma. I’m not afraid if Robin or Hook are around, because season 6 will mark the end of the WRONG period.
In 3x23, Emma kissed Hook and Regina was happy with Robin. That was the starting point of the WRONG period in the show. Actually, A&E install it slowly through season 3B, precisely in 3x18 where she shift is remarkable. In this episode, we have Regina and Robin share their first kiss, and Emma and Hook starting to spend more time together to fight Zelena. We have also the first hint showing us this guys are wrong for the girls:

  • Robin lost Regina’s heart
  • Hook took Emma’s magic away with a kiss

Their relationship already start wrong. If I’m right, we should see a shift around 6x18. Things will start to change. They already have in some point. We know Robin is supposed to go, and Hook plan to ask Emma to marry him. At the end of season 6, we shall see the start of the period CHOOSE. I bet it will have to do with Emma and Gideon battle. Let’s be honest. 6x11 is not the real battle between this two. It’s a warm up. If it’s not the case, why Gideon is around in the following episodes?!

The end of the WRONG period is also materialize with Aladdin and Jasmine appearance. Episode 5 explains that Aladdin and Jasmine are different but together, they can make greats things. Exactly like Emma and Regina. Plus, the episode established Aladdin and Jasmine as friends, but they care deeply about each other that it can become more. Why having one episode in 6A? To put into the light where we stand! Aladdin and Jasmine came back in 6B, strange no?! Their story will follow Emma and Regina’s story, together. Things will change for the better. The thief and the princess. The savior and the queen.

Since Emma saved Regina two times already in 2x01 and 4x23, I think the third time would be Regina saving Emma. Just like we have Emma and Henry true love kiss in 1x22, Regina and Henry true love kiss in 3x19, so technically Emma and Regina true love kiss is missing. Another thing is missing: a heart split. Snow and Charming in 3x19, Emma and Hook in 5x20 and it failed, so we miss one that will work. Each time Regina does it, so she has to be included. What if she was the one receiving half an heart?
Think about it. Regina is the one saving Emma from Gideon, but gets deadly hurt. Emma think of only one option: a heart split. Without hesitation, she takes her heart out, split it and push half of it in Regina’s chest. Nothing. Angry, the blonde shakes the queen, cries but still nothing. She whispers something and in the moment take the brunette’s hand kissing the knuckles. BOUM. Rainbow true love. Regina wakes up. This would start something different for season 7, for Emma and Regina but also for the other characters.

And marks the debut of the period CHOOSE.

What do you think? Can we have something like this in season 6 final?

Holy crap - Once Upon A Time is complicated as hell. I tried rewatching one episode to reacquaint myself with the character and couldn’t think of a plot. By the time I’d rewatched most of his episodes, I was convinced that there was no way for me to keep this piece canon-compliant. So I didn’t. For this particular one-shot, forget the details about Jefferson getting stuck in Wonderland after helping Regina. Apart from that this story should be fairly easy to follow. This is the first OUAT Imagine, courtesy of fuckyeahheedustan, and I hope it is alright. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Could I request one where the reader was his friend and they had feelings ext. before the curse and obviously doesn’t know him now but she falls in love with him all over again? maybe flashbacks and stuff :D and of course fluff as you’re amazing at that XD

One-Shot: The Hatter and the Dressmaker

Grace tugged and tugged but the branch wouldn’t release her. Whilst she had been running through the forest, she had not paid attention to her surroundings and thus it came as a shock when her cloak snagged on a twig and halted her movements. Clutching at the burgundy material, she simply couldn’t free herself and when the sound of footsteps reached her ears, she feared that she was found.

However, the voice that called out to her was female – soft and kind.
“Are you alright?” The woman asked, seeing her predicament and hurrying over. She was dressed in a white lace gown that was complimented by an olive green corset. Over her shoulders was a light brown cape. No wonder Grace hadn’t spotted her sooner, she was practically camouflaged. The woman wandered over and placed a basket down by Grace’s feet. With a little effort, the pair of them were able to free the girl from the clutches of the bush.

She then looked up at the woman and smiled.
“Thank you.” Grace said.
“Not at all.” But then the woman in the cape frowned. “Oh, but you’ve ripped right through the material.” She tutted, getting to one knee and examining the tear.
“My papa can fix it.”
“Nonsense. A good seamstress doesn’t go anywhere without a sewing kit.” She smiled, reaching for the wicker basket once more. The seamstress pulled out a small ornate box and lifted the lid, retrieving needles and thread.
“It’ll be as good as new in a jiffy.”  

