remember our loved ones

I’m pretty sure Mei’s cinematic short made alot of us bawl our eyes out.

And then there’s this lil detail that I saw that I particularly liked but am not too sure on the accuracy of, and that is tea serving.

 In SG, we usually serve either rice wine or tea as a sign of respect to our ancestors during Qing Ming/ Grave sweeping Day to remember our ancestors and loved ones ( by placing three small lil cups of tea/ rice wine at the gravestone). 
At the same time, tea serving or 敬茶  is also a tradition that’s practiced during weddings where the newly weds serve tea to their relatives to acknowledge their new in-laws and new “brothers” and “sisters” and to pay respect to their current blood relatives.
Now I’m half drunk out of my mind and it’s late at night and @pentacass​ is half egging me on and I cannot brain properly right now, and inferring off the photo of Mei and her co-workers; they obviously seem like a close knit group of friends to her. 

I’m secretly half hoping/ imagining that those cups of tea she’s left for them is cause she’s acknowledged them as her brothers and sisters and served the tea to complete the tradition properly. 

Or to put it simply, She considers them as family.


On second thought, now that I’m slightly more sober.
Can you imagine the line interactions between Mei and Angela ingame?
How Angela asks Mei about how she stays looking so young?

Mercy: Mei, you haven’t aged a day. What’s your secret?
Mei: Cryostasis. But I’m not sure if I’d recommend it.

Can you imagine, how Mei must be hurting sooooo much inside, when Angela asks that question? Like she just nyooooms back in her head sifting and recalling memories of when she just came out of the chamber to prep tea and all that shit for her colleagues as if its just another regular day at work? I wonder now, does Angela know what really happened? 

Samhain inaugurates Winter, is the final chance to dry herbs for winter storage, and a night when fairies supposedly afoot working mischief. It is also the Day of the Dead for us as it was for the Celts, Egyptians and ancient Mexicans, the night when we remember our loved ones and honor our ancestors.

Daily Reminders of Your Spiritual Path

1. Waking

Much of the spiritual Way involves the use of metaphor and art so as to move and inspire us, to give us a broader vision and a greater vocabulary of experience.

Waking up in the morning from our nightly dreams can be a symbol for waking up from the illusion of samsara. Are your dreams destroyed? Did the dream-person die? None of our conventional experiential descriptions of reality really adequately describe such a transition.

So when you awake in the morning, use that moment for something grand. Use it to polish your heart, meet the appearance of this strange world, and recognize the ease with which you leave behind the dreamworld once its dream-like nature is known. Wake up and roar. Many zen monks on waking simply burst into fake-it-til-you-make-it uproarious laughter.

See what works for you.

2. Waiting

There are always moments throughout the day in which we are in a mindset of “waiting.” During those times, we usually sink into semi-conscious trains of thought reflecting insecurities, desires, or curiosities.

However, none of our insecurities, desires, or responsibilities are helped by such idling. Instead, use those moments for the deliberate practice of mindfulness. It’s easy to deceive yourself by merely asserting or assuming you are always practicing mindfulness and yet no mindfulness is actually practiced throughout the day.

To avoid that snag, choose a deliberate technique. Following the breath, visualization practice, and focusing your sense of touch on an object or stone in your hands are all good techniques.

To quote Eckhart Tolle, “Give up waiting as a state of mind.”

3. Gratitude

Another Eckhart Tolle quote, “Gratitude is the foundation for all abundance.”

We are often disinclined to feel gratitude because we habitually cling to the things we recognize as good. To feel grateful frequently means recognizing something we would prefer not to see. Such recognitions could be that of impermanence, interdependence, and love.

But by practicing gratitude, by making it a part of our day, we reverse such issues. Suddenly the wisdoms of impermanence, interdependence, and love become accessible and appreciable.

When you can honestly and sincerely be thankful for what you have now to the extent that you feel overbrimming with good fortune, even the slightest act of kindness may bring a tear to your eye.

There are a few ways to bring gratitude into your day, and many more ways for you to discover. Some are:

Saying “thank you” to everyone, including plants and animals, and meaning it. Instead of making mental lists of desires for the future, make lists in your head or on paper of people and things for which you are thankful. Pay acts of kindness forward by passing them on to others. Gratitude prayers are also helpful, especially before meals.

