remember remember the first of september

when i was about 8 (bearing in mind deathly hallows was released when i was about 15) i wrote a harry potter fanfiction where harry and ginny where married and it was the morning of the september 1st and they were taking their 3 kids to the platform to meet ron, hermione, and their kids. i dont remember what the weasley kids were called, but i do remember that harrys kids were called lily, james, and for some reason mercury bob. i dont know why mercury bob, but i do know its still less ridiculous than albus severus.

Ten Years (Part 12)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,065 (I AM OUT OF MY MIND)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: Tags are closed. This is the second to last part. I came THISCLOSE to having another cliffhanger, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t want to drag it out just to torture you. PS - IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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hi yes hello do you all remember the first season four edit i made of the group promo photo

aka AOS….. IN SPACE?

also if you follow me on twitter do you remember how the VERY FIRST JOKE I EVER MADE ABOUT THIS IMAGE WAS-


listen im not SAYING aos stole my idea from september of last year to use as their season finale plot twist but uhh aos stole my idea from september of last year to use as their season finale plot twist. either that, or i really am the fandom clairvoyant like the running joke from season one says, and honestly i prefer plagiarism over that

Moments. Chapter 6: Date

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 6: Date

She looked in the mirror one last time. She had picked at black outfit that she had combined with a light pink hijab she had been reserving for a special moment. She had decided to wear natural makeup, only a thin eye line and no lipstick. On her feet she wore her favorite sneakers, he had said that they weren’t going anywhere fancy so she decided to keep it casual.

She got out of her room and walked to the kitchen where her parents and Elias were.

“Hi” she greeted them smiling

“Hi, you look really nice” her father said

“Are you going out?” her mother asked

“Uh, yes, actually I was about to ask you, is it okay if I go out with Yousef today?”

“Right now?” her dad asked

“Yeah, he’s supposed to pick me up in a few minutes” she said looking at her watch

“Where are you going?” her mom asked

“I don’t know” she sighed “He won’t say, it’s a surprise”

“I don’t know how to feel about that Sana” Mama Bakkoush said

“Believe, neither do I. But he won’t tell me” Sana said

“I know where he’s taking you” Elias said smirking

“He told you?” Sana asked frowning

“Don’t act so surprise, he’s my best friend, of course he told me” Elias said “I know what he has planned”

“Tell me, then” she said

“No, he trusted me. I’m not going to tell you. I won’t break my promise” Elias said solemnly

“Well, you can tell us” his dad said

“That I can do” Elias said shrugging.

He stood up from his seat and walked to his parents. They came closer to him and he started to whisper his friend’s plan. Sana just stared at them half pissed for being left outside half curious about what he was saying

“Okay, you can go” Sana’s dad said “But be careful”

“Be careful? Why? Where is he taking me?”

“Sana, don’t ruin the surprise” her mom said smiling.

Sana was about to protest when someone knocked at the front door.

“I’ll go” she said

She opened the door and Yousef was standing in the other side smiling at her.

“Wow, you look beautiful” he said looking at her in awe.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, where are we going?”

“Okay, rude” he chuckled

“I’m sorry, it’s just…everyone knows except me” she whined

“Elias couldn’t keep his mouth shut, could he?” Yousef said smirking

Sana crossed her arms on her chest and turned around to lead the way to the kitchen.

“Hi Yousef” her mom greeted him as soon as they entered the room

“Good afternoon” Yousef said looking at both of her parents “Hi Elias”

“Hey” Elias said

“Oh, habibti, what’s that face?” her mom asked

“Everyone knows except me” she said almost pouting making everyone laugh, which of course only pissed her even more

“Okay, I think we should go before she changes her mind” Yousef said “We won’t be home late, I promise”

“Good, take care” Sana’s dad said


“Okay are you ready?” Yousef asked once they arrived at the place

He had made her close her eyes and of course, promise that she wouldn’t look.

“Yes, yes, yes I’m ready. Can I open my eyes now?” she asked excited

“You can!”

She opened her eyes with smiling with anticipation. She took a look around and frowned.

“Wow, we are…at a basketball court…” she said trying to hide her disappointment “I love it, it’s so…original”

She tried to fake a smile but Yousef knew better and rolled his eyes at her.

“You hate it”

“No! No, I don’t, I don’t” she said approaching him “I promise I don’t…I just don’t get why the hype, I mean we play basketball all the time”

“Yeah, but we’re not here to play basketball…not exactly”

“Then what?” she brought her eyebrows as closed as it was humanly possible.

She looked adorable and Yousef couldn’t help but laugh.

“We’re playing roller basketball to get to know each other” Yousef said

“We’re playing what?” she asked confused

“It’s a game I’ve invented”


“Have you ever tried roller skating?”


