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That’s Me, Why? (Part 4)

Requested - yup, by a few people, actually :)

Warnings - mild swearing

Summary - Owen’s been planning the perfect date for you with Barry’s help of course without you knowing.

A/N - part four to that’s me, why? thanks to those who requested for it hehe :D follow me if you think i’m worth your time, enjoy :) also, i know i said i’d post the smut that two anons have requested, but i’ve decided that i should either just post that one and make this a smut-free blog, or just not post it at all. (since my friend hiorheych​ wrote it for me, if you want you can find it on her blog when she posts it. Sorry, i just don’t really like writing/editing that kind of stuff. sorry everyone :( xx

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“Thought you’d never ask.”

After you finished taking your notes and rinsing out the treat buckets (hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?), you packed up your belongings and started to head back to your bungalow. You were going to say goodbye to Owen when you realised he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Neither was Barry. Maybe they’re on a break, you thought. With no hope of finding either of them, you ignored the stares you felt burning into your back (more like butt) that was being given to you by the other men that worked alongside you. You weren’t too keen on being eye candy, but you supposed it came with being the only female employee at the enclosure.

“Shi- oh, fuck! It’s on fire! BARRY! THE CHICKEN’S DYING AGAIN-” Owen started to panic.

“Calm your tits, Owen. And it’s supposed to be on fire; it’s called barbecuing for a reason.”

“Oh. Right. Yeah. Pft- totally knew that. Just wanna keep you on your toes.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Owen.” Barry chuckled.

Once you got to your bungalow, you noticed that Owen’s lights were on. Maybe he went home early, you thought. You were just about to knock on his dopr when you heard commotion - lots of commotion - from inside.

“What if she walks in?! Shit- we didn’t think this through, did we?” That sounded like Owen; just a lot more - anxious - than usual.

“Um, Owen? Are you okay?” You were just a little bit worried about him.

“Fu- yeah! I’m- I’m fine!”

“Can I come in?” You yelled through the door.

“N-no! Not yet! I’m, uh, busy… with something!” His voice sounded panic-stricken.

“Owen, are you okay?”

“Yup! Perfect! Totally fine; don’t worry!” Somehow his tone only worried you more.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help you?”

“Nope! It’s fine, I’m fine. Totally. Fine,” Owen opened the door, panting out each word, “you can, uh, go back to your bungalow and I’ll just, uh, finish with this- thing…”

“Owen are you sure you’re okay?” You put the back of your hand up to his forehead, “You seem a little hot.”

It took Owen all the strength in his body to not laugh and make a joke at what you’d just said, instead saying, “Nope, I’m fine. Just Central American air, is all. Go back to your bungalow, Y/N. I’ll, uh, call you later.” and pushed you into your home.

It’s been an hour since that encounter with Owen, and he still hasn’t called. You were just about to call him instead, when there was a knock on your door. You stood up from where you were lounging on your couch, opening the door to reveal Owen messing with his slightly disheveled hair, and a rose in his hands.

“Hey, Owen? What’s this for?” You eyed the rose.

“Oh-uh… th-this is for you, actually. I wanted to, uh, show you something?” The last part of his sentence came out as more of a question though.

“Awh, thanks Owen; you’re so sweet,” you cooed as you grabbed your keys and headed out. “Now, where’s this thing you wanted to show me?”

“Just, uh, follow me.” Was he- was Owen Grady nervous? You smirked to yourself at the thought.

He lead you around your bungalows, to your shared back yard (’back yard’ being a bigger-than-a-patch-of-grass-but-smaller-than-an-actual-yard that was behind both of your bungalows).

Your mouth gaped open at the sight. Fairy lights were hung high up in the trees, giving the night a wonderful romantic glow. A red and white checkered blanket was placed on the ground, along with plates of (what looked like) delicious mouth-watering food.

“Owen, did you do this?” You asked softly, smiling.

“Actually,” Barry walked out from behind you, “the only real work he did was set up the light and blank-” He was cut off by Owen smacking the back of his head.

“Okay, okay; we get it. None of this could have happened without you, blah, blah, blah,” Owen muttered annoyingly, “now, if you will, Mr. I-did-all-the-work, please proceed to the nearest exit. Thank you.” Owen pushed Barry away, with him struggling.

“Alright, alright; just remember to use protection kids!” Barry ran off as he finished his sentence, in fear of being hit by Owen again.

“That son of a bitch,” He muttered, “Sorry about him, princess.”

You giggled lightly, shaking your head, “It’s fine. Now why are we here?”

