remember on lost when they met the others

William’s / Man in Black’s story is actually really, really tragic and sad.. He fell in love with this girl, Dolores, he thought he saw what she really is, he thought he found something special, and he believed in her! And he had that romantic story with her, that made him lose his mind completely when he lost her..

Than after everything he did to find her, he saw her again, but she didn’t remember him!!! It was like nothing happened, and some other man approached her the way he did.. She was looking at this new man, the same way she looked at William for the first time…. But he kept coming back to her.. WHY

I believe William was kind of sick before he met Dolores, and he disliked Logan before he met Dolores of course.. but the tragedy of their story and the fact that the only good thing, the only right thing that happened to him, is ONE BIG LIE must hurt him a lot. He probably lost any hope for true love, and he felt like a fool who fell in love with robot?!.. He hated himself because of that. Who knows how many times he killed Dolores and raped Dolores.. He hated the fact that he loved her once.. a robot. He found pleasure in killing her and anyone of her kind.

I believe that everything about her was frustrating for him, and he became obsessed with her and her world. He bought and tried to understand her world, but he couldn’t. He only managed to become crazier than he was..

I’m Breaking Up With You

Summary: Bucky tries breaking up with you but you’re not having it.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluff maybe

A/N: Hope ya like this

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“She won’t let me break up with her.” Bucky tells his best friend, Steve as they both sat on the couch. They look towards the kitchen where Y/N stood, talking to Natasha and Wanda. Bucky’s girlfriend lets out a laugh at something Natasha says and he smiles. Bucky loves her so much.

“Why do you want to break up with her? I thought you loved her?” Steve questions, confused as to why he wants to break up with her. when Bucky first met Y/N it was like love at first sight for him. Steve remembers how Bucky would talk non stop about her - he still does and how he would follow her around like a lost puppy, hugging or touching her whenever he could.

“I do love her.” Bucky smiles. “The other day I tried breaking up with her only to see how she would react and she kept saying ‘nope’. It was so cute.”

Steve turns to his friend.

“So you don’t actually want to break up with her right?” he questions him, still sort of confused.

“Nope. I love her too much to ever actually break up with her.” he replies, looking over at his girlfriend.

“Wait so why did you try breaking up with her again? I’m still confused.” Steve admits and Bucky laughs.

“I wanted to see if she’d let me go or fight for our relationship.” he responds simply and Steve nods, better understanding the situation.

“So it was like a test for your relationship?” he asks to be 100% sure he understood. Bucky nods, looking at Steve before turning his full attention to Y/N. He watched as she clasped her hands on her mouth as she laughed and he smirks.

“Wanna see?” Bucky asks Steve, referring to him trying to break up with Y/N only for her to say no. Steve nods, both of the super soldiers turning to the three girls standing in the kitchen. “Hey Y/N,” he calls and she turns her head to him.

“Yeah?” she says as Wanda and Natasha look over at Bucky as well.

“I’m breaking up with you.” he speaks and both Wanda and Natasha’s eyes widen at his words.

“No you’re not.” Y/N replies, causing Bucky to smile and look over at Steve with an ‘I told you so’ look.

”I just don’t think we’re good for each other.” Bucky sighs, the smile still on his face as he says this.

“We’re not breaking up.” Y/N states. “Nice try though, Buck.” she turns back to the two girls and they continue their conversation like nothing happened.

Bucky turns back to his friend who was laughing and smiles.

“I told you she won’t let me.” he grins.

Later that day Bucky made his way into your room, finding you sitting on your bed with your nose in a book. You were wearing your glasses and Bucky smiles at the beautiful sight. He simply loves when you wear your glasses.

“Hey Doll.” he greets, sitting on your bed right next to you.

“Hey Buck.” you murmur, flipping the page to your book. Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at the way you responded.

“What’s wrong?” he questions, automatically knowing something was up.

“Nothing.” you say, not looking at him. Bucky sighs and takes your book from your grasp, throwing it onto your nightstand. “Hey! I was reading tha-”

“What’s wrong?” he cuts you off and you sigh, looking down at your folded hands.

