remember remember that this is really just an excuse to set off fireworks

You’re A Firework - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Author: Dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Dylan O’Brien was your first kiss, your first love, that is until fame hit him like a truck. Now after years of not speaking and being apart, you decide to stay in his old room for a summer while figuring some things out. Coincidentally Dylan just so happens to be taking a break during that time.

Pairings: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Kissing.

Word Count: 3,457

A/N: This is the first chapter of my new story Start Of Something New! I hope you guys enjoy.

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Soft hums of Katy Perry played in the background, the smell of BBQ filled the air. Kids ran around as the parents all stood in various places, talking about things that interested them and the teens sat on the stairs, watching all the madness while waiting on the food. You were holding some of Julia’s famous lemonade, her brother’s body slightly leaning against yours. “I bet you ten dollars Uncle Mike is going to light himself on fire tonight.” His voice was slowly turning into low and smooth as he was getting older, it had gotten to the point where your breath would hitch when he spoke to you. He was around two years older than you, but for some reason you two became friends, clicking together instantly. Him and his family had been quick to make you feel like part of the family, hence why you were at their family cookout for the 4th of July instead of being at home with yours. “Why wait until tonight? Two more steps closer to the grill and he will be in flames.” Your words made Dylan laugh, his head falling back as he did so. Julia glanced up at you two, smile on her face as she shook her head. Julia knew you had a crush on her brother, she had confronted you about it probably around a month ago.

“You’re looking at him different.” She had said, arms crossed upon her chest, eyes narrowing down at you. “I am looking at him like the goofball he is.” You said defensively, confused look on your face. You didn’t know exactly when you started developing feelings for Dylan, but it made you worry. If Julia could see it, could he? “Like a goofball you’re in love with.” She mumbled, but you still heard her, it took a lot out of you to wipe the concerned looked on you face as Dylan walked out of the dressing room, striking some ridiculous pose in his slacks. School pictures were coming up for the end of the year and you had agreed to go shopping with him. “I am feeling these.” He said, smoothing down his jeans, making a face that cause you to laugh, shaking your head at his childish acts. “You look like a grandpa.” You commented, his face scrunching up at the idea. “Do not.” For someone who was older than you he really did act like a child most of the time, the corners of his mouth pulling down in a frown.

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You all have @banshees to thank for this. Max I love you and you always inspire me to keep writing, so I hope this is worth your faith in me.

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“‘till death do us part” never really sat well with Mako. In Junkertown, there was never a way of knowing when that would be. You could live for twenty years without an issue. You could be taken out by a desperate man with a knife tomorrow. To say you’d only love someone until one of you died seemed like a cop out when you could lose each other only a day after making the promise.

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A birthday surprise

Sorry this took forever! It’s fairly long so I hope that makes up for it, but here you go:)


You woke up early on the morning of your birthday, but unlike most students at Hogwarts would be, you weren’t excited.  You’d never seen birthdays as much of a celebration- they just meant you were one day closer to growing old, and to you, that wasn’t an exciting prospect. But this year, it was even less appealing. War was raging outside of the castle, people dying every day… why should you be celebrating?  Sighing, you tugged yourself out of bed and pulled on your uniform, pulling your hair into its usual pony tail. It didn’t matter anyway- you hadn’t told anyone about your birthday, and it’s not like they’d remember. The day would just be like any other, and part of you was glad for it.

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The Arsonist Protection Job (DC TV/Leverage)

Couple caveats:
1) I find this season’s treatment of Mick to be very disturbing so consider this an expression of catharsis
2) I’ve never written Leverage before, and
3) I actually never got around to watching the final season of Leverage
Hopefully this remains an enjoyable fic despite all that.

Title: The Arsonist Protection Job
Fandom: DC TV, Leverage
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3976
Characters: Mick, Eliot, Parker, Hardison, minor appearances by everyone else
Summary: Following Holding On by @robininthelabyrinth. After Eliot makes good on his promise of getting Mick away from the Legends, he, Parker and Hardison run interference on Mick’s teammates. Except for one.

“You’re not answering any doors while you’re here.”

Mick rolled his eyes- not that he was eager to play host in someone else’s place. “Are you gonna put me under house arrest, too?”

