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Do you know the story about Joan basically stalking Suzi when she first came to Hollywood and sleeping on her hotel floor and probably sleeping with her at like 16?

yeah, she was sleeping in the hotel lobby that suzi quatro was staying in, and toby mamis (suzi’s manager and future runaways manager) found her and had her come sleep in his room (with joan’s friend, so no shenanigans went down)

while i can’t say this for sure, i highly, highly doubt that suzi and joan ever had sex. suzi was made very uncomfortable by the attention she got from joan, because joan was pretty clearly interested in her sexually and suzi had no interest in women

I’ll always remember Joan Sebastian from my teenage years when my mother would play his music at full blast to wake us up on Saturday mornings to do chores. Because of classical conditioning, I hated his music. I had to learn to appreciate it because the music wasn’t “cool” to me, but now that’s the last thing I care about when it comes to music. It either moves me or it doesn’t, and Joan Sebastian is a man whose music had duende and soothed the soul. Today, he died a man, but tomorrow, he’ll live as a legend.  

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Do you know of anywhere that I can find that "POP" strawberry guitar shirt that Cherie and other band members (as well as many other famous people) wore?

hey! that shirt was for some swiss magazine company called POP. brad elterman talks a little bit about it here

a cursory google and ebay search didn’t come up with anything for them–does anyone know if you can buy them anywhere? you could always message bradelterman and see if he still has any haha

nevermind i found something for it. looks like it’s being sold here for 15 british pounds (yes i’m too lazy to copy and paste the pound symbol). i couldn’t find info on if they ship internationally

eta: nevermind, they do ship internationally: “ Rest of the World - Standard First Class £5.00 per order”

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A guy I had a crush on a year or so ago recently killed himself and I'm really broken up about it. He and I were close when he was still in high school. But he graduated last year and we grew apart. And I really miss him and I'm just really upset.

:( i’m so sorry. i wish i had something very helpful to say, but i am not very familiar with the grieving process. i just remember reading a lot of joan didion stuff regarding the topic. i’m sure he cared for you very much!! i have nothing but love to send out to you and hope that with this great tragedy a beautifully happy thing will present itself in your life

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If I can give you my two cents...I think we gotta remember that these people, Joan, Cherie, Jackie, all of them, are human, you know, and they make mistakes. When we put them on a pedestal, we're let down because they're not acting how we think they should act. But we gotta remember that they're human, and whether they regret or don't regret anything they've said or done is up to them. It's better not to hold them to "god" status, so we're not disappointed, you know? Just a thought.

that’s very thoughtful, thanks for the note :)

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7. Celebrity crush? Synyster Gates, all the way. That man is beautiful.
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Get Me Bodied - Beyoncé

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I’m Feeling This - blink 182

I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made of? - A Day To Remember

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

Psychosocial - Slipknot

Walk - Pantera

Wherever I May Roam - Metallica

Ride the Lightning - Metallica

The Quiet Things That No-One Ever Knows - Brand New


We all remember what Joan Baez has done to Suzanne. Now it goes even further.
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