“Why are you trying to break up with me?” you ask him and Bucky’s facial features soften.

“I’m not I just-” he pinches the bridge of his nose, trying to explain the best he could. “I wanted to know if you’d fight for our relationship or not. I never actually wanted to break up with you. I love you too much Y/N.”

You let out a sigh of relief at his words. You thought you had done something to make Bucky not want you anymore and it scared you. You didn’t want to lose him.

“Oh thank god,” you breathe and Bucky chuckles. “I thought I had done something to make you want to break up with me.”

Bucky takes your face in his hands, looking into your eyes lovingly before pressing a gentle kiss on your lips.

“I love you too much to break up with you.” he murmurs as his thumb caressed your cheek.

“I love you too.” you reply

“I love how you responded though,” Bucky pulls away from you, “ ‘no you’re not’ ‘we’re not breaking up’.” he copies your words from earlier.

“Well I wasn’t gonna let you break up with me.” you laugh

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Bucky chuckles and you pull him in for yet another kiss.

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4 years ago today we lost a great guy. He was a funny person, a great artist, and amazing animator, and a good friend to so many people. he was so kind, and he always created and made amazing things for us, and there’s just no way to repay him.
i remember watching him when i was around 9-10, and he inspired me to draw, to animate, to create. honestly, he changed my life for the better. i never personally knew him, and we never met, but he has changed mine, and many other’s, lives. he has made me the person i am today, gave me laughter when i felt like i couldn’t find any joy, and honestly i wish i could personally thank him. but i can’t, he’s gone now. but he will always live on in what he left behind for us, all his jokes and hilarity will be here forever. his world will keep on spinning.

goodbye, Edd Gould. We miss you, buddy

I still remember when we first met. How wonderfully mad we were for each other. All the passion, mayhem and wild adventure. But somewhere along the way we lost all that. Looking back, what we called love was just a fleeting infatuation. A marvellous connection, but a momentary one.
—  Beau Taplin // F l e e t i n g  I n f a t u a t i o n 

Remember Ash and Paul’s first battle?

Remember Nando wanting to participate in Gyms and Contests because he saw the value in both?

Remember when Zoey and Dawn first met and they made a promise to see each other in the finals?

Remember Jessilina?

Remember how great Piplup was and how he was entertaining and just solid character all around?

Remember how great Ash and Dawn was and how supportive they were of eachother and formed a great bond?

Remember Diamond Dandruff???

Remember when Dawn lost two contest in a row and it was a significant blow to her character?

Remember Conway and how he was the only person who could get to Dawn in ways no one else could?

Remember when Ash got Chimchar and it formed a very important connection between the two of them and Paul?

Remember how fucking  awesome Cynthia was and how invested she was in both Ash and Paul’s rivalry?

Remember the Wallace Cup and what a brilliant move it was to bring back a past character to help a current character get over their setbacks, on top of the already great character interactions???

Remember how they brought back Gary and made him into an awesome researcher?


Remember how much more complex and well thought out the battles were in general and there was more thought put into them???

Remember when Ash first crashed into Barry and a new rivalry was formed?

Remember the Snowpoint arc where we learned a lot about Zoey and Paul’s characters??

Remember Ash and Paul’s first 6 vs 6 and how devastating it was for Ash to loss his first serious match against Paul?

Remember Looker and the Galactic Arc and how it had decent buildup?

Remember the Ash vs Paul three-parter and how amazing done that battle was? Remember the fantastic finale and the wonderful conclusion to Infernape’s character arc?

Remember when Brock took it upon himself to try and save an entire ship full of sick Pokemon with very little supplies?

Remember the entire goodbye episode?

DP man..

Time for a story - Left behind

What you should read before: 

“Hello, lover.”

The voice made a cold shiver run down Oliver’s spine like the sound of chalk scraping over a board. His hold on his phone tightened when he closed his eyes for a short moment to regain some of his self-control. He pressed his lips together tightly, trying to keep himself from yelling at the person on the other side of the line.