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Soft Spot

For the anon who requested Robin coming back and finding the Evil Queen caring for Peanut. I tweaked the prompt a bit–I hope that’s okay with you :)

Zelena’s words played again and again in his mind, her words echoing over and over as his panic set in and million worst-case scenarios began to spin. He’d only been back for a couple of days and today was supposed to be a celebration of that—but he wasn’t celebrating. And with each second that passed, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the price he’d have to pay for the magic of his resurrection…

“She’s gone! She’s gone!” Zelena called out with wide and terrified eyes as she burst into Granny’s and pushed her way to the center of the room. “I don’t know where she is! You have to help me, Regina!”

Robin had watched Regina slowly turn to her sister, and for a split second, he wondered if this were some sort of game. But as soon as his eyes met Zelena’s and as soon as he felt Regina’s fingers curl tightly around his hand, he knew that it wasn’t—and as that realization set in, a knot formed in his stomach, quickly tightening until it was nearly impossible for him to breathe.

For a moment, no one said anything—and then all at once, everyone was speaking. He caught little bits here and there—something about someone wanting to get vengeance on the Wicked Witch and something else about the purity of a baby’s heart and something else about how dark magic worked—and it wasn’t until Regina’s voice lifted over the rest that he actually understood how it had happened.

“How could you have left her alone?” Regina demanded. “How could you have been so careless, Zelena?”

“It was only for…”

“Are you actually defending yourself!?” Regina cut in, not letting her finish and likely not caring to hear the irrelevant explanation. “I knew I should have never let you…”

“Let me!? She’s my daughter!”

“Unfortunately for her,” Regina retuned as her eyes fell away from her sister.

Zelena shook her head, and her hurt was evident; but no one seemed to process that. The next thing he knew, he and Regina were going in opposite directions. Henry was staying with Roland and Belle would stay with Neal. Killian and Emma would check one side of town and Snow and David would check the other, while Regina went down to the docks and Robin went into the woods—and as he trudged forward, all he could think about was his tiny daughter and how she didn’t deserve any of this.

But as he stands on the stairs that lead into Regina’s vault, he can hear the soft hum of Regina’s voice and he can see the glow of candles, and overwhelming sense of relief washes over him. He treads quietly down the stairs and recognizes the lullaby. A smile curls onto his lips as he remembers how she’d sang it to soothe a sick Roland when they were together in the Enchanted Forest and how she’d told him that it had been Henry’s favorite when he was a little boy—and when he reaches the bottom of the stairs he can tell that his daughter feels the same way.

There’s a little bundle of pink nestled in the crook of the Evil Queen’s arm, cooing and smiling as she stares up at her. Her little fingers are wrapped around a shimmering strand of diamonds that the Queen is holding over her, and a spit bubble forms on her lips—and he watches as the Queen laughs softly as she pops it, making the little girl’s eyes go wide with wonder.

They’re sweet together, he thinks to himself—even this version of Regina and his daughter—and he can’t help but be reminded of that moment in the Enchanted Forest when they’d first met, and she’s swooped in to save his son. Everyone had been taken aback, himself included, to see the Evil Queen in all her regalia selflessly running toward a child she didn’t know to keep him from harm’s way. Her smile had been so genuine as she handed his son the stuffed monkey, and all he could do was thank her, and wonder how someone like the Evil Queen could have such a soft spot for children.

Clearing his throat, he pushes off the bottom stair, stepping into the vault and making himself known. The Queen’s head turns quickly and he hears a little gasp escape her—and for an all too brief moment, there’s a glint of happiness that flashes behind her eyes—and he realizes, this is the first time she’s seeing him.

“Robin…” she murmurs breathlessly as the glint fades away. “I didn’t hurt her.”

“I didn’t believe that you did,” he says, taking a tentative step toward her and smiling gently down at the girl in her arms. “I’m just glad that she’s okay.”

“She wasn’t even watching her. She never does.”

“So you took her…”

The Queen’s eyes cast downward as she rocks the baby in her arms. “She deserves better than a careless mother.”

“I would have to agree,” Robin says as he sits down beside her—and for a moment, he struggles to wrap his head around the notion that he’s sitting beside the Evil Queen rather than Regina. When he came back just a few days before, she told him about the split and regretfully told him that it hadn’t fixed her—and in that moment, his heart broke at the realization that she thought she needed to be fixed at all. Pushing away the memory, he smiles gently, he looks from his daughter to the woman beside him, and for the life of him, he can’t separate the two because when he looks at her, all he sees is Regina.

