remember never run no matter how late you are

50 Helpful Little Things to Know for Med School
  1. Never hang your stethoscope from your rear view mirror
  2. Also don’t hang your white coat in front of the car window
  3. ID badge is life, ID badge is love
  4. Keep a sweater with you somewhere, all the time
  5. Save the sleeves, watch out for “pens all over the place” syndrome
  6. Once the first person caves for the fancy pens, everyone else falls like dominoes
  7. Ascetically pleasing powerpoints are hard to come by 
  8. There will be one rare disease your school harps on like everyone has it
  9. Most instructors care about you and your success
  10. And those who don’t are miserable already, don’t waste your time being upset about it
  11. Be nice to all faculty and staff even if they have no effect on your grades
  12. A 3-hole punch is a coveted prize for the binder dependent  
  13. Movement is necessary, do it every once in a while  
  14. Glove size matters
  15. Shoe covers have zero traction
  16. Real life things will just start smelling like anatomy lab 
  17. Anatomy lab will always make you hungry no matter how much you eat
  18. Don’t be ashamed, if you think the anatomy lab smells to high hell, wear the mask
  19. No, you cannot use an animal otoscope on a person
  20. Yes, you can use a regular stethoscope on a little animal (be gentle!)
  21. It’s always better to touch too softly at first than to kill your partner
  22. Practice your poker face 
  23. Being graded on empathy makes you less empathetic 
  24. Most med students don’t have a ton of physical ailments, so practice on many classmates to get a feel for what is “normal” 
  25. If something feels odd on your partner, ask your teacher for help before you scare the crap out of them
  26. There will be one disease/bug/drug that you will never be able to remember no matter how many times you look at it
  27. Many gunners will not realize they are gunners, don’t bother pointing it out
  28. If you get any legit equipment, it should be your stethoscope 
  29. A reflex hammer is still a hammer 
  30. Food is alternative currency
  31. Coffee runs are bonding time, even if you don’t drink coffee 
  32. Be courteous and remember to remove a used K-cup 
  33. You will not know when burnout will happen, but when it does, it’s too late
  34. It’s always better to be too covered up in professional wear
  35. There is no shame in walking around in your socks
  36. While it feels like high school, remember everyone is an adult
  37. Nice can be a relative term when it comes to medical students
  38. But some people will be completely fantastic 
  39. If someone is doing something nice and they aren’t your fav, don’t be a dick
  40. For every horrible group you will work with there will be an amazing one
  41. It will take time, but you will find those who you mesh with 
  42. It’s okay to decide someone is not a person you want to be close with
  43. Every term is impossibly hard to get yourself back into a solid study routine
  44. You will change study techniques 100 times even after you find one that works 
  45. The difference is that you can adjust faster each time
  46. Break downs are the rule rather than the exception 
  47. Success happens more often than you would think 
  48. Even if it seems impossible, the grades, the specialty, the residency put in 110%, your best is never something to be ashamed of 
  49. Do not do this if you aren’t 110% sure
  50. Love every minute of it, you’ll only do it once

Adele — 25 Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Hello, can you hear me?“
  • “Pull me in, hold me tight.”
  • “Consider this my apology.”
  • “You told me you were ready.”
  • “Please, stay where you are.”
  • “I want every single piece of you.”
  • “Everybody here is watching you.”
  • “Let me photograph you in this light.”
  • “This ain’t easy… it’s not meant to be.”
  • “Don’t pretend that you don’t want me.”
  • “I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.”
  • “There’s such a difference between us.”
  • “But, when I call, you never seem to be home.”
  • “Send my love to your new lover. Treat her better.”
  • “You have given me something I can’t live without.”
  • “It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry.”
  • “If you’re going to let me down, let me down gently.”
  • “I never meant to hurt you or lie straight to your face.”
  • “I should probably tell you now, before it’s way too late.”
  • “I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.”
  • “It’s no secret that the both of us are running out of time.”
  • “I remember all of the things that I thought I wanted to be.”
  • “Why have we been through what we have been through?”
  • “I was wondering if, after all these years, you’d like to meet?”
  • “But it don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.”
  • “But, if by chance you’re here alone… can I have a moment?”
  • “I’m scared to death if I let you in… that you’ll see I’m just a fake.”
  • “If you’re not the one for me, why do I hate the idea of being free?”
  • “They say that time’s supposed to heal, but I ain’t done much healing.”

Excerpts from Your Soul is a River

‘Before you lay your hands on him, and let him tell you about how you and he are forever, remember, he has promised forever before.

I, too, was promised a forever that he never intended to keep. I also stayed up late at night, speaking to him for hours about his insecurities and my demons. I, like you, held him close, close, closer when we slept and prayed to every God listening to keep our love safe. I tended to his cuts, his heartache and loved that little, inked sparrow on his right shoulder blade that you now run your fingers over.

So before you let him whisper ‘forever’ into your ear, remember, he has broken the promise before. And no matter how different he claims you and I are, we are both girls who handed our hearts to him, but mine now lies shattered on the floor.’

“God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” - Ecclesiastes 3:11

How deep and beautiful and eternal our God’s love is for us, and how amazing it is that His love has been revealed to us through Christ Jesus! We must learn to let this resonate within us, trusting Him with our hearts, our plans, our future. We’ve got let go of these worries that are holding us down, remembering that the one who holds the universe in His hands has everything under His control. The little things, the big things–it’s all in His timing.


1. YOU AREN’T MISSING OUT (Isaiah 40:31)
Maybe you thought you would’ve been in a relationship by now,
Maybe you thought you would’ve finished school, or gotten the job, or started your business by now…maybe you can’t keep up with your peers, and it seems like everyone is running circles around you…
Whatever it is, don’t start to think it’s too late for you and you’ll never catch up. Realize now that beautiful things will happen when God says it’s time and you haven’t missed out on it. Wait for it.

Maybe you’ve been looked over at work,
Maybe godly men never seem to look your way,
Maybe you’re not the favorite child,
Maybe you’re not your teacher’s favorite, or your boss’ favorite…
Remember that God promised us eternal life through Jesus Christ and no matter how much people overlook you, underestimate you, or don’t care about you, it doesn’t overshadow the way God sees you and how wonderfully He is ordering your steps.

3. YOU AREN’T ALONE (Psalm 23:4)
Doesn’t matter who left you hanging tonight,
Doesn’t matter who didn’t call or text,
Doesn’t matter who broke your heart,
God is beside you..and if you are having a hard time being reminded of this, take some time to pray and ask God to remind you of His love, His protection and His comfort. It is not like other.

In your season of waiting on His timing,
Be encouraged #quitewomenco!
Remember His love, His perfect timing, and how beautiful it truly is.

Remember those days we could talk to each other non-stop and never run out of words to say?  Remember how no matter how weird the conversation was we were never uncomfortable?  Remember how you said you’d never leave me and hurt me?  Well you did and damn does it still haunt me late at night because for once, I actually believed.
—  a.s. (me) // thoughts in the back of my mind #3