“Perfect. Today you are. We’re going to play basketball with roller skates”

“What? No we’re not. I’m going to fall”

“That’s the point”

“The point is for me to fall?” she asked glaring at him

“No, the point is to make the game a little fairer. You’re way better than me at basketball, I’m way better than you a roller skating. It works”

“I don’t like it” she said

“I figured. And that’s why there’s more to the game” he said “Each time one of us makes a shot, we get to ask the other person a question. If you make a shot you can ask me whatever you want”

“Whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want”

“No limits?”

“No limits”

“Fine” she said squinting her eyes “But you need to teach me how to roller skate first”

“Okay, but only the basics, if not the game loses its appeal”

“It can’t be that hard, if you know how to do it…”

“Ha ha, very funny”

Sana stuck her tongue out to him playfully.


“Come on Sana, just stand up” Yousef said

He had helped her put the roller skates on but she refused to stand up

“I’m going to fall” she said

“No, you’re not. I’m here, I won’t let you fall”


“Of course! Just stand up”

She sighed and got on her feet. For a couple of seconds she was actually impressed, it wasn’t as difficult as she thought but as soon as she tried to take a step she lost control and almost fell backwards.

Wow, wow, wow” Yousef took her hands and helped her regain her balance “Not  so fast, you have to get used to them first”

“I’m not going to get used to them ever”

“Yes you are, come on, just let me guide you”

He started to skate backwards still holding both of her hands, so she would go forward. He was actually the one doing all the work, she was just letting him roll her around.

“Okay, now try to move one of your feet” he said

She shook her head

“I’m not letting you go, come on, move your left foot”

She did as he told her and even though she almost lost control again she regain her balance before she could fall

“See? You did it, now right foot”

She kept moving her feet, one by one, still holding his hands until they got to the other side of the court, next to the basket.

“I’m going to let go of your hands now so I can go grab the ball okay?”

“No, no don’t leave me here”

“Sana it’s okay” he chuckled “You just need to stand still, I’ll be right back”

He slowly let go of her hands and rolled his way to where the ball was. He came back doing some tricks he had learnt during the years.

“You’re a poser” Sana said shaking her head

“Oh really? Well this poser has the ball and is about to make a shot” he said pointing with the ball at the basket

“No! That’s cheating!”

“Come here and stop me then” he challenged her

She glared at him and crossed her arms.

“Fine” he said shrugging and pointing once again at the basket

“No!” she said taking some steps towards him

She lost control and crashed against his body but he caught her before she could fall.

“You did it!” he said smiling

“I almost fall” she said resting her hands on his chest trying not to fall

“But you didn’t, it’s progress”

She rolled her eyes but smiled at him. Then she saw that he still had the ball on his hands. Before he could react she took it from him and threw it at the basket making a shot.


“You’re a cheater!” he said

“Nei, you were distracted, it’s not my fault. I made a shot, now I get to ask”

“Fine, ask” he said crossing his arms on his chest “I’m already regretting inventing this game”

“Okay, my question is…when did you first realized that you had feelings for me?”

“Wow, I was not expecting that question”

She just shrugged and smiled at him

“Okay, well…we met when you were what…like 10? I was 12 I think when I met Elias. And I have to be honest with you, the first time I met you I hated you”

“What?” she said shocked “You hated me?”

“Well, not hated you, more like…I was jealous of you. You were only 10 years old and you were already so smart, you annoyed me”

She shook her head and laughed

“But then eventually I realized that that jealousy had turned into admiration with time…and if I had to say a particular moment when everything changed for me…I guess I’d say when you were around 15 and I was 17. I don’t know if you remember but that summer I went to Turkey with my family and I didn’t come back until late September. I remember the day I came back. I went to your house to see Elias and you were there. And you looked…you looked amazing. You had changed a lot during summer, you weren’t a little girl anymore, you looked beautiful and strong and you were talking to your father about biology and I just, I was so impressed. And then you smiled at me and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I think that was the first day I saw you as something more than Elias’ little sister”

She had been smiling at him during the whole story.

“You don’t remember what happened later that day, do you?” she asked with knowing smile

“What do you mean?” he asked confused

“Make the shot and find out” she said biting her lip.

He grabbed the ball and rolled towards the basket. She didn’t make a move to try to stop him. He shot the ball and it passed through the hoop smoothly.

“Done” he said approaching her again. “What happened later?”