“I suppose you’re here to take her,” she murmurs, her voice suddenly distant.

“No,” Robin says, waiting for her to look back at him. “Not yet, anyway.” Tentatively, he reaches out and rubs two fingers against the baby’s soft cheek, chuckling as she coos and holding his breath as he lets his arm slide loosely around the Queen’s waist. “She looks perfectly safe and content where she is.” And then, he looks back to the Queen—to Regina—and his heart aches when tears well up in her eyes.


            ❄⚔ If it's a fairy tale you're hoping for...
                Prepare yourself for so much more...

The Huntsman, The Evil Queen, The Ice Queen, The Warrior and A Mysterious Character

Do not re-post this video and/or remove this caption. The plot for this trailer is in the keep reading section! Read it if you wanna know what’s going on =)

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Wind Out of My Sails

This is for @thegladelf who challenged me to ‘write it’ in response to a noni question about CS and tacos/not tacos.  I just couldn’t resist.   

So while it might not be probable, I believe this scenario makes it plausible. 

Words - 2100     Rating - T

Killian looked up as Emma walked past him, “Coming in?” she asked.

“Aye, in a moment love,” he replied giving her a half smile.

“You ok?” concern in her voice evident.

“Just a wee bit tired,” he winked, before picking up her hand and kissing the back.  “Go on and save my spot.”

Rolling her eyes at his comment, she grabbed hold of his fingers and squeezed, “I know what you’re doing Killian.  It’s not the end of the world.  All men have difficulty keeping it up from time to time, especially considering your age,” she giggled.

“Bloody hell Swan. Shout it from the rooftop, why don’t you?” He gave her an affronted look.

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This is Part I of what I hope will be a bunch of Swan Queen rec lists, each one tailored to a mood or genre or whatever I feel like doing that day. WIPs are marked accordingly, as are AUs. I am not very discriminating when it comes to some genres but I’ll try to keep it classy, you feel me? I’ve seen some rec lists in the past but they don’t seem very recent so!! Here we go:


Just accept that. Prepare the tissues, warn everyone in your subway car or classroom you “have a cold” (note: this goes over more convincingly if you are not the professor), get a friend on hand who’s really good at feigning sympathy over your feelings for fictional assholes. These are angsty, these are slow burns, these are going to make you cry and yearn for Emma or Regina or their baby boy. But I’m totally not here for fics without happy (or at least hopeful) endings, so expect any non-WIPs to have that shining glimmer of happy women in love within them.

Oh! And feel free to add your own recs on reblogs! Even just remembering all of these took a ten-woman team, I kid you not~

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I’m Not That Girl~Wicked

“Falling in love?” Pan questioned you while the two of you were hunting, “Love is for the weak, Y/N.”

Your hopes deflated a little. “Really, Pan?” You asked, trying to remain casual, “You’ve never loved anyone?”

“I might have loved before Neverland, but that was a while ago.”

That encounter with Pan resurfaced. You were taken to Neverland when you were 15, and started to fancy Pan, almost like a best friend’s older brother, but Pan was your best friend.

He always dismissed the mention of love, unknowingly breaking your heart a little bit every time. Finally, you realized that you couldn’t stay and begged Tinker Bell for a little fairy dust.

You landed in Storybrooke in the other world without magic. Regina, the evil Queen, sent the people of the Enchanted Forest to the normal world for revenge, but they were aware of it then because of the Savior, Emma.

They welcomed you and, although you still felt out of place, you tried to fit in as best as you could. Pan and Neverland became a distant memory.

Two years later, all anyone at Storybrooke would talk about was Pan coming for ‘business’. Your fanciful imagination got the best of you as you wondered if he was coming for you, but you reminded yourself that he couldn’t love. You had to stay focused.

Your job at Granny’s helped. Someone came in while you were scrubbing the counters. “Sorry, one minute,” you apologized. When you looked up, you almost gasped.

It was Pan. He looked exactly the same with his bright green eyes and brown hair. Your heart raced at the sight of him again. Pan looked at you expectedly so you stuttered, “S-sorry. What would you like?”

“Nothing for me,” he answered, before turning around to the girl behind him, “Love, what would you like?” Just like that, everything stopped.