Eliot gave him a look. “You’re in a building with a brew pub, a fully stocked private kitchen and gym upstairs and a fire pit in the yard- what’d you wanna go out for?”

“If he wants to go out, I can take him!” Parker offered cheerily. She considered Mick as if mentally calculating something. “Do you like scaling buildings?”

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Remember remember, the 5th of November

I can’t believe summers vanished. I already miss it. Here in the UK we have bonfire night or Guy Fawkes on the 5th of November which is basically an excuse to set off thousands of tonnes of explosives and set fire to gigantic and morbid stuffed models of the guy who plotted to blow up parliament. Its a pretty dark and messed up celebration. But a few years ago it gave me a chance to have my own messed up celebration.

I was living quite close to where a large display is held at the time so I was able to walk there. I still remember it quite clearly and it was well planned. But I was so nervous. I hadn’t really delved into public shame much back then and even though its still a big deal I was even more nervous than I’d be now. Which called for another dalliance with wine.

I was able to plan it as I had the house to myself that weekend and managed at least three days without going to the loo. I rarely have evening missions and I remember it was tough getting through the day beforehand; I had to cross my legs a lot, trying not to let the waves of urgency fully take hold. I started having a few drinks at 5ish before leaving at 6 to walk into town. The drinks helped my nerves but they went to my head a little as when I’m desperate for the loo I lose my appetite and hadn’t eaten much all day. I wore some stretchy pale blue high waisted jeggings over red sloggi briefs, over cut and rolled up tights, over white multi pack briefs, Its always been a safer approach layering as such and it helps me to feel protected against leaky leg bands if things turn out to be overly messy. I also wore a leather jacket and a scarf as it was quite chilly.

It was a lovely little town that I miss so much, having moved away from there since. On bonfire night, preceding the actual fireworks display, they have a large procession through the town with lots of floats driving by with bands and performers along with hundreds of people dressed up with torches walking down the narrow highstreet which they close to traffic. I’d arrived a little early so went into a very old pub that the procession goes directly by for another glass of wine. I don’t usually go into pubs alone but wanted to allow a wave to take hold in the ladies as I was getting desperate. There were so many people there, it’s got to be the busiest night of the year. Just ordering a drink took about fifteen awkward minutes, trying not to give in to the gassiness at hand. I remember going outside the front of the pub as they let you take the plastic cups away and watched the procession begin. The atmospheric smell of burning wood from all the torches and the general air of excitement was thrilling. But I was still nervous. I had to cross my legs a little a few times and eventually gave in and went into the ladies. There was a large queue so I decided to bail, I didn’t need to wee much so was fairly confident but it meant I couldn’t let a wave properly take hold. It was for the best as the way things felt it would be tough to recover from without losing it badly.

I finished my wine and set off with the crowd for the field nearby where they have the display. I now felt really light headed and seriously full. I started uncontrollably farting on the way and a few were audible, but hopefully not witnessed. I didn’t really have a plan, apart from to put myself in the situation for a large accident at the display and as we were all funnelled down into separate lanes for paying the entry fee I started sweating. The pressure was huge and the gassiness had stopped which was worrying as that usually means there’s a dam that’s holding back more gas and it could be noisy.

There were some teenagers behind me, mainly girls, and a family in front. I felt a bit weird being alone but it added to the thrill, making it more of an adventure. Then a very bad wave started. If I allow them to take hold then I can only ride it out by totally crossing my legs, something that wasn’t possible in that crowded environment. Nearly at the front of the queue now I tried to cross my legs a little but it didn’t help and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I was seriously desperate now and was fumbling around in my purse getting the entry money ready when a powerful spasm struck and I had to lean forwards slightly. I was straining to brake but it was no good and I suddenly gave an involuntary push. A messy load about the size of an apple quickly crackled into my pants before I managed to stop the flow as my heart doubled its pace. There were still a few people in front before I’d be able to pay and get through to some much needed personal space. And then the smell hit as I was struggling to regain control. I had to cross my legs now otherwise I’d obviously lose the whole load while trapped with too many people. I didn’t dare reach back to examine whether it had stained or whether it was visibly bulging but it felt quite wet and messy and pleasantly warm on the cold evening. I heard the girls behind quiz each other on who farted although I don’t think they rumbled me. But I was still so desperate and as I paid the people on the gates I asked where the toilets were which may have been a giveaway if they’d smelled it.