“I met these friends that summer, well they weren’t really my friends. They spent the whole summer teasing me about my hijab and me being muslim and stuff like that but I just acted like I didn’t care ‘cause I didn’t want to be alone. The day you came back from Turkey I went to my friend’s house after you arrived. I think I was only there for like half an hour before I came home  crying. They had spent the whole time making fun of me and they even said that if I was going to cover my head I might as well cover my whole face so they didn’t have to look at me. I went home thinking about taking it off you know? Just give up so I could fit in. And when I arrived…”

“I was there, in the backyard, you came home with red eyes as if you had been crying and I was the first one to see you. Elias was inside talking to your parents”

“Yeah, you saw me and you asked me if I was okay. I just told you that I had had a fight with my friends. And you told me that I shouldn’t let anyone make me feel like I wasn’t good enough, that I was beautiful and strong and that they were only jealous of me. You told me to be myself and not change for anyone. You didn’t even know what had happened to me and you said exactly what I needed to hear”

“I hated seeing you like that”

“You were my hero that day and that’s when I realized that you weren’t just Elias’ best friend to me” she said smiling

“What are the odds that we both started liking each other the same day?”

“Sound like a story of a cheesy movie couple” she laughed

“We are a cheesy couple”

“You are cheesy, I just tolerate you”


Prompt:  OMG! I’ll be so sweet if you write something about how Sana and Yousef started to crushing on each other I mean in the first episode is pretty obvious that is not something recent. Pls pls

Hope you’ve liked it

Sorry if the date idea is lame, I’ve just been so blocked today and I couldn’t think about anything better

Thank you all for reading!♥

So I’m having a pretty chill birthday (because the last two days have been EXHAUSTING) and i want to say thank you again for all the sweet birthday wishes! my 27th year wouldn’t have been half of what it was without this fandom, so it seems like a good time to share something orange and gay :) 

anyway, this is again part of a 5 things orange fic i’ve been writing for over a month that has been put on hold due to finale agonies. i’ve also posted one of these five things HERE (which is actually 3 of 5). this is the first one, and it makes sense to post today, because silver also (theoretically) has a birthday and flint tries to make it nice. emphasis on tries.

The mid-morning heat is thick and relentless, and Flint’s standing on a ladder in his grove, feeling the sweat drip down his spine, thinking about how there’s really no relief from this weather, not even in September, when suddenly he remembers Silver telling him he was born in the summertime.

He freezes, arm outstretched towards an orange. He remembers Silver telling him he didn’t know when the exact day was, but he just chose a new summer day each year to mark the occasion.

The autumnal equinox is next week. Summer is over. And Flint hadn’t done anything. Silver hadn’t said anything. Perhaps it was payback for Flint failing to mention his own birthday. Perhaps he’d simply forgotten, too.

Still. Flint should have remembered.

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See, although we love that there’s no school, and that we have an endless amount of days, or so it seems to spend in the baking sun, and the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down our streets, and the summer loves we develop, and the fresh fruits that are finally in season, and the crash the tide brings into our sand filled toes, and the nights that the morning crept up on us out of the blue, and the amusement parks we go to in seek for a thrill, and the perfect ice cold glass of homemade lemonade mom makes, and the flaming magentas, crisp blues, and bright nectarines we see in the sky throughout the day, and the nights where it was too hot for the day to have time to cool off, so we sleep over the covers,and the laughs and smiles we share under a lantern light at the campground, and the sun that absorbs our skin and leaves gentle kisses.

These aspects of the beautiful season make it so wonderful, but it is not what makes us fall in love with summer. The truth about summer is we love it, because we feel alive. We feel the blood rushing through our veins and for the first time since early September, we remember how to breathe. We remember how to live.

Love, the teenagers.

—  the truth about summer

Drinny | After the Battle

Voldemort’s lifeless body fell with a thud, the most ridiculously normal sound of the night reserved for the wizard responsible for the mass destruction around him.

While a cheer erupted through the Great Hall, Ginny stared at that body, chest heaving in disbelief. Fred had died tonight. So had Colin. Remus and Tonks’s prone bodies rested side by side just behind her, and Voldemort was just there. Dead. He could no longer pay for what he’d done. There was no justice to be had.

She stared, chest heaving, her disbelief an ache buried in her heart. Voldemort. Dead. The wizard whose soul had once seduced her with friendship and possessed her eleven-year-old body was gone. Just like that. Just like… Fred and Colin and Remus and Tonks. Mortal. Human. Neither a god, nor a lord.

The audience that had witnessed the final duel between Harry and He Who Must Not Be Named swarmed the center of the hall, converging on their savior, but Ginny, confused by mortality, wasn’t glad. She couldn’t celebrate. People she loved were dead and the man responsible for it had just been a man, a man like any other. So much so he had even died like one.

What had she been expecting? A flash of light? For his body to disintegrate into dust and float away on the wind? For a demon to loosen itself from the corpse and begin attacking anew?