4. Death

The way we conceive of and relate to death is inextricable from the ways in which we conceive and relate to life.

Many people are scared of thinking or talking about death, almost superstitiously so. We fetishize death through movies and video games, we describe philosophies of death through religions, but we still avoid honest and frank discussions about our own inevitable death or the death of our loved ones.

Remember death. Remember the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths: There is something unsatisfactory about life in this world. This unsatisfactoriness comes from somewhere. It can also cease. For the cessation of life’s unsatisfactory and anxious suffering, there is a path.

Death not only keeps everything in perspective but it also lends a great deal of energy to our path. When people are feeling too lazy to meditate, I often tell them to visit a hospital, a retirement home, and a graveyard in order to see what is in their body’s future.

5. Sleep

While waking up in the morning was akin to an awakening from the dream of samsara and the rebirth into clarity, going to sleep at night could be likened to a small death.

Going to sleep means letting go of the day’s activities, thoughts, and drives regardless of whether or not our expectations were met or all of our responsibilities settled. Death can take us any minute of any day, at least sleep can be more predictable!

Use the act of going to sleep as a conscious opportunity to let go. We are not residents of this world despite how much we pretend to be. Our stay is brief yet never without meaning, just as a child taken to the playground for an afternoon still has a hell of a good time.

Let sleep be a reminder of letting go, of not clinging to the past yet without fixation on the future.

By applying these five approaches to your day, they may act as seeds that grow into who-the-hell-knows-what. But it’ll be cool.

Namaste :D

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Get ready for all the fluff and Sherlock speaking French! 

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Johns pushes the front door open, letting out a loud sigh and rubbing one hand over his face. He’s tired, hungry and wants nothing more but to curl around Sherlock and let the exhaustion of the day fade away. He knows there is a high probability Sherlock isn’t even home right now, most likely out seeing Lestrade about the case they’ve been working on for the past three days. John shakes his head, smiling as he heads up the stairs. Somehow it feels strangely normal to think he’s going to spend the evening of Valentine’s Day alone at the flat.

It isn’t that they’ve never celebrated it, and John can only remember too well their first Valentine’s Day together. Sherlock had (stupidly) thought John would love something ridiculously romantic and over the top, and after the third romantic cliché, he had made sure Sherlock knew there was only one thing he needed for Valentine’s Day and that it involved a certain detective naked in bed. Ever since, they had celebrated in their own way, not always with a gift but with small gestures and affections.

Heading directly for the kitchen, John calls Sherlock’s name once, twice and only hears silence. Considering sending a text, he goes to put the kettle on and that’s when he finds the first note, right next to his mug. He frowns, immediately recognizing the language but digging into his high school memories to understand what’s written.

J’aime savoir qu’il y aura toujours une deuxième tasse de thé

à remplir lorsque je me l ève le matin.

John catches the words tea and love , but gives up on understanding anything else. Sherlock must be working on some experiment, and it’s not the first time he’s switched to some other language. He stares at the note, waiting for the water to boil, and is vaguely certain there’s also a morning there. He pours himself some tea, careful not to spill any on the note, and gets some biscuits.

The second note is on his chair, and John rolls his eyes as while he sits down. French again, and this time John realises it starts the same as the previous one.

J’aime te voir assis ici quand je joue du violon, tes yeux fermés

et ce sourire  réservé juste pour moi sur tes lèvres.

He fidgets with the notes, staring at Sherlock’s handwriting and trying to guess by the force of his will to decrypt what he wrote down. Violin isn’t hard to understand, and there’s love again. John frowns, moi is me , right? Letting out a loud sigh, John looks around the flat, suddenly wondering if there are more of these notes, and his eyes find the one pinned to the wall above the sofa immediately. He stands up, setting the one still in his hands back on the chair and rushes to the other side of the room.

J’aime le fait que tu restes un mystère.

Un puzzle que je ne résoudrai jamais.

Mystery? Puzzle?

John isn’t so sure about the meaning of these notes again, and tries to remember if Sherlock talked about any new experiments lately. There was the one with the nails, and the one with their bed sheets, but John is fairly certain both were finished already. Sherlock hasn’t mentioned a new one, and certainly not a new one involving so much French.