Pan didn’t remember you. You had definitely changed from the girl who belonged to Neverland, but it was still you.

The girl behind him was beautiful with her blond hair and ladylike demeanor. “A cup of tea,” she answered with excitement.

“Is that all?” You managed to say.

“Yes,” Pan looked at your name tag, “Y/N…” His eyebrows furrowed with confusion. Hesitantly, he looked up to your eyes.

The dull pain that you had ignored for so long returned when he recognized you. You just walked away to get her tea, making sure that you didn’t cry.

“Here you go,” you said as you gave the girl her tea. She was about to say something, probably ‘thank you’, but Pan swiftly paid for the drink and took her hand to drag her out of the restaurant.

Pan always said that he couldn’t love. You even started to believe him. Maybe he just couldn’t love you.

Finally, your shift ended and you left to go back to your apartment. Mary Margaret and Emma were a bit reluctant to let you live by yourself, so they compromised and you were living about two seconds away from them.

No one was out on the streets, even though it was late afternoon. That didn’t really bother you. No one was particularly fond of you. You had hoped that your parents or your friends had somehow been sent there with everyone, but they weren’t.

You stared at the ground, which proved to be a bad idea when you accidentally walked into to someone. “Y/N,” the all too familiar voice said.

“Hi, Pan,” you said weakly.

“Is it really you?” He asked. You nodded, still feeling pretty bad. The feeling got worse when Pan decided to hug you. Once in a blue moon, Pan would hug you in Neverland. It still felt like you were flying.

He pulled away, searching your face for something. “What happened to you?” He inquired, “How did you leave?”

“I asked Tinker Bell for some pixie dust,” you answered dishearteningly. You had always secretly hoped that he would come after you, but he never did.

The look of hurt on his face made you a little angry. “Well, I didn’t know that you were having such a bad life on Neverland,” he stated.

“What happened to ‘no one leaves the island without my permission’?” You mumbled, “If you cared, you would have stopped me.”

“Don’t think that the Lost Boys and I didn’t care about you,” Pan warned, “You are their mother.”

“Then why didn’t you stop me? You could have been mad and left me in the cages to be their mother for all eternity.” You liked the Lost Boys, but you were starting to feel more lost on Neverland.

Pan stiffened. “I knew you were thinking of leaving,” he revealed, “I wanted to respect your decision, but you just left. There was no warning, no goodbye. I thought you would at least ask me instead of doing it behind my back.”

You knew that you were angry, but you didn’t really have any right to be. Instead of telling him so that your love wouldn’t grow anymore, you didn’t. He didn’t know that everything he did for you made you hurt.

He tried to get you to look at him. “Y/N, please just tell me why. I’ve been thinking of what happened before you left that would cause it, but I can’t. I even tried to be nicer to you so maybe you wouldn’t leave. You hurt us.”

“Pan, if you knew that I was leaving, you must know why,” you insisted.

He looked at you sadly. “I had my suspicions.”

Tears danced in your eyes. “Then why didn’t you tell me?” You asked.

Pan looked at the ground. “I don’t know. Part of me liked the attention. I liked that the only girl on the island fell for me. I didn’t realize how it felt for you.”

“So I was just part of a game that you won,” you said sadly, “Now you have her.”


“Pretty name,” you managed to say.

“Yeah,” he nodded. Pan looked up hopefully. “Y/N, I know that I hurt you.” Your mind made up a scenario of him apologizing and saying that he loved you.

“You did,” you stated, already ready for the apology.

“And nothing can change that.”

“I know.”

“Then, can we be friends? Good friends,” Pan started, “You can come back to Neverland and be the boys’ mother again.” He smiled almost joyfully

The minute he said 'good friends’, your mind practically blew up. He never loved you. Not even a little. Then belittled you by saying love is weak when he knew how you felt. Then brought his girlfriend to see you after two years there and who knows how long on Neverland.

“You-you bastard!” You yelled, “You told me that you knew of my feelings for you and basically played me! You think I can be your friend again, let alone good friends?”

The smile bled from his face when he realized how it sounded. “Y/N, no-”

“I mean, it’s one thing to just tell me, but you let it continue,” you continued, “Because of you, my chance of a better life was ruined!” Your eyes narrowed. “You know what, I regret every single tear I cried over you. And you needn’t imagine that there were many of them!”