There were a line of portaloo’s, which barely qualify as toilets, and people were already queuing. It was so crowded and it felt surreal being in that situation with messy pants. The wine had helped to take the edge of my nerves and as I queued I crossed my legs again, trying not to lose total control yet. Someone joined behind me, and then they changed line which made me paranoid and I felt back. It felt wet in places! When I’d went into the portaloo, which had a small basic mirror, I could see that the staining was noticeable and I panicked a little not knowing what to do and was now in the grip of a powerful wave. More poop starting crackling out but again I didn’t want to lose the whole load just yet and fought through it somehow. It really stank. I stayed there like that for a good few minutes until I’d just about settled enough to walk out and find some space. The display was due to begin and I found a dark spot which was a little less crowded. Thankfully the darkness would have been enough to cover the visual side but people would still be able to smell me.

More and more people piled in and I again felt more and more nervous. My pants were already terribly messy and it was bulgy, maybe the size of an everyday poop. They’d lit the Guy to much applause and then unexpectedly they let off a gigantic banger to commence the display and it gave me a shock which brought on a severe cramp. As everyone cheered the display erupted into life and I stood there, trying to act naturally as the remainder of the movement moved towards the exit. I was now breathing heavily and surrounded by people as I leaned forwards and totally lost it. With a forceful push I could hear my own explosion between the larger explosions in the sky as a lot of mush and warmth spread further into my pants. And then it got slightly firmer and I could have regained control here but was utterly absorbed into accident mindset and slowly pushed this monster out. It took a long time but at least it was quieter. I felt back and the bulge was getting enormous and it was starting to make its way towards the top of my underwear. I don’t know if anyone had seen it as it was happening but now the smell in the air was a total giveaway.

It was such a surreal and strangely satisfying moment, being around others and totally filling up my underwear. The warmth and the feeling of it spreading out against my skin along with the messy relief was amazing but the size of it wasn’t good. On top of the staining now the bulge felt ridiculous and I had to push against it to try and flatten it out a little which caused it to stain my jeggings more. Some of the huge rockets were lighting up the field so much that people would have been getting glimpses of my predicament and adding up the source of the smell. It was even overpowering the strong gun powder haze from the fireworks. After I’d heard a few people questioning it I started walking away, closer to the exit.

I really hadn’t thought this through. The walk back was going to be tough with this many people around. I watched the fireworks continue as I left the field and stood with my back to a tree, trying to figure out a route that would avoid the busy highstreet. I felt back again and noticed that I’d wee’d a little too and there was wetness now on my upper inner thighs. This was a disaster and the smell just seemed to get worse and worse. I still remember thinking that this was one of my largest poops of that year, and definitely my most public up until then. I didn’t really go much more public than this until recently with this years lunacy.

I had to walk straight past the people on the gates where it was well lit and I have no doubt they saw the mess I was in, And even worse there was a squelching sound a little as I walked. The Jeggings stretched sufficiently helping me to feel secure against pants leg band leaks but it was all so over the top and I held my bottom a fair amount as I walked, making my hand slightly messy.

The journey back is hazy. I passed so many people and kept changing sides of the road to keep maximum possible distance but I do remember hearing a girls voice saying “poopy pants” in a higher pitched teasing way. I’d managed to leave before the display had finished and avoided getting stuck in the bottleneck of people leaving but I remember looking in the mirror when I’d got home and thinking oh my god. There’s no chance that anyone who’d caught sight of my bottom would have missed it. I’m still trying to find a picture, I’m sure I took one, but it isn’t in the obvious folder, which is worrying..

I’d been meaning to type up that one for a while. It was by a long way the most epic pants poop of my life up until that point. It’s also that time of year again now, and there are a lot of fireworks displays on next weekend. Hmmm :)

Malia the match maker

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader
Word count: 1,572
Author: Fran
Warnings: Spoilers for the end of season 3 guys

Guys I’m out of requests now! Please send me something to write!!
This was a fun one to write, hope you like it!