She didn’t know, but this wasn’t it. This wasn’t what she wanted.

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Hi guys! These days I’ve noticed that I’ve exceeded the eight hundred followers. Eight hundred of you? You are awesome; Eight hundred thanks!
Anyway, I thought it was a good time for a Challenge.. my first Challenge!

So, the rules are:

1. You don’t need to be following me (but I would appreciate it)
2. To join this challenge, send me an ASK
3. Send me your choice (Film n., or Prompt n., ect) and your Pairing (No Ships). You can choose a Supernatural Character (or actor), Teen Wolf Character (or actor), or Marvel Cinematic Universe Character (or actor)
4. You can write everything you want: fluff, angst, smut, but remember: Tag it!
5. All the fics will be due in 8th September. If you need an extension, don’t worry, message me.
6. The minimum amount of words is 500 and the maximum is 10k. If it’s longer than 500 words, remember to add the Keep Reading button.
7. It can be a drabble, one shot, or the start of a new serie.
8. Tag me in the A/N (@dreamingintheimpalawithdean), and put #Nicki’sHolidayChallenge in the A/N and the within the first 5 tags.
9. All fics will be added to a Masterlist, and posted on 10th.
10. Finally.. have fun! ;)

Here are the movies, songs, and prompts I’ve chosen for this challenge. One person for each song, movie, or prompt.

Eight Songs:

1.      Avril Lavigne: When You’re Gone

2.      Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Dean Winchester x Reader ( @nickiwinchester97 )

3.      Imagine Dragons: Dream - ?? x Reader ( @roxy-davenport )

4.      Halsey: Gasoline - Bucky Barnes x Reader ( @littlemissavenger )

5.      Led Zeppelin: Baby I’m Gonna Leave You

6.      The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go - Jensen Ackles x Reader ( @captainemwinchester )

7.      Guns N’ Roses: Don’t Cry

8.      AC/DC: Girls Got Rhythm

Eight Films:

1.      Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2.      The Great Gatsby - Steve Rogers x Reader ( @fvckingsteverogers )

3.      The Thing (1982)

4.      The Little Mermaid - Dean Winchester x Reader ( @jayankles )

5.      Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Chris Evans x Reader x Jensen Ackles ( @wayward-marvel-sommer1196 )

6.      V for Vendetta

7.      Inglourious Bastard

8.      Million Dollar Baby

Eight Prompts:

1.      “I think I still need to be drunk to understand this story.” - Sam Winchester x Reader ( @impalapiegirl67 )

2.   “You are the only exception.” - Crowley x Reader ( @thefrozencoelacanth )

3.      “If it is important enough for you, so it is important enough for me.”

4.      “If you want more sex, just ask for it.” - ?? x Reader ( @wideawakeandwriting )

5.      “I’m an angel of God. I mean, look at my dress.” - Steve Rogers x Reader ( @supernaturallymarvellous )

6.      “It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me – said all at once.”

7.      “The human world – it’s a mess.”

8.      “You think you know, but you have no idea…” - Dean Winchester x Reader ( @giftofdreams )

Are you doubtful, or questions to ask me, just ask me!
Everyone is Welcome to Join it.

Tag for interest/signal boost:

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kcgane  asked:


  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: When they first start dating, Shiro is the only one who gives nose and forehead kisses. Keith thought it was incredibly cute and endearing, he would blush every time Shiro placed a gentle kiss on his forehead and every time he would kiss his nose before going to sleep. Now, they exchange a series of kisses before going to sleep. Shiro presses a kiss to Keith’s nose, forehead and cheek. Then Keith presses a kiss to Shiro’s cheek, nose and forehead. Shiro may have started sleeping better after Keith began kissing him goodnight
  • Gets jealous the most: Shiro gets pretty jealous. He beats himself up for it, but Keith doesn’t mind too much. It’s not an unhealthy kind of jealousy, just a kind of jealousy that pushes Shiro to randomly kiss Keith when they’re out in public together.
  • Takes care of on sick days:  Of course they both take care of each other when the other is sick but Shiro’s a lot better at it. He makes Keith hot honey and lemon, tucks him up in at least two or three blankets and reads to him. Keith is a lot more awkward and doesn’t really know what to do so he just holds Shiro’s hand and asks him if petting his knife would make him feel better.  
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: So one time Shiro did this to Keith but he  f r e a k e d  out when Shiro put him down in the water and his foot touched something. He literally jumped back into Shiro’s arms. It was terrifying. He does not go past the point where he can see the bottom anymore.
  • Brings the other lunch at work: nah they’re not the kind of couple to do this. If one of them forgets their lunch they’ll have to suffer through the day, but the other will probably make them a special supper afterwards.
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: yeah they definitely do this kind of role play
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: You’d think it’d be Keith since he dances all the time when he’s drunk but he’s actually surprisingly good at it. Shiro is… really impressed
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: Keith!! Shiro isn’t so enthusiastic about it at first but after seeing how excited his boyfriend gets about these kind of things he loves them
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: they don’t really exchange gifts at Christmas? They just exchange cards with sweet notes filled with love and then bake cookies for the rest of the day. Keith will never admit to anyone (besides Shiro) how much he loves doing this
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: Eating breakfast isn’t a problem for either of them but Shiro definitely has to stop Keith from eating only brownies for breakfast. He tries to get up before Keith so he can hide them before he can get to them. Sometimes it works. Other times, Keith has tackled Shiro to the ground in attempt to steal the brownies back. Normally this results in a tired morning make out session on the floor with brownies all over the place.
  • Remembers anniversaries: Shiro remembered their anniversary one (1) time and then never again. Keith is hopeless at this kind of thing. It’s horrible, neither of them know when their anniversary is anymore. They know it’s in September but they have to rely on Pidge to remember the exact date, what would they do without her
  • Brings up having kids first: they both want to adopt really badly, but they jump around the subject at first. Keith starts talking about how good Shiro is with kids. Shiro starts talking about how good Keith is with kids. Eventually, they sit down and talk about adopting and they both agree that they want to, but not for another couple of years.
  • Kills the bugs: Shiro and Keith, killing bugs?? lmao no gotta call Allura for that one. Good thing she only lives five minutes away
  • First to define them as a couple: Who knows? Neither of them can stop referring to the other as “my boyfriend.” Shiro even “accidentally” referred to Keith as his boyfriend before they got together
  • Who hides their guilty pleasures longer: Keith couldn’t even hide his guilty pleasure of eating brownies for a whole day what th e  fu c k
  • Snorts while laughing: ShiRO,, it doesn’t happen often but Keith’s heart did in fact explode the first time he was around when it happened.
Voyage, Pt. 1

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Summary: Five years, four friends, three lovers still stuck in the past, two love stories, one ship hundreds of miles away from shore, all set on a voyage that would change their lives from here on out.

Characters: Taehyung, Jimin, (she/her) Reader

Tags: Romance, slice of life, mild angst

Notes: After a terribly long wait, I humbly present my second project: ‘Voyage’! This mini serial is based on my First Love Commemoration Series, and will follow, in more depth, the stories of Taehyung and Jimin and their respective first loves. The serial will be about 3-4 parts long, perhaps five if I’m feeling wordy. With no further ado, please enjoy the first segment of this voyage of a lifetime!

Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, Afterthoughts

          You had hit many milestones in your twenty-four years of life—your first friendship, your first falling out, your first time attending a concert of your favourite band, your first time crying over celebrities who had no idea who you were, your high school entrance ceremony, your first boyfriend and your first break-up, graduation, attending college away from home, experiencing dorm life for the first time, making your first steps towards a career you had no idea if was right for you.  

          Twenty-four years was no small amount of time, but it had felt so short, so fleeting, you blink your eyes and suddenly foot races down school corridors to get a good spot in the lunch queue had felt like eons ago. Even at graduation, the reality of leaving your teenage years behind had not hit you—you hugged friends goodbye, thanked teachers for their guidance, took a tour of the building you spent the most beautiful years of your youth in—and you had left it all behind. In those instances it hadn’t felt so heavy, so irreversible, but when you moved into your dorm and lost yourself on campus trying to get to class, you had realised how small you were, and how gargantuan the world was.

          Adulthood. Four years into college, into your twenties, and that word still sat on your tongue like a clump of wet sand. You’d loll it around, stuff it into the pocket of your cheeks and work around it, but it was always there. You wondered when you would grow to fit the shoes you had haphazardly worn and sprinted in for the past four years, wondered if the transition would happen like a car collision—jarring, instantaneous—or if you’d slip into it unknowingly like a daydream. 

          Then one day you received an email class, and you had faded away from the lecture hall, away from the hubbub of classroom noises and your professor’s lecture on abnormal psychology, and you had found yourself standing at the foot of a very long, long flight of stairs.

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Izuku: Hey guys guess what!!

Shouto & Katsuki: What?  

Izuku: We’re getting a whole week dedicated to our ship! Isn’t that exciting?  

Katsuki: Like a spaceship?  

Shouto: Or a pirate ship?  

Izuku: Guys, no…

((Someone enlighten them and save Deku from the exasperation…))

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BakuTodoDeku week is September 26-October 2, 2016 !!!

Please remember to read or rules and submission guidelines.