“Oh, um… I, uh, kinda wanted to, uh-”

“Owen, just spit it out,” You laughed.

“I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me? Here?”

“Well we’re already here, aren’t we?” You joked, “Of course I’ll have dinner with you, Owen. Thanks for putting in all the effort… although Barry did most of the work bu-” You started to ramble, when Owen groaned playfully.

“Please stop with Barry!” He laid himself on the grass, limbs spread out, “You’re suppose to like me, not him…” He muttered, most likely to himself; but you heard him anyway. However you decided to ignore it, keeping in mind to ask him about it later. You did use it to your advantage, though.

“C’mon, Owen. Let’s eat the food that Barry made for us.”

When the food was finished (which was amazing, might I add), and with both of your full stomachs, Owen wrapped his arms around your shoulder while you laid your head on their chest. And yes; you were stargazing. Well, technically it was the two of you talking about anything and everything while your eyes just kinda looked at the stars (so if you insist, no, you weren’t stargazing).

“Princess?” Owen whispered.

You hummed in response.

“Could I, um, could I ask you something?” He looked nervous - more nervous than when a new guy fell into the raptor enclosure, actually.

“Well you already did, but sure.” You smiled,sitting up and placing a hand on his reassuringly; this caused his face to redden slightly.

“I- I was wondering, uh, if y-you’d-”

“Spit it out, Grady.” You urged him for the second time that night.

“Okay, okay. I just,” He took a deep breath before continuing, “so you and I both know that I’m not really good with words…” You laughed at that, remembering all the times you and Barry had to hold him back from punching Hoskins in the face, just because Owen couldn’t find the right way to say ‘no’.

“Don’t laugh at me, princess,” Owen whined like a child, “I’m already under enough pressure.” He pouted at you playfully.

“Okay, sorry, sorry. Go on.”

“I was wondering if you’d like to….?” He started to trail off at the end.

“If I’d like to what? Speak up, Owen.” You giggled.

“I was wondering if you’d like to be my girlfriend?” He looked anxious; his eyes were full of fear; fear of rejection.

You were shocked to say the least. Never in your dreams would you have thought that Owen would take a liking to you (though it has been kinda obvious since day one; with the shameless flirting and all).

“O-Owen, I-” When you started to stutter a bit from the shock, Owen started to panic.

“Shit- sorry, Y/N. I should’ve known you wouldn’t feel this way. I can’t believe I thought this would be a good idea an-” You rolled your eyes, not good with words my ass. You grabbed his shirt, pulling him close, with your lips only centimeters apart.

“I was going to say yes, y’know?” You whispered, before crashing your lips into his.

A/N - wooo so that was the last part of that’s me, why? kinda surprised people actually liked the series heh :) thanks again for readinggg xxx


I made an “L” for Leelah at her vigil in London today.

It was said at the vigil that gay and trans conversion “therapists” are “fradulent, negligent and incompetent”. I completely agree. Such “therapies” are dangerous and should labelled as so and banned!!!

We must make sure Leelah’s death doesn’t go in vain. We must work together to end conversion “therapies” (please sign the petition linked below), and ensure that gender (and its full spectrum) is taught properly in schools.

What affects me most about Leelah’s death is that she felt unloved. Her parents failed her. They neglected her. That hurts to even think about. I want to tell you all that you deserve love no matter what. We are all perfect as we are. I love you all. We are a family. A Tumblr family. Family isn’t just blood. Family is also friends. We are all friends and I am here for you.

In Leelah’s memory, we fight on for what we deserve. Equality. Acceptance. Love.

Rest In Power Leelah! - Ivan x

* Please sign this petition to end conversion “therapies”:

Pleasant Mornings | Bucky Barnes | Birthday fic for mattymattymerduck! ♥

Prompt: Mornings with Bucky were to be cherished. After all, things are never guaranteed to stay the same. That’s how life is, unfortunately. Not to mention, he gives the best kisses. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader , Steve Rogers x OC (Roslin Bellerose) but only if you squint 

Genre: Romance, Fluff | Warning: None it’s really cute and I’m not sorry 

Words: 515

Author’s note: I wanted to write something for @mattymattymerduck​‘s birthday because she is precious and deserves something nice for all the amazing writing she does! Go check out her work, you won’t be disappointed!  ♥

Happy birthday! I hope you like it! 