Love , again. Could this be…

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Even though I wasn’t able to go to any of svt’s concerts this year seeing people’s videos and photos that they took with their phones and not from an expensive camera made it so real for me??? Like wow…these 13 boys really ARE real…living their lives and performing their hearts out….

Maybe we were too young, too young to love. Maybe we relied on stupid teenage love stories that people like us dreamt of having. Or maybe our stars were never aligned. But dammit our love is one you’d remember even when your daughter comes home at 10:38pm heartbroken with mascara running down her face and bloodshot eyes, reminding yourself of the love we had, the love that was almost there, our love.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #84 // unforgettable j.n.g

You know what ? I’m glad Cavani is becoming our top scorer in UCL and soon in all competitions. Remember when Zlatan was there, how he was criticized when he played on the wings when it wasn’t even his favorite position. Yet he still had good stats. He never talked shit about not being played as a forward, was always there for the team. I am glad he got to prove that he is good when he in playing in front. I am glad many people changed their minds about him. Anyways the kid deserves it. 


“Rest up, my feathered friend. Preserve your strength. Because tomorrow, we’re going to play a little game.”

Say You Won’t Let Go - Harry Styles Imagine

*Based on Say You Won’t Let go by James Arthur.

There has never been a time in your life where Harry Styles wasn’t your best friend. Your mothers were best friends and lived on the same street. You and Harry were born only a few days apart, which meant that you two shared many birthday parties together. You did everything together from when you were born till you were teenagers. 

When Harry made it to the X Factor that was the first time that you two were apart. Then, he never really came back home again. He was suddenly this mega superstar traveling all over the world, while you were back home going to University. 

Even though the two of you were always apart for most of the time, you still were extremely close. You always texted or talked on the phone and at least a few times a week, you two would video chat. In fact, there were a few times when relationships of his didn’t work out because he always made time to talk to you, instead of them. 

There were times that you went on tour for a few weeks with him over the years, and you would spend time with him when he was off. But now, that he wasn’t touring anymore and he had a little more free time, you were able to spend more time with him. 

You were out in London with a group of mutual friends and you were having the time of your live. You and Harry were dancing around like crazy and downing some drinks to the point where you were definitely getting drunk. 

It was getting quite late, so Harry and you decided to leave and head over to Harry’s house. After the ride home, you weren’t feeling very well. Harry carried you inside and up to his bedroom. He handed you some of his clothes and you changed into them. You felt a lurch in your stomach, so you ran into the bathroom. 

Harry followed you and held your hair back and rubbed your back as the effects of the alcohol was leaving your system into the toilet. He then got a damp rag and handed it to you. 

“I’m so sorry.” You laugh. “I’m sure this is not how you wanted to end this night.” 

He shrugs. “It’s not the first time, I’ve had to hold your hair back while you got sick.” He says. 

You laugh leaning back against him. He smiles wrapping his arms around you. “You should get some rest. You can have my bed. I’ll sleep in the guest room.” He whispers. 

“No, stay…” You whisper back. 

He sighs picking you up and carrying you into the room. He lays you in the bed and then gets you some water and aspirin. “Okay, now it’s time to get some sleep.” He says

“Yeah, yeah.” You say scooting closer to him on the bed. 

He kisses your head and wraps his arms around you. It didn’t take long before you feel asleep, however, Harry was a different story. He looked down at you sleeping and felt the butterflies in his stomach again. 

He loved you… 


He was IN love you. 

He knew this and wanted to tell you, but he was afraid. He was scared of you not feeling the same way. He didn’t want to lose you as his best friend, even if that meant he could never be more than that. 

But little did he know, that you felt the same way.


A Year Later. 

Harry was standing at the alter, surrounded by his best mates, in front of both of your friends and families. He was nervous and his palms were sweaty. He was fiddling with the rings on his finger as he waited for you to make your appearance. 

His mom and sister were already bawling their eyes out and he was trying to hold his in. 

Then, everyone stood up. 

Harry looked down the aisle and saw you standing there in the most beautiful dress next to your father. The smile on his face had never been bigger and the tears were now filling his eyes on the verge of spilling over. 