His eyes pleaded with yours. “Please, Y/N. You were one of my closest friends and it hurt me-”

“It hurt you?” You demanded, letting your own jealousy seep in, “Yeah, cause when you’re with Wendy, it doesn’t seem to be hurting you.” Shooting him one last glare, you walked back to your apartment. Nothing in your life has made you feel as relieved as that moment.

we’ve wasted our lives

so i wrote regina kind of comforting killian in underworld here. so now i’m writing killian comforting regina. 

kind of like a missing scene/deleted scene, or honestly lets be real, something we all wish happens in this show between the two of them instead of just constant snarking (as fun as that is). 

thanks a lot to @oparu for looking this over for me <3

Hook sat at the doorstep of Emma’s, of their house, a book borrowed from Belle perched on his lap. The telltale signs of someone walking was apparent but it neither were the slightly crouching ones of Henry, or quick paced and determined ones of Emma. They were hard, and commanding, and clinking – the latest characteristic making it quite clear which guest he was about to (slightly unwillingly) entertain.

“Did Emma already kick you out?” She smirked, pouting her perfectly painted red lips and raising a teasing eyebrow.

“Why, your majesty, I’m sure you would offer me your most humble accommodations so should that be the case. I wager that I’d make a better roommate then your wicked sister,” he answered, not taking his eyes off of his book. After finishing the page, and surprised at the fact that the woman waited patiently for him to do so, he looked up.

“What can I do for you?”

“I’m here to pick up Henry for the night,” she informed him, “I’m sure Emma told you.”

“Aye. The lad and Emma have gone to get ice-cream,” he said, a silence descending them both as Regina nodded. She could tell the wheels in the pirate’s head were turning as he was staring at the empty space just beside her but she didn’t know how to ask him about it without it seeming as if she cared.

(She didn’t care, of course not. Zilch.)

She was relieved when he surprisingly confessed himself, “I thought they’d want some time alone. Not sure Henry would appreciate me tagging along everywhere with the both of them; give them some mother-son bonding time.”

Regina pursued her lips and sighed in annoyance at herself for what she was about to say, “Henry does like you, you know? He talks about how cool you are – in my defense, what about would a pirate with a hook for a hand, a ship, an abundance of eyeliner and leather, and a penchant for danger, not make him seem cool to a thirteen year old?”

Killian laughed, surprised in seeing the corners of Regina’s lips curve slightly as well.  

“In my defense, when his mother is the strict and orderly mayor of the city, he would find a pirate more entertaining.”

“Well, you’ve got competition now. The Evil Queen has a penchant for dramatic flair and…danger.” She tried to pass it off as teasingly, but Killian caught the slight tremor in her tone. Being afraid of your own capacity of evil is not foreign to him.

“She’s not going to stick around much longer.”

“Really? Cause Snow is currently under a sleeping curse while Charming sits beside her in bed and they exchange notes like long distance lovers. Emma has a death penalty on her head, Zelena is finding her sisterly love with her, and Gold…who the fuck knows what Gold is up to!” She sassed, not quite meaning to put this much heat in her words but it’s Killian, he can handle it.

“Seems like you’re in need of a drink, love.” He procured the flask from his jacket and offered it to her, Regina just shaking her head in refusal.

Killian sighed, “Look, I know you think this is all your fault–”

“I think? It is.” She clenched her fingers in a fist to stress her words, “Only if I’d been stronger then and hadn’t made this absolutely stupid decision –“

“You were mourning, Regina!” The use of her actual name cuts her short, “We all make mistakes. If I’d lost Emma…I would have done much much worse.”

“You wouldn’t,” Regina muttered, making him snap his head to hers, “You’ve changed quite a bit from the revengeful pirate.”

“Well, you’ve changed quite a bit more from the revengeful evil queen.” He muttered back, slightly uncomfortable with the line this conversation was crossing. He can manage indifference and sassiness with Regina; actual heartfelt supportive emotions he couldn’t. The way her face was grimaced slightly meant she felt the same way as well.

“Apparently not. The situation currently withstanding.” She made a dramatic gesture with her arms. She sighed, long and slow, “I should just end this. Once and for all. Save everyone.”

Killian quirked an eyebrow up, “You don’t mean –“

“Yeah,” she nodded, “It’s the only way out of this. If I’m dead –“

“Regina –“

“— She dies too. Problem solved. Everyone would be safe and happy. I’m sure Emma will be able to fight off the dark hooded figure, having all the Charmings hope and fighting for the good blood inside her. If not, then Henry will still have the Nolans and I guess, you.”