Malia the match maker

Malia’s grip on her pen tightened as she watched you and Stiles working together in class. Every time you laughed together, touched each other more than was necessary, or even looked at each other for too long she would clench her fist around her pen to stop herself from saying something.

While it was true she was being overly jealous, and she was aware of how badly she was reacting, her short time as a human hadn’t taught her how to deal with these kinds of situation. What being a coyote had taught her however, was when something threatened her territory she had to show her dominance over whatever was threatening her. Usually this was a bloody brawl and her human side said that fighting you would be unfair and probably a bad idea so she refrained.

She looked over at the two of you again to see you laughing at one of Stiles’ jokes and felt a surge of annoyance rush through her, the fragile pen in her hand snapping under her hands force. Startled, her partner Scott turned to her with concern.

“Are you okay?” He asked, looking from the pen to her as she grits her teeth.

“I don’t like (y/n) and Stiles being together like that.” She muttered, trying to focus on the work in front of her, though she found it hard to understand. Scott just laughs next to her.

“(y/n) and Stiles have been friends for forever, Malia. Don’t be worried about them being close, I can tell you there is definitely no romantic feelings there what-so-ever.” He assured her with a smile before turning back to his work.

Malia glances over at the pair again, feeling unconvinced as she sees your gazes linger on each other’s for a beat too long.


You, Stiles, Scott and Malia walk out of your last lesson after the bell rings, heading to the exit where you planned to meet Kira before going to Derek’s. Malia had given you a deadpan look as you walked out together and had fallen behind with Stiles leaving you to chat happily with Scott. You were talking to him about the newest threat terrorising Beacon Hills before you felt a strong arm wrap around your upper arm and pull you back.

Malia grinned at you in a very un-Malia like way and motioned for the boys to go on ahead. “(y/n) and I have some girl stuff to discuss, we’ll catch you guys up.” She says.

You wait for the boys to wander on out of earshot before turning to the were-coyote with a questioning look, “So what’s up?”

“So, any boy’s on your radar at the moment?” She answers you, attempting to be nonchalant but failing.

“Uh,” You stutter, “Not really?” You speak slowly, suspicious of the girl’s intentions here. She just nods her head at this as if she’s connecting dots in her head.

“You and that boy in Econ seem pretty flirty?” She says, tilting her head to the side as she watches you.

“What, Steven?” This whole conversation was beginning to make you feel uncomfortable and memories of a certain boy started appearing in your head, memories you’d rather forget. “We’re just friends, really. There’s only really one person I’ve ever properly liked.” You divulged and straight away felt like you had said too much when her eyes narrow at you, but luckily the doors where just ahead of you and you could see the boys talking to who you assumed was Kira outside.

Malia began saying something but you cut her off by rushing her along to meet the boys, “Hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting we were jus-“

The sight of the boy in front of you made you freeze, shock and nerves exploding in your belly like fireworks as your eyes rove over his tall figure.

“Isaac?” You whisper, a small smile appearing on your face and growing into an unstoppable grin as he beams back at you.

“Hey (y/n).” He says, waving in a cute and shy manner.  

You feel elated at the sight of him and you can’t hold back anymore. With a giggle, you jump at him and wrap your arms around his neck in a warm hug, both of you laughing as he spins you around. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were coming back, I would’ve thrown you a welcome party or something!”

He chuckles at this and sets you back on the ground, letting you go enough to look up at him, his eyes crinkling in the way that you loved as he grins.

Malia watches the two of you as your group starts to walk off, both of you staying close to each other as you catch up and something clicks in her mind. Her behaviour early suddenly seemed very stupid now that the situation was clear to her, what you had said to her wasn’t about Stiles, it was about Isaac.

As she walked side by side with Stiles she smiles up at him and he smiles back happily, completely oblivious to the plan forming in her mind.


You had all decided to go to dinner to catch up and, for the newer members of your group, get to know each other. You wouldn’t usually accept going to this types of things as sometimes you felt like a fifth wheel, being around two couples, but seeing as you had Isaac with you, you saw it as an excuse to spend more time with the boy you had been in love with for so long.