As you walked down the aisle, you didn’t notice the flowers or who was there. All you were focused on was Harry and as soon as you saw him and the smile on his face, you lost control over your tears. 

Good thing for waterproof makeup. 

Harry grabbed your hand when you finally were at the alter. You squeezed his hand and he brought yours up to kiss it. 

“Y/N and Harry have decided to share their own vows to one another,” the minster says. “Harry, you may go first.” 

Harry sniffles and takes out a piece of paper from his pocket. “Y/N, baby, you’ve been in my life for as long as I can remember. You’ve been my side for everything. You’ve been my neighbor, my best friend, my first kiss, my first love, my girlfriend, my fiancé, and now you’ll be my wife and one day, the mother of my children. I’m so in love with you and I have been for years, but I was so scared to tell you how I felt, until one night, when you looked at me and I just knew that I had to tell you. And luckily you felt the same way, which brought us here today. I vow to love you whole heartedly until we’re gray and old. I promise to bring you breakfast in bed and take our kids to school. You look as beautiful as ever and I swear you only get better with each passing day. I’m so in love with you and I hope that you know and I think my lucky stars for that night.” He sniffles looking at you. 

You sniffle and wipe at your eyes before taking your paper out. “Okay.” You breathe out trying to get your composure. “We were little we were always together. We were teenagers we were always together until we weren’t. When you left to pursue your dream, It was bittersweet. I was so proud of you for going and I knew that you would do great things, but I was nervous about losing you. However, you made sure that didn’t happen. Even if we weren’t physically together, we were still by each other’s side. With every text and phone call, our friendship lasted and grew into something more. I have always loved you, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I was in love you. That you were the one that I wanted to grow old with. The one that I wanted to make a family with. And while I knew that we would be together, I never imagined it would be like this and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so thankful that I was able to overcome by fear of rejection and losing you to tell you how I felt about you and how ecstatic I was when you said that you felt the same. We’ve already spent our whole lives together and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives and more together. I love you more than anything and I hope you know.” You sniffle. 

Harry then puts the ring on your finger and you place his ring on his finger. 

“I know pronounce you husband and wife… Harry you may now kiss your bride.” 

Harry smiles and puts his hands on your cheeks before kissing you. You smile into the kiss wrapping your arms around him. You both pull away putting your foreheads together, just enjoying the moment. 


Two Years Later. 

The sound of a crying baby filled the air as Harry got up from the bed. He was a new father of all of week and the sleep deprivation was setting in, but he didn’t care. Whenever he held his baby girl in his arms, he was instantly awake. 

He picked her up and held her to his chest as he walked downstairs to get a bottle. He looked down at her as he fed her and he smiled knowing that she looked just her mother. He knew that he loved her as she was growing inside your belly, but as soon as he saw you in her, he loved her even more. 

And just when he thought he couldn’t love you anymore than he already did, knowing that you were the mother of his beautiful daughter, instantly made his love grow even more for you. 

You had woken up when you felt Harry leaving the bed. You went downstairs and watched him looking at your daughter. you heart swelled, something it always did when you saw Harry being a father. You were so lucky to have this man who loved you more than anything and would be the most amazing father to your children. 

And to think, if it wasn’t for that night, you may not be here. 


50 Years Later.

You and Harry were outside in the backyard of your house in Holmes Chapel. You were drinking some tea and Harry was sitting next to you, with his arm around your shoulder. There was giggles and chattering coming from all over the place. 

Harry laughed. “Remember when that was us, love?” He asked. “Now, our grandchildren are the ones running around here.” 

“Yeah, I feel like it was just a few years ago, that it was us and then our kids.” You whisper. 

“I know what you mean.” He smiles kissing your head. 

“I love you.” You whisper laying your head on his shoulder. 

“And I love you, baby.” He smiles. “I’ve loved you for almost 73 years of my life.” 

He kissed your head and the two of you go back to watching your grandchildren laughing and playing around in the backyard. You two had been married for 52 years and you were still going strong. 

And to think, it was all because of that one night. 


I heard the entirety (EDIT: half~ ) of “Like Morning Follows Night,” at Jeff’s panel at Anime Boston, and there is no mention of love. It is a nice song, and clearly shows a close relationship between the two of them, but it is not nearly so obvious as bmblb.

