remember that

Just be yourself, that’s really what it is. I mean I get it: black women are the strongest, most confident women in the world. Of course you want to emulate us. I get that. But at the same time, listeners will appreciate it more in the long run if you are just yourself. Eminem did it. He didn’t have to make a mockery of anyone. Beastie Boys did it. They didn’t have to make a mockery of anyone. If you want to treat it as an art form, then really treat it as an art form. Don’t use it as a gateway into a culture that you want to be a part of. Black culture is fun to the rest of the world and they all want to be a part of that, but there are certain things that are sacred to us and certain things that you will never be fully accepted into. That’s just my take on it.
—  Azealia Banks
Dear Followers,

If you are getting hate on anon please try and ignore it and turn off anon. Be strong and if they make you think no one loves you and no one cares remember i love you and i care (and so do many other people) if you need someone to talk to because you have been affected come to me, i know im not the best at replying to messages but i will do my best to reply because i dont want to loose any of you guys.