Prompts (also here)

Day 1: Happiness/ Family & Friends  / Sports AU

Day 2: Sorrow/ Memories / Time-travel AU

Day 3: Admiration/ Unrequited or Break-ups / Fantasy or Mythological AU

Day 4: Hope/ Resting or Hobbies / Soulmate AU

Day 5: Jealousy/ First date / Quirkswap or Bodyswap AU

Day 6: Fear/ Future / Reincarnation AU

Day 7: Love/ Free day / Crossover AU


Remember to tag your work #bakutododekuweek so we can find it! We look forward to seeing you there!!

mmrs // 06132017

I. I remember warning you to not kiss me on my neck because that’s what turns me extremely on. But you did. You planted soft kisses on my neck and it gave me shivers.

II. You asked me about my first kiss and I told you I haven’t kissed anyone yet. You were astounded. It was a cold night in August, you hugged me tight to keep my body warm, then you kissed my lips, and the warmth reached my heart and soul.

III. Minions in July. Pixels and Maze Runner in September and Hotel Transylvania in October. I can’t remember watching all of these movies. But I remember watching you. I remember you laughing, I remember how blank your face was and how amazed you were. I remember your touch. I remember how soft your skin was.

IV. It was 24th of October, almost 5 o'clock in the morning. I remember writing a letter for you. I got a lot to say and they were all inside my head. I tried to write them all down, but ended up writing, ‘Why?’. I remember how I stared at nowhere, I remember the darkness, I remember how the rest of the world slept soundly while I was just there, holding my breath, trying to not cry out loud, trying to not call out your name. I remember how easy for you to say goodbye and I remember how it crushed me down.



Hey everyone!

I never actually introduced myself and I didn’t really have the time to do this when the meetups happened but now I’m finally doing it ( ° U°)9

Hi, I’m Beni and I’m from Germany.  I first got into contact with Kingsman when I saw some peeps on my dash reblogging gifs and photosets of it here on tumblr in February/March 2015 when the movie came out and it just looked really nice from what I saw so I went and watched it with a friend while I was visiting her and I’ve been in love with Kingsman since.

(actually, I later remembered that a friend sent me the trailer to it back in 2014; around September/October? I don’t really remember. But I was really into Sherlock back then and she sent me the trailer bc of that ‘dude in the suit fighting a bunch of people in a bar with an umbrella’ pretty much reminded her of Mycroft Holmes. I kinda forgot about that though and didn’t really think of it again until after I watched ksm)

Yess. Watching Kingsman made me fall so deep into the trash can, I haven’t come out of it since and I’m loving every single second of it :D I fell so deep, I think I managed to read at least a bit of hartwin fic every day for like half a year haha oops

Thanks to ksm I also fell in love with Colin Firth (and Mark Strong and Taron but yeah). Colin just ruined me. That’s what you’ll mainly find on my blog btw. Kingsman, hartwin, Colin Firth and some other stuff I love (Halsey, aesthetic & random stuff, etc.)

I also have a passion for drawing so uh, if you wanna check out my art you can do it here though I don’t even upload like 90% of what I’m doing, I’m trying to post more ksm fanart in the future ;0

occasionally I cosplay Merlin and I’m working on my Harry cosplay for over 2 years now RIP me, I’m afraid I’ll never finish it OTL

anyway :D’ I can’t really think of anything else to write right now, so if you got any questions I’m always open to chat

feel free to talk to me or tag me in things, I always love to do these. Or, if you have an idea for a little hartwin or ksm in general drawing, send me an ask and I might draw it eventually <3


“A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.” - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It’s incredible how loss feels.

I remember meeting Elvis for the first time - we were playing a show at Pilam, part of our month long ‘house show residency’ with Laser Background where we would travel to and live in a different house show venue each week within Philadelphia and each Friday we would host a show there with different local bands. September 28 2012 to be precise.

During our set, I remember seeing him from the stage. Effortlessly cool, it was instantly apparent that this was a special person. His dance moves were otherwordly, a combination of voguing and interpretive dance so incredible that we ended up approaching him that night and asking him if he’d like to be involved in our first music video, the concept simply being that we would dance and we would film him. Not much of a 'concept’ I know but really, you should’ve seen these moves. 

It wasn’t for another 7 months or so that we finally got our act together and set up the shoot.  It was the first real day of spring, warm enough to walk outside in a light jacket and incredibly sunny. We had recently moved into a new loft apartment, and with one of the spare rooms we painted a wall in order to have a green screen - the sole purpose of which was to film this video. Elvis and a handful of friends came over, and we made a day of it, filming, laughing, hanging out and eating pizza. Really a great day with good people, there’s no replacement for that. 