As I sat through the song I actually got mildly annoyed like “damn, really… they’re gonna go for bs?” but only because of the slight implications. Bmblb is so blatantly about love, and furthermore, about MUTUAL love.

Remember the line “they’re happy as they watch our love grow.” That’s not one-sided!

I’ve just been seeing a lot that people are like “Wow, a bumbleby song and a bs song! Equal!” and I just thought I’d point out that it’s… Not.

Bmblb is, topically, on the same level as Boop, Shine, and Dream Come True, if the preview is anything to go by. Like Morning Follows Night is not. Though it is a great song of course!


Hong Seol: “I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that. My conclusion was…“That’s just who I am."”

It’s Donut Day! You know what that means!

Red Team Appreciation Week is finally here! Time to show our favorite idiots some love!

Remember, each day is devoted to one member, any content is welcome, be sure to tag #RvB Red Team Week, the character(s) featured, and if needed, NSFW and trigger warnings in both the post and reblogs, and don’t forget to have fun!

Here’s the original post I made a week ago in case you want more info/to save, and I’ve also included the days again below:

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I’m super excited to see what everyone makes! Have a very happy Red Team Week!

Our story will always be my favourite, but it became a mere tragedy compared amongst the history books. But I’ll always remember the way we were before time caught up to us, before history tried to rewrite us. That’s the thing about tragedies, our love faded with time from history, from us. Our tragedy was one filled with promises of hope that we could not keep. We never intended for history to rewrite us, until our story became one in which we never lived, a story that we never recognised, a story where we never fell in love. They made us believe there was never an ‘us’. That we were both taken down different points in history never to be together. But my dear I remember you, and how we were, and what we became. Thats the thing about tragedies they tell a story without hope, one without love and happiness. But I remember our story and yeah we became a tragedy, one of the greatest stories ever written. But my darling we were happy, and I have never loved anyone the way I loved you.
—  History rewrote us until there was nothing left.//t.c

S i e g e   o f   R i v e r r u n: where the last of the Tullys prove it’s possible to make Jaime’s identity crisis even worse

“Are there any terms you will accept?” he demanded of the Blackfish.

“From you?” Ser Brynden shrugged. “No.”

“Why did you even come to treat with me?”

“A siege is deadly dull. I wanted to see this stump of yours and hear whatever excuses you cared to offer up for your latest enormities. They were feebler than I’d hoped. You always disappoint, Kingslayer.” The Blackfish wheeled his mare and trotted back toward Riverrun. The portcullis descended with a rush, its iron spikes biting deep into the muddy ground.

Jaime turned Honor’s head about for the long ride back to the Lannister siege lines. He could feel the eyes on him; the Tully men upon their battlements, the Freys across the river. If they are not blind, they’ll all know he threw my offer in my teeth. He would need to storm the castle. Well, what’s one more broken vow to the Kingslayer? Just more shit in the bucket. Jaime resolved to be the first man on the battlements. And with this golden hand of mine, 

most like the  f i r s t   t o   f a l l .

I remember you saying
“Everything is temporary”

I thought
“Even our love?”

But one thing always stays
It’s how you made me feel

I may paint over your name
On my heart, but you’ll
Always be there, inked

—  Be careful how you make others feel

7:30 pm
Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to see how you’re doing. I miss you, kind of.

2:34 am
Okay you don’t have to respond but I’m laying here and my bones are rickety and I need you to hold me together again.

3:00 am
No, fuck that. I don’t fucking need you. Fuck you and that stupid fucking bitch that thinks she could ever touch the surface of how much I love you.

8:17 pm
I’ve seen 3 cars that look exactly like yours. You’re haunting me and my lips can’t form anything but your name.

9:00 am
Let’s fuck in your moms bed like we did that one time. No strings attached.

4:00 pm
God damn can you just come hold me for one night and we can forget about it in the morning?

5:00 pm
I don’t think I can forget about you because when I look at my skin all I see is you in my veins and I don’t know how to get you out

1:00 am
Can we please just talk things out? Maybe we could have some coffee at that place you always complained about but secretly loved? I think they have your favorite on special tonight, vanilla bean right?