Originally posted by leafierleaf

Cold metal fingers slowly traced down the curve of your back, eliciting a soft giggle from your plump lips as your eyes fluttered open, shifting on the bed as the cotton covers curled around your body, clinging to the curves and naked skin as you shifted onto your back. A smile crossed Bucky’s lips as his deep sapphire orbs softened on your form.

“Good morning.” You purred out, gazing over your shoulder at the man you were lucky enough to call your lover, messy tendrils falling into your face and over your soft, rosy cheeks. A warm palm cupped your cheek, tucking the soft locks behind your ear before he leaned down, pressing his lips gently against your own causing your eyes to close once more.

“Morning.” Bucky breathed out, parting from the soft kiss. All he wanted was to kiss you every second of the day. Your lips, God, your lips. So smooth and plump, fitting perfectly against his own. His heart fluttered underneath his chest as his human hand ran through the tousled locks, smoothing out the tangles before he shamelessly tugged you back into a passionate lip lock. You weren’t at all complaining.

A soft moan slipped past your connected lips before Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around your waist, instantly pulling your body flush against his own as the kiss deepened. Grinning against your lips, pearly white teeth nipped playfully at your bottom lip, making a laugh flutter past as noses bumped against one another.

Knock. Knock.

The knocking fell on deaf ears as your hips straddled the soldiers hips, fingers running across the metal arm that was snugly wrapped around your waist, refusing to let you out of his grasp. Although it was pretty evident you weren’t going anywhere.

Oh?” A playful and seductive voice fluttered through your ears, instantly breaking the connection of yours and Bucky’s lips. “It looks like they’re busy.”

Turning your head, you spotted the duel haired fox leaning against the door frame beside Steve, who looked equally as amused. A small grunt left Bucky’s lips, hating that the perfect moment was ruined by the patriotic couple. He couldn’t help but adore the blush that crossed the apples of your cheeks. The rosy color clashing with the color of your skin was gorgeous.

“Well, I guess we’ll leave you guys alone.” Steve interjected with a smile on his lips, his baby blues sparkling with mirth. “Have fun… fonduing.” He teased, turning his gaze towards Roslin, who smiled coyly.

“Remember to use protection, kids.” She purred out, winking before she slid the door closed behind her. The sound of heels disappeared, allowing you to breathe easier before a soft giggle slipped past your pink lips. A hand cupped your cheek, brushing a thumb against your flushed cheek before he pressed his forehead against your own and tilted in for another kiss. 

“… I love you.” He mumbled out with a loving smile as he closed his eyes. 

I love you.” 

Times like this reminded you that things were alright. Normal.

And for that, you were grateful. 

Sam Wilkinson Smut

I walk into the recording studio, seeing the Jacks, and Nate. Sam, my boyfriend of almost 2 years, was in the recording booth, shirtless, his eyes were closed and he was immersed into the rap. I feel myself get all flustered at the sight. I say hi to the guys and then take a seat on the couch. I didn’t take my eyes off of Sammy for a second, taking in the view that was getting me all flustered inside. I bite my bottom lip enjoying the view, mentally thinking of all that was going to happen tonight. “Might as well just go in there and fuck him now,” Nate says making me blush and Gilinsky and JJ laugh. “Fuck off Nathan,” i flip him off. Sam removes his headphones and walks out the booth, a smile on his face as he sees me. “Hey babe,” Sam pulls me up and gives me a kiss. He places his hands on my waist and sits where i was previously seated, he pulls me down to his lap, my back leaning on the couch armrest and my legs stretched out over the couch. “Y/n was eyefucking you hard sammy.” Gilinsky says before anyone can compliment sam on his rap. I hide my face in the crook of Sam’s neck trying to hide my tomato colored cheeks. “Stop it!” i exclaim to the boys who were laughing. “Now is that true?” Sam says laughing too. “The rap was great, now if we can get JJ in the Booth,” The music producer speaks. As JJ is in the booth and GIlinsky and Nate are listening to him and talking about the song they are currently recording, Sam and i are in our own little world.