Here we are now less than a year later and he is gone - it’s a very surreal thing to consider, a life being lost so suddenly, especially the life of a person I anticipated seeing often into the future. It has forced this video to take on an infinitely complex meaning for me - more than its inherent aesthetic goals, and very honestly, self promotional aspirations. On the other hand, I can’t help but be glad it exists as a document of this one of a kind person.

Rest assured - he’ll be missed

Hi everyone! As most might know, I got a midori traveler’s notebook for my birthday! I got it on the 10th October 2015 and its been a week or two. I’ve actually been using both a journal and a planner since June this year and I decided to use the midori because I didn’t like the fact that I am bringing two big books along with me wherever I go.

Today! I’m going to give everyone some tips on how keep a journal and a planner and maybe also why you should do it. Note that this tips are in random order so feel free to read everything if you want.

Originally posted by longnightsandcigarettes

1. A journal and a planner can actually fix and organize your life so you can use it. This is because:

-A journal can help you to remember what you did or learn throughout the day

-A planner can remind you the task you need to do for the day, week or month

2. Both the planner and journal are almost the same thing but it suits to someone’s needs or motive.

3. Journals can help you understand and appreciate more about life and even the smallest things about it

4. A planner helps you remember what you did on a special day, like example, I recorded down on my first planner that I collect a very important card of mine on the 1st September. This is actually a fun thing and it makes special dates more special.

5. Journal-ing and planning uses a book or any devices, either ways, it can help you to be more creative, but it all comes from within yourself. Your journal can be messy can be neat but it all depends on you because when you have a journal or a planner, you need to do things your way to make it perfect to you.

6. Reflecting back on n.o 5, a journal and a planner is YOURS! Not others, so you can do anything you want with it

7. Back to n.o 6, because the journal or/and planner is YOURS! It is your choice whether you want a certain person to see it. You can also keep it ALL to yourself and be selfish because this is yours, your life and some small secrets in it.

8. Don’t be dumb like me and put your planner or journal on the table in class or somewhere in the public and walk away. I didn’t lose mine nor did anyone take a look at it [Other than my close friends]. It might be troublesome if you lost it so try to be responsible about it if you want to take it out in public

9; Do NOT write your deepest and darkest secret inside of your journal or planner, it is seriously not recommended because if anyone takes your book, well… you are kind of screwed…

10. Your journal and planner is not going to end up like what you might want it to be, but don’t be afraid of making mistakes in it. Since the journal or planner is yours, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you are not going to show it to anyone else [unless you want to], and you don’t actually have to be some kind of “Great Art Piece”. This is because sometimes when you draw something like a cute or ugly monster inside your book, the next time you see it, you might smile at the memories of drawing something so weird

11. Your planner can have stickers, stamps or nice things inside. As long as it motivate you to journal or write more, it is fine

12. If there is anything that might scare you or disturb you and it is IN your journal, take it out or do something about it. Don’t let it scare or disturb you enough to stop using it.

13. Your planner or journal can have sticky notes inside just in case you want to write down something but you do not confirm it is needed inside or if you have not enough space for it. You can just take your pen and jot it down in your sticky notes before putting it on the page

14. Choose the planner or journal you want to use CAREFULLY. It is all about how comfortable and happy or excited you are with it. If it is not motivating enough or perfect enough, you will get sick of it and throw it one side

15. If you are a person who gets bored of something VERY EASILY [LIKE ME] then you have to be very careful. Once a week or month, you would like to customize the book, paint it or add some charms or so. It all depends on you but you have to try to make it as interesting as you can

16. I know some journals and planners where you can refill it with pages or notebook so anyone can ask me for the names or brand or it

17. You can use tumblr, instagram, we-heart-it or any other website to get motivation or to look through others journals

18. Do not force yourself to write in your journal or planner EVERYDAY, this might make you hate the journal or planner and almost everything about it.

19. Back to tip n.o 18, you can use n.o 17 to find motivation to write in your notebook everyday. You can leave it aside for 1-2 days but try to get back into it or you will totally forget about it

20. Lastly! n.o 20!!! Choose a good and maybe your favorite pen for the planner or journal. This will really motivate you to write more! You can change them once in a while but do not spend to much money on it.

Journal-ing and planning might be not be a thing for you but it will really help you in your life so you can try to use it. All the tips that I gave you just now are just TIPS, there is no wrong or right way of journal-ing or planning. This is all up to you, you can write upside down or round and around and it is still your journal. As long as you love the book and the things you do, that is what matters the most.


We’re pleased to announce our very first Sendaid Summer Showdown!

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What 9/11 Means To Me

Before 9/11 my name was Layla. I had friends who knew me just as that. My race was never a topic of discussion, questions about my religion never had a aggressive undertone to it. I just knew I was one of 5 Arab, Muslim students in my elementary school. I was different, but never an outcast. 