He remembered the last time he had met her. Taking the dangerous encounter with her aside, it had been one of the happiest days of his life. But he hadn’t forgotten how close he had been to losing Felicity when that night had been supposed to only be about his daughter’s birth. Instead he had been running around saving the city and almost lost the most important people in his life. If it hadn’t been for Roy, Felicity might have died and Emmy might have been taken.

Because of Carrie Cutter aka Cupid’s crazy plan to force his love by killing Felicity and becoming the mother of his daughter herself.

“Did you miss me?”

Oliver tried to answer and tell her what he knew she wanted to hear, but the words her shrink had told him years ago how Cupid would feel if someone lied to her came to his mind and stopped him from saying anything. He couldn’t lie to her, and he couldn’t tell her the truth. Both would endanger the people he loved.

So Oliver just stood there, waiting for her to say something more.

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the hardest thing i ever had to do was pretend that i didn’t love you.
i had to pretend i lost all of my feelings for you. i had to pretend that when i heard your name, my heart didn’t skip a beat. i had to pretend you were nothing but another meaningless person with green eyes.
i met one other person with green eyes after you left—
i cried in front of him.
i remember i constantly told you that i couldn’t live without you. i was still living, but fuck my heart was dead. the nights i lay looking at my ceiling, thinking of where i could have went wrong, i was surprised by the thump of my heart.
why was it still beating?
why was i still breathing?
the hardest thing i ever had to do was pretend that i didn’t love you.
i had to pretend my hands weren’t still longing for your body. i had to pretend that my lips weren’t still missing the touch of yours. i had to pretend that my lungs weren’t wanting to take in your scent.
while i was walking down the hallway one day, there was someone who smelled exactly like you—
i cried in the school’s bathroom.
what happens after the skin on your chest is cut open, your ribcage cracked and the bones torn and thrown at the wall, your heart stolen and crushed, never to be the same again?
the science books never told us what happens to hearts after they break.
it tells us which ventricle connects to the aorta, but not what to do when you feel your heart breaking and the broken pieces piercing your lungs.
the hardest thing,
the hardest thing was trying to breathe again.
—  first heartbreak //
Strange Birds || Ash & Hnikarr

//for hnikarr

Asher walked down the halls in a fast pace, trying to remember the way to the infirmary. He was already walking for a while, and, though he didn’t wanted to admit, Ash was pretty sure he was lost. Taking a wild turn in one of the corridors, hoping it would lead him to a place where he could ask someone for directions, he smiled wide to see the infirmary doors, not believing his luck. The young man rushed inside, his eyes scanning the room after Hnikarr. “Nick” He sighed when his eyes met with the other boy, his legs quickly taking him closer to him.

Looking out for me|Hayes Grier Imagine | Mrs. Grier

We just wanted to thank you guys one more time for reading and encourage you to request a imagine! “Y/N you need to get out.” Hayes’ voice was coming from the other side of the door. “Y/N please, you need to eat” I just wanted him to leave, I needed to grief alone. “Just leave Hayes.” I realized that was mean. “I’ll. You know, I lost him too Y/N and he was my brother.” I couldn’t help myself, tears were falling from my eyes once again and I couldn’t breath. My view went black and I remember. Nash was gone. I started to date him when I moved to LA two years ago. We met on the beach, he was walking his dog and I was running. We bumped and he asked me out, two weeks later we were dating. He was diagnosed with leukemia after our first anniversary. He promised that he wouldn’t left me. “Hayes?” I called him when I recovery myself. “Hi babe” It was hurting me asking for his help after what I said. “C-can y-you… Can you come back? Please…” I was crying again. Someone opened the door. It was Hayes. “I didn’t left.” He sat on my bed. “Thank you Hayes, I don’t know why you are doing this for me but I’m so thankful for having you.” I said between tears. He looked at me and got closer, putting his arm around me. “I promised Nash I would take care of you.” Sometimes Hayes sound just like Nash. “It’s been 6 months. I miss him too, but you need to get back to life.” Six months, six months without him. “I’m too tired to live.” I couldn’t remember the last time I left the house. “When was the last time you slept Y/N?” Hayes said nicely. “I don’t know. I fall asleep and I have nightmares. I’m too afraid to sleep alone.” I cried with my head on his shoulder. “Nothing’ll happen to you while I’m here, ok baby girl?” He said hugging me. “Don’t call me baby girl. Nash used to call me that.” My head was aching. “Are you ready to move on?” Hayes asked covering me with blankets “Not really Hayes.” He came closer. “Let me help you.” Kissing Hayes felt so nice and so wrong at the same time. “This is wrong Hayes.” “I love you since the moment I saw Nash walking you to our house. He knew and asked me to look out for you. It’s not wrong.” He kissed me one more time. “Get some sleep sweetie, I’ll be here when you wake up.” I fell asleep on his chest, listening to his heart beating. Hoping that it wouldn’t stop.