“You want me that bad huh?” Sam whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I turn to him and get close to his ear and whisper. “You don’t know how good you look baby,” I bite my bottom lip, “All i could think about is running my hands down your body and riding your dick.” Sam stiffens under me. “Not now, Y/n.” “And why not daddy?” i whisper and smirk knowing that calling Sam, Daddy would set him off. “Y/n.” Sam’s voice was stern and i could tell he wasn’t joking but i needed him, just like when he needs me he always finds a way to convince me, now it’s my turn. “We’re in the fucking studio” sam mumbles. My hand in on the opposite side of Sam’s neck, i pull him closer to me and begin to whisper again. “I want you to run your dick up and down my slits teasing the fuck out of me, and slowly i inch my way down your dick, making you go crazy once i start riding you, making both of us feel like we’re high off ecstasy from the pure bliss of pleasure.” Instantly i begin to feel sam get hard under me, i smirk. “Fuck you.” “Oh i know you want to Sammy.” “I’m hungry guys, me and Y/n are gunna go get some in-n-out, you guys want anything?” Sam says out loud. “Yeah, get me a double double with animal style fries, and a neapolitan shake” Nate says. “Just text me your orders.” i say to them as i get up from sam’s lap and he follows my movements standing behind me trying to hide his boner. “Y’all just going to fuck why lie?” Gilinsky says. Nate laughs, “I still want my in-n-out.” “LIke i said we’re going to get food, text me your orders,” i say to them both.

Sam and i leave the studio and walk out to my car. “You’re going to pay for this y/n,” sam says grabbing my car keys. I laugh and get in the passenger seat knowing exactly what i’m going to do. “Take the backroads to in-n-out” i face sammy with a smirk on my face. He drives off the parking lot studio and gets on the road, to tease him i place my hand on his thigh, Sam stiffens under my touch. I slowly inch my hand up until i reach his crotch and palm him. “Fuck” sam groans. My place my hand inside his sweat pants and under his boxers grabbing his dick in my hand. “We’re going to fucking crash if you don’t stop.” “Then drive safely and carefully.” I pump my hand up and down a few times, making Sam close his eyes and lean his head back. “Eyes on the road,” i say sternly. “Fuck this looks like and isolated road.” Sam pulls off to the side of the back road and turns off the engine. He scoots the driver seat all the way back and down till it is horizontal, giving us room. He pulls his pants down along with his boxers, his dick springing out and hitting the bottom of his stomach. I unbuckle my shorts and pull them down as well, leaving my thong on. I lean over and grab sam’s dick, wiping off some of the pre cum at the tip with my thumb.

I place my mouth around his shaft, slowly going down till i can’t anymore. Sam places his hand on my ass and then brings it down to my pussy, slowly rubbing my clit through my panties. “So fucking wet.” He mumbles. I moan as I bob my head up and down, pumping one of my hands on the rest of Sam’s dick that i didn’t get with my mouth. “Fuck i need you now.” “Babe, fuck, now please” sam begs. I release his dick making a ‘pop’ sound and move myself over so I’m straddling sammy.

“How bad do you want me daddy?” A smirk on my face, Sam was bitting his lip and groans “fuck y/n.” I lean over him, my bare tits on his bare chest and kiss under his ear making sure to leave a mark. I blow air on the fresh mark I just made “how bad Sammy?” I whisper lust fully in his ear. Without warning Sam grabs his dick and slams into me making me moan louder than I had expected. “I’ll make sure you pay for all this” Sam says as he thrusts his hips upward. I begin to bounce on him matching his thrusts. Profanities, slaps of skin and moans filled my car, the heat fogging up the windows. “Fuck Sammy, oh fuck” I let out when I start to feel the knot start to form in my stomach. I clench my walls around Sam warning him that I’m about to cum. “You don’t cum till I say so.” “Daddy please” I moan out. With every thrust Sam is hitting my g spot and he’s about to send me over the edge. “I c-can’t” I breathe out as I lean on him again. Sam takes one of my nipples into his mouth “I said wait” he says slightly biting my nipple. “Please sam” I moan out “fuck, S-Sam.” His thrust become sloppy and I could feel his dick start to twitch inside of me. “Now” he lets out. I clench my walls around him one last time and I come undone “oh fuck” my body Feeling pure bliss, shaking from all the pleasure I was feeling. “Fuck y/n, b-baby.” Sam releases himself inside of me with on final thrust.

I lay on top of Sam for a few minutes as we try and get ourselves together. I look up and him and kiss his lips. “I love you” I say to him smiling. “I love you too baby girl” he says. I sit back in the passenger seat and we both get dressed. “I don’t think I’m hungry after that” Sam comments as he starts the engine. “Yeah well the guys are” I say showing him my phone of the text Jack and nate sent us.

Hurry the fuck up we’re starving
You guys have all night to fuck, I want my animal fries
Remember use protection kids. ;)


We walk back into the studio with bags of food. “About time” I hear Gilinsky groan. “You got a freaky one Sammy boy” I see nate smirking and point at his own neck indicating the hickie that I had left of Sammy. I blush as the guys laugh.