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your solangelo art, the "i apologise for my boyfriend" one, is my absolute favourite piece of fanart I've ever seen. it's exactly how i pictured them, especially nico, and i gasp whenever i see it. <3

Thank you so much! Since I have so much anxiety about my art that it means a lot to me. Sometimes I can’t even draw cause I think I am too awful at drawing, but then a remember that you guys like me and support me <3


Hey, you guys remember me mentioning a Pharah/Mercy story i was working on ages ago?

Well, the first chapter’s up on AO3 now, it’s an AU in which Angela is a fairy who saves Fareeha’s life and it’s gonna have all sorts of neat g/t fluff (and occasional angst)

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Hey, does it bother you if I ask you to tag Roadrat so I can blacklist? Sorry to bother you.

oh of course!
i’ll try to remember next time!

remember if there’s anything you guys want me to tag just send an ask and i’ll do my best


i found cute the pirate thing so (btw the song is this one)


“I will make you a promise. Every year, Tessa, on one day, I will meet you on that bridge. I will come from the Silent City and I will meet you, and we will be together, if only for an hour. But you must tell no one.”

An hour every year,” Tessa whispered. “It is not much.” She recollected herself then, and took a deep breath. “But you will live. You will live. That is what is important. I will not be visiting your grave.”

recursion - (707 x mc)

prompt: sob.

rating: 13+ (spoilers for all routes)

notes: ah. yeah. thanks guys for all your heart wrenching reset theory art. it inspired this monster of a drabble. it’s not even a drabble any more! it’s 2145 words too long! anyway, it’s written in the style of entertain the pain (tho the original version is arranged differently) and references some of my other works. ahahaha. so i thought, wow, this is a perfect celebratory piece.

in other news, there is an epilogue. ask and thou shall receive! though i like this ending too. :3 i hope you guys suffer as i have enjoy. <(_ _)>

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THEME 003: ✧ * º • ☾SKELETONS.❜      — destinatiia

yikeesss what IS this ?? it’s a New Theme™️ !! meaning as how stressed out i was due to assignments, i took a break to chillax and this is what came up !! as usual, thnks to the Amazing neonbikethemes for th base code,, such a blessing. angels would Approve,,, hope there isn’t any problems, and if so, message me right away. please like/reblog if you’re using or planning to. and most importantly, hope you like it as much as i do !!

rules you’re allowed edit as much as you want, just don’t repost and claim as your own afterwards. don’t move the credit around or put it in another page. don’t steal bits from this code. it’s rude, i worked really hard on it. thank u.

  • contained theme
  • 340px posts
  • one 80px sidebar pic ( dont worry, it resizes itself :-) )
  • four icons as sidebar links 
  • a lil extra sidebar that shows up when the colored bar is hovered !! it features three 40px pics, and two speech bubbles u can fill w/ mun info !! i’d highly recommend not to exceed the four lines displayed, since it won’t overflow.

    live preview + code.

Codes: [with tracklist: CSS & HTML] // [with updates: CSS & HTML]


  • Slide-out tracklist or updates bar on hover
  • In your code, paste the “CSS” code for your desire player directly above </style>. Paste the “HTML” code directly under <body>. You need both for the codes for the player to work.
  • It is advised that you use Billy Player to create your music player code.
  • Customize colours using hex-color codes (colour picker/colours available here). 
  • Customization “music” gif. Others are available here.
  • You need to customize the two mentioned above in the CSS code. Follow the instructions in places that look like this: “/*message here*/
  • Optimized for Google Chrome.

Please like or reblog if using (or if you simply like the design ;u;)! Please read the rules for using the theme at the top of the HTML code. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it. Check out the rest of my codes here!

Do not steal, redistribute or use as a base.


Aaahh Kei and I were talkin Bumblebabies and she let me do their designs eyeeyeyeyeey

Their names are Drake and Yin, and Yin was definitely named for the sole purpose of her and her mother introducing themselves as, well, you get it.

They like to annoy each other a lot. Drake throws a lot of tantrums which causes fires which causes him to go to time out corner which causes tears because crybaby lion boy. And Yin looks a lot like Blake with her hair down.

How AC characters study for finals
  • Altaïr:*stares at the stack of papers* DESYNCHRONIZED
  • Malik:*tries to get Altaïr's shit together by repeatedly insulting him* NOVICE!!!
  • Ezio:*sexts his girlfriend*
  • Ezio text:[hey come over I'm going to fail this anyways lol]
  • Connor:*studies hard the whole night, watches puppy videos to relax*
  • Connor:I'm going to die :,)
  • Haytham:*doesn't need to study because this ass is a smart ass*
  • Lee:*procrastinates because knows that he's gonna cheat from Haytham tomorrow*
  • Hickey:*doesn't give a shit, drops out the day before finals are over*
  • Aveline:*crams material that isn't even on the final, but just in case*
  • Aveline:Imma learn all capitals of the world for this math exam....
  • Edward:alright, after studying hard for an hour, I'm going to take a shot of vodka...lets go
  • Edward:*gets drunk in 30 minutes*
  • Adewale:*tries to help Edward, gives up and drinks as well*
  • Shay:*betrays his study group, skips finals, decides to become a sailor*
  • Shay:fuck ya'll, imma swim to the sunset.
  • Arno:*consumes a large amount of baguettes in 15 minutes because he's nervous*
  • Arno:Ah merde, there are no questions about me. I'm going to fail.
  • Elise:*tries to study while watching Arno sob about his sorry ass*
  • Elise:....why am I dating you again?
  • Evie:*studies hard af a month before finals, takes extra classes, barely leaves her room*
  • Jacob::D lel where da party tho?
  • Henry:*joins to study with Evie just because he has a crush on her*
  • Henry inside:*^* she is so concentrated, omfg I want her now.
  • Starrick:*joins Haytham on the Smart Ass train*
  • Starrick:idgf, I've got money, ya'll can suck my d-