It’s 10pm and it’s cold outside, all I can think of is when you used to wrap me in your arms to keep me warm. The stars look really beautiful tonight. I wish you were here to see them with me like we did back in middle school. Do you remember? How young and wild we were, we thought we knew everything. We thought we had it all figured out when in reality we were lost and a little scared but we always had each other. It was that November of the first year we met in 8th grade that you leaned into me without any fear and blessed me with my first real kiss. Of course, it was really dry and your breath smelled awfully of cigarettes that you stole from your dad because you thought it was cool but nevertheless; it gave me butterflies that lasted for days, my own natural high. We were pretty stupid, you know? We got into trouble and made our parents worry, we broke the rules and even the law, and while part of me wishes we had been a little more tame, if anything, I am glad that all of my ‘mistakes’ were with you. You made me feel alive when I felt so empty. Your warm body and welcoming smile was my safe haven for so long. We laughed and cried together, we hated the world together and then together we learned to love ourselves and each other. You carried me through the toughest times of my teenage years always reminding me that no matter what, we had each other forever and always. Forever and always didn’t last so long though…what happened to us? Where are you now? When did things get so messed up and complicated? Why did we decide that our friendship..relationship..whatever we had, wasn’t worth our time anymore? Every time we experimented and fell in love with other people we always came back to each other. Why did we stop coming back? Why did I give up on you? Why did you give up on me?
Losing our ‘forever and always’ will always be my biggest regret.
I miss you, and I’m sorry…
And I really really miss you.
—  The letter I should’ve written you a long time ago

This is not summer anymore. Milena, I write to you because I must. 
     Ashes rest under my tongue; I try not to cough. Who is dead? I do not remember. So many ghosts seep through this screen of memory. Flimsy, pale. Wearing thin from use. / I fight this war
alone. My hands clutch each other behind my back. 
                     Flameskin. The invisible yellow heat. 
   Milena, I write to you because I do not know what to do once I am inside this house. His house. What do I do when I am no longer lost?
Tell me, again, what you think of this. (I have nothing to say about love. Not as of now.) This is a cage of sorts; twenty bars to a door, locked. When I met him and he met me, it was not September like this. There were no ants crawling out of bags or questions forming walls of defense. I thought I knew him then– what a shame. 
         I wait for rain and little else. The green in me is hungry for touch. The rest of me is touched often, Milena, with a touch as familiar as my own. 
   There is no game being played and so I am not losing. We strange-dance over the telephone. Who falls. 


Your night is naked in the shower. Mine is clothed, outside, watching, only a glasswall away. It places its palm between its thighs and trembles. My night wants to be a whore but cannot afford the red nailpaint. Instead, it gives me company as I stay by the windowsill and look out for tomorrow.
               When did it not hurt. To open your mouth. Tell me, and I will rebuild that stage, dress up for you the same way. Now. We could cackle through dull teeth. Then sit in the middle of an ocean with our hair long enough to reach each other’s shores.


Sorrow comes with a yellow shirt draped over its shoulders. I reach up to it to do the buttons, but it brushes me off. Please, please, I say. Let me. Anything. Anything. For me to know that you were changed by me, too. 


   Who was the first to crack the shell: this intimacy? The letter-writer or the letter wrote? 
Milena, sometimes when I write to you, I am not writing to you at all. Even you, transparent imaginary thing, are too tangible for my want.