Malia had been suspiciously quiet on the journey over and the glances she kept sending toward you and Isaac were setting your nerves on edge.

The wait to get a table at the restaurant was relatively short. As you were shown to your table, a long table with three seats on either side, Isaac sat at the end of one side and Stiles was about to move into the seat next to him when Malia grabbed his collar and pulled him out of the way, making him sit on the other side with her and leaving you to take the seat next to Isaac.

She smiles at you innocently as she picks up a menu and soon you’ve forgotten about her suspicious activity as you all pick what to order. It’s when you’re discussing whether to get cheese or double cheese on your pizza with Scott that you notice Malia whispering something to Stiles.

Stiles looks at her for a moment like a kid on Christmas morning before turning to the group. “I feel sex. I mean I feel sick… I don’t feel well… So we have to leave now, great to catch up guys!” And then they’re bolting out of the restaurant, to the group’s amusement.

Scott nods proudly at Stiles’ retreating figure, “My boys all grown up.”

Talk at the table returns to normal before a buzzing interrupts you. Kira pulls out her phone, reads a text message, and glances at you and Isaac shiftily before showing her phone to Scott who does the same. They look at each other for a moment before seemingly deciding something and nodding at each other.

“We have to go because of reasons…” Kira says awkwardly, before beaming and standing up with Scott. “Bye!”

And then it’s just you and Isaac left to have dinner together. You glance at each other and smiles nervously before both turning to your menus.

Just when the silence starts to get awkward Isaac turns to you, “(y/n) can I ask you something?”

“Of course.” You answer, happy that he had started a conversation.

“Before I left,” He starts and your heart beat picks up its beat as you remember what you had said to him before he’d left for France. It had been a stupid thing to tell him you liked him as more than a friend when he was still hurting about Allison but you felt like if you hadn’t said anything in that moment then you would never get another chance to. You bite your lip nervously as he continues, “what you told me, I just want to know if – well if you still felt the same?”

You hold onto your knees tightly under the table as you try to remember to breathe properly and try to reply to the boy in front of you. You open your mouth to say that yes, yes you were still hopelessly in love with him even though he’d in France for so long but you couldn’t get the words out so you just nodded quickly.

He gave you a relieved smile and looked back to his menu as you did the same. Another silence fell over you, this time more comfortable than the last but it was broken as you felt him place a hand on your cheek and turn your head in his direction to place a firm kiss on your lips.

You poured all the pent up emotion you had been storing for the past years into the kiss and by the time you pulled away you were both breathless and grinning.

Giving you another quick peck you both went back to picking what you wanted to eat and while he was busy you pulled your phone from your pocket and penned a quick text to Malia.

You’re a sneaky cow and I love you.

growlereish  asked:

20, monty/miller?

things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear, also on AO3!

“I can’t look at this anymore,” Nate says, groaning and putting his head down on the desk next to the keyboard.

“What is it?” Monty asks, not turning away from his own computer. “Which assignment?”

“Uh, I’m programming a snake game?” he asks. “And it’s not working.”

Monty leans over, and Nate can feel the heat of his chest against his shoulder. He didn’t start taking computer science because Monty is always in the comp sci lab programming shit, but–he might have been a factor. Just a little bit.

“Oh, yeah, I remember that one. Do you want me to send you the one I did last year? You can take a look and see if it helps you figure out where yours went wrong. I’d just volunteer to help, but–”

Nate smirks. “You’re working on an actual AI that’s gonna rise up and murder us, I can see why you don’t have time to help me with a dinky little snake game.”

“Hey, that dinky little snake game is the first step to programming murderous AIs. You’re going to get there.” He stretches. “Okay, I sent it. I’m heading to the bathroom. Watch my stuff?”

“Got anything good for me to steal?”

“Definitely not. All my stuff sucks.”

“Then yeah, I’ll watch it.”

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Then (SamXReader)

(Hey guys! I’ve decided to try this kind out again!This one will be written in Sam’s point of view. It starts out where Sam andthe Reader are lying in bed in the bunker and the reader is asleep. Sam islooking at her and thinking about how much he loves her and how he feels about her.

Word Count: 2290

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