3:00 am
I just want to touch you one more time. Taste you one last time. I know we said last time was the last time, but I don’t think I can sleep unless I fuck-

5:00 am
I’ve typed at least a million messages trying to just fucking let you know I miss y-

4:50 am
You just kissed me, and then you left. How is that fair? I dream about it sometimes, I hope you still remember. You just kissed me, and you fucking left and how am I supposed to live with that? All this time I thought you weren’t interested, that I was crazy for still hanging on and then you brought hope to these tired veins god damn why did you have to-

9:00 pm
I just saw you with that fucking pussy. He may have given me the finger but your eyes met mine and I know you miss me so don’t even deny it, princess.

10:00 am
I know you said that you’ve moved on but I just want to hang out with you and maybe get super fuckin blazed and fuck a few times? Just a friendly offer you-

3:00 am
God can you just fucking come home? You’ve been gone too long and I’m forgetting how you smell and how your warmth feels against me. I need to remember baby girl please.

7:00 pm
How come all your other lovers are so important? How come you can’t come and give me your love again? What’s she have that I fucking don’t? I FUCKED MY LIFE UP BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOU DONT EVEN FUCKING CA-

8:00 am
I saw you today. My knees started shaking and I think I had a panic attack because you looked at me and I couldn’t see that girl that loved me so sweetly for 3 years baby where are you? Please don’t tell me you’ve given up on me? Our love creates miracles rig-

5:00 pm
Remember that one time you ran and kissed me in front of everyone because I was such a pussy and wouldn’t kiss you first? God damn I was just thinking about running to you but you’re so many states away and are you happy? God please don’t be happy without m-

6:00 pm
I see that you’ve been going to church now. I can imagine you thinking it’s so normal, going to church with your husband. But hey, remember that one time we fucked in the church bathroom, I think we agreed that was the best time right? God damn.

8:00 am
Am I still important? Do you remember everything still? I look through all these messages and wonder if you could ever feel that love again. God it was so fucking real. It was real, wasn’t it?

12:00 am
6 fucking years. A date that haunts me with forgotten love and the stench of ‘the one that got away’ lingered in the air all day today. You didn’t even call. I just feel like you should’ve fucking called, you know? Why didn-

7:45 pm
I have to go back. I thought leaving would keep the memories from flooding my mind every waking second, and it has but I fucking miss you. You’re always home to me, I’ll go to every spot we’ve ever made love. I’ll go sit in the neighborhood with the trees and maybe you’ll be there. I know you won’t, but maybe I’ll see you

2:00 am
What happened? Fuck what’s happened. I loved you so hard and so desperately it should’ve never gone away. I just want you to love me like you used to when you didn’t have to try. Am I not good enough anymore? What’s wrong with me? Why did you leave? I never got this closure and I don’t want it I just want you back in my fucking arms mal-

4:00 am
Please, just let me know it was real. Just let me know that I’m not crazy, or pathetic, or fucking stupid, let me know that you loved me so hard even when it was hard. Let me know that there’s still a god damn chance. All this time I’ve never given up and you just never noticed? 6 fucking years and yet you think someone can love you better than me?

6:00 pm
I hope you’d come to me. If the world was in shambles and you had the chance to say goodbye, I hope you’d come. I hope you’d love me one last time. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, all these years, after all this time, always

—  6 years of messages I never sent

Regina Harris
Tonight, let's take advantage of laylutul qadr and pray for our communities, and all other minority communities. May we 'bow down with those who bow down,' in humility and in the togetherness of a community, may we fight with ferocity for the rights of ourselves and our neighbors, may we remember every single loved one in our prayers and cherish every moment we are blessed with them, and may we honor all those who become victims of hate - from systematic injustice that killed Philando to islamophobia that may have killed Nabra - by being the best of what they needed then and the best of what they would want us to be now.

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In The Stars 💫

Jeremiah 10:2- “Thus says the Lord:“Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;
Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,
For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.” (NKJV)

Devotion: Most of us would like to know our future. Sometimes we read horoscopes and open our ears to predictions. Yet these things take our hearts away from depending on God for protection. They won’t satisfy our soul the way God can. Remember, God is the only one who knows our future. He loves us and will always be with us as long as we invite Him.