“I didn’t think you would back down from a fight this easily, love.” It wasn’t the actual claim he made, but with the teasing glint that he said it with which set her off.

I’m not! At this point it’s just foolish to think anything else can work! I’m just not strong enough. It turns out the strength in me comes from the Evil Queen, not Regina.”

“You’re the same bloody person!” He rubbed his hand on his forehead, ignoring the way she was staring daggers at him.

Keeping his gaze steady with hers he started, “Listen, Regina. I hate to be the one to offer any optimism and comfort, and especially you of all people –“

“Oh god plea-“

“- stop interrupting me, please.” He raised his eyebrows in question, waiting for her nod of whether or not he could continue without being interrupted again.

He took her crossing her arms and tilting her head slightly to look at him as his answer.

“I was friends with Cora. We talked sometimes; I told her about Milah, she told me about you.” He searched her face for any discomfort but except of her clenched jaw found nothing.

So he continued, “I don’t remember my mother; she died when I was just a boy. But I do know that mothers are not supposed to be how Cora was to you.”

Regina’s hands dropped to her sides with a jerk, and she carefully masked her quite emotional reaction by clasping her hands together in front of her and nodding at him to continue.

“The way she talked about you…I don’t think she viewed you as anything but a passage – a way for her to gain everything that she never could, out of pity revenge or insatiable sate, whatever, I don’t know. The way she treated you as a young child, and then killing your first love – yes she told me all about that - and then shipping you off to get married to a King against your wishes…that’s not what a mother does.”

He clenched his jaw as he noticed the way Regina’s lower lip was wobbling lightly and she was blinking rapidly. This reaction was not something he would expect out of from the fiery woman, but wounds made during childhood and from the ones we love do hurt the most. He understands that all too well.

“All I’m trying to say is that – if you can survive Cora, can survive being separated from Henry, can survive Robin’s passing – surviving and winning from your own evil counterpart is nothing.”

Regina tilted her head and let out a shaky breath, pushing her stubborn tendrils behind her ear a couple of times, and Killian let her just be – understanding that she needed time to compose herself.

Finally, she let out a long and loud exhale and moved to sit beside him, startling him slightly as this was not what he was expecting.

“Can I still have the rum?” She asked, her voice just slightly shaking.

“Of course, love.” He grabbed his flask and handed it to her, watching in surprise (and slight pride) as she downed down whatever rum (almost half of the flask) was left and after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, handed him the flask back.

He didn’t know if it was him or Regina who were more relieved when the Bug came to a park in front of the house and Emma and Henry get out, giggling at each other with ice-creams in their hands.

After handing Regina her ice-cream, Henry quickly ran inside, mumbling about grabbing his bag, and Emma gives them both a weird look as she’d never seen them sit so closely (and peacefully) before. Neither of them looked pissed off and Regina actually looked upset so she asked, “You okay?”

Regina nodded, offering a convincing smile.

“I got you a rum and raisins,” Emma informed Hook, smiling at him softly as she handed him his cone. She turned towards Regina, “I suggested maple walnut but Henry said you preferred pralines and cream.”

“I actually prefer no ice-cream at all, but seems like I finally understand what people mean by ‘eating your feelings out’” Regina quipped, taking a lick out of it, “But does it have to be this ill-civilized? Sticking your tongue out to lick it? What happened to standard bowls and spoons?”

“I agree,” Killian smirked, before darting his tongue out to taste this new flavor which Emma promises he’d like. Just having rum be in the name was enough for him to give it a try. He smiled at her in approval as the sweetness hit his tongue, Emma quirking an I told you so eyebrow at him.

“You’re a pirate, you were probably used to eating on leaf plates using your hands and well, hook. I was royalty.” Regina teased him, a hint of her usual self coming back again.

He took the bait all too easily and this time when he retorted back, he was delighted with Emma’s laugh echoing loudly, Henry’s own chuckle being heard from behind, and Regina turning the other way to hide her own sly smile.

(A good hour later when Henry and Regina were finally leaving, all of them lost in conversation at the front porch with ice-creams in their hands, and Henry had hugged Emma goodbye, and thrown Killian a smile and a wave, it was a nice surprise to him when Regina smiled at them both and teased them for having the house all to themselves.)

(If someone had ever told him he would one day actually like the Evil Queen and be friendly with her, he would’ve killed them and worn their ring on his finger.)