remember that one time when eric flirted with everyone and their dog

Musketeers AU! loosely based on a show loosely based on a book loosely based on history so, like, this is 0% historically accurate. I suck at the history of my own country

6,7k words. really soft M, I guess

be kind, aim for my heart

It’s the worst kept secret of the Louvre – of all of Paris, if we’re quite honest. The court is well-trained in the arts of turning the head and closing the eyes, and so excels in ignoring the rapid footsteps and tinkling laughs echoing in the larges hallways of the royal palace. The art of gossiping is one they master too, unfortunately, and so courtesans leans on each other’s shoulder to whisper and giggle about this secret that isn’t one, that mystery they all deciphered such a long time ago, when the child was but a babe.

It’s the worst kept secret of the Louvre, but it still comes with its lot of questions.

She meets him at the annual tournament, some grand event in the Jardin des Tuileries for the soldiers to show their talents and spare among themselves – but, mostly, for the court to fawn over the Queen’s Musketeers, if only because they need the patronage of wealthy women. And for them to open their thighs willingly, too, Emma isn’t foolish enough to convince herself otherwise.

Still, it is a pleasant activity as any, especially in the warm April sun – clouds have been most dreadful sight all winter long and spring brings with it light and singing birds. Emma is able to don herself with thinner, softer dresses, and her mood is all the brighter as she sits next to Duchesse Alexandra, her friend and confident.

The Queen opens the tournament with an eloquent speech, and all her musketeers bow to her in respect. That is when Emma catches sight of him for the first time – black mop of hair half-hidden by his hat, eyes a more vibrant blue that thus of his cape.

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