September 11th 2001 came along and though I don’t remember the exact aftermath of it, I look back and see the transition of “Layla” in first grade, to a couple years later in 6th grade as “Sand Nigger”. In fourth grade at a playdate I remember a girl asking me if I had any relation to Osama Bin Laden. “Is he one of you? My dad said he’s a bad guy..” I had no idea how to directly answer that. At the time, I tired the best to immediately distance myself from the bad guy and said “No no! He’s not one of me at all.” She nodded and accepted that I wasn’t, but the world didn’t. 

Every year the 9/11 school memorials got worse and worse. When I was called a sand nigger and a terrorist, it was in the 6th grade open discussion of 9/11. The class expressed their thoughts and I of course stayed silent, waiting for the “Are you one of them?” questions. There was only one other Arab in the class and we both slid so far down in our seats, hoping the desk can be a shield for any ignorant questions. It didn’t take long for one white boy to call refer to us as “Them two are one of them sand niggers who tried to kill us! Fucking terrorists!”. The arab boy looked at me and muttered under his breath to ignore them. But I didn’t. I instead rose my hand and told on them. What the Mental Health teacher responded with was something that will bring tears to my eyes, for a lifetime. She told me “This memorial isn’t about you! Stop making it about you, deal with it” 

As an Arab Muslim in New York how is 9/11 not about me? 

When I’m in the airport with my family and we receive extra pat downs and extra bag searches. Is it not about us? When we have extra security escorting us to the airplane, is it not about us? They claim its not. They claim its protocol, but why is the protocol only used to people who look like me. 

In 10th grade, when Osama Bin Laden was killed and some boy asked me “Are you sad your leader got killed?” Was that not about me? Was that not directed at me, because of who I am? Because I didn’t see him ask that questions to his group of white friends beside him. 

Did the years of angry assumptions, did the years of terrorist jokes, did the years of sand nigger calls, did the years of Osama bin laden jokes, have nothing to do with 9/11? Because before than I was called nothing but my name.

What about that time at the airport when I walked through the metal detector and had my bag sent quickly through the scan machine without no problem. But had to watch my mother get a extra long pat down and had each one of her bags manually searched. And when my mother told the lady that my bag was also hers my perfectly fine bag before now had to be searched manually by hand. Did that have nothing to do with the fact my mother wears a hijab and I don’t? Because my bag went through the scan without a problem before.

If 9/11 isn’t about me then why does every student in the classroom look at me when we discuss it?

From the age of 6 on, I grew up having to defend myself. I grew up having “Im not one them” at the tip of my tongue whenever I was asked what I was. I grew up having to condemn every act of violence I never committed. I grew up having my throat tighten whenever terrorists were discussed. I grew up watching eyes land on me at all 9/11 memorials at school. I grew up ashamed. I grew up angry. I grew up afraid to watch the news. I grew hating everything I was. From age 6 to 19 I grew up with an identity crisis. I hated being arab, I hated being muslim. I grew up lying saying I was anything but that. 9/11 was a day my identity got taken away.

You guys think of 9/11 once a year when the anniversary comes along and say “NEVER FORGET” 

Well I don’t need a reminder to “never forget” because from the ages of 6 to 19, this is all I know. I get a constant reminder, when terrorist jokes are made.

I get a constant reminder when my religion is broadcasted on the news as violent. 

I get a constant reminder when gun stores are “muslim free zones”

I get a constant reminder when I look at the hate crime statistics towards Muslims and Sikh men.  

I get a constant reminder when I watch movies and televisions shows and see us portrayed as nothing but gun holding, bomb throwing terrorists. 
I get a constant reminder when I see people walk out of theaters watching American Sniper and saying “We should kill all of those rag heads”

I get a constant reminder when #KillAllMuslims trends on twitter.

I got a very clear reminder when a mosque was trying to be built a couple of blocks from ground zero and suddenly the whole city of New York protested, shouted and screamed from the top of their lungs, no mosque is welcome here. I got a constant reminder when their excuse for shutting down the mosque was because “THEY DID IT TO US!” 

I get a constant reminder when I am asked to say “sorry” for simply following a faith 365 days a year. 

anonymous asked:

I remember you saying you were pregnant a long time ago? I was wondering how you were and if you had the baby yet? I hope I'm remembering the right person. ^-^

First of all you have the right person. Second, I haven’t seen that emoji used in years and I’m so happy now.

Yes I’m still pregnant. I’m having the baby in the beginning of September if all goes according to plan. I have not been very well but baby is well! I’ll be 7 months next week. I’ve been in and out of the hospital all throughout the whole pregnancy. It’s been tough but I’m hanging in there. Thank you so much for asking. :)